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Month: September 2023

Lean On Me

It has to be a fascinating echo chamber where the lives of humanity and its freedom hang in the balance, and no one cared.

Going through the entirety of the work of Neil Keenan from the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit up until now, is a tale greater than anyone can imagine. Except it is real, and the evidence of it is overwhelming.

Watching his videos for the second, third and even fourth time it is not possible to see everything he has done, and tell you what is to come can even be remotely construed as fiction.

He has shown you the videos of the ceremonies to become Amanah. He has presented copies of Agreements that have been violated by the banks and governments.

He has shown you direct connections of the existence of the Cabal, the Khazarians and the Deep State. Neil is leading a fight that no one else is undertaking on a scale and scope that exceeds comprehension.

All this with a small team, and mostly on his own dollar – many of such dollars having been stolen.

Still, he pursues this. Why? To save humanity. The overwhelming response has been deafening in its silence. It was interesting that his last videos posted on YouTube have been referred to as him being dangerous.

He is dangerous. To those that seek to autocratically rule the world and enslave it.

The tone of his last three or four posts has changed from those previous. He is calling out the people that could and should have done something, and remained afraid or silent. Mice always get killed. Neil is most definitely not a mouse.

And as this is being written and I talk to him, it appears that an unrelenting attack is coming at his son.

The forces of darkness are trying to take out a 20 year old that knows not one rule of the grand game being waged. The scars he already bears are immense.

These bottom feeding entities are focused on disabling Neil at every turn and through every means possible.

So he is fighting several wars. Not battles. Wars. Saving his family, saving this world. Nevertheless, one must ask to you all: Are you not Entertained?

So many have so much to gain from the strokes of freedom being struck through the outcome of the wars fought by one man and his small team and most that could have helped are silent.

Mired in their own artificial world of make-believe things in a fantasy that was fed to them since their great grandparents were walking the earth.

It is encouraging to hear that many are calling him despite his requests for not wasting his time with well wishers but focus upon people that have the ability to help and desire to do so.

It will be great if a few brave people can help tip the scales and the battles so that the forthcoming war can be fought and brought out to deal deathly blows to these usurpers of humanities inherent rights.

“If there is a load you have to bear

That you can’t carry

I’m right up the road

I’ll share your load

If you just call me”

Lean on Me – Bill Withers

He called. Only a precious few seem to be answering. Seems like Saving Humanity is going to have the shortest credits list ever.

Godspeed Neil. Root and Stem. No Wavering, No Relenting.

Never Give Up and Never Give In. Sick ’em.

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Once Upon A Time

Everybody that follows me wants to know what’s going on and what I am up to. From this point on I am not telling anyone anything. I am not going to make this any simpler. 

I have spent many hours, years in fact to bring out the truth and show you that the lives you have been living are only a lie to support the cabal and the deep state. The idea was to give you information that allows you to help in winning this fight. 

I have spent countless hours with many countries to provide them with the means to help themselves, including economically.

I offered them access to assets I own, but as always, there seems to be a disconnect with real answers that are weapons to defeat the enemy. I do not understand this, maybe they don’t want to fight.

This is reality people, not reality television. I needed help, and almost no one steps up.

So why should I continue to post what is going on and what I am doing in fighting for humanity? Go sit on your sofa, have another beer and watch them knock your doors down.

So here is your last chance to fight for yourself. I am offering five notes.

Each of these notes has a value that would allow anyone to change their immediate and future world.

The people that were close to purchasing a note – watch the video below and have another beer.

Click to See this document: USD $1 Million Dollar 1928 Series (1933 issued) Notes for Sale

Leading the charge, with limited resources and a very small team has shown me that people are not willing to help either themselves or humanity.

If you cannot help yourself, I understand it. If you won’t help yourself, then get comfortable as a slave in a world run by the cabal and the deep state.

So, myself and my small team will continue on and you might hear about it at some time down the road. When we win, and we will in fact win, the list of people that myself and my team have to thank for their support will be exceptionally small.

People are lining up for the five notes I am offering. The value is massive, but only if someone uses it.

This is the lifeline, are you going to grab it? Remember there are only five notes that I am offering. People and countries I am in discussions with are lining up to buy all the notes.

I wanted to offer these five to you that have followed my 14 -year struggle to combat the enemy.

Let’s see if there are five capable people that will take charge in saving their lives and that of their families.

Good bye for now.

Neil Keenan

Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.