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This most recent update from Neil and Team should speak volumes to everyone now.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

What is intended for you, me, and all of our family and friends has just recently been foisted upon Neil and Kevin once more.

After all of the attacks Neils body rejected the poison but on the other hand Kevin has narrowly survived, his body now developing cancer at a pace that would never had been expected nor explained.

This is for us all to see that they are capable of turning our world upside-down.

This is what is coming home, now. If we do not come together as one and acknowledge the real Heroes who have stood in the face of the cabal, this harsh reality just around the corner.

A great question, what have you done, what will you do now. If we do not answer these questions correctly now they will cost us all our lives. Help us.

Help us help you.

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  1. My heart hurts that you and Kevin have endured so much! 😢
    I saw a link like this:
    Using copy/paste, nothing came up for my recognition, to make a donation, just other websites.
    Neil, am I missing something in my understanding of getting a donation out or has that above information since been blocked, and scrambled elsewhere?

    I know this message is a month since your video and I apologize. Due to my own health issues, I took time out to refocus on my own self-care.
    My finances are tight since my husband passed but I truly appreciate you and your Team and would like to offer a donation, if it can assist in keeping you and Kevin safe to continue your mission.
    Prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻to you both for safety, protection, healing, and a big ‘ol can of whoop-a$$.
    Take care.

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