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Corona-19 Virus News

This sounds hard to believe – but take a look:

“Yesterday with national lock downs, I was invaded by 10 top military personnel (Generals, Senior Staff Doctors and ambulances carrying 4 top ranked personnel infected with COV-19.  Somehow they heard or knew about my owning a ‘healing computer’, picked up those needing help and made their way to my house.   

Initially It was a shocking site to my neighbors to see all these military vehicles parked all over my yard and down the street, this is after cordoning off both ends of the street.  I had cars in my yard, ambulances at my door (driveway) and a bunch of military people protecting my home, not allowing people to even to walk near it. Despite all this I allowed them in. And it was not a crime scene.

I explained to them that nothing is certain in this matter but that we had resounding success in dealing with many different matters.  They sat stonefaced and did not want to hear about what it can and cannot do . I set up the BRT machine, adjusted it specifically for virus and immune system treatment and zapped the 4 infected personnel with  just a 15-minute session each.

I then tested the 6 other infected personnel.  I checked the diagnostics and it read clean and clear of all virus. THEY ALL TESTED AS CLEAR OF THE VIRUS!  They looked the same but a few that were really weak to begin with began to talk to their Doctors that came with them. Soon after they left.  

I received a phone call 4 hours later from the hospital advising me that all immune systems had been energized.  They asked me to pay them a visit so we could discuss this machine but I wavered as to whether or not to go and speak to them about a computer that very few really know inside out.  So I bested out.

Just the other day I heard President Trump mention during his speech that he was developing new technology to cure such viruses and I was sure he was referring to the healing computer.

The development he speaks of is that it might be possible to procure a smaller version of the healing computer built just for viruses in this modern day biological warfare.

I was proud to help my country and wish our military personnel the best of luck in everything they do.  Glad I could help and the neighborhood has never returned to normal.  They knock on my door daily for assistance with the Healing Computer enough so that I have taught my wife how to handle it thereby giving me a break.

Best of Luck


Master Staff Sergeant

God Bless you all.”

Please contact Thomas Kramer or Richard Montgomerie if you have any questions…

Neil Keenan.

Testimonial: Generation 3 Healing Computer


“Many have given their testimonials during the past few months. I wish to be one more.

We live in Kansas and this is where it all begins. At the tender young age of 28 my husband, Richard, started showing signs of Parkinsons.

I had no idea what this disease could do to ones body. It started with slow tremors and shakes in his hands and arms and when questioned he would say it was nothing and would go away. I saw it as something more.

After some time of watching my loved one falling apart I called our family doctor and close friend to Richie. When he saw Richie he told him to sit down and talk to him. Richie did but something new I noticed about then was his posture and balance. He was not right it was clear to me but what was it?

It was then I listened to the sound and tone of Richies voice it had changed. It did not sound like him. His movements were slow and his arm as I said above shook. The Doctor saw me watching and put up one finger and told me to sit down and let him speak with Richie. I did not know what to do …Tears flowed down my cheeks.

My Richie was in trouble and I knew it. He was asked to answer a few questions on a notebook but the writing did not seem anything like his. Upon finishing his chat with Richie I was told he was going to make an appointment for Richie at the hospital. Later he told me that he had Parkinsons’. What the heck was Parkinsons.

Upon arrival at the hospital Richie took a battery of tests all pointing to he did indeed have this problem. He had all the ugly signs and they were getting worse; to the point where I had to sleep in another bed. When he spoke with me he spoke so soft I could not hear him and finally when he could not walk and spun out of control and fell I realized I had to do something.

I returned to our doctor friend and asked him what can I do? He advised me to lend him all the support necessary. I argued with him and he looked at my tears falling and advised me that life with Richie was going to be really tough and maybe I ought to consider placing him in a clinic or home.

No way my baby was young and at one time very strong and would be again if I just had a bit of luck and found the right person. I knew many years ago that medical profession and its medicines were created for profit and to patch a problem not to cure it. I wanted my Richie cured.

My doctor told me about another doctor living in New Mexico and I proceeded to call him. He told me he could help Richie and make his life worth living again no matter how far gone or what stage he was at. I made an appointment for all of us and left for New Mexico. Had a hard time with Rich but eventually he grew tired and said let’s go.

It was here I first heard of the Healing computer or the Bio Reasonance Therapy. We were nicely welcomed and taken to our room. Richie started to break down and cried telling me to leave him here and return home. He was worthless now and did not want to drag our family down because of his problems.

I looked him in the eyes and realized for the first time I had to be the strength in our family. I told him to be still and let the doctor do what he had to do. There were to be no bodily invasions.

We met them in the meeting room and were taken to a room filled with only a machine. A computer. And a few wooden tables. Richie laughed and said you sure about this. I said give it a try we came all the way here now let’s at least give it a shot. They explained the reason for the room being so plain with mostly everything conforming with the needs of the healing computer.

They sat Richie down and he said are you sure? I said do it!! Before you knew it the computer had finished its first session. No needles no nothing. Then again what would the results be? Turns out Richies body responded to the computer or its frequencies as they called them. I called our doctor back home and gave sent him a copy of our diagnostics and he said stay there and do not dare to return home. It seems to be helping Rich.

Spent two weeks in New Mexico and each session made Richie better and better. You could see his body stabilizing without shakes, his speech, writing and balance were all returning and Richie was his old cranky self again proclaiming himself ready to return home and get back to work.

Well as we closed in on the two week window Richie jumped out of bed and told me he was starving so I ordered food for the room but Rich said no way we are going down to eat at a real table. The buffet was nice and Richie ate like a Pig and it was nice to see.

Before leaving and thanking the doctor and everyone else I learned that I could buy this machine once it was made and did just this. I then began to follow Neil Keenan and Group K and saw that they were the ones closest to the situation and learned more and more regarding the testimonials and decided the best way of paying this person named Walter was through one.

Thank you all for creating such a wonderful machine. In matter of fact our niece who has Cerebral Palsy is feeling much better after being on the Computer for less than one month. Now their Doctor wants a machine. Only problem is we will have to wait for this one due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

So while waiting we decided to let them use ours and she has made amazing changes but will not talk more about this one until it is completely cured.

Thank you all again. We are very lucky people to still have our loved ones and this computer is a Godsend.


Delores’ BRT Experience

“Hello Neil Keenan and Group K.  My name is Delores and I have never spoken to any of you.  I have been following your posts about the BRT healing computer on your website and this is what I have to say about it.

At this time I still have my husband and six family members because of it.

My husband was seriously out of it but a friend of ours referred us to someone close by who had a BRT computer and instead of my husband being buried, he is up and singing like Caruso. It took 4 sessions and  the Coronavirus was gone.

I also took the sessions and in 6 I was clean of much more than the virus.  My 4 children, brothers and sister also took the sessions with the same results.  And my favorite uncle Vito is now growing new hair on his bald head !  (His balding barber friend is too!)

We have since bought our own BRT computer and have all our friends on it.  It has done the same for them as it did for us.  It finds the problem and corrects it, and thanks to you and your group I have to say Thank You from Brooklyn to you all. 

Just in the past few weeks more than 50 plus people have been helped by the Healing Computer and there is still nothing holding it back.  We need more machines and more people who will allow others to purchase sessions.   It is not cheap but what does chemo cost and still ends up killing you.  Amazing computer!   Thank you again.

Delores & family from Brooklyn”

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  1. Are you talking about USA?
    Best regards

  2. Thank you Neil and all those who stood with you over the years. You have made an incredible journey on behalf of us all.

  3. Dear Amanah Neil
    This is testimony at its best thank you for sharing..amazing content. Now understand why Pres Trump would be happy to get country back to work if he does go ahead developing this technology. Yes Sir! My dream wold be Red Bull Racing Advance Technologies and Honda F1 Racing helped also getting these to Health care systems across the world #Honda #ThePowerofDreams RBR #Givesyouwings Continued great work
    Highest love n light you you & Group K

  4. Hi Neil,

    Has the Federal Reserve been shut down as the rumours say?

    Does Trump have full control of it now through the USA Treasury?

  5. Ellen Caroline Brenger

    August 29, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    You are our hero. WWG1WGA Mr Keenan. Thank You for your person indeed, i pray we all have the longest dinner table, and we all eat n drink together (!) From Dark To Light and beyond #TruthIsPrevailing

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