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Riders On The Storm

Greetings. You may (or may not) know me. My name is Kevin, and I am trying to write a preface regarding the video of Neil Keenan which is directly below this.

Trying to encapsulate all that has gone on in this collective time of the past 13-14 years regarding Neil is like asking you to smell the number 9.

He is fighting hard every day to keep the cabal and Khazarians at a distance from successfully enacting their detailed and far reaching plans to eliminate in excess of 90 percent of the world’s population.

Heads of various elements of these very real and nefarious entities call Neil to try and bribe him to quit fighting.

The answer is always the same… why quit when we are winning?

We are at the point in this struggle to save humanity where it is now ‘war’.

In the video below, it will appear visually and sound like he is tired. Be assured that even though the fight is all consuming, the energy exists in Neil and his small group of people to go harder when the going gets toughest.

This is the nature of real leadership. We few know the consequences of our actions as well as the consequences of failure.

The Khazarians and Cabal, are global. They control what you eat, where you live, what you breathe, what you are allowed to say and do.

This latest global effort to socially re-engineer is the acceleration of their end game plans. Masks, vaccines, isolation, protocols etcetera established far in advance to make you fear something that is relatively harmless.

Well, Neil has many plans ready to be deployed in our fight to destroy them root and stem.

It is indeed a war, and we will seek them out to hold them accountable. No one will escape this. Neil has been taking them on for 13+ years, and is the only one that has seen, touched, heard and comprehended what is going on.

There are many urban legends and obfuscations circulating the Internet regarding Neil, many wonderous stories circulating and many self-aggrandizing ‘experts’ with ‘sources’ and ‘connections’ in high places with organizations that spin scenarios to make themselves become important, and personally profit from these stories.

So please allow me to tell you directly, from being with Neil every day for a while now, what is going on.

That is not what we do here. We go out, seek information, ingest what needs to be learned and factor that information into preparation of strategic and tactical plans. The real people we talk to are true experts and real world leaders from around the planet. These people don’t call the gossips or the pariahs profiting from the storytelling.

The world leaders and real experts call Neil – at any hour that strikes their fancy and needs. That’s how it works when you have earned the respect of these world leaders – based upon 13+ years of fighting and winning.

The last two things I would like to address before the video below is that we will be fighting on behalf of the world from a location that has entrusted and validated the purity of Neil’s soul.

We all have a soul contract, and Neil and his small band of warriors are fulfilling theirs, signed by each of us before we were born. The seat of that fight will be in a location that was long ago preordained.

Neil, for no known reason remembers having written an extensive paper in Grade 6 about Indonesia. His fights that lead to the filing of his Trillion Dollar Law Suit, again led him to Indonesia.

The trials to test the purity of his soul and the integrity needed to become Amanah happened in Indonesia. The Agreement signed by 29 Elders is hanging on the wall beside me as I type this, was signed in Indonesia.

Indonesia already started the fight in refusing to give former US Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry the gold he demanded in a visit to Jakarta.

(NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More!) and has been the site of endless earthquakes and weather machine manipulations since.

This country stands strong. So the seat for the fight to save and free the world will start in and emanate out from Indonesia.

Not the USA nor any other terminally infected country.

We are at the end. Neil will be taking the fight to the enemy very soon, and with the Blessings of those that support our efforts in this and every dimension – we will fulfill our soul contracts and save humanity.

This is THE truth, not a truth, not a rumor nor a story. Please enjoy Neil’s message and thank you for reading this preface.

Very Respectfully,


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Get Ready

For more than twelve years Neil Keenan has sought the $USD 124.5 Billion Federal Reserve Notes [Over $USD 1.1 Trillion including compound interest] stolen from him by P2 Lodge Secretary and Vatican financial advisor – Daniellea Dal Bosco (he is really a woman and very feminine).

Dal Bosco is very close with World Economic Forum advisor Giancarlo Bruno, another party to the theft (who most recently married his boyfriend).

The filing of the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit is more important than the opening of Pandoras Box, given that it deals with the survival of our world as we know it. Until this time no one, and I mean no one, had the balls to go after the Cabal/Illuminati and once Neil Keenan went chasing his notes things slowly began to change.

While he charged forward throughout the West, making finds that no one would ever believe others began to push filing their notes cautiously. The reckoning had begun. 

The Cabal, once realizing the cat was out of the bag, tried to speed up their own Agenda 2030 Program but once the cat is out it is almost impossible to return that feline back inside. 

In the meanwhile, Neil and team went after “them” in a relentless manner. It was one exposure after another. Neil was not only looking for his assets; he was finding one criminal act after another perpetrated by the Cabal, and exposing such. 

Take a look at his Archives and you will find more exposures than any one person, group or nation has made in our history. He, and eventually his team, present as wrecking crews to this very day.

It began here and will end here, giving us a new beginning.

Neil has traveled everywhere to nail down the bastards who have had their hands in this theft. After spending Millions and Millions of dollars pursuing them they finally seem to have completed a 360-degree cycle.

The notes were found in the Vatican Bank (discovered as part of an examination into the illegal activities they undertake), as a part of a greater series of thefts priming their slush fund.

Guess what? When presented with the information of the investigation Neil could not believe it and he will pursue it with further legal action in the very near future.

This Action will include many new names some of which were not named in the first legal action being the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit…

The list is long, and exhaustive – and now armed with all the evidence necessary to simultaneously and ignominiously take back what was his and destroy many perceptions and legacies of world- famous leaders and agencies.

Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon.  Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen including John Boehner, several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several Cardinals.

Big money was found in each of the accounts. The longer the beneficiaries have been in office, the greater the account balances were found to be. They range from a few million USD to more than a billion USD in the case of John Roberts. The total number of slush fund accounts so far identified at the Vatican Bank is said to be between 600 and 700. This number is likely to grow as international élite corruption investigations spread worldwide.”

This list was updated in a 2020 Vatican Bank audit where 5,000 accounts were blocked and locked for various offenses including money laundering and fraud.

Neil is on his way to turning things around. He actually should be leaving to deal with things within the next couple of weeks. He is one angry man who is not only looking to make good for the planet but he is ready to take out the Khazars who have actually been placed into the most important parts of governorship by the same Khazars who have controlled the world.

He is aware that those in power are directed by what we call the Cabal, and the leadership of the Cabal controls the heads of nearly all potent organizations led by Khazars posing as Jewish or Hebrew entities.

They are not anywhere near being either of the above. They are what they are and it extends to the Freemasons.

There is nowhere for them to hide and Neil has been putting his team together. What a team it is going to be from both the West and the East.

He has been visiting with Powers that be throughout the West and they are firmly behind him. The East are awaiting his return knowing that they will be fodder in the hands of the Cabal without Neil present and operating from within.

The Cabal is willing to let Jakarta and Java sink into the Indian Ocean to prove their point whereas Neil has already set things in motion that will be like pulling the plug on their dreams.

Neil is Irish and from what I understand the Druids are also standing alongside Neil as well as the Vikings and many Indonesians.

The Golden Dragons are standing strong and many others too, so be aware that many Cabal will be fed Black Magic and get a double dose of what they have done to Neil for the past 7 years.

So GET READY because HERE HE COMES. The above picture shows Neil is not playing around. The document he is showing makes it clear that everyone is aware.

Now let’s let Neil finish up and pray he can get what is needed for his team to arrive safely…

– Anonymous

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