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Month: March 2023

When The Cat Is Away

The Rats will play.

The pressure is constant. 25 hours a day 8 days a week. Unrelenting. This is what it means to be tasked with saving humanity, as much from itself as well as the Cabal.

Not content with emptying bank accounts, stopping international banking transactions, eavesdropping on phone calls and several email and internet communication incursions against Neil, they also get personal in a new way.

Below is a video showing the ransacked apartment while Neil was away tending to business.

It was obvious that they were searching for something. When they could not find it they decided to completely and thoroughly destroy almost everything in his apartment.

This, on top of everything else he does. All day, every day. Despite the fact that most people are enveloped in their worlds, it is time to start showing you the immense struggles that he faces simply by being who he is and what he is tasked to do.

Attacks come in all variety of ways and means. Physical, mental, spiritual, financial. Each like a brick being placed on top of him.

So those of you that think that this is a hyperbole infused entertainment think again.

Doing it alone or nearly alone, it is important to know that the pressure is applied every minute of every day on him, his family and his meagre team.

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Show Me The Money

The quest for resolving the unknown generates interesting bundles of information.

Sometimes the pieces are clear and fit together like a Fabergé Egg.

Other times the seemingly innocuous, vague information carries a different value than one might expect and does not fit anything known previously and seems to offer no direction forward. Other times, the information is messy, and creates a picture like mud.

But being open to all information clear or not, allows for the mosaic to be complete and shows a scene that provides a measure of how things came to be.

Something like these $1,000,000 US Federal Reserve notes that are both Gold Backed and Legal Tender; created to act as a vehicle to facilitate the US Federal Reserve financial rescue in the early to mid 1930’s.

The Federal Reserve identified that the deficit of gold on deposit to currency printed and obligated – was in excess of $4 billion USD. The solution devised was to procure gold for future repayment and redemption.

The gold situation was severe scarcity through the normal paths of Washington, London, Paris and Zurich. The vast majority of gold outside the system lay in the Far East.

So, the initial discussions to procure gold bullion presented a mechanism whereby limited print, special production notes were created.

One thousand special linen paper notes were printed bearing special watermarks, and adhering to the 1928 Series A standards for both size and print. Each note represented an exchange of Gold Bullion, priced at then market price, and carried an annual interest rate and the return of the gold at any future date.

These notes, and transactions were registered with what is now the Bank for International Settlements headquartered in Basel Switzerland.

[ The Bank for International Settlements ]

Access to this information is very limited and restrictive, since it is a very exclusive transaction that most people are unaware of – including the organizations responsible for the buy side of the transaction.

This includes the United States Treasury, the United States Federal Reserve and lastly Wells Fargo who were the broker / agent / facilitator.

Never meant to be publicly known, nor eventually found in the hands of a private citizen 100 of these notes did make it into the best or worst person’s possession. Neil F. Keenan.

It is the best because he has a great understanding of how the system works, as well as the existence of a great many secret deals in his journeys before and after being elected Amanah.

These notes are his personal property, and the provenance to receiving them is beyond reproach.

So this makes him the best person to solve the riddle of what they are and their value. He himself, exhilarated by difficult challenges and fanciful of a dustup with certain abusers of Office and Organizations around the world also makes him the worst possible person to own these assets (in the eyes of the Banks and Government Agencies).

Despite attempting to engage the aforementioned parties in a dialogue regarding the treatment, used and redemption of the notes the reply has been silence and denial.

So, prepare to read the following letter issued by the man that is simultaneously the best and worst owner.

Just remember that no one escapes paying the Piper. Everyone pays no one goes scot-free.

UST FED Fargo Redemption by Group K

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