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Month: June 2019

South Korean Fire Sale
– Come One Come All

Right now South Korea’s General Manager of Bunker assets, President Moon Jae-in and many other countries are negotiating the “Fire Sale” of many of the bunker assets that they manage but do not own.

They are absolutely and knowingly party to blatant illegal theft, without concern of any penalty to themselves notwithstanding the nations that they represent. This is because they feel that they have protection under the umbrella of what is known as the “Cabal”.

As we all know by now, I have stopped South Korea many times from dealing with assets that do not belong to them.

I will do it again and I will stop them again, and if necessary, request the filing of International arrest warrants against the particular persons involved.

We have their names and their particulars.

And yes, once again we have photographs and this time the ‘big ones’ are flying into South Korea and Japan to assist in stealing what belongs to none of them.

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It is important to note, that all along, they are utilizing the fake cover of the G20 meetings to hide their actual endeavors.

In fact, when viewed in the proper context, the G20 is nothing more than the Skull and Bones at an advanced level.

This is all a big charade; a puppet-show scam.

This substantiates facts: The show is almost over and the resulting desperation has become revealed.

Remember what I say here: This is the “Cabal”, Khazarian Elites, or NWO – or any other name that you may choose to refer them as but this is CABAL.

This group is now in a desperate attempt to acquire some financial liquidity and add it to a dry well.

Look behind the G20 curtain to see the real play going on.

Look who’s coming to the party in South Korea this week…

Today, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (33 years old) visits South Korea to meet President Moon Jae-in.

The Saudi royal family has not visited Korea for 21 years. Saudi wells are running dry and expenses are rising; thus coffers need to be replenished.

And discussions will not be with regards to the negotiation of providing more Korean cars to keep oil demand up.

Trump was in South Korea on June 29th and this was not to say “Hi” to the troops.

Remember, that we sent a military carrier away empty a few years ago? Are we there to sniff flowers this time?

Most recently two people from Taiwan and a far-East Asia representative from Hong Kong City Bank also arrived in South Korea.

These people are trying to make a deal regarding bunkered yen and gold with Japanese representatives during the week. They are currently in South Korea.

We all know about Citibank’s illiquid situation and Hong Kong’s financial reputation.

Add to the visitor book, the Construction Bank in China which is negotiating the purchasing of Hong Kong bonds from South Korea (obviously in a bid to secure them before Western interests do).

And rightfully so. They have had their fill of the “Cabal” as nearly everyone else has. Khazarians are everywhere but not liked anywhere.

The China Construction Bank has sent 3 Billion USD to South Korea and they are also actively moving to buy Japanese currency from Korean bunkers. This is another leverage move.

Today I was informed him that two Japanese will be arriving in South Korea next Monday.

They are already in possession of a sample of the Japanese currency that they sought and so they are going back to South Korea to trade. They also stated that they would buy 20,000 / MT of gold.

This group “claims” that they have already been approved by the US FEDERAL RESERVE among others (all “Cabal” of course) and that Taiwan’s fund manager will be flying to South Korea next week in order to meet with them to close the deal.

Again, we are right on top of this.

Furthermore, they “say” that the Agency is behind them and the transaction is said to be “safe”.

What Agency? And why would the CIA be protecting their transaction when in fact they most likely could do this deal among themselves?

I know they would like everyone to believe the CIA is behind this but this time the threat of the Agency is there to get the Managers of the bunkers to follow through and give the bunkers up to those that have nothing to do with the Agency.

Does that sound like a scam to you too?

Our group has them all under surveillance, and of course President Trumps’ name is being used once again by his adversaries (Demoncrats / “Cabal” etcetera) in their attempt to re-launch their defunct financial system.

President Trump is flying in for the G20 Summit (Skull and Bones Part II), and yes this “Fire Sale” is going to be discussed – and how they would like to make it happen – but they will be surprised.

This is surely moving at a rapid pace in destroying what the “Cabal” hopes to accomplish and straightening out many Asian nations which hope to use the Golden Dragon (and other assets) in their quest to become rich.

Also, let it be known that satellites are in place and our people have already accumulated much evidence in terms of documenting these events. We know who they are and what they are doing.

There will be no escaping our wrath regarding their involvement in these matters.

The above picture was taken at a recent dinner held with the Consul Generals in Hong Kong.

In attendance were representatives from South Africa, Myanmar, The Philippines, Colombia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

They were not discussing Chinese food.

We have all of their names, positions, ranks, etcetera; including all pertinent information on how to reach them whenever we wish to.

I will request arrest warrants for all of them – and not only those in Asia.

I will also request arrest warrants for the individuals who have already stolen – and who are living in other countries in an attempt to escape the inevitable penalties that await them.

Those involved should be aware of dark shadows in the night as the owners of these assets will ultimately ensure that they are protected. Right now they are under surveillance.

I have given South Korea the opportunity to avoid all of this but to date they believe strongly in the safety of the “Cabal”, not knowing that the “Cabal” is losing this battle resulting from the ongoing actions of President Trump and others who are fighting alongside us.

There now exists no scenario under which we would lose.

“They” will find out shortly what is awaiting them just as former South Korean President Park did (she is now in jail.)

Look who’s  coming to dinner.

Note; South Korean asset managers believe they are being driven by the logic of power.

They still believe that the US Federal Reserve is omnipotent.

Little do they know, that this part of our battle is over with.

South Korea is not the only country that has been duped into believing that the US, “Cabal”, and others – are the only means by which to cash in the assets that do not belong to them.

Some Chinese friends also believe that the “Cabal” is the only avenue by which to ‘cash in’ the assets they manage, although some have stepped back knowing better days are yet to come.

They are also aware of what we are doing and are with us.

Come One, Come All

There are eight large bunkers in South Korea that are being targeted. The manager of these bunkers had been in a coma for four years.

These assets are now under his son’s control, and he is awake. Thank god his son knows what to do!

President Moon Jae-in does NOT have control or any authority over these bunkers and the bunkers’ General Manager and individual bunker managers are not paying him any attention forthwith.

Therefore; President Moon Jae-in of South Korea; recognizing the problems that have been created worldwide with such a Flea Market being established involving the wealth of the Global Accounts held in these bunkers, has illegally asked others to take control of the bunkers, but they too have refused.

The bunker managers seem to have taken this matter over themselves. They are also tired of the stealing but because of the extent of the corruption around them they decided to participate and gain some wealth for themselves. However, they were not aware that all of their actions are on record.

Moon Jae-in is not liked much at this time in South Korea among the thieves either.

One further note here is that South Korean managers have become increasingly dissatisfied with Moon Jae-in as he had become heavily involved in stealing the assets in the past.

Even now, Moon Jae-in continues to try to do so.

It seems as though neither side can get things right over there.

Meanwhile, President Trump is most likely telling them that he is with them all the time – whilst holding the rug in his hand ready to pull it out from beneath them.

You better know who is The BOSS.

And here, this is a final tidbit of information relating to Israel sucking up to South Korea.

This is a picture of the original  Mosaic Pentateuch which Israel recently gifted to South Korea.

It was written between 1,050 and 1,200 years ago.

Ask yourself “why?”

In the “mean” time, enjoy your popcorn whilst watching the rat fight in South Korea and count on us to keep our eyes on things and to prevent anyone from moving assets in the air, on land, or sea.

All is being watched. See them scurry when the light shines upon them.


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Recent Testimonials

Elaine chimes in and Cliff from Jamaica explains his journey with the healing computer as well as anyone has been able to. Wearing “his emotions on his sleeves” he takes us down a path that only he and those in the know can explain.


Elaine’s Testimonial Regarding The DNA Life-Extension Treatment

Mr. Neil Keenan and friends,

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for me to acquire not only the BRT Healing Computer but the DNA/life-extension treatment.
I’d been diagnosed with a terminal circulatory problem and given the option of dangerous surgery or dying within a few weeks. I was told that I only had a 30% chance of surviving the surgical procedure. Fortunately I found you in Germany with your peoples’ miraculous machine and that amazing DNA “elixir”.

I have only been home a few days, although with using the computer and taking the elixir while in Germany I already feel that my body has repaired itself much during this short period of time.
I have now seen my Doctor and he is amazed at my recovery. He told me what I never expected to hear, that I would not be needing an operation. I was stunned to hear this and cried with tears of joy.

I came from a point of near death, from feeling as if I was holding on by a thread for nearly a whole year but one quick visit turned my life around. Thank you so much and my family loves you as much as I do.

I do not yet comprehend how the BRT technology or DNA elixir work, but all of this surely has been a blessing to me. Now I really do have an extension on life, particularly since I was not supposedly to be around beyond the next three weeks.

As I write this I want you to know that I am feeling much better. I can feel my body changing. You were right that I would sleep a lot more, but I wake up feeling stronger each day. Thank you for giving me my life back.

I thank you thank you thank you. I wanted to share this so that other people might find within themselves the courage to be able to experience what I have. A new chance, despite the medical establishment having written off your life.

I hope some day that I can repay you for your concern and mostly for your support while in Germany.


Neil’s Comment:

Elaine, it was my pleasure to see that you were properly treated. You are a beautiful young lady that now has a full life ahead of yourself. But the DNA elixir may make you act like an 8-year old so be careful and may God bless you for the rest of your life. And enjoy healing your family and friends in days to come.


From Cliff (in Jamaica):

I have a story and I need to share it. My name is Cliff and my home is in Jamaica.

I will try not to be taking too long but I do want you to know what this incredible healing machine and elixir did for me. I had very bad kidney and lung problems and was only given the option of Dialysis.

For two years I suffered and it got to the point that I wanted it all to end. At night with my eyes closed I actually thought I could see heaven, where my parents and other family members were waiting on me. I knew the end was coming and felt my heart being torn apart. It seemed that I would be leaving my two sons and wife behind to fend for themselves.

The hospital bills were horrendous and I cried thinking about leaving them behind with it all. My Family. Our House. Car, even. What would happen to them? All I could do was push on with the little bit of strength that I had left.

I was told about Keenan by my friend Rudy and it sounded like a bit of a joke that someone had their kidneys cured like this. The way Rudy spoke of Neil was as a healer. I was running low on trust but I talked to the guy and he said it really happened.

He said his doctors had told him he would soon be dead, but both of his kidneys turned themselves back on within 10 minutes of treatment. His doctor wanted to meet with Neil but he said it wasn’t him, “it was the computer”.

So I went to meet with Neil’s people in Switzerland. The diagnostics freaked me out. It showed just how sick I was. So many scenarios passing through my mind.

Sure I felt no pain but what was going on in my head and what the results might be had me shaking. 20 minutes of torture of the waiting. Not knowing. The dark. Then the moment arrives to do the second scan. I was indeed really in a bad state of health.

The diagnostics popped up from the second scan and I noticed some things had changed. The colour readings had changed and that was the beginning for me. I wasn’t sure then but it kinda looked like there was a chance. Chemo was not a choice, no more of that hell. Anyway, this Bioresonace techo was much cheaper than taking chemo and with knowing how it had helped so many people with so many different sicknesses by then, I was fully in.

I returned for another visit on shaky legs, the 20 minute drill with two scans the diagnostics confirmed what had just taken place. This time I saw the graph clearly, my vision wasn’t blurry either.

I spent pretty much all I had on buying my BRT computer and kind of needed it to put its faith in me as I had put mine in it. After more sessions there I was feeling good. I was sleeping better and waking up was not an ordeal anymore. It was months since I could do stuff that most people would not think much about. Eating, having a juice, going to the toilet. Honest and true.

In an inside way I felt the whole frequency thing going on within my body. Things were changing and I knew it. They said that it could take more than 12 sessions to sort me out but that if I worked this machine myself that I could take it home and help my loved ones at the same time as I did for me.

After the 3rd session I could feel my strength returning. The pain was gone. After 20 minutes my handler went “eh, look at this you are looking good”. He explained everything to me and told me to check in with my doctor, to get tests done and results in before returning to him.

When my doctor saw me, off the bat he said I was looking much stronger and asked me what I had been up to? I told him. He put me to the tests to try and figure out what was going on.

He could not believe it and wanted Neil to come to him. Neil said Nah he can read the diagnostics and conclude from there. Two weeks later I was out walking 2 miles a day and I felt all good.

I have now helped almost 30 people with this amazing computer. In my neighborhood I am known as the person to run to in a medical crisis!

Many of us now have a second chance and it’s our turn to take care of our loved ones who need help. Brings tears to my eyes.

Elaine and all of you guys that have found this calling, let’s push on. This is more than work it is a real calling.

Cliff from Jamaica