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There Is Something Happening
Over There

It’s Time You Aught To Be Aware

It’s time to WAKE UP FOLKS. Neil is starting to wave his powerful scepters and that is sending shockwaves around the World.

Harken Mankind!  Hear not the sound of the War Drums, but look to see the Drummers, for it is They that are your Enemy.  It is They who cause the blood sacrifice.

It is They who are the ONES who provide the weapons, money and propaganda fueled hatred for BOTH SIDES and then provoke War instead of healing and loving mankind. 

See Them for who They truly are… the psychopaths, sociopaths and abject Satanists. Know absolutely that They want YOU DEAD by any and all means. That is the stark reality of this moment in history.

See today the Israeli genocide of their own people and innocent Palestinians. This is preplanned murder. 

No one can say that the Israelis were “surprised” as They were behind the funding and arming of Hamas and Hisbollah with weapons from Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

Did you know that Nuttyyahoo was about to be voted out and was having trouble with settlers in the same area where Hamas easily breached the Wall with no resistance. This bloodbath sacrifice was pre-planned Folks together with the attacks on Israel’s Arab neighbors.

One stroke of Neil’s Power scepter and the Worlds eyes open the Truth. And know what spirits and absolute power from on High are directing this AWAKENING!

Neil says “Look UP!”  See the chemtrails and ask yourself about the Climate Change Agenda and your health. Perhaps it is time to start shooting them down.

Enjoy this video and feel the vibrational change in the wind… is time to be aware.

Truth defeats lies.


Neil sends his gratitude and thanks for your friendship and support to Petya and family and my stalwart Team Keenan members.

Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.

Believe It Or Not

Just when you think things cannot possibly get any more strange…

Neil Keenan has led a beautifully strange life along a path littered with unusual events and triumphs while walking with the “Elites” but never losing the common touch. 

As the Amanah, he has attained a global status that only a select few could ever attain. 

This journey has been fraught with trials and tribulations, tests of will over impossible odds, but he has forged onward whithersoever he goes.

Lately Neil has been at wits end, depressed by repeated personal financial and physical attacks, aimed at preventing him from moving forward with his plans and purpose of being here to help mankind through this transformation into this New Age.

Last Thursday I had an inkling about Neil, so I sent him the following message: “You had some good news AND GOOD LUCK TODAY !” This was something that I was simply “told to tell him.” So I did… and sure enough the strangeness manifested that night!

The following video is Neil’s account of what transpired from an amazing spiritual encounter at an apex level. 

In brief, Neil was awakened in the middle of the night by the vision of a chariot descending from the sky, a harbinger of death, so he thought that he was about to die. 

He heard the Banshee’s cry that was soft and calming, so he knew that he would be on his way to Heaven and this was his time to go. 

The chariot pulls up to Neil, and lo and behold, Jesus Christ steps out! 

Jesus thanked Neil for all that he had done with his life thus far and in becoming the Amanah, but should he wish to leave now the choice was his, however, Jesus wanted Neil to stay on and finish what he was supposed to do, but this time with the FULL SUPPORT AND PROTECTION of Jesus Christ and the Creator behind him. 

Jesus Christ offered his personal protection and that no harm will ever again come to Neil.

Whoa!  What an offer! Neil readily agreed to accept the challenge and this set off an hour or more of direct conversations between the two at spiritual levels.  

Jesus told Neil many things and answered Neil’s queries, but cautioned Neil that he may not remember all of what was said as much will be saved in his subconscious mind.

Jesus did ask Neil if he could on occasion use Neil’s to make pronouncements, to which Neil agreed (so look forward to what might come out of Neil’s mouth!). This will just happen, but promises to be very interesting.

About that time Neil heard a loud screeching sound in the hallway to his flat. When he went to investigate, he was confronted by a gigantic BIRD! 

He recognized it as a PHEONIX, and Jesus told him that he could use the Bird to fly wherever he wanted to go. WHOA! Hang on Neil!  Things do get strange.

While in this heightened state, Neil also met with his father and mother and his wife’s father and mother.  This was another warm conversation knowing that all had made it to a most beautiful place or plain and that they would all meet again.

So now enjoy the video in Neil’s own words.  And expect the love of Jesus Christ to flow from this man’s mouth.  We are in strange and interesting times.

Thomas  (Not so Doubting Thomas… poke, poke, poke)

Come to think about it…

What does all this mean?

Think for a minute… how many people throughout history has Jesus Christ come to and asked if He could use someone to be a channeling conduit to spread His messages to the world?

Okay. take an hour, or a day or as long as you want, or even ask a Christian scholar to name some names. 

So far I am drawing a blank that such an honor has been bestowed on anyone throughout history that Jesus has offered such personal protection and a requested opportunity to speak through another human as a “walk-in” soul? 

Neil’s unexpected supernatural meeting with Jesus Christ is thus profound.

Time, of course, will tell. But Neil’s extraordinary life is already a testament to an adventure of mystical portends with many more coming. 

So, buckle up! This ritual rollercoaster ride is still rolling along and the tracks are singing. Away we go… ever faster than before and with a blessings and protection from Guides from ABOVE

For those in the stands still with some wealth, you still have a chance to join the winning side, otherwise you may also face an ignominious defeat as God’s wrath descends. 

Time is now short, so choose wisely.

Kevin’s Comments

Neil Keenan has seen a great deal more than we can imagine. Neil has personally experienced more than most of us Normies could even grasp or comprehend.

As the spiritually elected Amanah, he effectively is merging not just his Irish ancestry beliefs with Indonesian teachings, but also blending with those of  the East like China, Korea, Fiji, Japan, Vietnam, as well as, transfiguring the West’s spiritual awakening through dramatic shaking of  global financial and economic awareness. 

Neil’s Trillion Dollar Lawsuit still shakes Wall Street to its core. His Monaco Accords meeting is the foundation for BRICS, AIIB and CIPS response to Western financial hegemony. This is one man boldly standing forth for mankind… facing the slings and arrows of the outrageous.

There is an element and aspect to this journey that has transformed over the past 15 years and is no longer confined to just money. This is now truly a journey of merging the physical, mental and spiritual.

After reading and analyzing the abundance of posted material about Neil, it is apparent that this is an almost purely spiritual journey that requires acute and agile mentality and manifests itself physically in this realm.

Yet the ties to the other realms and the ethereal world is never absent. Djinn, white cobras, giant gila monsters, audiences of monkeys that understand his speech, spirit connections and experiences with other dimensions, worlds.

Things fabled like the Druids, Leprechauns and Pixies that have turned out to be very real, and very much alive. Spirit realms like Banshees, ghosts, ghouls and demons that are not folklore but real.  This is all part of Neil’s mind boggling life’s journey.

So it should be no surprise that Neil had a spiritual visitation several days ago that requires serious attention.

In the middle of the night Neil was awakened by a “Banshee call” and then Jesus the Christ appeared in physical form before him. This was an absolutely awe inspiring personal experience.

Jesus Christ introduced Himself to Neil, thanking Neil for all the good works he had done and then offered Neil a choice to ascend or continue with his journey. If he chose to continue it would be with HIS PROTECTION in all Neil’s efforts.  Neil chose to stay and fight on…

Take heed PEOPLE! This visitation was not about money, power or fame. It was not about Neil Keenan only.

It is about what is ORDAINED FOR MANKIND.

This Visitation was for all of you that pray.


Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.

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