Can you see it? Can you feel it? You are being watched. So many old men were once upon a time, as strong as bulls and if they weren’t they would buy some. 

The time has come today. They sit in their chairs overlooking the busy city streets, wondering where that time went and how they controlled everything in previous moments. 

And how about now? Little or nothing despite ownership of most banks. The times sure have changed – and they are slipping away into the night.

It is a new day and a new dawn and you are feeling good but not so much – ‘them’.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Royal Flush – They Are All Going Down

The term “Financial Tyranny” was first coined by Benjamin Fulford who was working at the time with (and describing the activities of) Neil Keenan and his audacious “$1.1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” filed on 11 November 2010 in the Southern Federal District Court of New York that arose from the theft of authentic gold-backed 1934 Federal Reserve Notes belonging to the Golden Dragon Family, as represented by and through a legal Power of Attorney given to Mr. Keenan.

This lawsuit was the first major financial assault on and exposure of the Deep State / Cabal banking and corporate empire of financial corruption, deceit and financial slavery. And this was done in the heart of Wall Street, naming names and shining spotlights on major financial institutions, politicians and individuals involved in this intentional and international theft and cover-up conspiracy.

In other words, this was the first time secret doors to the shadow financial world had been opened to our very eyes.

Financial Tyranny was then used as the title of a highly popular exposure e-book written by David Wilcock, based upon information and interviews David had with Mr. Keenan concerning the lawsuit and how the actual Cabal Financial System works through Private Placement Programs, TOVs, FRNs, FRBs and other collateralized bonds and financial instruments.

The book also covered how this system is abused to manipulate people, companies and countries.   

Mr. Keenan provided David Wilcock with this ‘Insider’ detailed knowledge together with pictures and documents that he used in his book (but without giving any credit to Mr. Keenan at all. Thank you David, your mentor’s door is now closed.)

So you can see that “Financial Tyranny” and its exposure all leads back to Neil Keenan. 

It was due to his efforts and boldness that has led us to opening the underbelly of the financial BEAST. Neil together with his attorney Bill Mulligan, are the ones that did the real work that deserves all the credit.

Not pencil-pushing alternative media hacks that were never there risking their lives on the real front line. That is a significant difference.

The following is a summary of how Neil Keenan has continued with his personal quest to publicly reveal and thwart the real global Financial Tyrannies that are happening all the time and that have been ramping up in intensity since the filing of his famous lawsuit.

The financial Controllers of the world are becoming more desperate in their efforts to secure REAL fungible assets to support their Fiat paper casino markets… and Neil has been there to stop much of this financial thievery.

This summary focuses on the specific spotlights Neil has shone on Cabal efforts to gain control over Asian financial assets in order to replenish their coffers and extend their financial and economic control of Our World.

These exposures are THEIR attempts to anchor THEIR CONTROL over all global wealth and then implement THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER. This has been in order to maintain their tyrannical financial control over humanity. 

Neil has stymied these efforts time and time again, firstly in relation to the lawsuit, then in the continuous protecting of the wealth of Indonesia, South Korea, ASEAN countries and the free World as a whole – from continued Financial Tyranny.

This has been done at Neil’s personal expense in the line of fire from numerous assassination attempts.

Neil was the one to first open the doors and kept them open and the lights brightly shining upon the callous and clandestine Cabal! He is and has been the front-runner, before anyone else in this quest… and the doors are still OPEN.

It all began with Neil standing as tall as the Empire State Building and looking down on Wall Street with his hands on his hips saying. “I AM HERE! CAN’T YOU SEE ME?!” and you could feel the ground shake.

This started alternative snowballs leading to avalanches in Cabal exposures from more and more wannabees buzzing around making noise but actually doing nothing on the front lines. 

So many false prophets and claimants like OPPT, SwissIndo, OITC, Karen Hudes, the Red Dragon Ambassador, Kim Impossible, Mr. Loh and his assholes, the scum-sucking Crayfish and even Ben and David have all been shamed as imposters.

None have even come close to the real heroics and battles fought on the real financial battlefield that Neil has endured.

How many have actually walked the lighted path that Neil lead? I can name only one World leader that stepped on Neil’s road. And that is President Donald J. Trump! And it seems as though the two of them stepped through the same door.

Neil will be welcoming international leaders and organizations as soon as the smoke clears. The Path has been set and more each day are becoming enlightened.

Where has there ever been a man so brazen and bold as to toss a bag of catnip across a London Boardroom table surrounded by Cabal Banking Elites like the Chancellor of the Exchequer (of London), HSBC Chairman, Bankers Trust Chairman and others with the meeting chaired by Evelyn de Rothschild

One banker even fell off his chair thinking the bag was some sort of bomb. Others threw their hands in the air. Evelyn just had a huge belly laugh as he saw “CATNIP” in bold lettering on the bag.

Neil then sat down and listened to their rants and an offer of Trillions of dollars to Neil to “just to go away.”

Neil did just that! He got up and walked away! But he was smart enough to go straight to a small airport outside London and take a flight to an undisclosed location. They would surely have been looking for him at Heathrow for target practice.

UNDERSTAND: It is not the money, fame, or power that fans this man’s fire. It is doing what is truly Right and Righteous… for self and all mankind… and certainly not for the continued enrichment of financial oligarchs. And Neil knows how to play the GAME.

Now let’s take a look at some specific battlegrounds and victories in order to better understand how the Cabal is persistently attacking Eastern wealth and how Neil and his team have defended the realm.

The Monaco Accords to Thwart Financial Tyranny

The first tight slap to the Cabal was Neil’s Trillion Dollar Lawsuit. The second tight slap was his orchestrating of the MONACO ACCORDS.

The Monaco Accords were the result of a meeting organized by Neil and his Swiss Banker friend, of Finance Ministers invited from fifty seven countries and held held on board a mega yacht in Monaco. 

No major Western countries were allowed to attend, and even Senator Jay Rockefeller was personally physically blocked by Neil at the gangplank from boarding.

The Monaco Accords is essentially a general agreement by now more than 100 countries to adopt a new global financial system separate from the Cabal’s Western controlled fraudulent banking system. 

The Monaco Accords spawned the BRICS Alliance, and at a later date Neil proposed the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as an Eastern Central Bank followed by his promotion of the new CIPS interbank financial transfer system that surpasses the West’s corrupted SWIFT system.

Neil’s lawsuit, followed by the Monaco Accords was like a left hook followed by a right cross to the Cabal’s jaw. These are real knockout punches and not tight slaps. What a bold and strategic start to a war against Financial Tyranny.

Tyranny in Indonesia

Neil has focused much of his defense on Indonesia as this is one of the last major bastions of REAL WEALTH hidden in bunkers and secure warehouses. 

The Cabal attacks here have been relentless and brutal. Neil’s shielding has been strong and holding, but Indonesia is clearly the Center of Cabal attacks from now on and that country needs to be extra observant and pay very close attention to what is happening around their country and the region.

You may not remember US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s trip to Indonesia where he threatened to “sink Indonesia” (if they did not release their gold to the Bush / Clinton Crime Syndicate). 

Neil publicly retorted back that “any use of energy weapons on Indonesia to create earthquakes, trigger volcanoes or altering plate tectonics would result in serious retaliations.” Apparently Kerry tried similar threats in Switzerland and was shot.

But the Bush / Clinton Gang tried again by funneling millions of dollars of confiscated drug money from the Arkansas Foundation into Indonesia in a planned coup attempt to kill the Vice President and create an insurrection that would split Indonesia into pieces. 

This funding was followed by visits by US officials and an Indonesian General whose wife is a Japanese Princess and daughter of the Emperor, both vying for gold deals backed up with threats.

Neil exposed this coup attempt and the reprehensible players and their plans, thus stopping a externally funded revolt.

[The Rockefellers have controlled Japan for a long time. SONY by way of an example, an acronym for Standard Oil New York – Look up J.D. Rockefeller… Hidden in plain sight.]

Thwarted by Neil’s timely intervention, the next serious attempt by the Cabal was to have the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (a Rockefeller puppet) mobilize the Japanese Army for the first time since WWII for a planned attack on Indonesia to steal the bunker assets and plunder the country because of some made-up false flag event. 

Neil again directly warned the Indonesian and Japanese governments and publicly made known this despicable plot. It was shut down and shot down. 

And speaking of being shot down, or more appropriately “shot at”, Neil and team were directly involved in a jungle gun battle in Central Java at a George Soros-funded terrorist training camp. 

They even managed to squeeze off a few shots at the bastard but he managed to escape and get out of Indonesia with only minutes to spare. Soros has not and will never return to Indonesia with Neil around.

There have been other public exposures in terms of preventing greedy Indonesians from illegally selling bunker and other assets that do not belong to them.

These schemes are almost always backed by Western Cabal Banksters through various front institutions or agents – often promising big commissions (that never happen) or are accompanied by blackmail or physical threats to families in order to invoke co-operation. 

Some, like SwissIndo, are just plain frauds. Neil has spotlighted so many and killed these deals repeatedly.

Neil has clearly done more for saving Indonesia and the stored Family wealth than virtually any other Indonesian national. 

This was actually “seen” 30-years ago by Indonesian Elders and is the primary reason Neil was offered the M1 position by the Family and why he was unanimously elected by the Elders to become the AMANAH.

Some say “he is more Indonesian than Indonesians.” That’s probably true. He has definitely earned that accolade.

Financial Tyranny in South Korea

South Korea has been a favorite plundering playground for the Elite Cabal for decades as originally it had hundreds of small hidden bunkers of hoarded Japanese assets that were stolen from China and stored in Korea so that Japanese rulers and politicians could not get their hands on them to pilfer from. 

With the US (Rockefellers) conquering Japan (the Rockefellers used to OWN the Japanese Central Bank – until recently) and South Korea, the US Armed Forces have been responsible for looting these stores since WWII principally for financing their presence in the country and for financing Generals, Black Budget Operations and Korean politicians. 

This was recently exposed by Neil as one of the US Bases is even operating an illegal casino on Base and is being used to launder bunker currencies and gold.

But that was small potatoes compared to Neil’s exposure of the nefarious dealings of two of the past South Korean Presidents, Park Chung Hee and later his daughter, Park Geun-hye, who is now in jail thanks in part to Neil and company.

Park Geun-hye was easy picking for Neil as she blatantly stole gold bars from the Family’s bunkers, melted them down into smaller bars and was “instructed” to deposit 250,000 tons of them onto the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier parked in Seoul’s harbor. 

Neil notified the Golden Dragon Family to surround the ship and they placed their satellites overhead to track any movements. The ship left empty and Park Geun-hye was impeached and went to jail on less embarrassing charges.

The exposure of her father came later when Neil found out that Park Chung Hee had cleaned out two major bunkers and salted the booty in banks in a Montana Indian Reservation. 

This multi-trillion dollar stash (estimated at up to USD 26 Trillion) is currently managed by a group called the International Reserve Depository Bank (IRDB) headed by Dennis Lambert, several South Korean trustees, and an Indian Reservation representative. 

This group of thieves, of course, cannot move these assets off the Reservation, but Neil revealed their latest plot was to “loan the money back to South Korea!” 

Mr. Lambert really didn’t like being in the spotlight but really knows how to cuss according to Neil. Now, how about returning the assets to the rightful Owners or go to jail?

The latest multi-pronged attack by the Cabal on South Korea began just prior to the last 2019 G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.

Prior to the Summit, Prince Andrew shows up from the UK. Later, former US President George W. Bush came knocking. Then Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also came looking for gold to fill his pockets. 

And then, in the shadows of the Summit was a tussle going on between Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and US interests all vying for bunker assets. And at the top of it all was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was tasked by the Cabal to assure that the Korean looting would take place. 

He failed miserably due to Neil’s timely intervention. This triggered a last-ditch effort by the Israeli Khazarians who then sent the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in to make final threats and demands which were also unsuccessful. That was a fruitless few months of effort for Cabal crooks…  thanks to Neil.

Congratulations to South Korean President Moon Jae-in for deciding not to go to jail and be publicly humiliated by a Keenan blast.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his failure to deliver (because of Neil being in his face) has RESIGNED.

Neil has exposed even more of South Korean shenanigans, but the list above just shows the intense level of the fight. Who else has stood before? Who has championed for the People?

Financial Tyranny in ASEAN Countries

Through the thick of all this, Neil has also laid bare the tyranny plots occurring in other ASEAN and Asian nations. His eyes have seemed to be everywhere.


Malaysia has been a fruitless folly for the Cabal with JP Morgan Bank instrumental in “setting up” the sovereign 1 Malaysian Development Bank (1MDB) as a Clinton Foundation-style slush fund for the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak and his cronies.

When Neil found out the depth of this scandal, he never let go. He uncovered shady deals, one after another. 

Neil’s digging turned over more than just Najib and friends using 1MDB money to buy luxury hotels, finance Hollywood movies and mega yachts – or financing Najib’s own re-election campaigns. 

What Neil ousted were major players involved in multiple scams that Najib hatched to save his own sorry ass.

Najib’s first botched attempt was to negotiate with Bong Bong Marcos concerning the conversion of his offshore USD $16.0 Trillion stashed in Labuan, Malaysia banks. 

At a conversion rate of MR 4.5 : 1 USD old Najib would easily cover his debts and Bong Bong would OWN MALAYSIA (and could sell it to whoever he would like!) Neil squelched that deal real quick and embarrassed Bong Bong for not helping his own county first.

Next Najib and friends turned to Alfredo Saurin and the fake Antonio Santiago Martin (ASM) (who was the fake M1). 

This scam involved 1.0 million metric tons of Thai gold that also involved approvals (% shares) for the FED’s Chair, Janet Yellin, and the Bank of England’s Chairman, Mark Carney.  

When Neil turned the lights on in that room, all the rats ran away from the deal. Since then Saurin died, Yellin and Carney have retired and ASM is on the run from authorities.

With doors closing in on Najib, his last resort effort was the “Dead Man Walking Caper” where he tried to steal funds from a wealthy Malaysian Trustee who had authority over a large trust account in UBS Bank in Switzerland. 

Najib, as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, wrote an official letter to the Managing Director of UBS claiming that he was the sole executor for the estate of the Malaysian Trustee and that he would be assuming his trust position. Najib then had his Deputy Prime Minister (who was also Minister of Home Affairs) write another official letter declaring that the Trustee had died and included an official Death Certificate. 

Of course, the Dead Man is still Walking and Neil’s detailed expose of the case, which is now registered with the International Court of Justice, has blown the lid off of any more screw ups by the Cabal stooge Najib Razak (who is now in Malaysian Courts facing multiple counts of corruption and is going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit real soon).

See also: UBS Modus Operandi: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”


Thailand has been another happy hunting ground for the Cabal, but without much luck. 

Thailand has amassed tons of gold which generally one can buy, but most often you will never see your money (or gold) again, and even if you get your gold (like in China) you will never be able to take it out of the country.

Of course, President Obama got a whiff of the scent of Thai Gold and sent a US Fleet into the Gulf of Thailand as a blockade threat. Neil informed the Family about what was going on and what they should do to handle the Thai Royalty and make Obama back down.

Obama wasn’t through with Thailand quite yet. Do you remember that Obama gave Billions of Dollars to IRAN supposedly for Iran to stop making nuclear weapons?

But what Neil uncovered was the backroom deal where the son of the Shah of Iran, Anwar, tried to use those US Dollars to purchase 10,000 tons of Thai Gold. 

The Shah did have a small gold stash deposited with the King of Thailand, so there was some legitimacy to the deal by Anwar, however, the gold was to be used to fill the Iranian coffers during the sanction period and possibly bring Anwar back into power as the new Shah. 

Neil’s postings, key notifications and instructions shot down that plot too as the Family’s satellites were watching everything.

There were other reports that US Special Forces raided a large mansion in Southern Thailand that was leased by Obama, where a large stash of gold and weapons were seized. Southern Thailand is predominantly Moslem, so you can figure out what Obama and his “Brotherhood” friends were plotting.

So Neil’s ‘lighting up’ of Thailand has kept Cabal sticky fingers out of that cookie jar.

Other Asia-Pacific Exposures

Almost all countries in Asia and the Pacific have come under Neil’s intelligence microscope. Many reports are just Cabal puppeteering acts of jockeying positions with little significant financial importance. 

These have been noted and filed in a Stooge File that identifies possible obstructionists in each country across the region.

Where significant financial and economic changes have taken place, like New Zealand being taken over as a Cabal Elite sanctuary or Sri Lanka’s former president selling 20,000 mt of gold that did not belong to him, such escapades Neil has reported long before they became more widely known. 

However, the biggest scam in the region that Neil exposed involved the Sultan of Sulu in the Southern Philippines, a trusted Elder and guardian of the Golden Dragon Family’s Collateral Accounts, who was conned by the P2 Freemason Lodge and the Vatican in July 2014 into to a fraudulent contract that would sign over gold and other assets that did not belong to him in a USD $15.0 Quadrillion Dollar deal

This would have given claim to the Vatican of the bunker assets throughout the region owned by the Dragon Family and managed by their appointed Trustee Elders. 

This would have funded the Vatican and Cabal Elites for the next century dooming the World to Financial Tyranny for the next 4-5 generations. Neil’s revealing of this scam forced the Parties to abandon this fraud.

Flying under the radar is Neil’s network of Elders and Family Trustees, who inform Neil of Cabal activities often involving unscrupulous attempts to entice Trustees to release funds or gold under various schemes and offers of entrapment, or under physical threats. 

That has always been an easy way to get your picture on Neil’s website with a paragraph or two describing the sinister plot. Hello Mr. Loh…

Also flying low are Trustees throughout Asia offering Neil to manage their bunkers as they TRUST HIM… and NOT Western Cabal operatives. REAL financial and economic strength is now in the hands of the AMANAH.

Tyranny in the US

Several years ago Neil wrote that Wall Street was moving to Stamford, Connecticut. 

No one was paying attention. Now, with the Democratic Governor and Mayor locking down New York City due to the fake scamdemic, city wide demonstrations, rioting and looting and a rising serious crime rate, New York is now a ghost town devoid of workers, tourists, and restaurant and theater goers. 

New York City is no longer the vibrant financial and business center that it once was. Only a few heeded Neil’s advance warning.

And in July 2018, Neil posted a scathing piece on vaccines and how dangerous they really are based on improper testing, harmful ingredients (including aborted human fetal tissues), and poor quality control where batches produced differ seriously and are often contaminated with other viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause all kinds of harmful side-effects. 

This initially Rockefeller-funded industry is designed to kill humans slowly at a PROFIT.

When the COVID scamdemic started, Neil was the first to expose Bill Gates as the financier of the CDC (a private foreign owned corporation headed by Gates’s college roommate Dr. Fauci) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Bill Gates also owned his own vaccine research and production labs and financed others like QuinteQ and Pirbright Institute in the UK (majority owned by the Queen of England) who received PATENTS for the COVID VIRUS and the VACCINE in September 2019! 

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci also funded the research at the biotechnology center in Wuhan, China!

So this was clearly PLANNED IN ADVANCE to disrupt the global economy, upset US elections and instill fear in the general public needlessly, over what has now been proven nothing more than a normal mild flu.  

Again, not enough people listened, but Neil together with his researcher, the Kraken, was the first to put the facts on the table months and years in advance, and expose the treasonous culprits behind this intentional scam.

And speaking of treason, it was Neil who alerted the nation of Obama’s attempt to nuke Charleston, North Carolina in a detailed post and video in 2013. On Obama’s instructions two nuclear bombs were (not officially signed out but) removed from their arsenal in Fort Hood, Texas and transported to a military base near Charleston from where they were to be dropped on Charleston as a “false flag” event used to start WWIII and instigate Marshal Law in the US. 

When Obama and Cheney emerged from their new deep underground Washington bunker they expected to see 30 million dead Americans and huge devastation.  

Instead, there was nothing – as an Air Force General and Navy Admiral in charge of nuclear weapons had the bombs flown 620 miles offshore and detonated them in the mid Atlantic Ocean (seismic records confirm.) 

For their heroic service to the nation and the world… Obama fired them and two other Admirals on phony charges. Neil was the first to break this intelligence which has created a storm of “conspiracy bunkum” denials all over the Internet.

Neil also outed House Speaker Paul Ryan for his attempted support in 2016 of a NEW REPUBLIC corporation to replace the US Territorial Corporation and USA Corporation that usurped the Original Constitutional Republic back in 1871.  

Neil showed that the proposed New Republic was nothing more than another FRENCH registered corporation (not American owned) being funded by a fake Chinese Dragon Family using an Indian Reservation headquarters outside of Reno, Nevada. Congressman Ryan has since left politics thanks to Neil’s exposure of his traitorous behavior.

Also in August 2016, Neil exposed the Cabal PLAN for an EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) attack on the electricity grid of North America, brought about by detonating nuclear warheads in the atmosphere.  

This would see the blame laid upon “foreign terrorists.” 

The attack would cover a wide berth of land ranging from the East coast to the West coast of the US, and from the North to South coasts, also extending into Canada and even Central America. 

Neil and M2 were told that everything was in place in the US to destroy the ‘Grid’ and set off a depopulation program that would eliminate 80% of the American population by way of starvation and civil unrest.

Waiting to deliver emergency foods, the UN would decide who ate and who did not.

This executive order had already been signed by the unlawful and utter fraud that is known as Barack Obama. Fortunately, this PLAN was aborted because of this publicity and because a few months later Donald Trump won the election.

In September 2016 the United Nations invited Neil Keenan to discuss financing, new technologies and the use of the Global Collateral Accounts. 

Neil stated that the only circumstances under which he would accept such an invitation, would be because the UN had accepted his demands for the majority of seats on the particular UN financial committee, thereby establishing Neil’s credence that the Golden Rule applies:

“He who has the gold makes the rules.”

Another prerequisite would be that the numerous aggressive international corporations imposing themselves as governments stand down; as Neil organizes finances for the deployment of new technologies from the Global Collateral Accounts worldwide, thereby alleviating the burdens of poverty-stricken people everywhere.

Neil also stated that the first couple of Accounts opened will go immediately into backing new technologies, towards the immediate halting of chemtrail spraying and geoengineering, and the dissemination of any other environmental poisons including weaponized food, vaccines and GMO’s etcetera.

Neil’s funding would also be directed towards the eradication of homelessness, and into the provisioning of proper healthcare, clean drinking water, safe food and the taking care of military veterans and police officers globally. 

Finally, Neil would demand UN worldwide immunity in relation to all matters pertaining to himself and anyone representing his team. 

This would be required in order to facilitate projects worldwide and circumvent obstructionists along the way.

Obviously the satanist liberals within the UN have not yet agreed to these terms and conditions… but they eventually will… as Neil as the AMANAH has the GOLD.

This will all begin in Indonesia very shortly.

The Tyranny in Europe 

The Foundation of ‘Financial Tyranny’ actually arose in Europe with the Vatican approval of fictitious entities being given legal status and the creation of “strawmen” used to hide wealth ownership and accountability. 

This was further usurped by the Khazarian Mafia and Black Nobility into the form of incorporated banks that were legally allowed to create money out of thin air and institute a system of legalized fraud through the use of “fractional banking”, fiat money printing, rigged financial paper casinos, interest rate and commodity price fixing, unbridled corruption, thievery and abject greed tainted with illegal activities, bribery, extortion, murder, and on and on…

This is what Neil ran smack dab into in Europe and is the basis of his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and other litigation that will soon follow. 

That is the foundational devil that Neil is and has been successfully fighting through repeated public spotlighting. Ruling Elites have been dethroned.  

Neil was offered an invitation by the establishment of Indonesia which he accepted. This saw him go through seven rituals in order to be elected to the status of Amanah.

See: Footsteps Of The Amanah

Presidents and Prime Ministers have been sent to jail or resigned. 

Minions have been thwarted at every turn. Neil’s sword of Truth cuts deep and swiftly.

So where does Neil Keenan as the AMANAH fit into this exploding Financial Tyranny?

Simply,  Neil Keenan, as the AMANAH, is potentially sitting on top of the largest pile of REAL FUNGIBLE ASSETS THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

The estimated bunker wealth is not in billions, trillions or even quadrillions but in at least QUINTILLIONS of US Dollars… more than enough to rejuvenate the Middle Class globally and World Trade.

That is clearly enough for Neil’s ticket to sit at the Head of the global Financial Table. 

Those coming in to support Neil and his Team with money in hand may get a seat too, but those asses that bow before him with hands extended will get booted out the door! Those who come to help humanity may stand a chance. 

But those that come to save their own sorry asses and serve themselves, FOR GET IT! Neil has shown that he has no mercy for Cabal Elites, and his Team members are the same minded fighters

There will be dramatic financial changes in Our World as the Fiat monetary system is nearing its natural collapse. Neil and his Team will be there to help rejuvenate a global financial system with REAL ASSET BACKING. 

That is what the AMANAH does for HUMANITY.

What KIND OF new global financial system will evolve is yet to be fully determined, but it needs to be far better than the old one – for sure.

This situation needs correction… IMMEDIATELY.

And HE Who has the GOLD… makes the RULES.”

Thus the first SEAT would go to the AMANAH, Neil Francis Keenan, who represents the REAL assets backing the Global Collateral Accounts AND the bunker assets of and in Indonesia and of the Golden Dragon Family in Asia.

Understanding that, then you will be able to comprehend why Neil Keenan and his Indonesian associates are so important in any global financial reset and why he has been so active in exposing and preventing Cabal attempts to steal Golden Dragon Family assets throughout Asia and in protecting assets held in Indonesia; as well as, dealing with the Family gold deposits made into the Global Collateral Accounts that form the foundation of Western banking… soon to be EASTERN BANKING.

This Summary shows how Neil has consistently turned global attention to the nefarious dealings of the Cabal and their Agents who attempt to cross Neil’s red line. 

Those that have come to play on his court have experienced the wrath of a fighter. This Summary has only highlighted a few of the battles already fought. 

There were many more and there will be many more to come. But this global warrior is indefatigable and determined to WIN.

So it is about time to choose sides and either join with Neil and support his Team or prepare to fight with the nastiest bulldogs on the street. And fence-sitters will definitely lose a lot of toes to these snapping dogs.

This may look like a fight between David and his Lilliputians against a field of Giants, but there is magic in Neil’s stones and they are being thrown by 80’ tall Jinns and a host of angelic beings that have the full support of the Creator. Choose your side well.

And anyone who would walk into a lion’s den with nothing but catnip, must have real magic stones… that is NEIL KEENAN.

“It’s a jungle out there. You gotta look out for number one, but don’t step in number two.”

– Rodney Dangerfield

Concluding comments by Neil Keenan:

“After reading the above I must say that even I am impressed with the list of accomplishments, but do you know what?

This list is not complete, nor could it be seeing as so much more happened and so many people have been involved in terms of our our team, to individuals and organizations such as the Lords of Light who actually saved our backsides during one of our last trips when the Rothschilds shut off all our bank transfer capabilities. 

If it was not for they; our allies who found a way around these matters and helped to keep us from collapsing.

Their ingenuity was so profound that even the banks could not figure things out. It took them two weeks to understand how to get us the funding to keep rolling, and that is when the bank itself understood that it had the capacity to receive and send money just like Western Union (owned by the Rothschilds)… This was something else not only for us but for the bank as well. 

What this posting is about though, details not only the issues and events we have dealt with but how twelve years ago, with our release of ‘Financial Tyranny’ – as coined by Benjamin Fulford – and composed by one hell of a NY Attorney named Bill Mulligan; who started out thinking this might be a scam – somehow to finally (after much work and reading coming to grips with things) that there is more going on out there than what even he thought… Without Bill you all would still be sitting in your chairs waiting for the end to come. 

Now we are beyond counting numbers worldwide and this matter has become one of utmost importance. It has evolved from exposing the banks, the ‘Elite’ and much more into the survival of our people and the planet. 

The doors were opened twelve years ago by us and ‘Financial Tyranny’ which also included lots of work from Keith Scott who went the wayward path soon after this, but nevertheless he was instrumental – and not to be forgotten. 

There were others that helped send us off into the unknown such as Jean Haines and again without her I might have returned to the business world long ago, or have even made a deal with the Cabal to drop the lawsuit. 

I was pondering so many things back then, but my team kept plugging away at things and upon seeing this I realized that if they can continue to do it – then so can I. 

Thank you to my team, which has changed here and there, throughout the years. 

That’s right, twelve years ago and many, many dollars later this happened, and the doors were opened for humanity for the first time. 

Up to this point some might have thought about it but no one had the stones to come forward with it, given that the Italian Prime Minister who attempted to do so was found hanging from a bridge in Italy – and many other people who disappeared who would even dare to mention such things existed (remember the movie “Conspiracy Theory”?)

Yes they had us all imprisoned right here in our own world and they were looking down on us as their minions. To be honest, so long as I could play basketball or baseball, I never had the time to think about it, but it was always there suffocating our families. 

That weight might still be with us, but we know about it now and we are banging back at them. 

Yes “they” still control lots of operations and can even create volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. They are what they are, and it can be scary but keeping them in control is even scarier. 

I have been helped throughout and people such as Russ and others assisted me in getting it this far – to the END or BEGINNING – however we wish to look at it. 

“They” even tried to use the Corona Virus in an attempt to close the very doors we opened by changing the world once again into what the Cabal needs to survive. The Kraken exposed that one.

“They” have the medical world and Big Pharma in their pockets and are utilizing them to keep us locked up in what I would describe as their created world, which is falling apart. Soon they will still be around (maybe) – but then again the leadership will be different. 

The Democratic Party of the US is falling apart in the process of being exposed – and their leaders are proving to be nothing more than a group of feeble old men and women who have kept us down. 

The Republicans are not much better, and it seems that after TRUMP is re-elected it is time to create some sort of system that will protect the people; which I believe will happen. 

And why will all this happen and more? 

Because WE opened the doors with a lawsuit filing twelve years ago which dug straight into their weak hearts and we have not given it a break since. 

I have been under siege right from the beginning and will talk about this in a video soon to come, but again people such as Susan from Boston came through with such help that I was allowed to continue on that was until the so called “women’s club” began to attack people such as Drake, who was doing nothing more than assisting the people throughout. 

Why would this ‘club’ attempt to hurt the very people who were helping them? Since that time they have disappeared, but the damage they did has not. 

Many hands were extended along the way and at times others were attempting to bite them off. Twelve years is a long time and guess what: WE OPENED THOSE DOORS FOR HUMANITY AND THEY ARE STILL OPEN TODAY. 

If we had not done this, then we just might have been dead by now or then again maybe the CABAL would not have unleashed some of their very damaging weapons that they had been sitting on for years. 

Like I said, I will put out a video shortly and get into this a little bit. But for now; here is a big thank you to humanity and all some have done to keep us all alive. 

I am still alive and well and ready to go to get this show back on the road. This planet will go through such a shake-up like never before. Then it will be our planet not just ‘theirs’ for a change.

Until the video I bid Adieu… And do not worry – we are not missing a beat while locked down with this fake virus. 

Just adding more pieces to the puzzle… Thank you all once again and remember our team OPENED UP THE DOORS and they hopefully will never be closed again.


Neil Francis Keenan.”

For further detail see Footsteps Of The Amanah and the History & Events Timeline.

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