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UBS Modus Operandi:
“Stupid Is As Stupid Does”

Whoops! Did UBS Do It Again? The UBS Pirating Marcos’ 3,500MT of Gold and Printing of USD $3 Trillion Scandal.

Group K is throwing out the Dragnet and digging deeper-wider. What is UBS?

UBS is a global bank that has wealth management, asset management, and investment banking arms. UBS came into existence in 1998 after the merger between Union Bank of Switzerland, founded in 1862, and Swiss Bank Corporation, established in 1872.

As a result of Swiss Bank Corporation’s serious illiquidity due to a Gold Certificate issuing scam (the issuance of a series of Gold Certificates with the same serial number) – this merger that created “UBS” was essentially a bail-out maneuver to prevent the collapse of the Swiss Bank.

It’s the largest of the banks in Switzerland, with seven main offices around the world. It seems that UBS is an ongoing joke for being known as “the worst” of the bulge bracket investment banks.

Among Financial and Legal Circles, “U Be Stupid” has become the unofficial nickname for UBS. UBS is “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”

During the Amanah Keenan’s informative and productive Indonesian stay, Group K has expanded its sphere of influence to encompass the Ancient SrivijayanMajapahit Empires (Indonesia-Malaysian) with its Kingdom of Maharlika (Indonesia-Philippines).

Srivijayan Empire Map & Flag

In honor of the Sanskrit Srivijayan meanings, Group K’s ‘Prosperous Victors’ initiative will provide historical, biblical, cultural and financial research evidence to rightfully reclaim, restore and empower the Ancient Indonesian Empires and Kingdoms with the Amanah’s Accounts and Bunkers.

With our recent updates exposing UBS financial corruption:

See: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Bang Bang We Shoot You Down UBS October 17, 2019

See: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | UBS On The Prowl: Steals Thousands Of Metric Tons Of Gold From Prominent Trillionaire In Their Quest To Defraud Him October 7, 2019

See: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Global Accounts: The Truth, The Thieves, The Liars And The Con Artists October 5, 2019

– Group K is re-addressing The UBS Pirating of Marcos’ Gold and the printing of USD $3 Trillion Scandal claim in conjunction with the Kingdom of Maharlika’s (Philippine) documentary evidence.

The ‘Prosperous Victors’ initiative will provide background evidence based on ongoing due diligence findings with its upcoming update series in following the gold.

For the former President Ferdinand Marcos’ Gold backstory, The Untold Story of the Royal Kingdom of Maharlika: Compilations and Research, Harnessed by Different Conduits of THE ROYAL MAHARLIKHANS PRIESTHOOD HISTORY PHILIPPINECOLONIZATION BY SPAIN, Group K recommends reading the entire document (although pages 32-43 set the stage for the alleged UBS “Stupid is As Stupid Does” pirating and printing scandal, as well as providing a Philippine perspective for a baseline of understanding.)

Neil Keenan with the Amanah Agreement and Soekarno’s ‘Transfer of Power’ Scepter

As per the United Nations IAOC-IG investigation and documentation, Group K has discovered that, allegedly – UBS is the thief and beneficiary of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ gold asset accounts, deposits and safes – which originated from the Ancient Srivijayan-Madjapahit Empire (Indonesia) with its Kingdom of Maharlika (Philippines).

With Group K extending its sphere of Ancient Srivijayan-Madjapahit (Indonesia-Malaysia) and its Kingdom of Maharlika (Indonesia-Philippines) influence, the recent UBS fraud exposures, and the resurfacing of David Crayfish UBS Scandal claim; Group K is reflecting and digging deeper and wider.

See Also: NEIL KEEAN UPDATE | Crayfish And His 3 Trillion Dollars July 3, 2016

Crayfish (David Crayford) is a bottom dweller but he does dig up a can of worms once in a while and this $3T is a nice example. Unfortunately, he hasn’t dug deep enough into an old story to find out the real purpose and use of this new issue of $100 Federal Reserve Notes.

One clue that he did mention was the fact that China has a warehouse that is chocker-block full of such notes printed in China.

Taiwan has crates full too. The Philippines have crates of un-cut sheets.

But where did this money go? Crayfish has no clue.

3,500 Tons of Philippine Gold Bars Unlawfully Shipped Out, But for Whose Benefit?

What is TAOC-IG? The Transnational Organized Crime Intelligence Group TAOC-IG:

The (TAOC-IG) has been created under the tutelage of the UNITED NATIONS.

Visit: TAOC-IG Website

It is mandated by the UNITED NATION OFFICE ON DRUGS AND CRIME (UNODC) UNITED NATIONS DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS (UNDESA) International Council to promote transparency and integrity as part of its commitment to eradicate crime and corruption among its United Nations member-countries.

The Philippines is rocked again by another scandal involving the previous administration of Benigno Aquino III for having illegally shipped out 3,500 metric tons of 99.999% pure gold, with an estimated value of $141 billion, out of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ vault.

Said volume of gold was used to back up the printing of $3 trillion paper currency, early last year. But for whose benefit?

All the personalities allegedly involved are denying participation, saying that the documents presented so far are spurious.

However, the [United Nations] Transnational Organized Crime Intelligence Group TAOC-IG investigating the illegal shipment during the previous administration strongly disagrees.

One witness under their custody claims that part of the said hoard is now in Spain.

Nevertheless, more central bank insiders are ready to supply additional evidence and to stand as direct witnesses to the crime.

What is very peculiar about this gold smuggling is it’s done through the Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited.

What does an energy company have to do with gold, or any other sovereign assets for that matter – other than masking their true ownership and the intended recipient?

And as direct witnesses to the crime per the article below:

What the Hell is America up to Now? Other than Another Elaborate Operation in Fraud Against the Collateral Accounts

Posted By: igots2no – Date: Friday, 1-Jul-2016 00:09:03

As if Americans need another reason to wonder why we have “blacklisted” their Corporate Government, and now classified the American Corporate Government as financial terrorists; preventing them from legally receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts until they have paid back every cent that they have stolen there from over the decades.

When will the American people wake up, or better still, do something about those they have elected and about those of the former elected officials who are undertaking these illegal activities?

A few weeks ago, I received from our Intel people a set of documents, five of which are exhibited below.

Although these are self-explanatory, I will simplify matters for the readers so that they fully understand the consequences, both National and International, of what these documents involve.

Below is a brief five-point appraisal of the content of the 5 displayed [linked] documents:

1). AMERICA, via the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, gave approval, back in the latter part of 2014, to the PHILIPPINE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, TREASURY DEPARTMENT (ROXAS BOULEVARD, CORNER OF PABLO OCAMPO ST., MANILA, PHLIPPINES), to print THREE TRILLION US DOLLARS ($3,000,000,000,000.00 USD) in $100 USD denominations.

The serial numbers of these notes are shown on page 1 of the below documents.

See: Geopolitics: 3,500 Tons of Philippine Gold Bars Unlawfully Shipped Out, But for Whose Benefit?

Documented: UBS Treasury Department Document

2). The Department of Finance of the Philippines sub-contracted the printing of the aforesaid USD notes to a company in Thailand called CENTENNIAL ENERGY (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED. NOTE: This is a Thai company that focuses on Energy production NOT a company that specializes in the printing of Bank Notes.

Documented: Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas Document

3). It will be seen from Page 2 of the aforesaid documents that there are official regulations in place within the Philippines that allows them to print US Dollars on behalf of the American Government based upon Section 51 of R.A. 7736 of an Agreement between The United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines.

Documented: Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas Document

4). On page 4, under number 3, Section 4, there is clear and indisputable proof that the aforesaid USD Notes are being printed against a Certified True copy of a Gold Bullion Certificate, claimed to be issued by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), covering 3,500MT of 99.999 Gold in 12.5 Kg Bars taken out of the country and deposited in UBS and registered under the name of Ferdinand E. Marcos as owner.

Documented: Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas Document

5). An official communication issued by UBS Switzerland dated January 26th 2015. This document confirms all the other documents.

In addition, it states, quote “The agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines is recognize, approve by the Union Bank of Switzerland and certify in accordance that the Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited will be authorized by the Philippine Government in performing these production of United States Currency Notes”.

Strange that it is recognized and approved by UBS when they have no power or authority over any part of the Collateral Accounts.

They are just Custodians – with no power or authority.

Documented: Republic of the Philippines Department of Finance Certification

As part of its “Prosperous Victors” justice initiative for the Ancient Srivijayan-Madjapahit Empire (Indonesia-Malaysia) with the Kingdom of Maharlika (Indonesia-Philippines), Group K will continue its investigation including due diligence confirmation by the IAOC-IG, UBS, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Switzerland and United Kingdom, as well as report its discoveries.

Here are some preliminary questions and discovery findings for those who are interested in digging further and provide relevant feedback:

Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited is an Energy and Mining company originally based in Thailand and then the United Kingdom. It is not known to be involved in the printing of Bank Notes and has no known connections to specialists in Bank/Currency notes such as De la Rue in the UK, or other specialists across the world?

Furthermore, why is the document (referenced above) addressed to a single person (Raveeroj Rithchoteanan) at the Bank of Thailand, when it should be officially addressed to the company (Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited) at the company’s headquarters in Thailand, or the Bank of Thailand, for the attention of a Senior Official at the Bank of Thailand such as the Governor, or the Deputy Governor in charge of the department for codification of currencies?

Why is an Israeli National, Director Miss Polina Frimerman, partnered with a Thailand National, Director Raveeroj Rithchoteanan?

Is the Centennial Energy (Thailand) Limited a Shell Company for the Rothschild Financial Banking System with its UBS connection?

Why is Centennial Energy registered in both Thailand and the United Kingdom, as well as dissolved in 2018? Who, What, Where, Why and How?

Official UK Gazette Record: Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited 6, 20 Nottingham, NG1 2FZ United Kingdom Incorporated December 12, 2016 and dissolved April 3, 2018

Directors: Miss Polina Frimerman (Israeli National) Mr. Raverroj Rithoteanan (Thailand National).

Angola Row Firm ‘Is Broke’

From: Bangkok Post – Published : 16 August 2018 at 13:21

“Centennial Energy (Thailand) Co, whose directors and employees have been detained in Angola in Southwest Africa after signing a document to develop a US$50-billion project, has reported total income of just 225 baht over the last three years, Isra News Agency reported…”

The Group K ‘Prosperous Victors’ initiative, has just begun with its justice discoveries and reporting its findings. Stay tuned for the upcoming update series…

May the Odic Force be with you, Odin The Wise One. Thanks J.

*Srivijaya is a Sanskrit-derived name: श्रीविजय, Śrīvijaya, śrī means “fortunate” “prosperous”, or “happy” and vijaya means “victorious” or “excellence”.

Thus the combined word Srivijaya means “shining victory”, “splendid triumph”, “prosperous victor”, “radiance of excellence” or simply “glorious”.

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Copyright © 2019, GROUP K, Ltd.

Bang Bang
We Shoot You Down UBS

“Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) Involved In A US$ 652,000,000,000 Fraud And Theft With Four Malaysian Commercial Banks

UBS is back in the spotlight for nefarious banking practices again.

This time it involves a US$652 Billion loan package that they arranged for four Malaysian commercial banks and with the approval of the Malaysian Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, and Minister of Finance/Prime Minister Najib Razak at the time.

The recipients of the loaned funds were:

(1) Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad,

(2) Public Bank Berhad,

(3) Bank Simpanan Nasional,

(4) Citibank Berhad.

These banks have all been implicated in other questionable financial dealings involving directly or indirectly the former Prime Minister and/or others in Malaysia.

The loaned funds were provided by the late Dr. Drs. Seno Edy Soekanto, the principal Trustee of the Soekarno Trust having original certificates of deposit of gold, currencies and other assets on deposit with UBS by his father, Djawahir, the right-hand of the former President Soekarno, the original M1 and Amanah of Indonesia.”

[See documentation here: Prof Dr. Drs. Seno Edy Soekanto: Family Guarantee Inheritance] (You will need to rotate the PDF to the right)

“This was a standard loan agreement package having initial commissions, interest rates, repayment terms, loan duration and other terms and conditions.

However, Dr. Seno never received back to his UBS Soekarno Trust Account his agreed upon commissions, interest payments or the repayment of the term loans.

Instead UBS to date has refused to honor these contracts and rolled over the loans without Dr. Seno’s approval or authority written or otherwise.

In fact, Dr. Seno was never properly notified of the loan extention nor were any interest payments made to his accounts for the continued use of his funds.

That is clear fraudulent cheating by UBS and those involved who profited from the use of those funds at the expense of Dr. Seno, the Soekarno Trust and the Indonesian people…”

[Neil Keenan with Dr. Seno]

“In 2015 Dr. Seno contacted his friend Mr. Neil Keenan to help him in resolving this financial problem. Dr. Seno gave Mr. Keenan the full Power of Attorney to settle this matter with UBS.

Mr. Keenan immediately filed Letters of Demand and other legal actions against UBS. The fact that UBS illegally and knowingly rolled-over the loans to these banks WITHOUT proper authority to do so from Dr. Seno or Mr. Keenan. That authority belonged exclusively to Mr. Keenan at that time.

In common simplicity, UBS intentionally defrauded Dr. Seno and Mr. Keenan and the Soekarno Trust with knowledge and aforethought. UBS has essentially STOLEN US$ 652 Billion plus interest, commissions and damages.

Dr. Seno has now passed away, but Mr. Keenan is now the Amanah, the elected absolute TRUSTEE of the Soekarno Trust and other assets and who has the absolute authority of that global office, as well as, his previous Power of Attorney in this matter.

And you should know what Mr. Keenan is about to do to UBS and all their corrupt banksters.

UBS executives related to this matter had better invest in old barrels as that may be their next apparel. This is a no-brainer legal case of fraud and deception on the part of UBS who are clearly legally liable based on established contracts and illegal rolling–over of these contracts without proper authority and without any interest or other payments.

It will be interesting if Mr. Keenan’s legal team also go after the questionable use or abuse of these funds by Malaysian banks and government officials. Dig, dig, dig boys and you will probably find creepy crawly things squirming out in this case. There are too many sticky fingers involved all around.

I will leave it up to lawyers and financial investigators to follow-up on the exposure of who, what and where the money trail leads, but I can assure you that there were and are many full pockets where there should have been none.

UBS you are caught in your own corruptions again. Settle soon as it will cost you much, much more later, that is for sure. Law will prevail.

Singapore Financial Insider”


To download a PDF version of this article in German click here.


To download a PDF version of this article in Spanish click here.


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