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Introduction To The
Generation III Version
Of The Bio-Resonance Therapy
“Healing Computer”

In the Nick of Time!

To begin with, a huge thank you must got to Walter for spending so much time in re-configuring said Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy “Healing Computer” technology to include so much more than was initially available.

This computer will be facing an outright onslaught by the Cabal of man-made biological weapons / viruses, etc., in their quest to stay relevant and reduce the world’s population.

Cabal! For your information there is not any virus that cannot be cured with the new BRT “Healing Computer”.

Not only is the 3rd Generation much more in tune with our times but it simply makes your laboratories seem as though they are lagging in efficiency – and besides this “we have the better scientists.”

Forget your pandemics and patented killer immunizations. Modern technology is shutting you down.

So what’s new with Generation III? The BRT “Healing Computer” Generation III is a whole new computer-based diagnostic system, like a head with all new brains.

This is a major programming up-grade that now produces screens in your choice of 9 different languages that are easier to navigate to produce scans and analyze the results.

This is the opening screen that starts the magic

Generation III now has even MORE FREQUENCIES in defined healing modules for the more specific treatment of ailments of all kinds. 

Harmful and weaponized virus strains (corona virus, SARS, H1Nxx, flu, etc.), cancer causing fungi (Candida), bacterial infections, and other common disease attacks can now be directly targeted, so come on Cabalists – let us fry your plans.

It is also more POWERFUL!  Frequency absorption lasts more than twice as long!  You will be vibrating for more than a week from a single session.

Generation III also has a new control module and electrodes that are now 5 times more efficient.

This allows for more precise control of the healing processes.

Above is the very sensitive sensor control unit that the new foot pads, hand and headband electrodes plug into and that interfaces with the laptop computer programming. 

This control unit has now been placed outside the computer for easier servicing and replacement if necessary.  But never try to open or fix this as it will ruin the whole computer and void the warranty.

This is a stack of foot sensors
These are the new wiring cables and hand electrodes

And the best news! Neil has negotiated the PRICE to remain at EU 50,000!

This special offer price is only valid for a limited number of units only, that are  being made available for Private Sector purchases in 2020.

Once large-scale manufacturing commences almost all of that production will be consumed by our global Healing Clinics initiative, thus very few machines will be available for public purchases from then on.

So if you want a Bio-Resonace Therapy “Healing Computer” Generation III you had better get it now before they are all booked. 

If you have any questions, please contact Thomas, Neesham, Dean, Larry or Richard. Please do not contact Neil unless you are really ready to transfer funds. (I  simply do not have the time to answer queries.)

Good health to you all and “Good, good, good vibrations are happening to ya.”


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  1. At first, reading that “You will be vibrating for more than a week from a single session” sounds scary. But thinking about it, there is nothing as pleasing as your nerve’s tingling for an hour after removing the TENS unit from a severely spasming muscle, believe me.

    I wish I could buy one of these Healing Computers. It would be so delightful to heal any intentionally infected and dying Carona victims. Plus, I would have the bonus of sticking it to the Cabal, who have been so BENEVOLENT to me and my family.

    God bless K Group and Neil!

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