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What A Long Strange
Trip It’s Been

Looking back approximately eight long years ago (Yes, can you believe > 8 years?) what began as the devious theft of 134.5 Billion in US Notes by Daniel Dal Bosco set off an unpredictable and often times a “Wild West” (and East!) chain of events that continue to this day for Neil Keenan and his loyal Group K (whose members have changed over time) – but ALL have played a major role in getting to this dynamic place of impending breakthroughs and ultimate success on several fronts.

Yes, for the past eight long years there have been so many abrupt and at times –  seemingly mysterious changes occurring that even a US Highway map couldn’t properly show all of the twists and turns ultimately leading to the most marvelous of doors: The Global Collateral Accounts.

These Accounts, which many crooks & cabal members have done their best in surreptitiously blocking from us for such a long period of time; are now readily recognized by so many.

Fortunately, we can thank Neil Keenan for his relentless courage and Irish tenacity in bringing this revelation to the forefront to be revealed in the light of day to ‘We The People’ worldwide.

It was Neil who first committed himself to the task – and then endured under unpredictable and tremendous odds, on that long and winding road leading up to not only the lawsuit itself (the one that opened all the doors into that battle on behalf of humanity and the world which we dare witness and still fight for today) – but also to the penultimate point – whereby Neil was told he was going to be placed in charge of those very Accounts.

To review this saga of events consecutively, we would refer you to the History & Events Timeline on Groups K’s website (with forthcoming updates to be made, at the request of the White House.)

Despite being poisoned more than 7 times in order to keep him from this heroic quest, as well as having significant funds abruptly stolen from his accounts on two occasions, Neil moved forthrightly to another major vehicle by which to take the bastards down:

That being the life-enhancing and life-saving new technologies brought directly to the people while bypassing the corrupt “Big Pharma” and so-called “modern medicine” that leave many people dying / dead / bankrupt – just as the central banking system does with their crooked debt schemes.

If Neil could not easily move to take them down via the Accounts, then he would strongly move into another important life-saving arena with the new healing computers and new herbal elixirs that do work and that will kick the crap out of Big Pharma like only he can!

Not to mention the other advanced technologies that we are about to roll out into the public arena, including free energy.

For far too long we have learned that appearances are deceptive in terms of the medical world. It is not, nor has ever been what it is purported to be.

So this is where the other side of Neil’s brain kicked in to go after the Cabal – smack dab into the medical and pharmaceutical worlds – two big Cabal money makers that never had any business dictating our business and who took away our health and our sovereignty.

Western medicine is a major scam that took so much more away from us than it ever helped, so the coffers of the Cabal amassed exorbitant profit –  while the people suffered on many fronts! (Just a band aid, please, no not another operation; it is only a scratch.)

And so we have been left with the tragic nightmare of a sick society imposed upon us from the outside.

However, now we are pushing back and we are near to busting out the paradigm  and reclaiming our basic human rights and self-determination, after being treated inhumanely for so long – by ‘elites’ who believe their twisted bloodlines and religion gives them some divine right to rule over the rest of us.

The perpetrators of this are now the ones crawling around like cockroaches with the light of truth shining so strongly on them as they frantically look for a way out of the monstrous mess they have concocted for their suddenly “toxic” selves.

They are reeling and confused and have been telling on each other – it is now on them and justice will be done!


Updates on the New Healing Technologies

With regard to the ‘Healing Computer’ technology, much more has developed (some of which took place after the following video was made) and we are taking the opportunity to place the new, promising information right here.

According to Cherylee, Kent and their daughter (the three wonderful people who recently returned home from Europe with their training and computer) the following was sent regarding their amazing work with the healing computer within the last 72 hours. That’s right – they are so dedicated they have not really had a decent nights rest since their return.

“Mr. Keenan

Today was our fourth day with sessions.  We saw 5 new clients and several folks for their second sessions. 

One lady came from South Dakota to Arizona, she is fighting Lyme disease and severe shingles. While she was in the BRT sessions, a rash came up on her arms and then cleared toward the end of the session. 

We had our second sessions with two cancer patients, the lady is in a battle with stage 4 breast cancer.  The gentleman has Leukemia and was poisoned with agent orange. Both are showing good responses.

Our amputee veteran had his second session. His wife said his restless leg syndrome was improved during the night after his first session. Today the measurement, session, and control showed no sign of lack of connection.

His brain has been brought to standard green energy function and is holding there. One kidney is standard green and all numbers are moving in a good direction. We used pillows to help keep his foot from jerking off the plate.

We will send pictures and reports to all of you.”

This is remarkable, as is what has happened in Florida with Marcia, and the reports keep rolling in.


Herbal & Mineral Extract – Healing Elixir

Within the next few weeks there will be a new mineral & herbal extract – healing elixir available and it will provide more affordable treatment for those in immediate need, as it’s cost will be a fraction of that of the ‘Healing Computer’ technology.

While this extract Elixir remedy performs the same functions as the ‘Healing Computer’ technology, it is a liquid that is taken orally. By itself it does not work as quickly as the computer version – but when it is used in conjunction with the ‘Healing Computer’ technology – it increases the power and speed of healing, similar to what a turbocharger does to an engine.

Note: This list will grow but the following issues are already known to be addressed by the Elixir: Infections, detrimental bacteria & viruses,  Diabetes 1 &2, AIDS, Hepatitis 1, 2 & 3, cancers, parasites, hair regrowth  and the burning-off of excessive fat.

One bottle of the Elixir is sufficient for 30-45 treatments and the cost per bottle will be 359 Euros. Everyone’s body is different but most diseases / afflictions should be treated within the 30-45 day period.

The following video describes an introductory list of the diseases and ailments that this liquid extract can help with – the most notable one being CHEMTRAIL FLU.

This liquid extract can clear our lungs and organs from all the crap that Dick Cheney and his Evergreen Boys have been spraying upon us for what seems like forever.

It is time not only to extract and cleanse the Chemtrail toxins from our bodies, but to shut down these geoengineering programs once and for all.

Step by step we will take out one thing after another until we finally get them all.

We are not only after the crooks in the banking world, but now also the huge medical / pharmaceutical maniacs.

All of the Cabal initiatives will fall. It is our sincere, dedicated purpose and our mission to make sure ‘We The People’ are safe, by walking the walk not just talking the talk.


Further Recent Developments:

We have been working on many different things during recent weeks, and we’re happy to tell you that we now have access to a satellite that can tell us what is going on both above and under ground – including in bunkers and tunnels.

Example picture only – we can’t show you what it actually looks like!

Consequently, we can monitor for ourselves, seeing anyone who dares attempt to enter the bunkers or warehouses. Any and all attempts will be identified, and the relevant details sent to various clandestine operative units for apprehension.

This is not about the West as much as it is about the East, although the West is being watched as well. For this reason, with this state-of-the-art satellite in place, it is not necessary for Neil to fly to Asia / Indonesia when he is made aware of every little dodgy move anyone attempts to make.

Meanwhile Nelu and Jo will continue to deal with things for us, as they are in the midst of things happening there in real time. Needless to say, it is looking as though we are near the end game in Asia as well.

Neil will be going to meet with the relevant parties once he receives significant information that requires his presence.

Until then Neil will remain working on keeping the new medical (and other) technologies flowing to the people while continuing to do his utmost to keep the people safe – and the Cabal off balance. With these advanced (and formerly suppressed) technologies now coming into the public awareness and consciousness – the Cabal’s control apparatus is failing on all fronts.

As we now see in reports on a daily basis, attacks on all fronts has been a killer for the Cabal, and many a request has been forwarded to Neil to stop his movements. His answer has been “NO” at all times.

Regarding the German Elections; Merkel vs Schultz: The people of Germany would do well to pick their poison carefully – with Shultz being a major part of the European Union and possibly an even worse choice than Merkel.

If Germany wishes to have a government for ‘The People’, they must set up a third party quickly and kick Schulz and Merkel to the curb. Neither of them are worthy of representing the good people of Germany.

Mr. Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, remains in the throes of investigation by the Malaysian Justice Department for his conniving and partaking in the “Dead Man Walking” caper.

Partners in Crime: Ahmad Zahid-Hamidi and Najib Razak

Fortunately, the person declared “dead” by Razak (so he could steal his Billions) is still very much alive, as noted in our earlier report on the matter.

Ex-Prime Minister Mohammad Mahathir could lead this investigation, and if so – he should start by making contact with UBS who monitored and recorded the conversations of Razak which detail that he knew that he was illegally stealing the Billionaire’s money.

If diligent, Mr. Mahathir could round up the entire group of conspirators and save Malaysia from any further headaches. Remember it was also Razak doing the deal with Bong Bong from the Philippines (Marcos’ son) with approximately 13 Trillion US Dollars for Malaysian ringgits.

That’s right; the exchange would have placed a foreigner in control of the Malaysian economy and currency. Fortunately, we stopped this transaction with some outside help.

Amazingly, with numerous recordings to review – it appears highly likely that the tables have turned in our favor. We will see faces and find names that we never knew existed as being part of Eastern corruption, all to be turned over to the authorities.

In speaking with the US representatives, we were told many crooked players could be looking at 15-25 years in jail. This is where we would like to see the Eastern Swamp cleaned up once and for all! The people need it, and the people deserve it.

Finally, things seem to be shifting into place, and as we’ve reflected upon before, what a long strange trip it’s been! To all who have made it along with us thus far, may God bless you. To those who have not, we pray you are now in Gods hands.


A Personal Note From Neil

So many of you sincerely need the use of the healing machine. I am aware of this due to the tremendous number of people requesting help via email.

We are sorry to say that the demand really exceeds the number of machines out there, so do not be surprised if you may have to wait 6 or 7 months or longer for treatments in some areas.

Now that the technology is known to successfully treat so many diseases, an exponentially growing number of people want to jump on the bandwagon asking for treatments.

Until more people purchase these machines with a view to helping other with 3rd party treatments this situation will continue. (As the technology developers’ plans continue, we will provide updates as to when their clinics will be available.)

[In 2016 Last year Group K began offering the ‘Healing Computer’ technology for private sale. Whilst not affordable for many, some of the people who traveled to Germany for purchase and training, are offering third-party treatments to the public. These people are not part of Group K but are doing their part in helping as many people as they can with treatments.]

Without more machines being brought into the US and other parts of the world, it seems the other alternative is the mineral & herbal extract healing elixirs, which indeed will help.

So don’t consider yourselves lost in this matter. The mineral & herbal extract healing elixir will be made available shortly. Already people are requesting bottles, so please get in line by contacting Richard at Group K via email:

All the best and know we continue to stand by you and in front of you. (Never behind you!)

Neil Keenan & Group K


Please see important notes regarding Healing Computer treatments below the video.




Important: Regarding 3rd Party Healing Computer Treatments

1. The 3rd party owners of the ‘Healing Computers’ who are offering treatments in various locations around the world are not part of Group K – but they are offering treatments in service to humanity and do so out of a strong desire to help people. In North America in particular, the numbers of people seeking treatments is overwhelming. The treatment coordinators for North America are absolutely inundated with requests, as are the owners of the machines offering treatment. Some people wanting treatments are impatient, rude and abusive and this will NOT be tolerated. We are doing everything that we can to help as many people as possible and with very limited resources.  If you are not decent enough to treat people with respect then you will meet a brick wall. In some areas there are already waiting lists that are over two months long. As more machines arrive in various locations waiting times should be alleviated. People are going to have to be patient. We are doing all we can and patience is required. We have all lost loved ones who passed before this technology could be brought to them.

2. Training on this technology is provided to purchasers / end users of the machines only. There is no time for nor point in training random people who want to experience the technology if they do not have a machine with which to treat people. No healing modality this advances has ever been rolled out publicly in recorded history. Demand was always going to exceed supply in the early stages but know that the people working on this are giving their all to help others as best they can given the resources we have to work with.

3. If you have sent an email requesting treatments then please understand that they have been entered into our system and a response will be forthcoming when possible. Enquiries from Europe will be addressed in a few weeks as developments in that area take place.

4. It cannot be reiterated enough that the people working to coordinate 3rd party treatments are volunteers who want to help others.  These people deserve being treated with respect and abuse will not be tolerated.



Grateful Dead – Truckin’


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Additional ‘Healing Computer’
Technology / Observations


The following observations and testimonials come from one of the owners of the ‘Healing Computer’ Technology who has been offering treatments in the West.

For obvious reasons the treatment recipients are referred to only by abbreviated names.


Further BRT (Bio-Resonance Therapy) Observations / Testimonials: 


JB – Previously has had many treatments for cancer throughout her body, surgery, Gerson, radiation, chemotherapy, in additions to other alternatives. She had tried everything and was ready to give up. For her first session she was barely able to remember what was said to her from one minute to the next and had a friend drive her.

Her second session she drove herself for treatment and reported that her body felt warm from inside for the first time in many months, she slept through the night was surprised by how well she was sleeping because she previously slept only for 1-2 hours at a time.

At her third session her eyes were clear and present and she reported having more energy that she had in a very long time and that her tumors were diminishing.

At her fourth session she reported that she had enough energy to spend time with her son, her tumors were continuing to diminish. Her eyes were clear and bright, she had good color in her face and a very good energy level.


GB  – Diagnosed with throat cancer and as spent thousands of dollars on treatments that didn’t work. The original cancer tumor diminished but it is now growing on the other side of the throat. After the first session he reported that he had the best night sleep that he has had in a long time. He usually sleeps 1-2 hours and gets up.

He was surprised when he woke up at 7am the next morning and had slept through the night. He reported that even though he found himself hungry, food did not have the taste he expected and he only ate because he knew he needed to.

After the first treatment he commented on how good the breakfast tasted and at dinner ate a large bowl of won ton soup and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is looking forward to subsequent sessions.


LH – Had numbness in both feet was experiencing stress due to his living situation. He reported the next day after his first session that he did not have as much numbness and he had a calm feeling throughout his body that he had not experienced before.


DM – Had no specific complaints and received a general “tune-up.” He reported afterward that he experienced and unusual amount of naps and intestinal cleanse after his first session.

He fell on some steps and hit his back and head so scheduled another session. He reported after that session that he had no pain in his back and the general tune up cleared his spinal discomfort.


MM – Had cancer tumor surgically removed from his brain and at first meeting was only able to sit or stand for extremely short intervals. He would suddenly stand up or just walk away, was very uncommunicative.

His hands were constantly moving and he did not seem to be able to function without constant directions from his attendant twenty-four hours a day. He slept very little, if at all.

His first session was a real struggle because he kept lifting his feet, dropping the hand held electrodes, pushing the head band off his head, standing up to leave and always moving and jerking hands and feet.

During his second session a person assisted him to hold on to the electrodes on his hands and hold his feet to the plates and a third person watched the head band and kept telling him to sit down when he stood up.

His actions were pretty constant. His companion reported that he had slept through the night, which had not happened before.

During his third session he lifted his feet about four times and when he started to move his hands from the table while holding the electrodes he felt the hands supporting him to hold the electrodes and self-corrected, placing them back on the table.

Each session the effectiveness of the frequencies almost doubled.

He traveled home after the third session and when his regular attendant called to inquire what treatment he had received because he was now sleeping through the night and they had never seen him so coherent.


DP – Had a head injury and for a year was unable to drive because she could not see clearly and every time she drove she would go about a block and her eyes would shut so she would have to pull over and rest.

She would typically only go only to the store about 3 blocks from her house. The next day after her first session she said that her body felt cold from inside even though her skin was warm to the touch.

At the second session she was so excited that she talked the entire time. She was so excited that she cried. She reported that she drove to the store and the phenomenon with her eyes closing did not happen.

She was so pleased that she decided to drive to the market waiting to see if it would happen and again her eyes did not close so she decided to keep driving.

She proceeded to read the sign she could see out the window on the fence across the court yard she stated to me, “I couldn’t believe the difference, and it happened so fast.

I cried it was so happy. It was unbelievable. It’s overwhelming to think it did it in that short time.”


Brian – Diagnosed with AIDS described constant allergies and susceptibility to infection, especially pneumonia. He described neuropathy in his legs and had been using amphetamines to overcome chronic fatigue.

His first session showed the effects in his body of the stimulants and the hyperactivity of all of his functions.

The second session report showed that the hyperfunction had diminished and he reported sleeping very well in spite of the accelerated frequencies of his body.

For the third session he had refrained from artificial stimulants and the diagnosis clearly showed the actual hypofunction level of his body and was a graphic picture of the effects of the artificial stimulants.

He reported that even though he found it somewhat harder to meet circumstantial demands he felt good and said he “felt thicker.”

At his fourth session he said that he noticed that his energy had improved and that even though he had tried  “every allergy remedy under the sun” that he was still unable to breathe well.

He noticed that his chest cold had improved, his breathing had improved and that he was not experiencing allergy symptoms and stated that “never happened before.” He also reported that the quality of his sleep had improved.


MR – Diagnosed with Lyme disease and said she had acid reflux problems. At her first session she was barely able to sit in the chair and was noticeably unable to participate in conversations.

Her complexion as very pale, her eyes were barely able to focus, and she when the session was completed she immediately said she had to leave.

At her second session she reported that she overall felt better. At her third session she reported that she had been able to do more and was able to do a mild work out every day where before she was barely able to walk around the house.

She was openly joking and engaging in conversation. Her eyes were clear and bright and she was lively and cheerful.


ES –  Every time I leave here I feel more aligned, more stretched. I have a feeling of fullness, wellness, like I’m more together somehow. Neuropathy in my legs is not as burning but still very present. At night time the neuropathy was unbelievable and that has disappeared, it’s so much better.

But when I touch and my massage my legs there is a different level of pain, definitely a different level of pain, dull pain instead of a shooting pane.

The place that I live in everybody is in the hospital getting shots, everybody is getting sick. I have a feeling in my throat like I’m getting sick, but I’m not.

Another thing, my neck feels better and my shoulders feel better and there’s less crunching with I stretch them in the morning. I’m really glad I’m here because it gives you a map of the moment.


SS – Identified his health challenge as hyperthyroid, low testosterone and had 3 stents in his heart. His posture was noticeably bad and the way he moved indicated back pain. After his first session he dropped something on the floor and bent at the waist and picked it up.

He expressed great surprise and reached down and touched the floor again.

He said that he had not been able to reach farther than having his finger tips at the top of his knee caps before and had to slide his right leg to the side to maneuver his body around to pick anything up before. His immediate results were a surprise to both him and his wife.


LS – Reported swelling in his legs and ankles, low back pain and leg cramps at night. After his second session he reported that he had no muscle or leg cramps during the night as he “almost always has” and that he was not getting up during the night as he had previously done.


SS2 – Suspected that he had picked up a parasite during his travels abroad. The BRT quickly identified the parasite, a round worm,  and expediently diminished the uncertainty and fear of what was happening with him and took the guess work out of what to do about it.


Neil just spoke with Ann, Nancy and Angela  (the ladies from the recent video) who are in the process of departing from Europe. They will also be reporting on the amazing experiences that they have witnessed in the treatments that they have provided in Europe whilst traveling and visiting loved ones. Again, the results have been nothing less than remarkable.

It appears that everyone so far who has received the BRT has reported remarkable benefits, many in very fast, unexpected and surprising ways.


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