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The Hammer Drops
See How They Run

The purpose of this letter is to outline the level of abuse I have been subjected to by two American nationals: Jeanne O’Dean and James Dugan.

They have undertaken the filing of unsubstantiated claims with several policing authorities. Here in Bulgaria, I was interviewed by the Plovdiv Criminal Investigation Division for three hours.

The result of that interview and examination was this:

The claims made in the complaint are spurious, and without any merit. This was the conclusion of the Plovdiv CID as well as the local police who also received a copy of the complaint.

Obviously, as a result of their failure to gain any legal traction with their baseless claims, I have received further unsolicited correspondence that is forcing me to move from dismissal to a more offensive mindset.

It is my intention to inform you of the increasingly unstable and dangerous nature of these two people that your agency may be on the outlook for.

They present a serious problem in a number of ways to society in their locales (Dugan in Tampa / St. Petersburg Florida USA) (O’Dean last reported in Sante Fe / Albuquerque New Mexico).

Here is a very abridged list of accomplishments that Neil has personally achieved to save a great many nefarious acts from undermining the wealth of the world as well as a great many human lives.

These facts are completely incongruent with the baseless allegations of O’Dean and Dugan.

Required Reading: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | People Get Ready There’s A Change Coming.

Why direct your attention to these accomplishments in response to a criminal complaint? Simple.

To point out that the bullshit that gets thrown at a man that has spent a large part of his life trying to save the planet is becoming not only a propaganda war but also increasingly dangerous.

When one speaks of killing a former president, and making allegations of theft by someone that is in fact in charge of the Global Accounts – it is time to address the crux of the matter.

The critical question is why does Neil have to deal with a problem that authorities could handle easily by examination of the complainants?

He has been examined in person twice in Bulgaria about the complaints, and the response has been that these are baseless claims made by O’Dean and Dugan.

And they exposed his residential addresses for Neil and his family, which is effectively a hit request.

It seems that there is a massive disconnect between the work of Neil Keenan and the unsubstantiated allegations of impropriety.

The kind of disconnect that makes one wonder about the sanity and stability of the accused that each have a history of in taking that which is not theirs, based upon qualifications and self-aggrandizing history of fantastical origin.

Here are some salient real facts for you. Neil has spent the last 20 years of his life, working to prevent first the theft of his assets, and then those entrusted to him – fearlessly.

The people he battled and continues to struggle with are leaders in the world whose sole occupation is theft and enslavement at all costs including a great many lives around the world.

The latest discovery of yet another confidence scheme of O’Dean and Dugan, involves a complicated and dynamic confidence operation involving gold from Uganda.

As someone that has assisted and worked with the Count Albert Chiang (now deceased who was head of Dragon Family in the past), Neil discovered the nature of these two, soliciting investment in gold financial structure in Dubai for gold that would illegally be moved there from a mine in Uganda.

Exclusively developed and under contract for another 21 years between the Dragon Family operation at Wagagai Uganda including a no export refining agreement at facilities they have already invested $200 million.

Normally Neil would deal with these matters on his own, but this time he has opened the door to his contacts in external agencies and his team at large around the world.

He is asking that authorities deal with these two people as they are now impacting his ability to complete that which he is trying to finish.

In addition to writing threats regarding his personal safety in Bulgaria and upon entry to Indonesia – these people have endangered his family by publicly listing his family residences in Bulgaria. Who does this? These scum do.

He has made statements regarding assassinating President Donald Trump repeatedly, and this information was forwarded to his team.

On the topic of threats and assassination; these two also explicitly wrote that upon arrival in Indonesia he will be killed. This does not rattle Neil, since, he is factually the Amanah.

The result of being elected by Indonesian Elders, and having a signed contract to represent their interests and the interests of Indonesia seems to speak to his respect in and around Indonesia.

He wields a lot of power and authority as the Amanah in Indonesia.

As such, when in Indonesia, Neil will be issuing International Arrest Warrants for these two and have them extradited for immediate trial. Once again, Neil is doing other people’s work for the betterment of society.

Unfortunately, it seems that these con artists will do more damage to many people, as is their nature, until Neil issues these warrants unless someone steps in and finally does their job.

Most of you who know Neil know that he rarely, if ever, asks for help. He and his team is so close to the finish line, but are in need of the final support to get to Indonesia and open the bunkers and expose the cabal.

Those that follow his story know that the cabal has done everything to destroy or block access to most of his funds. He is reaching out to a small group of people who I know care about the future of humanity.

If he could collectively come up with the necessary funding, that would be enough to finance the FINAL trip to Indonesia and would provide funds needed to establish his base and team on the ground.

Once the first bunker is opened, it’s over for the cabal. Yes, he is that close. Please search your heart and pray about supporting these efforts.

This is truly good against evil and he would never reach out in this manner if he did not believe that the timing was crucial.

Thank you for your consideration.

Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.

People Get Ready
There’s A Change Coming

“Get Ready”

Required Reading: Bankers Beware: The First Of Many Salvos

Composition of this document is a difficult task. There is much detail that can be served in chronological format that a summary by points alone would be a book.

Equally daunting would be the list of battles he has had before he was ever involved with the world associated with Amanah.

This format is simpler and should elicit the right emotion and action: while you sleepwalk through this life – Neil Keenan was saving humanity.

Saving it how and from whom may cause you to finally get off your comfy chairs and take up the battle with him.

Chapter 1 – Boom

This is a logical a starting place as any. Before it, there was nothing like it and since it happened nothing will ever be the same again.

What makes Keenan’s lawsuit worth paying attention to is that it involves a mysterious June 2009 case of two Japanese citizens detained by Italy’s Border Police at the Chiasso, Italian train depot while traveling to Switzerland with $134 billion dollars in US Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments.

(This was the exact same amount assets that Neil Keenan was in possession of.)

Keenan was then able to verify that the bonds carried by Yamaguchi and Watanabe were real, and therefore, the bonds in his possession were legitimate.

He discovered that this theft of Dragon Family Financial Instruments in Chiasso was primarily at the direction of Alan Greenspan and then Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi (RIP Sylvio), however, it involved the vast worldwide network of Khazarian – Cabal organizations, banks and governments.

On November 23, 2011, a mysterious trillion-dollar lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Southern District of Manhattan Court in New York by the Principal Keenan claiming that $USD 134.5 billion dollars’ worth of gold was secretly given to the U.S. government in the mid-1930s by the then nationalist government of China for safekeeping, which the Dragon Family Financial Instruments were stolen from Keenan as Special Power Of Attorney in 2010. 

Here’s the search window that opens up when you go to and type in Plaintiff Keenan 2011-cv-8500, filed on November 23, 2011 or access the Case PDF file.

Dan McCue was the first mainstream journalist to cover this story in Courthouse News Service, a nationwide news service for lawyers and the news media. The article is entitled “Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion” – but given that this is a real case, he was certainly interested enough to write about it.

Courthouse News Service article didn’t reveal everything in Keenan’s complaint, by not quoting one of the most interesting paragraphs Thousands of trillions of dollars…

Upon President Obama replacing Judge Howell (forced early retirement) and appointing his self-selected Judge as a means to thwart the case, Keenan opted to withdraw his case in 2012 with plans to file his lawsuit in international court.

Why would Obama do this? Well, the fairy princess is listed along with these esteemed pillars of society as defendants: DANIELE DAL BOSCO, a citizen of a foreign state, THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL, a foreign corporation (“OITC”), RAY C. DAM (“DAM”), individually, and as President of OITC, DAVID A. SALE (“SALE”), individually, and as Deputy Chief of the Council for the Cabinet of OITC, the UNITED NATIONS, BAN KI-moon, individually, and as Secretary General of the UN, H.E. Ambassador CESARE MARIA RAGAGLINI, Individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in New York, H.E. Ambassador LAURA MIRACHIAN,

Individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva, the ITALIAN REPUBLIC, the ITALIAN FINANCIAL POLICE, Former Prime Minister of Italy, SILVIO BERLUSCONI, THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (“WEF”) a foreign corporation, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM U.S.A., INC., GIANCARLO BRUNO, individually, and as Head of the Banking Industry of WEF, and various unknown individual co-conspirators, JOHN DOES A-Z,

The John Does include ex US Presidents Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr, and Obama., Vatican, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix and many other “leaders”. This was the eye opener.

The list showed the world that conspiracy at the highest levels does exist and relatively few people control the show. People he already was doing battle with.

Chapter 2: The Despicables

To rule through the theory of divine right, be it the Christian / Western Divine Right of Kings or the Eastern Mandate of Heaven it is imperative to understand one thing: These Rulers are supposed to rule their people, and the monarch is not subject to the will of the people. They answer to God alone.

Well, in looking back at the lengthy list of accomplishments, it appears that they answer to Neil Keenan while on this planet.

Elizabeth – Black Betty

The British monarchy controls QinetiQ Group Plc (UK) and SERCO (UK) – two British companies with over $18 billion in U.S. Internet, Navy, Army, Space, Financial Intelligence and bio-warfare contracts – QinetiQ UK adjoins premises with The Pirbright Institute – the patent holder of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All of this only came to light and was made public because of Neil Keenan and Team K working tirelessly to get to the truth. Saving humanity with almost never a thank you.

Connecting the dots and proving that the conspiracy is fact linking the Queen, Fauci, Gates, the IMF, the World Economic Forum to a sinister plot to eliminate 90 percent of the world’s population.

Devising a plan to kill all her loyal subjects as well as disloyal is not on the Neil Keenan agenda. There is much more that could be said about this woman and the hierarchy she built to destroy humanity, but the phrase adios bitch sums it up best.

Beatrix – Bilderburg Bilgewater

The Cabal never quit and keep attempting to impose their will on smaller nations. Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands is a good example: After she screwed up a perfectly good financial transaction in 2012, one that would have benefited not only the Dutch Royal Family but the people of The Netherlands as well.

The greedy old woman that is Beatrix, showed her ineptitude by bungling the aforementioned deal. The old witch now is attempting to deceive President Jokowi and the Nation of Indonesia – with what Beatrix and her circus are calling a “Debt Repayment”.

In other words, Beatrix – a representative of the family that created the Bilderberg Group – the biggest group of thieves on the planet- who have had their asses handed to them by way of the triumphs of Neil Keenan.

They even called him to offer him a role as the director of their group. The establishment are making a last-ditch attempt to steal someone else’s gold by propping up this incompetent old woman, Beatrix, and pushing her into the fray.

However, when the people of the Netherlands eventually learn and have a firm understanding that their (former) Queen literally screwed them – they just might become unruly.

We enslaved your country, raped your resources and now you pay for the privilege. Catchy slogan. Perhaps their newer version of this would be God sent me to kill you.

Thanks Neil for dealing with and exposing the flaw in their plans.

Chapter 3: The Deplorables

The elected leaders of the world are certainly not enlightened except in their craftiness at inventing new ways to steal that which is not theirs. Neil has had many battles with them, and succeeded in getting a few of them arrested as well, though not as many as he would have liked.


It is without a doubt, one of the strangest things in American history. Barry Soetoro was born to a Marxist mother and raised in Indonesia as a step son who 10 years later moved with his now twice divorced mother back to the USA.

Changing his name to Barack Obama he went from being a lawyer with no public or private practice to representing labour and community groups on the south side of Chicago.

From there, he went to Washington to do great harm not only to the United States but also the world. For this they gave him the Nobel Prize. Strange indeed.

Neil knew that after digging to find the buried loose threads that there was going to be some trouble.


October 21, 2013

Four Top Generals with The Highest Clearance In The United States Stood Up For Us And Lost Their Jobs And Support For Their Family, October 21, 2013. These patriots stopped a plot to detonate nuclear warheads in South Carolina and another US location – ordered through Obama by his handlers. This is an act of treason of the highest magnitude.

It was Neil who alerted the nation of Obama’s attempt to nuke Charleston, South Carolina in a detailed post and video in 2013.

On Obama’s instructions two nuclear bombs were (not officially signed out but) removed from their arsenal in Fort Hood, Texas and transported to a military base near Charleston from where they were to be dropped on Charleston as a “false flag” event used to start WWIII and instigate Martial Law in the US. 

Neil’s high-level connection with and contacts within the New York City financial world alerted him prior to this that there was a mass exodus from Manhattan to Stamford Connecticut. If the bombs had gone off – the false flag – they had expected and planned to have a tsunami to hit New York – and the entire east coast of the united States.

These were all the major banks, hedge funds and trading firms. In essence the infrastructure had been developed to build a redundant system.

When Obama and Biden emerged from their new deep underground Washington bunker they expected to see 30 million dead Americans and huge devastation.  

Instead, there was nothing – as an Air Force General and Navy Admiral in charge of nuclear weapons had the bombs flown 620 miles offshore and detonated them in the mid Atlantic Ocean (seismic records confirm.) 

For their heroic service to the nation and the world… Obama fired them and two other Admirals on phony charges. Neil was the first to break this intelligence which has created a storm of “conspiracy bunkum” denials all over the Internet.

Now, nine years later Neil still has not heard a thank you from any government official. Saving 23-25 million lives all along the East Coast of the United States was not enough?

Neil running interference versus Barry was far from over.


Thailand was another happy hunting ground for the Cabal and Obama, but without much luck. Thailand has amassed tons of gold which generally one can buy, but most often you will never see your money (or gold) again, and even if you get your gold (like in China) you will never be able to take it out of the country.

Of course, President Obama got a whiff of the scent of Thai Gold and sent a US Fleet into the Gulf of Thailand as a blockade threat. Neil informed the Family about what was going on and what they should do to handle the Thai Royalty and make Obama back down.

Obama wasn’t through with Thailand quite yet. Do you remember that Obama gave Billions of Dollars to IRAN supposedly for Iran to stop making nuclear weapons? But what Neil uncovered was the backroom deal where the son of the Shah of Iran, Anwar, tried to use those US Dollars to purchase 10,000 tons of Thai Gold. 

The Shah did have a small gold stash deposited with the King of Thailand, so there was some legitimacy to the deal by Anwar, however, the gold was to be used to fill the Iranian coffers during the sanction period and possibly bring Anwar back into power as the new Shah. 

Neil’s postings, key notifications and instructions shot down that plot too as the Family’s satellites were watching everything.

There were other reports that US Special Forces raided a large mansion in Southern Thailand that was leased by Obama, where a large stash of gold and weapons were seized.

Southern Thailand is predominantly Muslim, so you can figure out what Obama and his “Brotherhood” friends were plotting.

So Neil’s ‘lighting up’ of Thailand has kept Obama and his handlers’ sticky fingers out of that cookie jar.

Slick Willie

August 2014 was a very busy month for Neil Keenan and team.

After successfully thwarting Barry “Barack” Soetoro and Biden from dropping nuclear missiles on Charleston, Neil learned that a previously discovered plan was coming to fruition.This one was loaded with ‘A’ list leaders including Japan, America, Colombian drug cartel money and George Soros.

The plan Neil uncovered went like this.

The Emperor of Japan has a sister who is married to an Indonesian General. She came to Indonesia to meet up with the Bill Clinton / Hillary Clinton team that included Armitage and Soros.

They in turn were meeting with two Elders to negotiate a deal that would bring big money into Indonesia and create an orchestrated chaos among the people and lead to a dramatic government overhaul. 

$6 Trillion USD that would be in the hands of the Elders, and with the assistance of the Clinton controlled Arkansas Foundation as well as the Soros / Armitage team would assassinate the Vice-President of Indonesia.

The money was coming from Colombian Drug Cartel. The Colombian cartels did not want the Clintons to do this, and were heavily against their money and group’s involvement.

The end of the plan was that the Brother-in-law of the Japanese Emperor (an Indonesian General) would be made head of the resulting post chaos martial law type government, and with the further assistance of the participating Elders, would clean out the bunkers and warehouses on Indonesia.

They also would attempt to seize control of the Global Collateral Accounts.

Neil was in touch with the details and drew up a series of action plans.

The Japanese military were involved to prevent anyone from bringing harm to the Emperor’s sister while on the Indonesian islands.

The Dragon Family provided their resources including satellite and surveillance equipment to keep track of the Japanese Emperor’s sister, Armitage and Soros team and the Elders involved. Neil was a signatory to the arrest warrants.

Slick Willie called Neil personally from the USA to ask him to stand out of the way of this and not get involved.

Due to the fact that Neil was active in representing and protecting these assets of the Indonesian Elders and Dragon Family assets – the cabal were thwarted from acquiring an unlimited supply of gold and financing their very dark plans for all humanity. Neil Francis Keenan scared them off.

Just like he did in scaring George Soros with his hidden jungle terrorist training camp where they exchanged gunfire. It is most unfortunate Neil ran out of ammo when he had a clean shot.

There would have been much rejoicing in the streets all over the world.

To this day, Neil wishes he had another magazine of ammunition to finish that asshole right then and there. Now he can take aim at his newly named heir, his son Alexander.

South Korea

Seoul and South Korea has been a favourite plundering playground for the Elite Cabal for decades as originally it had hundreds of small hidden bunkers of hoarded Japanese assets that were stolen from China and stored in Korea so that Japanese rulers and politicians could not get their hands on them to pilfer from. 

With the US (Rockefellers) conquering Japan (the Rockefellers used to OWN the Japanese Central Bank – until recently) and South Korea, the US Armed Forces have been responsible for looting these stores since WWII principally for financing their presence in the country and for financing Generals, Black Budget Operations and Korean politicians. 

This was recently exposed by Neil as one of the US Bases is even operating an illegal casino on Base and is being used to launder bunker currencies and gold.

But that was small potatoes compared to Neil’s exposure of the nefarious dealings of two of the past South Korean Presidents, Park Chung Hee and later his daughter, Park Geun-hye, who is now in jail thanks in part to Neil and company.

Park Geun-hye was easy picking for Neil as she blatantly stole gold bars from the Family’s bunkers, melted them down into smaller bars and was “instructed” to deposit 250,000 tons of them onto the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier parked in Seoul’s harbour. 

Neil notified the Golden Dragon Family to surround the ship and they placed their satellites overhead to track any movements.

The ship left empty and Park Geun-hye was impeached and went to jail on less embarrassing charges. The exposure of her father came later when Neil found out that Park Chung Hee had cleaned out two major bunkers and stashed the assets in banks in a Montana Indian Reservation. 

This multi-trillion-dollar stash (estimated at up to USD 26 Trillion) is currently managed by a group called the International Reserve Depository Bank (IRDB) headed by Dennis Lambert, several South Korean trustees, and an Indian Reservation representative. 

This group of thieves, of course, cannot move these assets off the Reservation, but Neil revealed their latest plot was to “loan the money back to South Korea!” 

Mr. Lambert really didn’t like being in the spotlight but really knows how to cuss according to Neil. Now, how about returning the assets to the rightful Owners or go to jail?

The latest multi-pronged attack by the Cabal on South Korea began just prior to the last 2019 G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.

Prior to the Summit Prince Andrew shows up from the UK. Later, former US President George W. Bushcame knocking. Then SaudiArabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also came looking for gold to fill his pockets. 

And then, in the shadows of the Summit was a tussle going on between Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and US i, nterests all vying for bunker assets. And at the top of it all was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was tasked by the Cabal to assure that the Korean looting would take place.  

He failed miserably due to Neil’s timely intervention. This triggered a last-ditch effort by the Israeli Khazarians who then sent the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in to make final threats and demands which were also unsuccessful.

Congratulations to South Korean President Moon Jae-in for deciding not to go to jail and be publicly humiliated by a Keenan blast. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his failure to deliver (because of Neil being in his face) has RESIGNED.

Neil has exposed even more of South Korean shenanigans, but the list above just shows the intense level of the fight. Who else has stood before? Who has championed for the People?


Malaysia has been a fruitless folly for the Cabal with JP Morgan Bank instrumental in “setting up” the sovereign 1 Malaysian Development Bank (1MDB) as a Clinton Foundation-style slush fund for the former Malaysian Prime Minister, NajibRazak and his cronies.

When Neil found out the depth of this scandal, he never let go. He uncovered shady deals, one after another. 

Neil’s digging turned over more than just Najib and friends using 1MDB money to buy luxury hotels, finance Hollywood movies and mega yachts – or financing Najib’s own re-election campaigns. 

What Neil ousted were major players involved in multiple scams that Najib hatched to save his own sorry ass.

Najib’s first botched attempt was to negotiate with Bong Bong Marcos concerning the conversion of his offshore USD $16.0 Trillion stashed in Labuan, Malaysia banks.

Bong Bong was the son of the CIA controlled Ferdinand Marcos and had no authority to represent either the government nor any GCA bunkers. 

At a conversion rate of MR 4.5 : 1 USD old Najib would easily cover his debts and Bong Bong would OWN MALAYSIA (and could sell it to whoever he would like!) Neil squelched that deal quickly and embarrassed Bong Bong for not helping his own county first.

Next Najib and friends turned to Alfredo Saurin and the fake Antonio Santiago Martin (ASM) (who was the fake M1). 

This scam involved 1.0 million metric tons of Thai gold that also involved approvals (% shares) for the FED’s Chair, Janet Yellin, and the Bank of England’s Chairman, Mark Carney.

When Neil turned the lights on in that room, all the rats ran away from the deal. Since then Saurin died, Yellin and Carney have retired from their posts only to assume new ones as Secretary of the Treasury US and Brookfield Asset Management (respectively) and ASM is on the run from authorities.

Neil keeps a close eye on them.

With doors closing in on Najib, his last resort effort was the “Dead Man Walking Caper” where he tried to steal funds from a wealthy Malaysian Trustee who had authority over a large trust account in UBS Bank in Switzerland.

The “Dead Man Walking” is a man by the name of Mr. Ablen Ibram Hamid, who has already filed his legal case with The International Court of Justice in The Hague, (“ICJ”) not only to assert his rights on all of his assets but to also instigate actions against the various persons and parties that have already misused some of those assets and those that attempted to steal the rest of his assets held by UBS in Switzerland by officially declaring him “Dead” (by the Minister of Home Affairs issuing a Death Certificate) and Najib being declared the sole Executor of the Estate under the false will and testament submitted to UBS.

Mr. Ablen became a Dead Man Walking when the former Deputy Finance Minister handed these official letters to UBS top officials (who had spoken to Mr. Ablen only days before).

The Deputy Finance Minister initially did not know the illegality of the contents of the letters, but when he found out he immediately resigned his post upon returning.

Neil spoke with and was deposed three times in providing the Malaysian Parliament with evidence and information that allowed Parliament to take drastic and immediate action in rectifying the situation.

Mr. Ablen’s rights with respect to the ownership of the said assets have already been confirmed by the ICJ and during the verification and assessment of his assets with the ICJ, it was also found that a portion of his funds had been transferred to PetroSaudi without the permission or knowledge of Mr. Ablen and as such, details of this transaction were also requested from UBS by the ICJ. PetroSaudi is one of the major money laundering companies involved in the 1MDB case.

In the end Justice will be achieved and those that have committed offenses can be charged and the necessary actions taken against them with a clear conscience and without any doubts.

This will then clear the way for the return of monies and assets back to the MALAYSIAN PEOPLE where they belong. Thanks to Neil Keenan being on the lookout.

In fact as of writing this, Neil is in discussion with the Malaysian government again about a larger bigger scandal perpetrated by UBS bank, their Malaysian subordinates and the previous government administration.

This separate set of illegal activity shows that there is persistence by western aligned interests in seeking every avenue possible to illegally obtain what is not theirs. So long as Neil is able to operate – they stand no chance.

The Monaco Accords:

Monaco Accord (August 2011)

The Monaco Accord was the genesis of the Global Accounts gold-assets timeline. The decree of the Monaco Accords assembly was to begin the process of freeing the non-aligned nations, especially the Asian nations from domination and financial control by the Western oligarchy.

For the period of a week towards the end of August 2011, a secretive meeting – organized by Neil Keenan and co-hosted by Swiss officials comprised of many ministers and non-aligned leaders from across the globe – began the long-prepared-for task of forming a disruptive gold asset-backed, global financial system.

It was a small, but decisive beginning to what, in less than two years, would become the one hundred and eighty nation BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China) – which has propagated into other non-aligned AIIB and CIPS systems, although there’s been unsolicited influence and infiltration by the west as each lacks access to the Global Accounts.

The opposition of openly conflicting and powerful globalists and cabal interest groups raises an important, if covert, operational issue. The gathering was a powerful invitation-only symposium, co-hosted by international Irish-American businessman, Neil Keenan, and Swiss government officials.

It started on dry land in the Principality of Monaco & Monte-Carlo, and then moved onto a one- hundred-sixty-foot private yacht in Mediterranean international waters.

Neil was on a large yacht in the waters off Monaco to orchestrate the meeting he’d organized with the Swiss Government.

Nations represented at the meeting in an official government capacity included Switzerland, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela. Certain negative fiat-casino currency representatives were strenuously refused entry.

These included the recently deposed Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and all members of the Khazar-Cabal Nazi-U.S. continuum (the Rothschild Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush Syndicate). 

No G7 governments were invited in an official capacity. Word of the gathering reached the Rockefellers, the pre-eminent U.S. clan of that oligarchy, who dispatched Senator Jay Rockefeller to essentially “crash” the party as an uninvited guest. 

For Jay Rockefeller it was like being thrown out of his own funeral. His Rockefeller’s family syndicate having the previous year lost Europe to the Rothschilds, and more recently lost Japan to Asian conglomerates, he was now verbally threatened and physically blocked from entry onto the yacht to attend the Meeting, at the gangplank, by Neil Keenan. 

Initially resorting to patrician Illuminati bluster, Rockefeller attempted to talk his way into the Monaco meeting.

He was rebuffed. “Don’t you know who I am?” he demanded. “Yes, you’re exactly the person we don’t want on this boat,” replied Neil Keenan.

After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht was buzzed by Rockefeller syndicate Blackhawk helicopter equipped with activated listening technology and electromagnetic pulse weapons aimed at the attendees to disrupt proceedings.

Fortunately, French Mirage F1 fighter jets on reconnaissance intercepted and gave an overhead warning pass by tipping their wings and the helicopters. After a second warning the helicopter rapidly retreated.

Rockefeller’s crashing rage was to no effect and was informed that this was now a brave new world for the young; old mummies like him were merely dust to be swept away. At The Monaco Accords an understanding of the attendees was created and formalized by the co-hosts of that meeting, Keenan and the Swiss Government.

What came out of the Monaco Accord that Neil organized and hosted? The end of the existing financial system underpinned by Bretton Woods, SWIFT, IMF – World Bank American Financial Hegemony.

AIIB, CIPS and the foundation for the Nonaligned countries to now create a new financial structure that allows for self-determination in the East.

These are very mighty actual goals dreamed of by many, but actualized because Neil saw a solution and brought the parties together.

Monaco Accord II

There really should never have been a second Accord. Neil distinctly warned the attendees that the West, the Cabal and the Banks would say, pay and do anything to become included into the Eastern System. His forewarning fell upon deaf ears.

By the third week of September 2011, a total of eighty-seven sovereign national governments across the world had issued the Acknowledgement of Memorandum of the Agreement and had undertaken to formally sign the document at the pre-agreed moment.

By the third week of December 2011, the number of committed and subscribed nations had risen to 117. By the middle of September 2013, the 178 numbers of sovereign nations for the Monaco Accords enacted the gold-backed global financial system infrastructure.

BRICS Announce $200B challenge to World Financial Order: July 15, 2014

The fabric of the financial world was frayed and torn. It was a series of critical changes that started with the Monaco Accords to allow many countries to freely participate in an open banking and finance system without the hegemony of the Bretton Woods former powers of the West.

The first very public and major step happened when the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China – formally introduced their long-awaited $100 billion development bank, to be headquartered in Shanghai, and a currency reserve of the same size, institutions that aim to be both competitor and antithesis to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The Monaco Accords have proven to be a strategic game-changer event as it was followed by an independent world court endorsement, recognition, and given jurisdiction by the 178 nations, which has evolved into the providing the infrastructure for the subsequent BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the AFIIB investment Bank and Cross-border CIPS which are fair systems and more likely to serve the cause of freedom and peaceful resolution once there is direct access to the Global Accounts Gold Assets.

The East was tired of financing the West with no say in how or where their gold and money went nor were they too sure that which had already been leased would ever come back. There is a persistent theme of competing hope.

East hoping West lives up to agreements and West hoping East continue to believe their lies. It is upon this dystopian relationship that Neil forged ahead to frame a clear line between East and West banking.

The development of an Accord that brought these dramatic changes in hand gave Neil an idea of where to go next.

Chapter 4: Other People’s Money

This section highlights links discovered, uncovered and made public by Neil Keenan.

It is important because these are the people that are trying to finance and control how humanity will die.

That’s right – they want you dead. Your parents, your kids. All of you.

Vatican Slush Fund

For over 13 years, Neil has searched for his stolen Dragon Family Financial Instruments that were entrusted with him.

In his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit discoveriesKeenan tracked down his Federal Reserve Notes to the Vatican Slush Fund with his name on the ledger, which were stolen by P2 Lodge secretary and Vatican financial advisor, Danielle Dal Bosco, whom Benjamin Fulford introduced Keenan to by assuring him that Dal Bosco could be trusted with the Dragon Family Financial Instruments. 

The Green Hilton and Garuda Memorial Agreements demonstrate clearly the value of the global account system. a). Gold and Platinum Deposits ran into millions of tons. b). 1934 series Federal Reserve System Bonds, Notes (Series 1928) issued in 1932, Kennedy Bonds ran into Quadrillions of US Dollars. 

Dragon Bonds are all recorded and acknowledged within the Green Hilton and Memorial Hilton Collective Agreements. Both Assets in the form of Bullion were surrendered to the Global Accounts through the United States Government and then entrusted to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve System.

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”
– Luke 8:17

After an investigation was ordered into the Vatican Slush fund which yielded an audit, the results were enlightening. Listed were the bond notes stolen from Dragon Family representatives (Yamaguchi and Watanabe) worth $USD 134 billion at the time of the theft in Chiasso Italy, and Federal Reserve Notes and a Kennedy Bond stolen from Neil Keenan also totalling $134 Billion USD.

Further examination of assets in the slush fund also shows sizable amounts from George Soros led foundations. Pillar of light they are not. Fall from sin into Corruption. Well done. Thank Neil for showing the blatant and reckless thievery the Vatican employs.

The Vatican Bank

The Vatican Bank is also known as the Institute for the Works of Religion.

This is a private institute which is located within Vatican City and it is run by an advisory board who gives report directly to the pope and a committee of cardinals.

Given its mission, the IOR is different from any other financial services provider. The mission of the Institute is to serve the Catholic Church in all its forms (Holy See – Related Entities – Religious Orders – Catholic Institutions – Clergy – Accredited Diplomatic Corps – Holy See employees) by holding and administering entrusted assets and providing dedicated payment services worldwide.

The IOR therefore continues its journey as an “instrument” of the new financial and administrative architecture of the Holy See and the Vatican City State.

Supervisory and Financial Information Authority (ASIF)

The Supervisory and Financial Information Authority (Autorità di Supervisione e Informazione Finanziaria – ASIF) is the competent authority of the Holy See and the Vatican City State for the supervision and the regulation aimed at the prevention and countering of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and for the financial intelligence, as well as for the prudential supervision and regulation of those entities that carry out a financial activity on a professional basis.

The ASIF carries out its institutional activity according, inter alia, to the Law No. XVIII of 8 October 2013.

The ASIF is a member of the Egmont Group, the global forum that currently brings together the financial intelligence units of 152 countries and jurisdictions, and in the context of which rules and best practices for international collaboration and information exchange are shared.

On a bilateral level, ASIF has entered into Memoranda of Understanding for the international exchange of information with the competent supervisory and financial information authorities of various jurisdictions, including:

Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Honduras, India, Isle of Man, Cook Islands, Jersey, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, United States of America, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan (Republic of China), Hungary, Uruguay.

Vatican auditors close 5,000 ‘suspect’ bank accounts after investigation finds secret slush funds used for possible insider trading and tax evasion 5,000 Vatican bank accounts have been suspended … The Daily Mail

The Vatican’s New Corruption Scandal

Oct 23, 2019 – Reports have emerged detailing the movement of Vatican money through slush funds across Europe – and a Vatican investment of more than $250 million into luxury London apartments, brokered … New York Post

Vatican Slush Fund Set Up For Ruling Elite, Funded By …

Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon. On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from … –

Jeff Rense also had an Illuminati $65 Trillion Slush Fund blog post in 2006

“Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome).

Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon.

Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen including John Boehner, several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several Cardinals.

Big money was found in each of the accounts. The longer the beneficiaries have been in office, the greater the account balances were found to be.

They range from a few million USD to more than a billion USD in the case of John Roberts. The total number of slush fund accounts so far identified at the Vatican Bank is said to be between 600 and 700. This number is likely to grow as international élite corruption investigations spread worldwide.”

This list was updated in a 2020 Vatican Bank audit where 5,000 accounts were blocked and locked for various offenses including money laundering and fraud.

All this sudden transparency came as a result of the lawsuit and investigative work of Neil Keenan. It truly was the Pandora’s Box.

It appears that in the Vatican, they pray to money and not to be caught for what they do rather than to God. It is unlikely Jesus would approve, and maybe someone should cast the moneychangers out from the temple again.


Given the scope of efforts undertaken by the Amanah and M1 Neil F. Keenan, one has to take a breath and just admire it.

What is written here is fact but represents a very small portion of what he has done with very little assistance and often on his own money.

What fascinates even more is the fact there are so many out there that should look at his efforts and goals then ask themselves why they are not doing something to assist him with either resources or financing.

Do you think that you are not one of the 90% scheduled for termination?

Or is it that you do not want to expose yourself to the fact that you are a coward and that the silence will save you? It won’t save your children and grand children nor the life’s work to build a legacy or mountain of money. They’ll take that too.

At the conclusion of the 7 spiritual rituals that Neil completed, it was told to him by one of the Elders that they had been waiting for him for 30 years.

Well Neil does not have 30 years to wait for you. Not even 30 days. Be a part of greatness and play your part in saving humanity.

A Spiritual Battle: Read the Details: Footsteps Of The Amanah

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Bankers Beware: The First Of Many Salvos

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

For a long twelve years we have had our local favorite Neil Keenan chasing animals back into the forests, later to see them reincarnate themselves into nasty human beings. 

[Images, links and further details have been added to the source material.]

Oh but how their stench exposes them.

Some refer to these things as lizards, possessed by entities via dark rituals, shape shifters or God knows what. Certainly we have never heard them termed as caring or loving. Their very survival depends upon the destruction of society as we know it. 

90% of our very own are to be exterminated as detailed in their own historical statements. They are not afraid to tell you such things as they apparently believe that they hold weapons that can eliminate our very being. 

What they do not hold (and are mighty scared of) are our numbers:

We The People. 

The Billions of people on this planet that ‘they’ (the Cabal) will have to contend with once most of the people wake up, which is now happening on an exponential scale. 

‘They’ are currently running New Zealand, Iceland , Antarctica, while at the same time making end-arounds on Indonesia, Finland, Australia and others.

They must be stopped. They were brought to their knees in the US by a few good men and their will and desire to save their people; President Donald Trump, Neil Keenan etcetera. The results of this are yet to be publicly revealed, however there are hints that are being found by the astute.

You know who Neil Keenan is but many others do not.

However, ask French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy who took the life out of him and his stolen election against Marine Le Pen and you will hear Neil’s name whispered. 

Ask the retired Dutch Queen Beatrix, and she just might tell you who forced her into retirement. Psstt, Neil.

Ask Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi what pushed him into accepting a Plea and you just might hear the name Neil again. That’s right  – two years in jail.

Ask South Korean President Park Geun-hye who had her removed from office, and it would be Neil with a little help from his friends (and no Joe Cocker is not one of them). 

Then you have ex Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak who was removed (arrested) by his very own government, and sentenced to a twelve year jail term.

But ask who it was that the Parliament based their corruption support indictment on and you will hear that Neil’s name was mentioned time and time again during their sessions.

Ban Ki-moon left unannounced from the UN finding himself in his home country of South Korea with hopes of securing good standing and an opportunity to become its next President, only to find that Neil put the kibosh on this as well. 

Hastily leaving for China, he found no one to collect him at the airport. Ban Ki-moon was left alone and had to find his way to his hotel himself.

Later he became concerned that this unannounced visit was not acknowledged by Xi Jinping and he was forced to wait for hours in his hotel awaiting his actual meeting. The visit took place but only for a few minutes. The doors were closing on him as well.

The Japanese mobilized their military for the first time since the second world war and very few knew this even happened, but Neil did. 

Their plan was to invade Indonesia and steal assets from all bunkers there that did not belong to them, nor were they any of their business. 

The daughter of the Emperor of Japan was married to an Indonesian General and their plan was to steal from the Global Account holdings in Indonesia and abscond with them to Japan. This never happened due to Neil’s threats of exposure.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his failure to deliver (because of Neil being in his face) has RESIGNED.

There is so much more to understand but you would have to read his archives at

[ See: Footsteps of The Amanah and The History & Events Timeline]

You will discover that the Banks have no warm spot in their hearts for Neil who has come after them more than once.

He also exposed the attempt to smuggle gold out of South Korea by the Japanese.

Obama’s attempt to use some of the money he illegally gave to Iran to purchase gold in the Bay of Bangkok only to be rebuked and exposed by Neil. 

Enough said. You are getting the message which is that even when you do not hear from Neil or his team they are doing the dirty work that no government was ever able to do.

It was they who kept things in order in Asia despite many malcontented individuals demanding bunker assets, gold, or anything else of value. Neil & Co. were always in the way. 

Ask anyone who is close to Neil; whether it be in banking, the military, political circles etcetera – what a pain in the rear Neil has been for the Cabal and the answer to the question just might be that Neil has been a royal pain in the ass from day one for them. 

They never should have stolen the Golden Dragon Family assets from him and he is not through with them yet. 

Neil would deny being a royal pain but what he would say is he is “the planets best shit-stirrer.” 

They all wake up in the morning hoping that Keenan has not caught up with them overnight. 

The end (or beginning, depending on how you look at it) is rushing on us and Neil is attempting to put his financial chest together to ‘open things up’ so the whole world may benefit due to Neil’s never dying efforts. 

Right now he is looking for financially healthy individuals who can assist him in finally making this planet safe and sound for everyone (most especially Indonesia).

See Also: The Connection Between 9/11, JFK and the Global Collateral Accounts

Connected to this you will see that Neil is on the attack once again. This time it’s the Malaysian banks and UBS – and he has them by their short hairs. 

Who is going to get the Axe this time? The feeling is – many of them are going to bite the dust. 

Remember Neil does not take prisoners…


Part Two

You have heard a little about Mr. Keenan in the first section and here and now what will be revealed is in relation to Neil Keenan’s assaults on not only UBS (that will come later) but the Malaysian Banks.

The banks alluded to above have been involved in a huge financial fraud for many years now as they extend agreements without the knowledge or approval of the holder/mandate of the financial notes who recently passed away.

Even if he had not passed away, they would have signed the financial notes and extensions thereof.

Now that I have shared my two cents, I shall now step back while Mr. Keenan ties some loose ends and gets the financing in place that he requires before anything ‘opens up’ so that we may enjoy all that is soon to come. 

Neil and Donald = Quite a team.  This will be a happening not to be missed.

The Fraud involved here surpasses 600 Billion USD, all of which is registered under the name Soekarno Trust and provided to them by Dr. Edy Seno, who has since passed away as mentioned earlier. 

Dr. Seno waited years for this agreement to be activated and provide him and his family the comfort which they had come to expect upon signing the agreements with UBS and four Malaysian Banks in particular.

Note: This Power of Attorney document was enacted prior to Neil Keenan being elected the Amanah in Indonesia. Whilst the original POA has since expired, the agreement now falls under the auspices of the Amanah and to that end, the POA remains in effect without any expiry.

Below you will see the amounts received and further details without the endorsement of Mr. Seno. Since his death, Mr. Keenan has been elected by the Elders and the Sultan; as the Amanah in Indonesia and has most recently decided that the beginning of his altercations with the Cabal (or New World Order) will begin there. 

As you are aware Mr. Keenan will not take prisoners. Once the necessary documentation is filed, all cannons will be ready to be fired and there will be no looking back. 

This could be termed “the shot that will be heard around the world”; similar to what his Financial Tyranny lawsuit had been; but in this matter everything else that was exposed by the filing of the initial lawsuit will be brought to the forefront as well. 

Said another way: The people of the world will soon be exposed to the entire show (not just fragments of it) and this will be an eye opener.

– WH

Perhaps yourselves, the readers might like to directly make contact with the following individuals and ask of them what they have taken part in, in an effort to hold them to account for their actions?

Lukas Gähwiler (Chairman) – UBS Switzerland AG
Zurich, Tel. +41-44-234 11 11

Karin Oertli (Head of UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland) UBS Switzerland AG
Zurich, Tel. +41-44-234 11 11

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Former Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Muazzam Mohamed (Chief Executive Officer) – Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Tay Ah Lek (Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer) – Public Bank Berhad

Lung Nien Lee (CEO) – Citibank Kuala Lumpur

Puan Rossana Annizah Rashidi (Chairman) – Bank Simpanan Nasional

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