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Healing Computers
Being Released Through Neil
& Neil Reluctantly Opens Up
To Avoid Further Delays

10 Healing Computers will be made available to Neil in the next 2 weeks, with more being released on an ongoing basis.

Neil sees another curve ball coming his way and hopes to defuse it before it creates more delays.

Neil has worked hectically during the past couple of weeks with hopes of getting at least a few of the healing machines sent in our direction. He has 2 machines available now and has been assured of receiving 10 more in 2 weeks.

There are more than 750 requests for the purchase of said machines – please send any further questions and confirmation requests to as soon as possible.

You will need to be able to fly to either Germany or Bulgaria to pick them up and learn how to read your machine; languages will be German and English. Of course, you will have your own personal readings done while here as well as being trained to read your computer.

Unfortunately, Neil has had a rough week, regarding another matter.

During the course of the week he was taken back in time by someone who spotted something that had been revealed online involving Neil and his past. As we all know, we have dealt with this before and have beaten back the trolls that created much of what was published.

Sadly, in this case it was not fictitious, but true, and it involved an ex-girlfriend and her child whom she falsely claimed many years ago to be Neil’s son.

At that time (approximately 20 years ago), Neil was traveling around quite often on business and spent less and less time in the States. While overseas he learned from his ex-girlfriend that she was pregnant.

Neil was overjoyed, not with the woman herself, but the fact that he was going to be a father. He went intentionally out of his way over the next 6 years taking responsibility for the care of this child (and the mother as well).

Gradually over time he found that she was giving him less and less time with his son. Well, Neil being Neil, he ended up in an ongoing argument with her and filed a hearing with the Family Court.

Despite having numerous lawyers in his office, he brought a “gunslinger” in from Florida – much to the amazement of the RI Establishment. Neil also brought in 29 witnesses from all parts of the Globe to deal with this matter, because he wanted it ended once and for all.

The Family Court Judge could not believe what she was seeing. Usually men run and jump through hula hoops to get away from such a bad situation, and here was Neil standing tall for his son.

He was well-respected for his position in this matter by both men and women, but it was a highly emotional situation, one which he did not want to lose.

Upon the court hearing, the Judge who expected a preliminary hearing took a look around, watched a video or two of Neil’s son at a family barbecue and decided, “That’s it, folks! I have seen enough.”

But the Defendant’s lawyer requested more time for other things to come out, and come out they did! While the battle was ongoing, Neil requested the court to make things simple… to get blood tests from the two parties. (He was confident the child was his.)

After the Judge’s decision for the blood tests to establish biological ties, Neil and his son left for the clinic. Some hours later, the results were delivered to the court. The child was not Neil’s… even though by this time they were deeply bonded as father and son.

So after 5 ½ years Neil learned the boy was not his! It was not the money that deeply hurt Neil, but what would happen to “his” boy now. He scurried around the table with his attorneys, and his buddy Jim, a class act attorney himself, said, “You can always file using ‘equitable estoppel’, but you most likely will not win anything”.  Neil’s reply was, “That’s okay; I understand, but I also know what she did, so I am going to teach her a very important lesson. When I am done, she is going to have to crawl back under whatever rock she came from.”

True to his word Neil and his witnesses hammered the Defendant (known as C.) for nearly 6 months in motions, briefs, etc. He was relentless. The innocent child should never have been subjected to such a thing.  What kind of mother could do this!?

Neil had many opportunities, plenty of them, to back away, but this was his boy for 5 ½ years! He was not going to be a schmuck and do further harm to this precious little guy. He changed his diapers on numerous occasions and laughed hard over many sweet, silly things with this beloved child.

No, he was going to give the errant mother a good legal ass-whooping and then walk away with the legacy that no one could do such harm to other fathers and their children in similar cases.

The legal action  that took place was relentless, and the madness in Neil’s eyes was evident. He wanted blood and was getting blood. C., on the other hand, did not know what was coming next.

The courtroom was filled with Neil’s people and many others who were there to witness this circus. The transcripts are buried somewhere in Neil’s lawyer’s office. Should Neil need them, he can most likely have them found and retrieved.

C. was caught again and again in her own lies.  After hearing enough, the Lower Court Judge still ruled against Neil. According to the law at that time, the rule of thumb is “not the preponderance of evidence here; it is in the best interest of the child.”

Soon after the hearing, C. was shaken from the ordeal she went through. On the other hand, Neil wanted more justice done to her, because she did not show any compassion whatsoever for the child. So why should Neil show any mercy towards her; he did not.

Of course, there was an appeal, but once again Neil could not get over the “best interest of the child doctrine” where you lose no matter what. Neil then laid out his new plan which was to do justice to this woman who did harm to her son. She eventually paid again and again for what she had done, and for many years she struggled with no one giving her a hand. Today I’m told she now has cancer.

The other night this case was brought up to Neil, and he was taken back 20 years to the case he had no chance to win. It still hurts him like hell, but it dawned on him this might be how the Cabal and their henchmen will now attempt to delay him once again. So Neil felt it is best to get it out there and let everyone know about it before it costs more valuable time, and he loses the Accounts.

This is why you now know about this, as Neil is nipping everything in the bud while at the same time he is fighting just as hard for you as he did for the little boy he knew as his son who has since grown up to be a remarkable young man. The only difference this time is he is not going to lose the Accounts!

Neil is not happy about pouring his heart out like this, but like he says, he did not intentionally do anything wrong, but instead, he did his best to protect the little guy and keep his own integrity in this tragic matter.

It occurs to Neil that the Cabal would not think twice about distorting this event from the past – to try and interrupt his mission to access the Global Collateral Accounts.

There have been other sordid attempts to discredit Neil with things brought up from the past, such as drugs supposedly found in Neil’s room in Santo Domingo, a false claim made by phony Bill Asia Taylor where he also stated Neil was arraigned in Florida. Little does Bill know that if drugs were found in the Dominican Republic, the jurisdiction is in the Dominican Republic, not in Florida. Neil does have a nice lawsuit ready to be slapped on his ass in the very near future!

There are others that were dealt with, and some that could not be dealt with. Neil took on all comers back then and is still doing so, as his ongoing fight with the Bushes goes back to 1981; they won a few back then, but Neil has been wining most of his battles since the 90’s.  Now these crooks are hanging on by their thumbs, and Neil is ready to hang ‘em high…

Go get ‘em Neil!!!





Mr Bojangles – Sammy Davis Jr


Al Green-How Can You Mend A Broken Heart



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Keenan And Group K
To The Rescue

Let’s Kick The Garbage Out To The Curb

Apologies are extended to those that might not have gotten things straight without this preface.

Initially I was under the assumption that we had nailed the former Sri Lankan President and Japanese Gold buyers (as well as government) in an attempted theft of 20 thousand metric tons of gold.

As things turned out it was not an attempted theft, it was a theft already cemented – and 4 years prior. The rest of the detail follows and I cannot wait to review the audit of all accounts and put those responsible away where they belong.

As one can see nowadays these shenanigans are rampant among the politicians and banksters. Hell is too nice a place for them so let’s find a place more fitting for them NOW.

I will request arrest warrants from the UN and ruffle their feathers seeing that they are not worthy of being referenced as real men or real women. We will straighten this crap out and send them all back to where they came from.

It is in our hands now, not their hands. They will be at our mercy and no longer vice versa.

P.S. Karen Hudes bought a gun. Ha ha I guess she knows what she has done and what she deserves. And hell she is a big enough target.


The Details

Ali Baba is alive and well… attempting to relieve the East of its Gold! Most recently, the “Ali Baba role” has been played on various occasions by Jeb Bush, Ban Ki-moon, Obama, and many others who are  desperately trying their utmost best to steal and build up their Gold chests/coffers under myriad guises cloaked in deception.

They intend to collapse the US Dollar and still control the world’s finances.

If you live in Asia, you see and understand when Westerners appear almost everywhere looking (unlawfully) for precious metals and other riches. Lately, more often than not, they’re told to take a hike and leave the country immediately!

This is to also say that the East likes honest, respectful Americans, but strongly dislikes those who misrepresent themselves or try to hide their underhanded, illegal ways that do great harm to many good people and their countries as well as the world’s economy.

In light of all of this, Neil Keenan and Group K have altered their way of doing business in the East, building honorable business relationships as well as in creating an impressive resume on their way to opening the Global Accounts.

Most recently, Neil received illuminating phone calls and detailed information relating to a 2012 illegal Gold transaction between Sri Lanka and Japan.

Because it is directly related to the Global Accounts, Neil and Group K have now come to the rescue!


Upon further investigation and our decisive action in verifying said research, we discovered that the Global Accounts were indeed tampered with in 2012 and Assets were stolen by the following:

Japan, Sri Lanka, Credit Suisse Securities Limited.

Japuga Holding Company, Limited.

Mr. Keji Matsumura, Corporate Advisor Of Japuga Holding Company, Limited In Japan.

Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan, Mr. Reiji Onizawa (Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited.

Director -Global Foreign Exchange Sales.

Sri Lankan Former President Mahinda Rajapakse.


The above mentioned are known to have participated along with others (both known and unknown) in the theft of 20,000 MT of Gold from the Global Accounts, belonging to DEPOSITOR (owner) Dragon Family, being held in the bunkers of Sri Lanka under the protection of the former President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, who at that time was the HOLDER of said assets (Not the owner).


Here is the key information about what happened at that time:

1). The Japanese Japuga Holding Company Limited (Co-Director Mrs. Uwataki Tamae) made payment for 20,000 MT of Gold through HSBC Bank.

2). Credit Suisse Securities Limited appointed Japuga as MANDATES for this knowing illegal transaction.

3). Mr. Keiji Matsumura Corporate Advisor of Japuga Holding Company, Limited in Japan was appointed to proceed with this metal transaction.

4). Mr. Matsumura appointed Mr. Rajagopal Kartheepan I.D. No. 833433342 V to proceed on behalf of Japuga and Credit Suisse with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Reiji Onizawa, Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited, Director -Fixed Income, Global Foreign Exchange Sales.
Address: Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-6024, Japan.

(Contact numbers kept private and for authorities only.)                                               


 Sri Lankan ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse (HOLDER of the Gold Accounts on behalf of the DEPOSITORS – the Dragon Family) did sell said Gold to Japuga Holding Company, Limited and delivery took place in 2012 to, Japan to Credit Suisse Securities, Mr. Reiji Onizawa, of 20 Thousand Metric Tons; thus, completing this illegal transaction.



The seller received payment which was, and most likely still is, located in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

To reiterate: Not anyone other than the former Sri Lankan President and a few others have received any payments at all!

What was earmarked for Humanitarian Packages ended up in the hands of a few greedy Globalists. Consequently, a full audit is being immediately commenced in Sri Lanka.

Without delay a fully-fledged transparent, ongoing investigation is required following the incriminating lead and fact-filled documents in our hands substantiating the above evidence as having taken place along with uncovering in great detail each and every participant’s role.

Unfortunately, what you will find is that this conspiracy extends to the West – right back into the hands of more Globalists!

What we need to strongly emphasize to governments, which are actually corporations, as well as to the Globalist banks, et cetera, is that THEY WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!

In addition, through very specific auditing of said Bunkers/Accounts, they will be publicly exposed, tried, and sent to jail for very long terms.

Those listed above are all part of a heinous conspiracy to defraud, not only the DEPOSITORS, the Dragon Family, but also the People on this planet.

Again, those names that are included in this article are all involved in the theft of 20 Thousand Metric Tons of Gold which was designated for Humanity Packages/Programs.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Holder and the SELLER, betrayed not only the Global Accounts and the Dragon Family, but he also deceived his very own people and his country – who did not receive one cent, despite the funds being deposited in the Sri Lankan Central Bank.

The Sri Lankan people thought the assets belonged to the National Treasury for the well-being of their country. Whichever way you look at it, a huge theft took place with impunity (however, that will change very soon!)

Furthermore, the former President turned his back on any and all aides who assisted him in this transaction, thus making the theft complete. His crony, the current President of Sri Lanka, is also hereby implicated in this matter and should not be allowed to escape justice.

To be clear, we say once again (although it cannot be said too often to these crooks):  Auditing is being undertaken, and you have nowhere to go or hide!

To all “Ali Babas”: There are no “Open Sesames” here! There are NO escape routes! We’re coming for you!

Be advised that Justice will have its way sooner rather than later, although it can’t happen soon enough.

The planet’s patience is at an end.

Neil Keenan and Group K



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