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Preparations Are Nearly

A brief video update from Kevin at Neil’s request, with comments from Neil following.

Preparations are nearly complete for departure and arrival and two gold transaction deals are pending upon arrival and processing.

50,000 metric tons at 99.99 tested purity, with two buyers in Asia, whilst there is massive demand for gold in the West, they are moving too slowly.

As we work towards bridging the finance gap of 50,000 to 75,000 (Euros or USD) in order to kick things off, curve balls continue to fly.

Unfounded claims have been made that should not have been made if certain people had actually taken the time to follow our updates and had maintained communications with established contacts.

Organization is underway at the destination and the team are working around the clock while dealing with consistent communication interference.

We wish everyone the best, and especially in terms of greetings of the season.

We must get this over the line for all of humanity.

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Time For The Golden Age

Time Meets the Amanah

Money: Gold, Trusts and Clowns in Crowns

As we are entering into the Golden Age it is important to know how that precious metal has migrated around the world.

Who owns it? Who holds it in safekeeping? And who can use it and how?

History indicates that the use of gold as currency and money began in Sumar by Suramis, the alien Annunaki Queen, as a use of the gold mined in South Africa to buy goods and services far and wide as the lie that it had REAL and exceptional value, that only the wealthy could afford, spread throughout the human world. 

Money is anything that is a fungible and tradable asset and currency being a money derivative, with (real) or without (fiat) asset backing. 

Today virtually all currencies and paper financial instruments (stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities, etc.), are all without real asset backing, thus they are just colored paper of little or no value. 

That is the current problem – too much printed paper with “In God We Trust” and not enough gold to back anything, regardless of claims. 

A picture on a piece of metal generally set the original value, like a bushel of grain, a cow or horse, or a jug of wine.

It was only later that so called “Rulers” put their ego faces on money that they minted.

The die-off of the Annunaki leadership transitioned into the 301 bloodline Families globally and the apportionment of a finite supply of gold. 

This has been the reason for wars of greed for conquered assets and the enslavement of mankind by and between these self-anointed Families of Thieves. Gold simply meant momentary CONTROL… until it ran out fighting wars to steal more from your neighbors.

Initially the European Families had very little gold due to the lack of geological deposits. Their gold wealth slowly came through trade with the Russians and later from their pilfering of the Americas.

But they lost a good portion of it to the Asians in trade for silk, tea and spices which had a much higher value in trade.

So the English and Dutch East India Companies swapped their stolen Spanish gold for ginger and spice and everything nice and then turned the tables on the Sultans and Pirates of Asia by pitting them against each other in the old “FEAR” tactic with the solution being to “safely store your wealth in England or Holland under the “protection”(?) of powerful Kings and Queens.

So then the Crown representatives in their gold braid tunics and feathered hats would bring out the chests of gold and hand the keys to the Sultans saying you keep the keys and if you want to protect your wealth we will gladly take it back to England for “safekeeping” in YOUR Trust Account. 

All you have to do is sign this Trust Agreement. 

Of course, the Sultans were illiterate but with a pirate ship conveniently sailing passed, they quickly pricked their fingers and placed their bloody fingerprint on the documents. 

The smart ones just buried their gold in caves and hidden bunkers throughout the countries of Asia.

And since the Sultans and Rulers could not read, there was even no need for “fine print”. 

The Agreements just always included a clause to the effect that if the gold was not collected within a set period of time, it would become the property entrusted to the QUEEN or KING, (which also meant the Crown (Rothschilds), Vatican and Pope). This was an intentional rip-off.

Subsequent generations have passed and many have brought forth their keys and blood stained Trust Documents to make “claims” on their Family assets only to fail time and again in any “Admiralty Court.” 

They are not the Owners and at best only Secondary Trustees with no real authority of Ownership. And the Power of Attorney granted by a Trustee to a Third Party similarly has no real authority. A legal con is a CON.

So after WW2 the Asians Families, Elders and Sultans all got together and decided to form the major financial positions of M1/N1 to handle monetary affairs and the AMANAH to be in charge of the bunkered wealth that they have stored in the region.

They unanimously elected President Soekarno to head both of these financial positions and much of this wealth was transferred to bunkers in Indonesia for safekeeping under the Trusteeship of trusted Families or spiritual Elders.

A gallery photo taken in Indonesia of JFK with President Soekarno, and with NFK in the foreground

M1/N1 was to handle the international distribution of reconstruction and development funds under the terms and conditions of the Bretton Woods Agreement. 

The AMANAH was to handle the depositing of gold to be used as collateral backing for national registered currency issuances.

President Soekarno did release significant quantities of gold that was needed to finance the IMF and deposits in Swiss banks under the Green Hilton Agreement. 

But the Western Elites wanted more, more, more. So they (CIA and others) disposed of President Soekarno and had him held under house arrest till he died, and then substituted the lawyer Ferdinan Marcos as the new unelected M1, but not as the Amanah. 

When Marcos left office, he appointed Alfredo Sarin to the fake position of M1 and as the Committee of 300’s signatory, but he passed several years ago and now many claimants are cropping up everywhere.

In fact, many have tried to claim to be the true M1/N1 and Amanah, but all have failed to even pass the first ritual test. 

One went blind, another went deaf and several died. This is more than an appointment as it is a highly spiritual office with supernatural significance.

Time to Meet the Real M1/N1 Amanah

The only person to pass the 7 ritual tests and the one foreseen by Indonesian and Asian Elders is the unanimously elected AMANAH Mr. NEIL FRANCIS KEENAN.

Many people find it unique that an American-Irishman from Providence, Rhode Island would attain such a powerful position in a predominantly Islamic country, but this was foreseen spiritually years ago and Neil virtually had to be tricked into the initiation.

Not often seen is this picture of the happy camper taking the first initiation ritual, an anointment flower bath…

What was amazingly seen, was when he stepped out of the bath he was enveloped in a “golden aura” clearly visible over his entire body by everyone present at this first ritual. 

A month later he actually became Mr. “Goldfinger.”

This unusual physical occurrence happens when spiritual messages or warnings are given to him. 

The gold aura is a sign of Neil now vibrating at a higher physical and mystical frequency.

Needless to say, Neil Francis Keenan passed all 7 rituals and was given this lifetime AMANAH Agreement and the Transfer of Power scepter shown above, as well as, the Power scepter that is used by the Amanah to open spiritually sealed and protected bunkers in Indonesia.

This Contract was signed by 29 Elders and the Honorable Sultan of Yogyakarta. It is written in Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Should you wish to know more about this Initiation Ritual, please go to and click on Footsteps of the Amanah for an interesting read of Neil’s background leading to the initiation and what took place afterwards up in the jungles.

Scalping Trophies

Neil Keenan first placed his foot on the Yellow Brick Road as a result of a major financial theft of Notes entrusted to him. This stirred his Irish ire in 2008 when the Cabal stole:

US$ 124.5 Billion in 1934 FRB notes bearing 4% interest

Two Notes 57 Series Japanese Bonds ($ 9.5 Billion) and

One $ 1.0 Billion Kennedy Bond

This theft was tracked through operatives in the World Economic Forum, United Nations, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Italian government and many others and subsequently resulted in the murder of his good friend and the stashing of the bonds in a Vatican Bank slush fund abused by many US and other politicians and Cabal members.

Yamaguchi and Neil reviewing the Notes

This resulted in Neil filing the now famous Trillion Dollar Lawsuit naming the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, United Nations and the UN Secretary General, The Italian Prime Minister, the World Economic Forum and the Vatican and individual operatives as all co-conspirators in this landmark 114 page case that shook the very foundations of Wall Street and the Cabal’s financial structure. This case is still pending.

It also resulted in a meeting in London with Evelyn de Rothschild and a room full of Cabal Banksters who offered Neil Billions of Dollars to “just go away”.  

Neil’s response was to reach into his briefcase and toss a bag on the table, startling the Banksters, but giving Evelyn a good laugh when he read “CATNIP” on the bag.

Evelyn de Rothschild

Neil and Evelyn actually became friends after that and this may have contributed to Evelyn’s murder by the Family. He was a good man with a conscience.

This theft and concealment is what set Neil’s feet firmly on the Yellow Brick Road and a global journey of exposures and intrigue.

He has fearlessly attacked Royalty, Political Leaders, Banksters and a whole host of charlatans and fraudsters. 

Here are just a few who have experienced his wrath…

Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi

Giancarlo Bruno of the World Economic Forum

Added to the list were Dr. Ray Dam and his associates at OITC who tried to claim authority over the Notes, but failed. 

Then there was the Red Dragon Ambassador who Neil exposed as a fraud. And then OPPT/Swissindo exposed for having non-existent offices in Jakarta. 

Plus Karen Hudes who falsely laid claim to the Global Collateral Accounts held in the IMF. And the still pending multi-Billion Dollar UBS fraud case in Switzerland and Malaysia.

Former South Korean President Park – Now in prison

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

Then there was the time Neil publicly exposed Obama and Biden’s Plan to nuke Charleston, South Carolina in order to start WW3. That effort resulted in Obama sacking two Generals and an Admiral who dumped the nukes out in the mid-Atlantic.

What did Neil get for thwarting these nefarious attempts of the Cabal? Well, just a few more assassination attempts and a jungle shootout with George Soros and his funded insurgents. Damn! He missed the fat man that time.

It is not easy to try and save humanity from the mechanizations of the evil Cabal.

But it is a good real life story.

The Amanah’s Job

Most people do not understand the full scope and the implications of what it is that the Amanah is supposed to do and the responsibilities associated with this International Office, and especially why the Amanah Neil Keenan is being intentionally thwarted at every turn from being actively seated in the Office of the Amanah.

The general understanding is that the Amanah is supposed to “open bunkers” and empty them of their contents, conduct an audit of the assets retrieved and then use the assets to fund humanitarian projects around the world for the betterment of mankind.

This all sounds simple and legitimate and something that should be allowed and encouraged, especially under current economic and financial conditions. Well, it isn’t.

It just so happens that the Khazarian Mafia headed by the Rothschilds who control the old Families, ancient Royalty, Colored Dragons, major Western Governments, Central Banks (and Banksters), major Industrialists, plus the Global Militaries all of which favor the continued abject slavery of mankind under Satanic oppression. 

Phew! The Irish sure know how to pick a fight!

That pretty much covers the entire global structure who are dynamically opposed to the Amanah, simply because the Amanah may have access to more REAL WEALTH than THEY have. 

Real assets trump fake fiat colored paper money any and any day… so the blocking is on BIG TIME.

Just for starters, Papa Bush stole over $USD 100 million from Neil’s offshore bank accounts. 

Obama took another $USD 50 million, a French mafia man peeled 6 digits off his debit card, then his personal bank account and its entire history was magically deleted overnight, and recently a courier bringing him 350,000 Euros was hijacked at the airport after he had checked in. 

The courier was released a month later, but not the cash. (And you are now seeing FED NOW and CBDC’s at work.)

And of course, there is more, like repeated poisonings, car accidents, being shot with rubber bullets and run-ins with assassins and paid thugs. And Neil Keenan is still standing… fighting.

But the “times they are a’changing”. Humanity is awakening to their Satanic enslavement and are now in open revolt, seeking a “better way” forward. Unfortunately many of the proposed “ways forward” are just whitewashed lipstick on an old fat pig.

Rule of Discernment: If it isn’t backed by REAL TANGIBLE SECURED & AUDITED ASSETS then it is a FAKE PROPOSITION.

WHERE ARE THE REAL ASSETS behind any GCR (Global Currency Reset) or Revaluation, GESARA/NESARA, New Currencies, or the REAL MONEY behind derivatives, Treasury Bonds, Stocks and “Paper Gold” and other non-existent traded commodities, and don’t forget FED Now accounts and CBDC’s worldwide that create digits “out of thin air”?

With no backing these acts are obvious FRAUDS, deliberate population control mechanisms and SCAMS.

Oh! But the White Hat Military will save the day with Global Martial Law. 

There are forty 4-Star Generals and Admirals in the US Military who are directly connected to their counterparts in every country and virtually every one of them had to commit a fully recorded serious criminal offense like murder, sleeping with under-aged boys and girls, gross pilfering of military funds and assets with sales to our enemies, and of course, multiple acts of TREASON. 

And you think the Generals are your friends and saviors? Who pays for their wages and toys? And the incorporated governments that support them have declared YOU AS ENEMIES OF THE STATE! BY LAW!

And do you really think that the Military is here to protect YOU? What about the illegal global immigration invasions? 

Or the manmade earthquakes in Turkey or DEW destructions in Maui, California, Canada, Acapulco and in Argentina? 

And don’t forget the manipulated HAARP weather and chemtrails all around the globe. Do you really believe YOUR MILITARY is there to protect YOU? 

In Comes Amanah Neil Keenan

The previous Satanist Black Pope Benedict X, when he met Neil Keenan, told Neil that “he was an un-touchable”. That remark came from a top spiritualist and has been shown to be true as Neil has lived through many life threatening trials and tribulations and has still come out fighting.

The Indonesian Spiritual Elders foresaw the same thing in Neil years ago and even had to trick him into going through the Initiation ceremonies which he passed easily to become the Amanah.

And recently he had a midnight visit from ISUAH (JC) offering full protection as he continues in this Ordained Mission.

So what actually is the Amanah’s job, tasks and mission?

It is obviously more than digging out old bunkers and conducting audits. He stands out as a fearless champion of WE THE PEOPLE hell bent on exposing the TRUTH, kicking in the doors of Congresses, shaking the financial foundations of Wall Streets and stripping away the illusions of the Emperor’s clothes. 

He is one of the harbingers of the social, political and economic changes that are happening now as we enter a NEW AGE.

His job is much more than that of collecting and distributing wealth. Fundamentally this involves the formation of Global DEPOSITORIES. 

These will be storehouses of entrusted wealth that are privately secured, financially transparent and audited, and independent of governments, Central or International Banks or financial institutions. 

These regional or country Amanah Depositories will operate under the Office of the Amanah under the authority vested with the Amanah as TRUSTS. 

It is these Trust Assets that will be used to back national currencies, fund infrastructure and beneficial projects, essential trade, healthcare and to provide humanitarian aid.


Amanah Neil Keenan has already confirmed that current Trustees of bunker assets in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan will join into the Amanah Depository Network with the blessings from the Golden Dragon Family, as this brings all their stored assets into safe and secure conditions and into circulation for humanity. 

You probably didn’t know there is estimated over 12 million metric tons of gold stored in Asia alone. That is 12 trillion grams at USD 65/gm, which is enough to back world GDP trade. That compares to the 300,000 mt registered and held in un-audited Country’s Treasuries.

This does not include other valuable metals, precious stones and priceless artifacts, as well as warehouses full of currencies and debt bonds.

Obviously this wealth hoard dwarfs that of the West and will play a significant role in global financial restructuring.

Warehoused USD Notes that are interest payments stored in Indonesia

And the Elite beware, you are about to lose a huge amount of your wealth as WE THE PEOPLE awaken and take it all away that was stolen from you. 


That is what is happening globally right now.

The smart ones among you billionaires will realize that it may be wise to park some of your real asset wealth in an Amanah Depository Trust. That option requires talking to the Amanah – and no colored fiat paper please.

OUR WORLD is transitioning. This will take time. The TRUTH about our enslavement and the utter Satanic corruption of the Old System is now emerging in the awakening. 

More sickening chaos is coming so prepare.

This is a natural process similar to what Russia went through when it shed communism. WE are going back to REAL Money and Mr. Goldfinger is pointing the way. 

BE patient, kind and loving. Share with those in need. These are trying times for many.

Your donations in BTC or USDT to the following addresses:

BTC      bc1qe8w82vrr2u5fk4gwrddax477xh8may5e05xd6d

USDT   TRWDXRtesHxjKz7gJp8TL6ZNc8fFH9y6vN

Know that Amanah Neil Francis Keenan is counter-planning their plots and that HE AND WE ARE WINNING. 


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