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Martha Message

To Whom It May Concern

Neil Keenan just received the following message from Martha Wibawa concerning an unexpected call he received from Ms. Jeanne O’Dean.   

This phone conversation sheds additional light upon the illegal and intentional defamation being perpetrated by this vengeful disinformation agent and others wanting to lay claim to the wealth under the protection of the Amanah.

It is long past the time that someone releases the true information relating to what happened or has happened to Mr. Neil Keenan, nearly 3 years ago in Indonesia. 

There has continually been Darkness surrounding what was supposed to be a brilliant ray of hope for humanity. In revealing the actual details regarding what happened it is possible people will be indicted for the wrongdoings they did in betraying not only the Indonesian Government but all its people. 

Therefore it is imperative to learn first and foremost what happened to Neil F. Keenan on his way home from Indonesia. Many of you will not believe what happened, as you harbor similar doubts about Neil Keenan as Amanah. This series of events are even by his standards – strange.

So as he Neil himself refers to these matters – It’s A Keenan Thing, you wouldn’t understand it!

As confirmed in the archives on Neils’ sites and in “Footsteps of the Amanah” there was a plot hatched by Martha Wibawa’s associates, both close to him and mercenaries hired by those ‘friends’.

All of them should have known better but the prospect of unlimited wealth changes the hearts and souls of almost everyone. What happened? A sequence of unfortunate events.

Neil became ill as a result of initial poisoning while he was in a hotel in the mountains. He had been left alone by Martha Wibawa for six days. The poisoning was arranged not just by people that were bounty hunters, but by people that Neil never truly trusted.

These people most definitely should have known better. The absence of Martha Wibawa for six days only set the hairs on Neil’s neck to stand upright. He was ready to climb the mountain but Nelu came down and told Neil there is no way he could make it. A foul smell was setting in. 

Upon Martha’s return to Neil’s location after six days’ absence, Neil started to inquire about what exactly was going on. Neil also reminded Martha that Neil was the only one with the Transfer of Power and Power sticks needed to open the bunker and that he was the only one in charge of all operations. 

After further dialogue, Neil smelled the rats and understood their intent. Neil told Martha that he was going to stop funding the initial clearing operations and to shut down the plot that was attempting to unfold.  

Seeing that Neil was rather incapacitated by the first effects of the poisoning, Martha then ran back and forth for a while retrieving medicines to treat Neil.

However, for Martha the heat was really on and he ran back home leaving Neil and I at the hotel in the mountains for another few days. Appearing slightly better and able to resume traveling, Neil and I headed out to Jakarta.

Martha had thrown away Neil’s exit visa permit believing that Neil’s passport would suffice. Upon arrival to the airport he was unable to leave the country until this had been replaced. The effects of the poisoning from earlier, returned with a vengeance and Neil immediately sought a room at the FM hotel near the airport.

There, incapacitated in a room lying much of the time on the floor unable to walk or really move, Neil spent 3 weeks. This has all been documented many times. It only now comes to gain context with specifics as shown below in the letter received last week from Martha.

Neil, as Amanah had been poisoned. This act alone is treason and a capital crime. The impairment of the movements and the resulting inconveniences to the Amanah have never been truly investigated or discussed.

Not only did Neil miss his original flight, lost 26 lbs after being poisoned and sick for over 3 weeks – by people that should have not just known better, but had a moderate level of trust placed in them to protect the Amanah.

Martha Wibawa has since been hounded by this gang who eventually stole a fake Book of Maps from him and even had his life threatened (which included several gunshots being fired at him in the mountains as he sought to escape). This is real life drama.

There has been an nearly endless litany of people that want to be Neil Keenan, who desire or make themselves more qualified to be the Amanah.

Whether it is an Irish-American, Indonesian, or Emperor Penguin from Antarctica – NEIL FRANCIS KEENAN was elected by the twenty-nine Elders and the Sultan of Yogyakarta after having completed a series of spiritual tests referred to as the Rituals.

No other human being has EVER passed one of these tests.

A very large portion of the assets hidden are owned by the Golden Dragon Family (themselves a group separate from the Elders) as well as other Asian Elites and Governments over time, prior to and after World War 2.

The owners of these assets are clearly codified in documents and books held only by the Amanah. He alone is tasked with redistributing these vast sums in a manner befitting the benefit of all mankind rather than the greedy bastards and thieves pretending to be the sole authority of that which they will never have access to.

Of course Indonesia will be the first to benefit from this redistribution in humanitarian projects. 

Many people from all over the planet, not just Indonesians, have tried to become the Amanah since the late President Soekarno. 

They all failed to pass the initiation. It takes a very special individual that can fight the greed and ill intents of the power hungry. Neil Keenan was chosen by the Indonesian Elders as he was seen to be the ONE many years ago, and now it is what it is.

Read below and gain some context of what went before, and what followed very recently and you will see the depths of greed, avarice and licentious behaviour – all tempted by massive amounts of money that they will never see.


Thomas Kramer

From: Martha Wibawa

Object International criminal matters

Subjects:  Jeanne O’Deanne &  James Dugan

Hello, my name is Martha Wibawa, and it is time someone releases the true information relating to what happened or has happened to Mr. Neil Keenan , nearly 3 years ago, in Indonesia. 

What I will do is shed light on what has continually been mystery regarding the attempted theft of bunker assets. As a result of disclosing this information, it is likely that upon your return to Indonesia the involved parties will be indicted for the wrong doings they committed in betraying not only the Indonesian Government but all its people. 

Therefore it is imperative to learn first and foremost what happened to Neil F. Keenan on his way home from his visit to the mountains in preparation of opening the first of the bunkers. Neil was poisoned six days before leaving for the Airport in Jakarta. 

The people that committed this crime were tied to a person that at the time was and had been my very best friend for all my life to that point.

By doing so these people expected to chase Neil out of Indonesia. His powerful status as Amanah threatened many that could only wish it were they themselves. This even went so far as to be what happened with my best friend. He got greedy not knowing how much work Neil has done over the past 14 years and throughout all stood strong and steadfast in behalf of Indonesia.

Neil is just what we need for our people and this along with the fact he is the first one ever to pass the Elders Rituals. No one has ever passed the first ritual with all being stricken down whether it be by blinding, speaking or hearing. He is reliable and strong. 

Nothing more needs to be said other than my former friends became unreliable, stole papers, books etc and tried to acclaim themselves as Amanah. 

Neil’s position was accepted by 29 out of 29 elders (30 with the final signature of the Sultan). So how did my friends think they could do such a thing as assume the office of Amanah? What they were proposing to do and attempted to do was outright theft from the bunkers.

When they made their plans known to me in detail I walked away after giving them my thoughts. These same people that I have known all my life decided to try and get rid of me. They fired weapons at me from the mountainside where the fake book of maps showed the bunker to be. I was lucky to have escaped with my life.

The real book of Maps is being held by very powerful people not my best friends. On the other hand everyone is awaiting Neil’s return. Then and only then will things move forward and Indonesia meet its status on the planet.

One final note is that my best friends brought mercenaries to the bunker and not being able to get in they turned their guns on me. They came after me and this is why I am here now writing this. 

You all have to know what you are dealing with and they are not good. Look for the real contract as Amanah and you will see Neil has it. Neil has some books and many sticks that emanate power (Soekarno’s). They are all his and many more to follow. 

In desperation my so former friend attempted to sell books to the local stores including himself as a person with expert personal knowledge about the Book of Maps, the bunkers and the Amanah. In fact, he knew little or nothing at all and has made himself out to be a fool. I am sure Neil will rectify all this while telling his story to be read by all Asians. 

I write this from an unsavoury place, soon to leave and provide assistance to Mr. Keenan if he will allow me too… He is on his way here soon, and will receive a warriors welcome.   

That happened three years ago and is very connected to what happened three months ago.

Last week I received a disturbing phone call from Jeanne O’Dean. I never had a call from her before so it was strange to me that she would want to talk to me. Obviously, she had something on her mind so I listened. 

She knew about my having stopped  the opening of the Sultan’s bunker as well as the sending home of my friend’s team of workers (they were plotting to steal the bunker assets as soon as you opened the door). I still remember the warning you gave me.

Anyway Jeanne started off say all kinds of bad things about you and your intentions to use the gold for all kinds of illegal things. She was really nasty in what she had to say about you.

She told me Neil is not to be trusted he is going to stab me and her in the back. Little did she know Neil had always been there for me and others. He would take the shirt off his back to help us. Nevertheless she persisted in my hearing her out.

She told me that she prevented you from getting funding for your return to Indonesia by intercepting a phone call that you had with a funder who was sending a courier with cash. She also stated that she had her people highjack the courier enroute.

She also bragged about how she had your bank accounts emptied and made to disappear. She was trying to show-off but I know you better. 

She finally got around to her objective of asking me to write a statement condemning you for trying to sabotage the Indonesian people as another greedy foreigner trying to steal Indonesia’s wealth.

Of course I told her that I would think about it (for about 2 seconds) as I have been fighting with the same thieves here for the past 3 years who stole the fake Book of Maps from me thinking that they could get rich. 

She told me that she was going to put Neil in Prison here in Indonesia. That she could not get things done with Neil as Amanah. She had someone backing her named James Dugan from Florida. 

He made many claims all that could not be substantiated here in Indonesia. His plan was to take over Neil’s Amanah position as well. They were working hand in hand to take all Neil has worked for and give it to themselves. 

James Dugan stated many things including that he had worked on the Western Side of Indonesia while my former best friends worked on the Eastern side. They both had similar plans to get rid of Neil Keenan.  To both groups of people, it did not matter how – they just wanted him gone. 

She asked me to help again and I said no. She told me Dugan would finance me nicely should I assist her.  I hanged up my phone and thought how people were coming out of the closets to become Neil. 

They actually wanted to be him but had no chance or knowledge how to go about doing it. Jeanne told me about Dugan and this man made ridiculous claims to Neil telling Neil the Sultan had died. Little did he know that Neil had spoken with his office 30 minutes or so before being told this. He also told Neil he was the only Caucasian invited to the funeral. This man constantly lied like O’Dean.

They both made overtures that they would see Neil Keenan dead if necessary and did not care if Donald Trump (ex President) involved himself. Dugan said he would kill Donald Trump in many different ways. He then told me that he was a sniper here in Indonesia and had killed many of the opposition during the Civil War.    

Everyone wanted to be Neil but Neil holds the only agreement in his hands and it is lifetime with everything passed on to his heir should something happen to him.

I know that you never gave her my number or authorized her to call me, so I just wanted to let you know what she is up to and the fact that she admitted to sabotaging your efforts to return to Indonesia. And I will never be writing back to her… ever. 

As for the US authorities, they should raid James and Jeanne’s place and get the computers and phone conversations. They have committed many crimes against not only Neil Keenan but President to be Donald Trump as well. The only way to stop them is to put them away as they have me. If not then Neil’s team is all in danger.

Much more to say but will do so after seeing Neil here in Indonesia where the Sultan awaits him. Until then I am sure the battle goes on.


Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.

South Korean Fire Sale
– Come One Come All

[Keenan is on the loose again! – Referenced from 2019]

Right now South Korea’s General Manager of Bunker assets, President Moon Jae-in and many other countries are negotiating the “Fire Sale” of many of the bunker assets that they manage but do not own.

They are absolutely and knowingly party to blatant illegal theft, without concern of any penalty to themselves notwithstanding the nations that they represent. This is because they feel that they have protection under the umbrella of what is known as the “Cabal”.

As we all know by now, I have stopped South Korea many times from dealing with assets that do not belong to them.

I will do it again and I will stop them again, and if necessary, request the filing of International arrest warrants against the particular persons involved.

We have their names and their particulars.

And yes, once again we have photographs and this time the ‘big ones’ are flying into South Korea and Japan to assist in stealing what belongs to none of them.

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It is important to note, that all along, they are utilizing the fake cover of the G20 meetings to hide their actual endeavors.

In fact, when viewed in the proper context, the G20 is nothing more than the Skull and Bones at an advanced level.

This is all a big charade; a puppet-show scam.

This substantiates facts: The show is almost over and the resulting desperation has become revealed.

Remember what I say here: This is the “Cabal”, Khazarian Elites, or NWO – or any other name that you may choose to refer them as but this is CABAL.

This group is now in a desperate attempt to acquire some financial liquidity and add it to a dry well.

Look behind the G20 curtain to see the real play going on.

Look who’s coming to the party in South Korea this week…

Today, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (33 years old) visits South Korea to meet President Moon Jae-in.

The Saudi royal family has not visited Korea for 21 years. Saudi wells are running dry and expenses are rising; thus coffers need to be replenished.

And discussions will not be with regards to the negotiation of providing more Korean cars to keep oil demand up.

Trump was in South Korea on June 29th and this was not to say “Hi” to the troops.

Remember, that we sent a military carrier away empty a few years ago? Are we there to sniff flowers this time?

Most recently two people from Taiwan and a far-East Asia representative from Hong Kong City Bank also arrived in South Korea.

These people are trying to make a deal regarding bunkered yen and gold with Japanese representatives during the week. They are currently in South Korea.

We all know about Citibank’s illiquid situation and Hong Kong’s financial reputation.

Add to the visitor book, the Construction Bank in China which is negotiating the purchasing of Hong Kong bonds from South Korea (obviously in a bid to secure them before Western interests do).

And rightfully so. They have had their fill of the “Cabal” as nearly everyone else has. Khazarians are everywhere but not liked anywhere.

The China Construction Bank has sent 3 Billion USD to South Korea and they are also actively moving to buy Japanese currency from Korean bunkers. This is another leverage move.

Today I was informed him that two Japanese will be arriving in South Korea next Monday.

They are already in possession of a sample of the Japanese currency that they sought and so they are going back to South Korea to trade. They also stated that they would buy 20,000 / MT of gold.

This group “claims” that they have already been approved by the US FEDERAL RESERVE among others (all “Cabal” of course) and that Taiwan’s fund manager will be flying to South Korea next week in order to meet with them to close the deal.

Again, we are right on top of this.

Furthermore, they “say” that the Agency is behind them and the transaction is said to be “safe”.

What Agency? And why would the CIA be protecting their transaction when in fact they most likely could do this deal among themselves?

I know they would like everyone to believe the CIA is behind this but this time the threat of the Agency is there to get the Managers of the bunkers to follow through and give the bunkers up to those that have nothing to do with the Agency.

Does that sound like a scam to you too?

Our group has them all under surveillance, and of course President Trumps’ name is being used once again by his adversaries (Demoncrats / “Cabal” etcetera) in their attempt to re-launch their defunct financial system.

President Trump is flying in for the G20 Summit (Skull and Bones Part II), and yes this “Fire Sale” is going to be discussed – and how they would like to make it happen – but they will be surprised.

This is surely moving at a rapid pace in destroying what the “Cabal” hopes to accomplish and straightening out many Asian nations which hope to use the Golden Dragon (and other assets) in their quest to become rich.

Also, let it be known that satellites are in place and our people have already accumulated much evidence in terms of documenting these events. We know who they are and what they are doing.

There will be no escaping our wrath regarding their involvement in these matters.

The above picture was taken at a recent dinner held with the Consul Generals in Hong Kong.

In attendance were representatives from South Africa, Myanmar, The Philippines, Colombia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

They were not discussing Chinese food.

We have all of their names, positions, ranks, etcetera; including all pertinent information on how to reach them whenever we wish to.

I will request arrest warrants for all of them – and not only those in Asia.

I will also request arrest warrants for the individuals who have already stolen – and who are living in other countries in an attempt to escape the inevitable penalties that await them.

Those involved should be aware of dark shadows in the night as the owners of these assets will ultimately ensure that they are protected. Right now they are under surveillance.

I have given South Korea the opportunity to avoid all of this but to date they believe strongly in the safety of the “Cabal”, not knowing that the “Cabal” is losing this battle resulting from the ongoing actions of President Trump and others who are fighting alongside us.

There now exists no scenario under which we would lose.

“They” will find out shortly what is awaiting them just as former South Korean President Park did (she is now in jail.)

Look who’s  coming to dinner.

Note; South Korean asset managers believe they are being driven by the logic of power.

They still believe that the US Federal Reserve is omnipotent.

Little do they know, that this part of our battle is over with.

South Korea is not the only country that has been duped into believing that the US, “Cabal”, and others – are the only means by which to cash in the assets that do not belong to them.

Some Chinese friends also believe that the “Cabal” is the only avenue by which to ‘cash in’ the assets they manage, although some have stepped back knowing better days are yet to come.

They are also aware of what we are doing and are with us.

Come One, Come All

There are eight large bunkers in South Korea that are being targeted. The manager of these bunkers had been in a coma for four years.

These assets are now under his son’s control, and he is awake. Thank god his son knows what to do!

President Moon Jae-in does NOT have control or any authority over these bunkers and the bunkers’ General Manager and individual bunker managers are not paying him any attention forthwith.

Therefore; President Moon Jae-in of South Korea; recognizing the problems that have been created worldwide with such a Flea Market being established involving the wealth of the Global Accounts held in these bunkers, has illegally asked others to take control of the bunkers, but they too have refused.

The bunker managers seem to have taken this matter over themselves. They are also tired of the stealing but because of the extent of the corruption around them they decided to participate and gain some wealth for themselves. However, they were not aware that all of their actions are on record.

Moon Jae-in is not liked much at this time in South Korea among the thieves either.

One further note here is that South Korean managers have become increasingly dissatisfied with Moon Jae-in as he had become heavily involved in stealing the assets in the past.

Even now, Moon Jae-in continues to try to do so.

It seems as though neither side can get things right over there.

Meanwhile, President Trump is most likely telling them that he is with them all the time – whilst holding the rug in his hand ready to pull it out from beneath them.

You better know who is The BOSS.

And here, this is a final tidbit of information relating to Israel sucking up to South Korea.

This is a picture of the original  Mosaic Pentateuch which Israel recently gifted to South Korea.

It was written between 1,050 and 1,200 years ago.

Ask yourself “why?”

In the “mean” time, enjoy your popcorn whilst watching the rat fight in South Korea and count on us to keep our eyes on things and to prevent anyone from moving assets in the air, on land, or sea.

All is being watched. See them scurry when the light shines upon them.

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