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Footsteps Of The Amanah


This e-Book is about the FOOTSTEPS of a man named Neil Francis Keenan that he made on his journey to becoming the elected AMANAH, the principal TRUSTEE of the underlying assets and collateral of the global financial and economic system.

This is a brief history [77,329 words] of this exceptional man as he trekked through the world of business and finance, always giving and helping, and making the World a better place. This is his story.

It is necessary to understand what the AMANAH is.” In Arabic “amanah” means “trustee” or one who holds someone else’s assets that have been deposited and entrusted to them and usually under a written agreement or record.

This was the case prior to and following WW ll, whereby the Dragon Families moved a large portion of their wealth into hidden bunkers throughout Asia but particularly to Indonesia.

This individual is directly responsible and in charge of the deposits in all the bunkers placed there by the Golden Dragon Families. It’s like the CEO of all the golden, monies and precious stones placed there for generations. The only prior Amanah was Indonesian President Soekarno in the 1960’s during the JFK presidency…

President John F. Kennedy with President Soekarno

(Further details on the Amanah position follow in a later section.)

It is his story of where he purposely put his footsteps while trampling on falsehoods and those that perpetrate them. When you finish reading this chronology, you will realize that this one man DID ALL THAT and is still going stronger than before.

Neil Keenan is the modern day “Man from La Mancha”, the Don Quixote of our era.

His windmills have been and still are those institutions and governments that are Illuminati constructs and puppet administrations.

He has been fighting the fight of a lifetime, from his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit to exposing the corruption and false narratives invading our societies. He names names and details what took place and often what will happen in truth.

Some say that he has bulldog DNA as when he attacks, he goes for the jugular… and never lets go! And there are a lot of evil people in his crosshairs that have reason to worry, because as Amanah, Neil has the legal authority to issue global arrest warrants.

And Neil has the global connections at the very top, within the 1% and “Above” that constantly feed him information. World leaders call him… regularly. He does not have to call them. That is the aura of the man. That is why he is the AMANAH.

Everyone who has shared a moment with Neil knows that he is an adventure story happening in almost every moment. So this brief introduction should give you a better understanding of the true character of the man and why he was unanimously elected as the “AMANAH.”

This is typical of Neil, as he plays a game until he becomes exceptionally proficient at winning. It can be physical sports, mental sports like chess or business ventures in the professional financial arena. He plays to WIN… and win he does.

From an early age Neil had been (without realizing) establishing a network throughout the Western hemisphere. This had become so large that even before going off to University one could say that Neil had a ‘database’ of contacts that was second to none.

This seemed to be the path to Neil’s life. Even when he played his sports, whether in the US, Canada or Europe. He made connections wherever he went.

People he could call if he had something to offer or they had something to offer him. As months became years even before Neil left for Europe he could make contact with some of the World’s biggest players.

Just keep in mind Neil did not always call said connections looking to make a deal, he would ofter call them just to make sure they were okay. This is how Neil managed things he liked to make sure people he liked were OK and if not what could he do to help them.

Fortunately the real players liked having this young man asking them if they were okay, realizing that Neil was looking for nothing and just making sure his “friends” were okay.

As Neil grew older so did his data base. By thirty years of age he had travelled throughout the Western Hemisphere making friends everywhere. It would not have been a strange site to see Neil in a restaurant or club having drinks with a President or major politician in any of the Latino or Caribbean countries.

It was just a matter of time for expansion. Neil was filled with energy and had to release it and release it he did.

In Europe he met with Popes and Kings, Presidents and Ministers, the Top Bankers and business leaders. What he saw and learned was that Europe under the European Union was a mess of bureaucratic rules and regulations that stifled business and only enhanced the very wealthy controllers.

The whole system was based on fraudulent deception and corruption, and he did not want to be a part of it.

But he did spend his time studying the systems, methodologies and technologies being employed. He took time to “know thy enemy” and spent months living in Switzerland.

Neil found that the foundation of financial wealth actually came from the East and from the ground through the sweat and toil of mankind and not from pencil pushing thieves. Thus in the early 2000’s he changed his focus again. He was looking East through Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This Look East focus resulted in Neil traveling extensively in Asia, particularly to meet people in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

His feet got on the Yellow Brick Road and it led him to the late Count Albert and the true Asian Dragon Families and the underlying truths behind global banking and finance as explained by his friend, the late Dr. Van De Meer.

This journey now follows the timeline of the Footsteps of the AMANAH from 2008 till today.

This is the true story of Neil Francis Keenan and the most recent challenges that he and his Team, Group-K, have had to face for him to become the global AMANAH, The Trustee of the underlying assets and collateral that is the foundation of the World’s financial and economic wealth.

These are Neil’s Footsteps down the Yellow Brick Road and an account of only some of the encounters and exposures along the way.

There is much more in the archives of his website and posted videos, and that too is only a partial part of the real life story.

This reads like a movie novel and at the end you will reflect back and say “PHEW! He did all THAT!”

Well, HE DID.

I am I. Neil Francis Keenan


Hear me now
Oh thou bleak and unbearable world,
Thou art base and debauched as can be;
And a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled
Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!
I am I, Don Quixote,
The Lord of La Mancha, ?
My destiny calls and I go,
And the wild winds of fortune
Will carry me onward,
Oh whithersoever they blow.
Whithersoever they blow,
Onward to glory I go!

I AM I. Neil Francis Keenan

The difference is that Neil is not throwing his gauntlet down before windmills, but he is standing strong before the fortresses of the Illuminati Cabal and the steps of their un-Holy banks.

He chose and has been chosen.

And his footsteps are on the path of a “glorious quest” to reach what no man has reached before. This is an amazing journey that he is sharing for mankind.

The powerful words of these verses describe a man that is not a delusional romantic, but a dedicated champion of mankind determined to WIN against all odds. This is the Neil Keenan, the Man of Providence.

The Impossible Dream

To dream, the impossible dream
To fight, the unbeatable foe
To bear, with unbearable sorrow
To run, where the brave dare not go

To right, the unrightable wrong
And to love, pure and chaste from afar
To try, when your arms are too weary
To reach, the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
And to fight for the right, without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell, for a heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage
To reach

The unreachable stars

I’ll always dream, the impossible dream
And yes I will reach

The unreachable Stars

Editors Note

This article is the equivalent length of a very long novel.

Read on below for the web article version if you wish, or if you would prefer, each section is available as a downloadable PDF file with links provided below:


FOOTSTEPS PART 1 (2008-2015)

FOOTSTEPS PART 2 (2016-2018)


FOOTSTEPS PART 4 (2019-2020)

Now enjoy the Footsteps of the Amanah online if that is your choice:

Footsteps of the Amanah

Part 1: On the Yellow Brick Road

2008 – 2015 Timeline

This is the starting point of an amazing journey of one man, Neil Francis Keenan, along a road of enlightenment for the whole World. It reads like an enthralling mysterious Sherlock Holmes novel of intrigues blended with a real life Indiana Jones adventure popping up in exotic places around the globe. 

There are the brutal attempts of assassinations and murder blended with exposures and imprisonments of world leaders, flavored with awakening discoveries and dashes of humor.

This is a real life story… a movie in the making. 

And as you read on through the Footsteps you will come to see how one man has and will soon continue to “change the World as we know it.” 

Enjoy re-living this journey that most people never knew happened. Walk the Yellow Brick Road that Neil Keenan walked before you and “for you”. 

This is a trek into a new universe that most never knew existed, so enjoy and see how the long winding road leads us all thanks in a good part to Neil and Group-K.

Editors Note: The Footsteps of the Amanah is a condensed version of the History and Events Timelineand other archived posts and videos at and other posts by various individuals.

Many of these are referenced throughout this summarized version which contains additional previously undisclosed facts. You are encouraged to review these sources for a more detailed account of what actually took place and the timing of events. 

We also would like to inform readers that do further research into Neil Keenan and Group-K, that there are and were many unauthorized and troll accounts of what actually happened. These are fake news put out by wannabe’s who were never there and who think that they know what in their warped imagination happened.  

So if posts are not from or Facebook It’s a Keenan Thing please use your own discernment. A lot of lies and intrigues have been involved and exposed in this real life story at the highest levels, so expect counter attacks, slurs and slanders, especially when the Emperors’ have no clothes anymore.

Time to sit back, grab some popcorn and chips, and enjoy the show.  The curtain is going up.

It is difficult to identify when Neil Keenan actually took that first step on the Yellow Brick Road. Some say it was predestined karma that splat his backside on this bumpy path.

Or was it fateful curiosity that trapped this cat? Or was it madness? In any case, gold always catches the eye of elite level businessmen, and Neil had that Irish gleam in his eye.

We are starting this journey in 2008 as that was the point in time that a paper trail of crumbs led Neil to an adventure that bloomed and then exploded into proportions that he never could have imagined or anticipated.

Almost overnight Neil went from a successful businessman to a Monster Slayer attacking the very foundation of Global Finance and the holds of the Elite Cabal who run the Western World.

So we start here with fateful meetings and the introduction of major Players.

Europe and Japan 2008

In 2008 Neil was based in Europe for business jaunts around Western and Eastern Europe. He had already made substantial contacts with political and financial leaders throughout Europe and his name was heard by many more as it preceded him in top business circles.

The First Step on the Yellow Brick Road

Neil’s first steps down the Yellow Brick Road were the result of his business contacts with Swiss Bankers and London Financial Experts. This is where he stepped up his game, learning about elite Private Placement Programs (PPP’s), funny colored paper that Banks and the Cabal use (Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives, CD’s, L/C’s, etc.) to create and move money. 

These investigations eventually led to the trail of “paper gold”, often referred to as “Historical Bonds” of various types and based on stored gold or other assets.

This glitter paper has attracted many explorers over many generations as there is always hope that there is a treasure chest at the end of the rainbow. That is not the reality for most intrepid diggers along this path, but those that dig deep enough come to realize that somewhere there really is a stash of Solomon’s gold, Caesars’ loot and all those Spanish doubloons and Pieces of Eight. 

Those big beautiful bars in thick vaults are proof but as you go down that road, you come to the realization that a whole lot of that yellow metal ended up in tropical ASIA as a result of trade and the use of real money for real goods. Neil reached that level of understanding real early, so he just kept digging to see if he could find the “Keepers of the KEYS.”

All significant wealth has OWNERS and their legal descendants, or Trustees, Signatories, appointed Depositors, and so on. These names and the location of their stashes are closely held secrets.

These are often recorded in the Book of Codes, the Book of Maklamat, the deposit records of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and other secret books and papers held by various code named persons. Digging out names is more difficult than pulling teeth.

Bank for International Settlements

This puts curious Neil in the halls of Swiss Secrecy, the trove of Who’s Who Has What. His footprints are all over these hallowed halls as he intrepidly digs for directions and new leads to the treasure maps of the future.

The Meeting with Yamaguchi

In early 2008 one of Neil’s Swiss banking contacts made arrangements for Neil to meet with Mr. Akihiko Yamaguchi, a Japanese diplomat and Dragon Family representative with Ownership and Signatory authorization to some very valuable historical notes and bonds. 

The Swiss banker actually wanted Neil to assist him in getting projects that could be used in order to “cash-in” these certificates as collateral behind the issuance of billions of US Dollars that the Swiss bank would eventually manage and make a huge profit.

I scratch your back and you scratch mine, and this is how we do it… was the plan.

So Neil meets Akihiko Yamaguchi and they hit it off well together. Mr. Yamaguchi was a Japanese diplomat and a representative one branch of the Asian Golden Dragon Family actually tasked with contacting Neil (a spiritual connection). 

Neil tells Yamaguchi that he can arrange major projects in the Caribbean, Central and South America which would fulfill the humanitarian conditions of such funds release, as well as, provide other financial and joint venture business opportunities (Neil is a businessman always) such as PPP rollover programs through his London contacts which could use the Bonds and Notes as collateral securities behind trading programs.

Further meetings with Yamaguchi resulted in the firming up of the transaction over several months. This involved initial agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, and a whole bunch of banker to the US Federal Reserve Bank correspondences and requests for funds use and release as genuine collateral.  This is normal banker red tape delays which gave Neil and others more time to get things in place.

The Japanese Links

During the interim documentation period, Neil renewed his contact with his mentor and friend, Dr. Van de Meer who added more insight and background knowledge to Neil’s foray into high finance. 

Dr. Van de Meer was instrumental in steering Neil through the intricacies of Cabal financing, the mechanisms of PPP programs and to trust NO ONE. Dr. Van de Meer was a former high level intelligence operative who taught  Neil the ropes and how to pull financial strings. 

Neil was also introduced to Count Albert at this time, was a principal and a key figure in the Asian Golden Dragon Family hierarchy. This turned out to be an important friendship for Neil.  

Count Albert with Neil Keenan

Count Albert eventually became Neil’s main link to the Golden Dragon Family and was a regular confidant, mentor and good friend.

Neil, Dr Van de Meer and Benjamin Fulford – The White Dragons                     

During this interim phase, Neil was busy organizing his own Team that would be handling humanitarian investments worldwide. This was the beginning of his Group-K.

Neil’s Friend – Dr. (The Original 007) Van de Meer

As this complex transaction began to materialize, Neil realized that he was treading in unknown waters and that he could not make any mistakes. So he turned to his old friend and mentor, Dr. Van de Meer and Tom Clines for advice and support.

Dr. Van de Meer was a real 007 agent, spy, fomenter, financier and a man of many hats and aliases. He guided Neil through the intricacies of PPP’s, introduced the key Players / Traders, set the stage for the securing of funds and in general acted as Neil’s “go to man” that enabled him to stay on track and make no mistakes. This was Neil’s “Deal of a Lifetime” so he had to do it right.

Meeting up with Benjamin Fulford

Into the picture comes Benjamin Fulford, who was introduced by Dr. Van de Meer. Benjamin somehow got wind of Neil’s interests and that lots of money was involved that could possibly be used for Ben’s own humanitarian and meritocracy programs.

Ben brought to the table contacts that potentially dovetailed with Neil’s ideas for a new financial system separate from the West. He also stated that he had contacts within or associated to the Vatican.

We Three Discuss World and Asian Politics

This began Neil’s formulation of a new Global Financial Plan. Benjamin had some good ideas and some flaky ones – and no money. Neil listened, discussed and conferred with Dr. Van de Meer. Ideas and directions began to jell.

Neil was open to the idea of a new Asian based financial system because he had too many run-ins with corrupt Western bankers.

He clearly saw that the West’s fiat system was flawed and would collapse, but with Asian “real asset” backing, a new financial system could emerge as a viable alternative.

Ben Decided to Register the White Dragon Society

As a result of these financial discussions Ben and his Japanese friend, decided that they needed a registered company to act as a financial vehicle with which to place and use financial resources that might accrue from Neil’s transactions and thus tried to include Neil in this misadventure, but Neil refused.

To this end Ben and his friend formed and registered The White Dragon Society, which was just three people. (Ben had added Neil’s name without his permission and later Neil dropped out).

There were ever only two members (not thousands as Ben would have you believe) and after 5-years with no business the WDS was wound up and was de-registered. Apparently Ben has re-registered a new WDS, but that also has nothing to do with Neil or very few others and still has no money.

The Bonds and the Actual Plan

As plans and documentation began to flow, Neil met again and again with Yamaguchi and Count Albert. Details and more details were cleared. People and projects were lined up. Everything was going according to plan.

The Swiss bankers were happy, the Dragons were smiling and Neil was sweating.

By October 2008 with the help and overseeing of Yamaguchi, Neil Keenan was officially authorized by the Dragon Family, in writing, and executed with a certain Special Power of Attorney (POA), by which he, with the approval of the Head of the Dragon Family,  could use the Dragon Family Financial Instruments and Notes for any world economic aid and humanitarian projects. 

The Financial Package included: –

The “1934 United States Federal Reserve Notes”

249 FRB notes, each with a face value of 500 Million each, with a total face value of  US$ 124.5 Billion,  with each bearing an interest coupon of 4% per annum since 1934.

The “Japanese Bonds”

Two Japanese Government Bonds – 57 Series, each having a face value of 500 billion Japanese Yen, which was equivalent to an amount in excess of $9.5 Billion United States Dollars.

The “Kennedy Bond”

1 Kennedy Bond, with a face value of $1 Billion United States Dollars. The Kennedy Bonds, were good, clean, clear and free from any liens and encumbrances.

This financial package had a nominal face value of over US $ 135 billion, but with accrued interest it was worth in excess of US $ 1.0 TRILLION at that time.

For the services he was to provide in connection with the placement of the Federal Reserve Notes, the Japanese Bonds and the Kennedy Bonds, Neil Keenan was to receive at least 30% of any profit-sharing from any particular PPP, with such profits to be invested into infrastructural, humanitarian and economic development projects.

In January 2009 Neil Keenan personally accepted custodianship and possession of the Federal Reserve Notes, the Japanese Bonds and the Kennedy Bond in Zurich Switzerland, and the responsibility to represent the Dragon Family for investment of the Notes into trading Private Placement Programs (PPP’s).
 Yamaguchi and Neil Keenan going over the bonds and notes

 In May 2009 Neil Keenan acknowledged in writing the receipt of all these instruments which comprise the Dragon Family Financial Instruments notes and bonds and whose present-day value (with interest) is over USD$ 1.0 trillion. This portion of the Dragon Family’s accumulated wealth (gold) that was registered in the Federal Reserve system, the BIS and was officially exchanged for the registered FRN’s.

Un-announced and un-known was the fact that all the notes and bonds had to be SIGNED ONLY BY YAMAGUCHI in order to officially validate them, otherwise they were nothing but fancy colored paper of no collateral value whatsoever.

Also, since these certificates were authenticated as being genuine, anyone other than Yamaguchi or Neil Keenan, if they even touched them without his permission, would be internationally guilty as an accomplice in the abetment of a US TRILLION DOLLAR THEFT.

Neil was legally given the sole right to handle these notes in writing. No one else.  And the notes he received were NOT SIGNED as this is only done when closing the final transaction.

This means that whoever or in whichever financial institution that these certificates have been lodged, these perpetrators together with their accomplices along the way are still guilty of Grand Theft and can be arrested at any time. 

They are holding a Trillion Dollar hot potato and if they have used or attempted to use these as collateral, hypothecated, mirrored or bundled into any financial instrument, whatever gains that they may have made will  be confiscated and be returned back to Neil Keenan and the Dragon Family Owners.

This is still an on-going legal case as Neil has never requested that the stolen notes be cancelled and re-issued, which was an option, but one that he refused in order to legally go after various Cabal operatives involved (as will be detailed later).
Neil Keenan, Yamaguchi and other Team Members in Zurich

Neil Keenan was authorized with a Special POA on the entire financial package to negotiate the final details and enter into cash enhancement and / or project transactions relating to Private Placement Programs (PPP’s) and the investment of profits obtained in projects of his determination.

With the financial instruments as collateral, Keenan was authorized to invest into a fully secured Investment Facilities and, in fact, Keenan was “empowered with all of my powers” by the Dragon Family.

It was the clear intent of the Dragon Family to utilize the assets being placed in various Programs for humanitarian purposes, as well as, to test Neil Keenan and his financial abilities.

Security, Diplomatic Immunity, Japanese Transporters and Routes

At the end of May 2009, at about the same time that Neil accepted the Dragon Family financial instruments, Yamaguchi and his diplomatic friend, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, received a phone call from the former US Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, who wanted to meet with Yamaguchi in Switzerland to discuss swapping some of the 1934 FRN’s with a new issue of bonds.

Yamaguchi agreed to this meeting early the next week in Bern. Yamaguchi then went to his Swiss Bank and withdrew an agreed number of the FRN’s from their safekeeping account in Zurich in preparation for placing them in a separate swap deal with the FED’s ex-Chairman as approved and agreed. 

Yamaguchi then placed the certificates in his attaché bag and left Switzerland for a weekend stay with friends in Italy.

While relaxing in Italy he got a call from Alan Greenspan, the FED’s ex- Chairman, requesting that they should meet at a particular time and location in Switzerland to finalize the swap issues concerning the 1934 Federal Reserve Notes.   

Little did Yamaguchi know that Greenspan had been in contact with the Italian President Berlusconi with a plot to steal the certificates Yamaguchi was holding.

The Chiasso Incident: $134.5 Billion Stolen

In early June 2009 International news media reported that Notes worth $134.5 billion were seized (stolen) from two Japanese “diplomats”, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, while crossing the border by train in Chiasso, an Italian town located on the border of Italy and Switzerland. 

They were approached directly by the Italian Financial Police. Their bags were searched and the pair was found to be carrying Dragon Family financial instruments. 

The Italian Financial Police detained them for attempting to enter Switzerland with “undeclared and possibly fake United States Treasury Bonds” concealed in a hidden compartment in a suitcase. (They were plainly available in his briefcase, so they obviously lied.)
The Financial Police display of the confiscated Bonds

Yamaguchi advised the authorities that they were in possession of valid historic bonds (unsigned) and a mistake was being made. Subsequently Yamaguchi and Watanabe were released because they “broke no laws” and had Diplomatic immunity, but the Italian Financial Police KEPT the FRN’s supposedly as “evidence” of possible false documents.

On June 4 Yamaguchi sent an email to Keenan from Barcelona advising that he was well, but was otherwise silent as to the events that had transpired upon his departure from his friend’s chalet in Carimate, Italy and the financial fiasco in Chiasso.

But later the Italian news and the world financial media reported the incident and arrest of the Japanese as one of the biggest financial captures of all time. 

Then later the Italian media falsely reported that charges were still pending against the two Japanese and they were expected to be heard before the Procura Della Republica in Como, Italy in May 2011. 

According to at least one Italian newspaper, “La Provinca” (which, happens to be owned by then Prime Minister Berlusconi’s brother) on or about June 30 2011, Yamaguchi and Watanabe were still going to be sentenced to three and a half years in prison for trying to smuggle debt securities deemed to be false (which had already been authenticated as being genuine).  (Are you starting to smell a political rat?)

Do you have to ask yourself, “Who tipped off the Italian Financial Police?” Neil later confirmed that no charges were ever filed anywhere in Italy as this was from the beginning a “set-up”. 

Alan Greenspan – Federal Reserved Chairman from 1987 – 2006

Neil Keenan discovered that this theft in Chiasso was primarily at the direction of Alan Greenspan and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, however, it involved a much, more vast worldwide network of Cabal organizations, banks and governments. 

The FRN’s could be confirmed as being “authentic” but could not be used as registered collateral as they were not signed and had been reported stolen.

But that would not deter crooks from illegally selling them as genuine notes redeemable in gold to unsuspecting Buyers or crooked Banksters or governments.

Silvio Berlusconi – 50th Prime Minister of Italy

Eventually the certificates were never returned to Yamaguchi or Neil and then the shell game began in earnest.  The Italian Financial Police came to realize that they could be held liable if they illegally held the documents as Neil made it very clear that only he and Yamaguchi had such authority. 

Basically Neil scared the shit out of them as they had no legal grounds whatsoever and Neil would be coming after them in full force.  Hands up the Italian Police released the certificates… to – Burlusconi!

Enter Stage Left – Leo Zagami and Daniel Dal Bosco

In July of 2009 Mr. Leo Zagami, a self-described 33rd-degree Freemason with the P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge in Monte Carlo, arrived in Japan to speak with Benjamin Fulford, who Zagami already knew was in touch and working with Neil. Hmmmm.

After their meeting, Zagami informed Fulford that he had information that Yamaguchi and Watanabe had been “set up” at Chiasso and further that he had “inside information” concerning the seizure of the Dragon Family Chiasso Instruments.
Fulford and Zagami

Upon return to Italy, Zagami contacted Fulford again to arrange a meeting in Rome where, among other things, they again discussed the Chiasso incident.  

Zagami introduced Fulford through Skype conversations to Daniel Dal Bosco, who Zagami said represented him and was a trustworthy Vatican Banker and was also associated with the P2 Masonic Lodge.  

Zagami told Fulford that Dal Bosco would be able to help “cash the bonds seized by the Italian Treasury Police.”  (The BAIT and hungry Foolford fell for it and the glitter dream of cash in his empty pockets.)

As a result of the Fulford/Zagami discussions on or about July 2009, Neil Keenan received a request for a meeting from Dal Bosco, who used Fulford and Zagami’s names as references.

Keenan and Dal Bosco then spoke via Skype about technical financial matters in conversations on an almost daily basis for approximately six weeks and thereafter until they arranged to meet in September.

Dal Bosco claimed that he was not only financial advisor to Zagami, but also to the Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, as well as, being the Treasurer of the P2 Masonic Lodge in Rome and Monte Carlo. These were all carefully crafted lies, but Neil needed help and Dal Bosco had answers and contacts.

Subsequently Neil Keenan became convinced that it was in his best interests, and also for his safety and that of his Dragon Family principal, to entrust Dal Bosco with custodianship of the certificates for safekeeping in banks while Neil was traveling around Europe closing program plans and arranging humanitarian projects. 

Neil was an obvious target if he had billions in certificates in his travel bag and wanted to avoid another Chiasso affair with national police thugs.

On September 18th, prior to Neil Keenan’s departure for the Zurich airport to return home, Keenan physically entrusted the Dragon Family certificates to Dal Bosco, as had been planned and discussed in their meetings. This was a test as Neil knew the Notes were un-signed and essentially worthless.

On subsequent and frequent trips throughout Europe and Zurich, Dal Bosco would meet Keenan and safekeep the certificates back into Keenan’s possession until Keenan’s next departure at which time Keenan would again entrust them to Dal Bosco. This set up a working trust relationship… read as: a “set up”. 

And this was an inconvenient worry that was lifted off Neil’s shoulders while traveling. He also knew that the Notes were worthless without Yamaguchi’s signature or a Power of Attorney to even hold them so Dal Bosco would be in a bind if he ever tried anything. 

Dal Bosco didn’t know that and as soon as he had his hands on the glitter, he began with his own plots.

Everyone Eyeing the Bonds

Besides Greenspan and Berlusconi trying to stick their fingers in the pie, now Dal Bosco with his nefarious contacts starts bringing in even more abettors to join the fun. He personally confirmed that the certificates were genuine and thus started showing them around to possible Players. “See.  Look what I have!” became his theme song.

By February 2010 Dal Bosco informed Neil that he had made contact with senior UN representatives in Rome, Italy through the assistance of Giancarlo Bruno and the World Economic Forum (WEF), in Geneva, Switzerland in a deal whereby Dal Bosco and Keenan could receive 100 Million U.S. Dollars cash for all the remaining 1934 United States Federal Reserve Notes.

Neil, of course, rejected this offer outright as his negotiated PPP programs would yield much higher returns and are based on humanitarian projects and not a “cash out” bad deal. Simply a hundred million for something worth a trillion was a real bad business deal.

Thoroughly frosted and rejected, at this point Dal Bosco gets involved with David Sale of the fraudulent Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), together with Dr.Ray Dam as OITC’s Chairman.  

This resulted in a written agreement signed on 16 March 2010 between Dal Bosco and OITC that basically laid out that Dal Bosco and the OITC intended to steal the Dragon Family assets using the OITC’s fake authority and to cash the certificates with the U.N. with the help of Giancarlo Bruno.

Dal Basco was obviously hungry for “quick cash” and so were the crocks that he brought to the table. It was feeding time and Dal Bosco had the glitter papers in his hands.
Giancarlo Bruno

The Chase is ON!  Time to Retrieve

By May 2010 Neil Keenan reiterated to Dal Bosco that he was currently working on placing the Japanese Bonds only in a legally recognized PPP’s through Mr. Wales in Geneva. 

At the same time Keenan didn’t tell him that he was actually working to place the Federal Reserve Notes into another program which would assist the United States, Asia and certain European countries.

Neil Keenan indicated clearly to Dal Bosco his hopes of coordinating a transaction involving three European countries and expressed his desire that Dal Bosco participate in the venture. This created a “one in the hand, two in the bush” choice for Dal Bosco.

Dal Bosco again reiterated the aforementioned offer from the U.N. to buy the remaining FRNs for $ 100 Million, but Keenan again rejected the notion and warned that the U.N. was acting unlawfully with respect to its planned disposition of the 1934 Notes.

Neil Keenan stated to Dal Bosco the transaction he was working on was “to help countries, not the UN, OITC, the World Economic Forum or Bruno” and that “returns” would be greater for everyone involved and that the Dragon Family would receive a substantial return from the humanitarian projects that Neil was arranging.

Thereafter these various people and organizations entered into a range of criminal schemes and enterprises that were prevalent at that time.  Neil Keenan later found that Dal Bosco would betray, violate and breach all of his previously acknowledged fiduciary duties to Neil Keenan and the Dragon Family by stealing the certificates and converting possession of them for his own selfish, criminal and personal financial gain.

 Neil Keenan started to become suspicious as he observed that Dal Bosco had consciously decided to change apartments in Rome in an attempt to confuse Keenan as to his whereabouts and, as it transpired, in order to avoid contact and ultimately disappear.

So in June 2010 Neil advised Dal Bosco directly that his associate, Mr. Joseph Bendana, an American citizen, would be traveling to Geneva to retrieve all the bonds and notes in order that they were now needed for Neil’s intended transactions. This, of course, threw a monkey wrench into Dal Basco’s plot and he needed to act quickly.

Strangely, at or about the time that Dal Bosco was advised by Neil Keenan that Bendana would be flying to Geneva to retrieve the Bonds and Notes, the OITC “served electronically” a “Cease And Desist” Order (OITC Order) against Keenan and associates. 

This Cease and Desist purportedly was issued by “His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam,” the International Treasury Controller, a position that Dam was supposedly appointed to under a United Nations Charter.

On June 9, 2010, Dal Bosco contacted Neil Keenan and expressed his own personal fear of being associated with the OITC order, and his inability to make a decision regarding the Bonds and Notes.  

That was a phony excuse to buy time and to hold onto the documents until such time as the OITC claims could be legally clarified as to actual ownership. This was a lie to stall Neil and buy more time to close a deal.

Neil assured Dal Bosco that he had done nothing wrong and that OITC was a fraudulent entity which, despite its outward representation, enjoyed no protection, sanction, affiliation or approval from the UN, the Federal Reserve Board, or the BIS, and that any licensing it might once have enjoyed had been nullified several years prior.

Neil Keenan told Dal Bosco to ignore the OITC order pointing out that Dal Bosco was not even named in the document (lawsuit). Neil did inquire with Dal Bosco as to how the OITC obtained his email address. Dal Bosco denied any knowledge even though Keenan knew Dal Bosco had been in contact with OITC on previous occasions.

On June 10, the OITC sent a letter via email to Neil Keenan wherein, inter alia, it “strongly advised Keenan not to ignore the OITC order”. How did they know so fast what Neil had said to Dal Bosco?

On June 14th, Joseph Bendana received a telephone call from Dal Bosco and after discussing with him his authorizations, he made arrangements to meet with Dal Bosco in Geneva the next day to retrieve the Dragon Family assets.

On June 15th, Bendana flew to Geneva for the sole purpose of retrieving the Bonds and Notes from the hands of Dal Bosco, or from the legal safekeeping vault where Dal Bosco deposited them, so that he could arrange their return to Neil Keenan.

As it transpired, Dal Bosco never contacted or met with Bendana at the appointed time and location. After spending three days in Geneva, Bendana left empty handed and went to meet Neil at his home to discuss what transpired.  

During his stay at Neil’s house, while having dinner with Neil, Bendana expressed his regret that he had divulged his itinerary to Dal Bosco and that he was sure Dal Bosco was planning to steal the documents. Bendana later returned to the United States on July 4, 2010.

Eventually, Dal Bosco told Neil Keenan “he would not return the Bonds and Notes” and that he “should get on with his life.” No need to repeat that stupidity.

Dal Bosco’s actions caused substantial economic harm to Keenan as the European group Keenan had been dealing with had made all the necessary financial arrangements in order to invest $14 Billion dollars, in the form of a cashier’s check, in return for the use of the FRN’s which, as described, comprised the major portion of the financial instruments. 

Neil and the Dragon Family were to receive a 50% participation in the PPP that was arranged.

A few days after Bendana returned home, Dal Bosco called him to state that he might reconsider returning the Notes and Bonds and to “wait a little longer.” Another stall.

Dragon Family Options – Day of Choice

In late June, Neil spoke with Count Albert and the Dragon Family concerning the Dal Bosco theft. The Family informed Neil not to worry about the stolen certificates because the financial instruments could be cancelled out and reissued in 6-months and thus returned to Neil to be monetized and placed into a PPP.

But they made it clear that if Keenan chose to accept the reissued instruments, he would not be able to go after the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA). Whichever way he chose, he would have to finance his efforts himself because no help would come from the Dragon Family.

Keenan realized and understood now what securing the Global Collateral Accounts represented for humanity if he chose not to get the financial instruments reissued.

His first reason not to choose reissue was because the Bonds and Notes were stolen under his watch and therefore he felt it was his duty to go after those who stole them from him. He was MAD!

 Secondly, Keenan now realized how important the Global Collateral Accounts are for humanitarian purposes and for helping all of mankind.  Neil told the Dragon Family he was going to fight to retrieve the stolen certificates and then go after the larger Global Collateral Accounts assets for Humanity.

It was later that a representative of the IMF banking Cabal would also confirm with Keenan that if They were to let him cash-out on the certificates, he would not be allowed to go after the Global Collateral Accounts. 

In retrospect, Neil made the right choice to go after both the perpetrators of the theft and the recovery of the Global Collateral Accounts assets that belong to the Dragon Family.

That was the moment the financial World changed.

Time for Affirmative Legal Action

The summer of 2010 was a time to throw legal hammers at Dal Bosco and Neil, Yamaguchi and Bandana all issued Cease and Desist Orders and made filings with Interpol together with letters to Ban Ki-moon at the UN and Bruno at the World Economic Forum, as well as, notices to Dr. Ray Dam and Sale at OITC. Everyone got legal notices. It was a busy time for Neil and Team.

Neil had the best legal advisers in Europe and the US helping him compile the cases against all who were involved in this theft, and as they dug deeper, more names came out.

Dal Bosco’s “UN friends” in Italy even contacted Neil and advised him that they did not want Mr. Yamaguchi of the Dragon Family involved in this transaction. Also Neil was not even to receive one cent for the Dragon Family.  This was then reported to Ban  Ki-moon at the UN by Neil and Joe Bandana.

Bruno was also singled out in a letter sent to him by Neil that clearly stated that it was Bruno who made the initial $100 million offer to Dal Bosco from Bruno’s Italian UN contacts. It also appears that Dal Bosco knew the “background” of these Italian UN officials.

A Murder!

On July 31, 2010 Neil Keenan sent a registered letter Ban Ki-moon but never received a direct response. Subsequently, Mr. Bendana spoke on at least two occasions with Ban Ki-moon during which Ban Ki-moon stated, among other things, that “this goes much higher than me.”

Ban Ki-moon – Secretary General of the United Nations 2004 – 2016

Mr. Bendana relayed this information to Neil and added: “I cannot wait to see you buddy. Wait until you hear the information Ban  Ki-moon told me.”

Mr. Bendana, who received the return receipt requested from the UN on September 2, 2010, was found dead in his apartment in New Jersey on the morning of September 4, 2010.

This was just days before Bendana was to depart for a visit with Neil Keenan and provide him with all the information he had received from his conversations with Ban Ki-moon, and a few days after Bendana had received a telephone call from Dal Bosco threatening his physical safety if he continued pursing legal claims on behalf of Keenan.

Dal Bosco would never have been bold enough to make such threats if he did not have the backing of the P2 Lodge (Leo Zagami), the Vatican and the Italian Mafia (inside the UN).

Neil lost a good friend that day, but that steeled his resolve to never let go.  

OITC Resurfaces With the Truth

In November 2010 Neil Keenan received written communications from Keith F. Scott, formerly associated with the OITC as Chief of Cabinet of OITC, Special Envoy and Executor for His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam and later, Chief of Council of the Cabinet.  

Scott directly contradicted the June 2010 communications from David Sale, and stated clearly that Neil’s Bonds and Notes are the rightful property of the Dragon Family, who are legally entitled to them and NOT the OITC as claimed.

According to Scott, he informed Dr. Ray Dam and witnessed Dam’s reaction in anger as Dam explained to Scott that he had been aware that David Sale had access to the bonds and had sent him scanned copies, which Dam proceeded to show Scott.  (You know by now who sent the scans of the original documents and it was not Neil.)

Dam advised Scott that he had determined that the bonds were authentic based upon his experience and review of records which he had historically kept in what he referred to as a “Book of Codes,” a book detailing lists of all records and the true owners of International Combined Accounts (blocked accounts of the International Parent Registration Accounts (“IPRA”)).  (This will come in again later.)

According to Scott, the Dragon Family, through various secret arrangements, holds vast assets which he substantiated to Keenan by presenting “copies of the official secret bank documents that confirm the amount of gold delivered by the Dragon Family to Swiss banks and the BIS.”

Imagine Neil Keenan holding such possessions within his position as Amanah? A wrecking ball indeed.

Scott maintained that the Dragon Family is the known Depositor(s) of the gold, as well as, other bullion and assets in private bank accounts held in Swiss banks, and that the Dragon Family instruments were in fact obligations of the Federal Reserve System against the assets blocked in the Dragon Family owned accounts (part of the “IPRA” which is essentially another name for the Global Collateral Accounts).

David Sale has admitted in Internet postings, that it is “verifiable” through the OITC’s own records that the first-ever written communications from Dal Bosco were within the first week of February 2010. 

Sale has also published a few relevant sections of the Agreement dated March 2010 between Dal Bosco and OITC, and “duly executed by Dam.” It has been admitted to a global audience by Sale and confirmed Keenan’s worst suspicions that this was clearly a plotted “theft” in collusion with the OITC and its officers.

Back to Berlusconi

 About mid-December, Neil Keenan learned that in the beginning of September 2008, Brazilian financier, Carlo Alfredo Nascimento da Silva, with the assistance of his attorney, Ruben Mariani, were planning to purchase Banca Commerciale Lugano, Lugano CH (Switzerland) (“Banca Commerciale”) for and behalf of Silvo Berlusconi, ex-Prime Minister of Italy.

The plan was to use the Banca Commerciale  to launder finances and deposit stolen assets, bonds and notes into Banca Commerciale or any other Swiss bank to establish credit lines and then enter into PPP trading programs (primarily in UN 20-year sovereign programs, which would not be for the people or the country but for the benefit of Berlusconi alone).

This plan came to be aided and abetted by Dal Bosco, Berlusconi, and Bruno, as well as, the retired Colonel of the Italian Financial Police, Mauricio Fanelli, Italian attorney Pierre Luigi Manzione, and others.

The stolen assets to be deposited included not only all the Dragon Family Chiasso instruments seized in 2009 and still being held by The Italian Financial Police, but also Neil’s instruments stolen by Dal Bosco in 2010, and continuously held under his custody or control.

This information further confirms the recollection and testimony of Marinov’s discussion (speaker telephone conference) with Dal Bosco and Bruno in Geneva in May 2010.

This legally confirmed Grand Theft, collusion, conspiracy, abetment, fraud and money laundering  intent on an international scale of those involved.

Neil later in a written letter informed Carlo da Silva concerning this plot.  Carlo da Silva is one of the richest men in the world and quickly thereafter saw that he was being duped and thus pulled out of the transaction. He has been a good friend of Neil ever since.

Thus from December 2010 till November 2011, Neil and his team of international lawyers began the arduous task of compiling the legal case against all the TRAITORS involved. This was a lengthy effort of collecting facts, affidavits, testimonies, notarized documents and much more all needed for criminal filings and possible convictions. 

The fact that this legal investigation was underway, the word spread rapidly through the international financial grapevine. From Zurich to London to New York Neil Keenan’s name was whispered as each new name was added to the legal list. Nothing like this had ever been done before, so eyes were opened and ears were to the ground.

The investigations led Neils legal team throughout Switzerland and Italy in their quest to find those involved in the detainment of Yamaguchi and Watanabe. 

During their search they learned that Yamaguchi and Watanabe were never indicted or charged with a crime. It was not in any of the Italian Police or Courts data bases. This means all three of them.  

The Clerks in the courts either in Como, Milan or Rome all basically attempted to pass things on to the international division which would bring in Interpol. When the Clerk in Roma was contacted by our three attorneys requesting information on the case they were told to go away and never return or else. 

The feedback coming to us was amazing.  

Even before this we found that the newspaper giving all the misinformation throughout Italy which was stationed in Como was owned by the Berlusconi family. Wow imagine this. This media outlet made it clear they were to be tried and then even sentenced to jail. Not any such thing happened. 

To top this all off Clerks threatening Neil’s attorneys is quite amazing itself.  They had no plans on returning after being treated so harshly.

To make things clear no one was going to give them anything relating to the case. Despite the fact that the Italian Financial Police had stated from day one the notes were legal.  

What happened in the courtroom which led to their release after being held for one night was ridiculous with Yamaguchi telling the Judge if they continued to hold them their family, the Golden Dragon Family, would bankrupt their nation within days. 

The Judge had a color change in his underwear and called his clerks asking what this was all about and not willing to take any chances decided the best bet was to release them. Which he did.  

The “Monaco Accords”

In the first half of 2011 Neil had spent a lot of time in Zurich with his Swiss Banker friends discussing the theft of his Bonds, but more in depth discussions about the Dragon Families and their relationships to the Global Collateral Accounts, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and specifically how the Western financial system worked to steal money.

It was at this point that he realized how fraudulent the fiat money system was and how corrupt Western banking had become, particularly with respect to the use and abuse of “other people’s money” and in particular Dragon Family deposits. This rankled him to see such disregard and disrespect for humanity that he finally got to the point that he had “ENOUGH”.

So in the Spring of 2011, Neil together with his trusted Swiss Banker friends started discussing “how to break the Western financial stranglehold.”  Obviously the East had the vast majority of “real” money and financial assets that were being blocked by the Western Rothschild’s Central Banking Cartel headed by the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The Conspiracy to Rule the World: #22 The Federal Reserve System

The only viable solution would be to circumvent the Western system with a new Eastern alternative.

The Swiss Banks and Bankers liked that idea as it meant that they would most likely have direct access to Asian wealth and the profitable use and abuse thereof, particularly since they could see that historically “fiat” paper always comes to an end. Neil, with his Dragon Family connections, thus became a Swiss champion and possible financial savior.

August 2011 – The “Monaco Accords”

Neil Keenan and a very powerful political associate arranged a secret meeting of 57 global finance ministers (none from any Western nation) aboard a yacht in Monaco for the purpose of setting up a new worldwide, asset-backed financial system.

Word of the gathering reached the Rockefellers, the pre-eminent U.S. clan of that oligarchy, who dispatched Senator Jay Rockefeller to essentially “crash” the party as an uninvited guest. He was physically blocked at the gangplank by Neil Keenan. When Rockefeller demanded “Don’t you know who I am?” Keenan responded, “Yes, you’re exactly the person we don’t want on this boat.”

Jay Rockefeller

What was never accurately reported is that as Jay Rockefeller tried to push past Neil, Neil gave him a shoulder nudge that knocked Rockefeller off balance and almost into the drink.

Neil quickly grabbed him and steadied him back on the dock, and escorted him away. That is a move Neil still regrets, but a soggy wet Rockefeller would have brought too much negative press.

After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht set sail and was then buzzed by unmarked Blackhawk helicopters before French fighter jets gave a warning pass overhead, whereupon the helicopters retreated. This was a show of force, but the French really didn’t want 57 nations demanding retaliation.

Within several months, the agreement realized from that meeting, the “Monaco Accords,” was made official by its co-hosts, and that document was signed by over 180 countries by the end of the year.

This was an unprecedented collective step toward wresting control from the criminal planetary financial domination by the West. Out of this was born the BRICS alliance, the Asian International Investment Bank (AIIB) and the CIPS monetary financial transfer system.

The Monaco Alliance, could, to some apparently prove to be just the medicine we have been looking for.

Unlike the European Union which lacked access to the Global Collateral Accounts and the “real” asset backing of the Asian Dragon Families the Monaco Accords held both the accounts and the backing.

Neil was the one that cordinated this and there was no damned way it was going to be a repeat of the EU. It was Neil who screamed for our own Central Bank.

It was Neil who screamed for a replacement for SWIFT. Someone had to do it seeing SWIFT had total control over the banking system. They decided who could send money and who could not. Their brother in crime Western Union also owned by the Rothschilds had the other side pretty well locked up.

There had been many an ocassion when money was needed to be sent to move a transaction forward and Corresponding banks such as J.P. Morgan would prevent it from leaving their sight seeing they would procure interest on everything they help up which would be Millions and Millions daily.

This is why you never receive your funds immediately. And oh yeah Security for this is VANGUARD which just so happens to be the BUSH family. Now you tell me?

When you know something like this what the heck do you do if you can. You take it down and send them all down river which we what we plan on doing. No longer do we need the drug family overlooking our funds. It is time to rise and put an end to it.

Neil may have been initially seen as a Don Quixote attacking Western Financial Interests but in this case he was not chasing windmills but Elite criminals which have stolen our world over a long period of time and he had 57 nations from the initial meeting and soon after quietly had built up to 156 and more.

In other words he became the player. One thing to get straight is that NO ONE assisted Neil in this power move other than one important Swiss Person. Dr. Van de Meer and our attorney Stanley.

Everyone else who even makes claim of such is full of bullshit. Neil told Benjamin he as flying to China and Benjamin told people that he had people following Neil around China when in fact Neil was in Monaco.

Neil and the boys had a good laugh over this. More to be told at a later date…

Many articles have been written about the Monaco Accords and it is interesting to see how this one meeting has impacted the entire World.

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The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

22 / 11 / 11

22 November 2011 is a historic milestone. It is the day Neil Francis Keenan filed his unprecedented Trillion Dollar Lawsuit in the US District Court in Manhattan, NY, to initiate the legal return plus damages of his Bonds and Notes which had been stolen. The legal suit named as Defendants Daniel Dal Bosco, the OITC and its officers, the Italian Republic and its Financial Police, Berlusconi, Bruno of WEF / WEF USA, and Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations and its Italian officials, and many others.

David Wilcock wrote about the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit in his New York Times bestseller book “The Synchronicity Key”

This was one of the largest lawsuits ever publicly announced and it sent shockwaves through the Western Cabal’s financial community. There had never been such an attack like this ever before. It shook the global financial foundations and started the expose of the inner workings of the corrupt Western banking system.

Couple this with the Monaco Accords and you see how Neil delivered a double whammy. This delivered the message that Keenan is a force to be reckoned with and the financial community had better wake-up to what the financial Elite were really doing behind everyone’s back. 

This is the legal action that opened the door to the hidden room and let a bright light shine in.

Western Banksters and their Cabal institutions had never been attacked so blatantly in public before and certainly not in the heart of Wall Street and at the US New York Federal Reserve Bank! 

You could literally hear the gasps on Wall Street. Who would dare do such a thing?!

Soon the whole financial world and the public knew it was Neil Keenan.

Financial Humpty Dumpty had been cracked…

The 111-page federal complaint details those involved in stealing the $1.1 Trillion that was intended for humanitarian purposes. Other conspirators named in the complaint include the Vatican, the Masons and the Federal Reserve Board. This lawsuit became recognized worldwide as the case that will break the Western Financial Mafias hold on society.”

Copies of the entire filing are available on Neil’s and numerous other websites on the Internet for those who enjoy reading legalese or wish to see all the details. Many more news reports are also available with good and bad analyses by reporters who were never there, so use discretion.

Per his legal advice, Keenan withdrew the case without prejudice. One reason why: The original Judge Holwell was replaced with Judge Fulmer whose brother was an economic advisor to Obama.  

Fulmer was made judge just to handle this case but was never a judge until this point and time. As the case awaits re-filing with substantial new evidence, jurisdiction remains a major issue to be determined.

Neil Keenan was told he cannot file this anywhere other than in Judge Fulmer’s courtroom as per his directive and he is obviously prejudiced and biased and should be reclused.

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2011 – (December) David Wilcock reports: Confirmed: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

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The Trillion-Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part ll: History Lesson

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This Trillion Dollar Lawsuit is still on-going and may be filed again with the International Court of Justice in the Hague or in individual countries which have jurisdiction over various individuals and organizations that have been involved. Multiple criminal charges are documented and all those who participated or abetted in any way are still legally liable.

Neil Keenan does not forget. Nor do the Dragons.

Moving On To Indonesia

Keenan Agreement with Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto

After successfully filing his Trillon Dollar Lawsuit, Neil quietly disappeared to Indonesia. He certainly did not want to be hounded by reporters and he had much more important things to do.

So in late November, Neil was quietly moving ahead on other fronts. His objective on this trip was to meet with Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto, the person appointed by the late President Soekarno as the legal administrator who was sworn in to be the “legal heir of record as stated” in the last will and testament of the late legal holder of the Family Inheritance Guarantee, as attached to all the gold deposits. This was ordered by President Sukarno between 1948 and 1968 when he was granted such Inheritance Guarantee as payment for his services to the World.

As a result of this meeting Neil Keenan was issued a deed of Authorization and Agreement from Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto which gave him certain authority with respect to historic gold and other deposits held in Indonesia.
Dr. Edy Seno on the right

Dr. Soekanto iterated that President Sukarno had designated to him the collection all those funds known as the Family Inheritance Guarantee and the accumulated interest thereon, and that he has “been acknowledged by the depository bank, as evidenced by the bank instruments, books, records and ledgers and codes in his possession, as the sole recognized heir to.”

Under this Agreement, and because of his “severe and long-term chronic illness,” Dr. Soekanto granted Neil Keenan the authority to act as one of his Attorneys in Factto act jointly and/or severally and to undertake all means and methods to recover the funds owing to him and the People of Indonesia.”

Dr. Soekanto further agreed and confirmed that he also holds the “full secret Book of Codes,”The Maklamat Book” and the “Ledgers and all records of the accounts” as delivered to him and that, upon their request, he will “deliver or cause delivery of the originals of such books for presentment to any court determined to have such jurisdiction” and “for any other purpose” Keenan may require or need for the Books.
Neil with Dr. Edy Seno

Neil Keenan has custody of certified copies of the said Book of Codes, The Maklamat Book and Ledgers, and with his Power Of Attorney, he has authorization to use them when needed. Neil has the certified documents and copies given to others all placed for safekeeping under Neil’s direction.

The Contents of the Books and Ledgers

These Books and Ledgers define the information that is held in the Federal Reserve screen system. They contain the secret code cyphers and data on legal decisions, treaties and other arrangements.

They provide information pertaining to all the accounts and sub-accounts that contain the gold and other assets, as well as, information pertaining to the financial instruments issued in gold. They specify and provide the factual information as to what is in the Global Collateral Accounts, such as who owns the gold and the source of its ownership.

The protection and security of these Books is, therefore, of the utmost importance and central to the authentication and verification process of any claims.

This Agreement and authorization by Edy Seno establishes Neil Keenan as a defender of the wealth in and of Indonesia and Asia and gives him the weapons and tools to be able to go after the corruption and theft being perpetrated by Western Banksters. With these tools he can “shut them down.” And he will.

2012 A Year of Conquering

In early 2012 and with Edy Soekanto’s Books and appointment, Neil Keenan strategically takes up part-time residence in Jakarta, Indonesia and begins planning and strategizing his goal of freeing the Global Collateral Accounts and returning control of this wealth back to its rightful Owners who have not been given access to and even banned from using them since they were originally deposited.

By March Keenan  had been caught up to by reporters and truth seekers all asking the same questions about the Monaco Accords and Trillion Dollar Lawsuit.  Then one day a blogger, Jean Haines, contacted him and offered him to use her website to help get his message out. 

Neil is not too computer savvy but he takes this offered opportunity and begins interacting with her website’s readers. Neil is grateful for Jean’s help in launching him into the global Internet which has since been a useful tool in keeping the World informed of his activities.

Leaning on Liens

In May 2012, Neil Keenan launched another fearless attach on the Western financial establishment. He files legal “Liens” against the G7 Central Banks, the European Central Bank and the twelve Banks of the U S Federal Reserve System. That was un-precedented.

Furthermore, these new liens were filed within the Admiralty Law system (Law of the Sea or Commercial Law), which is extremely complicated internationally and mysterious in legalese definitions. These liens, however, constitute legal arrest warrants for the conspirators operating under the (Rothschild’s controlled) Federal Reserve central banking control system in the US and G7 countries.

The House of Rothschild

Adding to this entire criminal fraud were phony unregistered Euros printed by the European Central Bank (ECB) in Neil’s possession stacked on pallets ceiling high in warehouses in Indonesia. These notes are an outright perpetrated fraud and Neil has all the “answers” back to him from their system. 

These Euro currencies have no value but were created solely as payment for the interest on the Indonesian Gold that the ECB leased from the Global Accounts. The ECB simply printed un-registered worthless colored paper to pay off their debt.  That is FRAUD.

Once submitted as frauds, the European Central Bank could be out of business. Keenan intends to bring back millions of Euros and let the ECB accept them and validate them or get out of business. This then would mean the end of the atrocity called the European Commission headed by some Eastern European mummies from Hungary (Soros’ Boys) and their New World Order socialist agenda.

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Keenan Goes Hunting and Brings Down A Few at the Top

Throughout the remainder of 2012, Neil had some fun flexing his newly established political and financial muscle. During this time he made three successful hunting trips, targeting major European figures of the New World Order.

The first that Neil took aim at was Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France who was running for re-election. Sarkozy was a well known underworld operative and NWO Globalist that would surely stand in Neil’s way. 

Neil found out that Sarkozy was supplying the Opposition (Marine Le Pen) with the information that established, without a doubt, that Sarkozy was a Globalist, which the Opposition made this fact perfectly clear during his unsuccessful run for office. Sarkozy lost and he fell on his own malicious sword never to rise again.  One down.
Nicolas Sarkozy – Former President of France

The second target was obviously Silvo Berlusconi, former President of Italy as he had played a major role in the theft of Neil’s Bonds.

Berlusconi, along with his brother, also had their hands in the Chiasso scam which was nothing more than a successful attempt to steal the notes from Yamaguchi and Watanabe.
Silvio Berlusconi – Frormer Prime Minister of Italy

Neil filed a major legal action against Berlusconi and the details of the case were used by Berlusconi’s political Opponents to dethrone him from Italian government for good.

However, when the matter was brought before the Italian Courts Berlusconi’s lawyers switched the charges to that of having sex with a minor so Berlusconi only got 7-years in jail instead of 20-years for financial theft and fraud (which the Italian Government wanted covered up perhaps hoping that some day they might get a kickback from Berlusconi’s stolen Notes). 

So down went a pedophile thief and his run for re-election protection was finished leaving him banned from ever running for office again.  Number 2 shot down.

Neil’s third target was Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who is the daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard, who was born in Germany, became a member of the “Reiter-SS” and joined the Nazi party. In 1954 Prince Bernard was the co-founder of the international Bilderberg Group

This was a major Neo-Nazi and Elitist Cabal target.
Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands

Neil got in touch with Queen Beatrix to advise that her country could get 2% (and 3% for her) that was promised to her mother (Queen Juliana) after each and every Global Collateral Account deal made from a specific collateral deposit account held in Japanese banks. She was surprised and was not even aware of this Global deal set aside by way of her mother for her and her country.

Queen Beatrix, rather than appealing to get the 2% and 3% on the Global deals set aside, sent her son to Japan to see if he could steal all of the assets deposited in Japan and retrieve this Global Agreement. (The assets actually belonged to the Dragon Family and were invested by them, but the profits were shared and granted to Queen Juliana and her country for humanitarian works.)

At the same time Queen Elizabeth II of England had her intelligence people listening in on Queen Beatrix’s arrangements (oh my, Royal intrigue). Elizabeth then decided to send her son Charles to Japan to try to outflank Queen Beatrix’s son and steal all of the Global assets held in Japan at the Bank of Tokyo and Bank of Mitsubishi.

Neil, of course, informed the Dragon Family as to what was going on and they simply shut down these Global asset accounts, which meant that neither Queen Beatrix nor Queen  Elizabeth II would get any access whatsoever forever.  It was stopped.

The threat of exposure of this and other nefarious thefts and illegal dealings eventually resulted in Queen Beatrix abdicating her thrown throne.  Another kill shot by Neil.

These hunting expeditions clearly established Neil Keenan as a fearless and major tactical opponent of the Established Order and that he took no prisoners. Three trophy heads were on his wall and more were to come.

Spies and Guys

Following the de-throning of Queen B and exposures of other prominent Europeans, Neil became aware of burly white guys with bulges in their armpits and dark glasses pointed in his direction whenever he left his Jakarta hotel. It was time for some fun!

Obviously he was being watched.  And it was by a professional team sent to keep track of Neil’s movements and perhaps even more. There were spotters in nearby apartments facing his hotel, rotating agents sitting in the lobby lounge, others in restaurants and parking lots or just loitering around on stakeouts.

Neil and Inchul had fun identifying and spotting them individually, watching their movements and shift changes, seeing how they communicated whenever Neil made a move, and generally setting up spoiling moves that would “out them” and ruin their surveillance operations. It was a “spy vs spy” game on!

Of course, Neil went about his normal routines with all dark glasses and scopes following him, so that left Inchul and other local friends to do the counter-spy job of identifying and recording the European spies and their network. 

Neil and his team were having a ball watching the watchers. And Neil would purposely set his team in place and then conduct a pre-planned foray route that would cause the spies to walk right by Neil’s team members and thus expose themselves time and time again.

After about a week of this game playing, Neil had enough information of who the spies were, where they were staying, how many were on their team and how they were positioned. Now it was time to spring the TRAP!

The PLAN was for Neil and Inchul to leave the hotel, go up the street to Starbucks in the Kota Kasablanka Mall. They would then draw the Guys out to follow them there, let them get settled in their surveillance positions while Neil and Inchul sipped their latte coffees.

The Plan was to have Inchul leave first then go up to the 2nd floor to a specific location overlooking the Starbuck’s entrance lobby and wait there.  Since he was not the target of interest, Inchul just got up and walked right by one Guy sitting at a table in the store and another at the entrance. No movements.

Once he was at the 2nd floor he was to call Neil and let him know if he had been followed and where he had spotted spies lurking along the way, if any.  Inchul did just that and reported that he was in position and had not been followed. Now it was SHOWTIME.

Neil surveyed Starbucks and the Mall lobby over the rim of his coffee cup..  Sure enough the big burly Guy was sitting there at a table deeply engrossed in his laptop, another was at the door and a third was outside but not nearby.  So Neil gets up, strolls over to the big Guy’s table and stands next to him, then SLAPS the table HARD and says, “GOTCHA!”    

Startled, the big Guy looks up and sees Neil.  He is stunned and just sits there with his mouth wide open.  Neil turns and heads out the door and into the Mall. The big Guy then packs his computer and calls his buddies that Neil is on the move, headed for somewhere in the Mall. Everyone meet in front of Starbucks… NOW!

Neil knows this Mall like the back of his hand and a few quick moves and he is at Inchul’s side overlooking Starbucks and the lobby entrance. A minute later three white guys come together, get instructions and then scatter in different directions to canvas the Mall in order to get eyes on Neil again. 

Neil and Inchul are laughing. They move from railing to railing, watching these Guys running from store to store frantically searching but never looking up. Neil was laughing his head off watching these rats scurrying around.

But soon it was time to escape back to their hotel.

At the far end of the Mall was a stairwell that Neil often used as a shortcut.  These stairs opened at street level. Neil and Inchul hurried over there, then down to ground level, passed two office buildings, then along the side of the second building, down an alleyway and over a small bridge, then into a bank parking lot, out a side door, then along the back side of the neighboring hotel, and through a fence door that led to the back door of their hotel. Neil knew his way around this part of town.

Once at the hotel, Neil met his friend, the Head of Hotel Security and explained the situation to him and that a group of dangerous European men would soon be coming to the hotel looking for Neil. He didn’t have to say much more as the Head of Hotel Security knew what to do.

The Head of Hotel Security did intercept these Guys, told them that they have been recorded on hotel security cameras, that security staff had followed them and knew who they were, where they stayed and that THEY HAD BEEN MADE. They were told to leave the hotel and Indonesia immediately and never come back or police reports and Immigration would be notified.  They left with their tails between their legs… never to return.

Neil said, “DANG!  I was having so much fun too!” 

But he wasn’t too sad to see them go, especially when he learned later that there were actually twelve of the Spies and Guys and it was more than a surveillance mission. 

November 2012: Neil Has a Ceremony

While still operating from Jakarta in late November, Neil was approached for a meeting with a group of Elders and their lawyers.

These were senior Dragon Family Elders who first expressed their gratitude for the impressive work that Neil had been performing on his own and at his own expense to defend the assets of the Family while keeping the Family essentially out of the picture.

This meeting included a ceremonial blessing for spiritual protection, the first such initiation for Neil to the higher spiritual realms that operate at the highest levels of the Global power structure. Neil being a neophyte to such spiritualism just sat there quite oblivious to what was actually taking place, little knowing that this was his first step along this new path.

A New Year of Keenan Exposures 2013

The new year of 2013 began with another fight with Dr. Ray Dam, his minions and the OITC.

By April Keenan’s attack became public as he exposed the truth and fallaciousness of OITC being the sole Claimants of the Global Collateral Accounts as appointed by the West.

OITC claimed UN protection. But the OITC and its officers were co-conspirators of the notes stolen by Daniele Dal Bosco. Was Dal Bosco conned by these con artists himself?

At this time David Sale proclaimed himself as Chairman of OITC and attempted to move OITC accounts into the World Economic Forum banks with promises of a job and security. Ray Dam was in jail in Cambodia (thanks to Neil) at the time but he never signed anything over to Sale. Neil also discovered that Kathy Mattenson held the Power of Attorney and everything else belonging to the OITC.

Neil Keenan was responsible for Ray Dams’ imprisonment in Cambodia for 9 months based on international fraud charges based on documents Neil provided to the Cambodian government. Later Neil was informed that Ray Dam was seriously ill and had been moved to a ground floor hospital room.  For those in the know, that meant that Dam was about to be terminated. 

Neil decided that Dam did not deserve such treatment and proceeded to get him out of the hospital as soon as possible. So he called the US Ambassador in Cambodia and requested that she immediately rescue Ray Dam as he was an American citizen and that he would be killed there if she didn’t act quickly.  

The Ambassador was reluctant at first and until Neil told her that he was well aware that she was Hillary Clinton’s college roommate and what really went on behind closed doors. The next morning the Ambassador personally called the hospital.  Neil was then able to have his friends remove Ray Dam and send him back to the States.

It could have been David Sale and David Crayford imprisoned as well, had they been in Cambodia at the time of Dam’s arrest.  Without a legitimate OITC authority, Sale’s attempt to transfer OITC’s false claim of ownership of the OITC Corporation Global Accounts to Bruno at the World Economic Forum (WEF) or to Bruno’s associates as the deal was now shot down in flames.

From the beginning Keenan knew that the Vatican, the UN, the WEF, OITC and other were involved along with Berlusconi in this theft. Keenan had opportunities to walk away with a ton of money but refused to bend.

Keenan and his Indonesian team released this video report where they visit the supposed Indonesian office of the OITC, only to be told that no such organization had ever had an office in that building (recorded in June 2013).

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Keenan Exposes OPPT / SwissIndo

In early 2013 a new group of global interlopers appeared on the scene. This was the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) and their partner in crime SwissIndo with their fabricated claims of ownership of the World and of the SwissIndo Swiss bank accounts backing them. This was another set-up challenge to control the Global Collateral Accounts that Neil had to squelch and nip in the bud.

On April 22, 2013 Neil Keenan recorded an interview in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which he revealed just what a dangerous game the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) was attempting to play with people’s lives and freedom – not only in Indonesia, but around the world.

It is, however, a game that has been shut down, as Keenan tells how OPPT went from one Global Accounts scammer to another (Adnan Sahkli, White Spiritual Wonder Boy, and now UN SwissIndo) hoping to find someone to fund their totalitarian revolution – a phony movement that gives every appearance of being the bankster cabal’s attempt to co-opt the real and profound global awakening that spells the end of their control.

In the video Neil Keenan exposed OPPT/SwissIndo and Paula Humfrey informs phony “elder” Apriyanto of SwissIndo that OPPT’s “Military Declaration” which they claimed “empowers the Indonesian Army to overthrow the “foreclosed” elected Indonesian government and calls for the arrest of all corporate or banking officials,” but “nicely” of course. 

Neil Keenan immediately notified Indonesian government and Swiss authorities concerning this call for insurrection and government overthrow and the fake claims and false documents being made and shown publicly by SwissIndo leaders throughout Indonesia.

Shortly thereafter OPPT principals disavowed any connection with death threats made personally to Neil Keenan which warned him to “lay off” OPPT. Undeterred, he went after them, concerned for others who also received threats.

One day later, Neil Keenan survived what his doctor diagnosed as a poisoning attempt (not food poisoning – poison).  He survived only because he carries powerful anti-poison antidotes  with him at all times due to previous attempts.

UN Swissindo was pretending to represent the money in the Global Accounts. And OPPT was pretending to represent humanity. Both of you are, in fact, empty-handed.

This has eventually resulted in the closure of OPPT and SwissIndo operations, arrests and the imprisonment of key figures involved.  Another target hit dead center.

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Following the earlier threats and poisoning incident, a second assassination attempt was made in July 2013. Neil Keenan’s team was the target of this assassination attempt in Jakarta.  

The hotel suite that they were staying in was broken into in the middle of the night and the gas valve on the main tank was unscrewed so that the entire gas supply was released into the apartment.

The timely actions of Inchul, who woke in the middle of the night, smelled the overpowering gas aroma, found the sabotage, recognized the danger, and carefully opened the windows to clear out the apartment. The slightest spark would have been sufficient to blow the rooms sky-high, killing not only Inchul and Jo, but in all probability Mr. Keenan as well.

A while later a third assassination attempt was made while Neil and Jo were driving through traffic in Jakarta. A motorcycle pulled alongside their car and the rider pulled out a pistol and fired a shot at Neil, missing him and barely missing Jo as Neil had pulled him down.

Obviously this was a journey not for the faint hearted. Neil was sticking his finger on jugulars and those affected were not at all happy. But thankfully, Neil had some amazing spiritual protection.  

Keenan Pot-Stirring Does Not Go Unnoticed

By September Neil’s entanglements and foils had reached the attention of the Elite Cabal in London. This had created serious consternations in the Elite financial community as those hidden were being exposed and the Dragon’s boy was continually slashing away at their hallowed halls. 

Their solution was to invite Neil to come to London to meet the real decision-makers and discuss terms (a nice way to say “offer a bribe.”)

So Neil Keenan packs his bags and heads into the fray to meet with a Cabal chieftain and his stooges. Knowing he was actually being “tossed” into the lion’s den, Keenan neutralized the lions by revealing his own financial doomsday weapons against the Cabal. 

In response to their proposed monetary offers, Keenan sounds the charge by throwing a bag of “catnip” across the big wooden table as he came into the Boardroom.
Evelyn de Rothschild

One thing was for certain was that the ten leading  global financiers didn’t laugh when they found out it was ‘CATNIP”, but “chieftain,”Evelyn Rothschild”, thought this was really funny

They were all there to make a deal with Neil Keenan, offering a large amount of money for him to go away, but Neil called it for what it was – catnip. Who has balls now?

They tried to have Keenan believe that they do not think of themselves as the Cabal yet said that they know that the Cabal is finished. Keenan emerged from his confrontation to warn us all that We must take back the keys to the kingdom (City of London, DC and the Vatican).

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The Pace Quickens

The pace of events accelerated upon his return to Indonesia as The Keenan Group’s campaign to clean up and release the Global Collateral Accounts reached a critical phase. 

In the wake of support from the emerging global security force, backed by a new (and legitimate) global Human Rights Court, potential new allies have appeared on the scene, as many powerful Asian asset-holders made contact with Mr. Keenan to request his assistance in regaining control of their Deposited Accounts.

Keenan had already established a partnership with powerful Asian clans through his meetings with the influential S.C. Chiang in Hong Kong, who then opened channels for Mr. Keenan to Indonesian royal asset-holders. Now, additional depositor families are making contact.
Count Albert and Neil Keenan

Representatives from one of these groups informed Keenan that upward of “30 million” people a month in Asia have been following his efforts.  He also received an invitation to travel to China to meet with a number of representatives to coordinate action on the Accounts.

Neil stated that he plans to keep his focus on Indonesia for the present, while opening conversations with additional asset holders throughout Asia.

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World Geopolitical Intel Given to Keenan to Report

In October Neil received an urgent intelligence report that came direct from his top level Pentagon sources who asked him to reveal that President Obama had authorized the illegal transfer of three nuclear warheads with the intent to detonate these nuclear warheads in Charleston, South Carolina and elsewhere as an intended false flag attack in order to start WW3. This was ordered by Obama and by his handlers. 

Four top Generals with the highest clearances in the United States stood up and refused these Presidential Orders. For saving millions of American lives they lost their jobs, ranks and pensions and support for their families.

These patriots stopped a plot. These patriots took the nuclear warheads 600 miles offshore, where they were dropped deep in the ocean and detonated there (seismic records show).

During this time Obama, Biden and others of their inner-circle were hunkered down in their super-bunker under the White House, expecting to come out and see over 20 million dead on the East coast, thereby allowing them to create their martial law over the country.

It was Neil Keenan that first revealed that the Nukes were never signed out of Fort Hood. President Obama had them stolen in the middle of the night and ordered the Generals to detonate them in the midst of Charleston. It was the Keenan team who brought light to the nuclear explosions off the coast of South Carolina, otherwise it is possible we would never have known about it.

Thank God this was prevented by the four top generals that Obama fired due to “alcohol and gambling charges” and for disobeying his orders. It was after this that Obama went to all other Generals and asked if they were called to do it, would they fire on their own people.  If they said no, those Generals were fired.

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October: Neil Answers the Question:

Why won’t the Dragon Family finance this battle we are having with the Cabal? 

Neil explains their answer: “Why should we? You created your own mess, now find your way out.”

Neil has spent his own money fighting this battle (millions to date), realizing the Dragon Family will only come to his aid once the fight is over with. This is our fight! Our mess. Not Theirs.

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The World does not need another financial bailout in order to perpetuate a fraudulent system.

Hades Rising

In November another Player appears on the scene.  Karen Hudes, a lawyer with the IMF and World Bank, makes contact with Neil with her expressed intent of helping Neil secure access to the Collateral Accounts. 

This was contrary to Ms. Hudes statements that she “never worked with Keenan, and would not work with Keenan,” but she did receive direct and important help from The Keenan Group, which gave her a crucial introduction to powerfully influential figures with the Asian Families who own the vast majority of Global Account assets.

Neil Keenan stood ready to help Ms. Hudes in her dealings with the World Bank until she attempted to circumvent Neil to work unilaterally for herself, attempting to cut out the man who earned the Families’ trust. This backfired badly, as the Family informed Keenan of the incident and then withdrew their offer to help Hudes.

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That is another lesson people need to learn when dealing with Neil Keenan.  No circumvention, back stabbing or lying… or the door will close in your face.

Globalist Agenda Exposed

By December the ramping up of the Globalist agenda became clear. The Cabal plot was to financially destabilize Europe with massive debt calls and confiscations as they had caused to happen in Greece and Cyprus thus pinning down Russia while the US would take on China.

This plot required money so the Cabal made attempts to steal Family gold from South Korea and made further threats towards other Asian countries. 

The Rothschilds met with South Korean leaders in an attempt to steal 300,000 metric tons of gold from lawful depositors to finance the Cabal’s planned war with China.

To this end, the USA Corporation VP Joseph Biden flew to South Korea to demand the surrender of the 300,000 metric tons of gold (Global Collateral Accounts assets rightfully belonging to the ancient and powerful “Dragon Family”) to the bankster FED cabal, with the strings being pulled from the City of London, as they have been for two centuries.

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Of course Neil Keenan publicly posted these plots and exposed the culprits involved, but this was not the last time attempts would be made to steal from South Korea. It was another good blocking move though.

U.S Cease and Desist Order

Following the thwarted theft of Family assets in South Korea, Neil decided to up the pressure on the Cabal Stooges, so in February 2014 Neil Keenan issues a formal “Cease and Desist” notice to the United States Corporation and key offenders. They are now on record.

Legally served upon the following Entities And Their Puppet Corporations And Agencies were:

 BARRY SOETORO, AKA, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, a foreign national and Chief Executive Officer of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION,




GEORGE SOROS, business magnate, Chairman of the SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT 

ETIENNE DAVIGNON, former vice-president of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION      

JANET YELLEN, Chair of the Board of Governors of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Also within this Cease and Desist (referred to as agents) are the names George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, and Hillary Clinton.

Cease and Desist notices essentially put on record that the named persons and institutions are now on international record for possibly being involved in illegal activities if these notices are breached.  This is a legal slap-in-the-face.

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But Neil is not satisfied with giving only one slap so he carries on Exposing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a Foreign Entity illegally operating in the US.

The fact is that there is no Federal US law requiring the people of the United States to pay taxes to the IRS.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal income tax violated the U.S. Constitution because it was a direct tax on individuals and not apportioned between the States, as required by the Constitution.

The Constitution protects individuals against the abuse of Federal government power by stripping from the Federal government the power to tax individuals, knowing the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Within the U.S. Tax Code System it clearly states that paying taxes is voluntary.  Even the IRS Director in 2013 admitted that taxes are voluntary for the American people.

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In March after filing his Cease and Desist, Neil survived a poisonous bite from a robotic “insect.” Thanks to Dr. Edward Group of the Global Healing Centre, who put together an anti-poison kit, this most likely saved Neil’s life.

He survived this “missed hit”, as well as, numerous other attempts on his life by poison and even a botched kidnapping attempt by cabal mercenaries during which he sustained a severe knee injury.

The mercenaries were met by forces from the Dragon Family and the white-hat Pentagon, and with the battles won, Keenan continued to forge ahead. The assassination attempts on Neil have become persistent, but we are taking all appropriate precautions.  And they just can’t keep a good man down!

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A Third Tight Slap

With people in political positions abusing their powers with impunity, it is necessary for all nations to be able to protect their citizenry and sovereignty from the fascist / Nazi (National Socialist) movements of this generation.

The way to do this is simple. As our mothers and fathers taught us, we just close the doors to unwanted visitors. We cannot and do not need to allow foreigners and enemies into our homes creating divisiveness and eventually taking over entirely in our stead.

With this simple premise Neil launched a “NO-FLY-ZONE” policy for sovereign nations to adopt thus banning unwanted people from entering their airspace. This policy is similar to other NO Fly Black Lists already being applied in some countries for persons that are “non-grata”.

In 2014 Sweden acted on Keenan’s incentive “No-Fly Zone” policy and refuses Israeli President Shimon Peres’s plane to cross into its airspace en route to Norway.

In 2015 Russia also put into place a “No-Fly Zone” over Syria against NATO, US, UK and Israeli forces, effectively blocking them from flying over Syrian airspace and conducting bombing missions.

See proposed ‘No-Fly Accords’ at: AmazonAWS

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In May Hades Rises Again

In May Neil rebuffs allegations by Karen Hudes where she claims that the Monaco Accord of August, 2011, was nothing but a money grab to gain control over Global Account gold. Since Keenan was actually there, he states that this meeting had nothing to do with gold and everything to do with the East severing financial ties with the West.

The bottom line is that Karen Hudes is a nobody.  If there are still those who choose to see her as a brave whistleblower out to save humanity, then they are falling into an obvious trap.

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In July Keenan Prevents Quadrillion Dollar Deal  

Keenan never seems to stop and this time he prevented a quadrillion dollar deal between the Sultan of Sulu, P2 Lodge and the Vatican. The Vatican in collaboration with an entrusted Elder, The Sultan of Sulu, a guardian / holder of some of The Dragon Family Global Account assets, attempted to steal fifteen (15) Quadrillion dollars from different Asian Families and the Dragon Family. Their attempt was exposed and thwarted.

Had this transaction been allowed to take place, the Cabal’s coffers would have been replenished and the results for humanity would have been disastrous.

The arrogance and recklessness of this attempt is indicative of a false sense of ownership or entitlement present on the part of some of those entrusted to protect those assets.

In some cases two and three generations have passed between the time of the original guardians or keepers of the assets, so it must now be reiterated to all the Elders “you cannot give away or sell what does not belong to you.  Guardianship is not ownership!”

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Urgent Call From South Korea

After negating the Vatican deal, Neil Keenan received an urgent call from a high-level contact based in South Korea that exposed the joint US-Korea naval exercises currently taking place off the coast of South Korea which was nothing more than a sophisticated cover for the biggest gold heist in history. 

In revealing the plot, Neil stopped the USS George Washington Aircraft carrier and the 250 thousand metric tons of gold from being delivered to it by the South Korean President Park.

It was Keenan that warned the Dragon Family of the attempted theft of the South Korean Gold (Family gold). The family immediately swung their satellites into place and sent their ships into the waters surrounding the USS George Washington to stop the theft.

Then President Park’s men had already melted the gold bars into smaller ingot bars, but the “DNA” within it revealed that it was the Family’s gold.

Former South Korean President Park – Now in prison

No gold was moved and the South Korean President Park and her secret lover were exposed. If this had been delivered to Wall Street NY, it would have meant the end of our world as we know it because it would have given us at least another 100 years of enslavement by the Cabal.

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Plot for Japan to Invade Indonesia  

 After being thwarted in South Korea the Cabal resorted to mobilizing the Japanese military in a plotted attempt to invade and steal the Indonesian Gold. Neil got wind of this intended invasion and publicly derailed it by exposing the planned attack and notifying the Indonesian government.

At the same time Keenan exposed another Agency plot of sending Colombian drug dollars through the Clinton Arkansas Foundation directly to Indonesian globalists and politicians in their attempt to create panic and chaos in Indonesia in order to force a change of government.

That plan was to assassinate the Indonesian Vice President.

The Clinton Gang had flown in on their private jets, the Japanese Emperor’s sister had also flown in on her jet with her Indonesian husband, and money transfers had taken place through Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Foundation – directly to a political party.

Said funds were illegal, confiscated Colombian drug funds which somehow found their way from the US Drug Enforcement Agency coffers through the Arkansas Foundation into Indonesia with the main objective being to steal what does not belong to either the Clintons or the Japanese Emperor’s sister.

The assets belong to the Depositors. Get it yet!?

An attempt was made by the U.S. Corporation, through the Clinton Arkansas Foundation, to “split Indonesia into pieces for less than $6 trillion dollars”. In fact, there is more value in just a small portion of a gold bunker in Indonesia than the $6 trillion (of useless dollars) that is being offered to overthrow certain portions of the Indonesian political structure.

Neil advised the Indonesian government that this was the plot, and of course, that the Japanese Military was on standby. Should they not be able to purchase the gold, the West and their Japanese allies would attempt to take the assets one way or another.

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Keenan Exposes the Cabal’s Expanding Plan to Take Gold From Thailand and a Few Other Asian Nations

By August Neil had received more inside intelligence reports that exposed the Cabal’s expanding plan to take gold from Thailand and a few other Asian nations.

At that time U.S. warships had essentially blocked the Gulf of Thailand in order to threaten the Kingdom to give up their gold. At the request of the Royal Family of Thailand, the Dragon Family was called upon to speak with Thai King’s elder son who was in charge of these Royal assets and the Family’s immediate assistance was given.

Again not stopping the Cabal in their attempted theft would have meant they would have been able to fill their coffers with gold and carry on ruling over us for another 100 years.

The Elders who are dealing with the Clintons, Soros, Armitage, et al are soon to be facing international arrest, and Neil may be adding his signature to the arrest warrants.

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Wall Street is Moving

In August 2014 Neil Keenan was given intelligence that is now in fruition in 2020. 

The basic information was that “Wall Street” was in the process of moving out of New York to the city of Stamford, Connecticut, closer to home for the Gordon Gekko rats of the world. In Stamford, the names of giant banks like UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland sit atop downtown skyscrapers. Now, many more other banks have setup shop there.

It’s not Wall Street any more, its Stamford across the border, right next to their homes in Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien, famed for playing host to legions of hedge-fund executives, titans of Wall Street and a sprinkling of old WASP money that has been kept in the same exclusive New England families for generations.

The Wall Street’s shove-off from the island of Manhattan makes a lot sense when all hell is about to be let loose. What are their future plans for Manhattan now that they are vacating Wall Street?

Maybe they’re privy to the news Neil discloses in this post about the Obama plan, or call it the Cabal Plan, to impose martial law in the United States, which would shut down the banks and people would not have access to their bank accounts, debit or credit cards to buy food.

Trying to take food or supplies would give the military or police the right to shoot. On top of that they intend to unleash on the American public a variety of deadly diseases to make the people weak and sick. We cannot allow this to happen to our family, friends or our communities.

 (Neil revealed this in 2014.  Does it sound familiar today?)

When they come knocking on your door you better have a gun ready because they’re going to shoot you if you don’t shoot them.

Does this old exposure have any validity today?

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In late August after editing disputes with Jean Haines, Neil Keenan released his own website, It was launched with the mission to defeat the Cabal and broadcast reliable and truthful information on global events. 

All previous postings on the Haines site were transferred to and archived to the new website where they are all still available for viewing and historical research.

The Umbrella

During the rainy season, monsoon storms often cause flash floods in Jakarta. On this day Neil found himself stranded in a mall down the road from his hotel and a flooded street in between. 

Neil was not adverse to getting his feet wet as he only had on a T-shirt, shorts and sandals and would get fresh clothes at his hotel. Intrepid in resolve he thus ventured forth through the crowd of worried and waiting on-lookers. 

As he made it to the curb with water already lapping above his ankles, he was approached by a young boy holding a huge umbrella. The boy was about eight years old and barely three feet tall, but he had a smile as big as his umbrella.

The little street boy offered to escort Neil across the flooded street shielded from the rain by his huge umbrella. How could one refuse such an offer, so Neil agreed and the odd pairing slowly waded into the swirling brown waters.

The flood waters progressively got deeper, first to Neil’s knees, then to his waist and he was more than halfway across the street. The young boy was now struggling a bit as the water was now chest high on him, but he still held his umbrella high.

About three-quarters of the way the roadway sloped further down and left the little lad with water lapping at his chin and his footing on tippy toes, but he was determined to fulfill his commitment and pressed on bobbing up and down. Neil was, of course, getting worried for the safety of the boy. He asked him if he was still OK. The boy nodded and stretched his umbrella as high as he could.

A few steps later the courageous kid was totally under water but still staunchly holding his umbrella high. Neil immediately grabbed him and held him up to his chest. The boy sputtered a bit but still clung to his duty. 

The water was now 5’ high and creeping over Neil’s chest, but he was only a few more feet to the rising curb, so he pressed on with the boy’s arm around his neck and the other holding his banner on high.

They eventually made it to the inclining driveway entrance to his hotel and dry ground. The pair were both soggy wet, but Neil’s hair was still dry!  Both had umbrella smiles on their faces for conquering a stupid idea. 

Neil rewarded the boy for his diligence and steadfastness with a USD $50 tip which the boy handed back as he wanted Indonesian Rupiah and really didn’t know how much a Dollar was worth. So Neil told him to wait and he would change the money. 

A minute later Neil came back with the cash and peeled off a IR 100,000 note. The boy was simply flabbergasted. Obviously he had never received such a huge tip… ever before. He thanked Neil and started to walk away. 

Neil called him back and peeled off another IR 100,000 note. The boy thanked Neil again and sincerely said that it would really help his family.  He then turned with a big smile on his face, and Neil called him back again, but this time counted out the rest of the exchanged dollars, another IR 500,000 plus change. The boy could not believe the benevolent fortune that was in his hands… and tears welled in his eyes.

Neil told him not to cry because he had earned every bit of it through his unselfish act. One could see the gratitude and appreciation on the boy’s face. Neil then reached into his pocket and pulled out another soggy IR 300,000 (USD $20) and gave that to the open mouthed boy with instructions to give it to his family.  

That made this boy’s day and many more memory days thereafter. 

Neil thanked the boy and told him not to go back the way they came. The happy boy nodded and gave Neil another big umbrella smile.

Neil never saw the boy again but one rainy day months later he was approached by a different boy offering an umbrella. That boy obviously had heard the story on the street. It wasn’t raining that hard and there was no flooding so Neil declined the offer this time.

That is the type of kindness Neil exudes daily towards the needy people around him. Whether it be a waitress, store clerk, taxi driver or a poor child eking out a meager living on the street, Neil often provides that little extra attention or help that “makes my day” for so many that he comes in contact with every day. This is freely given generosity that defines the man that he truly IS.

And sometimes you have to give to get…

The Opening of the Box

Earlier it was mentioned that Neil had gone through a ritual initiation.  This was actually in preparation for what would happen next in December 2014 and perhaps as an honor and in respect for saving Indonesia and protecting its and the Asian Families wealth.

In a historic precedent of enormous consequence, Neil Keenan became the first Westerner to enter a “bunker,” a vast repository of Asian family wealth containing gold, jewels, museum artifacts, modern global currencies in all denominations, as well as, invaluable documents detailing the truth behind some of the atrocities committed against humanity. (These documents will be used to fortify Neil’s lawsuit when it is re-filed.)

This one bunker (one of approximately 1,000 in Indonesia and throughout Asia), is a 16-acre, 4-level underground cavern filled with treasures deposited by the “Family” over many years until the present day.

Access to the bunker was not without multiple and unforeseen challenges.  A number of clearances by the Elders were required before Neil and Jo could enter the bunker, but they remained undaunted by the long delays, lack of sleep and sparse shelter conditions as they waited “on-call” for entry at a still unknown location.

As a token of appreciation for his extraordinary work, the Elders gave Neil Keenan a box containing gold bars. In a video, he shows the box being opened and the gold inside.

See related article at: NeilKeenan

The year 2014 was a wild event filled ride, but the intrepid Neil Keenan remained undaunted and excited for adventures coming with the new year.

 The New Year’s First Catch and No Release

The Keenan Team Expose the ‘Red Dragon Ambassador’

The year started off with a BANG as a new phony Player surfaces from the Deep. The Denison that arose from nowhere was called the “Red Dragon Ambassador”.

The Keenan team figured out who the Red Dragon Ambassador was NOT real quick. There is one who calls himself the “Red Dragon Family” Ambassador. 

He does not give his name, nor does he even allow his image to appear in the videos. But he does make all kinds of promises for humanity (sounds like SwissIndo), promises that only one near the top of the pyramid of Western Black Nobilities could conceivably make. But this is not possible?

The phony ambassador used a fake logo identification, fake names, “Red Dragon Asian family,” and most importantly, fake account – ASM, ASBLP Bank and  LSM-TVM666.

Previous con-artists have made fraudulent claims to these accounts, which are not their accounts to begin with, so Neil and gang set out to expose who these scammers really are.

By July the Keenan Team had compiled a comprehensive profile on the fake Red Dragon Ambassador. So right up front, here it is.

The sweet-talking Ambassador of the imaginary Asian Red Dragon Family is none other than Bo Mikael Lindstrom, son of Diplomat Mikael Lindstrom, Sweden’s former Ambassador to China (until 2010), Japan (until 2006), Indonesia (until 1998).

The Red Dragon Ambassador’s identity is revealed along with his shady associations, most of whom have criminal records, as well most of the Ambassador associations who make the same claims to the fraudulent ASM, ASBLP Bank and LSM-TVM666 accounts.

‘King’ Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) and the LSM-TVM666 Accounts as was first exposed in relation to the Ambassador, was (as in now dead) the current imposter-King of Marcos’s and the Philippines wealth and his falsified “White Spiritual Boy Accounts” (or “Spiritual White Boy Accounts”) from the World Bank Group documents and the fake ASBLP Bank which are a wholly counterfeit operation.

On an ongoing basis, ever-changing impostors (at least five so far), are propped up by Western alphabet agencies and assigned the name Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM). In fact, the first ASM imposter admitted that he was set up for the purpose of unauthorized access to the authentic ASM accounts and that he functioned as nothing more than a signature.

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Keenan Offers the Book of Codes and the Maklamat Book to the Market

By March Neil was getting frustrated and pissed-off with all the delays and interferences thrown into his path. At this point he throws open a global offer by announcing that the Book of Codes and the Maklamat Book in his possession will be released to a suitable recipient(s) for global exposure.

The Book contains codes for accessing the Global Collateral Accounts and details as to precisely who the Accounts belong to and who has been secretly stealing those funds.

“During the past three months I have felt the sting of my money being stolen, my bank accounts being wiped out on New Year’s Eve, my friend being killed while attempting to help us, and another friend who survived a car accident  and multiple assassination attempts, all of it orchestrated by the Cabal.

I finally heard word tonight that “they” do not want any foreign country helping us.  So guess what?  It is time to fight back with all we’ve got.  Time to exact revenge.  Time to completely exploit every one of their weaknesses.

Let me be clear here. With the Book(s) in hand, the Greek Government would never have to worry about the European Union’s absurd demand for repayment. They would be holding the Book that exposes the EC (European Commission) for providing the entire EU (European Union) with nothing but blank paper. Yet they expect to be paid back. So are we to give them back paper of no value whatsoever?  So long EU! People.

Imagine the damage that the Russians could wreak on the West if they had the Book, this “Financial Holy Grail,” in their hands. They would be able to expose the unrestrained, unlimited frauds that the West has perpetrated against its own people!”

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Keenan Exposes the Planned World Economic Forum (WEF) Being Held in Jakarta

In April 2015 the World Economic Forum (WEF) (remember the Bruno connection) planned on holding their annual meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.  With the Cabal / Global Elite losing and looking for a place to hang their hats, the WEF declared that they would bring their international investments with them.  

Of course this means that Indonesia will soon be subject to a financial take-over and debt slavery, as has happened to every country that the WEF have ever invaded.
President Joko Widodo of Indonesia

The World Economic Forum (WEF) – they are the Bilderbergers, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Hidden Hand, the Billionaires Only Club, etc. There is no other way to put it, they are evil personified. This is the nest of the Global Control Freaks. 

A strong critic of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is Noam Chomsky who reminds us that the WEF came up with the term “globalization” as a propaganda cover for favoring the interests of central bankers and billionaire investors over the needs of humanity.

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2015 Bandung NAM Conference: A Short Walk with Giant Steps

In April Neil Keenan, sent his respects to President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, to thank him for hosting the historical 60th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) gathering, and during the WEF conference also taking place, honored the first Bandung conference in 1955, which President Sukarno inspired and is credited for galvanizing the momentum towards the creation of the Asian-African, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in 1961.

President Widodo made a strong speech highlighting the continuing power inequalities and injustices in the world, in which developing countries were still struggling to get their rightful fair share in decision-making in world affairs.

“Global injustice is obvious when wealthy nations think they can change the world with their might, when the United Nations is powerless, when force is used without the mandate of the UN and powerful countries ignore the existence of the UN, he said.

Injustice exists when rich countries refuse to recognize the shifts in world economic power and only re­­­­­­­cognize the World Bank, In­ter­national Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank,” he added.

The fate of the global economy cannot be left to these “three organizations,” we need to build a new world order that is open to new countries.  A new and fair global system is needed.”

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Another Assassination Attempt

In July an attempt was made on the lives of Neil and Jo. Several weeks before Neil was given intel and warned not to drive the dark car he was using for his trips around Indonesia. For a few reasons Neil and Jo decided to take a train to their next destination.

On their way to the train station to get tickets they were stuck in slow-moving traffic when a small Japanese sports car with darkened windows came up alongside their taxi. 

After the first gunshot Neil could see which car it was coming from by the arm with the gun hanging out of the window. Two more shots were fired, one to the back door in the metal and the other smashing the window, just missing Jo’s head only because he had time to duck down.

Neil and Jo were all right and got the heck out of there by ducking out of the taxi and hightailing it through a cemetery near their hotel, through a bank and then through the back door of the hotel. 

Back safe in their room, they went to their balcony to see if anyone was following them. A few minutes later a big black sedan pulls into the hotel, four burly guys dressed in black got out and headed into the hotel. 

Resourceful Neil quickly went to his frig, took out a big bag of ice, and dropped onto the roof of the car. That cratered the roof and made a huge sound. The guys in black rushed out, got in their car and drove off… mission unaccomplished; again.  

The next day Neil decided it would be better to take the train.

Neil Keenan: M1 / N1

In early December Group-K received the following information from an anonymous individual going by the name “Asian Insider”:

Revelations from an “Asian Insider”: Neil Keenan Is Number 1

“Late in the evening on November 25th, a meeting took place in an Asian country (not Indonesia) with the Elders, who represent the largest depository of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) assets (worth Quadrillions); the Spiritual Advisor to the Elders; Jo, who served as the translator; and Neil Keenan. Security was very tight.

After briefing Neil about the assets that are waiting for him, and that the “safe” time for their release is at hand, he was further surprised to learn that a year ago the Elders had also drawn up “letters” for him to sign.

Upon his signature, Neil Keenan would be known as “Number 1” (N1) – or, as the position is more commonly known, “M1.”

It was by unanimous consent among all of the Elders that they elected Neil as N1. Had there been even one dissenting Elder, he would not have been elected.

Presently the documents are being finalized and sent to Neil for his signature. He will be given full Power of Attorney over their depository of GCA assets and officially become the Elders’ sole representative and spokesperson for all dealings and the release of the funds to implement the Humanitarian Projects.

The funds will be distributed first to Indonesia and then to each of the 132+ Nations for projects such as the release of free energy and suppressed technologies, the cleaning of our water and the restoration of our oceans and lands, rebuilding infrastructure, education programs, etc. etc.

As the meeting came to a close, the Elders made one additional point clear – that Neil is free to venture forth with his own undertakings but with one provision that he never loses sight of Indonesia. There was no contention on this provision because Neil wants the Spiritual Advisor by his side and the support of the Elders. And since it is well-known that Neil’s intent has always been to see that Indonesia becomes the “Jewel of Southeast Asia,” this strong alliance with the Elders guarantees the most positive outcome possible.”

So there it is — should Neil Keenan sign the documents, he will be N1 (= M1) for the worldwide distribution of the GCA assets.

For nearly 100 years the Indonesian Elders have held these notes on behalf of the depositors. They have not been able to make use of any of the notes because the Western banking system has shut them down every step of the way.

It cannot go without saying that the Elders have not been given any remuneration for what they have safeguarded for so long. Some have been assassinated, and some have been imprisoned for their roles in spite of the fact that each and every move the Elders have made has been entirely legal.

Yet in Europe the Western banking system has illegally managed to get hold of notes and use them as “casino bonds,” freely gambling them on anything they chose – they never worry about losing what they don’t own.

But now it cannot be denied that the game is changed. Drastically. Not only does Neil have the old codes from the Book of Codes, he also has all of the New Codes. Once the accounts are opened and audited, the codes will reveal precisely who played with the depositors’ notes.

Last-Ditch Ploys of the FED 

A group representing the Federal Reserve Bank arrived in Indonesia and approached several Elders. This group claimed they would cash in or monetize the assets that the Elders were holding but only on one condition: the Elders could do no business whatsoever with Neil Keenan.

Of course the Elders are well aware of the crimes that the Federal Reserve foisted upon humanity since its very inception in 1913. They are well aware of what President Sukarno and President Kennedy tried to do over 50 years ago.

In fact, the Elders are well aware of a lot more than what wealth will do for this planet.

They know their legacy is ultimately a spiritual one, the only eternal value. That even such a proposal would be presented to the Elders reflects that the FED is in such deep denial as to be inconceivable.

As one group of Elders has repeatedly told Neil: “We have been waiting for you for 30 years Mr. Keenan, and now you are here.”

The nations of the world elected President Sukarno as M1, the monetary controller of the GCA. Now the Elders have elected Neil Keenan as N1/M1.

Neil has been responsible for the protection of the GCA for more than six years, and like the Elders, there has been no remuneration for his efforts.

They both have selflessly laid the groundwork for what is to come. Who can say what untold millions of lives, or even future generations, have been saved due to their groundwork.

Without a doubt, Keenan stands as a one-man wrecking crew.

The Book of Codes: Our All-Seeing Eye Weapon

Final note: Neil has surely caught the cabal bankers’ attention by having the Black Book (the Book of Codes). Remember this book opens up the Black Screens which allows one to see who illegally used the assets, when, and for what purpose.

This bothered the Western Bankers to the degree that they changed the codes.

New codes were issued and in fact Neil received the New Codes in his hand 5 minutes later.

He has both Old and New so feel comfortable knowing the theft will not continue unnoticed and will be dealt with shortly in a swift manner by the legal and security team Neil is putting together.

Neil now has the updated Codes for the Black Book, the Book of Maklamat, The Book of Conveyance, Operation Heavy Freedom, Green Hilton Agreement, Blue Book, Red Book and much more.

When he re-files his lawsuit this will all be incorporated as just a small piece of it.
Neil Keenan: Continuing on with and furthering their work… SALUT!

Ongoing – Keenan Makes His Final Push

Neil Keenan now makes his final push for substantial access to the bunkers and the opening of the Global Collateral Accounts.

His efforts have been stalled by the Cabal’s criminal tactics. They have “disappeared” Keenan’s bank accounts, murdered a good friend who was providing help, attempted to kill another associate with a car “accident” and even demanded a country not deal with Neil.

During his journey to do what must be done, Keenan has met all comers. He has gone head-on against the shills, liars and slanderers.

All have retreated and, in some cases, await facing serious legal charges.

He has evaded assassins and emerged unscathed, all with his sense of humor intact.

By example, Neil Keenan has clearly demonstrated what one man can do to take down global domination by those who are engineering the complete demise of mankind and the planet.

Now Neil Keenan is garnering more and more talent and has brought in two experts who are second to none, top-notch security and a most powerful international attorney, all ready for action and placing Group K on another level.

Step by step Neil says the puzzle is coming together.

Challenges and Delay Tactics Neil Has Had To Overcome:
(His FOOTSTEPS from 2008 to 2015)

Neil has spent millions of dollars of his own money in this journey to free the Global Collateral Accounts for humanitarian purposes.

After Neil filed his law suit against the Cabal in November 2011, they held his US passport and he was put on the no-fly (black) list by Obama. Neil has not been home to the USA since.

The Cabal proceeded to freeze AND STEAL millions of dollars of Neil’s own money in South America and the Caribbean.

During end of 2014 – January 2015, thieves in Indonesia stole $6.0 million from Neil during a deal for the benefit of the Elders.

Starting off in 2015, Neil was robbed on his debit card account in Indonesia and also his personal bank account at home. Each of these accounts had more than six figures in them.

 There have now been a total of 6 major attempts on the life of Neil Keenan and other attempts on his team in this period.

Is Our World About To Be Set Free? 

Is this massive alliance about to make its move on the banking and political cabal? Is Neil Keenan and his team about to finish what JFK, President Sukarno and many others were trying to accomplish?

Will the 9/11 connection to the Global Collateral Accounts finally come to light?

To these questions, Neil Keenan has a statement for the world:

“JFK, Soekarno, 9-11 and everything surrounding it, all boils down to one and the same groups or organizations that are known as the Cabal or NWO. Look no further than Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, and on a lesser scale Bush’s, Netanyahu’s, etc.

We must always remember that according to these people, we, the “goyim,” are the enemy and furthermore we must understand not only are they Khazars (read Khazars and their empire) but Satanists and clearly want us all dead.

They want the world, this planet and everything they touch.  They taint everything they make, put together, manufacture, and one way or another are taking precious seconds and minutes away from our lives.  

They go so far as to poison baby food (Johnson and Johnson’s most recently caught, simply stated we are sorry and will take the toxins out of the baby food), but when caught they simply walk away leaving a path of utter destruction for the world’s families.

It is time we defend our families, our planet, our friends and those who will soon be lifelong friends.  It is time to bring our planet together as one, to fight these evil criminals disguising themselves as politicians.  It is time to fight them as they fight us — stop talking about it!

The road to the collateral accounts was initially filled with litter.  From OITC (Ray Dam), OPPT (Heather Tucci), Swiss Indo (Sino), Karen Hudes (who never did understand the collateral accounts and had never heard of the Dragon Family when she requested my help), Red Dragon Family, World Economic Forum (Davos and Giancarlo Bruno), the UN, and many others that I have never mentioned. 

They all decided at one time or another that they owned or managed the accounts when in fact not one ever had any of the DEPOSITORS’ permission to represent said accounts.

We took them all down and we laid them to rest, but similar to a film script they often return to life and take a second shot at things after taking a deep breath but … they are all just fiction.

We are on the road to opening the accounts.  The litter has been tossed into the garbage where it belongs and upon completing this road, we will control the accounts.  The big question, even one from the Dragon Family is… will I be able to move the notes and the answer is YES!

To conclude this chapter I must not forget to thank those who are going to take this to another level once the accounts are opened. Our team is getting stronger and we are becoming more lean, mean and more effective.

Upon the opening of the Global Collateral Accounts we will have a very powerful legal team which I would like Anna von Reitz to lead. As for the Financial team, I will look to my financial advisor Chris Brosnahan. 

And then with the security team that will have the power of arrest, we will have a group of experts from various fields of expertise ready to serve and save. 

Our security teams will venture forward, making the necessary arrests of those who have illegally utilized the Global Collateral Account assets in committing various acts of banking fraud.

In addition, we will gather many leading experts in all fields including new and advanced technologies..

A new name for many, Simon, will be ready to open up the doors to Latin America. He is a very patient man and I thank him for being such, seeing as my sitting here with a concussion could not have helped anyone at all.

Finally, the rest of the team will return – and some will be back from the past and we will utilize all our experience moving forward.

My secret weapon:  Belize, is ready to go and raise havoc. So be it – we are near ready to launch our ships.

And so God bless everyone despite the devils, and have a fantastic holiday. I am very surprised we have made it this far with such a limited budget. But it is what it is, so let’s take this to the next stage and entitle it “The Beginning”…

Thank you Nelu, Richard, Mark, Jo, Lorraine, Michael C, Roger, Count, Jeanne, Rob, Michael D, Jeanne, Frank, Bill M, David W, Inchul, Stanley, Peter T, Benjamin, Peter E, Shirley, Matthew G, Lance, et al. And thank you Radin for providing your spiritual guidance and abilities to the forefront of this entire fiasco as another form of protection.

– Neil F. Keenan

Footsteps Prologue 2008 – 2015

“I am I! Neil Francis Keenan”

When Neil Keenan put his feet on the Yellow Brick Road he left footprints every step of the way. His footsteps left indentations where he squashed roaches and creatins along the way like the stomping of some giant. But these are footsteps of a determined man on a quest and this was only the beginning.

It is time now to take a deep breath and reflect on what you have just read.  If you are not astounded by what this one man and his small team have done for you and all mankind then you need glasses!

And this is only the beginning.  The next 5-years are just as exciting and dramatic. 

The footsteps go on and on… enjoy walking alongside on Neil’s journey.

Footsteps Part 2:

High Stepping Along The Yellow Brick Road

Timeline 2016 – 2018

Preface: More Revealings

For those who had a hard time keeping up with the pace of adventures and Footsteps in Part 1, you had better put on your rollerblades and a jetpack as the pace quickens along the Yellow Brick Road.

Breathing seems to stop when you try to keep up with Neil Keenan. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to inhale before something new confronts him and Team-K as they come around the next sharp bend in the road at breakneck speed.

“PHEW!” Doesn’t seem to capture these moments of constant challenges and changes.  Newness and awareness pop out of the bushes with each exposure, and the hits just keep coming.

So put your hands high in the air and start screaming as you hop on Neil’s magic carpet ride as he high steps through the playgrounds of the Cabal. This is a real life adventure and you are invited along for the ride of your life. Buckle UP!

Footsteps of the Amanah 2016

“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

January 2016 – Neil Keenan

“First of all our opposition has had their side picked for a long time, while we are near formation of ours and about ready to let things fly, so the best I can think of saying is “give me that damn bat we are not losing today or any day”… I just have to be ready for the spitter, you see, they do not play fair…”

That is how Neil started the New Year… at bat and he came out swinging.

And as will be seen, it was another year of home runs and knocking people out of the box. They threw curveballs, sliders and even a few BRICS at him, but he and Group-K clobbered them all and cleaned the field with their dirty shirts.

January started off with the launching of the newly posted and detailed “Timeline 2008-2015” in review, with added background embellishments and side stories.

This can be seen by going to and archived posts for January 2016. This added more color and character to some of what had taken place and you are left with a “PHEW! He did all that!” amazed feeling as you read on and on.

Remember that 2016 was an election year so Neil had to mention what was happening with his long time friend Donald Trump.

Yes, he knows Donald personally and way back then Neil predicted that he would win the election. From that time on, Trump would play a very important part in many of the things Neil was quietly doing for him.

Neil also couldn’t sign off without a slam over the fence about the Cabal and their hiding out in New Zealand.

He and Richard (a member of Group-K currently in New Zealand) collaborated on a shining light exposé that drew attention to the Elites filtering in and conquering New Zealand by buying up huge tracts of land and building bunker complexes hidden under new mansions.

This has become a major economic problem for the country as all this new foreign capital transferred in has resulted in serious inflation and displacement of ordinary New Zealanders – Maori, Pakeha and otherwise – thanks in a big way to liberal politicians.

This was also the serious start of Neil doing monthly Video Posts with transcriptions that add additional first hand flavor to happening events.  The January video features “Frosty”, his new winter friend.

February 2016 was back to the attack and the introduction of a new contributor, “The Asian Insider”, who was an Ivy League, Western trained direct Consultant to Senior Dragon Family Elders. He was a welcome addition to Neil’s Team and would play a regular role in contributing informative posts to the Group.

They Are All Watching You: ‘Malaysia’

Neil said that he would come out swinging and the first to strike out was Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak.
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

“At first I shook my head to make sure everything was actually working right and that I was reading it right, and hearing right and so on. Once I said, “Okay, let’s get down to it and find out where this is taking us”, I learned that in just one day, on February 9th, this scam would be taking place. Fortunately, the deal was postponed until sometime after the Chinese New Year.”

The complex financial situation that Neil exposed involved the Malaysian Prime Minister’s formation of a “sovereign” One Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB) trust corporation ostensibly to finance local and profitable overseas investments.  Being a “sovereign trust” meant that its entire operations were backed by Malaysian Government Guarantees.

In essence this was a personal slush fund where the Prime Minister and his appointed financial handlers could bilk the country out of Billions of Dollars and salt those financial assets into offshore tax havens and hidden accounts.

This was essentially a mirror of the “Clinton Foundation” as a model way for the Cabal to bankrupt Malaysia or at lease cause major financial and political problems for the country. 

And lo and behold, who was the financial consultant and mastermind behind this?  It was none other than the Cabal’s darling , “Goldman Sachs”, who pocketed millions and left the Malaysian people holding the debt bill.

The original 1MBD deal was so shaky and exposed that even Goldman Sachs had to eventually run away from it, with Chairman Tim Leissner resigning his post in Singapore (after walking away with full pockets). Goldman Sachs were getting the hell out of Dodge.

On the other hand the PM would love for this to end BUT he had nowhere to go. His hand was clearly in the till, financing his own lavish lifestyle and re-election. The beans were spilled and he desperately needed a way out.

You can read about this all over the Internet, but that is not what the complete situation was, and there was so much more at stake. This is where Neil enters the picture.

On the surface this could be considered an internal problem in Malaysia, but, in fact, it was a far greater problem with world-wide consequences. It was about to affect many nations which thereby creates a second level of the scam including the scurry to find the funds to cover up the first scam.

The second level is meant not only to enslave the Malaysian people and their economy for the next 49 years to their newly found foreign masters but it would also put a quick finish to the US Dollar as we know it.

What was of grave concern right now was the $14 Trillion USD in a cash deposit in an offshore bank in Labuan, Malaysia. It was real, and it was legally deposited, but the FED, the CIA, Switzerland and others had already made it clear to this person that owned these funds that they cannot be used.

Yet, here we have this serious scam sneaking up onto Center Stage ready to engulf the world and destroy many an economy. Who is responsible for this?

It was none other than “Bongbong” Marcos, the son of the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. He was born Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos on September 13, 1957, and is widely known as “Bongbong” Marcos.
Bongbong Marcos

His father was never a “Depositor” of the Dragon Family assets, but only a “Holder” of them which is an important difference. However, the payments relating to the leasing of those assets ended up in many bunkers throughout Asia from where the $14 Trillion arose.

Allegedly, this grand amount emerged from much smaller beginnings but went into trade programs (PPP’s) where it was turned and rolled over and over and over until it became such a number.

Again, it is real, and it is in place. But it cannot and must not be used now, because it would damage or destroy much of the world’s economy!

Also, the releasing of such funds would destroy the US Dollar as the world reserve currency (which the USD is now on a course to destroy itself with Kazarian Mafia characters running the show who are strongly intent on accomplishing this agenda).

Core Edicts Of The Khazarian Zionist Mafia Top Command

Thus, this attempted play by “Bongbong” Marcos was pushing the crucial time schedule forward to today rather than tomorrow. He might be part of the overall plan, as he is part of the New World Order, just as his father was. If this is so, then why is he not listening to those who are telling him that he cannot do anything with such a huge amount?

Why? Because he has the “green light” to move forward, and, if so, it is up to the rest of the world to stop such a perilous move! It will be widely destructive enough to each and every nation.

The exchange deal was to swap 4.5 Malaysian Ringgit (MR) to $1 USD (4.5:1 exchange rate) resulting in Bongbong receiving MR 63 TRILLION cash plus annual interest payments. Najib and friends would receive a healthy commission and US Dollars needed to bailout 1MDB.  The Deal was to take place on February 9, 2016. (The deal had now been postponed, in order to sneak it through during or right after the Chinese New Year).

A full 30% of this was to be returned as a kickback the Cabal cronies and Malaysians who were involved in the deal to cover the 1MDB fiasco with the rest being turned over to Bongbong who would then essentially OWN Malaysia.

Neil’s timely exposure of this scam effectively scuttled their plot, leaving Najib and Company to face the music and Bongbong being questioned in the Philippines for not using his stash to help the Philippine people.

Neil carries a BIG BAT… and with a few swings more went over the fence.

March 2016 Neil came in like a lion with Neil’s eyes now focused on Indonesia and more specifically what was happening in West Papua gold mines, as lucrative mining leases were up for renewal and Indonesia was not happy with the American mining company’s latest offer.

In matter of fact, not anything of this nature would ever have been revealed had Benjamin Fulford not made accusations such as, “Jokowi was going to meet with the P2 Lodge and the Vatican while he visited Holland”.

Neil wrote, “Being personally entrenched in Indonesia, I thought it best that I follow this thing through to reveal to us and the Indonesian people what really is happening in West Papua. It did not matter if Ben was right. This is not a pissing contest. This is about bringing things accurately to the people, and, boy oh boy, what did we learn!”

On March 10, 2016…12 days before the bombings in Brussels, Belgium, King Willem Alexander and the Queen Maxima of the Netherlands paid an official visit to France to meet with French President Hollande.

Prior to this meeting Indonesian President Jokowi met with the King and Queen where he laid out his demands in his usual humble manner, this time it was regarding the gold and uranium deposits in Indonesia.

Before making any mining contract changes, Jokowi needed to be assured that the Dutch had everything in place. This meant France and its state-owned mining company AREVA were onboard. Without France as a major part of the agreement regarding gold and uranium mining made by Jokowi, contracts would not take place.

The behind story that Neil revealed was that there was a plot by various persons in the Executive Branches of the Indonesian government who were planning on stealing the Global assets that belong to others… that they would attempt to raid the bunkers the Elders have taken care of for many years, smelt the bullion down and transfer it out of the country under the cover of the French / Dutch mining consortium.

Well, it matters not seeing that the IMF, BIS, WORLD BANK and Indonesia itself are now placed on notice that those Assets are owned by the Depositors, not the Elders. 

And all gold smelted carries its own registered chemical DNA signature so that even re-smelting or mixing can easily be traced back to the original registered bars.

These assets are all registered within the BIS, as well as, with prominent banks worldwide, so their every move will be monitored. Old gold can clearly and easily be distinguished beside newly mined Indonesian gold.

The Dragon Family doubts that President Jokowi knew of such plans and they did visit Jokowi with actual details of this plot to use Dutch and French government companies under the guise of mining new minerals to smelt down and steal bunker bullion in billions from the Indonesian people.

Neil’s postings put an end to that nefarious plot. He promised that he would protect Indonesia and its people and he stood by that promise even when other Indonesians just stood back watching. You have your Champion.

Not much happened in April so Neil just wrote a short  post regarding a discussion that he had with M2 concerning Europe and how the Europeans should spend more time looking for THEIR deposited wealth that was already placed in the Global Collateral Accounts and their own hidden (Royal) bunkers and pay less attention to stealing Dragon  Family assets.  There is more than enough in their homelands to go comfortably around.

‘What the Greeks and rest of Europe should concentrate on are their very own assets as depositors of the Global Collateral Accounts (Finland as well). All Europe contributed to this, and their assets still remain at large in Europe, not Asia, as some think, although Asian assets are also in Europe in major banks who are allegedly holding them for the depositors.

Yes, we know where some are. It is a job to do, but once done, we will never have to worry about debts again. Everyone concerned had better get moving and do your jobs before the Western Globalists decide to go after your very own funds and end up calling them their own!

My M2 advised me that there is so much money, not just for Europe, but for the entire world! If so, why are we fighting? The answer is simple: The Globalists insist they control the world, and they cannot do it with so many of us awakening!  Depopulation is necessary for them to maintain control. This is not going to happen without a fight!”

May 2016… a New Fight!

Old Republic Versus New Republic: THE JIGS UP

For too many years we have been plagued by what we called “Government” when in fact it was always nothing more than a “Corporation” in virtually every country.

This next exposure came about when Neil heard about the “New Republic”!

This exposure was the latest conjuring of the US Deep State Cabal as a way to scuttle the OLD REPUBLIC defined under the original Constitution with a NEW REPUBLIC under a NEW modern Constitution, which was just flying a new flag with new colors or what have you.   

This treasonous plot was hatched by the Deep State as a solution to the debt collapse of the corporate Municipal and Territorial United States Governments (yes two illegal imposters) which were spawned in 1871 when Congress illegally substituted a “corporate” entity for the original constitutional Republic (and no one told the American people).

Currently both corporate “United States” have been intentionally run into the ground through Cabal debt slavery and bankruptcy programs in an orchestrated plan to destroy America financially, economically and politically, and then come in as New World Order Saviors.

So in May 2016 during the confusion of an election year as cover, the Deep State launched the idea  of establishing a “NEW (corporate) REPUBLIC” to replace the two debt ridden and defunct corporate bastards and the Old Republic with a new slave master…… a new dawn, a new day, a fresh start.

What Neil found was that this New United States Republic had already been registered in FRANCE!  The new company had already been formed! 

And Americans were NOT THE OWNERS!

A bit more Neil digging revealed some of the US political (Cabal) supporters that included Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and Joint Chief of Staff, General “Dumbford” Dunford, being  “positioned to transition” the New “united States “into an new era of Admiralty enslavement.

To understand how this situation arose, it comes as a result of the division between Corporate Statute Law (also known as Admiralty Law, Commercial Law, Law of the Sea) and Common Law (Law of the Land)

Admiralty Laws are man-made laws, statutes, codes and regulations that incorporated governments create as forms of population “control” by the Elite.  “Corporations” are FICTIONS OR MADE-UP ENTITIES that the Elite use to hoodwink the population into believing that these companies are “legal entities” that have power and jurisdiction over “real” men and women.  And that lie is supported by the Elite’s policy enforcers (police), military and financial debt slavery methods.  It is all about CONTROL.

Common Law is generally based on Universal Truths such as the Ten Commandments and other basic, common religious beliefs or moral standards that are set within a society and that act upon “real” “living” “flesh and blood” persons.  This is what the original Organic United States Constitution is legally based on.

Corporate or Commercial Law works with “fictions” (false entities created in the mind), and as such requires  YOU to believe a BIG LIE  that their “created strawman beings” created in your name are “YOU”!

Then they rely on the fact that at birth, your parents signed a Birth Certificate Contract that registered YOU as a slave (property) of a corporate State and that your baptism or corporate approved religion allows the Pope to own your eternal soul.  Thank you but no thanks!  We are AWAKE!

And so it would appear that the current convoluted, underhanded maneuver by the Bad Guys to create a New Republic was just another facade to cover up the bankrupted USA Inc. and United States of America Inc. with new commercial toilet paper.

Apparently this New Republic had been chartered in France (again) with the Treasury domiciled on a sovereign Indian Nation Reservation outside Reno, Nevada, and with funding (gold backing) by the Chinese, although which ones remains to be seen.

Then there is a Third Group headed by persons unknown who have filed with the Hague that the De Jure united States of America under Common Law still exists and is alive and well with a duly appointed Congress, Senate and President, and presumably Common Law Judges like Judge Anna,  BUT still with no Continental Congress meeting of All States; thus lacking in some legitimacy.

It remains to be seen if the perpetrators pushing the New Republic will revive this as an underhanded strategy, but THEIR RV’s (Currency Revaluations) and GCR (Global Currency Reset) are part of this Cabal plot and are just “business as usual” moves that don’t solve the problem and still include the enslavement of world economies and all of mankind.

We hope that you are beginning to see that Neil’s exposures are at the highest levels.  And as you sit watching your TV and eating popcorn, he and Group-K are out on the real front lines, risking their lives, fortunes and safety FOR YOU.

Think about that for a minute… how in May 2016… he saved America.

The Summer of 2016 was a quiet time outwardly, but many new things were blooming and fruiting in Neil’s yard.

July saw the final clearing of the air about OITC with Kathy Mattenson writing a lengthy post about the truth of what had really transpired within the OITC and with Neil. Canadian, Kathy Mattenson, is the Chairperson of the OITC, and she received this title from Ray C. Dam whom she greatly assisted in his time of need.

Ray Dam, Kathy, and Neil Keenan reached an agreement as to what, why, where, when, and how David Sale, an OITC employee, had falsely used Neil Keenan’s (SKR Holder) safekeeping receipt of the Dragon Family’s notes and twisted Daniel Dal Bosco’s simple little brain into believing the OITC were the actual owners of the Notes themselves rather than the possible holders (with neither of which being the truth).

Thereafter, one lie always led to another with Sale and David “Crayfish” Crayford, who was a professional dis-information agent who Sale brought in to cause confusion and mis-directions.

 The ‘Peacemaker’ Kathy wrote:-

“Mr. Crayfish (AKA Crayford), I’ve sat quietly for some time now watching your lying and bullshit being slung about repeatedly in public.

Neil Keenan is right that you and David Sale AKA David Righter ([together with] Candace from Abundant Hope does not know anything and, unfortunately falls for everything) have been relentless in your pursuit to take control of the Collateral Accounts.

 The odd one out here, but not to be outdone, is Keith Scott who was advising Neil Keenan regarding the Collateral Accounts by assisting Neil in the now world famous Financial Tyranny Lawsuit.

Scott added fuel to this fire after Neil learned that Ray was going to be assassinated. Scott told Neil that David Sale had made contact with Ray at the Prison Hospital in Phnom Penh.

In fact, it was Scott himself who contacted Ray, as he lay dying on the first floor of the hospital (which is where the assassinations take place) and told him that Ray would die in excruciating pain if he did not turn over the OITC accounts that Ray held, to Scott himself. Scott had no idea that Ray would live through the night.

Not once did Scott tell Neil Keenan the truth of this matter; yet there is no question culpability fell under the umbrella of the OITC, because Sale, Crayfish and Scott actually were employed by the Organization.”

 For those who wish for accuracy… Sale or Crayfish were NEVER the Chairman of OITC or any other organization.  No one should be stupid enough to believe David Sale or Keith Scott any more or to make a Crayfish anything more than the “Bottom Feeding Scum Sucker” that he already is.

Kathy still laughs whenever she hears Crayfish keeps popping up with something more moronic to say.

This pretty much closed the chapter on the OITC as Neil has refuted all of Crayfish’s allegations with truth and thoroughly exposed Sale and Scott for the frauds that they are.  Neil is still in occasional touch with Ray Dam who returned to Canada, and there is no longer any interference from the OITC.

August 2016

This was an interesting posting month for Neil as it included (1) the first introduction of the Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) Healing Computer, (2) a son Neil almost had and (3) the Sri Lanka-Japan gold deal exposure.

The Bio-Resonance Therapy Healing Computer

The BRT Healing Computer introduction was the first time that this advanced medical technology had been displayed in public and made available for sale. 

Unlike traditional pharmaceutical medicine, this new technology used natural “frequencies” generated by the computer to align properly the specific frequencies of each human organ’s normal healthy vibration and particularly stimulating the immune system allowing the body to heal itself.

The BRT Healing Computer had gone through years of testing and program development with proven effectiveness in treating almost all human ailments from cancers and kidney failure to the common flu [and that has now included the corona virus]. 

A treatment session begins with a three minute full body scan followed by a detailed report and graphical display of any physical problems.  This is followed by a 15-20 minute healing session that the computer algorithms specifically tailor to the patient. This includes sub-routines that destroy harmful pathogens like bacteria, harmful yeasts, viruses, worms and other invaders, and then applies specific healing frequencies to the patient. 

At the end of the session a second full body scan is performed and these results are compared with the initial scan where the patient can then see actual healing that has taken place in their bodies.

The BRT Healing computer is still available on custom order from Neil but it has been up-graded now to the Third Generation which is even a more powerful healing machine. 

Sri Lanka Exposed

Neil, of course, could not let the month go by without another financial scandal exposure. This time it was Sri Lanka in his sites and their disposal of 20,000 metric tons of gold to Japanese (Government) Buyers.

Initially Neil was under the assumption that we had nailed the former Sri Lankan President and Japanese Gold buyers (as well as, the Japanese  government) in an attempted theft of 20 thousand metric tons of gold.

As things turned out, it was not an attempted theft, it was a theft already cemented – and 4 years prior.

 Most recently, Neil received illuminating phone calls and detailed information relating to a 2012 illegal Gold transaction between Sri Lanka and Japan. And because it was directly related to the Global Accounts, Neil and Group K had now come to the rescue!

Upon further investigation and our decisive action in verifying said research, we discovered that the Global Accounts were indeed tampered with in 2012 and Assets were stolen by the following:

Japan, Sri Lanka, Credit Suisse Securities Limited. 
Japuga Holding Company, Limited.
Mr. Keji Matsumura, Corporate
Advisor Of Japuga Holding Company, Limited In Japan.
Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan, Mr. Reiji Onizawa (Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited. 
Director -Global Foreign Exchange Sales.
Sri Lankan Former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The above mentioned are known to have participated along with others (both known and unknown) in the theft of 20,000 MT of Gold from the Global Accounts, belonging to DEPOSITOR (the Owner and the Dragon Family), being held in the bunkers of Sri Lanka under the protection of the former President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, who at that time was the HOLDER of said assets (Not the Owner).

 Here is the key information about what happened at that time:

1). The Japanese Japuga Holding Company Limited (Co-Director Mrs. Uwataki Tamae) made payment for 20,000 MT of Gold through HSBC Bank.

2). Credit Suisse Securities Limited appointed Japuga as MANDATES for this knowing it was an illegal transaction.

3). Mr. Keiji Matsumura Corporate Advisor of Japuga Holding Company, Limited in Japan was appointed to proceed with this metal transaction.

4). Mr. Matsumura appointed Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan I.D. No. 833433342 V to proceed on behalf of Japuga and Credit Suisse with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Reiji Onizawa, Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited, Director -Fixed Income, Global Foreign Exchange Sales.
Address: Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-6024, Japan.  The Contact numbers kept private and for authorities only.             


 Sri Lankan ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse (HOLDER of the Gold Accounts on behalf of the DEPOSITORS – the Dragon Family) did sell said Gold to Japuga Holding Company, Limited and delivery took place in 2012 to Japan to Credit Suisse Securities, Mr. Reiji Onizawa, of 20 Thousand Metric Tons, thus completing this illegal transaction.

The Seller received payment which was, and most likely still is, located in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and if not there, the money trail will be followed.  Also no one other than the former Sri Lankan President and a few others have received any payments at all!

What was earmarked for Humanitarian Packages ended up in the hands of a few greedy Globalists.  Consequently, a full audit had been immediately commenced in Sri Lanka as a result of Neil’s post.

Without delay a fully-fledged transparent, ongoing investigation is required following the incriminating lead and fact-filled documents in Neil’s hands substantiating the above evidence as having taken place along with uncovering in great detail each and every participant’s role.

Unfortunately, what you will find is that this conspiracy extends to the West – right back into the hands of more Globalists!  What we need to strongly emphasize to governments, which are actually corporations, as well as, to the Globalist banks, et cetera, is that THEY WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Holder and the SELLER, betrayed not only the Global Accounts and the Dragon Family, but he also deceived his very own people and his country – who did not receive one cent, despite the funds being deposited in the Sri Lankan Central Bank.

The Sri Lankan people thought the assets belonged to the National Treasury for the well-being of their country. Whichever way you look at it, a huge theft took place with impunity (however, that will change very soon!)

Furthermore, the former President turned his back on any and all aides who assisted him in this transaction, thus making the theft complete. His crony, the current President of Sri Lanka, is also hereby implicated in this matter and should not be allowed to escape justice.

To be clear, you have nowhere to go or hide!

There are NO escape routes! We’re coming for you!

That is how Neil Keenan and Group-K operate… in Truth.

Hades Rising Again in September 2016

Karen Hudes clearly understands THE RULE OF LAW. She just doesn’t seem to understand that it applies to HER and the UN / IMF / World Bank in trying to steal the Global Collateral Accounts for themselves. 

There is no corporate entity such as the UN, IMF or World Bank which has any legal authority to claim assets of any individual, or to appoint anyone to make such claim as having authority by way of a mandate or appointed Trusteeship, granted by any Board of Directors or Financial Advisory made up of Finance Ministers of various countries.  That type of act is only a blatant FRAUD.

A Non-Party has no legal authority or Standing in this matter of the Collateral Accounts as it is a legal contract between the Depositors and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) ONLY.

Stupid is and Stupid does Karen was thus given a proper historical and legal lesson by Neil once again.

This monthly post ended with financial teasers regarding other news of interest.  It appeared that 1.0 Million Metric Tonnes of gold has been sold by the King of Thailand. How or why he would sell something that does not really belong to him warrants immediate auditing.

The Dragon Family should dispatch Sister to said location and/or acquire the gold registration numbers and research just how much of that gold belongs to the Family itself. 

Thailand does have serious amounts of gold, but also stored Dragon Family and Persian Royal Family deposits.

Additional information shared was that President Park of South Korea had ordered the military to take over a bunker that she does not own.

It is time for the Dragon Family to come forth immediately and stand fast in recovering and taking over their own assets. (This action and that of her former President father will be the subject of another show-and-tell later.)

Then the Family needs to leave these fake governments to deal with their own life and death situations by themselves. If Sister were appointed to audit said Accounts, no stone would remain unturned.

Then everything will be returned to the Depositors, as it should have been done a long time ago (before the West could literally steal the East blind).

October 2016 – The English Insider Returns

October brought another supporting and informative post by the Asian Insider who added spice and chilies to Neil’s boiling stew pot. It was always nice to hear from him and the uplifting words of support that he gave to Neil and the Team. 

They needed it as another scandal was brewing.

The Bank Of England, Carney and One Million Metric Tons of Gold Caper

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, again tries another tactic to bail himself out of his 1MBD mess.

This time he finds himself in the limelight once again along with everybody’s best friend, Alfredo Sauren, (the fake counterfeiting M1), the Thai [Corporate] Government, the US Federal Reserve and [Corporate] Chairperson, Janet Yellen, and also the Bank of England and its Governor, Mark Carney.

The Bank of England

That was enough in this stew pot for Neil to mix up with his bat.

Najib Razak, this time will need to answer to his own people as he has been deceiving them for what seems like forever. Malaysia deserves much better than Najib, who is no more than a common thief.

The others involved should be picked up and tried in their own countries. When you read further in this preface you will discover that what they are attempting to do without even the Depositors knowledge is absolutely treacherous.
Janet Yellen served as Chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 – 2018

The size of this financial package is staggering but we will get to this in due course.  But the 1 Million MT of Gold (Yes – One Million Metric Tons of Gold) deal seems to have come together and Najib and Sauren have already flown off to meet with Yellen to sell the Golden Dragon Family’s gold for new US FIAT currency.


All commission agreements have now been worked out.

It seems all that is required is for the FED and the Bank of England to sign off, which has apparently happened given that Najib and Saurin had already flown the coop.
Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney – (Ex Governor of the Bank of Canada)

The twist here is that Alfredo Sauren is accompanying Najib on this trip which means he is brokering this deal.

This would be logical as both parties have been putting together the deal with Malaysian Authorities (Najib also being the Minister of Finance) for quite a while, with one side having connections with the Thai supplier of the Gold (the old Thai King had passed on and his son and/or military were now running the country so this would make more sense as the late King never allowed the Gold to leave Thailand) and with Sauren writing up and printing the Gold Certificates in Hong Kong.

These characters all are in this to enrich themselves, to steal assets belonging  to the Depositors (The Golden Dragon Family), and to split up approximately 3 Trillion USD in payouts…

Let me share with you the numbers:

Gold at US$ 50,000/Kg x 1,000,000,000 Kgs = US$ 50,000 000,000,000 (Trillion)

Gold Certificates made by Alfredo Sauren in Hong Kong x 20 = USD 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion USD) to be issued to the market based on the gold deposited

In USD Federal Collateralized New Fiat Issues 20+x=20 Quadrillion USD or more as FED notes are collateralized globally at 20 times again through Central and prime international banks and banksters.

Yup, Yup And Yup: Everyone gets a Billion Dollar or a Trillion Dollar Commission!

And get this: Not one bar is owned by those selling them!

What a hoot eh?

And Neil is in there stirring the pot with his bat.  What a stinking stew!

And while all this is going on there is more filthy, worthless FIAT FED USD currency spilled everywhere once again, right where we left this monster off…

Japanese (Kamiya) is looking to purchase Gold in South Korea at this time. He represents Japan.

Korea officials holding Golden Dragon Family Gold are shopping around.

Again, Japan attempts to steal someone’s gold and Korea looks to sell it knowing it is not theirs.  When will they ever learn?

Next in line is Indonesia (!) and now some of their top Elders are working on their sales with Swiss Banks.

Neil has the names of the Banks and representatives and will keep them confidential for now – but Neil does advise both the Banks and the Indonesian Elders in this case to proceed with extreme caution, given the established fact that neither side owns any asset involved in this transaction.

Alas once more, Cabal crooks and their underlings are planning on selling out the Family’s assets. We are talking about Trillions and or Quadrillions of Dollars worth of stolen Assets. Remember the sellers and deal brokers in these illegal transactions own none of the assets concerned.

Not one party involved in these deals is legally entitled to be doing what they are doing.

The assets we speak of were intended to be used for humanitarian purposes for the people of the planet and most especially Indonesia and not for the pockets of the Cabal and their bottom-feeding minions.

In other news, after seeing so much fiat money being tossed around for Gold you must congratulate President Duterte of the Philippines for tossing out the Globalists and looking for sovereignty for his lands.
President Duterte of the Philippines

Congratulations Mr. President; if everyone in Asia only took your stand the world would be a better place and the Globalists would not only have one less place to hide – but no longer any place to spill their make believe FIATs. We wish you well.

Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is on the Trail Attempting Thievery Once Again

November 2016

The Cabal never quit and keep attempting to impose their will on smaller nations. Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands is a good example.

After she screwed up a perfectly good financial transaction in 2012, one that would have benefited not only the Dutch Royal Family but the people of The Netherlands as well, the greedy old woman showed her ineptitude by bungling another deal.
Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands

The old witch now was attempting to deceive President Jokowi and the Nation of Indonesia – with what Beatrix and her circus are calling a “Debt Repayment.”

In other words, Beatrix, a representative of the family that created the Bilderberg Group (the biggest group of thieves on the planet who have just had their asses handed to them by way of the triumphs of both Nigel Farage and Donald J. Trump), were now trying it again in a different way by claiming that Indonesia owed the Dutch Royal Family debt repayments accrued over the years that the Dutch ruled Indonesia.

On this latest occasion, the established Royals’ Cabal were making a last ditch attempt to steal someone else’s gold by propping up this incompetent old woman, Beatrix, and pushing her into the fray with false claims and fabricated facts.

However, when the people of the Netherlands become clear in the understanding that their (former) Queen literally screwed them – they just might become unruly.

On the other side of the coin and in an earlier endeavor that Neil exposed, Queen Elizabeth II had Beatrix effectively boxed in at all times. You see, Liz Windsor had her intelligence underlings listening in to everything that was going on at all times in the Dutch castles.

And BOTH Lizzy and Beatrix are not true bloodline Royals. They are FAKES making fake claims.

Remember when Beatrix was called out by Neil to discuss the Certificate of Deposit, Queen Elizabeth II and her intelligence flunkies were listening in on everything as it was being planned.

Here we have the Globalists all in favor of the New World Order and constantly screwing one another in order to be the fox that runs the hen house.  In the earlier deal noted above (the one that Beatrix ruined with her greed) everything had been initiated by Neil Keenan and Dragon Family Signatory, Akihiko Yamaguchi.

Neil Keenan held unlimited Power of Attorney which enabled the transaction to take place, along with of course Yamaguchi, to sign off on the Certificate of Deposit.  But this is not the way it was to play out.

Neil recollects how events transpired:

“This could have been a very easy transaction to complete but the greed of the monsters that actually ruled our planet (who are now on their way out and not fast enough) surfaced and it became a fight between families that are supposedly tied into one another by blood.

So much for relations. Then again they are a special ugly kind of dog or horse aren’t they?

When I initially contacted Queen Beatrix I made it clear that her mother (Queen Juliana) had been the Nominee over a CD (Certificate of Deposit) with a value of 2.13 Trillion USD (see the documentation below).

I explained to her that the CD was in the Bank of Toyko Mitsubishi, and an agreement had been reached between her Mother and the Dragon Family.

It emerged that Queen Beatrix had no knowledge of any such transaction, nor of her Mother being named Nominee – in not just this transaction but other transactions as well.

In this regard the CD had long ago matured and should have been capitalized on but Queen Juliana had passed away without leaving any notice to her daughter, (soon to be Queen) and this is where it was left until the Signatory of the Dragon Family (Yamaguchi) and myself brought it forward to the Bilderberg leader (not that I knew that at the time as this was before I was well versed in the Cabal).

Queen Juliana’s Mother and Father had created the hideously vulgar Bilderberg Group, whose plans were to basically take over this planet with a New World Order. This has now been outlined in many a document.

It was at this point in the proceedings that the machinations of evil intent took place.

Queen Beatrix, upon learning that such a CD had existed and had matured, rather than spending a few minutes learning that the real Depositors were the Dragon Family, jumped the gun and sent her son (now King) Willem Alexander to Tokyo to see if he could abscond with the CD without anyone receiving any payments other than herself.

As already noted, Queen Elizabeth II was well aware of this enterprise and had her intelligence organizations listening in on Beatrix and her staff. Elizabeth’s people were well aware of Willem-Alexander’s departure for Tokyo and so she had her son Prince Charles follow Willem Alexander.

Upon arrival, Willem-Alexander acquired the necessary information but was told that they could do nothing without the release of the depositors, therefore he could not make claim to the CD, although he attempted to.

Given that Willem-Alexander had no luck, and having ‘left the door open’, Charles decided to try his luck using his mothers name, (The Queen of England) only to be informed that the Windsors were not involved in said transaction in any way, shape or form.

Charles left also.

Both had attempted to deceive not only the Dragon Family and each other, but their nations as well.

The Dutch Royal Family was to earn 3% of said value (2.13 Trillion USD) and the Dutch nation, 2%.”

What a loss for the people of The Netherlands, who Neil was trying to help.

Not a bad chunk of change, especially considering that Queen Beatrix knew nothing about it until Neil brought her up to speed.

That leads us to the present day…

Benjamin Fulford recently stated that former Queen Beatrix and her sons were going to visit with President Jokowi in an attempt to collect “the foreign debt owed to them”.

We wonder what foreign debt this could possibly be, when in fact the Dutch raped Indonesia as much as could be including the many deaths in Java and West Papua over gold.

If anything the West never placed any of their own assets into any bunkers in the East, other than what they owed for the leased gold-backing for their own currencies. And no one has ever seen nor heard anything about any debt owed to the Dutch. Only just “the opposite.”

What Neil did notice though, was that the West and their “Royal” families were scrambling for whatever tidbits any Third World nation or former colony wishes to give them.

These families attempt to continuously collect on the assets belonging to the Depositors within the World Bank, BIS and IMF. 

They reach out relentlessly, trying to take whatever does not belong to them with the little time they have left, as they are being brought down to their knees. Their deceptions are being exposed to the people of the planet.

These families have no right to anything! If Queen Juliana was a Nominee and left no Will or testament detailing such, then no one will be as kind as Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family were, in offering her the piece her mother would have received for being the Nominee for the Certificate of Deposit.

What is really happening now is that the Dutch “Royalty” were again attempting to deceive President Jokowi and we doubt that the Indonesian gentleman President would stoop so low as to grant them their wishes, as he knows that even the Indonesian President does not own the Certificate of Deposit.

Nor do the Bank Holders own the Certificate of Deposit.

Only the Depositors own the Certificate of Deposit.

Should any metals or paper assets leave Indonesia – or anywhere – they will find Neil Keenan and Group-K waiting for them.

December – A Good Time for Throwing Snowballs

We now have a great abundance of information clearly relating to the THIRD hijacking of the WESTERN FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

The first two were Bretton Woods 1 and 2. And now we have a 3rd attempt to steal all financial assets in the West, as well as, the East prior to the inauguration of President Trump on January 20th.

Mr. Yoshiaki Kobayashi is currently attempting to steal from the bunkers in South Korea. He is working with the Japanese Imperial Court and is the Emperor’s right hand man in this attempted theft.

Neil had dealt with Kobayasi before and this time was the same song as the first. He was making the same outrageous claims such as that the Dragon Family does not exist, and that they are working with Trump while having his blessing. Yadah, yadah, yadah.

It is true that they were using the FED and Agencies as stated and alongside the FED’s are the open hands of the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Bush family, the Queen of England and the Japanese Royal family.

 In this (and later) rounds they were attempting to purchase many different currencies from Korean bunkers stored there from Family gold leases, and we are not talking about small volumes of legal CASH either.

What was at stake was hundreds of Trillions of Dollars worth of currencies; (including as many Japanese Yen as they could acquire) and possibly more – Quintillions!

You must remember that the Bunkers are managed by Holders – not Depositors, and the Depositors own the assets and the assets are registered in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the names of the Depositors.  All those serial numbers on the currencies are “registered” – especially those in series on large pallets and made as international debt payments.

Therefore with Guardians, Holders, Keepers etc. the assets should be well protected and preserved, but were they?

It seems that under the cover of US elections, these currency stashes were about to be “given away” at 20% to 30% percent of their market value, thereby eliminating the debt owed by the nations that were lined up to buy this stolen property back.

In other words these Buyers were attempting to buy up their own debt at a huge discount and others as well, thereby putting themselves in the driver’s seat relating to the debt of other foreign nations.

The Elders who were making such deals were (and still are) putting the fragile Global Financial System into a seriously risky status. This is enough to change the Global Financial System and put it into financial chaos.

Is it Time to Eliminate the BIS, IMF and the World Bank?

Do not for a moment think this is a joke. They have already completed smaller deals to substantiate that they have the wherewithal to clean the aforementioned bunkers out of the various currencies; thereby showing that they can establish control over each and every nation in question.

Currently there is a CIA mandate in South Korea who is attempting to purchase a large amount of gold after having met with the “alleged owner” in the Philippines.  According to the mandate this gold was donated to the Korean Government in 2005. If in fact true then it would seem the mandate holder should be able to purchase it.

It is easy enough to find out what is real and what is not. After making a call to a friend, Neil discovered that this was a stone cold fraud and the “alleged owners” are not registered as Depositors nor Owners within the BIS.

They legally own nothing. The depositors are the Golden Dragon Family.

Presently, there are two elderly Japanese people involved, with one of them appearing to be of the Royal Family and a cousin of Emperor Showa. This person owns 30% of the shares in the Bank of Japan along with a great deal of property in Tokyo and the associated property tax alone is worth several Trillion Yen yearly.

The person mentioned above handed Trillions of Dollars over to the Cabal during recent visits by foreign dignitaries from the USA, Germany and England.

In 2016 this group paid more than 200 Trillion Yen to the US and hand-delivered Hillary Clinton two Trillion Japanese Yen upon her arrival in Japan for her Presidential campaign.

The Full Story Of How Obama, Hillary And Brennan Carried Out The Crime Of The Century + Russia Hoax Collapses: Not A Single American Charged With Collusion With Russia; Left-Wing Media Has Been Lying All Along

How do we know it was Hillary? Well, there was a US Military Aircraft carrying one sick person along with her doctor. Now, WHO could that have been?

To top it off, the Liberal Democratic Party is borrowing heavily from the Japanese as well. The Japanese Royal Family are depositing approximately 500 Trillion Yen around the world, and despite having all this wealth, they answer to this person’s (Clinton’s) requests around the clock.  Japanese puppets.

These individuals are the fronts for the Japanese Imperial Courts, and they are attempting to illegally purchase the Japanese Yen and Gold while using the FED and Agencies as their fronts.

Also, the FED’s get 20% for being the front for the Emperor.

You must remember we are talking about the Global Collateral Account money which is meant to be used only for humanitarian projects worldwide. We hope that you are beginning to see how the Elite Cabal scams work – to THEIR BENEFIT – and not ours.

In fact it all belongs to the Dragon Family, the family that Kobayashi says does not exist.

This is all just a sick game to confuse the ELDERS so the West can control the financial world through, or with Japan. Therefore they are hijacking the Global Financial System for the 3rd Time.

The DRAGON FAMILY itself must immediately step in and take decisive action NOW or there will be hell to pay, for the next 100 years!

In addition Neil was informed that Kobayashi is currently in discussions regarding seven Korean bunkers, and he has already completed small deals as mentioned above.

Much of the above information came over time through a very powerful Japanese Shogun named OZAWA. He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1969 representing the Iwate 4th District.

His ability to make deals in the back rooms strongly lends to his influence. He is a very powerful man who most likely got caught up in this without truly knowing the repercussions. From the information that Neil has received, it seems that he too was conned.

The Involved Parties Are:

The FED and various Agencies
Mino Entebbe
The Japanese Imperial Court

The Planned Order of Thefts:

1.  700 Containers of Yen
2.  US Dollars 
3.  Euro’s 
4.  Renminbi’s
5.  Gold 

And that is only for starters!

Even now we are in great danger. It is understood among many in the Cabal that one night while we are sleeping a magic button could be pushed, which would empty out all of our bank accounts – YOURS included.

This is a very real plan.  Digitized accounts and digital currencies are only a keystroke away for eliminating all you think you own.

We need to keep our eyes on our security and remember that Obama did issue an executive order claiming that he could take from our accounts whatever is needed for the government. And no, this does not just apply to the US.

Think: The entire Western banking system.

Can you imagine the levels of fear and desperation running rampant among the Globalists?

Right now they are in flat-out panic mode and are doing whatever they think is necessary to try to clean out the bunkers and get whatever they can before the 20th of January INAUGURATION of Donald J. Trump. After this the semantics of the game change and things turn to our favor. Life can actually begin again.

In other words, the Cabal are Scared Shitless!

Maybe your hearts can stand a bit more. Besides, it seems as though the Japanese are up to no good, more so than the US, but this is not so.

You must remember the Rockefellers controlled Japan until just a few years ago, and they had control over the Central Bank of Japan until approximately two years ago.  

Why are you listening to stories of the Cabal trying to escape to Antarctica or New Zealand? They are trying to escape to wherever they are transporting their money and gold to – and that location is HERE:-

UBS and Credit Suisse have boxes filled to the brim with currencies and Gold loaded up on Pallets and Crates ready to be sent out to South America.
A Nazi In The (Pocket) Is Worth Four In The Bush (Family)

The Cabal are going to empty everything out (including YOUR bank accounts) if they are pushed by the West. There is no Gold in Kloten or in Zurich’s 8 Repositories in Switzerland. (I betcha some of you are crapping yourselves now!)

A rumor was recently spread that all the Dragon Families decided that the Collateral Accounts would have to take place through Billion Sow Holdings.

This means that all Holders, whether legal or illegal, would have to submit what they are holding (TOV’s, FRB and FRN boxes and much more) to Billion Sow Holdings, which would then be returned OR NOT after clearing the verification process.

After receipt of the Boxes and Bonds they would have to move the assets to their own security house in Hong Kong for all to be processed. Items left in tunnels and warehouses would not be accepted after the Platform closes, as they would cease to take any more submissions.

Let me tell you something: You can smell the end game and the theft about to take place on a worldwide scale when you see them reaching out for the trunks and documents, etc.

Would you put Billions and Trillions of dollars in assets in their hands? Well neither would I! Neil spoke with the Dragon Family and was told to stay away from that attempt or any plan relating to Collateral asset redemption theft so he is advising all our friends to do the same.

Now are you ready for more of Neil’s  Year-end Rear-end DUMPS?

In the Bunkers there are pictures establishing what we know as the “Bush Clan”.

These records actually go back 100 or more years!  There is a Philippine Lawyer who actually worked with Bush’s son, and it was Bush who was behind the Khashoggi Group. And each and every one of those accounts are linked to Marcos and many others from Taiwan.

This includes the secret Bush accounts in Azerbaijani banks that equals – get this: Quadrillions!

You have probably seen documents from the Spiritual White Boy, well the numbers seen here are just as big. These accounts make it perfectly clear what money was paid to mercenaries to fight wars, to steal for them, and of course ship and deal drugs over a long period of time.

These records also show the Dutch Bank and Canadian Gold Minter Barrick Gold Corporation were being investigated at the time of 9/11 through a GATA lawsuit. 

So you might want to check the flight records of those leased Russian heavy lifting cargo jets that left Newark for an old Air Force base and then some to Canada and other to the Bush Ranch in Paraguay (the one next to the US Military base and Korea’s Mon-Ki-Moon’s Ranch).
Summary On 9/11 And Inconsistencies Regarding The Official Story

It seems that all the gold that was meant to be paid to the Chinese on 9/12 somehow disappeared from the World Trade Center vaults (like magic) when the buildings collapsed.

These stored records show ALL Gold being laundered to the US and Asia via a German Banking Cartel (Ackerman).

These records show EVERY Swiss Account that has done Gold transactions since 1994.

There are Millions of tons of Gold according to NAZARBAYEV’S family. 

Just for the record, Imelda Marcos’ son stole the records, scanned them and sent them to very close associates.

These records show the Bank of NY, Riggs / Valmet buying up all the Gold. 

These records show extensive details about the Brady Bonds and the real information on the WTC which was under investigation when it went down.

The World Trade Centers twin towers went down with 18 multi-trillionaire Jews who held both offices, as well as, owned several floors in both towers where all died.

These individuals were game players on the biggest stages and were also under investigation for Gold Fraud. A 1998 letter exposes all of this.

Trillions of Dollars were to mature, as we already know, in 2002. The lease on the WTC buildings was running out, and it was worth Billions. Some of the stolen Gold was deposited in Saudi Arabia by Bush!

In Indonesia we can expect some action, and always knew it was coming ever since the meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel with the World Economic Forum.

(THAT’S RIGHT, the ones who stole my notes with Dal Bosco and the UN)!

Well, the time is now, and the US/FED’s are ready to fly into Jakarta, venture into the jungles and highlands, and steal once again the assets from the bunkers and warehouses, if we let them.

They want it all, but listen here now…

As I warned everyone from the very beginning, the Chinese, the Dragon Family included, are working with the Indonesian military, and they will venture into the bunker areas and take what belongs to them.

The Elders must be very careful either way. Their time is running short!

Once you look at everything you realize that they are right in the midst of hijacking the system for the third time. 

We have opened up our eyes in time to prevent this from happening but we must make them aware that we know what they are doing. 

We cannot allow them to live comfortably among us any longer seeing they wish to terminate us in the very near future.  Let’s turn up the heat and make them aware that two can play this game.

As a Final Note to 2016:

The ‘Healing Computer’ technology (as covered in previous posts and videos) is magnificent. It works like nothing I have ever experienced before, and those who now privately own them are saying the same things. Amazing!

Note: In the following video Neil makes references to an existing clinic in Europe where ‘Healing Computer’ treatments are already taking place. This clinic has been established for more than one year (by the developers) is already operating above capacity. As such we are unable to make any referrals to clinics until new locations begin to open in the new year.

Meanwhile, very soon we will have Free Energy devices available. Here is an image of what one of these Over-unity devices looks like from the outside:

These systems can be built to produce 30 kilowatts per hour (per one house) or 350 kilowatts per hour, depending on your usage requirements.

Further amazing developments will soon be released. Guess who you can thank for this? The Globalists! Why? “Because if they had not poisoned me,”   Neil said, “I never would have ventured into these things.”

I would have continued on with the Accounts and nothing more. To be perfectly honest, I love seeing my friends again. So it worked out for the best for me.

I wish you all well and hope this preface helped you understand current events.”

Now that’s the way to end a Year and still come out swinging! 

It’s another high fly over the wall!

Footsteps of the Amanah 2017

Hello!  WE All See You Now

We Know What You Are Up To!

2017 started off with another Slam Dunk.  This one destroyed the other half of the mythical Spiritual White Boy and Alfredo Saurin’s original partner in crime, King “Anthony Santiago Martin”  (“ASM”).

Let me tell you a story about a young man whose real name is unknown to Neil – but he calls himself Anthony Santiago Martin.

He works with the most influential financial people in the world including the Queen of England and the Committee of 300.

In this World Bank document signed in March, 2012, there is a detailed listing for the distribution of funds to countries around the world and also to banks.

Note on page 143, there are many more signatures than the first document, the same ASBLP reference on the header, and at the end, a disclaimer about signatures that are “valid with and/or without the acknowledgement by ASM.”

These are very impressive documents with big names and even bigger Dollar amounts, but let’s get this straight from the beginning… the documents you see with Anthony Santiago Martin’s name on them are fraudulent papers.

Signatory: HM, King Anthony Santiago Martin

Code Name : C3-AM-01, White Spiritual Boy, Spiritual Wonder Boy, Morning Star and King David.

Passport No. UN – 00191-01 (United Nations Organization xx3794724

Postal Address : 133 Rizal St. San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002, Philippine Island.

The original Anthony Santiago Martin was an Australian who married a Filipina woman who knew Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos.  Marcos, as the FAKE M1 and to distance himself, needed a stooge to act as a signatory only on fraudulent financial documents being used in attempts to siphon funds from the Collateral Accounts.  Marcos convinced Martin that he would become rich, be given a title and live a glorious life and all he would ever have to do is sign papers.

Anthony wasn’t that bright so his wife suggested that he work with her uncle, Alfredo Saurin, (remember him?) who was a known forger and clever ex-CIA crook who quickly understood the scam that Marcos was setting up.

 Apparently Martin was paid a million British Pounds to sign documents given to him by President Marcos which declared Martin (the real Anthony Santiago Martin, not the subsequent CIA fakes as detailed below and in the picture above), as the sole heir and signatory to the accounts that were being used by the Committee of 300 to withdraw funds from the Global Collateral Accounts.   

It has further been alleged that the White Spiritual Boy and all related accounts are all fictitious.  But the truth behind this fraudulent endeavor was discovered and the World Court (through the International Court of Justice) ruled that Anthony Santiago Martin was not the rightful heir nor signatory to the accounts in question.   He was the “Fall Guy”.

The ‘original’ Anthony Santiago Martin was then legally caught in financial fraud and arrest warrants were issued.  He subsequently fled back to the Philippines and died a few years later as a pauper in his small village.

From this it may be deduced that Martin was used as a patsy in the Committee of 300’s failed plan.

Since the passing of the ‘original’ Anthony Santiago Martin was not-widely-known, the CIA decided to create not one but five new fake “Anthony Santiago Martin’s”, at least one of whom remains in play to this day, front and center.

The CIA managed this by acquiring five young Asian men whom they groomed as assets and provided with false legends, or histories, in order to be able to utilize them in future financial transactions (scams).

Alfredo Saurin (a broker, master forger who was ex-CIA) and one of the fake CIA-concocted “Anthony Santiago Martin’s” were both involved with the scam that we exposed in our last 2016 post: The Final Battle Lines Are Being Drawn over the sale of 1 million metric tons of Thai Gold.

What Neil Keenan exposed created a war between many on both sides of the aforementioned scam that was about to take place. The fake Anthony Santiago Martin attempted to pull a fast one and grab the deal for himself.  He is now being pursued.

Neil has been informed that this fake “Martin” is currently running for his life and hiding in Hong Kong.  He screwed Alfredo Saurin, who is famous as the modern day Asian Robin Hood. He steals from the elite Banks and he gives to the poor (for a %).

Meanwhile, we need to expose to the world that in the unravelling of the deal that we exposed, that the kleptomaniac Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, (who was also involved in said deal) took it upon himself to once again, try and get away with stealing anything and everything that wasn’t nailed down in the midst of the confusion. 

He and his cronies were desperate to cover his 1MDB financial losses.  Well, the deal died and now he and others are singing to save their hides (skins too).

The Committee of 300

“Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves.”

– Walter Rathenau, 1909, founder of the mammoth German General Electric Corporation

For those who are not familiar with the The Committee of 300, they are a group allegedly founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and by many accounts, consists of an international council that organizes and controls world politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.

Anthony Santiago Martin and Alfredo Saurin were originally appointed as Trustees/Signatories of and for the Committee of 300 to legitimatize (fraudulently) the Elite’s use of the Collateral Accounts assets as collateral backing for their own transactions. These two were always set up to be scapegoats, deflecting attention away from all other Committee members.

For their efforts, they were (according to the document above) to receive 1% of the annual interest accrued on the off-ledger deposits in the accounts of the countries and banks listed in the nearly 200-page Annual Report. 

That would be an incredible sum, however, it all went into the Trustee Account run by someone else, thus the two stooges never saw a dime.

Ultimately, it matters not whether these UN/World Bank endorsed documents are legitimate or the signatures authentic – this is all the dictate of the Committee of 300!  It is a scam.

Also note the absence of a signature under “Acknowledged by ASM” on both documents.  Now here is where “King” Anthony Santiago Martin is once again exposed in this fraud.

There has never been a King of the Philippines!

Then how could there possibly have been a King Anthony Santiago Martin, real or fake?

“Anthony Santiago Martin” / “ASM” / “White Spititual Boy” etcetera –

It’s all a fraud.

As a postscript, Alfredo Saurin for many years had his offices in the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand where he enjoyed protection and access to Thai Royal assets, thus the “1 million metric ton Gold deal”. 

He has since died in Hong Kong several years ago, but his Thai associates have since re-taken up efforts to close a major financial deal with new Malaysian kleptocrats  (that saga is not over).

“The Dead Man Walking Caper”

This is another story of desperation and stupidity.

As previously mentioned, Neil had shown a light on the financial mis-steps of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, who remains in the throes of investigation by the Malaysian Justice Department for his conniving and partaking in financial thievery to the detriment of his country.

The Prime Minister, whether duped or not, walked into the 1MDB financial fiasco that left him “holding the bag” and thus in dire need to cover up staggering losses and international frauds. 

In his desperation he grasped at the USD 14 Trillion currency swap with Bongbong Marcos which fell through thanks to Neil’s timely exposure.

And when that didn’t work, he turned to Alfredo Saurin and Anthony Martin in a “1 Million Mmt Gold Deal”, that Neil also scuttled.

So Najib was left with few other options to cover his exposed financial backside. And being the Minister of Finance, he had the access of all Malaysian banks and their depositors accounts records. Of course this access coughed up several prominent names and accounts that he could EMPTY… which he did.

When large personal, corporate or Trust accounts are emptied, this invariably results in legal repercussions and negotiations for reinstatements. 

This is what happened, but Najib was not willing to give the money back, and furthermore, it still was not enough to cover his mess. He also knew that this particular targetted Malaysian individual was a Trustee for a multi-trillion Dollar Trust held and managed by UBS bank in Switzerland.

The “Dead Man Walking” caper is hatched.
Partners in Crime: Ahmad Zahid-Hamidi and Najib Razak

The plot involved Najib as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Deputy Prime Minister / Minister of Home Affairs (Ahmad Zahid-Hamidi), the Attorney General, the Chief of Police and a Deputy Minister of Finance, and others.

Najib wrote one official letter, Ahmad wrote another and both letters were given to the Deputy Minister of Finance to hand deliver to the CEO of UBS Bank in Switzerland. 

The Deputy Finance Minister did as instructed but when the official letters were opened, both he and the UBS CEO were shocked by the contents.

The letter from Zahid-Hamidi on Ministry of Home Affairs letterhead stated that the Malaysian Trustee had died several days before and included an official copy of the Death Certificate. The letter from Najib then stated that he was the sole Executor of the Trustees Estate including the Trust accounts.

Woah!the UBS CEO looked across the table and said, “I just spoke with the Trustee yesterday… and he was very much ALIVE!”

The Deputy Finance Minister said nothing, flew back to Malaysia and the next day resigned.

Thereafter, Najib had the Attorney General and Chief of Police place the Trustee under House Arrest and would not allow him to leave the country. 

This then involved the Swiss Ambassador and Embassy officials proving that the Trustee actually carried a Swiss Diplomatic Passport and that the Malaysian government had no Right to detain him. 

The Trustee even tried to go to the Swiss Embassy but was stopped by the police and falsely told that “there had been a bomb scare at the Embassy” and that he could not enter.

 The Swiss Ambassador, together with Interpol agents and other witnesses, then receive a phone call put on a speaker phone from the Chief of Police who stated that “the Trustee was under House Arrest and would not be allowed to leave the country, and if he tried, his plane would be shot down”!

This conversation was recorded and eye witness testimonies were officially made. At this point it was decided that the Ambassador should contact the United Nations and have UN agents come to Malaysia and escort the Trustee to safety in Europe. The Malaysian government (Najib and Ahmad) were trumped and could do no more as the UN officials had overriding authority.

The Trustee is still overseas and has filed a major case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague against Najib Razak and all those involved. 

This filing has all the original documents, recordings, testimonies and affidavits needed to put these criminals away. The only thing holding this back is the fact that Najib Razak and his co-conspirators are now on trial in the Malaysian High Court on multiple corruption and fraud charges.

There was also a side story that Neil did not post at the time.  Another reliable source reported that Najib and Company tried a second time with the same phony “Dead Man Walking” scam. 

This time Najib called the then President of Ukraine stating again that he was the executor of the estate of another Malaysian who recently died and left an account in a Ukrainian bank.

This call was followed by a similar call made by the Governor of Bank Negara to the head of the Ukrainian bank demanding release and transfer of funds and assets.  Both calls were recorded.

This second attempt was also thwarted.  So, Desperate Najib… “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”

Najib Razak is no longer Prime Minister of Malaysia and he and his cronies are currently in Court and again “desperate” but this time trying to steal as much time as they can before they are locked up. 

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Keeps Them in the Game

The Japanese can never keep their sticky fingers off Korean assets. How many times has Neil had to step in and shine spotlights on Globalist pigs sniffing around Korean bunkers? They were at it again in June with another corrupt offensive attack.

Three Japanese Buyers showed up to buy GOLD. They have past experience in purchasing gold from South Korea which they convert into jewelry and take back to Japan. So, yes, you are right in thinking they have returned to steal more GOLD that does not belong to them particularly since South Korea has no gold mines.

Our Cabal friends, the Japanese players Kobayashi and Minobe, were back at it again this time attempting to do a much smaller transaction… that is 1,000 MT of Gold in Hong Kong. Don’t they know that this is Dragon Family, Kuomintang Gold that they are trying to sell to a US BANK?

Then this month our “dear friend”, Mr. Lee, (South Korea’s ex-PM), received 850 Billion USD from the US in exchange for a sample of Yen (Japanese registered currency). THE PURPOSE OF THE MONEY IS TO BUY THE YEN RESTING IN THE KOREAN BUNKERS.

The IMF printed this money and sent it to Korea as annual gold lease payments.  Both Japan and the US want this currency at a discount to cheaply cover their national debts.  So the fight is a “cash flash”. Come and get it!

Here is another young man from Japan, Hiroshi Tuchiya, who has completed 6 deals for the Cabal’s Japanese/American factions operating in Korea. Nice car and who says crime doesn’t pay ? (while the economy collapses.)

This a letter sent to Neil from a Korean Insider:

“Several large and small funds from Japan will be set in Korea this week.

My people will be involved in this deal. Korea is still stealing, yet no one is going to jail.

My friends also know the Indonesian situation, but Korea has no interest at all, because they do not care who steals the Dragon Families’ money whatsoever.

Indonesia and Korea are attempting to deal every day of the week and looking for funds.

They also  believe the existence of Depositors and or threats of the US Government and Donald Trump means nothing, because  too many organizations  are running wild in both Korea and Indonesia trying to steal bunker assets.

This is the reality of Indonesia and Korea: We need your help Neil Keenan.”

This is how they have been doing it:

There is a South Korean named Kang Seong-uk. He has long-served as an assistant to a US Army General in Korea. Until recently, he was moving the Korean Bunkers. He is involved in the sale (both buying and selling ) of the bunkers. Along with the US Generals, he is moving the Bunker Assets.

He disclosed that since November 2016, the Korean Government had been confiscating bunkers.  

This is one of the reasons former President Park was imprisoned.

Unfortunately, the Elders who are being played for fools by the Government are still waiting for payments in the amount of $17 Billion USD for the assets that they released on what now appears to be ignored or phony contracts.

Were the Elders foolish, scared or just plain tired of being constantly threatened? Whatever the reason, these Elders are old and poor and need a break, or someone like Neil needs to takeover their trusteeships. (That has been offered.  Imagine if he accepts!)

Now getting back to the pilfering of Korean bunkers, there just happens to be a US Military base in Yongsan, South Korea where Neil’s friend, Kang Seong, works out of.

There is also a Casino in this US Military Base where the assets from the bunkers are being laundered. Yes, they set up a Casino (without the US President’s knowledge) inside the Base and are cleaning house for the Cabal, funding black operations and rewarding top military brass!

Neil told Trump, “Mr. President, it’s time to get yourself involved in this one. They will use this money to destroy you if you give them the opportunity to do so.”

“Send your people in immediately and pull those SOB’s out as soon as possible!!! In other words, the final destination for the Assets is the white-washing of extensive corruption in the Military Base, the Bunkers’ assets resting place before being placed into the market!”

The factual story of South Korea is that whenever the regime changes, they plunder the Bunkers so the time is right for the Cabal to plunder, plunder, plunder!

South Korea is about Money, Money, Money!!! However, President Moon is NOT a Globalist. They lost their puppet when President Park was imprisoned. (Group-K also had lots to do with that!)

What About Indonesia?

As it is Neil’s favorite place, he has a strong desire for a better life for all Indonesians.   

Because of his diligence and sincere commitment, Neil again repeated a warning that was first revealed concerning threats made by Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Obama and other Deep State US officials:

 A Silent Coup is about to take place in Indonesia with the US Shadow Government leading the way and that plot is still in effect till today.

They will attempt to remove President Jokowi without so much as a shot fired.  Remember a few years ago when Neil stated that the Clintons sent Columbian Drug Money to Indonesia in an attempt to assassinate the Vice President?  Well, that money was used to finally set things into motion, and it seems June 2017 is NOW is the time for it in preparation for installing Cabal candidates in the up-coming Indonesian elections!

The Vice President of Indonesia must be extremely careful because he is the physical target.

The World Economic Forum and many Indonesians are in on this, so President Jokowi must stay fully aware with his security detail remaining fastidiously alert.”

The objective was to form a new government more favorable to the US and Europe, then raid the bunkers to secure the funding for causing global political anarchy and Cabal regime change, especially in the US presidency, and then follow the Globalist 2030 Agenda of depopulation IN INDONESIA!

“Bangun”  Indonesians!  WAKE-UP!

Soros Chased Out of Indonesia

The whole World knows that this despicable man has no empathy towards humanity.  He just does not care. 

He clearly uses his wealth and influence to support terrorism and radical Left Wing organizations whose intents are to create chaos and overthrow governments in order to install a New World Order with people like himself in-charge and a decimated population enslaved.

George Soros

What most people do not know is the real story of how Neil Keenan physically chased Soros out of Indonesia.

As previously mentioned, the Bush-Clinton-Obama administrations all have made various threats to Indonesia in attempts to acquire bunker assets.  These efforts were fruitless, thus additional covert operations were necessary to cause internal insurrections within Indonesia.

This is where Soros came in to finance and supply weapons to insurgents and create jungle military training camps with the sole objective of creating political disruptions in Indonesia. 

Soros personally backed these efforts and even went to Central Java, Indonesia to confer with his operatives and inspect one of these training camps.

Neil Keenan had been informed about Soros’ arrival and movements, so he put together his own team of armed nationalists to track down the bastard and his terrorist cell. 

Neil’s team packed into several SUV’s, checked their weapons and headed into the jungles of Central Java.  They knew exactly where to go.

Of course, Neil’s professional team surprised the trainee terrorists and a short gun fight ensued. The amateurs ran like monkeys into the jungle and old Soros was hustled out the back door, running for his life but not before Neil and his buddy spotted him and got off a few shots at him.

After the skirmish the boys surveyed the camp and collected intel.  Neil then paused, looked down and saw that his shirt had been torn. Dang. And he hadn’t brought another one.  

One of the ex-military boys came over to Neil and said, “That was no tear.  It was a missed bullet.” 

Neil replied, “I know.  I just don’t want to scare the younger boys.”  They both laughed at that one and had fun swapping stories as friends in the military do.

The next day Neil’s intelligence team had spotted Soros headed to the Jakarta airport. Neil was in hot pursuit! Unfortunately Soros got there first, got in his plane and flew the coop (or coup as he had intended). 

These events were officially reported to the appropriate authorities and Soros is now a “Persona Non-grata” in Indonesia… permanently.

Back in Jakarta, Neil went out shopping and bought himself a new shirt.

It is a shame that after saving Indonesia, Neil and his team had to treat themselves for a job well done. Not anyone else. 

Maybe next time… and there were many more “next times” that Neil and his teams saved Indonesia and other countries. No Thank You’s needed or given.

The Asian Insider Comes Again

It was August 2017 and Neil was becoming pensive and anxious to get back to Asia and Indonesia. His poisoning and recovery had been arduous and he was again itching his feet, wanting to get moving again. And he was miserable and sweating, cooped up at home in the hot summer sun.

His posts were a hodge podge of history and timelines spiced with more thieveries in videos from South Korea, but the real flavor of the day came in an email from the Dragon Family through the Asian Insider.

This was an inspiring and encouraging letter of many insights (as perceived by the Family) in terms of ‘the end of the line’, relating to Neil Keenan and Group-K following through with their noble mission.  This letter is included in its entirety here as it truly captures the mood and feelings of Neil and the Group-K Team at that time.

The Asian Insider wrote: –

“Kudos to you. Way to go Neil Keenan and Group K!

I know exactly what you are up to, with an awareness shared by no other and you really have the game plan locked down don’t you? All remain sitting and waiting in terms of what you will do next (especially in the Eastern hemisphere) and you do keep everyone wondering. 

Well, I believe I can shed light on what you are up to and if my well-informed conclusions are indeed proven to be accurate then I cannot wait to see the results, given that the East is in dire need of your assistance at this time.

Our Family has heard much said in terms of the others who have purported to be  working with us during the last two years – but believe me brother, not a word is true. While you were sick we absolutely prayed for you, you are special. 

We heard many promises bandied about but even whilst sick, you prevented the West (even when working from your bed) from stealing gold and other cached assets from all throughout Asia. 

I am clear about the reason that you continue this fight; and it is because it is your destiny. The Family has queried “The Spirits” many times as to why you continue to push onward despite the sickness and pain you (and even your team) have been through, and the answer is always “destiny”. It is an entrenched, fundamental need for you to complete that which you have instigated. 

Indeed, the destinies of your team members are entwined with this effort in the same way. Given the magnitude of this mission, how could they have become involved if this was not the case? They are all tied into one and the same thing and it seems that time is closing in fast on you; and so I wonder when you will close in on them? 

Neil Keenan, we are all of us – this entire planet; waiting on you. You decide what happens here with regard to the Collateral Accounts which means this matter affects everything. And yet silence.

Of course you are doing a fantastic job in keeping the Cabal on their toes by publicly making available the “healing computer” and the other advanced technologies that will follow soon.

It is well known (amongst what is still a relatively small number of people) that the “Cabal” have suppressed multitudes of advanced, would-be beneficial technologies for well over a century now. Both yourself, your team, and various associates have achieved more than almost any others in terms of bringing such advancements finally into the public awareness.

And on this count; once out of the bottle, the genie cannot be put back in.

The dark ones now hold sincere (and well justified) worries in terms of their medical/pharmaceutical ‘deathtrap industries’. 

As you planned eight years ago with the now soon-to-be-publicly-available free energy system, you have played an important role in beginning the release of formerly suppressed technologies.

Your efforts are dismantling them brother, piece by piece and whilst we enjoy watching this play out; we preferred it much more when you were here in Asia. 

The world needs your help (some do not even realize how much the efforts of yourself and your Group K have already contributed to their ongoing existence and wellbeing) but only you know exactly how things are going to happen and you are correctly positioning yourself by remaining silent during these crucial final movements of this epic battle. 

“The Swamp”, as President Trumps call it, is the concept of a predicament that also must be addressed here in the East, and it is here where Group K will earn its rewards. 

Your last unfortunate incident was nothing to make fun of, however you have relentlessly shown “them” that nothing keeps you down.

You have many friends over here praying for you, and also even in locations such as Fiji and elsewhere – places you would have no idea that you had supporters. We all know you are on the way, and “The Spirits” have made it clear you will be here soon.

Please hurry. Do not forget us in fighting your Western wars. We are sure you love the action over there, but remember there are more than enough battles to be had in other places.

We will see you shortly,

The ‘Asian Insider.’”

And if you didn’t catch it, the Asian Insider referred to consulting with the Dragon Family “Spirits” with respect to Neil and what he was “doing”. The Family at this level is highly spiritualistic.

This will become more important in the next year for Neil as he is “initiated” into Worlds that he had never experienced before. This was just a hint and precursor as to what was coming further down the Yellow Brick Road.

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

 A Year of Healing

November 15th 2017 was an important day for Neil Keenan. It was the day he set foot back in the United States for the first time in 14 years!

You may be wondering why it took so long for him to return to see family and friends.  Well, it wasn’t because he was so busy in Europe or Asia.  

The truth was that the Cabal Puppet, Obama, had placed a travel ban on Neil and he was Black Listed from entering the U.S.

This was the result of Obama, with Cabal bankster help, empting whatever accounts they could find belonging to Neil Keenan and whatever possessions they could find. 

They would then delete the account history, and in one matter in particular, they used Neil’s money to buy a Connecticut Mansion. Just one of Neil’s offshore bank accounts had millions of Dollars in it.  

So Black Listing meant that if Neil were to set foot on U.S. shore, he would be immediately be sent back on the first available flight or be arrested on some false charges and buried in a legal quagmire. That is how dirty THEY play.

So this was a momentous day for Neil and he had done a lot of preparation to make sure everything would be OK. The plane landed, rolled up to the gate and Neil took a good look around got down on his knees and kissed the ground. The Lakers were being touted and Neil knew he was home but was he safe.  

Upon arrival in LAX things were so different and he did not know which end was up. 

Everything was automated and he kept asking those working which way to go which machine to use until he finally was pointed the line to go to. 

While walking to meet with Customs, he started wondering about Obama’s Black List plan and said well if it is going to happen then I will have a lot to say. Neil knew to much.

So he continued in the Customs line waiting and wondering. He knew that many US Politicians and Agencies made calls making sure Neil would walk into the country safely but still Neil had doubts. 

Upon walking up to the Customs booth he presented his documents and noticed that the Offficer’s eyebrows went up and then shot a glance at Neil. 

“Ah Oh” might have been something in his mind at the time but the Officer relaxed Neil asking him if he was going to catch a Lakers game while in LA.  Neil responded if they are playing while he was there, he would. Neil really wanted to see a good game of basketball and looked at the Officer and said “did you play”? He did play and the two started joking around. 

Neil had expected much worse and found a fantastic guy who shot him many questions that Neil did not mind answering.

At the end of the questioning the Agent shot a look at Neil and said, “Welcome Home Mr. Keenan.  It has been a long time”

Then two other agents walked to each of Neil’s side took his bags and again Neil said “Ah OH” but the Officer said “Relax this is an honor. We are taking your bags to wherever it is you are going. You have done enough now let us do a little”.    

The President of the US had really changed things around and this was an example of how it changed.  

Neil’s heart stopped racing and he had the Customs Officers take his bags to the airport lounge near the exit while waiting for his friends to pick him up. 

While waiting for Larry, Nancy, Anne and Dean to arrive he sipped on an old favorite cold beer. He had arrived early thanks to the quick processing of the Custom Officers and thought sipping a beer was perfect (even though his favorite was a martini) for the moment.  

Soon enough Larry, Nancy, Anne and Dean found him in the airport lounge wearing a foam moustache with a big grin on his face. 

It had been 14 years since he had tasted his favorite beer and this was the perfect moment to enjoy it with friends. Salut!

He was there to meet with Larry, Nancy, Anne and Dean in Long Beach for a seminar series on the BRT Healing Computer.

This trip was the culmination of an event filled year concerning the progress of the BRT Healing Computer and the application of its advanced frequency programming technologies. 

Throughout the year Neil had posted reports, testimonials and case histories of people who had received healing treatments. All were Positive!

Those that had purchased the machines kept reporting amazing results from the treatment of cancers, diabetes and kidney failure, to chronic back pain relief and migraines disappearing.

The BRT Healing Computer was working – spectacularly – just as Neil said it would be. There was a year long list of satisfied and grateful users across the US and Europe.

During the year, Neil and Walter also introduced two new features related to the BRT:  a charged elixir and a “23+” Way Back program.  Walter created a herbal enriched elixir that he frequency stimulated with the BRT Healing Computer so that patients could take when they were traveling or did not have ready access to a machine for treatment. 

The elixir retained the frequency charge for a long period of time and Walter could custom program specific frequencies for individual patient’s ailments.

The “23+” treatment was a very special frequency program that rejuvenates all the cells in your body by repairing your DNA isomers to a time that you were much younger.  This is basically an “age regression” technology – it makes you 20-30 years younger! 

As we age, these isomers break off with each cell replication and thus get shorter and shorter till they get to the point that replication is retarded and then we die. 

Repairing and extending these DNA strands thus reverses the aging process, which in turn brings your body back to a time that you were much healthier too.

This “23+” treatment program is a bit costly to perform so it is for a limited few, but a shortened version is included in the current Third Generation BRT Healing Computers as an integral part of the standard healing frequency program. One session should add two years to your lifespan as it targets damaged cells and allows them to replicate properly again.  Your body heals itself naturally… with a little frequency assistance. 

Neil’s trip to Long Beach was primarily to conduct BRT seminars and advanced training sessions. Larry is an expert in operating the machine and in the manual selection of specific sub-routine programs to treat specific conditions.  

The seminars and training was a big success, with one exception.  The person Neil had been grooming to become his global promoter, trainer and BRT operator that was to accompany him on his travels, unfortunately did not make it to Long Beach. 

Neil finished the year with the introduction of other new and advanced technologies that included more details on his “free energy machine” that generates 30 Kilowatts, which is sufficient to power a house.  

Larger scaled-up units can also be made to power whole communities or factories.

The small size and scalability means that this “free energy” “over-unity” technology can easily be adapted to electric cars, trucks, trains, ships and possibly future aircraft.

What most people do not know is that this technology was supposed to be launched by Neil in a New Year “Lighting Up Ceremony” of the Vatican. 

This and subsequent develop of this technology was to be financed by the Dragon Family Notes that were stolen.

So now you understand a bit more of why the Notes were stolen, as hidden in the background was the continuing suppression of “free energy” by the Energy Cartel.

Also announced was the “Plasma Vortex Water Purifier” technology.  This allows for the production of clean potable drinking water from virtually any water source, regardless of salinity, mineralization or chemical or biological pollution.

This patented technology works on the principals of colliding spinning vortexes which naturally separate heavier materials by throwing them to the outside layers of a fast moving flow.  This vortex flow is like stirring a glass of water and you notice a hollow cone that forms. 

This water purifier then inserts a plasma arc device into the vortex cone where the plasma discharge destroys all pathogens, chemical compounds and pollutants and mineral salts that are then discharged, leaving clean drinking water for consumption. 

That is all a bit confusing, so we just say “It Works!” And this opens up tremendous opportunities to provide clean drinking water for people around the world.

Again see how the theft of those Notes has had on the World. 

Now getting back to Neil and the BRT. 

After the seminars and training sessions in Long Beach, Neil, Dean and Jeanne flew to Dallas, Texas to meet with Dr. Group, a well known medical and alternative medicine doctor who had previously saved Neil’s life when he was poisoned.
Neil with Dr. Group

When he got there, it emerged that Dr. Group had injured his foot due to a tree limb falling on it. He was in pain and on crutches.

Neil pulled out his BRT Healing Computer and after one session, the pain was mitigated and crutches were no longer needed. The world famous Dr. Group was impressed and thankful for the reciprocated healing given by “Dr. Neil”.

From Texas, Neil headed back to his old stomping ground in Boston and New England where he spent about a week reminiscing old times with now older friends. 

He zapped whoever wanted or needed a BRT charge and filled in the gaps with “Neil’s Tales” of the past 14 years. It was a wonderful and warm time with old friends.

That  was a fitting end to 2017 and a needed respite before a crazy 2018 new year.

Footsteps of the Amanah 2018

Back Into The Fight

A day doesn’t seem to go by without Neil picking another fight with the Cabal. He has clearly claimed the East as his defense zone and where he draws the line. 2018 began with another Cabal slam as he wrote:-

“Today the “Swamps of Corruption” have spread far and wide, resembling a virulent metastatic cancer throughout the globe.

Just a small seed of vile corruption anywhere could sprout another deadly epidemic that our children and their children might have to face whereby ‘We The People’ lose once again with even more severe consequences.

Let’s cut off the head of this deadly menace now!  We must not repeat the many past mistakes of others who had their chances for hundreds of years and more – but failed to get it right.”

That has a clear forewarning of a global scamdemic perpetrated by “deadly menace” heads of today. These are “Swamp Creatures” oozing out of “Swamps of Corruption” that have spread far and wide, resembling a ”virulent metastatic cancer” throughout the globe.

This has been Neil’s persistent message.  And if repeated often enough, maybe it will seep through the thick skulls of the masses and we can have a “clean-up” and instigate real change for the benefit of all and Mother Earth.

Neil is an “Agent of Change” so what better way to start a New Year than to turn on the LIGHTS!

A Bit of History

In order to understand the current geo-political / financial / economic situation it is necessary to have a proper historical perspective of the mechanisms that created “The SWAMP” in the first place. 

This situation is not new as quoted by Anna Von Reitz who wrote: What we are dealing with is the suppressed and evil religion of Mystery Babylon. It has been suppressed and taken down many, many times, because it involves the worship of idols, including money and mammon in sacred groves, using perverted sex as a sacrament, ritual prostitution, and other evils.

Babylonian Money Magic & How Modern “Commercial Law” Is Based On Ancient Babylonian Codes

It was suppressed in Babylon at the time of Abraham, suppressed in Judea at the time of Zechariah, suppressed in Africa when the Romans sacked Carthage, suppressed in England with the wiping out of the Druids, and in France and Portugal with the routing out of the Phoenicians.

The Templars brought it back to life in the 1100’s in Europe, and it infested the Orders of Nobility and the Catholic Church ever since.

Is it not time for another cleansing? 

The corrupt institutions of corporate governance with their fiat debt slavery and unnecessary impoverishment of mankind so that a few can “rule” is a propagandized historical façade. 

Neil stands in the doorway and opens the screen to let the light in so you can see. Go to and January 2018 archives to see this historical tracing of how the Swamp Creature was methodically and intentionally stitched together, one nasty knot after another.

 South Korea Capturing Timeline

The Dragon Families wealth is stored in secret bunkers throughout Asia.  The problem is that the Cabal needs to replenish its coffers with real assets if they are to continue with their 2030 New World Order Plan

The sources of real wealth is still Asia thus the Cabal is focused on acquiring as much as they can by whatever means.

There are several weak points that Neil is constantly patching up.  China is fairly secured but the Rothschild’s debt financing of communist China’s growth will put Western pressure on opening  these resources as the debts come due. 

Taiwan is already gutted as they already exchanged their gold for US pallets of paper. 

The Philippines was stripped by the Vatican, then by Marcos and US Generals and their Black Eagle Trust.  

Japan is a US/Rockefeller bank that is drained as and when desired. 

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have very little left after the 60’s. 

Malaysia is a financial mess (on purpose). 

Myanmar has some gold but most is stuck on temple walls.

So that leaves Thailand,  South Korea and Indonesia as the prime Cabal targets and Neil’s “LINE in the Sand.”

South Korea is the weakest link in this bunker chain as it has been under US control since the Korean War.

Neil’s review of modern Korean history explains how each successive corrupt puppet government has dipped into their bunkers in order to stay in power.

The Families allowed this as they needed government protection but such complacency has led to further greed, demands and corruption.  

The Korean Presidents in power are protected by the Cabal while doing this, and the Cabal gets a huge split which will keep them alive for many, many years. It follows that the more they do, the stronger and longer they will live.

There are many illegal movements that have taken place to legitimize such bunker raping so the Cabal can continue looting through the offices of the country leaders.

They control the power with this money and carry official sounding names such as “Blocking Funds, Frozen Funds, National Funds, Slush Funds, and Family Funds such as the Marcos Fund, National Property, and Foreclosure Funds or Immunity Bank Cheques” where bunker assets are illegally collateralized by commercial banks who then allow “bank cheques” to be issued backed by illegal asset assignments.

The money comes from bunker Assets, blocking funds, mismanaged accounts, frozen funds, etc., and naturally, the government imposes huge taxes and takes big profits. In fact, major companies, as well as, the Cabal have done a great deal of business in this manner in the past using “bank cheques.”

These and similar key words are a “dead giveaway” that a “giveaway” is in progress.

Exposure is Neil’s weapon and that he has wielded like a Samurai.  Naming names, posting pictures, spoiling thefts and telling all about the latest plots has become like a movie storyline.

But Truth shines through. And it works. Former President Park knows too well from her jail cell.  More should and will follow.

At the end of his January post, Neil made an amazing video offer!  He held up for the World to see, his Certified Copy of the BLACK BOOK and offered to give a copy to any government or Central Bank so that they could themselves verify who the real asset Depositors and Owners of the Global Collateral Accounts really ARE.

To date, NO ONE in the Cabal dominated world has taken up his offer.  Obviously they are too scared to know the TRUTH. The Offer still stands.

The Asian Insider’s Insights

Health issues from encapsulated slow release poisons, kept Neil home bound all winter. There were good days and bad days as the poisons were gradually eliminated from his system. It was a rough time.

But in the middle of it all he got another encouraging and inspiring email from the Family through the Asian Insider. This was a welcome respite during his Winter of Gloom.

The Asian Insider wrote that at times Neil had been “a one man riot squad”. (That was an understatement as he was more like a “human hurricane” with a wrecking ball!)

“On many occasions, Mr. Keenan’s left hand and right hand appear to be both engaged – albeit in entirely different activities; such that nobody has a chance to keep abreast of his activities, let alone surmise what is going to eventuate from them. His sagacity has been proven in many ways. One day in the future his story will be told in a deserving fashion”. (Hopefully this “Footsteps” fulfills this prophesy.)

“Rumor has it that the Elders throughout Asia are waiting for Mr. Keenan’s reappearance. I personally know there are four or five individuals who are longing to be able to count down the days.”

In actual fact Neil needs the help and support of many more Asians who are willing to stand up and make this a better World for all mankind. 

He needs a thousand pair of eyes, and a thousand pair of legs as a start to feed him and Group-K information of Cabal Elite’s activities.

This is not a one man show, but you do have one man that will stand up for YOU.

“Neil Keenan is absolutely a trail-blazer who “thinks outside of the square” in effectuating what would be unthinkable accomplishments to lesser minds,” the Asian Insider wrote.

“For too many years smaller minds in the Western world believed they could continue to steal Assets from the Global Accounts with impunity. The so-called ‘elite’ whom regarded those outside their circles as “little men” are destined to discover that the high esteem in which they held themselves – was nothing but a frivolous delusion.”

Neil needs Asians support in his relentless exposure of this “FRIVOLOUS DELUSION”, so please do YOUR part.

The Asian Insider finished his post with a very succinct line that everyone should contemplate:-

“In actuality he is vastly more than just one person; he is the answer.”

The Return Home  


In early June, Neil returned home, saddened and physically weakened and needing rest. He would get little. He now had to move on and get back to business.

First on the agenda was a scathing attack on Robert Swan Mueller III, the Chief Terrorist of America’s secret political police. This was at the time that the Democrats were trying to get impeachable evidence against Trump and stretch out their false “Russian Collusion” narrative by appointing Robert Mueller as the Special Council tasked with investigating this false accusation.

Robert Mueller

Neil despised this man and took the opportunity to expose him as the corrupt Nazi political assassin that he really is. Neil covers Mueller’s hidden hand in “hits” from as early as convenient plane crashes in the Nixon era, to the PanAm Locherbie, Scotland crash that took out a special CIA Team, to the cover up of 911 and much more.

Mueller is obviously a Deep State operative and Neil poked his pen into enough soft spots there to make him leak like a soggy pin cushion.

There is no need to go into details here of this exposure post, but if you are interested in some dirty background history of a “walking criminal” just go to and the June 2018 archive.

Also in this post Neil revisited the “Dead Man Walking Caper” but this time naming names. The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, was caught red handed in an international fraud and attempted theft trillions of Dollars. This detailed account “pins the tail on the donkey” and you know whose ass (donkey) got stuck.

So June saw Neil on the mend and his savage quill stabbing culprits in both the West and East.  More would be coming soon.

July Vaccines Fireworks!

“An exposé is a film or piece of writing which reveals the truth about a situation or person, especially something involving shocking facts.”

This was now the time and in such a nice way to shine a spotlight on Big Pharma and their “Vaccine Fraud.”

So Neil starts off July with an explosive pre-Independence Day tirade dedicated to the killer con industry of the Cabal… Big Pharma.

Those who have studied history, know that the modern pharmaceutical industry was essentially  the financial brainchild of the Rockefellers as a fear porn health industry that has pushed aside Natural medicine in favor of legally mandated chemicals that most often only treat symptoms, create side-effects that require more chemicals, and then suppress all genuine“cures”.  

This business model is designed to keep people sick as long as possible in order to reap higher profits.  This is augmented by the intentional introduction of artificially created diseases that are periodically introduced into societies, then propagandized as a fearful health scare “scamdemic” which they then introduce a pre-developed “cure vaccine” that everyone needs to take either voluntarily or through government mandated programs.

This model is repeated over and over again, year after year – for PROFIT.

It is also used for population control (under UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30). This is done through immune system suppressants like mercury, formaldehyde and other heavy metals and radioactive chemicals, or by introducing incurable diseases like AIDS and EBOLA, and through the introduction of nano-chips, nanobots, RFID chips and other programmable micro devices that are pre-loaded into vaccination needles.

Neil had seen enough so in early July he lit the fuse.

This post is about a highly suppressed interview given by a vaccine researcher who had spent years in the heart of the industry and was finally disillusioned enough to speak out. This was his story of how good intentions for mankind had been twisted into a horrendous monster disease destroying societies bit by painful bit.

This interview had many revealing statement like these:-

Q: There are medical historians who state that the overall decline of illnesses was not due to vaccines.

A: The decline of disease is due to improved living conditions.

Q: Are some vaccines more dangerous than others?

A: Yes. The DPT shot for example. The MMR. But some lots of vaccines are more dangerous than other lots of the same vaccine. As far as I’m concerned, all vaccines are dangerous.

Q: Why?

A: Several reasons. They involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity. They can actually cause the disease they are supposed to prevent. They can cause other diseases than the ones they are supposed to prevent.

Q: Why are we quoted statistics which seem to prove that vaccines have been tremendously successful at wiping out diseases?

A: Why? To give the illusion that these vaccines are useful. If a vaccine suppresses visible symptoms of a disease like measles, everyone assumes that the vaccine is a success. But, under the surface, the vaccine can harm the immune system itself. And if it causes other diseases – say Meningitis – that fact is masked because no one believes that the vaccines can do that. The connection is overlooked.

Q: So you’re saying that we have been treated to a false history?

A: Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. This is a history that has been cooked up to convince people that vaccines are invariably safe and effective.

Q: Okay, What contaminants did you find in your many years of work with vaccines?

A: All right. I’ll give you some of what I came across and I’ll also give you what colleagues of mine found. Here’s a partial list. In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccines we found acanthamoeba, which is a so called ‘Train-eating” amoeba. Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I’ve found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine.

Also, most people don’t know that some polio vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, rubella and hep A and measles have been made with aborted human fetal tissue.

Q: What about the combined destructive power of a number of vaccines given to babies these days?

A: It is a travesty and a crime. There are no real studies of any depth which have been done on that Again, the assumption is made that vaccines are safe, and therefore any number of vaccines given together are safe as well. But the truth is, vaccines are not safe. Therefore the potential damage increases when you give many of them in a short time period.

Of course this is just a small start to this list, but we hope that you are beginning to understand why YOUR FREE CHOICE to get that shot is so very important.  Then consider your own children, parents and friends who are lining up for that annual “FLU SHOT” or the latest vaccine cure for the latest created virus or disease!

This interview was by a vaccine scientist with years of laboratory experience, so who do you choose to BELIEVE?  A GLOSSY Big Pharma Ad, your GP who gets a big bonus with every shot, a paid-for politician OR YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE.


A final quote:-

I know that may be hard to accept, but it’s true. The medial cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them.

It is always a challenge to buck the authorities. And only you can decide whether to do it. It is every person’s responsibility to make up his/her mind.

The medical cartel likes that bet. It is betting that the fear will win.

Please take the time to read this July 2018 post.  It is pertinent to TODAY and to YOUR TOMORROW.

This was Neil’s last slam dunk post for several months as by mid-July he was back in Indonesia performing some very interesting rituals that he had to pass to become “The AMANAH”. That exciting adventure is coming up NEXT.

Part 3:  Footsteps of the Amanah

The Initiation: The Rituals

In the Beginning was the WORD!

In Arabic the WORD is “KUN” faiya “KUN” (“BE” and it “IS”)

History is punctuated with moments of “change”, of transitioning of human evolution through new levels of consciousness. This is an account of one of these moments in the life of Neil Francis Keenan and in the awakening of the World to a new paradigm.

“Change” is the result of a “WORD”. But what IS a WORD?

In its basic form, a WORD is a SOUND… a FREQUENCY… a VIBRATION.

To CREATE a new Reality, vibrations must be brought together with conscious INTENT.  

This is Neil’s Footsteps along a new path as expressed through the coalescence of a spiritual intent as seen through a series of RITUAL tests administered by very Spiritual Elders in Indonesia.

It is a journey and a Rite of Passage that no one had accomplished since the late President Soekarno, the First AMANAH.

President Soekarno – The First Amanah

Although many tried and failed, none ever made it through even the first test. Some who took the challenge went blind, another became deaf, and others died, many didn’t even qualify.  But no one told Neil that.

Neil’s tests thus need to be viewed not from a mundane 3rd dimensional perspective, but more like the progressive tuning of channels in search of higher frequency programs.

Each ritual test was an intentional spiritual challenge that any failure would result in very serious consequences.  

Most people worldwide have had some experiences with paranormal activities from common lucid dreaming to ghost buster stories, from shaman to extra-terrestrial clairvoyants, or from telekinesis to teleportation manifestations. Awareness of the paranormal is common. This was one such paranormal experience, after another, after another, after another…

What is not common is the initiation of an individual that is destined to change and transition this 3rd dimensional (and higher) world in a new direction. This is what happened with Neil.

As you read through this account of Neil’s initiation, notice how each test had spiritual connotations and blessings. These were often subtle acts appearing as simple events, but look deeper within and you might start to understand the Earth shaking consequences of each Test. 

Some may think that this period from mid-July till mid-November 2018 was the definitive initiation for Neil. That is only partially true, because his “tests” had been an on-going process.

In fact the Indonesian Elders told Neil that they had been waiting 40 years for his return. They “knew” that he was coming and would be the ONE.

Actually his first “initiation” took place in Jakarta a few years before when he was given ritual blessings.  His second ceremony took place prior to entering a large bunker as a way of confirming to him his Path. 

Further steps followed but with persistent delays (“tests of resolve”) like poisonings and assassination attempts, but Neil relentlessly persevered. He remained focused and steadfast.

And only two months before returning to Indonesia this time, Neil passed a milestone spiritual “test” with his unwavering rescue of Thasja, a friend that he had never met but who he put his life on the line to save. 

The Dragon Family Elders, Indonesian Elders and Spirits On High all took notice and praise on this unselfish and heroic act.  Neil passed with all “A’s” and “Ahhh’s”.

It was now time to conclude this initiation with final spiritual approvals and the confirmation of a new AMANAH to be the mandated TRUSTEE of the Asian Families’ assets.

It should also be understood that before and even during this final series of tests, Neil was ambivalent and oblivious to the potential dangers. 

He thought it was more like a game of Tag or acting out a fictitious spy novel, but certainly not anything he was about to worry over or even prepare for. This was easy for him, as this time there wasn’t a room full of Mexicans with guns and knives.

Neil was there for the ride, the experience and hopefully to become the Amanah. He was there to blithely enjoy, but he wasn’t always a “happy camper.”

What is The AMANAH?

Before we get into the ceremonies, it is necessary to understand “What is the AMANAH”. In Arabic “amanah” means “trustee” or one who holds someone else’s assets that have been deposited and entrusted to them and usually under a written agreement or record.

This was the case prior to and following WW ll, whereby the Dragon Families moved a large portion of their wealth into hidden bunkers throughout Asia but particularly to Indonesia. 

A small portion of this physical wealth was transferred after the War to Swiss banks and the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) to be used for economic development, infrastructure reconstruction and humanitarian projects under the Bretton Woods Agreement and later under the Green Hilton Agreement, and which were specifically for Global development. 

About 85% of these deposits in Swiss banks and the BIS formed the Collateral backing for the Western Central Banks and major international commercial banks.

This all came from the Asian Dragon Families. This has now become collectively called the “Global Collateral Accounts” and the AMANAH is the ultimate Trustee with full legal authority over these assets.

But before the ink dried on the Bretton Woods Agreement, Western Governments and Banks began their fraudulent theft of these collateral assets, hijacking them and then excluding and withholding the assets and use thereof to the Depositors and the real Owners.

This fraud and illicit use of these collateral assets continues to this day.  And this is the Amanah’s up-coming  battleground.

The legal solution adopted by the Asian Dragon Families was to unanimously elect a person to universally oversee their Depositor’s accounts. 

This originally was Indonesian President Soekarno who then was given the title and full international mandate of being the AMANAH. He was then the sole and ultimate Trustee with full administrative power over these Global Collateral Account Deposits as the mandated representative of the Depositors and the Original Owners.

The AMANAH is directly responsible and with full Global legal authority over the Family deposits in all Western Banks and the assets stored in over 200 bunkers in Indonesia. 

(Neil has also been offered to manage bunkers in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, as the Trustees in these countries need both strong protection and proper ways to manage their assets for humanitarian projects.)

The AMANAH title is only given to one who has shown compassion, concern, care and love for humanity, especially for those in Indonesia and the people of all other nations, as seen through a lifetime of dedicated accomplishments in the fight for what is Right and Righteous.

The person elected must have strong business, financial and political ties and been active in exposing those attempting to steal or fraudulently use Family assets (and without any financial support from the Family). This is a tough challenge and proving ground fraught with risks.

This title is not bestowed lightly. It is earned and only attained spiritually.  It is given only to ONE who is disserving of the honor.

With that said, let’s get into the fun part… the initiation rites… and see how Neil faired.


The Bath

The Ingredients

Many initiation rites begin with a ritual bath.

This was the case with the first Amanah ritual which no aspirant had ever successfully passed. This took place in a hotel in Semarang overseen by a roomful of Elders and other curious on lookers.  

The “unhappy camper” in the bath was Neil Keenan, who hadn’t had a blessed bath since his baptism, but he patiently acquiesced, stripped down to his shorts and slipped into a flower scented bath of blessed water.  In his mind it was a bit of a “girly thing” and not something Guys would do.  He endured, a bit disgruntled and uncomfortable, but with some unexpected results.

A Scientific Transgression:

It is first necessary to transgress a bit to grasp an understanding of the process of “the Bath”. Humans are comprised of more than 60%-65% water with some organs like the brain being 75% water. We are essentially a “skin bag” sloshing around.

It is also known that water can be influenced by “sound” as in chanting prayers, singing or reciting mantras. The Human audible range is 20 Hz to 20 KHz but each cell and organ has its own unique frequency and DNA receiving antennas.  

Test your hearing yourself here

 These sound frequencies can be in “harmony” or in “dis-harmony” as seen in the tuning of instruments to the natural 432 Hz standard versus the adopted  corrupted 440 Hz frequency.

Also, the 11th harmonic of any note played together can be particularly harmful to all living things. If you don’t believe this, just see how long you last with this sound:

48-528-Hz-11th-Harmonic Known to Shatter Biological Life Listen at Own Risk

I told you so… but you did it anyway.

Harmony promotes “health” whereas dis-harmony creates “dis-ease”.

Thus the “blessing” of water may have influence to the structure, polarization and energy levels of water molecules. If the “intent” of the blessing is harmonious then positive results often result. 

However, if the person being bathed is in dis-harmony with the frequency of the Bath, then serious consequences can result and that is exactly what happened to all previous aspirants as they failed to even get past this first ritual.

An example of this “harmony” happened when Neil was in-charge in 1992 of the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus bringing Christianity to the West that was held in the Dominican Republic. 

This is where Neil met and became friends with the late Pope John Paul II.  The Pope was there to give a Blessing to the Americas, but Neil told the Pope if he could turn his body about 30 degrees to his left when giving the Blessing it would be better. 

The Pope incredulously asked Neil “WHY?” Neil replied that if the Pope would do that, he would be facing the sea and his Blessing would then encompass the entire World! The Pope smiled, chuckled and did as Neil had suggested. So Neil, in fact, arranged for the whole World to be blessed!

But water can also be influenced negatively.  Take for instance microwave ovens using frequencies around 2.4 GigaHz that cause water to vibrate and reverse electron spins thus creating friction heat and affecting the healthy absorption of water by plants and animals. 

This is the same frequency range used at lower wattages in your home WIFI repeaters (slow cookers 24/7/365). But what is even worse is G5 transmissions in the 60 GigaHz range and above as 98% of the transmission frequencies are absorbed by Water and Oxygen thus altering their physical properties and rendering them absolutely harmful to all living things. 

These are examples of un-seen bio-weapons, but also as an example of how the Bath prevents unaccepted aspirants from getting the Amanah title… the frequencies are in disharmony.

Back To The BATH

But getting back to “the BATH”, in this case the bath water was infused with positive spiritual intents by the invoked prayers of the Elders. These blessings alter the frequencies of the water and anyone who bathes therein.  To the on-looker, one just sees the ceremony, but spiritual Elders see something much different. The water becomes “alive” with high vibrational energy. 

Neil’s soaking was meant to physically alter his body’s frequency (often seen as an aura).  Although he was uneasy and self-conscious about a room full of people watching an old man taking a flower bath, all that changed when he finally got out, drip dried with petals falling into the puddles at his feet… as he was now emanating a “Golden Aura” that all present could clearly see! He was shining!


Poor old Charles, who had never seen anything like this before, just sat there with his mouth open. Nelu just had big eyes. The Elders present just smiled. The BATH was a success. Neil was properly “cooked”.

Neil was just happy to get his clothes back on and hoped that he wouldn’t have to do that ever again.  But the physical effects of this blessed Bath would materialize later when he became “Gold Finger” and before he was to leave Indonesia on his trip home. The body simply needs to physically adjust to a higher vibration level and that takes time, cleansing and lots of rest.

Since his Bath, Neil’s spiritual and psychic abilities have also improved considerably.  His telepathic communication capabilities have seriously increased and much more.

So with dry clothes on, his hair combed and smelling like a rosy girl, Neil was now ‘glowing” ready for his next challenge. 

The first ritual was passed and he was still in one piece. 

The Elders were relieved… but still cautiously worried.

Good Night

Don’t Let The Things Bite!

Following the “golden boy bath” the entourage was to reassemble in Blitar, East Java, the birthplace of President Soekarno. This would require several carloads of Elders and Neil’s team to drive from Semarang to Blitar and have the Elders arrive beforehand to establish their ritual plans.

As this would take a couple of days to organize, Neil and Charles were dropped off in Yogyakarta and Nelu drove on ahead to organize accommodations in Blitar.

The road from Semarang to Yogyakarta is a hellish snake through the mountains, but the road from Yogyakarta to Belitar is even worse. 

Nelu thus called Neil and asked him to take a short flight to Surabaya as that route was a much better way to go. So Neil and Charles hopped a flight and met Nelu at the Surabaya airport.

Neil was running a bit low on cash so he stuck his debit card into an ATM machine at the airport, punched in his pin number and amount, collected the cash and went to pull his card. The ATM machine wouldn’t let go!  It was a tug-of-war! And the machine WON! It ate Neil’s debit card. 

This would be another problem down the road, but at the moment Neil did not have the time to chase down his card, so he immediately called his banker and cancelled the card. Then everyone piled their bags and bodies into Nelu’s car for a late afternoon drive to Blitar.

It was early evening when they arrived at the Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari in Blitar, which is the same hotel that President Soekarno stayed whenever he returned to his home town. 

Hotel Tugu Blitar, Indonesia -
Neil making friends with the lions guarding the hotel entrance

Yunus met Neil at the hotel and told him that he would be staying in Soekarno’s room and spending the night sleeping in Soekarno’s bed. That was no problem for Neil as it was already late and he was tired.

Yunus then took him to the room and told Neil that he might be visited between 2am to 4am, but to not be afraid. That was a nice thing to say before going to bed.

When Neil came into the bedroom he noticed how high the bed was.  Neil commented, “I’m going need a ladder to get into that thing, and pray that I don’t roll over and fall out!”  In fact, he could roll over all he could want in this 7’x7’ empire bed and jump as high as he could and never touch the 5 meter high ceiling.

He looked around again and noticed that a footstool had “appeared” beside the bed where there was none before. Now at least he could get into the bed, but there was that lingering thought of what monster may be hiding under the bed.  Neil paused, surveyed the room, checked under the bed and thought to himself, “this is gonna be one of those nights!”

The footstool “appears” on the right

Of course, Neil was peaked with the “what next” curiosity but nothing else happened so at bedtime he locked the room door and propped his suitcase against it, just in case. 

Nothing was going to get through that door without making a noise. He then climbed into bed and was out like the lights and into the darkness of sleep in just a few minutes.

It was a restless sleep and somewhere in the dead of night he abruptly woke up!  The room was strangely COLD. The hairs on his arms were standing straight up! It was pitch BLACK but he sensed that “something” was standing next to his bed, like a gigantic menacing BLACK apparition. 

Most people would have wet the bed or soiled their shorts sensing this monstrous thing. Not Neil. He just sat up, looked at the Thing and shouted at it, “Who do you think you are?!  This is My Room!  You don’t belong here! Get the hell out of here!  NOW!”

Talk about being “fearless”, Neil stared down the Beast and pointed him to the door. The shouted demands continued until the Thing backed away knowing that his scary mission had failed, so it retreated “through” the door, but as it parted it SLAMMED the door so loud that it woke up Nelu and the Elders and had hotel security come running to Neil’s room clambering “Are you alright?!”

Neil climbed down from the bed, moved his bags from the door which hadn’t moved, unlocked the door with a “TA DA!  What’s the matter?  What was that noise?” As if he didn’t know.

Neil told everyone what had happened but when he got to the part about his demanding that the Thing leave his room he said, “ I told it to GET OUT my room and go bother Nelu!” 

Nelu blurted out “NO, NO! Not ME!” And didn’t sleep until after sunrise.

Everyone then crawled back into their beds, wondering a bit, but knowing strange things do happen in the dark of night. Neil also climbed back into his high perch, doused the lights and returned to blissful sleep till morning.

There would be time to reflect in the morning, but this was time to rest following another ritual test.

With the dawn came moments of reflection on the strangeness of the night before. Spiritual challenges can be downright weird at times, but if you are fearless the evil entities of the night just won’t bite… scratch maybe.

This was another test passed.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

As nothing spiritual seems to happen during the day, Neil just got back to business.  He set up his computer on Soekarno’s favorite writing desk in the anteroom off the bedroom and began communicating with the World. 

Later in the afternoon he toured the hotel with Charles, looking at all the antiques, memorabilia and pictures of Soekarno. He even asked Charles if he would take him for a drive around town in Soekarno’s old Mercedes.

It was a relaxing day a restful relief from the long drive and eventful night before. 

Neil being a history buff, enjoyed the going back in time and the flavor of the Soekarno era as it somehow brought him closer to the man whom he was about to replace as the Amanah.

That night things got back to abnormal. This night Neil was chauffeured to Soekarno’s mausoleum and was let into the site well after closing hours. 

Yunus led Neil to Soekarno’s grave and they both kneeled in silent prayer before this great man. 

At the end of the prayer and the traditional sprinkling of flower petals on the grave, Neil was asked to look at the large anthracite stone at the head of the grave.

Tomb Of The First President Of Indonesia - Blitar - East J… | Flickr

Anthracite is rock coal that is up to 98% pure carbon.  This headstone was un-carved but was multi-facetted so that it reflected light in many unusual ways. And, of course, the high carbon content allowed for numerous spiritual influences. The stone was known to be highly spiritually inhabited.

So Neil did as he was told and leaned forward to inspect the headstone. At first he noticed like something was moving in the stone, as if it were alive inside. Then the head of a massive lion congealed in the stone right in front of Neil and stared directly into his eyes. 

Neil was not afraid at seeing this apparition, but instead he gave it a welcoming salutation and thanked the lion for being the spiritual guardian over the earthly remains of Bang Soekarno. He thanked the lion again for coming forth to see him… and with that the lion image faded back into the black stone.

Yunus was the first to ask Neil if he had seen anything as he stepped back. Neil just said, “I saw the Friendly Lion.”

Yunus smiled, knowing that very few people ever get to see this Protector.  The Elders too were satisfied. Another ritual accomplished.

With that done, it was time to return to the hotel and rest… well maybe not quite yet.

Meeting the MAN

Following the prayer session at Soekarno’s grave mausoleum another spiritual session was held late at night in President Soekarno’s old office in the anteroom to Neil’s bedroom.

Neil was ushered into the room by Nelu and Tomo. Yunus was already there at the head of a semi-circle of flickering candles.

Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari, Blitar - Booking Deals, Photos & Reviews

Neil was asked to sit on the floor addressing Yunus, but the old man grumbled  that his creaky knees would start complaining after two minutes sitting cross-legged… so they found him a low mahogany bench seat with which to rest his weary bones. (The bench is seen on the right in the picture above.)

The room became quiet and still as they sat there in meditation.

Yunus began whispering a ritual incantation and after a few moments his body stiffened and he sat straight up. He then spoke… but it was not his voice!

Neil was taken aback for a moment as he never experience “channeling” before and this was a small surprise.

Most people have heard about séances and clairvoyants speaking with the Dead, but it is significantly different when you are THERE, especially for the first time. And this startling voice change raised Neil’s fury eyebrows. He began wondering what was happening.

The voice coming out of Yunus then told Tomo to leave the room as what he was about to reveal was for Neil alone. Nelu stayed if translations were needed.

The clear voice then said, “I am Soekarno.” (Blink, Blink!  That was unexpected!)

“I am here to congratulate you Mr. Keenan, and to tell you many things about being the Amanah.”

This was the first time that Neil had been called “the AMANAH”. He now leaned forward and listened intently to what the spirit of President Soekarno was saying to him. 

This was the First Amanah spiritually acknowledging the New AMANAH… Neil Francis Keenan.

There was no ceremony, no anointment with scented blessed water, no flowers strewn at Neil’s feet. There was just two amazing spirits meeting together, talking and joking, and becoming friends.

Much was revealed to Neil but that was for him alone. More would come later. Soekarno did say that “Whatever Neil wants, you are to give it to him, no questions asked.”

Soekarno also told Neil that he had to be very careful as there were those out to make trouble for him, but that Soekarno would be with Neil always.  (And that has been the case in repeated contacts and conversations between the two Amanahs ever since.)

This ritual, though brief, was the confirmation that Neil had passed what no one else could have done. He was recognized and honored by the most important spiritual being who knew all about being the Amanah… Bang Soekarno and with the promise of continued support from his trusted mentor.

Neil was humbled by the significance of this meeting… and happy that the rituals were coming to a conclusion. There were, of course, a few more stumbling blocks down the road, but tonight was a good night.

Once Soekarno left Yunus, Neil turned to Nelu and told him, “Nelu, you heard him, \He was talking about you. Now he is right behind you!  He’s going to get you!” 

Nelu shouted “NO Sir!” and ran behind Yunus, using him as a shield. Neil just loved scaring the shit out of poor Nelu. He got him again this time and just chuckled to himself, leaving Yunus wonder what just happened.

More has happened since these initiation events so expect new chapters as the Soekarno / Keenan friendship has evolved and this incredible saga continues.   

Following the initiation rituals, Neil has increased his spiritual abilities and now has regular spiritual conversations with Soekarno.

Much is revealed to him concerning the office of the AMANAH. Soekarno has continued his promise of giving his full support and help in furthering the release of the AMANAH wealth for the benefit of all mankind.  

Neil thinks it’s nice to have a sidekick like that to provide spiritual support and guidance. That’s what friends are for… and they are the best of friends.

This is now becoming a new “Dynamic Duo”… HOLY BAT DROPPINGS BATMAN!

Lake Lights

Let My Little Light Shine!

Neil F. Keenan on the slippery slope as “The Happy Camper

This ceremony took place on a pitch black moonless night at the end of a trek through the jungles of Indonesia, passed rivers and waterfalls and culminating on a small rocky outcrop jutting out into an obsidian lake… somewhere we know not where.

The late night hike began at an orphanage where Neil and team were greeted by clapping children when they arrived. That was a bit of a surprise but was set up by the Elders as the path into the jungle was behind the orphanage in an area that the children were banned from entering because of the real dangers lurking there. 

Neil was unsure of why they were clapping but perhaps it was that he was the first hero who would maybe come out alive. So the dauntless trekked through what was basically an animal track through the jungle guided by a cloud of mosquitoes that for some reason avoided Neil and the Elders leading the way, but had a swatting field day on Charles and Nelu.

These were the same guys that had just days before chided Neil about smelling so “rosy.” Now they were sweaty and smelly, trudging through a jungle full of leaches, poisonous spiders and snakes, creatures of the night rustling the undergrowth and only with weak batteries and hand phones  to guide them along an overgrown path. 

The trail led past gurgling streams and small rivers, past a tumbling waterfall and finally arrived at a rocky spit of land jutting into the river feeding a small lake. The rocks were all slippery moss and mud covered and wet, so one mis-step would lead to injury or worse.

By this time it was really dark… pitch black dark! The Elders led Neil to a spot next to the river and told him to sit there and wait for a sign. Getting there was a slippery sliding, watch each step, over the rocks. 

Neil, Charles and Nelu spent a half hour saving each other from disappearing into the black water below but Neil finally got to his designated uncomfortable seat as seen above. 

It was not an honorable throne but he was glad to be down and safe on terra firma at last. He was not a Happy Camper as he sat there in the dark, contemplating his fate.

Yunus and the Tomo then scampered like monkeys over the rocks and found suitable perches on the rockfall from which to meditate and conduct their ritual prayers. It seemed like hours passed in the pitch black and in a strangely silent jungle while Neil sat there on soggy slimy stones, wondering…

He even called out to Nelu saying, “We are all going to die tonight!” This, of course, upset Nelu to no end. 

“Do you really think so Sir?” “Yes!” replied Neil, “One more step and you can disappear into the black water and we won’t ever see you again.” Nelu froze. Charles was chuckling inside but worried too as the biggest jungle he had ever been in was a golf course and never on a moonless night, so he too was sitting there, contemplating that he also had “no way out”.

It should be understood that rituals of this nature are often done in the dark and in secluded areas. This involves the summoning of spiritual entities and the manifesting of physical objects.

In this case since multiple Elders were present, there would be a number of Spiritual Masters present to conduct this ritual test. 

For those who have never seen “manifesting” before, it is a bit of a shocker.  Objects or entities appear virtually out of “thin air” or in this case “water”.  

The spiritual explanation of this is that higher dimensional beings through intent are able to lower the frequency vibration of a higher dimensional object to such an extent that it solidifies in the 3rd dimension. 

Simply the process is one of reducing a higher vibration to a lower one and in the process some heat is released. Manifested objects are normally warm when first received or give off some visible light, such as Neil’s “golden glowing” experience.

This ritual test involved these spiritual elements.

After what seemed to be a long time involved in invoking prayers, Yunus and Tomo came down from their rocky perches and handed Neil “a bag of dirt”!

Neil is now standing there with “His bag of dirt”, seriously contemplating throwing it at Nelu because of the inconvenience he was currently experiencing. 

Yunus then explained that Neil was to drop the bag of dirt onto the ground and see what would happen… if anything.

So everyone gathered around Neil with their cellphone LED’s shining. Neil raised his bag of dirt on high and ceremoniously plopped it onto the ground.

The curious on-lookers didn’t breathe. They waited for a few minutes in silence. Tomo then slowly opened the bag. Yunus and the other Elders looked in. 

Inside the bag a beautiful flower appeared! Neil peeked in and saw a white, yellow and black colored bloom. “Did you see that!” was exchanged between nodding heads. Where in the World did that come from!?

The Elders told Neil that this was a “sign” for them to continue. So up to the rocks and more prayers… and more anticipatory silent darkness. Tomo was muttering to spirits in the darkness and all else was quiet.

The darkness dragged on. Finally Tomo came down off his rock and took Neil by the hand and conducted a transfer of spiritual energy into him as a conclusion to the ritual ceremony.

Then Nelu shouted, “Sir, look!  There is a light in the water!” 

And sure enough, rising up from the bottom of the river was a clear white light. Neil saw it as a swirling stick but everyone else saw it as a glowing white orb that came bobbing up and out of the water, lighting up the whole surroundings! The funny thing was that the “light stick” was in a different location than the Orb!

Neil kept insisting that it was a “light stick”, so Nelu told him that what Neil was seeing was at a different vibration than anyone else there. That was what he was supposed to “see.”

This glowing rod or orb was a clear SIGN that the Elders had been waiting for!

Following Tomo’s energy transfer to Neil,  Yunus had to recharge Tomo as he was exhausted.  Then it was time to go. 

“Oh sure.” Said Neil, “Over slippery stones and along an unseen jungle trail IN THE DARK with no Light!” The Elders just smiled and said, “Mari! (Come).”

So the neophytes slowly slipped and slided back to solid ground and as they cautiously clamored along THE LIGHT FOLLOWED THEM ALL ALONG THE JUNGLE TRAIL, THE WHOLE WAY BACK TO THEIR CARS!

This sometimes happens around Ascended Masters or Angelic Beings, whose aura is a bright white light. This was obvious to Yunus and Tomo that they were being accompanied by someone veeery special on their trek back through the jungle. 

They knew the meaning of this honor being bestowed on Neil.  Neil, however, was just tired and glad to have something lighting his path.

Talk about blown minds of people not used to supernatural things, it was a big eyed trek in stupefied silence through thick jungle in the middle of the night. None were willing to talk… being mesmerized by a real paranormal happening of “enlightenment” along their Path, especially wide eyed Charles and Nelu.

It was a quiet drive back to their hotel.  Neil was smiling and thinking “that was fun” but not admitting that it was one of the strangest experiences he had ever seen.  He pinched himself for sure.

This ritual was passed surprisingly easily.

 But it had been a long dark and eventful night, so it was a time for a rest and reflection.  Another ritual test would be coming soon.

Keraton Ratu Boko

After completing the rituals at President Soekarno’s ancestral house and offices, the entourage made their way from Blita to the ancient palace of the King of Boko (Keraton Ratu Boko), a sprawling 16 hectare fortress and temples made from white limestone and black volcanic basal dated back to before 792 AD.

Keraton Ratu Boko dan Gudeg Yogya (Bagian 3) - aMuslima
Euforia Sesaat, Berujung Rasa Malu Penemuan Situs - Star Jogja FM

This beautiful hilltop complex is three miles south of Jogyakarta city and is a major tourist attraction. But Neil was not there as a tourist. 

Yunus led Neil across the grass to a solitary flat stone. He was told that a former beneficial Queen of Boko used to hold audiences there and meditate while enjoying a cool breeze and the gorgeous view. Neil just sat there while Nelu, Yunus, Tomo and Charles sat on the grass some 30-meters away.

As Neil patiently sat there, suddenly a strong gust of wind came up and blew his hat right off! The boys scrambled to retrieve it and all settled calmly back down. Only Neil was hit by that wind, so maybe the Spirits of the Keraton just wanted to see his face.

A few moments later a small whirlwind collected leaves from the nearby trees and showered then upon Neil. Again not on the Elders, Nelu or Charles. Things were now getting spiritual, but more was to come.

So Neil sat there wondering “What next?” When three chickens came out of the jungle undergrowth, pecking the ground and wandering about until they came directly in front of Neil. They stopped and looked at Neil.  Neil looked at the chickens. Then the chickens did the “Chicken Dance”! 

Neil just sat there watching the three Chicken Chorus Line Routine and wondering to himself “it would have been better if three beautiful Indonesian maidens were dancing instead of chickens.”

The chickens tired quickly from the strutting, high kicks and flapping wings, so after their short routine, they scurried back into the bushes. Neil wasn’t sure if he should clap or not.

Silent moments passed again, allowing everyone time to reflect on what was happening. That contemplation was interrupted when three young goats came skipping out of the jungle!

The young goats strolled up in front of Neil. Looked directly at him. Neil looked back. Then the three goats did the “Goat Hop” routine! They jumped in the air. Jumped at each other. Spun this way and that in what was a frolicking and humorous dance. Neil smiled and thanked them for their enjoyable entertainment. The three goats then hopped and jumped their way back into the jungle.

Shortly thereafter three sheep sauntered out of the jungle, walked before Neil, and just stared at him for a minute or so, then went “BAAAAAA”. Neil went “BAAAAA” back. The sheep turned and swaggered back into the bushes.

By this time Neil realized that this whole show was another rite of passage where he received the blessings and approval of the ancient Kings and Queens of the Boko Empire. 

This was indeed a spiritual honor never ever bestowed on a foreigner before, much less even local Javanese Royalty. This was a very special and auspicious occasion.

With the blessing dances over, Yunus signaled Neil that it was time to go. But there was one more parting gift. As Neil got up he was surrounded by a flock of white doves.

The doves followed him as he approached the main exit gate. Neil was again surrounded by hundreds of White Doves, circling him with out-stretched wings in an awesome fluttering display.

Pictures taken showed birds with their wings fully extended guarding Neil from behind as he left the Keraton Ratu Boko. This was a beautiful and fitting end to this ritual.

From here the Initiate and crew would travel back to Semarang for instructions from the Sultan and prepare for the final ritual.

Neil had surprisingly passed all 6 rites so far in smooth succession. This amazed all the Elders that Neil passed these spiritual tests so effortlessly.  This was an impressive feat.

But for Neil it was more like an interesting game of “What’s Next?” He really was not focused on the spirituality of the rituals, thus he did what he had to do as his objective was to become the Amanah. That would come soon enough.

Semarang was a needed rest stop now.


Gifts and Conditions

From the Kraton Ratu Boko the Happy Gang headed back to Semarang for a rest and a bit of a celebration. Six important rituals had been passed with ease and Neil was still in one piece. They had a right to be happy and relieved. There was still one more to go, but that could wait for a while.

In Semarang they settled in at a nice hotel with a restaurant nearby with chalets perched over huge Koi ponds. This was a serene setting that was a welcome respite to more than a week of driving around East and Central Java and the testing of the souls of the team. Neil even took everyone out for a lavish dinner and a night out on the town to celebrate. Things had gone exceptionally well.

Tomo, Nelu, Charles, Yunus and Neil Celebrating

Neil rather liked this restaurant because he could sit on the veranda overlooking the ponds and thousands of Koi would come swimming over to pay homage to the new Amanah. It reminded him of the dancing chickens and goats, and the cloud of doves at the Kraton. Why not fish too?

Of course, the fish were congregating because Neil was feeding them, but it was a good feeling to have a crowd of animals as a royal audience. He began to realize as he tossed bread to the fish that this was an inkling of the duty and responsibility associated with being the Amanah. 

Being the Amanah is an honored position of responsibility towards all mankind. It is far more than just tossing crumbs. The mental impact of seeing and understanding the deeper meaning of watching over a congregation of mankind and especially the Indonesian people, was the true spirit of Bang Soekarno manifesting in Neil as he watched the fish before him. 

He was in awe and deeply moved by the responsibility of the mantle now upon his shoulders. He was humbled and in gratitude for the insight given by a simple school of fish.

A few days later, Yunus and Tomo came to the hotel with big smiles on their faces and a GIFT in their hands. The Gift was a heavy object encased in a black cloth sarong. Tomo held it on open palms while Yunus explained to Neil that this was a very powerful object and if touched with bare hands, it could burn you or worse. Neil was supposed to be very careful in handling this spiritual object. 

Neil received the gift from Tomo and asked Yunus, “Does this now belong to me?”  Yunus nodded “Yes.” “Well if that’s the case,” said Neil, “if it is mine, it should not hurt me.” And with that he slipped the gleaming golden scepter out of its sarong and grabbed it with both hands!

Yunus and Tomo were open mouth stunned. Neil just sat there rolling the shiny object around in his hands… and nothing happened. Neil had been right. It was HIS.

Neil then asked Yunus, “What is this thing?” to which Yunus answered, “This is the Transfer of Power Tongkat (Scepter) given from the Amanah Soekarno to the Amanah Neil Francis Keenan.”

Oh Wow was the expression on Neil’s face. This was physical and spiritual confirmation that Neil had successfully passed all the important rituals required to become the genuine Amanah. This was the culmination of years of work on his part.  It was His Moment.

Neil held the golden scepter with Soekarno’s effigy at the crown… and he smiled.

He then slid the scepter back into its sarong and placed it on a nearby table.  Congratulations were exchanged all around and everyone cautiously peeked at this Power object. Unfortunately, however, Tomo’s son did pick the scepter up and touched it with his hand. He immediately got 3rd degree blisters on his hand! (Proof that the scepter was indeed dangerously powerful.)

Two days later Yunus and Tomo showed up again with another GIFT.  This also was a Power Object in the form of another tongkat scepter. This one was quite a bit different in that it was made with a brass hilt that was connected to a rod that went through a carved hardwood shaft that terminated in a silver and brass point.

This Power Scepter was specifically to be used to open bunker doors that were guarded by Jinns and other Spirits. It was in essence a key that would unlock Pandora’s Boxes. It could also be used as a powerful weapon if pointed at someone, something or an attacker of any kind.  It was described as something like a modern stun gun as sparks would fly out of the pointed end.

Now Neil had two new weapons!  More coming!

A couple of days later Yunus tracks Neil down at the poolside relaxing.  Yunus had a roll of pinkish colored paper waving in his hand. “WE GOT IT!” he shouted. “Is that what I think it is?” replied Neil.  Yunus nodded vigorously.

Yunus then found and wiped clean a banquet table, and slowly, ceremoniously un-rolled the document. There it was… THE AMANAH AGREEMENT… signed, sealed and delivered by 29 Elders in Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia and English!

This was the official CONTRACT appointing Neil Francis Keenan as the only AMANAH.

Almost. The Agreement was still missing the final signature and chop of the most important Elder, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and that would only be given following Neil’s passage of  the Final Ritual.

So Yunus rolled the Amanah Agreement back up and sent it off for initial framing. That was just the teaser.

A few days later the fully gilt framed AMANAH AGREEMENT was back for another look and a few snapshots. This appeared on Neil’s websites on August 25, 2018 together with Neil holding the Transfer of Power scepter.

The framed Amanah Agreement was again taken back as Neil still needed to pass the final ritual before the Sultan would officially sign the document and give it to Neil as the AMANAH.

Meeting Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X

H.E. Sultan of Yogyakarta and Governor of the Province of Yogyakarta

Since Neil had successfully completed the 6 major rituals, received the two powerful scepters from Soekarno through the Elders and had read and approved the wording of the Amanah Agreement, it was now time to take the final step in fulfilling the Elder’s prophesy that Neil would be the One… the next Amanah.

To enter the final ritual phase, Neil had to first meet with the Principal Elder, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, the reigning Sultan and Governor of Yogyakarta to receive his instructions, blessings and hopefully his signature on the Amanah Agreement.

Arrangements were made for this private meeting to take place in the Military Hotel in Semarang. This location assured privacy and confidentiality, plus a way out if Neil ever failed in the last ceremony. There were to be no witnesses other than Tomo, Yunus and Nelu as Neil’s translator. This was a highly secretive meeting of potentially major national and international significance.

The date was set and Neil was unceremoniously introduced to the Sultan by Yunus and Tomo with Nelu translating the salutations and introductions.  Neil was then motioned to sit next to the Sultan with Nelu seated several feet away to Neil’s left. 

Yunus and Tomo were asked to sit back further in the room as the Sultan had scolded them for some of their actions towards Neil. Tomo was singled out and suspended for 6-months, but Neil’s intervention saved Yunus this time.

The Sultan then told Neil that he had one more ritual to pass and that it was customary for Neil to provide each of the Elders that had signed the Amanah Agreement with a “gift.”

In this case the Elders had requested a vial of “Agra Oil” which was a rare aromatic extract from a jungle tree that grows only in East Papua. This oil is used by Elders in very special ceremonies.

The meeting was brief with the Sultan saying that after the gift had been given, Yunus would arrange the final ritual, and if passed, the Sultan would sign the Amanah Agreement and they would go from there.

The Sultan then made a final caution statement directly to Neil, telling him “to put his house in order.” Neil understood clearly that this was a warning. The Sultan and Neil then shook hands with Neil thanking the Sultan for his time and concerns.

Neil went back to his hotel where new strategies and plans had to be made in preparation for the final rituals.

The fully signed Amanah Agreement
Neil the New Amanah

“Gold Finger”

A few weeks after receiving the Transfer of Power scepter a very unusual thing occurred that has never been seen happen before.

July 2019 – Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

Neil’s middle finger on his right hand from the tip of the finger through his palm turned:


Neil thought that this may have been the result of something that he touched, so he went to the bathroom and washed his hands. The Golden Finger remained! That was strange.

Now he was starting to get concerned. Neil had often told jokes about appendages turning black and then falling off, but now his own finger had changed color… would it fall off? He rubbed his finger to see if it hurt. No.  Was it spreading? No. Did it smell different? No.

This was perplexing and worrying as Neil had been poisoned several times.  Was this life threatening? No logical answers were coming and that was a bit unnerving.

This digital picture was taken and strangely a section of the pixels did not develop properly. Again this was unusual until looked at in closer inspection. Noticeable in the pixels above Neil’s thumb appears to be a head in the background! That would suggest something more supernatural was definitely occurring.

Neil was being spiritually zapped. This was later confirmed by the ethereal form of President Soekarno, who now appeared directly before Neil without any Elder channel. 

Soekarno told him not to worry as this was just the result of the Transfer of Power and how this will continue to manifest through his right hand as very special energies emanating through his middle finger. This will become more apparent as Neil assumes the Office of the Amanah.

This “Gold Finger” has occurred a number of times since, often with respect to activities related to Amanah business decisions or appearances of President Soekarno, where timely advice is given. 

Neil kind of likes his Gold Finger and even attached the James Bond theme song to his phone ringtone. He still isn’t sure if he will have the “Midas Touch” but it sure brings another meaning to his adversaries if Neil now GIVES THEM THE FINGER!

That may just be a supernatural slammer! 

Watch Out You Bums!  You May Be Next!

Semararng to Cikabumi Adventure

Following Neil’s meeting with the Sultan in Semarang, the quest for “Agra Oil” began in earnest. 

There are quite a number of essential oil Dealers in every major city in Java, but most only carry small vials of this rare and expensive oil. Locating a large quantity in a single common batch was thus a difficult task.

It was also a Sellers’ Market where you pay the asking price as the Seller already knows that you will need this oil for various religious rights or summoning Spirits. You pay without haggling or asking for a discount.  That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

Required was at least a liter of this Agra Oil and that would cost approximately USD $40,000 in order to fill 30+ vials for one each of the Elders involved in the initiation rituals and signing of the Amanah Agreement.

Yunus and Tomo as Elders, of course, were familiar with many of the reputable essential oil Dealers so with Nelu chauffeuring them around they were able to canvas Semarang and call suppliers in Jogyakarta, Surabaya and Jakarta. The hunt was on.

After more than a week of searching with little luck, they finally tracked down a Dealer who was a principal importer of this oil from East Papua and he was the only one who did have a bottle for sale and would divide it up into small vials once payment was received. Problem solved almost.

If you remember back to Surabaya and the fact that the ATM at the airport had eaten Neil’s debit card, there was now a “cash” problem. 

Added to the cash crunch was the fact that Western Union (Rothschilds Owned) blacklisted Neil and was blocking all direct transfers to him. Neil circumvented this by having money sent to Nelu or others, but this was in small amounts and not sufficient enough to cover the large payment needed for the Agra Oil.

At this time Neil was not feeling well as his blood sugar levels were high and he was lethargic, so he just rested in his hotel room while Nelu and Yunus went off on a recon mission to survey what would be required for opening the first bunker.

Actually Neil’s body was adjusting to the new frequencies that he had been exposed to during the initiation rites. This normally results in a need to rest and rejuvenate energy levels. It had been a hectic few weeks so it was a needed break with a bit of sun beside the pool.

After about a week, Neil was again getting anxious to be on the move again.  He was just sitting around his room looking at his “sticks” and wondering what the Magicman would say about them. The only way to find out was to go and see the Magicman at his house in Bandung about 250 miles away from Semarang.

Neil then calls Nelu and tells him to pack his bag and bring the car around. “We are going to Bandung!” They stuffed the car and off they went.

Magicman is a well known Indonesian Elder who Neil had met earlier when he magically transferred money to other Elders by simply placing the notes inside a green cloth tube. He had also demonstrated various other “materializations” for Neil. The Magicman was a genuine mystic.

It was a long drive but the Magicman was at the door to greet them as if he “knew” that they were coming.

The Magicman was impressed with Neil’s scepters. He took the Power scepter and tapped it on the floor. Sparks flew out! “Whoa! What was that?” came from Neil.

The Magicman with a smile on his face then explained to Neil that this was a very powerful scepter needed to open magical doors that were guarded by very powerful Jinns who protected bunker sites.

Curious Neil then asked Magicman if he could test these scepters himself to see that the “sticks” actually worked. The Magicman thought about this request but said that the Power scepter was only for opening bunkers and may not be used on people.

So Neil took the Power scepter in his hand and started tapping it on the floor and watched the sparks fly!

Nelu was standing apprehensive back in a corner as the sparks kept dancing off the scepter. Neil couldn’t let a good scare on Nelu pass so he pointed the scepter in Nelu’s direction and said, Nelu, Watch this!  It’s YOUR TURN!” “Oh NO SIR!” squealed Nelu.

And thus started a hilarious time with Neil chasing poor Nelu around the room, all the time laughing and shouting “It’s gonna get you!” with sparks flying this way and that.

A bit later Neil got word from one of Group-K’s members that the King of the Jinn had contacted her and said that he was willing to help Neil if Neil could supply the Jinn with Agra Oil and open His Bunker and let His people get out.

Neil repeated this message to Magicman, but he replied that he would first have to go up a nearby mountain and make contact with his spirit guides for their consent.

The next morning the Magicman left his house for the jungle trek to his favorite meditation site, saying that he should be back the next day. The next day came and went with no Magicman. Day 2 was the same. By Day 3 Kawa, the Magicman’s brother, said that he was going up the mountain to find his brother. 

Kawa and a couple of friends found Magicman lying on the ground in a semi-comatose condition. The friends were worried that Magicman had fallen, but Kawa held them back as he had seen his brother in this way before.

The Magicman was actually traveling out-of-body and should not be touched or moved.  Kawa just sat beside his brother and recited special prayers.  A short while later the Magicman awoke, sat up and asked for a drink of water.  He was fine.

Back home, the Magicman explained what had transpired and that the King of the Jinn guarding the bunker had agreed to the opening of the bunker door just enough so that the Jinn that had been captive in the bunker for so long could get out. 

Neil as the Amanah agreed to these terms and thus the Merry Band again hopped into Nelu’s SUV for another 100+ km drive to Sukabumi Province (which Neil calls “Cikabumi”) and a stay at the famous Grand Inna Samudra Beach Hotel.

Bus Fight

Indonesian long haul bus drivers must be selected for their fearlessness and ability to go as fast as they can Always. On the highway to Cikabumi Nelu made the mistake of getting in front of one of these daredevils and got, shall we say “nudged from behind”. 

He then made the mistake of stopping the bus to inspect the minor damage, but this went from a shouting match between the two drivers to an angry crowd as all the passenger came down and another bus full of supporters stopped as reinforcements. Nelu was furious and wanting to fight but he was seriously out numbered. 

So Neil jumps out of the car and becomes the “referee”… standing in the middle of an angry crowd (who didn’t understand a word he was saying) and then finally grabbing Nelu and shoving him back in the car. As usual Neil ended up with the repair bill but that was better than a roadside brawl.  Needless to say, Nelu grumbled the rest of the way to the hotel. 

The Grand Inna hotel is famous in Indonesia for Room 308, which is the room that is occupied by the mythical Puteri Laut (Princess of the South Sea traditionally known as Nyi Loro Kidul or Rara Kidul) who is a legendary Indonesian female spirit or deity, known as the Queen of the Southern Sea of Java and is highly respected in Javanese and Sundanese mythology. 

It is said that she may have once been a Thai Princess that fled to Indonesia where she walked out of the sea at the location of the hotel. It is also rumored that she was a beautiful woman and a spirit wife of Bong Soekarno who designed and built the hotel for her. And whenever he stayed there, it was always in the closed door room 308.

Misteri Kamar 308 Hotel Inna Samudera Pelabuhan Ratu | KASKUS
Tempat Angker, Rumah Angker dan Tempat Paling Angker di Dunia ...

It is said that women on the South coast of Java never wear green as this was the favorite color of the Puteri Laut and that to do so would provoke her wrath… even to this day.

Of course, Neil the Amanah had to inspect her room and offer a prayer. He is not telling what happened, but the next morning as they were eating breakfast, the restaurant door opened and two little midgets burst in followed by a regal yet portly woman all dressed in green that walked behind them. 

She stopped at Neil’s table for several minutes saying nothing but just looked him straight in the eye, then proceeded to her table where her two munchkins served her breakfast.

Lots of historical photographs throughout the hotel - Picture of ...

On finishing breakfast, the Lady in Green again stopped at Neil’s table. She stared at him again. Neil smiled back. Then she gave a small smile and a nod of her head and left the room.

You will have to make up your own mind about what had just happened, but Neil did say that he had a good night’s sleep. But being in that room 308 was enough to make one wonder.

The Bunker Stroll in the Jungle

The purpose of this trip was to test the Power scepters on Magicman’s bunker, so the next morning the Gang got together to discuss the hike. Neil was already into scaring Nelu who had just bought a pair of Army boots that were already biting his feet. 

Nelu countered back, “Aren’t you afraid of wild animals and the Jinns?”  “Nope”, said Neil, “I have my sticks and I just have to point it at them and even the Jinn will run away. You don’t have worry Nelu as I will protect you. Think about that.”

A moment later Nelu says to Neil, “Neil you are bleeding! Look at your shoulder!

Sure enough there were three claw marks that had sliced through his shirt and scratched the skin! The Magicman had Neil quickly remove his shirt and then took him to the bathroom to clean the wounds.

After a bit of water and a few prayers, the bleeding stopped and revealed wounds that were open but that would heal in a day.

But what was more revealing was what was on the blood stained shirt.

What can be seen from different angles are the faces of three Jinns!

The Magicman told Neil that he had offended the Jinn with his veiled threat about using his scepter against them, so they gave Neil a little warning that they are REAL and are not to be messed with.

Neil got the message, apologized to the Jinn saying that he was just kidding and promised again that he was there to set them free from the bunker. 

The Jinn were happy again. But Nelu was more scared than before. Neil sensed this and told Nelu, “You better watch out as you may be next!  And they can hurt you real bad! They are going to get you in the jungle.” 

Nelu went and sat next to Magicman.

The Jungle Trek

NEIL KEENAN | Conspiracy Daily Update

The lower part of the trail was a “walk in the park” with a wide trail and gentle slope. This is where Neil met two of Magicman’s friends. The first was a 14-foot White Cobra that appeared hanging from a tree branch beside the trail.  It reared its body to 6-feet tall, flared its cowl and slowly looked at Neil and Magicman.

This was an auspicious welcome, a greeting to friends but a spiritual warning threat to other trespassers. After salutations, this beautiful snake lowered its body and stayed guard over the trail until all had passed by.

Nelu nearly pissed his pants seeing that snake as he really doesn’t like snakes at all. But the fun wasn’t over yet. A little further along the trail was a giant hollowed out log, and as they approached it a huge python stuck out his head to see what lunch was coming. 

The head of this monster snake was more than a foot in diameter. Big enough to swallow a man! Nelu froze.

Again after salutations and requested permission to pass, the huge guard allowed them to move on, except for petrified Nelu, whom Magicman had to take by the hand. Nelu tippy-toed passed with his eyes fixed on this monster, ready to run and scream.

As the trail climbed it gradually became narrower and narrower, till it came to a fork where Magicman turned off to what Neil described as a small bicycle track.

By now Nelu was sweating and starting to lag behind as his new boots were biting harder than any snake, and the jungle brushing by both shoulders was creeping him out, particularly since rustling bushes and jungle sounds heightened his adrenalin outpouring. This was no place for a kampong boy.

Neil, of course, poured more fear on the fire saying things like, “Nelu, did you hear that!? I think that big snake is following you. If you get too far behind we may never see you again!”

The trail got steeper and steeper, and the huffing and puffing got louder.  Neil obviously hadn’t been in training for quite some time, and was in no way a challenge to the scampering Magicman and Kawa. But thankfully Nelu was dragging up and protecting the rear, so rest breaks became more frequent as they climbed higher and waited for Nelu to catch up.

Neil talking on the phone in the Jungle!

The trail opened up as they climbed into old growth and distinct rock steps showed the way.  Some sections the stair steps were abnormally high at around three feet tall. 

Neil struggled and swore that Giants built this Stairway to Heaven.  And as he huffed along a precipitous cliff face, clinging to roots and struggling with giant steps, the serious thoughts that this really may be his final climb to meet his Maker. 

One slip and it would be a 300 foot drop into Hell.  He moved slowly and his grip was tight.

Eventually he and even Nelu made it off the cliff and up the narrow trail leading to a clearing. This was an unusual clearing as on one side was a white tiled grave of some ancient being and on the other was a rock slide. 

The other strange thing was that there were monkeys everywhere in the trees and in the ground except for one Friendly Monkey who did not seem afraid at all. 

There was also heard the growling of Sumatran tigers moving through the underbrush. That kept Nelu anxiously looking wide-eyed at all the monkey shaking bushes surrounding the clearing.

Magicman, Monkey, Neil and Kawa at the rockfall

Magicman waved to Neil to come over to the rock fall where he explained that the bunker was deep inside the mountain behind the boulders guarding the stone entrance. 

He told Neil to tap the big boulder only three times with the Power scepter and then stand back.

Magicman showed Neil where to tap the boulders and the one that he has his hand on looks like a sad head bowing down.

Neil proceeded tapping the big stones and moments later the ground shook and rocks began tumbling down the hill. Everyone jumped back, except for Nelu… he ran to the tomb site!

When the ground shaking stopped, the entire area gradually became darker and darker. Neil was watching the rock face where he had tapped and saw one almost black shadow figure appear through the rocks. 

At first it was small in size, but with each step it grew taller and taller as it effortlessly climbed up the rock slide with ever increasing giant strides.  This Jinn was perhaps 40-60 feet tall by the time he reached the top of the hill, then he stopped, put his hands on his hips and waved at Neil!

Neil waved back. The Jinn then hid behind a large tree, peering back at Neil!

Neil called out to Nelu. “Did you see that?!”  “YYYYYYyyyyeeesss Ssssiiirrrr!” came the reply.

Then everything became pitch BLACK!

This was early afternoon on a clear day with very few clouds in the sky. The whole area was DARK as midnight on a moonless night… in the jungle.  “You there Nelu?” “Yesss sir” was the whispered answer.

Did you hear that?  Something just growled. You still with us Nelu?” “Yyyyyeeesss Sssssiirrr.” 

There seemed to be no telling how long the darkness lasted, but it gradually faded back to daylight… much to Neil and Nelu’s relief. 

But as the things again came into view, two more Jinn came out of the bunker and grew up incredibly fast, taking giant steps to join their friend peering behind the tree. Then as the light got brighter, they also faded away.

So once with the “lights back on”, the curious crew cautiously inspected the damage that they had done.

Magicman was the first to peer between the boulders and confirmed that the bunker door had been opened slightly. Neil then poked his nose into the gaps and sure enough, he could see the opened door and a bit of a smooth clean hallway that lay behind.

Then it was Nelu’s turn. He stuck his face into the crack between the rocks AND TWO RED EYES POPPED UP STARING HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE! 

He stumbled out of there as fast as he could! “What did you see?” asked Neil as Nelu stumbled back.

“Aaaaaaah!” was all Nelu could utter.

There are magical times and this was one of them

AAaaafter the Nelu distraction the curious crew turned around to find another surprised offering.

What had appeared on the ground and in front of the boulders was a gift of three small peeled hard boiled eggs on a large dried leaf!

Where the eggs came from, no one knew, but Neil thanked the Jinns for their gift. Then while wondering what they should do with the eggs, the Friendly Monkey came over and grabbed an egg and stuffed it into his mouth then hopped over to a rock and munched it down. 

After enjoying the first egg, the monkey obviously thought that that was just the appetizer, so he hopped back, stuffed the remaining two eggs into his bulging cheeks and jumped back to his perch to finish his breakfast.

This behavior was quite unexpected from a wild jungle animal, but Neil was amused at the boldness of this monkey. 

The Friendly Monkey then went over and stole Neil’s drinking water bottle, unscrewed the cap and took a long, cool drink.

This was not a normal monkey, and the clamber of noise from his buddies in the bushes, meant that this was a damn good show put on by the Boss. 

Notice the stones behind the monkey. The middle stone is the Talking Stone and on its right is a reptilian adviser and on the left is another whispering in his ear. 

You sit on the stone chair and place your hands on the Talking Stone and ask what you want to know.  If you are lucky and an adept Elder you may enjoy a session of ancient wisdom.

There are other mystical stone and other “faces” in this picture. See if you can spot them.

They are all watching and protecting this site!

With the mission accomplished, it was time to leave.  Neil and Magicman thanked all the Spirits for coming and participating and confirmed that they would someday return. Neil wished the Jinns well and jokingly ask them to help him back down the trail. They actually did.

It was a slow and cautious climb back down the mountain, but going down was much easier than the climb going up. Nelu was focused more on his blistering feet than the rustling in the bushes, but he did manage to sprint past the python in the log. 

All returned safely to the hotel, a bath and a good dinner. The hotel staff had raised eyebrows as the disheveled and dirty trekkers staggered in, with questioning looks as to “Where have you been?”

The next day Magicman penned a note concerning just how successful the mission had been. Neil had released five major families and over 40,000 Jinn that had been held captive as protectors of this bunker. The Jinn were eternally thankful.

In fact, several months later Neil had a conversation with another psychic who channeled the King of the Jinns of the Families that Neil had freed. 

The King told Neil that all the Families had been released from the bunker and once out, they all graduated to the 5th Dimension as high level spiritual beings. 

These thousands of Jinn were eternally grateful to Neil and promised that they would be looking after him in his journey through life and in the hereafter.

That was a fitting end to this excursion to “Cikabumi”. It had been an exploration, but there would be more to come. The dauntless crew then piled into Nelu’s repaired car for the winding and bumpy drive back to Bandung to send Magicman and Kawa home, and then on to Yogyakarta for a restful wait.

The “sticks” really worked and Neil made some amazing spiritual new friends. He just enjoyed the “unexpected” and thought of the trek as a fun adventure. Next!

The Final Rite of Passage

After meeting with the Sultan in Semarang, Neil was informed that there was one more final ceremony that needed to be completed before the Sultan could add his signature to the Amanah Agreement that would then complete Neil’s official appointment as the AMANAH.

This ceremony involved giving a “gift” to all the Elders who had participated and another final spiritual ritual as a final offering to and acknowledgement by entities on High.

The “gift” requested was a very special and rare aromatic essential oil extracted from a jungle tree species only found in East Papua. This perfumed oil called “Agra Oil” is highly prized by Elders as it is used only in very special ceremonies.  It is so rare that one liter costs US$ 40,000 if you can even find some.

This “requirement” sent Neil’s team on a “search mission” to see if they could find and then purchase at least one liter of this precious Agra Oil. 

This alone was a major task as most of the essential oils dealers in Java only held small vials of the oil and in varying grades. That obviously was not an acceptable solution. But finally after much searching, the team managed to find a principal importer who had a large bottle of this wonderful oil.

Now it was Neil’s turn to dig into his pockets to come up with the “cash” as there is no negotiation or credit plans in this business. So Neil emptied his pockets and came up short. Remember that the ATM machine at the Surabaya airport ate his debit card and on top of that Western Union (Rothschilds owned) was blocking direct money transfers to him in his name. 

He still could receive small amounts through 3rd Parties, like using Nelu’s name, but this was insufficient for the Agra Oil purchase and other finalizing expenses being incurred.

But best laid plans never seem to work out when you are in the middle of an initiation, so more inconvenient “trials and tribulations” occurred… Sometimes these are exasperating or maddening, but they are just more “trials”.

But days of aggravation and waiting had finally passed. Well maybe, because somewhere in the ticketing process for flights to Bali someone had removed a little slip of paper from Neil’s passport. That will be another problem later. Now, however, was just time for a little R&R in Bali.

Neil and entourage then flew from Jakarta to Denpasar, took taxis to the exclusive Nusa Dua Hotel where Neil normally stayed and had already made bookings… only to be STOPPED BY SECURITY POLICE and not allowed to enter the hotel! WHAT!  More“trials”.

Neil immediately called the hotel and Reception told him that the hotel was on a “security lockdown” due to the IMF and World Bank Conferences being held at the hotel. He was also informed that the hotel was fully booked but that they had reserved two suites as requested for Neil. 

He was then told to go to a specific location and wait for a hotel van to come and bring them to the hotel. The hotel van did show up about a half hour later and loaded up a sweaty gaggle of grumblers and a ton of luggage and brought them straight past security and to their welcoming rooms.

It was an interesting few days in Bali amongst the clutter of World Banking Elites. It seemed that the whisper that “Neil Keenan is HERE!” had spread through the IMF and World Bank crowd and thus most kept their calculated distance from “the Man”. 

Even one morning for breakfast with Neil seated at his normal corner veranda table at the Executive Lounge, in walked the head of the IMF, Christine Legarde, who sat at a table opposite and facing Neil.

You could see by her face exactly what she was thinking when she looked up and saw Neil wiggling his fingers in a mock wave. “SHIT! How in the Hell did HE GET IN HERE!?” 

She knew Neil from previous confrontations so this was like the Cabal Devil seeing her Maker. She had an uncomfortable breakfast and kept nervously glancing over at Neil throughout. Neil enjoyed every minute of it.

But the word was out that “Neil the Amanah” was in the building , so that effectively shut Cabal mouths and plans for raping Indonesia. There was a lot of nervous hand shaking and false smiles all around, but NO DEALS with Neil the Indonesian Protector watching guard. 

Neil was laughing the whole time.  He was really there only for a bit of sun… but THEY didn’t know that… and he wasn’t about to tell them. 

Let the Cabal sweat in the hot tropical sun.

After a few days in the sun and having fun scaring Cabal members, Neil decided it was time to finish his initiation so he packed up his family and friends and took the short flight to Yogyakarta where he would meet up with Nelu and Yunus and Thomas flying in from Malaysia.

Thomas was new to the Indonesian team but had been working with Neil for years exposing the financial shenanigans in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. 

He was the replacement for Charles who had to return to the US, and was brought in because he spoke the language and had over 40-years of experience with local shaman channelers and high level spiritual Elders in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

His job was that of the “witness” to these final ceremonies and what transpired thereafter.

The entourage settled into the Hyatt Regency where Neil called Jo in Jakarta to join the group for the final ceremony as he had been there from the very beginning and it was only fitting that this old friend should be there at the end of this journey.

Neil counted out the Dollars for the Agra Oil and handed them to Nelu and Yunus who quickly disappeared… only to thankfully reappear a day later with a bottle of the precious liquid.

Yunus holding the bottle of Agra Oil with Nelu, Jo and Neil

Yunus disappeared again with the precious bottle of oil to divide it into small vials and then he gave one to each of the Elders who had participated in the Amanah rituals as the promised “gift”. This completed the first requirement.

Thomas, Neil, Charlie (Neil’s son) and Yunus at the Hyatt Regency

The final ceremony was scheduled for Thursday night 18th October 2018 but due to delays in getting the Agra Oil gift to all the Elders and getting most of them to the ritual site plus some bad weather, the ceremony was postponed to the following Wednesday, the 24th

The site chosen was the Pantai Cangkring beach due South from Jogyakarta.


So about mid-night a dozen cars full of Indonesian Elders arrived at this sandy beach for the last ritual of gifting the Spirits that had tested Neil in his ritual tasks. 

The gathered Elders then presented Neil and Yunus each a bamboo woven tray with blessed foods and flower offerings.


This traditional offering to the spirit world would be sent out to sea, and if accepted, portions would appear at three separate river locations along the South Java coast.

It was a pitch black night with Neil and Yunus carefully carrying their offering to the shore. Nelu was “live streaming” the event worldwide over Neil’s Facebook page and Thomas was handling the spot light, well almost, as in the process he stepped into a sand hole and took a dive for a moment.  

After a few minutes everyone made it to wet sand and Yunus signaled to Neil to sit down next to him and place the offering in front of him like Yunus had done. Once seated, Yunus began prayers and a small wave rolled in, grabbed Neil’s offering and dragged it 10 meters closer to the sea.  

But Yunus had not finished his prayer so he got up, picked up Neil’s tray and brought it back to him. He started his prayer again and again a wave came and took Neil’s offering another 10 meters away. Neil thought that this was great fun as he was “winning the race!”

Yunus then cheated by picking up his tray and moving it up with Neil’s. The next wave took them both but Neil’s tray was still in the lead going into the foaming mouth of a black sea, never to be seen again. 

Mission accomplished… almost… as it would be the next day for the three river outposts to confirm that they had received the offerings.


A few days later this arrived at Neil’s hotel suite.

AMANAH Neil Francis Keenan with the Original Amanah Agreement

The Amanah Agreement with the Signature and Chop of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X

Prolog to the Ritual Ceremonies

To most people observing these ritual ceremonies it would appear that they were just simple acts that anyone could do, but when you look deeper into the spiritual aspects there were supernatural forces at work.

This was not a journey for the faint at heart.  Just imagine how you would react if you took a bath and came out “glowing” or if you woke up in the middle of the night to see an ominous black entity menacingly standing beside your bed. 

How many of you have actually spoken to departed humans or other spiritual beings. Or could you put up with the incessant nagging “tests” and “trials” in between with even a modicum of patience.

Neil Francis Keenan did what no one else could achieve.  And he did this boldly and without fear. To wear the mantle of the Amanah requires a warrior willing to take on the World, to be an agent of dynamic change in a New Age of human enlightenment. 

Few can even lift this global financial and economic sword, even fewer can actually raise it high to slash the corrupt and disdainful in our world.

Neil passed with flying colors and now holds the power to create change.  Let us now see where he will lead us.

That may have been the end of the Amanah rituals, but it certainly was not the end of Neil’s tribulations. There was still more to do before he could return home.

Once Neil had his family and friends on a plane back home, he launched into THE PLAN and a few more adventures before returning home himself.

 Nelu and “The Old Switcheroo Plan”

Back in August 2018 when Neil went through the Amanah initiations, he had a private meeting with Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwno X, the Sultan and Honorable Governor of Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the final Elder to sign the Amanah Agreement.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwno X

At this meeting Sri Sultan briefed Neil on many things related to being the Amanah, but cautioned Neil that he “needed to clean his house.”

That short phrase awakened Neil to the fact that there may be people imbedded in his organization that may not be operating with the best intentions and may be out to subvert and disrupt Neil from functioning as the Amanah.

Neil knew that the Sultan was a very spiritual man, thus this warning was much more than a casual caution. It had serious implications.

He had already been poisoned several times, shot at and had a close escape from assassins, so the message was crystal clear… he had persons close to him that were “leakers”, “spies”, “liars” or potential “thieves”.

It didn’t take Neil long to come up with a plan on how to weed out some rats.

So he called Nelu in and told him that he was going to throw him under the bus! Nelu had people working with him that were planning to steal the Amanah’s assets and even bring harm to him and Neil if they were to open the first bunker. 

Neil also told him that there were others in Group-K and possibly other associates of his or Cabal operatives that were similarly plotting to interfere with Amanah activities.

The Cabal could easily foment duped Indonesians into believing that the assets stored in the bunkers were Indonesian assets that did not belong to a foreigner parading as the Amanah (whereas the TRUTH is that the assets really belong to the Depositors and Owners who only stored them in Indonesia for safekeeping by the Amanah and other appointed Trustees).

So the PLAN was to stage a fake parting with arguments and noise and witnesses enough so that Nelu would stomp out, drop everything he was organizing and “balek kampong” (go home), leaving Neil stranded in Yogyakarta or Semarang. Neil would have no choice except to return home and try to figure out what to do next. 

Nelu understood and agreed to be the scapegoat as he was also aware of some of the people around him were acting suspicious and making comments like “Macam mana orang putih boleh jadi Amanah kami?” (How can a white man become our Amanah?)  These kinds of rumblings are precursors to eruptions.

Nelu thus made a grand exit complete with stomping and huffing and puffing, leaving Neil and friends stranded in a hotel in Samarang after the final initiation rituals. Good show Nelu. Your boys were quite unhappy with you and the fact Neil’s support money stopped flowing to them. They quickly dispersed as they were “disbursed”.

Neil and company then retreated to Jakarta and a brief visit to the Grand Inna Beach Hotel for a little rest and relaxation before returning to Europe or their homes.

Unfortunately, but suitable to the believable execution of the Plan, Neil was poisoned again just as he was to leave Jakarta, and that and an Immigration problem, (remember that little piece of paper removed from his passport which was actually a three month Entry Permit and without it he would be subject to overstaying fines even as the Amanah). 

This unpleasantly kept him at a nearby airport hotel with a bad case of dysentery and a tussle with airport Immigration. Needless to say, it was a difficult and expensive additional two week stay and a shitty trip back home.

With most of the Indonesian plots scuttled, as only the Amanah with his scepters could open bunker doors, things quieted in that “house”. There are still those waiting and drooling for Neil’s return, but they will just have to wait some more. 

The Indonesian Military has also stiffened security and surveillance at bunker sites, so now they can even detect mice scurrying through the grass, as well as, Rats.

Neil’s house took a bit more cleaning as moles had buried deep, but you have to be patient to catch a rat and use the right bait.

 Now back to the timeline story…

Bunker Run 1 & 2

Since the AMANAH initiation ceremonies had been successful and Neil now had the Amanah Agreement and the powerful scepters that were needed to open the bunkers, it was time to move again. This time it was to implement The PLAN.

So Neil bundled his family and friends onto a plane to go back home and then settled in to planning his next moves. Nelu had already done a good job acting, having hoodwinked Yunus and a small gang of workers to clear a path to the first bunker. 

Nelu was now being called “the Commander” by his small crew who were supplied by another contractor (Boss), but totally financed by Neil. 

You all know just how close we were to setting the financial world free with the opening of the first bunker but stupidity, impatience and greedy fingers tried their wily ways to sneak around us to get in and do their dirty work.

This was not expected from those close to us but anticipated as we set our own booby traps along the way. Well these idiots fell into a deep dark hole that they can now never get out of.

Be this a warning to any others as we now have eyes and ears everywhere and an army of Jinns to protect this wealth for mankind and not for service-to-self individuals who have no vested interests or who have never come out with one thin dime.

Greed was clearly in the air. Open the bunker door and the looting would begin.  Neil could smell it a mile away. 

Nelu and Yunus then took off for a few days to set up an operational base in Semarang as the access to the bunker was easier from there rather than coming via a dangerous winding road through the mountains from Jogyakarta. 

But before Nelu left Neil gave him a masterful tongue lashing, telling him in front of Yunus and all present that Neil “was the only one in-charge and the only one making decisions, plus no one could enter the bunker without Neil using the scepters… no one!” It was a good show of “Who’s Boss.”

A few days later Nelu returned to Yogyakarta to pick-up Neil and Thomas for the drive to Semarang. They packed full Nelu’s SUV and headed off on the most terrifying trip Thomas had ever experienced!

The road from Yogyakarta to Semarang was designed by a snake and rollercoaster engineer plastered on the side of steep ravines and jungles that crowded the way from both sides. Add to that was heavy truck traffic going both ways and cars trying to pass everything in sight. 

Top that off with Nelu being a Demolition Derby driver passing on grassy narrow left shoulders one minute and then on the right just missing a head-on collision with another derby contender. It was a white knuckle gasp almost all the way.  Fortunately Thomas went before he went and thus avoided brown shorts at the finish line.  

In Semarang, Nelu deposited Neil and Thomas at the Resort Balemong, a rather unique hotel being a mix of traditional and modern chalets and a large manicured compound with meandering paths and lots of greenery.

The welcoming lobby, guest relations officers and traditional chalet

Neil liked this hotel and even talked about purchasing it as one of the Amanah Offices for that region. It was a comfortable stay and welcome relief from the drive.

With everyone checked in, it was now time to implement the Plan to the next phase. So, morning comes and Neil goes looking for Nelu. He knocks on Nelu’s room door. No answer. Neil then goes to the Reception and asked for someone to open Nelu’s door. Again, no Nelu and his bed had not been slept in though Neil had paid for the room. Drama building. 

Neil then asked Thomas to call Nelu to find out where he was. Nelu replied that he was at the bunker site sending breakfast to the workers (with money that Neil provided) and that he would come in two hours. Of course, more than three hours pass and still no Nelu. 

Thomas calls again and this time Nelu says that he has to pick up his wife who was out shopping. Neil blows a gasket with that as he has not been giving him money to just do as he pleased! Nelu got another tongue lashing from Neil.

At about six in the evening Nelu finally shows up with an ugly sour face, dumps Neil’s camera and tripod on a table together with a few other of Neil’s belongings that had been in his car, and without uttering a word, gets in his car and drives off. That was an award winning performance!

Thomas not being privy to the Plan, just sat there blinking. Neil carried on grumbling. Meanwhile, Nelu went to the site, told everyone that the deal was OFF and then drove home with his wife without speaking to Neil again.

That left Neil and Thomas stranded without a driver, so Neil decided that they should now go to his old stomping ground in Jakarta for a bit of fun and celebration. 

He called another old friend who was able to rent a SUV and bring a friend to co-drive for the night drives from Jakarta to Semarang and then back to Jakarta.

This was a much more enjoyable trip as most of the way was via a modern four-lane divided highway toll road. By early morning they arrived safe and thoroughly worn from the long drive and into warm welcoming beds at the Fraser Residency.

Neil was in the mood to celebrate! He was in familiar surroundings in shopping malls and restaurants and wanted Thomas to see them all as he would most likely have to show new Amanah Team members around town soon enough.

It was a bit of a comedy though as Neil would be bubbling over about being the new Amanah to young salesclerks who spoke little English, much less knew anything about old Indonesian history. 

So poor ole Thomas was left translating Neil’s tales, explaining history and financial basics to stupefied youngsters who knew nuts, but who were thoroughly entertained by Neil’s animated exuberance. 

After a few days of feasting and shopping celebrations, Neil decided to add another sidetrack to the PLAN. He said that he wanted to return to Cikabumi and the Grand Inna Beach Resort for a couple of days, so he calls Jo to rent a car and packed everything in for another midnight jaunt.

If Neil ever asks you to take this midnight trip… just say “NO”. The road to Bogor is a new highway that lulls you into believing things will be just fine, but after Bogor is the “Devil’s Domain” all the way to the South coast.

Cinch up your seatbelt real tight, white knuckle whatever you can grab a hold of, and brace your legs as this is the Midnight Rollercoaster Ride of your life!  If you ever thought that the road from Yogyakarta was a fright. Well, this one was a masochist’s horror delight! 

Even though the max speed was only 30 mph for three hours, but even that was too fast when you crest a turn into a 50 foot drop with a right angle turn at the bottom followed by popping around a corner to be face-to-face with a lit up lorry on a narrow road with no shoulders except for jungle trees and ravines. Holy Sputter Pants Batman!

Needless to say, they somehow reached the hotel and ground that was no longer moving beneath their feet. Neil will tell you that Jo had to pry Thomas’s fingers from clasping the back seat, but that is not true. It did take him 5-minutes to free his foot jammed between the door strut and the front seat though. And releasing his seatbelt did release a lot of wind.

The trio were just happy to head for bed, oblivious and uncaring that they would be doing this again but in reverse in a few nights time. 

The reason Neil wanted to come to the Grand Inna was not for a holiday, but to set another trap and blocking move as part of the PLAN. 

In the nearby mountains was Magicman’s bunker, thus Neil wanted to let people know that the area was already secured and the bunker assets were being removed. This was a bluff but the message would be recorded as a video update on his websites.

So the next day Neil, Thomas and Jo grabbed the camera gear and drove to the trailhead.  Jo was a bit nervous about this hike as he had already heard the stories about white cobras, giant pythons, tigers and wild monkeys, and he really didn’t like wandering through a jungle. 

Thus just before “the big snake log” Jo hinted that “this would be a good place to do the shoot.” He really didn’t want to go much further.

Red Dragon Ambassador Exposed [Keenan] | Covert Geopolitics

The video was shot in a single take with Neil performing center stage, creating a convincing story about the progress being made in clearing the bunker with the help of the Indonesian Army and more tall tales. 

The video ended with a shot of a lone monkey sitting on a rock watching the trio. Fortunately it started to rain, which allowed Jo the excuse he needed to pack-up and quickly retreat back down the trail.

On the short walk along the road back to the car with Jo in the lead, Jo called out, “Neil. Do you smell that!?”

Neil and Thomas then walked into a cloud of the most beautiful fragrance imaginable. It came virtually out of nowhere! Someone was watching and welcoming the Amanah.

 Back at the hotel the trio went up to Neil’s suite to stow the gear, when Jo again calls out from the open hallway, “Neil. Come quick! You have to see this!” And after a minute another, “Neil! Come now!”

Neil and Thomas came out of the room and looked down from the 6th floor to see more than 300 monkeys everywhere! They were in the trees, on the power line, on the hotel roof, all over the ground… and THEY WERE ALL LOOKING UP AT NEIL!

Thomas chided Neil to say something as he was obviously a “Monkey’s Uncle” so Neil addressed his crowd of followers in a humble speech, thanking them for coming and telling them that he would be coming back to see them again someday soon. With that the horde of Neil’s adoring friends slowly disappeared back into the jungle.

The Hotel

This was another supernatural event and confirmation of Neil being the Amanah. It was also a monkey and Jinn “Thank you” ceremony for Neil previously releasing them from their long imprisonment in the bunker. 

This was a spiritual show of gratitude and respect, and Neil graciously returned the honor as being his as well.

The next day accomplished the second reason for coming to the Grand Inna.

This was a surveying mission as Neil wanted to possibly convert the hotel into his first major “Free” BRT Computer Healing Center in Indonesia. 

So the day was spent snooping around the property with Thomas snapping pictures of everything. Thomas had over 50-years experience in construction and interior design so he was collecting data that would be used in later reports and renovation plans.

The hill climb was a walk in the park by comparison to the Hells Canyon road so construction and infrastructure plans are now being discussed for up-grading road access to this beautiful beach resort area and the site of one of our first free health clinics using our healing computers and other advanced technologies.   

So, as you can see beside the sea, plans are well underway between Neil and Jo sipping green coconuts. Coming soon a great place to get healthy again. How about joining us?

 That evening Master Gourmet Chef Neil Keenan pulled out bags of ingredients and announced that he was making “American Chili con Carney with Beans” (just the meal needed from Hell’s Kitchen before the midnight ride through Hell’s Canyons!)

Thomas stole a big pot from the hotel kitchen and the mess in the small suite pantry came alive with chopping, cutting, searing, sweating and swearing.

Gradually the pot filled with meat, beans, onions, garlic, peppers and an assortment of secret spices. Thomas, who also cooks a traditional Mexican chili, made the mistake of asking “where’s the oregano and cumin?” That got him banned from the kitchen as there is only ONE CHEF and that was Neil.

Happily the chili turned out delicious enough for second helpings all around and enough left over for the hotel kitchen staff to enjoy. 

After dinner was packing and checkout. The hired SUV showed up late at night and all the bags and gear were stuffed in including the big box with the Amanah Agreement on top of everything (and that would slide forward with each hard braking and conk Jo or Thomas in the head all the way down that winding road).

And it was another whoop-deedoo fright drive to Bogor, then some sleep on the highway to Jakarta for a crack of dawn return to the Fraser Residence and some blissful sleep.

As there were only a few days left before visas expired, Neil and Thomas spent them at Immigration trying to sort out what to do about Neil’s little missing paper. 

Without that, Neil would be fined for over-staying even though as the Amanah he should have been given either an exemption or an Indonesian Diplomatic Passport. 

Immigration officials really didn’t know what to do so they fell back on the fact that he came in on a 30-day visa which could not be extended so he would have to leave and pay a fine.

Thomas flew back to Malaysia on Monday and Neil booked his flight back home on Tuesday. 

He tried his luck with Airport Immigration again and was stonewalled, but at least they acknowledge that he was the Amanah, but he still had to pay a whopping “cash” fine.

Two problems arose at this time. Firstly, he was short of cash and secondly his stomach rumblings gave way. Getting funds was not a problem as this could be wired to him, but that meant waiting a few more days in a hotel and getting fined even more. That was do-able, so he booked into a nearby airport hotel for a few days to sort out his finances.

The second problem of purging began a few days before, but by the time he checked into the airport hotel his condition had become acute. He was sick… real sick.  He was running a fever and consuming water and electrolytes by the bottleful, but whatever went in… almost immediately came flushing out.

This feisty old man just wanted to tough it out. He refused to see a doctor.  Thomas was ready to fly back to help, but he said “No”. Even the hotel staff were concerned. He thought that he had been poisoned again and just needed to flush it out of his system.

That was perhaps only partially true. Remember that Neil had just gone through a major spiritual initiation in which his physical body underwent serious changes in frequencies. 

Whenever someone experiences such an up-grade, the body needs to slough off old energies and go through a cleansing and rest period. Neil’s Indonesian spirit guides more than likely prevented him from leaving until this purge was sufficiently completed.

So for two weeks Neil was on a high liquid diet. He lost 25 pounds and spent the time only between bed and bathroom. It was a tough experience, so when his funding finally arrived, he re-booked his flight, paid his fines, and flew back home. Of course it was a shitty flight as he was in competition for the restroom with another bloke who had the same problem.  One out, one in all the way. 

Neil was met at the airport by paramedics and doctors who stopped him up enough for him to get home where his personal doctors managed to stop the flow within a week. 

Neil had made it home safely, but he was weak and it would take months to gain back some weight and be fit enough to do battle again in Indonesia.  Amanah duties would just have to wait. 

Postscript to Part 3:

As you can now understand the FOOTSTEPS OF THE AMANAH is an incredible journey, somewhat real, somewhat magical… always interesting.

His tripping among the potholes all along the Yellow Brick Road would surely stagger a lesser man, but Neil Keenan has tap danced on the toes of the Elite Cabal and waltzed through a serious initiation. 

He now has earned and deserves to be called THE AMANAH. And this amazing Road has yet to come to an end. 

There are more twists and turns, more boogiemen in the bushes and monkeys in the jungle, so read on to Part 4 and hop on for another bumpy ride. 

Part 4: Footsteps of the Amanah

The Healing and the Fights

The New Year 2019 did not start off with a celebration for Neil Keenan, the new Amanah. He had left Indonesia 25 pounds lighter and physically changed as a result of the new frequencies circulating in his body.

His doctors had stopped the radical cleansing, but getting nutrition and energy back into his body takes time and a lot of rest.

1). It could be the frequencies and or;

2). It could be the time-release poison caps that kept popping up and never seeming to let go.

Eat and sleep; crawl to the computer and make many lives miserable.

No way you are going to keep Neil down when there is so much to do therefore lots were done from his chair or couch as he began organizing his Team… He needed to tackle the global tasks associated with being the Amanah.

He was pleasantly surprised at how fast the word got out to the international financial community that he was now the Amanah. Friends called to congratulate. Foes just knew that they would be in trouble. 

Even his January post pushed the Nelu Plan even further by lambasting him and showing how Neil tenaciously bulldogs those who go against him.

This was a continuing reminder as to where in whose hands is real power. And it isn’t in the position, scepters or Agreements, but it is in the MAN himself.

As part of Neil’s recovery and at the end of the month, he took a few days off to go to Germany for a few private sessions with Walter and Daniele on the BRT Healing Computer. He needed the scan and re-energizing of various internals that had been weakened by the purging and cleansing.

This trip to Germany allowed him the opportunity to videotape separate informative sessions concerning the BRT Healing Computer technologies and upcoming devices, a detailed discussion of the water purification machine and how the “free energy” device works. 

These are some of the initial advanced technologies that will be among the first humanitarian projects to be launched by the Amanah funding.

The BRT Healing Computer and More

In the January 2019 interview, Walter announced that he was about to launch an up-graded Version 2 of the already successful BRT Healing Computer, as well as, several spinoff devices.

The up-grade to the BRT added improved diagnostics and more specific healing sub-routines, better graphics and more foreign language options.  This was a more powerful healing machine as a result of the improvements.

The first major spinoff of this resonance technology will be a cancer detection device where a patient merely places his/her hand on a special glass plate for 2-3 minutes, then the computer will analyze the input and display if you have cancer, the type of cancer and the exact location of the cancer in a printable format for a doctor to review and recommend treatment (which is still best done with a BRT Healing Computer). 

This is a quick analytical tool that is non-invasive, fast and very accurate. It replaces biopsies and chemical lab testing that can take weeks to garner test results. This device is now available on special order.

In addition to the cancer detector, Walter has developed units that can detect and treat specific cellular problems like quick healing of broken bones. Neil experienced this himself when he broke a bone in his foot and it was poking out of the skin on a previous trip to Germany. 

He was immediately put on the BRT and to his surprise, the next morning the bone was back in place and healed and the skin was completely healed over without a scar, scab or scratch! He was walking normally the day after treatment.

Also under current testing are BRT stimulated human stem cells. This treatment is initially being focused on healing diabetes by rejuvenating pancreatic and liver cells with a patient’s own frequency treated stem cells.  So far, researchers have experienced exceptionally good results in 2-3 month programs. 

Patient’s pancreas and liver cells re-grow naturally and resume normal functioning with only their own stem cell injections. 

This line of medical treatment using a patient’s own stem cells shows significant potential in the treatment of other diseases and physical problems often associated with organ or tissue failures.

The final frequency treatment advancement that Walter announced is that he has found ways to increase longevity naturally. This is a potential “Fountain of Youth” that can add 5-25 years to your life span! 

This is done by stimulating the re-growth of the isomers at the ends of your DNA that break off each time the cells replicate (which averages once every 7 years). 

This does not mean that you will become 25 years younger (rats!), but it does mean that all the cells in your body will be able to replicate more times over the years, as well as, be much healthier. This process is currently available on a select basis only and it is expensive.

Plasma Vortex Water Treatment Machine

 The second major technology that the Amanah will introduce is the Plasma Vortex Water Treatment Machine. As the name suggests, this machine use both plasma and vortex technologies to purify water.

In this machine dual vortexes are created which spin raw water like stirring a glass of water. This causes heavier materials suspended in water to be flung to the outer portion of the vortex chamber where they are drained off for further processing. 

This leaves cleaner water at the center of the vortex which is then subjected to a high voltage plasma discharge that destroys all pathogens, chemical compounds, oxidized heavy metals and alkalized chemicals all back to ionic or mono-atomic forms which then pass through the second vortex to be separated out. 

The plasma is then induced with beneficial carrier frequencies that enhance the health effects of the remaining drinking water tapped off the center of the vortex.

This process eliminates the use of filtration devices and the addition of harmful chemicals into the water supply. It can be used to filter sewage water, chemical processing water, pathogen contaminated water and even SALTWATER. It can also eliminate chlorine and fluoride in public water supplies.

The basic unit is a small single household water supply device that only requires a water supply and electricity. This can be scaled-up for communities, high rise buildings and commercial factories to whatever capacities required.

These Plasma Vortex Water Treatment Machines are a needed technology in heavily populated areas like Java Island, as well as, in remote island locations that often lack available fresh water sources. The healthy frequencies in the plasma also prevent diseases in these crowded or remote areas.

“Free Energy” Devices

The third advanced technology that the Amanah will be developing is the manufacture and deployment of “free energy” devices

The BRT Healing Computer and Plasma Vortex Water Filter, as well as, modern household appliances, smart phones, lighting and many manufacturing operations, all require cheap and efficient electricity supplies. 

The leading “free energy” electronic device that will be introduced is referred to as a “voltage multiplier” whereby this current state-of-the-art machine multiplies electrical input 20 times (a 20:1 ratio).  

This simply means that if you put 1,000 volts into this unit, you get 20,000 volts output. Or put another way, your monthly kilowatt consumption would drop 20 times, lowering your electric bill and electrical grid loads.

These “free energy” devices are scalable from small household units up to large industrial units. They can also be used in conjunction with alternative energy devices such as solar panels, wind generators, tidal or wave generators, mini-hydro plants, and so on. This allows for easier remote location applications and a reduction of Network loads for petroleum or coal fueled power plants.

 These are just a few of the promised advanced technologies that the Amanah will be launching for global humanity. There will be many more very soon.

Some Healing and Research Time

February was a time for some more rest as the BRT frequencies did their healing. This meant that Neil had time for some computer research and time to get confirmations on his findings. At least he was sitting still and only wiggling his fingers.

The research paid off in another four exposé’s of financial fraudsters operating in Asia and the US. 

This involved perhaps trillions of dollars worth of assets stolen from Dragon Family bunkers in South Korea in one case, and another fake financier claiming access to Black Screen accounts and codes, another raiding Chinese bunkers and another parading around as a fake Count Albert.

This is something Neil really enjoys doing… rat hunting and shining bright lights in dark places.

March Came in As a Lion and Went Out As a ROAR

The March 2019 post began with setting the stage for the above exposures.  It was a brief review of some of the financial history of Bretton Woods, Neil’s bonds theft and his “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” as a foundation for his attack on his next crooked victims.

The Bretton Woods Hotel

This led into comments about current financial affairs including the UN begging for money as the US pulled back its over-generous financing of that Satanic institution in favor of participating nations paying their fair share. 

The Cabal begging carried over to the Vietnam Summit that was occurring at that time, and again with no fruitful results as the Cabal West was only in search of stealing Asian assets and offering nothing in return. 

This was also part of another larger plan to surreptitiously lay claim to the Dragon Family assets in the BIS registered Collateral Accounts. That will not happen on Neil’s watch.

This current news also introduced a new player to Group-K, the Asian Insider II, who was a Cabal insider in the faction that has arisen that does not agree with killing off Earth’s human population (including themselves and their families). His letter will be reviewed later, but he did give Neil some important leads that resulted in the next exposure.

This latest fraud goes back to 2005 and the registered International Reserve Depository Bank (IRDB) which uses five banks located in a native American Indian Reserve in Montana and an inert branch in Hong Kong. 

The IRDB was used by the former Korean President Park Chung to illegally move the assets from two bunkers into deposit accounts at these banks. The estimated value could be as high as $USD 26 Trillion.

IRDB was formed by Dennis Lambert who is the current Chairman together with several Korean Directors and an Indian Nation Representative pictured below.

It is still unclear how such a significant value of assets were allowed to pass through US Customs and other Agencies undetected. But it is clear how they are using the Indian Rights to legally hide them on a Reservation. 

Obviously this generation of Indians has gotten smarter and no longer are satisfied selling booze and cigarettes or setting up casinos, but they still have been bedazzled by a financial con man and greed is fogging their eyes. 

It is also clear that these assets were STOLEN and any attempt to use them outside of this Reservation in any way will now be dealt with severely. And the funny thing is that Dennis Lambert and his Korean associates are now offering to LEND THE MONEY BACK TO KOREA!  What a JOKE!

And it may just be a coincidence, but the Head of the World Bank, Korean Kim Young, is very excited in knowing that he will reside in Montana upon his retirement. Makes one wonder.

Of course, this is a Cabal bailout attempt that will enslave American taxpayers for generations to come. But not on Neil’s watch.

This led into the next ensnarement… one with lots of assholes.

Only assholes bow to a pompous conman who claims to have personal access to the international Black Screen computer networks (which if it were true, he would be arrested immediately). 

This is a highly encrypted exclusive coded financial network only accessible by special terminals and passwords held at Central Banks and registered International Commercial Banks. Try and tap into this system and you will be identified at firewalls immediately.
The Con Man Loh Han Chuan whom they were bowing to and his Canadian Passport

This is the type of con that can easily be played on people who don’t do their own proper research. The conmen use the “Banker’s Language” to impress assholes like these and only need an old PC in a back room where no one else has entry to create fraudulent printouts of deception and enticement. Remember the faces.


This one involves Cabal banksters at work on a Chinese Elder Trustee, conning her into a fraudulent contract. Take a good look at the photo and notice the OPPT / Swiss Indo followers.

The picture shows the wishful hope of completing a gold contract in a transaction between the United Nations Treasury Secretary (a position that does not exist) and the National Grand Master General (of what no one knows), Ms. Su Honglian (the duped Trustee) and the Governor of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) (which is questionable), the Governor of the Bank of England and the President and some staff of the Royal Dutch Bank (which also cannot be located).

Not one of the above mentioned had any business signing a contract pertaining to any of the gold that relates to any trust under the purview of the Amanah, Neil Keenan, the mandate holder of the Golden Dragon Family, who are the legal and legitimate OWNERS of most of the bunkered gold in Asia and in the Global Collateral Accounts registered with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). 

Trustees are not Owners and are not mandated to sell the Trust assets.  Only the Amanah has that authority.

Ms. Su is but a Trustee that now comes under the authority of the Amanah as agreed by the depositing Asian families. She had no authority to sign this or any contract with anyone without the permission of the Amanah.

This is once again an attempted theft of the Global Accounts by the West and their associate bankers and the Amanah is advising all of you now that this contract is null and void and he will be seeing you in international court.

In the two photos above are some of the cons from Sedona, AZ. who were bowing to the con man.

These are the same people who were once tied to OPPT and Swiss Indo.

They are again failing at an attempt to forge a contract to steal the assets.

(The irony here is that one of these criminals is providing The Amanah, Neil Keenan, with all of their necessary insider information!)

Last But Not Least
Benjamin Fulford’s fake ‘Count Albert’ and his Con-Associate Thomas Lennon

The Fake Albert carries a Malaysian Passport and two Dutch passports and Thomas Lennon has an American passport. They are both associated with the fraudulent Sedona crowd and other con -obs in Malaysia and Europe.

These two (this was the White Spiritual Boy and Wilfredo Sauren) they were nearly imprisoned. They were so inept that they even tried to con their way into the Vatican Bank claiming that the Head of the Police Department even said that the forgeries were so poor that the translations looked like they were done on a Google translator. 

These two Jokers insisted that the documents were real until forensics started to tear them apart. Then their stories and bluster utterly collapsed.

These are the type of people that Benjamin and other Internet gurus promote. Even today Benjamin and others are still putting forward the fake Red Dragon Ambassador that Neil exposed and destroyed years ago, but cons just keep coming back.

There will be an end to this type of shenanigans soon enough when Neil starts issuing International Arrest Orders. Then watch the cockroaches run and hide.

March did finish with a ROAR… of the new AMANAH!

April Showers Bring Weeds!

Neil was again quiet in April but a lot was happening.   He had pinched a few nerves of those exposed in March which resulted in some nasty phone calls from the perps.

The first call came from Dennis Lambert who cussed and swore in a most belligerent manner, threatening Neil with legal actions and worse

It was all comical bluster as Neil knew that he had the upper hand as Amanah, and could issue an International Arrest Warrant against this slicker at any time. Of course Neil gave back more than he got leaving poor Dennis out of weapons and munitions.

Later research in S. Korea revealed the fact that Mr. Lambert and his Korean partners were attempting to set up an IRDB representative office in Seoul for the purpose of loaning Korea the Korean money that they had stolen!

You steal assets and then have the idiocy to try and lend it back to who you stole it from!  That is a JOKE!  That is a CON.

Lambert and his cronies will have their day in court very soon. Neil just hopes that the American native tribes wake up to the travesty that has been perpetrated upon them. Neil is already working with other tribal leaders and will be providing the advanced technologies to their communities very soon.

The next call came from Mr. Loh Han Chuan (remember all the assholes bowing to him?). He also was a bit upset with Neil’s post, so Neil did a bit more research on this conman and found Malaysian newspaper articles describing him as a con involved in parking funds in Penang.

Neil also uncovered a recent legitimate transaction that Loh was involved in Hong Kong that amounted to the movement of EU 10.2 Billion from Deutsche Bank in Germany and Hang Seng Bank of Hong Kong, with HSBC Bank of Hong Kong accepting full responsibility for the transaction.

The irony of this bank credit to Mr. Loh is that, although being signed since Neil’s last post, no one has gone near the funds. Obviously Mr. Loh has some financial connections to launder funds, but he is in no way associated with the Golden Dragon Family as he claims.

Some more good news came out in April in that the court trial of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, has formerly commenced. 

Neil had exposed this corrupt leader in numerous posts together with his attempt to steal Billions by declaring a wealthy Malaysian officially DEAD!  There will be no way out for corrupt politicians in Asia with the Amanah on patrol.

The same applies to Europe as Neil’s multiple eyes are on the banksters and politicians now trying to claim the Family’s portion of the Collateral Accounts for the third time by claiming that the asset agreements by the Depositors should now “be property of the Banks”. 

This is in line with the Banker led legislation that has been passed that states that once you make a deposit in a commercial bank, the money then belongs to the Bank and the Bank also has the Right to confiscate and use whatever money that is in YOUR account.

Well that legislation is flawed in that it cannot be retroactive to deposits that were made before the laws were changed.  Try it and you will see what the Amanah and the Family will do to YOU.

This plot was the topic of what was discussed in a Banker’s Conference held in Tokyo, Japan where banking leaders headed up by the notorious Jamie Diamond tried to sell Asians another rape job. 

Neil said “No WAY!” Then he reminded them that he knows all of who were present in that meeting and if any move is made, Neil will be the first to bring forth criminal charges against any person or organization involved.

Neil finished the month by indicating that he had information from the Bank of Korea of a brokered deal between Parties in Jakarta and South Korea for 35 metric tons of OLD gold having 42 different hallmarks on the bars.

Neil clearly and publically informed all Parties that this is Golden Dragon Family gold.  DON’T TOUCH IT!  He knows who you are…

We hope that people begin to realize that Neil Keenan has eyes all over the world and especially in Asia. 

This is an expansive intelligence network that extends inside and outside of the financial, banking and political arenas. 

He has access to Agencies and satellites, and lots of friends in high places.  He can find you and track you even back in time. 

You have been told. 

Be careful as there is a new Sheriff in Town.

May I Say Something?

As just mentioned, Neil has eyes everywhere.  In May he received the following message from a Cabal member within the financial community who is part of the faction within the Cabal ranks that is splitting away from the Old Guard as they have realized that decimating the world’s population also logically means their and their families demise also.

Facing the fact that many Cabal members do not want to die for prolonging an Old World Order, this new faction is opening up to alternative solutions for their own preservation.

The Asian Insider II is one such member making contact with the Amanah, knowing that the Amanah is the primary potential source of the Aquarian Age asset backed wealth. The following message is interesting in this sense as a peace offering. See what a Cabal Insider has to say and try to understand the back logic.

Asian Insider II Reports In A Timely Manner

May 22 2019

[Images have been added to provide context]

“Following recent publications in which Mr. Keenan and his Keenan Group shed light upon what only can be termed as the “highway theft” that is, and that continues to transpire throughout Asia (and has done so for decades); I understand that he has received a multitude of calls from individuals and collectives who have been following his actions, the world over.

It is of little wonder that at a point, that “leaving the phone turned off” was the only way that anything else of import was manageable.

One is compelled to reflect upon the following point after these relatively recent events: What effort has any government department or agency (anywhere) actually undertaken to investigate the unlawful transactions that have been exposed of late?

The only conclusion that one is able to reach, is that the entrenched establishment (bridging multiple borders) have in actuality, been colluding and conspiring to keep knowledge of thievery on a massive scale, from becoming public knowledge.

What has become public knowledge, even if still only to a minority, is that there are many factions within the Illuminati (or “Cabal”) that have been working towards what some term as a “New World Order”, incrementally, over the span of a great deal of time indeed.

Said factions vie for control of this within their own ilk, but nonetheless a key part of the overall roadmap calls for the elimination of approximately ninety percent of the human population of this world.

This is an unconscionable concept to many and so it may be easily dismissed; unless one is sufficiently educated so as to be able to understand the psychology and beliefs of those who consider themselves the elite; with “the divine right to rule”.

However, I digress. With respect to the voluminous recent transactions (which have been downsized), let us take stock of resulting developments.
Mr. Loh once again, caught setting up a “group chat”

One wonders what became of Mr. Loh’s minions in Sedona? Perhaps they were dispatched as a result of appearing in photographic evidence of their actions.

It is doubtful that any discerning professional worth their salt would give any consideration to a person who conducts themselves such as Mr. Loh has done.

This brings us to the “new Sherriff” in town. A comical term perhaps, but I can assure readers that Mr. Keenan does have an agenda that is powered by an intense commitment to assist the people and nations that so desperately require such, especially after what they have been subjected to.

Alas, South Korea finds itself within the crosshairs again.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sent her second son, Prince Andrew to meet with South Korean officials on the recent 14th of May. This meeting was “all about the bunkers” and it was an effort towards the survival of the British Royal Family.

Frankly speaking, Andrew turned up with his hands out and with the appeals of a beggar.

Unfortunately for Andrew and his “betters”, not on that occasion, nor upon any other in the future, would any deal be conveyed. The leaks within his family’s ship are both the fault and problems of their clan alone.

It is not entirely surprising that with the “New World Order” “Cabal” factions now finding themselves on the skids (including the fully infiltrated Democratic Party of the United States which is buckling at the knees) that we are seeing Illuminati emissaries attempting to gain access to bunker assets in various locations around the globe.

This type of activity is being attempted not only in South Korea; this weaseling is also in play in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and China.

Mr. Keenan has previously exposed and thereby blocked such attempted thefts in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The “Cabal” were never going to relinquish their hold on the financial system of the world without a fight. Ad nauseum, it is all so very surreptitious.

Furthermore, we see the likes of Alan Barr, Peter Elenmo, and Alan Ashborn flailing about Asia in Elizabeths’ stead. These unpalatable characters would try to steal even from relatively poor countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and again, Thailand. However these countries still stand strong and with pride; they will not betray the trust that has been placed with them.

There are trustees within South Korea that have found themselves with quite a management predicament.

Trustees of local bunker assets are very afraid for their lives as a result of being threatened by their own government, who are themselves under “Cabal” thumbs.

Essentially, the South Korean trustees have been subject to a forced effort to “sign over” Trillions of dollars to either Obama, or the soon-to-be-visiting George Bush Jr. (who will be in South Korea on the 23rd of this month.)

And so we are now observing another Bush faction (or Bush faction flunky) undertaking to steal assets that absolutely have no relation to the Bush faction nor the United States.

And to the attention of all Americans: Is it not TREASON for any Ex-President to be involved with political or financial negotiations with another country without the approval of either the incumbent Secretary of State or sitting President of the United States?

It is apparent that Mr. Bush and his faction are scrambling for finances due to their increasingly encroached upon drug trade activity. Or perhaps this is in an effort to clear Amphetamine routes from North Korea? You would be well advised to go home Mr. Bush & Co.

Our combined efforts have made it clear that most of the bunker assets throughout Asia belong to the Golden Dragon Family.

Given my “inside” knowledge with regard to such matters, I find myself doubting that the Family would give the Bush “Cabal” faction (nor any other), even one cent; considering how much these charlatans are on record for having stolen over the years.

Unfortunately, we see President Moon Jae-in of South Korea reviewing the inventory in preparation to provide the “Cabal” crooks with that which they demand.

A pivotal point here is this: How can President Moon convey any assets as such that he does not own?

Time will tell whether Jamie Dimons’ fraudulent tampering in terms of Japanese documentation may be approved or not. If this endeavor were to be approved, then a clock will begin ticking.

Mr. Neil Keenan is the Amanah and there exists no scenario under which he would allow such events to play out to their intended conclusion.

And so, the readers might ask: Why is Mr. Keenan not able to have more forcibly prevented these ongoing actions?

The answer to this question is that Mr. Keenan is (although elected) not seated yet. However he is putting together a formidable task force, despite having been delayed by perennial sickness due to repeated poison attacks.

Although; with recent medical breakthroughs and intense treatments, Mr. Keenan now feels better than he has at any time within the last thirty years. Ironically, as a result, Mr. Keenan now feels stronger and more focused than ever.

The Amanah’s next steps (those that may be mentioned) include a thorough audit of “the books” and a detailed inspection of the archives within the “black screens”, accompanied by a visit to Asia within the next couple of months.

And thus, the Amanah, Neil Keenan, enters the next phase of the battle; by way of exposing the “Cabal” players, and their banks, with all and sundry soundly on the road to being placed where they rightfully belong.

The winds of change are upon us all. And a storm is brewing in most the most unavoidable of fashions.

Many bunker holders/guardians already now reside outside of their native countries; because they have stolen assets from the very bunkers that they had been entrusted to protect.

To such persons: You are now on notice that arrest warrants will be issued in due course.

Mr. Keenan acknowledges that in terms of the bunkers, that each manager, elder and guardian does indeed deserve to be paid for their invaluable services – but of course not those who have stolen from what they were entrusted with and whom are currently hiding in mansions outside of their native countries.

You know who you are and you should be advised that Mr. Keenan has your particulars. One day there is going to be a knock at your gates, followed by cuffs around your wrists.

Collectively, we understand that we can trust that the Hong Kong Redemption Committee and HSBC Hong Kong (Sister) will never work with the “Cabal”, despite their being many others who fear the “Cabal” that would gladly bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Mr. Keenan has requested that the Golden Dragon Family allocate the necessary resources in order to provide satellite (and ground) monitoring of the scheduled meeting between George Bush Jr. and the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, this coming 23rd of May.

[The date of this meeting has already been brought forward (from the 24th) because of recent developments, which include the photograph below.]
Bush attempted to sneak in on the 22nd and we have this picture as evidence

Mr. Keenan prays that the Golden Dragon Family will have such measures in place in time.

One point must be made unequivocally clear:

The world needs to see what happens when any foreign Ex-President (or any other individual or group) embroils their self/themselves in attempts to unlawfully abscond with assets over which they have no ownership rights.

The Western “Cabal” (“one percent”) is surrounded, and the East has eyes everywhere. Cease and desist with your greed, lest you be no more.

You can make it either easy or difficult; transition is taking place. You are few, we are many.

With warm regards,

The Asian Insider (II).”

PHEW!  Isn’t this an echo of what Neil has been saying all along?!

June Fire Sale!

South Korea was again in Neil’s spotlights in June as the Korean President, Moon Jai-in, was entertaining world leaders who were attending the G20 Meeting in Osaka, Japan.

No sooner than the British Royalty had left empty handed, then a gaggle of greed made pilgrimages to Seoul to make fire sale offers to the President in attempts to purchase bunker assets.

Neil, of course, had flies on lots of walls during the G20 Conference as in discussions were Jamie Diamond’s  and Japanese bankers’ PLOT to steal the Collateral Accounts as a means of financing the West which was clearly reaching a FIAT currency (with no asset backing) tipping point. 

This meant that the West needed Japanese, Korean and other Asian assets so where better to make bids than to use the G20 in Osaka as a front cover.

We already know that S. Korean leaders have been relentless in their efforts to steal from the bunkers to finance their political survivals, so when Big Players with deep pockets come knocking, whoever is in power seems to be ready, willing and able to sell what is not theirs.

This attitude of being able to blatantly commit theft without any recourse to themselves or their country is the result of being under the false protection of the Cabal.  Well, those days are coming to an end. 

One of the most notable visitors to President Moon’s office was President Trump, who wasn’t in Korea to shake hands with his troops. 

Do you remember the previous US attempt to fill up an aircraft carrier with Korean gold and that Neil scuttled the deal?  That led to the imprisonment of then President Park and the US Fleet sailing off empty handed. This try had similar results.

Next came knocking was the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was seeking support as his country is facing looming financial problems as their oil wells run dry.

It probably would have gone better if the Saudi Royals hadn’t waited 21 years since their last visit. That delegation left with only a taste of Korean cuisine.

But the real threats came from the Chinese Construction Bank who had parked USD 3.0 billion in a Korean Bank as proof of their intent to secure Korean assets at fire sale prices.

The Chinese were keen to recover Hong Kong Bonds and Japanese Yen from Korean Bunkers.

This Chinese group was counter-balancing the Western assault on these assets as the Chinese knew that if the West were to obtain the assets, China would be in bigger financial trouble. So now there were three major players in the ring.

But WAIT! Now two more people from Taiwan and a Far-East Asia representative from Hong Kong City Bank also arrived in South Korea. 

It appeared that Taiwan also wanted in the game and to block Communist China from getting any Korean assets, especially Yen and Hong Kong Bonds.

They were primarily after Korean bunkered Japanese Yen and gold to sell to Japanese buyers. As planned, two Japanese would be coming to Korea in a few days to conclude the Yen deal with a Fund Manager coming from Taiwan. 

They would then negotiate on the purchase of 20,000 mt of gold (stolen Dragon Family gold) from Korean bunkers.

This group could not keep their mouths shut concerning their transaction and made bold claims that the deal had FED and CIA approvals and official Korean support

When you make too much noise and share information over phones or the Internet, a deal is as good as dead. 

This is why Neil continually posts names and pictures of crooks and exposes their nefarious plots. Neil uses his own DDT (Damage and Destroy Techniques) to thwart these criminals wherever he finds them. 

With his May exposures, Neil sent a clear message to President Moon Jai-in that the President has NO Authority over the bunkers in Korea and that his “cheap sale” is shut down. 

Eyes are on him and his minions and all assets are being watched, even from above! And Mr. President, you are not liked very much, even by the thieves.

And with that, Neil ended his June post with one final defining picture…

The above picture was taken at a dinner held with the Consul Generals in Hong Kong.

In attendance were representatives from South Africa, Myanmar, The Philippines, Colombia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

They were not discussing Chinese food.

And they all were identified and recorded, so enjoy your meals. And the toast you made may mean that you may be toast soon too.

Summer Heat

Neil was on a roll with the exposures of April, May and June, so why let up in July?  Since the G20 Summit failed to pilfer South Korean bunkers and Trump obvious told President Moon that without US support South Korea would cease to exist and if the US didn’t get any assets, nobody would. That message stuck.

So instead of giving up, the Khazarian Cabal sent in their Big Gun in the form of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to try to open bunker doors.

After the the Cabal’s G20 flopped and Japan’s PM Abe failed to deliver, President Rivlin’s assignment was to pick up the Cabal’s interest in “staying alive”.

You have to ask yourself, “what interest would Israel really have in South Korea?” Kim Chee? There is no other thing of interest for the Israelis other than stealing bunker assets, so why send a large delegation with phony offers of investment if your only known goal is to rip off South Korean assets.

Why would South Korea buy Israeli missile defense systems and other weapons when the US already had major bases in the country with much better equipment? It was simply a joke delegation making false offers and empty threats. 

In the end the Israelis got nothing other than an expensive trip and later were declined any further official meetings by President Rivlin or Israeli delegations. 

Another one bites the dust.

But the problem with Japan is a persistent one that dates back to the time that Japan ruled the Korean peninsula. This together with the Rockefeller / US (Military / CIA control of who leads these countries, means that all key positions in South Korea have been held by PRO-Japanese Puppets and supported by the dominant pro-Japanese media.

Neil threw a spanner into President Moon’s and PM Shinzo Abe’s gearbox for the G20 cover scam, which was a bold attempt to steal the Collateral Accounts, but Abe made a BIGGER MISTAKE of challenging Neil following the event.

Apparently PM Abe contacted other Cabal leaders who had attended the G20 Summit advising them that although Neil Keenan had given them a good hit with his posts, there would be nothing further like this in the near future.

Abe reassured his colluding-cronies that Neil Keenan had no further information to provide the public. PM Abe boldly stated, “Keenan no longer has any holds over any of us.”

Contrary to Abe’s “fantasy wish list”, Neil has and had plenty to release… and release it he did! Neil turned his spotlight on the servants that Abe sent forward representing him to South Korea, in his blatant and nefarious attempts to steal the Korean Bunker Assets.
The South Korean Hotel and the Plotters representing Abe’s interest in stealing Korean assets

A picture says a thousand words.

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, while the G20 was taking place, another crafty Abe scene was unfolding in the Toyokobi Hotel in Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea at 4pm – as 8 thieves gathered at this hotel.

In attendance were Mr. Kojima, a 96-year-old Japanese, Two Taiwanese; Mrs. Chen and Mr. Wu, one City Bank official from Hong Kong, (the Far East Asia General Manager), and two other Koreans.

This was the actual group identified in the previous post but now in detail.  Furthermore, the full list of their false claims were exposed. That included the following:-

 1. That they had received the FED’S Power Of Attorney along with PRESIDENT TRUMP’S approval.

2. That the Japanese Yen denomination Notes are expected to be received from the Korean Ministry of Finance when it is submitted to the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

3. That the Taiwanese claim they can procure safety for this transaction by moving it to the FED.

4. That the Dollars and Yen should be dealt with now, seeing they are soon going to lose value as planned.

5. They requested 20,000 MT of Gold as well.

6. They claim the CIA will assist them with the safety and transfer of the Assets which will then enable them to trade safely.

7. That everyone involved in this transaction will be issued a US Green Card.

They also presented 10 copies of the 100,000,000 KRW checks issued by Nonghyup Bank in South Korea to the Koreans. They claimed that they possessed more than 150 checks.

Also, they brazenly requested original samples of Bunker Assets

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, if you had not opened your stupid puppet mouth, none of this detailed exposure would have been made public.

Perhaps your time is coming to an end sooner than you may realize.

Japanese Puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “If You Want To See Me Do My Thing Pull My String”

That was the title to Neil’s August post and like a bulldog, he wasn’t going to let Shinzo Abe off the leash that he had put around his own neck. Abe had challenged Neil and gotten bitten badly.

Abe had failed in his G20 assignment, failed in securing the Collateral Accounts and failed in securing Korean collateral needed to finance the Cabal, plus became an embarrassment to his country when internationally exposed for his surreptitious black dealings with South Korea.

So what does Abe immediately do to save face? He calls a Cabinet meeting and revises the Export Trade Control Order and removes South Korea from its list of trusted trading partners. I guess that is what you do to leakers in Japan. 

But placing sanctions on your neighbor is not such a bright idea as it starts an economic trade war. It also penalized Japanese Exporters as now they require government permission to send strategic items like military spares to South Korea, which in turn weakens Abe’s Western Puppet Master’s position in the region.  Smart move…

Abe has more to worry about than jilting his neighbor as Japan will be hosting the 2020 “Radioactive” Olympics in the next year and he somehow has to convince everyone that Fukushima is “safe” while hiding 300,000 Japanese children with cancer and 900,000 mt of radioactive water that is leaking into the Pacific and polluting the whole US West Coast. 

The Japanese media says that the food grown in the fertile Fukushima area is also “safe” (even though it lights up a room with the lights out?). Why not send it to those Pro-Japanese in Korea?

For sure, Abe and his political cohorts are slaves to their Puppet Masters and are acting with impunity to implement the Cabal’s population control objectives under UN Agenda 21 & 30. Hopefully the Japanese people will wake up in time.

Actually the Koreans themselves are waking up to Japanese treachery.  They are now boycotting Japanese goods. Bilateral trade is deteriorating and Koreans no longer travel to Japan for holidays. A real trade war is occurring between South Korea and Japan and Abe is just adding fuel to the fire at the behest of his Masters.

The Koreans want a united Korea, but the Masters still use the old Divide and Conquer strategy and use Japan to assist in perpetuating this policy. It is a New World, but it is no longer THEIRS.

Neil reaffirmed that as the Amanah, he will continue to protect all the Collateral Assets and that he will introduce technologies to clean the oceans and water supplies around the World that people like Abe, intentionally pollute.  The whole World is awakening now, so watch out!

Footsteps on UBS (You Be Stupid)

Despite being in Indonesia in October, Neil managed to post three stomps on the notorious Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), exposing some of their nefarious and illegal actions that had come under the direct purview of the Amanah and Neil’s personal Power of Attorney (POA) granted by the late Edy Seno.

Most financial people already know that Swiss banks have hidden behind strict account secrecy laws and complex juggling of “numbered accounts” as a way to hide wealth and launder money, especially for Black Cabal operations. Neil’s posts foot-stepped all over this leading Swiss banking giant, bringing attention to the rampant corruption therein.

UBS is a global bank that has wealth and asset management, and investment banking arms. UBS came into existence in 1998 after the merger between Union Bank of Switzerland, founded in 1862, and Swiss Bank Corporation, established in 1872.

This merger was result of Swiss Bank Corporation’s serious illiquidity due to a Gold Certificate issuing scam (the issuance of a series of Gold Certificates with the same gold bar serial number which resulted in a shortfall when Certificate owners demanded physical payment). This merger that created “UBS” was essentially a bail-out maneuver to prevent the collapse of the Swiss Bank and Swiss banking in general.

Neil’s fox trot on UBS started with his October 5th post that exposed UBS’s participation in attacks on the Collateral Accounts in his version of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” which he titled “The Truth, The Thieves, The Liars And The Con Artists”.

This was just the first salvo softening the beachhead before the landing party would come charging ashore. This shot showed pictures of a UBS Team actively operating to acquire Asian gold and other assets.

The UBS team
Mr. Loh (again) with Malaysia’s ex-Finance Minister/DPM and CIA asset, Anwar Ibrahim

Neil then provided actual gold Sale and Purchase Agreement details covering a 250 mt illegal sale of Golden Dragon Family gold arranged by UBS. This is another example of “selling assets that do not belong to them” which seems to be a reoccurring practice with UBS.

Neil’s next stomping all over UBS (U Be Stupid) was the result of UBS attempting to assassinate one of Neil’s Asian friends, Peter Channg, who is a multi-Trillionaire businessman and the Trustee second in line managing the assets of the last Emperor of China.

Peter Channg informed the Chairman of the UBS branch in France that he would like to withdraw 9.000 mt of gold that he had on deposit at the bank, but instead of receiving his Gold he was told to leave and not return and if so then he would be removed (remove means killed in this context).  

Mr. Channg then decided go to the bank with all the necessary documents to negotiate the claim and transfers of his gold.

The next time he was seen was on an emergency stretcher under police guard. He had been POISONED while in the Bank and was expected to never leave the building alive. Fortunately he survived.

Peter Chhang is a strong person and he will survive.

But UBS will not survive Neil’s legal attack that will follow. 

Be aware that if you come after Neil’s friends, Neil will come after YOU!

UBS most likely does not have Mr. Chhang’s gold anymore (possibly sold it to clear Swiss Banking  Corporation’s Certificate defaults or their own) or the release would cause a major collateral shortfall making the bank illiquid and needing major capital injections. Unfortunately for UBS, Mr. Chheng survived and that unleashed bulldog Neil.

So Neil’s next post slamming UBS involved his own case and his POA over a $USD 652 Billion loan package arranged by UBS to 4 Malaysian banks which are now in fraudulent default on the loan Agreements.  The Malaysian banks involved were:-

  1.  Bank Islam Malaysia
  2. Public Bank
  3. Bank Simpanan Nasional
  4. Citibank Malaysia

With the loans approved by the Malaysian Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, and the Finance Minister / Prime Minister, Najib Razak at that time (who Neil had repeatedly exposed in fraudulent dealings).

The loaned funds were provided by the late Dr. Drs. Seno Edy Soekanto, the principal Trustee of the Soekarno Trust having original certificates of deposit of gold, currencies and other assets on deposit with UBS by his father, Djawahir, the right-hand of the former President Soekarno, the original M1 and Amanah of Indonesia.”

This was a standard loan Agreement in terms of allocation amounts, interest rates, commissions, repayment terms and conditions for renewals and so on.  

Edy Seno received into the Soekarno Trust the initial payments contracted only, but NOT annual interest, commissions and renewal fees to date.  Furthermore, he was never consulted or agreed to the renewal and rollover of these loans. UBS did this illegally.

So essentially, UBS and these 4 banks in collusion with the Malaysian Central Bank and Government are in fraudulent default and theft of USD 652 Billion plus interest and damages

But the worst part is that Neil has the full Power of Attorney over the transaction and its renewal… and he will be filing charges against all of them in International Courts.

 Neil finished his tirade quick stomp on UBS with a personal recommendation.

“UBS do not give a damn about the actual depositors.  They are coming after us and praying their thefts can keep them alive. 

I personally am never going to place anything in UBS and would recommend anyone and everyone to get their Gold and assets out of there before they close the doors on them as well.

Otherwise they [UBS] will survive and you just might not. They never cared about you.”

“I have my hands full protecting Indonesia and believe me, Indonesia will be safe.

It is UBS that will be in danger.

One step at a time and it will be done for sure.”

Neil Keenan

Footsteps 2019 in Indonesia

Footsteps Back Home To Indonesia

September was a silent month for Neil and a small team with him. He slipped unannounced back into Indonesia on the 30th of August for a brief rest stop in Bali before moving his base to Yogyakarta.

The cover story was that he was there to deliver a new BRT Healing Computer to a Buyer from Australia and provide three days of training. 

The actual purpose was to try and meet the Sultan and then possibly to plan operations with senior government officials and military officers that would work with the Amanah to clear and audit bunker assets. 

The real intent was to officially “seat” the Amanah publically, but all that required secrecy and quiet planning. 

Neil’s small team were anxious and hopeful that serious progress would be made on this trip. Spirits were high and expectations were focused on primary tasks ahead. This trip was to get things done and moving forward, particularly with operational structures and initial humanitarian projects in Indonesia.

As with all Amanah trials and tribulations, the visit started off on the wrong foot. Neil had brought with him a good friend to be his Security Officer and military liaison. 

This was a big burly Irishman with extensive military experience, but upon landing in Bali, he was immediately attacked by evil spirits and demons. 

This Irish fighter understood about fairies and wee little people, but the relentless attacks of swirling black entities surrounding him was far beyond anything he had ever encountered. He couldn’t sleep at night and was constantly pawing at the sky like swatting flies.

Neil bunked his friend in a room with old Thomas who had over 40 years experience with Indonesian and Malaysian healer shaman, but try as he did, he could only manage temporary relief for the Irishman. 

The last resort was hospital sedation. Then get him on a plane home. This was accomplished after a 5-day struggle with evil darkness intent on killing this man.

Apparently Indonesia needed some house cleaning too. Some obviously knew Neil was back in town and wanted to slow him down with distractions. 

This was not a major setback, but it did cause a delay and opened the Team’s eyes to the seriousness of spiritual opposition that was facing them.  This would be another “test” of Neil’s determination and fortitude in support of Indonesia and its people.

Fortunately, Neesham flew in from New Zealand with his BRT Healing Computer and set to work on Neil and Thomas. 

A couple of sessions later, Neil passed with flying colors, but poor old Thomas had his batteries drained and the jolts he got sent everything into immune charging mode real quick. He would need a few more session later, but the improvements in his condition were immediate.

The few calm days in Bali were a needed relief. Neil got beach brown time.  Neesham had long walks on the promenade. And Thomas loved his bowl of fresh strawberries and cream for breakfast. It was Bali at its best.

The trio then packed their bags and flew over to Yogyakarta for a stay at the Hyatt Regency. A few days later the Australians arrived to pick up their new computer.

Once settled into the hotel, the Team went about informing the Sultan that the Amanah was in town and requested to meet with him. 

They went to the Sultan’s Keraton (Palace) and his Governor’s Office leaving messages and meeting Liaison officers Vonny and Bima who were quite helpful, but they got stonewalled in trying to reach the Sultan through his personal secretaries. 

At first Neil thought it a bit strange that none of the liaison or palace staff even knew that Neil was the new Amanah, till he realized that the Sultan had purposely kept the matter quiet until such time as Neil would be formally “seated”.

Most Indonesians do not speak English, and even fewer follow Neil on the Internet, so it was understandable that Neil was still “unknown” except to key people within the government.

This meant that it was an educational process to first establish his credentials and then open lines of communication with the Sultan.

This process was interrupted for a few days with the arrival and training sessions with the two Australian ladies that arrived to pick up their new BRT Healing Computer. Neil and Thomas were the guinea pigs for zapping as test subjects.

Neil passed in perfect health
Thomas was stimulated after a plate of donuts

Neesham did a fantastic job with the training session punctuated with testimonial tales of people who had contacted Neil about their successes in being healed. Thomas, although he had been working with BRT technologies since the mid 80’s, he played the dummy asking questions that the poor trainees had to answer.  It was a very good and thorough training.

When the girls left with their new computer, it was back to work for the Team. Numerous day excursions were made to the Governor’s office and night missions with messages to the Keraton followed.

The senior liaison officer, Bima, was most helpful in getting our messages through to the Sultan and in keeping us informed as to the Sultan’s schedule which was very full with meetings and events outside of Yogyakarta. The Sultan just did not have the time to meet with Neil. 

He just missed an opportunity when Neil was at the Governor’s office and the Sultan was in a meeting there, but his secretary failed to give the Sultan a note that Neil was present till after the meeting had concluded and Neil had already left after not getting a reply. The Sultan rebuked his secretary, but the opportunity had moved on.

Bima also informed Neil that the Sultan was scheduled for an overseas trip to Australia and South Korea at the end of September, so things would have to wait till October for any chance of a meeting, and even then the Sultan had a full booking of events that he had to attend.

The magic words “South Korea”, of course, triggered Neil and would lead to another event later.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons for bringing Neesham on the trip was hopefully to treat the 72 year old Sultan who needed a BRT boost and an age reversal treatment. 

Since a session with the Sultan was difficult to schedule, it was decided to give his liaison officers a healing session so that the Sultan would have someone in his inner circle who had firsthand experience on the BRT Healing Computer. Bima got that honor and performed well before his fellow officers.  It was a successful demonstration.

Neesham went further and provided sessions for the Hyatt hotel General Manager, Back Office Manager and Head Chef. The General Manager was a picture of good health and the computer picked up and treated some health issues of the Senior staff. 

This free treatment has resulted in more than a free dinner, as now Neil is in serious negotiations to provide BRT Computers for a healing clinic at the hotel for annual staff health checks and treatments, and to provide health services to hotel guests. The hotel’s management view this as a major medical cost savings and a new cash flow profit center, plus a promotional advantage.

UBS Distraction

By the end of September Neil got word that his friend, Mr. Channg, had been poisoned. That is something that you don’t do to Neil’s Asian friends. 

This event unleashed a Neil attack on the corrupt UBS bank in three exposures that were posted to his websites in October. These posts had to be written and edited beforehand, so the small team had little time at the pool or chasing down the Sultan, and were instead hard at work covering international affairs.

Also with 30-day Visas expiring and the Sultan occupied outstation and heading overseas, it was time for a quick break. Neil and Neesham headed for a weekend in Singapore, a video shoot and an international F1 circuit race. Thomas flew back to Kuala Lumpur for clean clothes and a garden full of weeds. It was a needed weekend break from the tensions and aggravation.

Monday had everyone back in Yogyakarta and back to work. The UBS posts had to go out. Updates on the Sultan’s itinerary had to be checked. Action plans had to be made. It was back to work.

The one thing that stuck in Neil’s mind was “why was the Sultan going to South Korea?” Certainly it was not to promote a cultural show. So Neil sent out feelers to his reliable contacts in South Korea to find out what was actually going on.

About two weeks later after the Sultan had visited Korea, Neil got the bad news report. The Sultan had been hoodwinked into another Indonesian gold deal organized by two Korean Brokers that represented a Ukrainian Financial Consortium buyer. 

The “Deal” was to sell Indonesian gold (that did not belong to them) with very lucrative “under-the-table commissions” being paid to the politicians behind the Deal and a pittance payment to the Sultan for his role in going to Korea for meetings with the Brokers. 

What was not disclosed to the Indonesians was the fact that the Ukrainians were fronting for Khazarian and Rothschild financial institutions that would be paying in near worthless Euros. 

Simply this was a Cabal con job to trade paper for real gold assets AND THAT WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE AMANAN’S WATCH!  It was a TRAP to catch all the Indonesians!

The Rothschild’s Global Crime Syndicate And How It Works

Neil tried to reach the Sultan through his personal secretary at the Governor’s Office using multiple direct line numbers. No answer. He tried the same thing with the secretary at the Keraton. Also no answer. The information was also too sensitive to pass openly through liaison officers.

The only avenue left open was through the Sultan’s immediate family.  Neil, Thomas and Neesham had met with the Sultan’s son-in-law and his eldest daughter, Gusti Mangkubumi, on previous visits to the Keraton, so that was the next best alternative. Unfortunately, when they went to the Keraton, Neil was informed that the entire family was in Bogor for a major wedding over the weekend. 

The meeting to approve the corrupt loan was to be held on Monday, so time was running out. But Neil always has a Plan B, C, D… and he was not about to let the Sultan and his wonderful family get suckered into a con.

So Neil and Thomas drove clear across Yogyakarta on Saturday night to the son-in-law’s house.  And as Irish luck would have it, the family’s secretary just happened to be there. She was a most helpful young woman who spoke perfect English, so Neil explained the situation to her and then wrote down a short note to the Sultan, which the secretary agreed to pass by phone to the Sultan’s younger daughter as soon as she could.

The secretary did get through and dictated the message to the Sultan’s daughter who was in the dark as to what it really meant, but she too passed the note onto her father on Sunday afternoon at the wedding. 

Neil was told later that the Sultan read the note, chuckled and shook his head saying, “That Neil Keenan is everywhere!”

The next day the Sultan scuttled the loan deal and waved Neil’s note in the faces of those willing to line their own pockets at the expense of the country and people of Indonesia. This Sultan stands with the People.

He always has… and always will.  And now he has a Defender standing by his side… and he always will… Neil Francis Keenan, the Amanah.

With only a few days left on their visas the trio took time to reflect on this adventure. It was obvious that there were roadblocks and some more house-cleaning to be done.

But it was clear that what was the original objectives were superseded by a much more urgent matter of preventing the theft Indonesian assets by a Cabal syndicate. 

That was a higher spiritual matter that needed addressing, particularly with respect to the clear warning to Indonesian government officials and others that The Amanah is in town and watching YOU.


Neesham was the first to return home, leaving Neil and Thomas to review and plan. It was Thomas who noted the unusual nature of the trip, particularly the blockades around reaching the Sultan and the fact that there were only four “attempts” on the Team. The first was the spirit attack on his Head of Security as initially described.

The second occurred when Neil entered the hotel lift alone on his way back to his room after breakfast.

When he entered the lift he was joined by four Chinese men in dark suits and a small Chinese woman. The lift door closed and the small woman looked up at Neil, smiled and said;

“Neil, we are from the Family and are here to protect you. There has been a contract taken out. We know who is involved and we are tracking them and will take them out. Please, if anything happens, stay out of it. There is also a Western team here posing as tourists so keep your eyes open for anyone keeping eyes on you.”

With that the lift doors opened and Neil went back to his room and later briefed Thomas and Neesham about this strange meeting.

About 3am that morning Neil awoke as he heard someone jimmying the lock on his door. He immediately got out of bed, grabbed a flashlight and took a defensive stance at his door, ready to kick the door in the face of anyone who entered. 

No one broke in but he did hear a fight going on in the hall. So Curious George opened his door and peaked out to see that little woman cemented to the back of another Chinese fellow. The poor guy had a monster on his back and was trying to break free by slamming her off the walls.  

She spotted Neil and hissed “Stay out of this!” Neil did and a few moments later the fellow was on the floor, tied up and her two henchmen who had been blocking escape routes at both ends of the hall, came and hustled the cretin down the back stairway exit and out of the hotel, never to be seen again.

The little woman then turned to Neil and said, “Everything has been taken care of.”

Neil thanked her and asked her to thank the Family for him.

The next attempt came a week or so later. Neil and Thomas were sitting in Neil’s room chatting about the World Series baseball games. Neil was lounging on his bed and Thomas was sitting in a chair with his back to a big picture window. 

Neil abruptly said, “Thomas… close the curtains.”

Thomas looked at Neil and immediately knew. He slowly got up and closed the blackout curtains all the way. Neil had spotted out of the corner of his eye a dancing red laser dot high on the wall opposite the window. 

It was only there for a second but it was definitely enough time to range a sniper scope from somewhere in the gardens below. There would be no more fun that night or any night thereafter as hotel security was tightened. 

These “attempts” have been included in this narrative to show that being the Amanah or part of his Team is a very serious and even a life threatening business.  

Be honest. How many of you would be willing to give up everything for a pile of pebbles and a slingshot so that you could pock mark Cabal Giants year after year? How any are willing to join the fray? 

Very few.

It is so much easier to read the tales and monthly exploits of this modern day Don Quixote and his men from La Mancha, than to get off your butts and make a difference towards what is Right and Righteous in our World.

Neil and Team accomplished what was needed on this trip. Not what was expected, but what was needed.

There is Always Something, Eh?

So at the end of October Neil and Thomas packed their bags and headed for the airport. Neil was dropped off at the Domestic Terminal as he was headed to Bali to catch his international flight back home from there. 

Thomas went to the International Terminal for his flight back to Malaysia, of course, only to find that Neil had left his trusty camera in the taxi. 

Our favorite taxi driver, “Speedy Gonzalas”, quickly called Neil and Thomas told him about the camera and that we were quickly coming back to his terminal.  Neil said his plane was already boarding and he didn’t know if he could get out. 

Thomas said, “I’m coming and if you cannot get out I will own a new camera!” So Thomas tossed his bags back in the taxi, grabbed the camera case, and Speedy sped back to the Domestic Terminal. 

When we arrived Neil was standing there next to a pretty girl (wouldn’t you know it!). Thomas handed him his camera and Neil scurried off with the girl and a “Good Bye. Thank you.” 

There is Always Something, eh?

So Thomas goes back to his terminal, says his good bye to Speedy and checks in, gets his boarding pass and clears Immigration and plops down only to realize that he had left his carry-on bag at the x-ray machine outside. So backwards through the line he went, got his bag and reversed field again and finally got seated in the departure lounge for a half hour wait. 

Boarding was finally called so he stood up and got in line only to find that he couldn’t find his passport and boarding pass in his small leather travel bag!  Oh CRAP! He checked the first pocket. Nothing. The middle pocket.  Nothing.  The back pocket.  Only a fist full of receipts and name cards.   

Now the line was getting short and tension was rising. Had he dropped it somewhere? Had he dosed off and someone pinched it? One more dive into the pouch. 

All the way to the bottom where the pens and reading glasses hide. Pocket one again nothing. Middle pocket still nothing. Back pocket the same fist full of paper, but hiding at the very bottom was that damn passport!

There is always something, eh?

All got home safe… somehow. Ready for the next trip and adventure.

Back Home – Back To Work

Neil had barely touched down back home and he was already posting another hit piece. The November 3rd post was an attack on his old nemesis and Cabal hack, Benjamin Fulford, who had published a piece about Neil after he reviewed Neil’s weekend video in Singapore. 

Benny made some absolutely preposterous statements like the person in the video was not Neil, the teeth were wrong, the hair not right and that was not even shot in Singapore, blah, blah, blah…

Neil treats liars and fake news purveyors with distain and disgust. So Benny got a BOMB POST from Neil with history going all the way back to 2013, all neatly referenced in the site archives. Benny was exposed again as a Cabal FOOLford.

Shortly after this Fool’s post, Neil and Group-K received an email from a follower in Singapore, who is in a known position capable of providing actual and factual confirmation of events in Indonesia and Asia. 

His letter is quoted below as it is an Asian viewpoint shared by many, and from Neil’s standpoint a confirming slap to Benjamin’s face by someone who really knows what is happening.

This is the full quotation of this letter:-

“Benjamin Fulford is hanging himself again. In his last “article” he merely paraphrased a piece from the Statesman published on the 23 of October 2019 without even investigating the actual background sources in terms of what has been taking place in Indonesia. 

He was never there and his Indonesian CIA sources are watered-down sources. Instead of copying other people’s work, why did he not try connecting the dots? Benjamin has it all wrong again. This is just plain stupidity but he is consistent in this fashion.

What has really taken place is the strategic placement of key Indonesian players, principally Prabowo Subianto, into Ministerial positions. 

Prabowo, as leader of the Opposition Party, was obviously responsible for the post-election insurrections and the loss of life, so to diffuse a tense situation, President Jokowi “brings his enemy closer” and appoints him to a ministerial position that he is qualified for.  That is a smart move towards peace and stability in Indonesia and thus diffuses a tense situation.

Benjamin goes on to insult Indonesia’s long-standing and patriotic Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, who has guided the economy beautifully and kept finances stable even through changes in Indonesian political governments.  Sri Mulyani is a national asset and to insinuate she is Cabal is a severe misrepresentation of facts and history.

A view of the wider picture reveals the Cabal and their Banksters’ global efforts to steal gold and other fungible assets through whatever means are at their disposal, particularly through bribery, extortion and death threats to key individuals and their families. 

This is happening everywhere, especially in South Korea and Indonesia where bunkered wealth of the Dragon Families is their main target. 

Once again, Benjamin has shown his ignorance by throwing the Rothchilds into the mix when they have very little to do with Indonesia at this point. 

He clearly knows how NOT to make friends with powerful people. It is little wonder that nobody of importance talks to him anymore. 

Indonesian royalty, top politicians and their families (are especially and) currently within Cabal crosshairs. 

Truth be told, Neil Keenan has been in Indonesia the past few months directly preventing the Cabal from stealing gold in Indonesia. 

Notice that I stated “gold in Indonesia” and not “Indonesian gold”. 

Mr. Keenan has repeatedly exposed and thwarted Cabal attempts to ascertain hold of what is, and never will be theirs, as they are not the Original Depositors or bloodline inheritors.

Neil Keenan was elected last year as the Amanah (the Principal Global Trustee) and is now in charge of Global Collateral Accounts Assets including the bunkered wealth stored in Indonesia, and other Asian countries by various Asian Families as their TRUSTEE (but not by any of Benjamins fake White Dragons).

The only other person to hold this internationally recognized position was the former Indonesian President Soekarno. Many have tried to pass the required ritual initiation. Some died. Some went blind. Some went deaf.  Mr. Keenan successfully passed all the highly spiritual tests and now holds the powerful scepters that transfer the power of the OFFICE to him and an energy scepter needed to open bunkers.

These Asian Families (Dragons) are the original Depositors of these assets and the AMANAH is their sole Trustee with absolute legal authority over the management and safekeeping of these assets. 

From now on any use of these assets comes under the sole responsibility, authority and legal jurisdiction of the AMANAH.  That includes the legal thwarting of past and present attempts to use, mirror, hypothecate and/or illegally transfer these registered assets. And believe me, those that were recently trying to sell Family assets in Indonesia were immediately EXPOSED. 

Some should really run and hide. However, the Asian Families have eyes and ears everywhere.  And they tell Neil Keenan what they are seeing and they protect him. Politicians, banksters and businessmen in Asia and the West BEWARE as you have been warned. 

Benjamin, that goes for you too. 

Cease being a Cabal stooge and purveying FAKE NEWS.  You might be better off concocting cook books but your sauces stink as bad as your plagiarized sources.  Perhaps you should tootle off and write a novel as your relentless BS is pure fiction. And to think that some people still pay to read your waffle. But that’s how it works for you – with your “blog” being your source of income, you will make anything up in order to seem like you have something of relevance to offer – when you do not.

CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times like fiction writers as that is all you seem to be good at – FAKE NEWS. Perhaps you may be invited to Washington D.C. as a “hearsay witness” .  This is unlikely in reality, as no one other than a fool would believe you anymore. 

Be warned: If you continue to insult key figures, you will definitely need to be cautious for bumps in the night. 

It is your own fault. Stupid.”

– An Insider from Singapore

So eloquently put…

It is always nice to receive such support from well positioned followers especially when they provide succinct and timely real information. Neil and Group-K appreciate such contributions that are grounded on fact and not conjecture. 

Thank you all.

Dean Slammeroo

The fact that Neil had not opened the bunkers on this trip disappointed some Group-K members who were hoping for a big payday for doing little or no work. By the end of November, following Neil’s return, this disgruntled gang started plotting against Neil.

The first was Dean Chambers who was responsible for creating a disinformation campaign against Neil and Group-K and forming a coup plot to circumvent Neil.

In November he first tried repeatedly to contact Nelu. Nelu at first ignored these contact requests as he never knew Dean. But Dean kept trying and finally in April 2020 Nelu answered only to find that Dean was trying to recruit him to create and spread lies about Neil and his activities.  

Nelu immediately called Neil and sent him copies of Dean’s emails (which Neil immediately posted on his Facebook page exposing the intended treachery.

In the “mean” time, Dean continued with his recruitment efforts, shifting his efforts to Group-K and “It’s a Keenan Thing” members. This got him banned from both groups, but before he left he appointed a new Admin to take his place and deleted 97 of his people as (his) members.

Then Dean went back to his old stomping ground at Drake’s “Cosmic Voice”.  There he roped in Drake to his team along with Mark Williams, Pattie Bassard, and several other women.

Their PLOT was to somehow get funding to go to Indonesia and open bunkers magically by themselves.  This was a pure con job.

Mark Williams was the writer and thus used Cosmic Voice as a platform to publish lies about Neil, Nelu and others associated with Neil. 

These were completely fabricated stories of disinformation and slander intentionally meant to portray Neil as a despicable conman having nothing to do with bunker assets, the Collateral Accounts, being a fake Amanah having a “cut and paste Agreement”, and that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has more authority over Global Assets than the Amanah, but Neil had a lot to do with raping a woman (at the time he had severe dysentery, oh sure.) 

And this is coming from someone who was NEVER THERE. PURE FABRICATION

The funny part of these RAT TAILS is that the NSA and other Agencies are monitoring their emails and phones 24/7 and that they now have more than enough evidence to support “conspiracy”, “fraud” and a long list of other charges should Neil wish to proceed with a court case.

That is how RATS do their dirty work.  Poop here.  Mix a bit of truth in then poop over there,  It is all shit that comes out of people like that whose intent is to destroy in the hopes that someone will believe that their shit is some sort of gold.  Don’t fall for it.

Go back and read what Neil has accomplished in the last 10-15 years and you will be amazed at how much one man has done to expose the Cabal that rules this world.  

Did any of these RATS do anything, anything at all that even comes close?  NOTHING.

Dean Chambers is just a “cut and paste other’s work” guy using his i-phone and nothing of his own creativity.  Neil repeatedly challenged him to write something original… so Dean wrote “lies”. That is how creative he really is.  Stupid is as stupid does…

It is time for Rats like this to realize that they have been truly TRAPPED.  They were never there on the front lines. They know nothing. They are NOBODIES.

Soon Neil and Nelu will be back together to finish the next phase of Amanah Trust activities. This was a good house-keeping  Plan that worked, but where there is the smell of money, more rats will be scurrying around.  Neil and the cleaned Group-K are ready and able to trap a bunch more.  Come on stupids. We have plenty more traps!

A Quiet Holiday

Neil and Thomas were busy in December. They were first trying to get back to Indonesia, but they had no success in arranging meetings with key persons both in Indonesia and in meeting new major Group-K team members. The Holidays just had people committed to families or other travels. There was just “No Way.”

So work shifted to writing new reports on the latest 3rd Generation BRT Healing Computer that would be coming out in January. Thomas was tasked with key banging on his computer a detailed description of how the BRT Healing Computer actually works, while Neil pumped Walter for new pictures and screen captures for the update article.

This was all done with the background of international calls, more data emails and Christmas cheer. Both Neil and Thomas reflected back and wished that they were again on a Bali beach, but work cleared those fantasies real quick.

The year ended with memories of their own fireworks. What more needs to be said…

Footsteps of the Amanah 2020

Generation III BRT ‘Healing Computer’ Striding Out

The Generation 3 Bio-Resonance Therapy Healing Computer was officially launched in January and February 2020.

This was a magnitude improvement over Gen I and Gen 2 which have been proven to be very reliable and genuinely beneficial machines for all that have had the opportunity to use them. 

Walter has basically boosted the Generation 2 programming to include more refined frequency scans and frequency outputs by a quantum increase that now energizes the body from 72 hours to at least a full week. 

The healing algorithms have also been tweaked and include an automatic sub-routine that repairs your DNA, adding perhaps a year to your life.

The analytical screens have also had a face lift and now are available in more foreign languages.  This includes more analytical detailing , as needed for doctors and BRT operators. 

All three electrodes have been improved and cables strengthened with better shielding and coatings electroplated on the contact surfaces for better frequencies scans and transmissions. These now plug into an external box (no longer inside the computer) so if repairs are ever needed you will not have to send the whole computer back for repairs.

The Generation 3 BRT is a quantum upgrade of an already fantastic healing machine.

The January and February posts in the archives also contain detailed explanations of how these computers work from posts by Thomas and Neesham plus an easy accessed list of previous testimonials and posts concerning the User’s personal experiences with this new technology.

The Generation 3 screens and new equipment can be seen in the February posts. Just go to the website for this information.

Included here is one such testimonial that is posted for your edification and enjoyment:-

“Hi Neil, Group K,

Here is the testimonial that I said I would send as promised.

Can I just call myself CJ here in order not to have many people who actually know me look at me strangely?

I also would like to keep things short because rehashing things only reminds me of the pain I had been in for so many years. So please excuse me for being selfish but I hope to cover what is needed for the multitudes to understand that this machine works wonders… and I am one of them.

OK, my problems began in my youth. I had problems with my joints. Especially my leg joints to the point that I had to use a cane throughout my high school years.

Whereas I should have been the lead cheerleader, I became a wheel chair fan watching the games from the sidelines. The pain here got to the point that the doctors wanted to check my bones for some serious problems that evolved throughout my body.

At this same time my liver would not leave me alone and this had to be watched as well. This continued on with me throughout my life.

Inflammation was nothing to laugh about seeing I really needed my hands to open and close when I needed them but that brought more pain just holding on.

Blood Clots appeared and I was continually run down but I tried not to give up.

I was told I was a high risk for a heart attack. I thought to myself what a nice way out of this thing called life.

My blood thickened and became a threat to the point where I had blood donors lined up for transfusions.

My eyes began to fade and I could barely see. Nothing was working here and I would sit in front of a TV screen and no matter what size it was I could not see.

My respiratory system was collapsing on me too. My doctor told me that I had a roomful of problems and which ones should he tackle first. My answer was all of them. He would not do this.

I heard about the Healing Computer in November 2018 and decided what the hell why not. So I bought one in Germany. Neil was there to assist me and taught me as much as he knew about the mechanics of it. Then Mr. Walter came in and gave me a three day study on the computer, all the while treating me.

During my first session I did feel tingles and rushes throughout my body and they felt comfortable. I nearly fell to sleep while having the computer work me over for the 20 minutes.

Yup, I had the full 20 minutes seeing my body was all screwed up. I remember the computer starting up and heading towards diagnostics. I was told what they said and I had tears quietly flowing down my cheeks.

In essence it said I would die if not taken care of immediately. Neil whispered from across the table “take it easy you are going to be like new”. I smiled and wiped the tears looking at him smiling and said “Yeah, I am going to be that cheerleader again”. He smiled at me and said “Count on it”.

From that first 20 minutes I could feel things happening throughout my body from head to toe. I asked why so many feelings and Walter told me to relax and let the frequencies do their job. So I laid back and closed my eyes hoping for better days ahead.

I went through the above for two weeks and not for one minute did Walter or Neil allow me to be by myself. We often held double sessions with the computer seeing the diagnostics showed some things getting worse with others getting better.

There is no question I was feeling much better and even able to sleep at night. My legs could swing to the floor and I could even stand on them. I could walk to the kitchen and even make a cup of coffee.

It felt like something grand was going on within me and I asked Walter what was happening and he said his English was shits and to ask Neil.

He told me the frequencies are working and will continue to do so for 72 hours and believe it or not I felt that they worked the entire time I was there (then again I had many more sessions than just three.

By the time I went home I felt like a new person but not completely well. It was going to take more time but I had a healing computer in my laptop bag and knew it would become my dear friend.

For months I went at the problems twice a day 6 days a week and I watched as sometimes the diagnostics would show me a slight improvement, while at other times would speed up the curing process.

There were times I was ready to throw in the towel. It was taking too long but what was the alternative. Crying a lot seemed to help.

One morning while throwing my legs out of bed I felt my knee joints as they were a long while before this happened to me. I stretched out and felt no pain whatsoever.

My legs moved wherever I wanted them to. I could not believe it. I walked to the bathroom and then slowly downstairs. All was well!

Of course, I cried again but this time with happy tears.

I called my doctor! He told me to calm down (I was so excited) and he said come in immediately. “I want to see what is going on with you”. 10 minutes later I was at his door minus the crutches, canes or wheel chair.

He looked at me and asked me how I got up the stairs and I laughed and said “the elevator.”

He asked me if I could now walk and I said yes. He asked me if I was having problems with my breathing and I said no. He asked me if I was having problems with anything else and I said everything is just fine.

He then looked at the computers print out diagnostics and said Wow this is mighty impressive and asked if he could have it. I gave it to him.

The following day he called and asked me to bring the computer along with me. When I showed up at his office I had on a skirt and nice top and he looked at me and went WOW. He was surprised I looked so good as before he only saw me falling apart.

He told me the blood tests he had taken of me all came back showing the computer diagnostics as being spot on.

I felt my heart skip a beat and then he said “let’s get some lunch and celebrate”. I could not believe what I was hearing and said sure why not.

Over Lunch we saw 5 or 6 of his doctor friends and they all asked me many questions. They saw the diagnostic charts and understood I started out as a mess and would smile as they saw the improvements.

One told me that the head of the Hippocratic Institution in Florida had recovered from paralysis from the waist down using this machine and was like a new man. Here I was feeling like a new woman.

Once the others left the table my doctor told me he was going to publish what had transpired here to me, but I asked him not to.  I even asked Neil and Group K not to post anything and they honored my request.

For a long while I thought I was being selfish not allowing you all to see what went on within me and the results.

I can tell you hear and now everything about me is now running at 100%. Those frequencies worked hard and often I still get on the machine to get them flowing through me again.

I could not have done this without owning the computer.

Before I had to stay near the doctor’s office for 3 or 4 months at a time and nowhere on this planet would I have been healed.

I felt great as a result of my healing session and decided to now let you all know I am feeling great, pregnant and my husband is more understanding than anyone I ever met.

He still tells me to get on the machine and says WOW.

As for him, he is using the computer as well and has gotten rid of parasites and funguses quickly and fixed up his respiratory problem. We are both well and I will tell you a secret one that you already figured out (I am sure). He was my doctor!

He now uses the healing computer a lot in his office, especially with the diagnostics and has assisted many patients in getting better.

Thanks Neil and Group K (Walter you too.)

Remember me as CJ and I will call if I ever need a hand. By the way I still cry knowing I have a baby coming, so Neil you can still call me a cry-baby. I am so so happy.

I’d love to fly to Dusseldorf on Monday and get my own Generation 3 BRT system!

Thank you. Thank you.


This is just one beautiful example of the healing potential of this bio-resonance technology.  This testimonial actually triggered a flood of new testimonials, many of which were posted on the website each month throughout 2020. 

These are unsolicited emails from people that are genuinely happier and healthier because of this technology. Read them and see for yourself the sincerity and thankfulness expressed by so many.

On March 2nd Kachoo (his name) reported in with his testimony concerning his and his family’s experience with the BRT Healing Computer. His whole family down to cousins, aunts and uncles all had immune system deficiencies that led to all kinds of serious diseases. 

The BRT Healing computer worked wonders on his whole family and even his family doctor!  Personally he was able to shed 150 pounds back to a healthy 170 and has never felt better.  And his dad is now singing in the shower again!  

The Amanah of Oz Series

 In January was the launch of Part 1 of the Amanah of Oz series written and researched by Odin the Wise One.

This detailed research suggests an alternative view to history of Indonesia and the region. It is an interesting read, as is the whole three Part Amanah of Oz series posted over the next few months and Odin’s in depth research into Neil’s journey in her new “Odyssey of the Amanah” that will be published soon.

As a sample, Odin’s research suggests that “Atlantis” may actually be located off the southern portion of the island of Borneo during the last ice age when seas were much lower. Plato’s description of Atlantis corresponds to the distances, animal species and mineral wealth of that region of Indonesia at that period of time. Interesting? No other sites fit so perfectly!

Just wait till you download each part covering such topics as Sundaland, Srivijaya and Majapahit Empires, the historic SPICE ROUTES – SILK ROADS and the YELLOW BRICK ROAD RESET (the one paved with gold).  These can be found in the archives of in 2020 as PDF downloads.

This is not the history typically seen. There are lots of dots being connected.  Well worth the time and effort to know and broaden your personal perspectives. There were some old bones definitely uncovered. This is an eye opening historical piece of research well worth reading. 


In early March Indonesia hosted a visit from Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti.

Ostensibly this was a goodwill visit whereby the Dutch King returned to Indonesia a significant and historic kris (a spiritually blessed wavy bladed dagger that belonged to an Indonesian hero who fought the Dutch for Independence and which the Dutch had stolen). Returning it was a symbolic gesture as it was used during Indonesia’s Soekarno led fight for Independence from the Dutch.

The Indonesians and Neil clearly knew that this trip and gesture of giving back a rusty piece of steel was not the main reason the Dutch King came calling. It was more like “here have a old piece of rusty metal. How about we exchange it for some of that yellow metal?”

That did not happen on the Amanah’s watch.

As a reminder, it was Neil Keenan who was a principal in the de-throwning of Queen Beatrix because of illegal and nefarious activities that she had been involved in, especially in the raping of Indonesia by the historic Dutch East India Company and Dutch Colonial Government that had ruled Indonesia and was operated by the Queen and previous Dutch Royalty.

This expensive goodwill tour by Queen Beatrix’s son, the new King, was nothing more than a fishing trip that came with very little bait and left with little more than a hand shake and a wave goodbye. Indonesians are smart and know their own history.

Corona-19 Virus News

In mid-March Neil posted a PDF article that everyone should read as it thoroughly exposes the Queen of England as the principal owner of the Pirbright Institute (UK) together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the registered Owners of the CORONA VIRUS PATENT and VACCINE. These Patents were issued in 2019!

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths In Italy + Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S.

This highly secretive biological research institute also has direct links to US researchers and those in WUHAN China! Do you think that there just might be a “conspiracy”?  And Anthony Fauchi was Bill Gates roommate in college.  Hmmmm.

Click here to download and read the full article in PDF format

The First CORONA CASE Testimony

This is the first testimony concerning the Corona virus as sent in by Jonathan from Atlanta, Georgia whose doctor told him that he had a “strange virus” back in 2019.  Again this is even before early March or the virus had even been recognized.

“My wife and I were constantly suffering from one ailment or another. She would get the flu and pass it to me while I would be suffering from a bout of itchy psoriasis. We tried antibiotics, vitamins, herbals and a cabinet full of pills but nothing was working. Our immune systems were shot.

My doctor tested everything. He found that I was suffering from an unusual viral lung infection. This virus belonged to the same family as the corona virus, perhaps an earlier man-made version possibly under a population testing program (who knows?) But my wife and I were suffering.

A close friend heard about my problems and introduced me to a woman (a former matron nurse) who had 2 BRT Healing Computers and was conducting sessions for family and close friends. My friend had been treated several times and swore that it had made him much better. So he arranged for me and my wife to have a healing session.

Of course you already know that the sessions were fantastic. The strange nasty virus was knocked completely out with just a couple of sessions!

My wife and I were so happy with this therapy that we bought our very own BRT Healing Computer and we have been using it three times a week religiously. I haven’t had a cold or flu for years. My psoriasis is gone.

My immune system is fully charged as is my chakras. I am energized and on the treadmill daily and I have lost 50 unwanted pounds. And Neil couldn’t recognize my voice because it was so much clearer without that darn virus in my throat.

And my wife is a picture of beauty in my eye all over again. She is healthier and more active than ever before. I have trouble keeping up with that little hurricane. Love it! She does too!

So, any of you out there suffering from the Corona Virus, there is a SOLUTION that is the BEST.

And even if you think that you are well, try to get on the machine as the diagnostic analysis and frequency treatment will boost your entire well-being. We DID and we love the results.”

– JW

Jonathan’s doctor subsequently confirmed that he was virus free and was amazed at the physical transformation of he and his wife, and Jonathan’s old medicine cabinet is now bare.

Please understand that the BRT Healing Computer “does not cure you”. You heal yourself. Bio-resonance provides the healthy tissue frequencies that allow your body to heal itself while at the same time eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and killing known parasites so that these intruders can be eliminated from your body.

The March post ended with three new BRT Healing Computer testimonials.  TWO of the testimonials were specific to the healing of the Corona-19 virus !  One by Military doctors review and the other by a very grateful family.

By the end of March two more significant Corona testimonials came in.  These claimed the same positive results from BRT Healing Computer sessions. These two testimonials have been repeated below but all can be seen at the end of the archived March 2020 post.

This sounds hard to believe – but take a look:

“Yesterday with national lock downs, I was invaded by 10 top military personnel (Generals, Senior Staff Doctors and ambulances carrying 4 top ranked personnel infected with COV-19.  Somehow they heard or knew about my owning a ‘healing computer’, picked up those needing help and made their way to my house.   

Initially It was a shocking site to my neighbors to see all these military vehicles parked all over my yard and down the street, this is after cordoning off both ends of the street.  I had cars in my yard, ambulances at my door (driveway) and a bunch of military people protecting my home, not allowing people to even to walk near it. Despite all this I allowed them in. And it was not a crime scene.

I explained to them that nothing is certain in this matter but that we had resounding success in dealing with many different matters.  They sat stonefaced and did not want to hear about what it can and cannot do . I set up the BRT machine, adjusted it specifically for virus and immune system treatment and zapped the 4 infected personnel with  just a 15-minute session each.

I then tested the 6 other infected personnel.  I checked the diagnostics and it read clean and clear of all virus. THEY ALL TESTED AS CLEAR OF THE VIRUS!  They looked the same but a few that were really weak to begin with began to talk to their Doctors that came with them. Soon after they left.  

I received a phone call 4 hours later from the hospital advising me that all immune systems had been energized.  They asked me to pay them a visit so we could discuss this machine but I wavered as to whether or not to go and speak to them about a computer that very few really know inside out.  So I bested out.

Just the other day I heard President Trump mention during his speech that he was developing new technology to cure such viruses and I was sure he was referring to the healing computer.

The development he speaks of is that it might be possible to procure a smaller version of the healing computer built just for viruses in this modern day biological warfare.

I was proud to help my country and wish our military personnel the best of luck in everything they do.  Glad I could help and the neighborhood has never returned to normal.  They knock on my door daily for assistance with the Healing Computer enough so that I have taught my wife how to handle it thereby giving me a break.

Best of Luck


Master Staff Sergeant

God Bless you all.”

Delores’ BRT Experience

“Hello Neil Keenan and Group K.  My name is Delores and I have never spoken to any of you.  I have been following your posts about the BRT healing computer on your website and this is what I have to say about it.

At this time I still have my husband and six family members because of it.

My husband was seriously out of it but a friend of ours referred us to someone close by who had a BRT computer and instead of my husband being buried, he is up and singing like Caruso. It took 4 sessions and  the Coronavirus was gone.

I also took the sessions and in 6 I was clean of much more than the virus.  My 4 children, brothers and sister also took the sessions with the same results.  And my favorite uncle Vito is now growing new hair on his bald head !  (His balding barber friend is too!)

We have since bought our own BRT computer and have all our friends on it.  It has done the same for them as it did for us.  It finds the problem and corrects it, and thanks to you and your group I have to say Thank You from Brooklyn to you all. 

Just in the past few weeks more than 50 plus people have been helped by the Healing Computer and there is still nothing holding it back.  We need more machines and more people who will allow others to purchase sessions.   It is not cheap but what does chemo cost and still ends up killing you.  Amazing computer!   Thank you again.

Delores & family from Brooklyn”

Note that these testimonials happened in March 2020 at the time of the early Scamdemic outbreak. 

This shows that an effective treatment WAS and still IS available for COVID viruses in whatever form by using BRT Healing Computer technologies. Thus there is no need for masks, vaccines, chemical treatments and all the other hyped social scare tactics being used on the World’s populations… whatsoever!

Neil, Walter and Group-K are now working on a smaller version that uses the same computer sub-routines that destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites plus activates the body’s own immune system as a “quick response unit”. This unit will be designed to target specific illnesses and can be rapidly deployed.

Again, this is a non-invasive natural frequency based technology that does NOT rely on injections, ingested chemicals or any fear-based scams. And it WORKS.

The Changing Tide

We are now at a point in history where a New Age transitions from Pisces to Aquarius. This creates a period of confusion and uncertainties as change rocks the social fabric of the status quo as it establishes a new norm.

The old guard is thus being replaced with new standards and moral foundations. This World is now populated by youthful vigor that is shedding the old coats of control and adopting new colors and stripes.   

THE Old Plan was to intentionally go off the Gold Standard (1971) in order to create “fiat money chaos”, (The PROBLEM) with financial chaos, economic shutdowns, disease lockdowns and lawlessness as the REACTION, but then THEY go back on the Gold Standard as a THEIR SOLUTION to financial and economic stability under THEIR New World Order.  Money would then have “real value” again.

That is the old school solution, but the problem is that they do not have control of enough Gold to reboot the financial system WITH THEIR STOLEN LOOT… but who does? 

TA DA!  In comes Neil Keenan, the AMANAH. 

So the They need to either sideline Neil so that they can buy time to steal more bunker gold from Korea or Indonesia, OR allow Neil to be seated and formally recognized globally so that Neil can release the stored Asian Gold to back Their New Gold Backed Financial System reset. 

So, They need him ALIVE.. perhaps intimidated by “attempts”, but ALIVE.

The current generation, on the other hand,, is thoroughly immersed in a digital currency technology world. They do not want Central Bank “Phantom Digits” created OUT OF THIN AIR, and thus instead have embraced unsupported Gambling Casino Bitcoins that are essentially worthless as they have no real asset backing either.

So the scene is set. The Old Guard (Rothschilds) 200 year reign is fundamentally OVER and a new Digital Age is upon us, but that requires a global asset backed financial reset and agreements that establish “real value” to digital AND paper currencies and coinage. It cannot and will not be 100% digital or a “cashless” society. It will remain AS IS but GOLD BACKED.

The fundamental problem we have is that the Western Banking system is based on systemic FRAUD and a tiny real asset foundation which needs unwinding and proper revaluation.

Also any financial system based on INTEREST RATES inherently has to create MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR, and that will eventually collapse any economy.

Sadly, Greg Boyed, the presenter on the right hand side passed away by way of suicide in 2018

Currently there is only 180,000 mt of “registered tradable gold” on the market. That amount supports upwards of 100 times the fiat “Paper Gold” market, which supports Currency Exchanges, Commodities Markets, Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Government Security Issues, and quadrillions of Derivative Bets. A few yellow bricks provide foundational support of a fiat house of cards.

The Cabal really don’t care too much about their yellow bricks either, but they do care about CONTROL. If Neil opens the bunkers, THEY think that their fiat colored papers and phony digits will then retain value and then they can remain in CONTROL

Yellow bricks are just another of THEIR con jobs on humanity, just like diamond rings. Neither have many real commercial purposes or uses, so the Cabal’s intent is to add them to the pile in order to boost their paper and digital values and create financial market confidence. Neil comes in handy to help THEM do just that… or so they think.

Neil may just have OTHER PLANS… that do NOT include them.

Returning to Indonesia

Neil and his Power Group-K is just waiting for international travel restrictions to be lifted so that they can return to Indonesia and get to work. Neil has put together a powerful team needed to establish operational headquarters in Indonesia for all Amanah global humanitarian and especially Indonesia projects.

The AMANAH Trust funds and assets are to be strictly used for humanitarian projects for the betterment of mankind. 

They are not to be used to bail out countries that have abjectly and abusively demeaned their own currencies for the benefit of banksters and politicians, or agents, brokers, lobbiests and cronies of all sorts. Neil is not about enriching the Cabal… period.

AMANAH funding will go direct to the PEOPLE through properly monitored foundations and projects. These will by-pass all the freeloaders and greasy handed hopefuls. 

Understand that clearly, as doors will be slammed shut on many greedy faces, never to open again. Those who have stood in the way will be blacklisted.

The Amanah’s Trust funds came from the EAST so that is where major development focus will take place first, and particularly with projects and support for Indonesia. 

The WEST has already been knocking on the Amanah’s door but there will be no answer until ASIA is helped FIRST. So don’t waste Neil’s time as he really won’t give you the time of day. European countries have already asked… the answer was “NO”.

Neil cannot fight this alone anymore. Your voices and votes need to be heard. There is a changing of the Guard so be a part of it… but not the Left Wing Cabal supported part. 

That is only a known failed approach that is being rehashed. It is a pig with lipstick called socialism, national socialism (Nazis), Marxism or communism in black hoods creating destruction and threatening law and order. That approach did not work before… never will again.


As the AMANAH is now in a global position of strength and CONTROL, so it is time to capitualate and work together to make this a better world. Otherwise, you are out of the picture… utterly and absolutely.

Quoting from his April post:


Since 2008, Neil Keenan has taken on the Cabal for the ‘Depositors’ of the Dragon Family Funds.

Even at his own peril, significant financial and asset losses, Neil has honored his commitment to rescue, recover and protect the ‘Depositors’ assets from the dastardly Cabal pirating the bunkers and corruptly, controlling the global financial system.

Neil filed his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit to recover the 134.5 Billion in Dragon Family assets (FRN’S) that were entrusted to him. Once filed, he became embattled with the Defendants listed in the lawsuit and more who were determined to take him down. He never lost one battle with barely a mis-step… Group-K had been born.

All the while he took on the Cabal fraudulent organizations

World Bank, [IMF, BIS] United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, WEF (World Economic Forum), Silvio Berlusconi, [and other Prime Ministers and Presidents and other] financial fraudsters – Karen Hudes, White Spiritual Boy, [CRAYFISH-the scum sucking bottom dweller], Red Dragons, Swiss Indos, Ray Dam (OITC), David Sale (OITC), UBS, and many more.

Neil does not answer to anyone. Let alone to those who’ve pursued their own selfish interests, sideways ploys and hidden agendas, as well as, individuals who have leeched off of his generosity, breached his trust and ultimately never helped him in any way.

 To them he says:  When you take, you got to give, so live and let live or let go… I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.”

Since April, Neil has been quiet as the Corona scamdemic has prevented his traveling and has disrupted the global economy intentionally. Soon all that will create major changes in the financial world and “gold” will play a major role in the outcome. Still waters run deep. A lot is happening that is not seen.

“Just you wait Henry Higgins. Just you wait!”

Neil and Team will be returning to Indonesia soon. Then you can expect the fur to fly as it will be happening in full swing. The AGENT OF CHANGE is about to be.

Neil wishes to thank once again the members of his Group-K both past and present. The team will be growing exponentially soon and the efforts of foundational members such as Jeanne S will always be treasured. A video post will follow this article shortly wherein Neil will elaborate further.

And the AMANAH controls the GOLD for and on behalf of ALL HUMANITY.

The Ending and the Beginning

So we are at a brief pause while things are being organized behind the scenes. The Footsteps of the Amanah have brought us to this point and you must admit that it has been a wild and woolly adventure. It is time to take a deep breath and exhale with a big “PHEW!” 

We are at the end of one epic journey and the beginning of another. There is another bend in the Yellow Brick Road ahead, so grab some snacks and more popcorn as a new adventure of Neil Keenan – The AMANAH is about to unfold.

We hope you enjoyed The Footsteps of the Amanah and that you will be with us as this amazing journey continues. Thank you for being with us and hopefully you will be hitching a ride on the Amanah Express that is coming down the track. “ALL ABOARD!”




Copyright © 2020, Neil Keenan and GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. “A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.” Niccolo Machiavelli.
    Of course, they are incapable of shame! Otherwise, your quest would have been so much easier.

    God bless you Neil and K-Group!

  2. Neil and Team, all i can say is WOW what a ride and what a Team you all are. The time will come when you are all recognized as the savior of humanity and the planet. A lot of arrests are happening right now with plenty more to come, i believe we are nearly there. Can not wait for the ride on the Amanah Express!.
    Thank you Neil and Team!!!.

  3. GODSPEED from Bulgaria!

  4. brooks o'bryant

    August 25, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    been with you from the beginning and remember we texted that day before i met with the president hopeful TRUMP as. one of only 100 people there! i remember that day as if yesterday! and I support you Neil 100% ty for all you do and have done!

  5. Having known & worked with Neil Keenan for the past 8 years, I’ve observed & felt his good heart as well as his indomitable courage & savy when facing innumerable, often perilous obstacles. Where most people would have long ago given up, especially after many threats to his life, Neil refused to quit! I pray that he & Group K succeed beyond their hopes & dreams, & that the world will be a better place when all is said & done…
    God bless you & your Family, Neil, for the many, many sacrifices you’ve made…I’m blessed to have known & worked with you, as I’ve learned so much from your true grit & “worldly wisdom”. Godspeed to the Finish Line!!!

  6. Peetie Pablo | A Son of the American Revolution

    September 1, 2020 at 6:24 am

    Neil and Group K Team, I’ve been with you since 2011, on every blog, in every group, with every post. What you have personally endured with the chaos that has surrounded this story is beyond imagination – and truly legendary. My battles have been on the global Patriot side of The Great Awakening, paving the way for many other amazing and mind blowing revelations that are coming. #TheKennedys Thank you for all the selfless sacrifices and tribulations you’ve suffered, in this historic battle against the Dark Forces. I will tell your story forever! God bless and good health to you all, as we complete “The Impossible Dream” and begin The Greatest Evolution in Human History! Cheers!

  7. Hi team, I took a sick day today because I just couldn’t bear going into work . I spent since this morning here at my laptop reading your entire story, must be at least 6 to 7 hours later and what a story, you Sir and your team are the true heros here, fighting for humanity and our rights to live a decent peaceful and honest life.
    I hope one day in the not too distant future to be able to find a humanitarian project that resonates with me, that I will find in myself, a connection to that I can truly help others as we advance into this new world of freedom and peace.
    I am just a simple mom with a daughter living at home who struggles terribly with anxiety from PTSD from being sexually abused and assaulted, I try my best to be a good mom to help where I can but I am mostly lost. I just work a simple job in a sign shop, I am no-one other than just one of the millions of people in my shoes. I hope to one day be able to have even just a little story of how I hope to have helped humanity to tell to grandchildren which I hope to have at least one of.
    Blessings to you and a truly honest and heartfelt thankyou from this far off lady in this simple home in Alberta, Canada.

  8. Jillene, Light Warroir

    September 4, 2020 at 10:08 pm

    Bless you, Neil and Team K for your humanitarianism, courage, strength and wisdom! I’ve been following your work for the past 6-7 years and you’re at the pinnacle of what you set out to achieve so many years ago. I’ll be hitching a ride on the Amanah Express, rumor has it pulling into a station near me soon. I’m on the volunteer list! Godspeed!

  9. Dear Amanah Neil..
    So good to finally get a chance to see this & hear you!
    Trust this reply finds you & Group K well..
    Been with you & loved every minute of this journey.
    Couln’t believe somebody else in the world saw this
    as reality. And lived it! Be fair to say I have a hero in this Green Knight.
    And when on a mission to help save humanity count
    me in for trip on the Amanah Express..Highest Love n Light

  10. It’s just like you said at the start better than any adventure movie or book. Sending our heartfelt thanks and prayers to Neil and his team. Cheering you on from the sidelines. Looking forward to the upcoming adventures for the betterment of world and humanity.

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