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Month: June 2018

Chief Terrorist Of
America’s Secret Political Police

ROBERT SWAN MUELLER III Chief Terrorist of America’s secret political police would have – in an earlier time; also been the perfect choice to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

During this period of time the Bureau played a key role in covering up airline sabotage – such as the Watergate plane crash in Chicago, one month after Nixon was re-elected President, in 1972.

Twelve Watergate figures died in that crash, including Dorothy Hunt, the wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt. Together they had blackmailed two million dollars out of the Nixon White House.

They held documentation that detailed Nixon’s role in the assassination of President of John F. Kennedy. 

The details of this air disaster, supported by 1,300 pages of suppressed government documents were exposed in a book written by Sherman Skolnick that was stopped in the press cycle by the Rockefellers; who at the time held a majority ownership stake in United Airlines.

A former FBI official and later Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, covered up the role of the FBI in the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. (See Orders to Kill by William Pepper, Carrol & Graf, N.Y., 1995)

As part of this pattern of cover-up and bloodshed is Robert Swan Mueller III.

Mueller was a key official in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department during the administration of George Herbert Walker Bush.

Mueller supervised the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December of 1988, about six weeks after the Elder Bush was elected President.

A group of eight, or as many as fifty CIA covert operatives were on board Flight 103. Disgruntled, they were returning from a failed mission to attempt to rescue some American hostages in the Middle East.

They blamed the failure on the treasonous acts of the Elder Bush as Vice President. 

You see, Bush was the secret PRIVATE business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein.

Together they, like mafioso, shook down for billions of dollars of “protection” money, the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf.

The secret partnership deals were part of the bank records sought to be suppressed by way of a non-publicized federal court suit in Chicago.

Sherman Skolnick was the only reporter with the courage to attend the hearing.

Contrary to CIA regulations, forbidding their people to fly as a group on one airplane, this group of covert units stayed together for what they thought would be their mutual security.

At least eight of them were scheduled to finger the Elder Bush for treason in the hostage rescue intentional screw-ups, at secretly arranged hearings set before Congress for early in 1989.

Such as:  The Elder Bush was a sizeable owner of the American LaFarge, the US unit of a French firm, reportedly supplying the ingredients to Saddam Hussein for the making of poison gas to be used against the Iranians in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988, and also against Iraq’s own Kurdish dissidents.

A director of the firm was a little known Little Rock attorney, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She and her husband, William Rockefeller Clinton, were already part of a scheme to be played out in 1992, to install Clinton as President while shadow-boxing against his CIA mentor, the Elder Bush.

Only one newspaper in North America ran a series after the crash, outlining some of the secret arrangements of the units of the American CIA who were snuffed out by the crash. That was in Canada, by the Toronto Star.

Many were puzzled how FBI agents showed up at the Lockerbie, Scotland crash site in some instances quicker than local authorities.

As stated in an award-winning film documentary about Pam Flight 103:

“Very strange people were at work very early on. Within a matter of three hours there were American accents heard in the town. Over that night there were large numbers, maybe 20, 25, 30 people arrived”.

This was reported by British Journalist David Ben-Aryeah, in the documentary: The Maltese Double Cross.

Frankovitch was later murdered as he was working on related documentaries.

As a member of a local rescue team recalled:

“We arrived within two hours of the crash. We found Americans already there”.

As an author of a book (The Medusa File by Craig Roberts, an investigator and former law enforcement official) pointed out – as odd as the fact that Lockerbie is over 350 miles from London, which is the nearest point an American FBI agent might be.

To reach Lockerbie that night from London, even if traveling by air, would have taken far more than one hour considering the sequence of events that would have had to occur.

“Assuming timely notification, an American agent in London would have had to have been tracked down, considering the late hour, notified to pack up for an investigation, rush to Heathrow, board a waiting airplane, fly immediately to the nearest airport that could land a jet transport, obtain ground transportation from there to Lockerbie, then locate the command center.  An effort that would require four to six hours at the minimum.”

From the details, there evidently was PRIOR KNOWLEDGE by the American FBI and the Justice Department, Criminal Division Honcho, Robert S. Mueller III.

Mueller is quoted as saying in public:

“We have no evidence to implicate another country (other than Libya) in this disaster”.

By his doings, reportedly in the US and Scotland, Mueller falsely shifted the whole blame to Libya and a stop-over in Malta by some Libyans. 

By doing so, Mueller shifted the focus away from the prior treasonous activities in the Middle East of the Elder Bush, with the assistance of his sons, Jeb and George W.

The Elder Bush, as President, rewarded Mueller for his treachery on behalf of the Bush family.


“Was named to head the criminal division in 1990, under President George Bush. Dick Thornburg, then attorney general, says he relied on Mr. Mueller for some of the deparment’s most DELICATE TASKS.

Before the invasion of Panama in 1989, for instance, Mr. Bush called Thornburg in and asked if the drug trafficking case against the Panamanian ruler, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega, was solid.

Mr. Thornburg says he relied on Mr. Mueller’s assurances that the case would stand up; it did.  Among the other investigations that Mr. Mueller supervised at the criminal division was the BOMBING OF PAN AM 103, which had crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.”

This is quoted from the NY Times, July 6, 2001, in a story about Mueller by Neil A. Lewis.

Shortly after being inaugurated as President, the Elder Bush launched the invasion of Panama in 1989 to kidnap Panama strongman Noreiga to shut him up about being lured into private dope trafficking deals with the Elder Bush and his sons Jeb, George W, and Neil.

Playing a key role in silencing Noreiga was Justice Department Criminal Division honcho Robert S. Mueller III.

Mueller reportedly arranged to terrorize Florida federal judges to lay the groundwork for them absolutely following orders to censor any mention of the Bush family being implicated in the dope trafficking into which Noreiga says he was either inveighed or was entirely innocent of, with Noreiga as an Elder Bush-arranged CIA operative.

Bush had helped Noreiga’s rise to power by Bush arranging to murder Noreiga’s predecessor.  (The Elder Bush paved the way for Saddam Hussein to the top in Iraq in similar fashion, by arranging to assassinate Saddam’s predecessor).

One of the most outspoken critics of the Justice Department and the FBI, on the federal bench in America, was Florida, U.S District Judge Alcee L. Hastings, one of only a very few Black federal judges in the South.

The FBI, as a reprisal, framed Judge Hastings on bogus bribery charges.

To scare other Florida federal judges that they have to march to the orders of the Bush family, the Hastings matter was quickly referred to the House Judiciary Committee, which voted articles of impeachment.

In the impeachment trial in the Senate, contrary to the rules, only a handful of Senators attended or were interested in any way in Judge Hastings plea that he was innocent and was framed by the FBI.

The monopoly press, to show him in a bad light, played up a picture of him bending down to get past a barricade blocking the entrance to the Senate as he was on his way to the Senate trial.

And I thought the whole US Senate, not just a couple of them – have to sit as judges in an impeachment trial?

To be sure, Mueller is up to is old tricks once again. 

In contrast to the past, Mueller now has a formidable foe. 

One that can out think him, one that can out wit him; and one that is much smarter than anyone Mueller has ever combated before: President Donald J. Trump.

Our President, hands down just might be the greatest ever, as he sits over his kingdom and evaluates who needs to stay and who needs to go.

He is not Santa Claus although he is checking his list and checking it twice – but he is the POTUS and he will continue on until what we call ‘The Swamp’ has been drained.

The indictments will be issued soon and we will see an attempt at an exodus towards various airports but with most nations now seeing President Trump as a real leader, “they” will not get very far.

It would not surprise me if the POTUS himself served them with the Warrants.

It is coming, and it is coming soon: Their hired assassin Robert Mueller will be stepping down from his stool and telling ‘We the People’ that he “got caught up in this mess”, in a futile attempt to claim that he is not a bad guy.

Mr. Mueller is a nasty piece of work and so when that time comes – just ignore him and point your thumbs down.

It is abundantly clear that Mueller had no mercy for the many people he killed. Nor for the many people whose lives he has destroyed. 

Now it is near time for the metering out of punishment regarding Robert Swan Mueller III.

I hope it is HARSH.

Thank you Mr. Skolnick for your courage that goes beyond any grave and time.  Men like you are the heroes.

Thank you.

Neil Keenan


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Malaysian Dead Man Walking
Caper – Part 2

This is the continuation to the previous Part 1 complaint that raised the roofs of the Malaysian Government and helped sort out the blatant corruption of Malaysian PM Rajib Nazak and his political cronies.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

See: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | They Are All Watching You: ‘Malaysia’ [‘Part 1’ of this Article]

The close to this is coming much faster than planned with the new PM Mahathir’s administration not allowing any grass to grow under their feet. Kudos to you Mr. Prime Minister and please be aware that someday soon I will need to discuss something with you in private which relates to your banking.

Once again Kudos and as for the rest of you, enjoy Part 2 of what will be one of the smelliest scams that has ever taken place. Skill or art is not in question here. They just went in and grabbed and now they face the piper as everyone always does (sooner or later). Enjoy your read.

Malaysian Dead Man Walking Caper – Part 2

With the recent change in the Malaysian Government (for the better), I can now release more information concerning the “Dead Man Walking Case” for the new investigating authorities to research.

This is a case of utter corruption and abuse of power by the out-going Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak (also as the Minister of Finance), the Deputy Prime Minister (and Minister of Home Affairs), Zahid, together with other local officials and banksters.

This is a clear case of intentional and attempted national and international theft of the financial assets of a Malaysian citizen as part of the 1MDB scandal.

Click here to open a larger version of this image in a new window

The “Dead Man Walking” is a man by the name of Mr. Ablen Ibram Hamid, who has already filed his legal case with The International Court of Justice in The Hague, (“ICJ”) not only to assert his rights on all of his assets but to also instigate actions against the various persons and parties that have already misused some of those assets and those that attempted to steal the rest of his assets held by UBS in Switzerland by officially declaring him “Dead” (by the Minister of Home Affairs issuing a Death Certificate) and Najib being declared the sole Executor of the Estate under the false will and testament submitted to UBS.

Mr. Ablen became a “Dead Man Walking” when the former Deputy Finance Minister handed these official letters to UBS top officials (who had spoken to Mr. Ablen only days before).

The Deputy Finance Minister initially did not know the illegality of the contents of the letters, but when he found out he immediately resigned his post upon returning to Malaysia.

I have been informed that Mr. Ablen’s rights with respect to the ownership of the said assets have already been confirmed by the ICJ and during the verification and assessment of his assets with the ICJ, it was also found that a portion of his funds had been transferred to “PetroSaudi” without the permission or knowledge of Mr. Ablen and as such, details of this transaction were also requested from UBS by the ICJ. PetroSaudi is one of the major money laundering companies involved in the 1MDB case.

As this transaction involved the international movement of large sums of US Dollars it was flagged by the US Department of Justice (“DOJ”). United States of America has subsequently requested a copy of the details of the transfers from UBS to PetroSaudi with the permission and cooperation of Mr. Ablen, for the DOJ’s investigations into the transactions carried out by IMDB and its subsidiaries at that time, which includes and relates to the SRC International investigations.

I further understand that the DOJ has offered their expert assistance to Mr. Ablen to investigate and instigate action in a number of additional suspect cases of misuse, illegal use, unauthorized transfers, and/or mismanagement of Mr. Ablen’s assets by other persons and entities in other countries.

Upon receiving the relevant documents from UBS, the DOJ then requested assistance and further information from the relevant departments of the Malaysian Government and it is understood that the documents requested by the DOJ were not provided by the Najib Rakak-controlled Malaysian Government, but because of the changed present political situation in Malaysia, wherein the new Pakatan Harapan Government (“Alliance of Hope Government“) led by the former and now current Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the provision of further requested information will not be further delayed or hindered based on the findings of the appointed 1MDB Task Force.

The new Government has immediately setup a number of Investigative Task Forces manned by respected and independent members to investigate discrepancies and possible misuse of authority by persons, bodies and establishments under the previous Malaysian Government, including The New 1MDB Special Task Force manned by:

1. Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail (former Attorney-General (A-G));

2. Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed (former Malaysian-Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner);

3. Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull (newly appointed MACC Chief Commissioner); and

4. Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador (former Royal Malaysian Police, Special Branch, Deputy Director).

This Special Task Force will ensure that no accusations of misuse or abuse of power can be made against the new Malaysian Government by any parties.

It is the intent of the new Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad and the new Malaysian Government Administration, that all such discrepancies and possible misuse of authority by those involved should be investigated by such independent Task Forces and the findings of these Independent Task Forces shall be used to decide on any further actions to be taken against any persons and/or parties having been found to have committed offenses.

Keep watch for lots of resignations, long overseas vacations and “jail time” for anyone with 1MDB grease on their greedy fingers.

It is absolutely necessary that the investigations and findings of this New 1MDB Special Task Force be completed before any further actions are taken, so as to ensure and affirm the integrity and sincerity of the new Malaysian Government.

This is a pertinent and wise approach to ensure that any further actions taken cannot be misconceived by any parties.

In the end Justice will be achieved and those that have committed offenses can be charged and the necessary actions taken against them with a clear conscience and without any doubts. This will then clear the way for the return of monies and assets back to the MALAYSIAN PEOPLE where they belong.

And Dead Men will be walking ALIVE AGAIN.

Now let’s hope that the Commissioned Task Forces will also uncover Najib Razak’s next “Dead Man Walking” whose assets were in the Ukraine.

WHAT another one? You betcha! Lots of skeletons in these closets.

And dig into a few local Malaysian banks and the Banksters there – and ask what happened to the funds that were in my friend’s accounts that vanished 15 minutes after being transferred.

We have black screen access and know exactly where the money went so return it Guys or expect long vacations in orange outfits.

And BNM and MOF boys, forget about cashing in on those old Marcos deposits.

That is Golden Dragon Family money. Touch it and you will find your fingers falling off.

And just so you know, I have a lot of good friends in the Cayman Islands – so Guys please don’t think that you will be allowed access to your stashes there either.

Those are now goodie bags for the Malaysian People, like Jho Low’s yacht parked in Indonesia now. I’m just waiting for them to park it at Port Kelang and open it for public tours.

And if the new Malaysian Government is worried about the RM 1.0 T debt that Najib Razak and Company ran up, just ask and we can help settle all matters. OK?

Neil Keenan


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