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Keenan Unloads
On The Bottom Dwellers

You Can’t Catch A Fish If He Keeps His Mouth Closed

While the “potshots” have kept coming, the time of consequence is now here.  Many say “it’s about time!”

Neil Keenan has kept things under his belt (not literally) for a long time, allowing the laughable parasites to launch their attacks with little or no response from him.

Jean Haines and her jackals may have enjoyed the short-lived freedom to take shot after shot unabated, but they will now find themselves engulfed in a trap of their own making.

The damage that they deluded themselves into thinking they inflicted on Neil may well now result in their very own freedoms being taken from them.

The axiom has never been truer:  Give ‘em enough rope and they hang themselves.

How has Neil responded to their slanderous and libelous efforts?

Legal Complaints have been filed, with at least 8 or more individuals to be named in the Civil Action.  The authorities will now do their jobs in dealing with the evident criminal violations.

Having crossed the line again and again, Neil will let these would-be detractors deal with the results of their own actions.  They created a plan based upon lies and deceit and now it all comes down full circle on them.

It is an understatement to say that Neil has much ongoing vital work to be done on multiple levels.

So he has set in motion this legal action against the ankle-biters and now rightfully leaves the work to the authorities and lawyers.

There’s no doubt that Haines and Pollack will have entirely new priorities to deal with from here on out, as will their motley crew.

In the meantime, Neil dedicates himself to moving forward steadfastly as always, and for now, The Keenan Team says “bye bye.”

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team.



Neil F. Keenan
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

State of Illinois Attorney Generals’ Office
Attention Lisa Madigan (Attorney General)
Chicago Main Office
100 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
350 Doyle Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia

Canadian Attorney General Offices
Honorable Suzanne Anton
PO BOX 9044 Stn., Prov. Govt.,
Victoria BC V8W 9E2
Phone: 250 387-1866 250 387-1866
Fax: 250 387-6411


February 26, 2015

To whom it may concern,

For approximately the past 8 months I have been attacked by one Jean Haines, whom I believe is an illegal resident of Canada as her visa expired long ago. Ms. Haines, together with other individuals, has attempted to discredit not only me personally, but the work that has been done by our group to this date.  Ms. Haines was once my associate but our relationship has turned sour.

From the outset, Ms. Haines recorded all our Skype conversations without either my knowledge or consent.  It is my understanding that such tape recordings not only violate my privacy but all relevant statutory provisions in the United States and elsewhere, which require two party consent.

Approximately 3 weeks ago I called the RCMP in Kelowna to make them aware of the fact that Ms. Haines was slandering, defaming and outright lying about me on a certain Paper/Video blog, called the Critical Post (Chicago) which is published from Chicago via the internet.  The Chicago Critical Post would also selectively cut and paste audio recordings in certain spots in order that anyone listening would only hear certain parts of any particular conversation between Haines and me, but not all of it.  The Editor of the CRITICAL POST, Scott Pollack would often interrupt and go off on a defamatory tirade against me.  Pollack has described me as a thief, liar, cheat and much more without any substantiation.

Ms. Haines subsequently began releasing statements on her blog that David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Drake Bailey, Michael Dunn and I stole her funds in amounts in excess of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND USD but this is entirely false.  She also claimed that I betrayed her which is also outright defamation!  Despite numerous requests to produce any documents, receipts, or any other materials including any contractual arrangements that would substantiate her claims, she allowed that she was in possession of such material but refused to reveal it. The truth is that there is no documentation to support her libelous statements.  When Jean Haines could not get anyone to listen to her she decided to enlist Scott Pollack from the Chicago Critical Post who then continued to defame me not only by publishing false written statements but also to slander me in his video/audio presentations to his audience.

Pollack has released post after post claiming that Haines has sent him 4 discs of recordings of the two of us talking.  As stated, from the very beginning Jean Haines has illegally recorded our conversations without my consent and now she has released them for posting.  Mr. Pollack has stated that since I am a public figure I cannot complain about my privacy being violated.  However, Mr. Pollack does not state or admit to the audience that he is sharing illegally recorded Skype conversations between me and Jean Haines.

On the other hand he ridicules the Chicago Attorney Generals’ Office  (see below) when he allegedly makes contact with the States Attorneys’ Offices and recorded such conversations, again, without two party consent, in order that the public would hear what was said.  He was bold enough to state that he did not care what anyone thought and was going to release the tapes..

It is clear that the AG’s office had no knowledge they were being recorded – and that such conversations were released on his public video post. This was in violation of the Illinois privacy laws.

Special Notice to both Canadian and State Attorney Generals’ Offices: I furthermore request that all recordings, discs and or videos under either Mr. Pollack’s or Ms. Haines’ control all be turned over to me. They have illegally used them for their purported gains that is to establish a platform for themselves when in fact they have committed crimes utilizing unauthorized and illegal recordings in violation of the law.

All correspondence return to:

Neil F. Keenan
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 4000

As stated, Jean Haines is an illegal resident of Canada living at 3370 Casorso Road, Kelowna (Apt# unknown – in Mission Estates), British Columbia and her telephone number is 250-860-4343 / 250-860-4342.  I am not the only person she has attempted to do this to – there are others and they will come forward as well.

Scott Pollack’s contact details are understood to be 512 Naber Avenue, Antioch, Illinois, USA, and the Chicago Critical Post:

Registry Domain ID: 1622919447_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-10-15T06:58:19.00Z
Creation Date: 2010-10-29T19:33:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-10-29T19:33:41.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: SCOTT POLLACK
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 1228 W. JARVIS APT 1S
Registrant City: CHICAGO
Admin State/Province: IL
Admin Postal Code: 60626
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.3123885001
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Registry Tech ID:

This is in violation of Illinois state law.

I request that the illegal activities of Ms. Haines and Mr. Pollack cease and desist and I respectfully request that your Offices take any and all steps necessary to shut down this operation. I will also be considering my Civil Legal remedies in the appropriate forum seeking the damages to which I am entitles which are significant.

Thank You Very Much

[ Signed ]

Neil Keenan.


Mr. Keenan had also previously made contact with the Attorney General’s offices in Illinois.


Tracking Details for Canada Post:

To verify these letters have been delivered you can check the tracking numbers at Canada Post here.

1. AG Victoria # 0085677001351564
2. RCMP Kelowna # 0085677001351571
3. AG Illinois State # EG027423802CA


February 5 2015

The Goldwater Report Second Preface To Part Two Of The Investigation Into The Keenan Fraud

Set-up omissions by Mr. Scott Pollack, who is head editor for the Critical Post/ and radio host for the Goldwater Report in Chicago.

3:00 – 4:40 – Mr. Pollack says he now has in his possession – from Miss Jean Haines, every email between Miss Jean Haines and Mr. Keenan, also every Skype text message and every recorded Skype conversation between Jean Haines and Neil Keenan – which are hundreds of hours of Skype conversation recordings that she recorded and gave to Mr. Pollack that he is now listing too, and which he will be bring forward in further video posts in his investigation against Mr. Neil Keenan.

5:47 – 6:15 – Mr. Pollack says he has listened to 60 recordings to date, and there being 4 disc, he has only listened to so far the 1st disc – and that Jean Haines being in way over her head.

7:24 – 8:36 – Pre-set up of 1st recording that Mr. Pollack will share,  which he says he also has all the accounting, every receipt and dates of the $300,000 [SP] that Jean Haines loaned to Neil Keenan – and why would anyone loan money to some one without thinking they will be getting anything back in return.

8:40 – 9:12 – Mr. Pollack says to listen to the 1st clip -  dated March 27, 2013 at 9:03am -  and after  he has listened to 60 clips of 300 from the 4 discs he has now, he has only reviewed 1 disc so far.

9:20 – 10:44 – Actual recording of conversation between Neil Keenan and Jean Haines.

10:40 – 11:44 – Mr. Pollack repeats recording again – and says he will explain what all this means in part 2.

32:45 – 33:00 -  Start set-up to the phone recording between Mr. Pollack and the Illinois state attorney general office.

33:07 – 38:13 – Actual recording between Mr. Pollack and constituency offices Rep, for  Mrs. Lisa Madigan, who is the Illinois State Attorney General (stepdaughter of Michael Madigan).

Mr. Pollack asks AG Rep – if the Illinois AG office handles individual/public defamation of character charges?

She says the AG does not handle people/ individual complains from the public – that the AG office only handles matters for State Representatives or agencies of the State of Illinois.

Mr. Pollack figuring that he has got his answer. he then thanks the AG Rep for taking his call (not stating to the AG Rep that their conversation were recorded and that also played on air to the public on his radio/youtube broadcast post).


February 9 2015

The Goldwater Report’s Third Preface To Part Two Of The Investigation Into The Keenan Fraud

6:00 – 6:56 - Mr. Pollack plays same recording of Haines/Keenan conversation - as done in his 1st Feb 5th video post.

6:57 – 7:47 – Then, Mr. Pollack plays the Haines/Keenan recording once again.

Mr. Pollack goes forward stating that Neil being a public figure how can he complain about his privacy is being violated. (But in fact Mr. Pollack doesn’t  state or say to the audience that he is sharing illegally recorded skype conversations between Jean Haines and Neil Keenan – that Neil never agreed to or knew his conversations were being recorded by Jean Haines.



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Bite The Snakes
Before They Bite You

Inmates No Longer Running The Asylum

Before getting into this preface, we would like to present a perspective that many may not have previously considered about Neil and his drive toward changing this upside down world we live in.

Say you are doing your best, giving it your all, to do something good.  Now this good thing could never be achieved by just anyone.  It requires great emotional intent, for one thing, and a vast experience with countless ego-personalities from all walks of life — literally the good, the bad and the ugly.

Somehow, a high-powered lawyer, a corporate businessman, a deal-making banker or a “spiritual” guru could simply not be the one to lead the way in achieving this good thing.  They may be essential to the successful outcome, but they’re not the ones who can actually lead the way.

So, with the instinct of a fighter, a lifetime of vast experience around the world, a wide scope of inside knowledge about the “Game,” and a crystal-clear vision of what must be changed, you find yourself uniquely qualified and capable of heading up the action to achieve this good thing.

As you progress toward the goals, from every conceivable angle come attacks by psychopaths and criminals, the demented and deranged, murderers, thieves and liars.  But the question is;  knowing that these creatures all contribute to the very aspects of reality that must be changed, do you make a stand against some but remain silent about the others?

No, this is not the nature of this personality.  Being who you are, for this personality, means standing up against all that is not right in the world – the big evils along with the little snipes of annoying parasites.

Being who you are, a strong, outspoken personality driven by action, you no longer tolerate these psychopaths that perpetually get away with murder, nor do you tolerate the lying hypocrites who relentlessly attempt to slander, misalign and cause pointless havoc.

But even if you’re not this kind of personality, ask yourself if you should tolerate this constant barrage of insanity and quietly accept any of it.  Is it wise to “feed the beast” in any way by remaining passive and silent?

We say no.  Our passivity and silence has been our undoing.  It has largely contributed to what we now face –  wresting control away from those who choose to keep us unenlightened, unevolved and living from one fear to the next.

Mountains and Mole Hills

And nothing clearly puts these parasites into a more proper perspective than the recent murder of a friend and colleague of Neil’s.  He was murdered right in front of his own home.  Our hearts are heavy for the loss of this honest and honorable man.  May he be forever remembered for the good that he did and his friendship of Neil and his family.

Then we have this deeply disturbed, deranged woman, Jean Haines, who’s capable of doing anything and everything rather than admit to the public that she has deceived them for a long while now.

Neil:  “Jean, look at what you have become!  Who do you surround yourself with?  Why do you give in to your insanity?”

To the “Ambassador”:  We noted how you coolly handled your response in admitting that you work with European Black Nobility.  Sure you hemmed and hawed, put up the inevitable denials, but we thank you for being so very transparent, as are your inept promoters.  You’re exposed for what you are and we’ll waste no more of our time on any of you.

As for Paul Collin, he’s nothing but the latest shameless attention-grabber of the month.  It was very revealing that Collin admitted he “did many dirty deeds,” and obviously this is just one more.

Living on the street for seven years now, soliciting donations from any site that will post your plea, no friends who will continue to help – it is indeed most unfortunate to see why you would do desperate things like writing shill spin and jumping on the Haines Bus to nowhere.  Maybe it will take being thrown under the bus for you to wake up.

One’s Nature

There’s an immortalized story that comes in many versions, however, the underlying moral to the story remains the same.  Here’s one version from an Old Indian:

Once upon a time, a man was picking up firewood. He came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. He took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit him on the cheek. As he lay dying, he asked the snake, “Why have you done this to me?” And the snake answered, “Look, idiot, you knew I was a snake!”

While it may be difficult to go against one’s nature, the inescapable fact remains that we are creatures of intelligence and capable of recognizing right from wrong.  Even when logic is short-circuited, we possess the innate ability to differentiate between what is natural and what is not natural.

Good feels good, and bad feels bad.  To all those who override what is good and natural, be assured that a rude awakening is coming your way soon.  But also know that the choice is always there for a life that has real meaning.

In sharing his ongoing endeavors and thoughts, Neil demonstrates in real-time that he is fighting for all of us.  Since we’re all in this together, we feel that being aware of the complexities, the tragedies, and the absurdities cannot help but make the victories all the more sweet for every one of us.

And Neil Keenan forges onward, fighting the living monsters that walk amongst us, always unerringly fixed on the change that’s a’ coming.  The forward momentum cannot be stopped now — Neil is on the move once again.

Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team


Video Part 1


Video Part 2




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