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Keenan And Group K
To The Rescue

Let’s Kick The Garbage Out To The Curb

Apologies are extended to those that might not have gotten things straight without this preface.

Initially I was under the assumption that we had nailed the former Sri Lankan President and Japanese Gold buyers (as well as government) in an attempted theft of 20 thousand metric tons of gold.

As things turned out it was not an attempted theft, it was a theft already cemented – and 4 years prior. The rest of the detail follows and I cannot wait to review the audit of all accounts and put those responsible away where they belong.

As one can see nowadays these shenanigans are rampant among the politicians and banksters. Hell is too nice a place for them so let’s find a place more fitting for them NOW.

I will request arrest warrants from the UN and ruffle their feathers seeing that they are not worthy of being referenced as real men or real women. We will straighten this crap out and send them all back to where they came from.

It is in our hands now, not their hands. They will be at our mercy and no longer vice versa.

P.S. Karen Hudes bought a gun. Ha ha I guess she knows what she has done and what she deserves. And hell she is a big enough target.


The Details

Ali Baba is alive and well… attempting to relieve the East of its Gold! Most recently, the “Ali Baba role” has been played on various occasions by Jeb Bush, Ban Ki-moon, Obama, and many others who are  desperately trying their utmost best to steal and build up their Gold chests/coffers under myriad guises cloaked in deception.

They intend to collapse the US Dollar and still control the world’s finances.

If you live in Asia, you see and understand when Westerners appear almost everywhere looking (unlawfully) for precious metals and other riches. Lately, more often than not, they’re told to take a hike and leave the country immediately!

This is to also say that the East likes honest, respectful Americans, but strongly dislikes those who misrepresent themselves or try to hide their underhanded, illegal ways that do great harm to many good people and their countries as well as the world’s economy.

In light of all of this, Neil Keenan and Group K have altered their way of doing business in the East, building honorable business relationships as well as in creating an impressive resume on their way to opening the Global Accounts.

Most recently, Neil received illuminating phone calls and detailed information relating to a 2012 illegal Gold transaction between Sri Lanka and Japan.

Because it is directly related to the Global Accounts, Neil and Group K have now come to the rescue!


Upon further investigation and our decisive action in verifying said research, we discovered that the Global Accounts were indeed tampered with in 2012 and Assets were stolen by the following:

Japan, Sri Lanka, Credit Suisse Securities Limited.

Japuga Holding Company, Limited.

Mr. Keji Matsumura, Corporate Advisor Of Japuga Holding Company, Limited In Japan.

Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan, Mr. Reiji Onizawa (Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited.

Director -Global Foreign Exchange Sales.

Sri Lankan Former President Mahinda Rajapakse.


The above mentioned are known to have participated along with others (both known and unknown) in the theft of 20,000 MT of Gold from the Global Accounts, belonging to DEPOSITOR (owner) Dragon Family, being held in the bunkers of Sri Lanka under the protection of the former President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, who at that time was the HOLDER of said assets (Not the owner).


Here is the key information about what happened at that time:

1). The Japanese Japuga Holding Company Limited (Co-Director Mrs. Uwataki Tamae) made payment for 20,000 MT of Gold through HSBC Bank.

2). Credit Suisse Securities Limited appointed Japuga as MANDATES for this knowing illegal transaction.

3). Mr. Keiji Matsumura Corporate Advisor of Japuga Holding Company, Limited in Japan was appointed to proceed with this metal transaction.

4). Mr. Matsumura appointed Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan I.D. No. 833433342 V to proceed on behalf of Japuga and Credit Suisse with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Reiji Onizawa, Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited, Director -Fixed Income, Global Foreign Exchange Sales.
Address: Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-6024, Japan.

(Contact numbers kept private and for authorities only.)                                               


 Sri Lankan ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse (HOLDER of the Gold Accounts on behalf of the DEPOSITORS – the Dragon Family) did sell said Gold to Japuga Holding Company, Limited and delivery took place in 2012 to, Japan to Credit Suisse Securities, Mr. Reiji Onizawa, of 20 Thousand Metric Tons; thus, completing this illegal transaction.



The seller received payment which was, and most likely still is, located in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

To reiterate: Not anyone other than the former Sri Lankan President and a few others have received any payments at all!

What was earmarked for Humanitarian Packages ended up in the hands of a few greedy Globalists. Consequently, a full audit is being immediately commenced in Sri Lanka.

Without delay a fully-fledged transparent, ongoing investigation is required following the incriminating lead and fact-filled documents in our hands substantiating the above evidence as having taken place along with uncovering in great detail each and every participant’s role.

Unfortunately, what you will find is that this conspiracy extends to the West – right back into the hands of more Globalists!

What we need to strongly emphasize to governments, which are actually corporations, as well as to the Globalist banks, et cetera, is that THEY WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!

In addition, through very specific auditing of said Bunkers/Accounts, they will be publicly exposed, tried, and sent to jail for very long terms.

Those listed above are all part of a heinous conspiracy to defraud, not only the DEPOSITORS, the Dragon Family, but also the People on this planet.

Again, those names that are included in this article are all involved in the theft of 20 Thousand Metric Tons of Gold which was designated for Humanity Packages/Programs.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Holder and the SELLER, betrayed not only the Global Accounts and the Dragon Family, but he also deceived his very own people and his country – who did not receive one cent, despite the funds being deposited in the Sri Lankan Central Bank.

The Sri Lankan people thought the assets belonged to the National Treasury for the well-being of their country. Whichever way you look at it, a huge theft took place with impunity (however, that will change very soon!)

Furthermore, the former President turned his back on any and all aides who assisted him in this transaction, thus making the theft complete. His crony, the current President of Sri Lanka, is also hereby implicated in this matter and should not be allowed to escape justice.

To be clear, we say once again (although it cannot be said too often to these crooks):  Auditing is being undertaken, and you have nowhere to go or hide!

To all “Ali Babas”: There are no “Open Sesames” here! There are NO escape routes! We’re coming for you!

Be advised that Justice will have its way sooner rather than later, although it can’t happen soon enough.

The planet’s patience is at an end.

Neil Keenan and Group K





Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.

As Promised
Now I Am Delivering:
The Healing Computer

While pondering things recently I realized most everything is coming into place. There remained my promise to you, my friends, to further enquire about the healing box and to help everyone who requested my assistance. I did not want to let you down.

Despite the possibility of pain in my ear being triggered, I decided to fly to meet with my friends who have developed more advanced healing technologies than the one I referred to in a post recently. Amazingly, I received more than 500 emails about the small box that I held in my hand during a video in a recent post. My friends told me that small box is now passe (old), and the new technologies are 50-100 times better!

Their diligent research and professional expertise regarding healing frequencies were astonishing for me to experience first-hand when it was applied to my own chronic ailments.

It has been known for some time that when certain frequencies in the body are low, the chance of disease increases. Scientific evidence has shown that there is a frequency for every disease.

In the past, professionals in the Russian and Chinese governments said my friends were 50 years ahead of their time… which is also the reason you’ve never seen their products on the market. Had they been allowed to market them without the strong resistance of special interest groups, it would have radically changed the current medical system as we know it today.

After first receiving a thorough diagnostic scan of my body, I had 3 healing sessions on the healing computer. Thankfully, my ears cleared up, my foot wound healed, my shoulder is fixed, and I simply felt better all around! The computer read-out also gave me the necessary information on how to address any ‘remnants’ moving forward. A video was also made showing how the testing devices were placed on me and you can see this below.

I was amazed to learn that AIDS may be cured in 6 days. Diabetes, heart problems, cancers,  arthritis, rheumatism, spinal disorders relating to decompressions, cleaning of arteries and thinning blood have also responded well to the treatments. In treating the diseased cells, it appears that healthy cells are not harmed.

There is currently a clinic in Switzerland where people can go to be tested as well as to receive treatments. Another clinic is opening in Germany. Further information will be given regarding how to make contact for appointments, costs per treatment, etc.

My friends are not brokers or middlemen. They are committed to helping people heal in new, more safe and efficient ways… without excessive surgery or drugs with toxic side-effects.

Plans are being made to create more machines/systems for purchase by those of you who may wish to use them for your own families & friends. We will keep you updated and informed when they are available for purchase and shipping. I promised I would help you, and soon we will have access to the new healing computer system.

After all, that was why I flew to see them first hand, as it makes perfect sense to bring such far-reaching technology to the very people who asked for my help.

Please realize one thing: You are ALL important to Group K! You have been with us for a long time, and we’ve tried very hard to not let each other down. We’ll keep at it until we get the job done that we set out to do. I do understand that we are at the end game, and I will work harder than ever!

More than anything, this is about connections and friends. I have a lot of them, so expect things to be finished in the very near future.

In the meantime, I will be able to open doors to what you will basically need to stay healthy during this period of waiting. I am so happy I could do this for you as well as for myself, as things turned out.

I’m also glad that I took the chance to fly and get the necessary information for those of you who also need healing. My flight home went smoothly without any of the pain in my ears that I felt during the trip going there, a delightful experience after months of suffering from the complications of ear infections. As a result, I am now looking forward to future flights.

As for my friends in Europe who have made such wonderful inventions, all I can say is thank you! I’m happy that you are my friends, and that we share the same desire to help people. That is why we are close and want to get these devices to the people who need them.

Now let me get on and finish what I started with the GCA.

All the best to everyone!

Neil Keenan


(I realize one of the questions you will have relating to the following video is “can we see what is on the computer screen”. We have this version of the video for you to see now and an updated version will follow as soon as we have it, that will show what can be seen on the computer screen as the machine is in operation. At least you can see Neil turning from Keenan into Keenanstein.)



Neil says Dr. Thasss said he only needs a real good remedy,  one kind of medicine and he has found it  in this song.  Thanks Thasss for your infinite wisdom and I am sure you hold the cure.



Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.

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