I would like to relay to you that many nations and organizations have been very eager to sit with me and discuss the purchase of notes.

The purchase of such notes brings the smaller nations to a much higher position on the planet. 

They are still in the game whereas the other players I like have moved away, despite knowing that said purchase would elevate them to a new position on the financial scale. 

If all this takes place and we do not have any need to sell them, then we will use them and take our rightful place in the financial structure of humanity.  

Then, everyone will be where they belong and we will become the needed ones. 

No central banks will move without our assistance – and the world changes once again. 

I preferred this to our taking this place but the fires amongst other things have scared away many and we were only to find out they were not man-made but major fires of other origins. 

The cabal promoted all of these fires in such a way that we thought they created them – however they did not! 

Now many are out of the game which is what the cabal desired and new ones will find their way in if we are still here. 

If not then all hell will break lose and it has already begun in Japan. Keep waiting and you will see what you bring to your family, friends and loved ones. Now you will need the caskets Obama brought in. A nice scenario eh?

Wishing everyone the best and hope fighting the ghosts pay off in the future. 

Neil Keenan

(Write to Richard or Thomas if necessary)

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