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They’re Bugging Us!

The assassination attempts on Neil have become persistent.  The cabal is proving creative and resourceful, but we are taking all appropriate precautions – and they just can’t keep a good man down!

FullBodyThe week of March 9th, after a meeting, Neil was not feeling well.  By Saturday the poisoning symptoms became obvious and Neil started his antidote protocols put in place by Dr. Group.  By Sunday he was feeling better.  By Monday he was near 100%.  But on Tuesday Neil felt exhausted and passed out for two days.  When he regained consciousness, his hands and feet were paralyzed.  There was major swelling in his left ankle.

After the swelling went down on his left ankle, two red marks became obvious.  Hair in that area was gone.  And what was confirmed to be an injection site was located.

AnkleZoomInThe arrow on the image to the left is a zoomed-in section of Neil’s ankle.  You can see one of the red marks slightly off center to the upper left.  Just left of the arrow you can see a white circle with a dark center, which has been confirmed as the injection point.

So how did they get to Neil?  Experts that we consulted with have concluded that it was a remote control flying robotic insect which likely infected Neil the evening of Tuesday, March 18th.

Neil is recovering nicely thanks to our experts including, instrumentally, Dr. Group.  Neil has recovered all functions of his extremities, including his fingers and toes.  The swelling is completely gone.  He is now walking on his own accord, and is nearly 100%.  It was, however, the most painful poison recovery he has encountered to date.  And the back-to-back attempts reveal the murderous resolve of our enemy.

Marx Brothers (Cocoanuts, The)_01Last Saturday, March 22, Neil and Jo were in the hotel suite when they noticed a bug flying around.  Jo started running around in a frantic manner swatting at it.  Neil was still not very mobile, so he was confined to shouting encouragement to Jo’s hot pursuit, and swatting at it when it would buzz him.  The bug would turn on them and then they would retreat, Joe screaming, and Neil hobbling.  The situation reminded Neil of a Marx Brothers episode – the only thing missing being a cigar and a video camera.

bug2Jo hit the thing several times and thought he had killed it four times, but it would just not die.  Finally he got it down and  smashed it with a piece of paper.  Jo immediately felt dizzy and his hand became numb.  The “bug” was thoroughly squished, but contained no blood whatsoever.  And it was still moving around!  Jo is familiar enough with bugs in Indonesia.  This was nothing indigenous that Jo has ever come across before. They photographed it and sent it out.  On the left is an image of it.

Neil is fine.  We have established protocols to defend against these new types of attacks.  The end is near.  Their efforts have become desperate, but they fail time after time – not just because we are more clever, which we may or may not be, and  certainly not because we have equal technology, which we do not, but because this is our time now.

Our opportunities, our survival, our moves and accomplishments seem to have become blessed by God, nature and fate.  While we will continue to take every precaution that is reasonable and available, our real strength lies in our being right, which is our might.  God bless Dr. Group and all who support our efforts.  We will prevail.

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  1. hence the quote : “the only good bug is a DEAD bug”

    • Dear team
      An old saying goes- you can catch more drone flies with truth and exposure than you can with vinegar. But looks like piss n vinegar can too. LOL. Glad to hear nfk is doing better. Q: what is the teams input/ info on nesara and the republic?
      would really appreciate any input.
      Love n Light n many Blessings.

  2. Neil, prayers sent your way for you and your team. Stay safe and know that you have many friends and followers out here in the hinterlands. Stay safe and Blessings to you and your marvelous team.

  3. Thank God you’re okay, Neil, and God Bless You and the Team!

  4. Bill Gates and other psychos have been financing and experimenting with GM insects …Check this out!

  5. Hello Neil,god bless u and your efforts sir.I’m from the U.S.the land of the fee and the home of the slave .Not a day goes by that I don’t dream of a time. when we will all be free again,to have life’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness .Much damage has been done to humanity ,but I still believe we can turn it around….I would always like to help.Good luck,godspeed,and god bless u sir.

  6. So glad you folks are on top of this. Stay safe, Neil and friends.


  8. Glad Neil is still with us. …thanks to Dr. Group. I can only say what I believe and feel within my being.
    I am with Anonymous …
    We don’t forgive
    We don’t forget
    Expect us…
    …for words will always retain their power no matter what…you can’t kill an idea. It’s too late for the cabal. It’s just a matter of time.

  9. We are all willing you along, They are becoming more desperate, we are becoming more aware. They will be found with their hand in the cookie jar!

  10. Jo should get his Robotic Insect Badge now, without delay

  11. Dénes Boldizsár

    March 26, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Cabal you have fail again,fucking retards….you will DIE SOON !I’m happy for Neal and Jo…may GOD be with you…!

  12. I give my thanks and my sincerest appreciation for all that you are doing – and yes it is ‘our time’ – and the ‘force’ is definately with you.

    God Bless


  14. Wow. At least you can’t say you’re bored and life is predictable. So glad you’re all OK.

    Take care, and thanks to all. Love xx

  15. See:

    Presume you have submitted/will submit the bug for a technological post-mortem , same as is done with alien implants.

    And here’s a most coincidental death as to timeliness:

  16. Now that is some high advance technology! Scary too! A bug like that can pick it’s target sting you with it’s poisons…WOW!

  17. Well it is very obvious you are too close to the cabals finality and they are using whatever is left in their arsenal. I am glad you have a doctor who is equipped with the right knowledge. A drone bug……I am not going to let another bug near me now. Is Nelu protected as he is still in jail? Drone bugs would have no problem getting in there.

    May love and light surround you in your (our) quest for freedom.

    Just a short mention here. I watched a show on PBS last night that brought tears to my eyes…..people in Africa who already 1 out of 2 households are HIV positive and then to be stricken with Tuberculosis. They are using 40 year old injections with worse side effects than the actual tuberculosis. When the global accounts are opened – please put these people on your list to help.

    Thank you nk team.

  18. The part that doesn’t add up for me is the story where you had to squash the bug to stop it but then you have a picture of a bug with no apparent damage.

    Andrew Norton Webber and I both recommend drinking of the golden elixir. Good for snakebite, viruses etc. I have been drinking a cup everyday for over a year and haven’t had so much as a cold.

    Here’s Andrews website:

    He has lots of vids on youtube.

    Remember “Real men can drink their own piss”

    All the best to Group K

  19. Do you change locations?
    Your videos seem to show you in the same location consistently.

    • Neil certainly has thought of other possible locations for his current work in Jakarta. But so far, after considering many factors, the present location is the best.

      After all, isn’t he still making it…? He might really have been taken out had it been another, new location…

  20. Wishing you a quick, full recovery Neil. We’re truly coming to the end, you can just feel it in the air. But what they just don’t understand is that their time is over. The collective will of the people is being answered, and you will continue to be protected. Love and light to you and the team!

  21. Next time use what I does…
    Seems a 12 gauge works first time, every time…
    Course it do mess up the paint onna walls a bit…
    Settin them on fire changes things too.
    Need to take these bastards out.
    I be waitin, all locked an loaded too.

  22. Neil, I hope you feel better and as you have made unclear their newest weapon you must have frightened them off. This robot insect could be the drones, smaller than a fly being mentioned on Jean’s site in the article “a tiny microchip was the likely motive for pentagon hijack of MH 370. Good luck with the last straws

  23. JB Brown/Gramy J

    March 27, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    I’ve been so busy the last couple days catching up on things I wasn’t able 2 do when I was sick 4 those 6 weeks that I just now saw this update. I’m so happy 2 hear Ur all ok & that Dr. Group is by Ur side 2 help U out. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Glade your ok Neil! Thanks for all you have done. Don’t let the B****ds take us all down. Thanks for helping humanity. I follow everything you post. Your a good man. Stay safe, much respect.

  24. Glad to hear you all are OK, and thanks to Dr. Group! I sent a second request to Jay Essex ( to help protect you all. Jay is a “no ifs, ands or buts about it” guy too. Neil, when you have a few, try to contact Jay; he can “tune into” and effect your situation on levels beyond the obvious. His Star Essenite could probably help too; he said that even some good dudes from the FBI showed up at his door and wanted some for themselves. lol

  25. KarenLengmanChang

    March 28, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    You still have to detox the nanotechnology. My scientist friend is an expert at this. You need to get therapeutic grade essential oils like orange oil, clove, frankinsense, citris, Rosmary etc. And take internally and put on the area that Is infected. Also, opaline stabilized oxygen pills are good to have around if you get poisoned. I don’t recommend taking the entire capsule since they are too powerful and feel like a train ran over me..take a small amount out of the capsule (1/3) and put in an empty gelatin capsule that are sold at wholefoods and take them throughout the day. Lastly, do coffee enemas to open the bile ducts in the liver to help clean out the poisons from the liver and colon. I got this info b/c I got poisoned too.

  26. Jo/ Neil pick up a detector for safety. It will detect spy drones, cameras, bugs and such.
    You must deal with these threats as if a secret agent. You must stay a step or two ahead of the bad guys.

    MGI CDLRC Radio Frequency and Camera Detector with Directional Finder

    • Call below URL up/email on a secure line, or best to have someone visit with owner in a prearranged location. Plenty of trade craft re how not to be detected … but obviously will not post here. 😉

      Of course, since the URL is now mentioned here, owner could be powers that be compromised via threats to his person or others he cares about, or bribes.

      Meaning … you, Neil & company, need think and act like very low profile shopping bag lady covert agents/resources with 007 licenses if need be, or may end up swimming with the fishes. Also, Neil, the slightly MORE info you reveal, the safer you will be. The alternative is “The Superfly Defense,” named after the late actor Ron O’Neil’s portrayal in the 1970 movie, Superfly, wherein if anything happened to him, much will happen to others. Snowden is using same with regards to releasing — from many multiple and secret locations so to have a fail-safe redundancy — the most damaging documentation in history if he or his loved ones meet their end by less than verified natural means … hence why Chris Story [real name Edward Harle] was poisoned to death four years ago [knew him personally, very well] as if a natural occurrence. BTW, re Chris, he was protected by the British Crown and MI-6 under Crown instructions at all times, so it appeared that even the Crown — they are NOT the Illuminati devils you and others may think they are — has nefarious enemies as they got to Chris.

      Post script: Your flying insect, if was a robot, was NOT a USA or UK sent asset. THINK false flag if anything further in same vain occurs.

  27. I’m glad you’re still “in it” team K.

    I hope to see the day when most of those in positions of responsibility and leadership believe: “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” (the well being of the people is more important than your own) down to the bone- and have it as their motivation for everything they do while in Government…….truly; people who wish to serve others and only wish to make a living while following their heart….may I live long enough to see it. 🙂

  28. Hi there N and team,
    What are your views on the 2 guys who on 11th March were court in the Vatican’s bank with 3 trillion worth of bonds?
    All the best. Many thanks.
    Sahara *

  29. Not court…but caught…sorry!
    Apparently the bonds are fake.

  30. Dear Neil,

    I truly (actually desperately) want you to be successful in helping to rid our world of the Illuminati ASAP because it is a miserable time for most of us. You are confident in your communications with us which is very encouraging.

    Despite hundreds or thousands of hours for some of us (like me), we want to believe you, Benjamin Fulford, Karen Hudes, Drake, etc., I trust that it is Very difficult to determine who is telling the truth because the misery continues at an increasing rate.

    You come across as a normal man who got fed up and happens to have some connections. Now it looks like they have tried to assassinate you. I hope that you are recovering quickly and check your site at least twice a day hoping to learn of your recovery. Of course I also home to learn of some new news of progress.

    I recently posted information on your site about a radio host named Gary Bell and his show ‘A View From Space’ on Toronto 640 AM radio. My “comment” was not posted by you or your team. This fact is disturbing to me as I see it is a red flag. You must know that I am a former recon marine who served from 79-83′, including 2 months off the coast of Iran on the USS Okinawa where we expected, each day, to hit the beach to rescue the hostages. I participated in 3 WESTPAC deployments believing that I was serving my country; of course I’ve learned that we were actually being used by scumbags who want their NWO. I should also inform you that my father served in the USAF as a pilot for 23 years and most of the men in my family served, so I have service in my blood. Furthermore, I worked for Ross Perot and served as as an elected committeeman when I supported Ron Paul. Additionally, I was a congressman in the Restore America Plan that morphed into the Republics for the united States of America (RuSA) that imploded a couple of years ago. I add this so that you know that I don’t just study stuff on the internet. I want to “Do Something” to stop the madness.

    An article was posted on RMN yesterday or the day before it that was disturbing to read because, the author, a man named Ken, says that you, Wilcox, Fulford and Hudes, etc. are either wittingly or unwittingly involved with deception orchestrated by the cabal.

    While Gary Bell never mentions any of the above mentioned folks, including your name, his information agrees with what Ken published. I beg you to please read his article and let us know what you think about it.

    Here is an excerpt from Ken’s article that mentions your name:
    ….”For a number of years now, David has been leading the pack of Bloodline agents in setting out the false-light paradigm underpinning the rollout of the BRICS-fronted New World Order. He has introduced the public to such dubious ideas and personalities as the “hidden Asian gold,” “benevolent ET” interference in human affairs, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and Neil Keenan, and he has championed the view that the “Chinese Elders” are leading the East and all of humanity to freedom from the “Western Cabal” of Satanist banksters. This is a most interesting perspective for him to embrace given his past promotion of purported Illuminati defectors such as Svali, who had some rather interesting information to offer about the Russians and Chinese:”

    Here is the link to the article:

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Semper Fi, Do-or-Die,
    I am definitely a “good guy”.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      April 3, 2014 at 12:01 am

      Hi Anonymous,

      I’m taking the liberty in responding to your comment. We all have opinions, and this man, Ken, is no different. It is up to you to discern what you feel is the truth, and yes, I agree, this is a most difficult task with so much disinfo out there. You may want to review some of Neil’s previous videos to get a better idea of what he is doing and where he stands. He has survived numerous assassination attempts, so it is without question that the cabal wants to put a stop to his efforts and the information that he’s making available.

      With your background and experience, we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer. We welcome any and all the support, and we sincerely thank you for yours.


  31. Hello N and team,
    Can I please have your views on the 3 trillion fake bonds re Vatican bank?
    Your feedback would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  32. Dear Neil….

    For one who lives in FL, I continue to see, (especially this morning) the toxic chemtrails, weaving there way across the sky. In a earlier post, you mentioned directing an “energy pulse weapon” to down the planes who are incessently and needlessly spraying us with toxic chemicals, metals ( aluminum, strontium and barium as well as mycoplasma one-cell pathogens). What effort has been made so far to stop this horrific genocide……Yours Truly, Dr. V

  33. that bug could be listening to you too. maybe keep it in a foil lined sound proof jar? get it anylised?

  34. Dear Neil, I’m just a middle aged American Patriot following your path. I pray regularly for you, Jo, Dr. Group, and all your team of contacts. I pray God surrounds you with Arch Angels armed with goodness and conviction for justice. Also , I ask God to be forever present with you, protecting and loving you. I’m so grateful you’re fighting this good fight. In the Pureness of God’s Love, Jan

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