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Trick Or Treat

Pope Francis, also known as the talking Mule.

This Preface is very simple, we have a fake Pope one that is attempting very hard to be sincere and humble, and a President of a Corporation who has destroyed the land many love and consider to be the best nation on the face of the earth.

A ‘leader’ who states the military is the strongest ever when in fact he has destroyed this as well.  The ‘cabal’ plan is to eliminate the world’s population, destroy America and turn it into a slave nation (which most lands are already) and bring to the fore the oligarchs and secret societies that have already been ruling the roost.

Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN – the little Moonie who made his way to great heights with the help of those looking to bury us.  You know who they are. There is no reason for me to keep repeating to you that which you already know.

It is time for the people in this world to stand up and fight. To let them know they are few and we are many.  It is time for the military to understand that it is their families in the sights of the cabal as well.  They are not planning to spare them.

It is time for us to take to the streets, taking back what is ours and not allowing them (Congress and Senate) to walk freely amongst us – and as for Francis, it is time to send him back to where he came from once and for all.

It is time to protect our children not give them up to such pedophiles. Do you believe for one second the 6 Billion People he wishes to kill would all die if they got together and stormed the Bastille (so to say)? Representative King says we should surround the White House – but I say surround all their houses.

They would all cower – and if the police and / or military did not come to their aid they would be defenseless and we would all come together as nations once again.  It takes people power and I am sure we will have it someday soon.

As for Asia I suggest they move quickly otherwise the accounts will be worthless seeing the people will become extinct over there.  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, and many others must take note that the time has come today to move for there will be no tomorrow’s.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their quests, hoping that tomorrow brings us all a new beginning.

Do not dare enter the dark; they will lose.  Believe in yourselves and your gods whatever they may be.  Return the holy spirit to your souls and let it be for you will be rewarded.

As you can see we have been tricked often but the treat we will give them will surely set them running.

And as I often say and mean it:  Charge… Let the dogs out…

All the best.

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team (God Bless everyone).

P.S. No one can make things clearer than the brilliant Judge Anna von Retiz, in relation to Canon and Admiralty law history. Click here to read her summary.

P.P.S. Further links:

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“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”


Video Update



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Uno Dos Tres

Are you sitting? Are you ready to rumble?

If not get ready because the curtains are opening and we better be at the front of the show. Not just Jesuits and Illuminati.

Hell, they have controlled humanity almost from the beginning of the civilized world – why wouldn’t we want control now?

Wouldn’t we do a better job? Well guess what?


1. The Jesuits are making an attempt to steal back the financial system. 

They have already taken the Vatican back from the Illuminati (who work for the Jesuits – or did). Now they attempt to implement their New World Order. We are the ones that they plan to slaughter!!

Watch out for Agenda 30 not Agenda 21…

2. We, most countries do not have any debt.  Most countries are incorporated not sovereign. 

Most are called a government but are in fact not so. If we do not have a proper Government then we have every right to file Civil Litigation against those who defraud us by claiming to be a Government – no matter who or what they think they are.

This not only reaches the top towers of the Capital Buildings but also the Supreme Courts. For example the Federal Reserve Bank in America, not the United States – has been printing money at a 17% interest rate clip for “We the People” to pay.

This is the Federal Reserve System doing this – not the Government, seeing as we do not have one. We have been paying this because we have been deluded by the Jesuit / Illuminati factions.

If we in fact – do not have a true Government then this printing machine called the FRB which is printing ‘money’ for the Government (We the People) without our knowledge – they are defrauding everyone living within the US (and in almost all other countries as nearly all countries have a Rothschild Reserve Bank). Now you know why the Elite does not pay taxes; only the middle class ever really has.

This is another reason why ‘they’ are cleaning house with the middle class. The middle class has to go if the US are to collapse. Yes I said US – but no one said America has to collapse.  We still stand and stand tall.

The very same goes for Europe  / Asia / Africa / Oceania / the Middle East and everywhere else. We have all been had, but now are in position to bounce back – and bounce back strong.

3. Group K is in the Banks now. 

Yes the notes have been authenticated and Group K is holding the power over the notes.  Not much more will be mentioned here but the initial number we are talking about is $1.7 Trillion…

We are not talking about the West doing anything at all, but will be moving through the West shortly. If any banks begin to play with us we have the documentation to take them all down.

We have a full record of accounts, names and numbers and the details of what the Banks have done with the assets to this very day.

Irishman Chris Brosnahan has done a magnificent job in assisting me and we are ready to break down the doors.  Without  Chris advising me to stay cool I would be identified by the banks as the Barbarian at the Gate. Many thanks to Chris.

Most recently, I have been told that a huge explosion is going to take place and it is something that is imminent. I cannot wait, seeing as I have held back for such a long period of time to let it all out – and the time seems to be now.

Below you will find the video. It does not necessarily correlate with what is being said here, in that it was filmed approximately 3 days before this article (attached) was published.

Nevertheless, you now have this information and how you deal with it is up to you. I wish you the best and want you to know once this is over with I am going to be moving away to relax for a while.

It has been a long ordeal, and again – once completed the hard part is done. Thanks to all and pray we get it done sooner rather than later.


Video Update: September 3 2015



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