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Kevin’s Last

Goodbye to a very close friend. Kevin MacKinnon.

“It is seemingly like it was just yesterday morning that I was joking with Kevin at his bedside. I took my leave to go to the store to get some groceries, and Kevin laid back taking another nap.“ Neil sadly lamented.

Upon his return home, Neil’s wife told him that Kevin had called and left a cryptic message “AFRT ADRT” which made no sense at all to Neil. Sonya interpreted this message that Kevin may be having a “HEART ATTACK”. This startled Neil who immediately rushed over to see his friend.

Neil went to Kevin’s house calling out his name but that did not illicit any response. This had always worked before but this time the silence was deafening.

Neil stuck his head into Kevin’s room only to find him with his head at the side of the bed. Neil went to look at him and he did not move. Neil spoke to him hoping he would get things straightened out, but this was not another of Kev’s jokes.   

Neil then called Sonia to come over. She immediately understood that Kevin had stopped breathing. Their friend was no longer. So much had been done and so little to go and he passes on. Nobody was normal at that time. Death has a sombre and mind turning numbness in moments like this.

Calls were made and then the silent wait for the Ambulance to arrive. The Paramedics checked things out, confirming Kevin had passed on and proceeded to carefully remove his body and send it to the morgue.

In all the confusion Neil had to fight with the woman who was Kevin’s landlord and her little aid who showed up, eyeing what of Kevin’s could be valuable. Vultures circling.  

You see, she wanted to not only to clean the house but to take anything she wanted as well. Neil did not take a liking to anyone going into anyone’s house either dead or alive. Neil told them to get out.

Her arrogant reply was that she owns the building and this apartment is hers. Yet according to Kevin, he had paid the rent up to the end of the month. This was still Kevin’s home.

The landlord left after she and her little munchkin literally were planning on taking things that not only belonged to Kevin but to Neil as well. This included personal documentation, computers, phones and phone book and much more which related to foreign nations. 

Earlier that morning Neil saw them also cleaning Kevin’s apartment, kicking dust and mold around. Neil told them to stop and that it was not good for Kevin, and to do what they had to do later. Some people just don’t know how to care.

They left when Neil called the Canadian hot line, Interpol and the Canadian Embassy.

Lots had been done earlier that day. Neil had picked up many of the items he had let Kevin borrow and put them in a box by the front door. Those important items Neil was not allowed to take out until everything was settled by the Court. They had to make sure that it was a natural death. And as stated above it was cancer according to all medical reports. 

Three operations in a qualified hospital kept Kevin alive longer than thought. His close friends Michael in Washington DC and Paul in California had supported him and had been his financial sponsors and advisors throughout. 

They could not be reached given that Kevin’s information also was being held illegally. 

When the real investigative police showed up the landlord’s people stepped down. The very same person who had been yelling at Neil and did not like being watched. 

They also went through Neil’s items, a matter which most likely will end up in International court.  

So what should have been a Cancer may end up in a settlement for Kevin’s heirs and Neil.

More wasted time and greed induced aggravated headaches not needed.

In Kevin’s last moments he spent time speaking to his loved ones and confessing to Neil that he was sorry he had so little time to finish what was needed to be done. 

Perhaps that is what friends are for and Neil has no regrets sharing his daily bread with Kevin and rejoicing in 2 ½ years of memories of good times.

Thanks Kevin. May you now rest in peace and send down a magic broom to help clean up the mess they left behind… God Bless Your Soul.

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  1. For Kevin, Thank You For Everything,

    Rest In Peace & Fulljoy Your Trip on The Wings of Life Itself Through Infinity

    A Few Words About Death

    So, eventually the question of death came up. What about Death ?

    Is that death the end of it all aka The Great Nullifier ?

    Let’s see, if we can find some basic, simple mechanism in that death business.

    First of all:

    Death to me is first of all a very personal relationship. To me My Death is the closest, best and most trustworthy ally, friend and especially adviser.

    Incorruptible like no one else !

    And to be sure, I’m not talking metaphorically but actually and factually. He sits a little over my left shoulder, all the time, always there with me.

    And for the it’s the end of it all part, well, principally I do agree.

    There is no guaranteed, kind of all-free-and-inclusive-first-class-service-ticket-to-the-After-Life for Man.

    At least at this point in mankind’s evolutionary process and point in time. Maybe there was and maybe there will be, but not right now.

    There is as well no infinite number of reincarnations on earth. The number is in fact very limited and the kind of reincarnation currently talked about here was in itself a kind of an emergency program. That was not the original blueprint and template meant & inherited for us, mankind.

    But we are, and always have been and will be, given an opportunity:

    One can do a certain work of and on one’s own Consciousness & Being to a degree that you can create a copy of the original Consciousness-Life-Spark-Debt-To-The-Creator, which is the essence of death → The Payback of the Initial Spark Of The Flame Of Life, although sadly most ordinary people never bothered to create a copy on their own. Nobody ever told them to !

    And Life Itself will accept the 100% pure and clean copy as the real, consciously.

    It’s not a cheating or trick or such but instead it’s an offer given and granted to each and every one of us by Life Itself. One has to work harder for it than one ever worked for anything else in life but it is very much possible !

    This offer is a gift.

    In deep secret yogic terms there is a similar or analog wisdom to that: They call it Stealing From The Earth because normally one can not take one’s individuality with oneself when going beyond.

    It’s a very similar concept.

    The first concept has its roots in secret Meso American very ancient and very secret traditions. Not the well-known kind of shamanism.

    Anyways, just my2cents in a 3 minute impuls-talk.

    And yes, what I say is very much simplified and rudimentary, for sure. It’s just a, how is it called in modern slang, a Teaser !

    A Few More Clarifications

    A friend came up with this, which is obvious nonsense.

    Men are Mortal – Corporations have Eternal Life

    Well, let me explain.

    In fact corporations have no life at all, and for sure no eternal life, that is stupid nonsense.

    I, for one, haven’t yet seen any corporation that did not come down one day.

    No corporation, no empire, no kingship, no building , no entity, no god, no nothing that was ever created !

    We’ve created the gods.

    Just saying, for all those who don’t know this basic truth and fact of Life, we have created the gods, not the other way around.

    And everyone with the slightest bit of brains knows this.

    So not infinite, if we say infinite equals eternal. Well that would need a calm and quiet clarification of these terms in the first place and then, sure, would be a really interesting discussion and thought to play around with.

    You see, it’s said, that everything that has a beginning has an end as well. So, I wonder, are there things or beings without a beginning, but actually being ?!

    Or even more spaced-out: Could it be that we are beings, who very much are and who are very much alive and conscious but without a Beginning at all ?

    An interesting thought. Especially if one applies it to everybody and everything and the Universe and The All That Is at large.

    Interesting, to say the least.

    And Another One

    ‘Body devoid of Spirit is a cadaver – Spirit devoid of Body is a ghost’

    I, for one, wouldn’t fully agree with that one either.

    I’d agree with the first part, body devoid of spirit is a cadaver, but not with the second part. Instead, I’d say:

    Spirit devoid of a body is Consciousness.

    We are talking about the so-called physical body. There are actually more bodies to a human being.

    Now, the actual problem is this, that our Western, European or call it Judeo Christian Greek Roman kind of civilization and culture has not even really started to ponder those questions in earnest at all, not to mention answering and understanding them.

    We are a very primitive culture in our understanding of Life, Life Itself, Spirit and Consciousness.

    The Fundamental aspect is, to know that there are different types of consciousness.

    Mainly two categories, the so-called Organic Consciousness and the Inorganic consciousness. The difference is not as in the analogy in our chemistry and biology by determination whether it’s carbon-based or not. That’s not the defining difference in terms of consciousness. Instead it is about the qualities and abilities of this consciousness. Inorganic Consciousness is dead consciousness aka a kind of ghost in your terminology but Organic Consciousness is living consciousness and that is defined by the ability to produce more consciousness out of itself in near endless quantity and quality.

    Yes, a true living being of organic consciousness is a so-called Perpetuum Mobile Being.

    And thus such a being is able to give himself as much bodies as he wants. One after the other and certain very few Masters are even able to instantly relocate or even appear at the same moment in time at several locations.

    But those are specific cases and such fancy performances are not at all the aim or intent of the striving to gain such deep and profound levels of understanding of the process of Life Itself.

    You see, these things are almost impossible to talk about with modern so-called civilized man who is part of our modern culture, because we, as a collective, are so dense and stupid that we still argue, whether consciousness is a product of the material aka the physical or not. Which is utter only self-indulging nonsense to do. You see, with people of that low intelligence, it’s almost impossible to have any serious discussion about anything, much less about the essence of Life & Life Itself and the essence of what it means to be a conscious human being.

    Sadly so.

    Some people asked me, whether I’m joking. So, again, no, I am not joking.

    Why I say, Death is sitting on my shoulder, is because of the energetic arrangements of the Living Man, the Being, the physical and energetic body. And, let’s use the Indian Yogic Lore for the description and terminology here, there are 114 so-called Chakras forming the human body, it’s living systems and the entire being and in short 108 can be worked with and upon while certain 4 can’t be explicitly worked upon but they just follow the others.

    And then there are the last two most secret and mystic ones, number 113 and 114, and these two are outside of the physical body.

    Your Personal Death is one of those two. That’s the true meaning behind my metaphorical words.

    Another False Claim

    ‘A Mortal man who chooses Eternal Life over his own Mortality is choosing corporate personality and Death over the continuity of biological life.’

    Please, don’t get me wrong, this is just criticism on a very, very high level.

    Obviously you don’t get it:

    Man is more than just biological aka physical life. Man is more than matter. And you don’t choose Eternal Life. You choose Life, and that to the fullest and when the time comes, you go and meet Your Personal Death. For many, probably even most, it sadly will be for the first time in their lives to meet that one companion which always has been their dearest and most trustworthy ally, friend and guardian.

    But who said that meeting Death necessarily equals to be dead afterwards ?

    Who says such a thing ?

    Who said that it is not possible to meet Death and not being forced to give up all life ?

    And it’s not about being un-die-able, that’s not how it works. Death exists, in fact Death is an option, and a very worthwhile as that and this option will still be existing onward. Even if you are not fully dying here on earth at your death, meaning being completely annihilated in all your essential template.

    You go on and you still have the option of Death, which is a very good thing to have, to make some decisions again and again and again. Just why not living with that option but never fully draw this option ?

    You see, freedom is incomplete without the option of death aka without the option of saying No, any Yes is worthless.

    You see, the truth here is this: Most people need the perspective of death, or some fancy bling bling heaven fantasy because they are by far not able to stick with themselves for much longer.

    That is the dirty little secret of the current mankind and their view on Death: People don’t actually like and can’t stand themselves !

    They are hating themselves too much to be able to cope with themselves, so they get tired of life and their nonsensical Bullshit any longer, so they are happy and are desperately in need for the perspective of pretty soon go dying.

    What Is Dharma – The Way – The Dao

    The Essence of each and every Religion and Spiritual Process

    Allow me, to give you a nice & sweet metaphor of it. You can take it literally or metaphorically, both is equally true and correct.

    You sit down in your everyday so-called Awake Consciousness and decide to lie down and go to sleep with the intent of waking up in your dream. Awakening from the so-called unconscious sleep-state.

    You start dreaming and something strange happens. You all experienced this to a smaller or greater extent in your life already, the strange feeling of being aware to be dreaming within your dream, right ?

    Now, fast forward. You intent and learn over a period of time to do this quite often and explore that realm !

    That realm and space is in itself infinite.

    And btw. this is where most of your gods and religious stories are rooted and are taking place.

    Others have called it, entering The Unknown.

    Then you could decide to try focusing within this dream in which you already became aware of being dreaming on the attempt of looking and paying attention and perceiving your hands and further on your whole self and body. The one who is actually dreaming right now.

    If one is interested, one can even go so far as to do certain experiments to find out if one is really perceiving the actual real person & body that is asleep and dreaming through notifying the color and nature of your actual clothes on that specific day for example or other minor details, although all this is not really that important.

    When you start to get this done, you could get the idea of deciding to try to put yourself AGAIN consciously to sleep within this dream within the body , aka your body in the dream or the Dreamt One. The body that you are consciously aware of and seeing while you are in the already conscious dream-state.

    Sure enough, as it is within dreams, even our ordinary dreams, you will start dreaming again within this a new dream within the original dream, while your true body is asleep at home, the scenery in the dream will again change completely.

    Now, you have become The Unknown yourself and the realm that you have entered is called The Non-Recognizable.

    A completely different kind of Realm, of Reality and of Infinity !

  2. I’m soo sorry Neil. What a long life this has been on many of us. May we all find peace in our journey.

  3. My condolences to you and all of Kevins relatives and friends. His efforts are totally appreciated and I’m sure he will be missed by many.

    God bless you Niel and Team and may Kevin help you from his new home !

    Tom D

  4. May his journey be protected

  5. Mary-Jane Schneeberger

    June 24, 2024 at 10:14 am

    Dear Neil, Kevin and family,
    God bless you all and this journey. Neil you must be heartbroken to lose Kevin at such a junction in your path to Victory. Kevin, though I did not meet him personally, was a great pillar of strength to you! I understand yourself to be a very spiritual person, so I may imagine that you will be close to Kevin in the spirit world. May your paths reconnect in the afterlife. God Bless, Mary-Jane

  6. Wishing Kevin freedom from suffering and permanent happiness wherever he is.
    Please let Group K prevail.


    June 24, 2024 at 6:35 pm


  8. Niel Keenan and team, just expressing my condolences ,any loss especially of close friends and being your side kick is very hard on you especially, may God lift your heaviness and open the road blocks for your continued work. David on Idaho

  9. Bendiciones KEVIN para todos !

  10. Condolences to the family and friends .
    Peacefully rest in perpetuity

  11. Now he can rest in peace his work here is done , done with honor and integrity ! When the Creator closes one door he opens others . This man shall be replaced by another of the Creators choice . Be at ease Neil , you know the Creator will not leave you or us without help against these global thieves… This is but another change of direction on the path .

  12. Bongekile Ngidi

    July 9, 2024 at 5:13 pm

    I am very sorry to hear about Kevin’s passing. May he rest in perfect peace.

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