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Asian Insider II Reports
In A Timely Manner

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“Following recent publications in which Mr. Keenan and his Keenan Group shed light upon what only can be termed as the “highway theft” that is, and that continues to transpire throughout Asia (and has done so for decades); I understand that he has received a multitude of calls from individuals and collectives who have been following his actions, the world over.

It is of little wonder that at a point, that “leaving the phone turned off” was the only way that anything else of import was manageable.

One is compelled to reflect upon the following point after these relatively recent events: What effort has any government department or agency (anywhere) actually undertaken to investigate the unlawful transactions that have been exposed of late?

The only conclusion that one is able to reach, is that the entrenched establishment (bridging multiple borders) have in actuality, been colluding and conspiring to keep knowledge of thievery on a massive scale, from becoming public knowledge.

What has become public knowledge, even if still only to a minority, is that there are many factions within the Illuminati (or “Cabal”) that have been working towards what some term as a “New World Order”, incrementally, over the span of a great deal of time indeed.

Said factions vie for control of this within their own ilk, but nonetheless a key part of the overall roadmap calls for the elimination of approximately ninety percent of the human population of this world. This is an unconscionable concept to many and so it may be easily dismissed; unless one is sufficiently educated so as to be able to understand the psychology and beliefs of those who consider themselves the elite; with “the divine right to rule”.

However, I digress. With respect to the voluminous recent transactions (which have been downsized), let us take stock of resulting developments.

Mr. Loh once again, caught setting up a “group chat.”

One wonders what became of Mr. Loh’s minions in Sedona? Perhaps they were dispatched as a result of appearing in photographic evidence of their actions.

It is doubtful that any discerning professional worth their salt would give any consideration to a person who conducts themselves such as Mr. Loh has done.

This brings us to the “new Sherriff” in town. A comical term perhaps, but I can assure readers that Mr. Keenan does have an agenda that is powered by an intense committment to assist the people and nations that so desperately require such, especially after what they have been subjected to.

Alas, South Korea finds itself within the crosshairs again.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sent her second son, Prince Andrew to meet with South Korean officials on the recent 14th of May. This meeting was “all about the bunkers” and it was an effort towards the survival of the British Royal Family.

Frankly speaking, Andrew turned up with his hands out and with the appeals of a beggar.

Unfortunately for Andrew and his “betters”, not on that occasion, nor upon any other in the future, would any deal be conveyed. The leaks within his family’s ship are both the fault and problems of their clan alone.

It is not entirely surprising that with the “New World Order” “Cabal” factions now finding themselves on the skids (including the fully infiltrated Democratic Party of the United States which is buckling at the knees) that we are seeing Illuminati emissaries attempting to gain access to bunker assets in various locations around the globe.

This type of activity is being attempted not only in South Korea; this weaseling is also in play in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and China.

Mr. Keenan has previously exposed and thereby blocked such attempted thefts in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The “Cabal” were never going to relinquish their hold on the financial system of the world without a fight. Ad nauseum, it is all so very surreptitious.

Furthermore, we see the likes of Alan Barr, Peter Elenmo, and Alan Ashborn flailing about Asia in Elizabeths’ stead. These unpalatable characters would try to steal even from relatively poor countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and again, Thailand. However these countries still stand strong and with pride; they will not betray the trust that has been placed with them.

There are trustees within South Korea that have found themselves with quite a management predicament.

Trustees of local bunker assets are very afraid for their lives as a result of being threatened by their own government, who are themselves under “Cabal” thumbs.

Essentially, the South Korean trustees have been subject to a forced effort to “sign over” Trillions of dollars to either Obama, or the soon-to-be-visiting George Bush Jr. (who will be in South Korea on the 23rd of this month.)

And so we are now observing another Bush faction (or Bush faction flunky) undertaking to steal assets that absolutely have no relation to the Bush faction nor the United States.

And to the attention of all Americans: Is it not TREASON for any Ex-President to be involved with political or financial negotiations with another country without the approval of either the incumbent Secretary of State or sitting President of the United States?

It is apparent that Mr. Bush and his faction are scrambling for finances due to their increasingly encroached upon drug trade activity. Or perhaps this is in an effort to clear Amphetamine routes from North Korea? You would be well advised to go home Mr. Bush & Co.

Our combined efforts have made it clear that most of the bunker assets throughout Asia belong to the Golden Dragon Family.

Given my “inside” knowledge with regard to such matters, I find myself doubting that the Family would give the Bush “Cabal” faction (nor any other), even one cent; considering how much these charlatans are on record for having stolen over the years.

Unfortunately, we see President Moon Jae-in of South Korea reviewing the inventory in preparation to provide the “Cabal” crooks with that which they demand.

A pivotal point here is this: How can President Moon convey any assets as such that he does not own?

Time will tell whether Jamie Dimons’ fraudulent tampering in terms of Japanese documentation may be approved or not. If this endeavor were to be approved, then a clock will begin ticking.

Mr. Neil Keenan is the Amanah and there exists no scenario under which he would allow such events to play out to their intended conclusion.

And so, the readers might ask: Why is Mr. Keenan not able to have more forcibly prevented these ongoing actions?

The answer to this question is that Mr. Keenan is (although elected) not seated yet. However he is putting together a formidable task force, despite having been delayed by perennial sickness due to repeated poison attacks.

Although; with recent medical breakthroughs and intense treatments, Mr. Keenan now feels better than he has at any time within the last thirty years. Ironically, as a result, Mr. Keenan now feels stronger and more focused than ever.

The Amanah’s next steps (those that may be mentioned) include a thorough audit of “the books” and a detailed inspection of the archives within the “black screens”, accompanied by a visit to Asia within the next couple of months.

And thus, the Amanah, Neil Keenan, enters the next phase of the battle; by way of exposing the “Cabal” players, and their banks, with all and sundry soundly on the road to being placed where they rightfully belong.

The winds of change are upon us all. And a storm is brewing in most the most unavoidable of fashions.

Many bunker holders/guardians already now reside outside of their native countries; because they have stolen assets from the very bunkers that they had been entrusted to protect.

To such persons: You are now on notice that arrest warrants will be issued in due course.

Mr. Keenan acknowledges that in terms of the bunkers, that each manager, elder and guardian does indeed deserve to be paid for their invaluable services – but of course not those who have stolen from what they were entrusted with and whom are currently hiding in mansions outside of their native countries.

You know who you are and you should be advised that Mr. Keenan has your particulars. One day there is going to be a knock at your gates, followed by cuffs around your wrists.

Collectively, we understand that we can trust that the Hong Kong Redemption Committee and HSBC Hong Kong (Sister) will never work with the “Cabal”, despite their being many others who fear the “Cabal” that would gladly bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Mr. Keenan has requested that the Golden Dragon Family allocate the necessary resources in order to provide satellite (and ground) monitoring of the scheduled meeting between George Bush Jr. and the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, this coming 23rd of May.

[The date of this meeting has already been brought forward (from the 24th) because of recent developments, which include the photograph below.]

Bush attempted to sneak in on the 22nd and we have this picture as evidence

Mr. Keenan prays that the Golden Dragon Family will have such measures in place in time.

One point must be made unequivocally clear:

The world needs to see what happens when any foreign Ex-President (or any other individual or group) embroils their self/themselves in attempts to unlawfully abscond with assets over which they have no ownership rights.

The Western “Cabal” (“one percent”) is surrounded, and the East has eyes everywhere. Cease and desist with your greed, lest you be no more.

You can make it either easy or difficult; transition is taking place. You are few, we are many.

With warm regards,

The Asian Insider (II).”


  1. With the mainstream media fully under the control & manipulation of the “Deep State Cabal” we are fortunate to find out & comprehend what’s really happening in the nefarious world of finance & central banks through Neil Keenan & Group K. They have served We The People worldwide not only with taking their fight to those who need exposure, but also by being relentless in their quest to change the endless cycles of the indebitness games & outright thievery that undermine the quality of human life everywhere on this planet.

    This current battle so well stated in the above post is of utmost critical importance! It is my hope & prayer that the many good souls who understand the unrelenting courage & many sacrifices of Neil Keenan do their part in assisting him-financially or otherwise-as he plans his return to Indonesia.

    Neil has never given up while enduring great (at times life-threatening!) opposition, much of which many of us are aware of, but also much of which he hasn’t revealed for security reasons.

    The time is now for those of us who care so deeply for our beloved planet to send our prayers and good energy to Neil & Group K as they engage in their imminent return to Indonesia to finish up what they began sometime ago. As Amanah, Neil has taken on an ever greater responsibility to affect the most important outcomes in changing the world on behalf of humanity.

    Thank you & Godspeed Neil & Group K!!!

    • Thomas Beaver

      May 25, 2019 at 4:11 pm

      God Bless you, Neil and Group K,

      I pray for you (almost) daily!
      Laughingly, this is one of only a few of my petitions that have a positive answer. Anyhow, better that God blesses this HUGE cause taken up by Neil and Co., before blessing any trivial requests of mine.

      Keep going guys!
      Thomas Beaver

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