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This bulletin is breaking news and can be considered an addendum to “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” (our last post).

Whereas our last post discussed Indonesian President Jokowi, West Papua gold, and the President’s meetings in the Netherlands, this just takes it a little further.

In matter of fact, not anything of this nature would ever have been revealed had Benjamin Fulford not made the accusations such as Jokowi was going to meet with the P2 Lodge and the Vatican while he visited Holland.

Being personally entrenched in Indonesia, I thought it best that I follow this thing through to reveal to us and the Indonesian people what really is happening in West Papua. It did not matter if Ben was right. This is not a pissing contest. This is about bringing things accurately to the people, and, boy oh boy, what did we learn!

On March 10, 2016…12 days before the bombings in Brussels, Belgium, King Willem Alexander and the Queen Maxima of the Netherlands paid an official visit to France to meet with French President Hollande.

Prior to this meeting Indonesian President Jokowi met with the King and Queen where he laid out his demands in his usual humble manner; this time it was regarding the gold and uranium in Indonesia.

Before making any changes, he needed to be assured that the Dutch had everything in place, which means France and its state-owned company AREVA.  Without France a major part of the agreement regarding uranium made by Jokowi would not take place.

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The current contract for gold is locked into Freeport McMoRan until 2020, and they have requested another extension of said contract for twenty years. This contract as constructed is great for McMoRan but not for the Indonesian people.

So the good President decided to go shopping, and where would he go first? Right where it all began, Holland. (This is another part of history that you will have to catch up on at another time.)

President Jokowi wanted to be assured that any agreement with the Dutch would also include the uranium in the package deal.  If you can produce, chances are you just might get the contract and, if not, then it most likely would go to the highest bidder.

Jokowi is tired of playing the Western game of fools.  He now realizes that he holds the cards, not some Zionist bums that continue to threaten the world with devastation.

He is standing his ground, and although he is small in stature, he stands like a giant in this matter.  He is taking it directly to them and is not doing what others said when they wrote about other secret societies, meetings etc.

It seems that the French support the Dutch so this might soon be on the table. However, we are not completely sure about this at the present time.

Despite the fact I have put this out to the public, in essence it is still being held in secret, seeing that no one has yet seen any of the final details involving said agreement. If it was orally proposed or not, this deal is a winner for whomever gets it!

Also, understand one thing and this is for sure: Jokowi is holding all the cards. This game is rapidly changing, and it looks bleak for the Western Zionists / Khazarians.

On the other hand, President Jokowi gets two for one – gold and uranium packaged neatly together with professional expertise should he decide to go the European way.

Jokowi clearly needs to be assured before deliberating with the Dutch that the French state-owned company ‘AREVA’ with their state-of-the-art capabilities, new power plants, etc., are on board and raring to go. His demand for such should rightfully be assuaged.

To substantiate the French interest there was allegedly an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) signed between the Netherlands and France to secure the mines and uranium processing in order to acquire control of mining in West Papua.

Indonesia can only rely on the French operations, as the Americans are no longer reliable in many ways.

The French also no longer have a taste for Americans, since they recently lost 8.97 Billion Euros regarding the BNP case with the US. As a result, they have since decided their best bet is working with Europeans from here on out. This could be a match made in heaven!

Upon further review, AREVA also has been in charge of the MALI operations for the past three years, and, believe it or not, there is an AREVA mine with uranium and gold!  This sounds to me like Freeport McMoRan is on its last legs in West Papua which further means that Rio Tinto is as well.

As the cards unfold, you clearly see President Jokowi holds the entire deck, and he will make wise decisions that benefit the Indonesian people. He is a peoples’ President. You will often find the Globalists attacking him, but he seems to have big shoulders and just shrugs off their comments and goes about his work.

This is excellent work by Mr. President and Indonesia should be proud. So many years have been in waiting, and finally, West Papua will get something tangible in return for their great losses.

PS: Is it true that the Executive arm of Indonesia is planning on stealing the Global assets that belong to others… that they will attempt to raid the bunkers the Elders have taken care of for many years?

Well, it matters not seeing that the IMF, BIS, WORLD BANK and Indonesia itself are now placed on notice that those Assets are owned by the Depositors, not the Elders.

Also, they are registered within the BIS as well as prominent banks so their every move will be monitored. The Dragon Family doubts that President Jokowi knows of such plans and they will visit Jakarta in the very near future.

And as advised, Neil Keenan, who is getting stronger by the day, will soon be returning to watch over his dominion and take care of his people (Indonesians). He will also get set for the opening of the Accounts, a strategic move which the West is attempting to prevent.

So which is it the RV’s or the Accounts?  I believe they both will be opened very soon!

Neil is the key to this entire matter, and he promises he will be there just in time to keep things honest.

This song is dedicated to President Jokowi, Neil Keenan and Group K – take care of business boys (and girls)…


“Takin’ Care Of Business” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)


Neil Keenan and Group K


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Does Anyone Really Know
What Time It Is?

This is a time where everyone seems to be fighting for position, if they ever had one to begin with. You can see the desperation in what they write and how it simply holds no rhyme or reason why there. Yet it is!

Neil’s latest post mostly stands to correct some matters that have been tossed out there as fact and add a little to what has happened that barely has been touched but is real. He has lost quite a bit of time with some ailments he incurred while in Asia, with some not only lingering but clinging on – and biting him as though they would never let go.

But let’s not forget that Neil is the biter here and he usually finds his way through the maladies they have tossed at him. This one is no different! Dr. Group is just a stone’s throw away when Neil gets whacked with something – and as usual he came through with flying colors and got the meds to Neil right before things could take a turn for the worse.

Gracias Sr. Group! First and foremost one only has to look and do a bit of homework on the New York Agreement (where the Dutch were duped by the Americans and Indonesians) and you will understand the past leading to the present.

Let’s face it the Indonesians are not happy with their agreement with Freeport McMoRan and have decided to take their deal elsewhere, and what better place than the nation that was shafted by the US – The Netherlands?

Why would President Jokowi ever meet with the P2 Lodge, an organization that Benjamin is familiar with? – The P2 Lodge was never involved in governmental agreements and is in fact part of the Western Cabal!

Why would the Vatican be involved in this matter other than the fact Ben is always favorably speaking of the Black Pope (surely not our Pope) and I am speaking of the fake Pope named Francis? I could speak on this for some time but it is best just to state what is real and that is Jokowi is leveraging his nations position and rightfully so by bringing this package around to the Dutch.

If the Dutch offer a better deal for the Indonesian Government and people it should belong to them or any other concern that raises the stakes henceforth providing Indonesia with a stronger return on its offering; especially in West Papua.

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Secondly, people are popping up from every nook and cranny, all Cabal – in support of anyone but Trump. Imagine that for years everyone wondered who these slimy snakes were and well, now you know.

Just watch any Primary debate and you have them pegged. Going further it seems as though Ted Cruz lied one too many times, The National Enquirer caught up with him and now that his wife and her business has been exposed, we all know TED is included in their package. He is NWO! She is as well. She is a member of the CFR and was involved with Goldman Sachs.

Nice girl, just the kind you want to bring home to Mommy. Then again with Ted’s shenanigans recently surfacing, you are most likely getting a close look at their dysfunctional relationship. Would this extend to the White House?

Would we have another Whoop de doo affair similar to what we have with Obama and his transgender other? Then we have another new fake taking the place of the old fake this time, by the name of Kamaran Abdul Rakim Faily. Faily claims he is a consultant to the Royal Families but forgets to tell you that he speaks of the Western Royal Families if any at all – and he is Cabal himself.

Faily tells you how according to the Bretton woods agreement the assets are still in control of the Global accounts? Hahahah – Impossible seeing the East who owns as depositors (in the BIS) the majority of the Global Accounts, and have never participated in any such fraudulent agreement from the date of signature.

Before the contracts were dry the West was up to their old ways and hijacked the financial system not for the first time but the second. He tosses in the Vatican and the Committee of 300 and what do you get? The same old Smorgasbord you had for more than 60 years.

Simply bullshit and remember this joker as the (real) family called him (other name for a clown) wants you to call him and offer your bunker trunks to him, should you be an ELDER?

What he does not tell you is that the West has defrauded not only the depositors of the assets but also the people of this planet that were supposed to receive humanitarian projects with this investment. The only ones who made money or did projects with said assets are those we call the ‘1 Percenters’.

Not anyone else and most assuredly not you!

The Cabals’ days are numbered.

No thank you Mr. Faily we do not wish to feed your alleged friends any longer. In matter of fact we want them the hell out of our country. Tell your friends George and Hank and the many others that they need to look for another cash cow and get out of Dodge before our New President or the K Group skewers their asses – as they have done to us for who knows how many years.

The Brussels Airport is all about the RV’s which were supposed to be opened this past week. Because of the disruption the RV’s are still closed.

The historical assets will be redeemed soon after. A new date is being set. I wonder why Faily did not know this seeing, after all, he is the Western Royal Family consultant (according to him)? Then again we have many names emanating out of the Philippines. Many tied into the White Spiritual Boy attempting to make claim to the assets.

I wonder what happened to the Boy who allegedly controlled so many of the world’s assets? Faily mentions the Committee of 300 but never the Spiritual White Boy or actually 1 of 5 of them! There are actually 5.

Not a one of them is the real Anthony Martin who passed away years ago. You see, when you control a system like the West you can do anything you want and people can be seen as something they are not.

Our system is inundated with such people and you will never know unless someone exposes them. In other words you could be sleeping with the Devil without knowing it.

The system is crashing down hard alongside them at this moment. We can chat all day about such things but the real issue is to open our eyes and get things done. Not to allow them to do such hateful things to us with immunity.

It begins and ends with who we put in office and should one take a close look at who is running there is only one option and whether you like it or not this is our “only choice”. Be smart, be diligent and be cautious because your lives depend upon it!

On the other hand pray that we get our job done and tighten up their financial purses.  Once we acquire our financing “the responsibility for this is on us!”  So let it be..

And thank you again to Jo and Nelu for holding the fort!

Group K.





Chicago – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?


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