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What Goes Up
Must Come Down


Alexis de Tocqueville stated that:

 “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

If the above is correct then isn’t it about time that our up and down government which began as a Republic and then taken over in a silent coup is about ready to collapse.  Isn’t it about right that all outstanding debts should be on the shoulders of our so called United States of America Corporation.

Isn’t it about right that the Republic of America should step right in seeing it was pushed out and govern ‘We the People’ as it was meant to be from the beginning with Sovereignty?

Is it not right that all of those profiteering from the corruption of the US Corporation should be tried for corruption and treason with all funds and assets frozen?

Shouldn’t this be done immediately seeing they are already (Obama, Bush, Clintons etc.) in the early stages of a well known coup attempt?

Why would we the 300 Million more or less people of the US allow this to happen after suffering so much at the hands of a few?  Has the time come for we the people to support our President in good times and bad times and work together in this hand and hand.

He claims he is the peoples President and he sure seems to show it to each and every  one of us.

The time has come today. Let’s keep an eye on our President and consider him precious and by supporting him bolster his military and other agencies in their fights within and out with the numerous organizations mamby pamby Obama, nutcase Clinton, and Hot Lips Bush seem to have control of.

Let’s stand tall and do what needs to be done to keep our children and elderly safe.  Let’s do It!

The Republic of America must have 200 years or more of working at making things better and this would be more than enough for us to set things straight and get ourselves and our neighbors in line for grand undertakings.

Our nation has been on such a roller coaster ride that most have never had any idea what hit them but now they do. It is called the Spinning Wheel Up and Down Syndrome. It is the Khazarian Cabal that has taken us on this unnecessary ride and now it is time for the Spinning Wheel to Stop…


Blood Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel


Apologies extended for the delay of this post but I am only one man with a small but dynamic team attempting to do everything possible in many different ways to take the Cabal down before my time passes.  So let’s get moving and rock them before they rock us…


Queen – We Will Rock You


On another note of importance, there is a powerful British organization called Serco which controls most of the Western hemisphere’s various service agreements and contracts, especially including ALL of those in the US. (Who said the British no longer control the US?)

Serco: A Corporate Octopus With Tentacles Wrapped Around The Globe

Serco: The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

It is time for us to be aware of Serco and do something about it to prevent further damage to each and everyone of us!

Further investigations show that many crooks continue their stealing and attempts at raping the bunkers.

Fortunately, President Trump has been updated on this matter, and he has ordered satellite surveillance on those who are trying to steal the gold, currencies and bank documents currently stored in the bunkers.

They will be shortly dealt with in a strong and effective manner.

Only a few of these crooks will be granted immunity while the rest will be arrested for international theft and corruption. As justice is done, you will only be able to visit these conniving thieves in prison.

There’s another pending story about a Japanese woman, Misumi Ishikawa, who is controlling a bunker that her father had a long relationship with; therefore, making it far too easy for her to steal from within the bunker itself.

In another case, the Chinese Lee Family is doing its best to protect their Family’s assets by purchasing as much of them as possible. Mr. Lee is currently preparing to sign for an astronomical fund within the next few days. He is signing for all of the currency in the bunker, while many questions emerge around what the Family is doing.

Mr. Lee is a person of integrity who has had a great deal of experience despite loads of problems and challenges. He is a man who can be trusted in the midst of current troubles.

Other notes of immediate concern from Asia reveal 3 crafty, crooked men who have moved 5 Billion Yen to Seoul. One is a Japanese, another is a Korean, and the third one is a Korean broker.

It appears that they are preparing for more thieving of bunker assets.

Some Japanese also have stolen 2 containers (of Yen) from the bunkers. They are now trying to exchange the Yen for Korean money. They plan to sell 75 per cent of it.

Then, too, many an Elder has become aware that they are going to be caught for some of their shady transactions in the past. Some of them wish to atone and make amends for these past indiscretions while others wish to return what they have stolen.

However, to be fair, the West deceived each of them by stealing the Assets through their lawlessness and fake Western financial system that they set up with Brettonwoods and other fraudulent agreements.

Thus, these Elders do not owe anyone anything. They (including their Fathers and Grandfathers) took responsibility for these bunkers and faithfully watched over them for many years without receiving any well-deserved compensation.

Neil Keenan is aware of this and will be sure to arrange for their immunity so they can relax and have peace of mind. They deserve to have sufficient means for a healthy, happy life as well.

Another case of more, blatant corruption involves the “dynamic duo” of criminal behavior, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Rasak, who is also the Minister of Finance, and his Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs.

Partners in Crime: Ahmad Zahid-Hamidi and Najib Razak

Recently, Razak took the “liberty” of emptying the bank accounts of a very wealthy Malaysian.

Najib erroneously believed himself to be extremely clever by transferring this man’s Collateral Security Instruments being held in the Malaysian Central Bank to a local commercial bank account in the Prime Minister’s wife’s name, Rosmah Mansor.

Razak then had the sneaky audacity to contact the UBS in Switzerland and to advise the bank that the Malaysian billionaire was “DEAD” and that he (Razak), as Minister of Finance, was the Executor of the man’s estate, thus claiming the entire funds of this individual, including his Trust Accounts.

Meanwhile, UBS asked Razak to produce this man’s Official Death Certificate which the DPM could only provide with official notices in writing of the so-called

Executor’s authority that only the PM could provide. These official documents were then sent to UBS who, fortunately, were in direct contact with the very much alive “Dead Man” throughout this ongoing scenario.

Consequently, UBS knew that needless to say, dimwit Najib’s attempts were illegal and fraudulent as in Grand Theft on an international level.

With transcripts and recordings of phone conversations in hand as well as the official documentation that was sent, UBS had more than enough to nail Najib to the wall! They then filed a major legal case with the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Ironically, in his increasing desperation Najib tried preventing the “Dead Man” from leaving Malaysia.

To his immediate dismay, he was stopped abruptly by way of the timely intervention of the UN, IMF, the FED, and the Swiss government. The “Dead Man” is now living in Europe and will gladly testify before the ICJ in this matter.

In the end Najib and Zahid are now the real “Dead Men Walking” with no place to run and no place to hide.

Perhaps they best stand down, especially after the other previously noted past attempts failed to destroy the Malaysian economy.

Karma has its rightful place in these matters of greed and corruption.


The Marcos Deposits

Another such tale of corruption involves a number of cases arising that concern the “Marcos Deposits” that were made to various central and commercial banks around the world.

It is estimated there are over 2,500 of such fixed deposits which are nominally held in the name of a signatory, a trustee or their descendants.

The truth is that these very deposits are Golden Family Assets that, per the Family’s approval and instructions, were to be distributed by Ferdinand Marcos to rebuild a number of designated countries’ economies following WWII.


It is also duly noted that Madam Cynthia from the Philippines is NOT a Dragon Family member. Any further activities by her to misrepresent herself will be immediately thwarted by authorities.

Recent attempts to cash-in these fixed deposits by using false approval from the FED (Yellen), IMF, UN, the Philippine government or its Central Bank, and the banks in various countries is, again, another glaring, fraud involving Grand Theft on the part of all involved parties.

Shining the light on these nefarious crooks for all to see is only the beginning of bringing justice to the forefront.

In summary, these deposits must remain as Collateral Security and should be only used to back the currencies and development of each country and NOT be used to line the pockets of corrupt politicians, banksters, lawyers, signatories or trustees and their proxies.

Otherwise, they must be returned to the Golden Dragon Family, the rightful OWNERS.

So BEWARE! Anyone even thinking of stealing and cashing in on these deposits – you are hereby put on notice that these Accounts are now being very closely observed.

You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law!

Neil Keenan holds the original books of the Accounts, and they will be opened in due time. He has both the old and new ledgers. Anyone caught stealing the Dragon Family Assets will be rounded up and taken to wherever they belong, as the ASIAN SWAMP WILL BE DRAINED ALSO!


Yellowstone Warning

On another note, the old rumor that Yellowstone National Park volcanoes were soon going to erupt has resurfaced to just a chosen few.  This report predicts a major disaster in Yellowstone within the next 4 months. Monitoring technology exposes gasses being emitted, landscape movements and the spike in temperatures of the tar in the roads. 

Not anyone has really paid attention to this but there are ways to mitigate and even prevent such a disaster. 


Yes the above is true and yes they need resources but what destroys me is no one has even released such information to the public yet.  Just be prepared as I always tell you. 

This is Obama, Bush, Clinton and Soros’ doings.  They prepared it before O left office and in case the public liked Trump enough to cause them trouble.

The plan?  To take as many of us out as possible. 

What are we going to do about Yogi Bear?  A National Treasure…


Now it’s Neil’s turn to speak directly to us in his own inimitable style:

“Let me just say this has been a very, very long ride!!! During this entire unprecedented and challenging journey I along with my loyal Keenan Team kept trucking right on through one disaster after another… while often escaping death.

There’s no question we still have battle wounds and medical problems, but we are steadfastly closing in on the goal line.

Despite becoming more of a storyteller than chasing the Global Accounts, I never lost my focus for one moment. The TIME has come today…YES, it has!!!

Over the years we have prevented so many illegal transactions from taking place by using our website and other vital connections to expose whomever it was and whatever was needed to bring them into the forefront and the light of day for all of you to see.

We wanted to be open and inclusive with so many good people so that each one would know what was happening and also feel a part of the ongoing events.

We often played a dynamic, crucial role that was more far-reaching and greater than governments could have provided.

One major slip-up and we could have lost. When I say lost, I mean the world would have tragically lost if the “enemies” got the Gold.

There still is a great deal of confusion and chaos happening now by desperate people. Even though they know that they are being watched and scrutinized, they remain imbalanced enough to continue their harebrained attempts to steal the Gold which in no way belongs to them.

Despite this tremendous challenge being downright dangerous, it has also been exciting, interesting, even exhilarating, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

What I want to emphasize now is that with the end being near, it is time for the stories to stop. Soon it will be the beginning of a new volume with wonderful, positive events happening for ‘We The People’ of this planet.

Then we will dance and party and celebrate like no world before us ever has! Beam me up, Scottie! Ha ha ha ha…

I also want to advise you that we have received a lot of attention from major organizations, including the UN (as you already know) which was the first.

During the past 2-3 weeks this awareness has grown to include Harvard Medical School, the M.I.N.D. Institute at MIT, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Wingate Institute for Sports and Exercise Science, the National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences in Nazareth, Israel, the National Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Havana, Cuba as well as the School of Public health in Havana, and the Blelefeld University in Germany.

These organizations sound like a great beginning, but the list is going to continue to grow a whole lot longer while we are very busy mixing and matching up the new healing computers as well as in working with the Accounts.

There’s nothing like success! We have a delightful person in the US using a healing computer who already has tested and treated more than 40 people with positive results. 40-0 are pretty damned good results along with the rest from other owners of the machines.

I can only smile and shake my head while wondering how far it will all go! I sincerely hope it eventually goes as far as your own living rooms so one day each of you may have convenient access to this technology for yourselves and your families and friends.

Ongoing fine-tuning continues to be done by the developers of these machines to continue with upgrades to further enhance their performance.

At the present time I see the Accounts opening soon with many good things moving ahead as a result.

I will be able to obtain the necessary Gold to support not only the US, but also much of the world, so that we will never again fall into such a horrible trap, and subjected to the slavery that the Khazarian Mafia created for humanity.

At last, the time has come for the Khazarians to take a final bow before the dark curtain comes forcefully down upon them. For some time the writing has been on the wall, and their come-uppance is just beginning.

I can now reveal that I have been invited to fly in a few weeks to meet with the officials who have the authority and ability to open the Accounts.

In the meantime, plans are being worked on to get everything in position to benefit the people and the planet.

Another note of importance is regarding the recent numerous and disturbing commotions within our facebook group. Originally, I thought it was a good idea to create this facebook group, but there are way too many problems for the administrators to deal with.

My team is working so hard to get things out to you, and they don’t need such headaches. Remember this site was set up for people like Lynn, Mary Ann and others who are wonderful, kind people to give them a place to share information and hang their hats. In the meantime, we will leave things to the administrators and immediately block anyone creating unnecessary disturbances.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve decided to cut out the stories and, instead, simply just get the meat of the matters out to you as efficiently and timely as can be done.

I also want to sincerely thank all of those great people who have stood by Group K and myself for such a long time. I believe I had black hair when this saga began and now look at me! (Just joking).

So many other people also need to be thanked. How about our Team K who took so much time out of their lives in order to give and help all of you? They are wonderful people! I wonder how many of you know the names of our team. (Let’s see if any of you can answer this in the comment section here at or on the “It’s a Keenan Thing” facebook page. I would love to see how many are correct.

What a great group of people you all are! Now let the team and me get busy in order to deliver something to you that will last forever. Let’s see what comes out in the wash!

God Bless. See you soon. I love you all…




Yes, Neil remembers now that in actuality The Ides of March relates to March 15…


Important Notes:

1: If you are wanting healing computer treatments in North America you must direct all enquiries to This is a free, encrypted email service and you will need to set up an email account at Proton Mail in order to communicate with the treatment coordinators. All purchase enquiries must go only to

2: To those who send rude, brief emails requesting treatments without even bothering to say where you are located – please have some respect for the people working to help you. The world is not comprised solely of a country called America and so no assumption will be made that you are there.  Please give your country and general relevant area in order that we can help you get treatment.

3: There are some people repeatedly emailing us complaining that we are not replying to their emails , when in fact we are. The problem is that certain email addresses bounce every time we send to them and so these people need to check their addresses are working – so that they stop wasting their time and ours.


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  1. Thank you Neil and your team

  2. Brooks o'bryant

    March 3, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Thank you Mr. Neil Keenan for everything you do …you are a hero !no I don’t know the names of everyone in your group but I had tried hard to follow the rules and stay aware of all the info that you’re putting out ….you are truly a great man ! and we all appreciate everything you do and we cannot say thank you enough!💥

  3. Hi Neil and Team,,
    Thanks for the update, so is the RV ever going to happen really starting ti loose hope

  4. Gloria Seckler

    March 3, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Thank you for taking the precious time to inform us of your progress. My prayers will continue. Once I have the finances I will be planning on setting up clinics for the healing machines so that so many more people will be able to benefit from them. Especially with the chemtrails and the microwave towers affecting our health.
    Gratitude always Neil. My prayers and my love for you and your team.

  5. Chris Brosnahan and Donovan Darcy

  6. Allison Keyte

    March 3, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    I just love you Neil! Thank you so much. I wish I could give you a big hug. 😇

  7. Neil and team K your right I’m unable to thank everyone by name who has been devoted to your efforts. I am and always will be thankful to your team and you, Neil. When I first entered this group I was fearful of our future, because of YOUR group and the new administration of our beloved land I know we have a future for my children, grandchild and all countries on this planet. Unfortunately many are impatient and demand results Now without knowledge of what it entailed to get this far to save Humanity. I am sorry and have no excuse for the feelings of impatience that I have had also. Neil please know that I too will do my best to make America great again. I’m very lucky/ blessed that I have been even giving a chance to be able contribute and not just suck the life out of this world. Thank you again blessing from my heart to all of yours Neil and team.

  8. God Bless Neil, America and Donald Trump. You have my prayers

    • I will second that. We must hold Neil, Trump, America, and indeed the fate of the world now in our prayers!
      We are going to win!

  9. Thank you Neil and Team K I really appreciate every update you
    make my day. Between now and 4 months will anyone prevent Yellowstone from erupting? I agree with Brooks and always stay with the rules of this site. Praying for your safety always and everyone that helps you. Love and light Laurie K❤️🙏🏻🍀🇺🇸

  10. Yes, what a learning adventure we’ve been on with Neil & Group K!!! Not only have we been duly informed, but we’ve also come to believe in ourselves & the power of connectivity & goodwill of We The People around the world. The time is now for us to remain aware & awake & to make a difference in outcome by knowing the real truth of ongoing events. & by taking action where we see fit.

    I, too, must acknowledge & thank Jean Haines for her strong support of Neil’s mission in the beginning by giving him a forum on her website with the excellent writing of Michael Henry Dunn. This is where I, along with many others, became alerted to the very important calling of this most heroic man, Neil Keenan, whom we’ve come to know, love & appreciate for ALL he’s done over the years along with his beloved Group K on behalf of humanity.

    With the healing machines, free energy & the Global Accounts coming together in a way that only Neil could envision, we are deeply appreciative…beyond words…for a “fresh start” for humanity.

    Neil, you remain in our hearts forever & we wish good health & lasting personal fulfillment for you & your loved ones who’ve also sacrificed along with you during this epic struggle for freedom from debt slavery as well as in making available the healing machines that will help cure the many diseases that pervaded our daily lives for far too long.

    While more work still needs to be done, we will continue to support you & pray for the success that will change our lives as well as yours.

    God bless…

  11. carmine conti

    March 3, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Thank You so much Neil and your team looking forward to a better tomorrow

  12. Thank you so much for everything you have done, and are doing for humanity. You are wonderful!

  13. Head down, eyes on the ball…. Lock and load, Let’s Roll….

  14. Hi Neil:
    Just a sincere thank you for all that you and your team have accomplished, and continue to do. I’m certain we don’t know the true trials y’all have been through, and the time and effort you spent, and had to spend, to get one of your team free from an wrongful jail sentence. You’re a tough, thoughtful and caring man, and those who surround you have persevered through difficult times as well. We appreciate each and every member of your team and look forward to the time when you can get that swamped drained in your area of expertise, and humanity can move forward into a better place.

    One additional question to ask; Should you have the ability to communicate with our President here in the U.S.A , I’d appreciate it if you would mention the CHEMTRAILS to him again. We here in the state of Texas, specifically in my case the San Antonio, Austin Texas area are still getting bombarded by these damn CHEMTRAILS. Any assistance with that would be appreciated. Doctors offices and emergency rooms are swamped with people who can’t stop coughing from that which is being allowed to be dumped on them from the sky. Commonly referred to as CHEMTRAIL FLU, it’s difficult to deal with, especially for folks with asthma or other upper respritory scenarios. Also, one last question; Does the healing machine heal asthma?

    Again, thank you to you and your team !

    San Antonio, Texas USA

  15. Neil,
    Thank you, I so appreciate your updates because we get very little true info out here. You continue with your work and we will continue backing, protecting, and doing what is necessary to help our President (Which has almost become a full time job in itself) Dam those Demon-crats! Ha Ha

  16. Camlo Ram Rex

    March 3, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Muchas gracias Neil por su importante labor para la humanidad.

  17. Chrystyne Jackson

    March 3, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Mr. Neil, Up front I want to THANK YOU for all that You have been doing.
    May I add a few things that are getting urgent:
    Social Security
    Medi Care
    that …. Obama Care
    Social Security Fear
    and the Issues of the Dinar. Dong and Zim, are these Issues Reality ?

  18. Elizabeth Major

    March 3, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    I am grateful to you, Neil Keenan and Group K for the efforts to save my country and provide for the rebuilding of the world through the funding of humanitarian projects across this beautiful planet. May we now be ready, steadfast and true, as you all have been, to carry out swiftly all these plans so my beloved brothers and sisters across the globe can be hopeful, healed and happy -some for the first time since they took their first breath. God bless you, keep you and may the sun shine warm on your face, the wind be at your back and may we all feel the embrace of Gods hand in our life.
    Beth M

  19. Thank you and God bless you Neil and crew for all you do, John

  20. Thank You Neil, You’re a Gentleman and a Scholar. Much Love/Gratitude to You and The Team from Your Friends in N/W Pa. From Us and those “Who Don’t Know Any Better”. May Michael and Jesus watch over You, God Bless.

  21. You are a crusty guy with a unrelenting drive and a pure heart. So glad to be connected with you and your team. Can’t wait for those who have controlled things for so long to be exposed and for the new reality to unfold before our eyes. Much respect and gratitude to you and all those who have assisted you.

  22. Brenda Teagarden

    March 4, 2017 at 3:03 am

    Hi Neil and Group K,
    Thank you for all you are doing and the sacrifices you have made all these years. You are most appreciated. Sending love, light and protection from the Great “I Am”.


  23. Thank you for your up-date. I look forward to hearing from you – hoping that you are okay and if we are going to make it – if the world is going to make it. Love you and the team.

  24. Awesome report! Thank you SO MUCH, Neil and Team K. You guys are the best.
    Much love and respect! Thank you, again!

  25. Thank you for your commitment to the task at hand, despite the dangers and challenges you have faced. I say this to Neil Keenan and each and every member of the Keenan Team and Group K (M1 and Count Albert included), and all others who contribute / have contributed to the work done / to be done. May God’s Blessings be on each one of you, now and forever.

  26. My country, South Korea is under dangerous situation. Existing government decided to construct THAAD base in S. Korea. It is not to defend against N. Korea’s missiles. It is to watch China and Russia. Already China started revenge against S. Korea in business and if it expands to trading then S. Korea will be collapsed economically. At the moment, Cabal fully controls existing government so Trump administration has to consider the deployment of THAAD base in S.Korea. It will trigger 3 World War. I do not want Korean peninsular to be the battlefield of 3 WW. Please pray for Korea.
    Personally I hope that Mr. Keenan will(can) convey my words to Trump.
    I also believe Trump loves and persues world peace.

  27. Ernesto C Famor

    March 5, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    You did it. We were with you throughout. Thank you.

  28. Mr. Keenan, you mention a couple of names in the video that might or might not be in Group K starting with Richard Montgomerie (there’s a good chance he is part of Group K, and therefore, the rest also) Dean, Mark, Sevran, Marianne, Lynn, Gene, Ella and Nalou (not sure if I’m writing the last name correctly)
    Apart from them there is of course Josehp Abraham Stanbouli, and I’ve been talking to the lovely Shirley (don’t know her last name)
    And then you have the ladies that might or might not be a part of Group K. Angela, Nancy, and Ann in America and Marianne in France.
    I should be able to remember some more from various posts, but somehow the names got mushed together a bit. Still have lots of studying to do.
    Furthermore since you’re asking us to think, I couldn’t help but notice your background in the video. Might it be that the two elephants are you and M2? Then the Shells could be various Dragon Families, with the White Shell (in that case) being the Golden Dragon Family. Since They stay hidden in the background. Represented by a protective Shell. Then there’s the Lotus Flower. It might either represent The Divine Light or maybe the Global Collateral Accounts, I’m leaning towards Divine Light because of its colour. And lastly, I recon the lion is one of the enemies, perhaps symbol for all of them. The brown thing above it might be the curtain that is closing, but now I’m pretty much guessing. Still, all of the figures do have a definate meaning. I love that. There’s so many levels to it. I still feel like I’m just grasping at straws. I remember one frightened guy talking about the Emerald City in the page logo, and you explaining him to look carefully who was in the Emerald City. I knew then what I already suspected, that not a single detail here was meaningless.To me that is poetry. And to see it all being orchestrated by someone who TRUELY cares. It is prevalent in every video, in everything you say. I tip my hat to you, sir.
    The existance of the GCA blew me away, reading about your mission blew me away. The story of the 134,5 Billion of stolen bonds blew me away. How about the surreder of Obama and his weird speech on april the 30th. It was like watching something out of a siencefiction. It all looked really silly but it was one big secret message from beginning to end, and I was only able to understand part of it. Of course you know this much better than I do.
    And now the Healing Computers, next Free Energy.. Truely mesmerizing.
    Also, thank you so much for warning of the possible Yellow Stone disaster. Having experienced that people here don’t believe in the Healing Computer and simply refuse to look at possible data that might contradict their opinion. -I wonder how Galileo must’ve felt when nobody wanted to look inside his telescope- It is futile to explain them about Yellow Stone and thus impossible to organize. Be that as it may, I do truely apreciate you telling us.
    My support is with you, from here through all the struggles to come all the way untill the rebuilding of our precious planet. My thoughts are with the good people that got caught up in tidal wave of violence caused by the cabal.

  29. Wow!!! Neil & Group K deserve to give themselves a huge pat on their backs for their earlier breaking news. There was indeed a 4.5 earthquake at Yellowstone with the high probability of more.

    We The People can also see the exposed players on the world stage showing their true colors & not-so-hidden agendas when the Keenan Team is one step ahead of them alerting us to their nefarious tricks & potential hit jobs.

    Thanks for continuing to give us the real “meat” so we are prepared for anything & everything…as we all know by now that “Ignorance Is NOT Bliss”! (There’s a huge difference between being duly informed to protect ourselves & our loved ones…& being subjected to the lies & fear-mongering of the mainstream media…

    Go Team K!!!

  30. Thomas Welzhofer

    March 7, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Dear Neil and team, to read these words is like coming out of a room without oxygen and take a deap breath of fresh air. Really, even when every-day live is hard and dark, the hope that you give is like a shaft of sunlight. And i am convinced, that your hard work will bring us and our children the good days. If i could help, i would. I know donations are welcome. This is not an option at the moment, unfortunately. But if you need a courageous hand in germany, or where ever, let me know.

  31. Miyoshi Suzuki

    March 8, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Many thanks for the great job by Neil and his team always!
    If Yellowstone is appealing pain of mother earth, why cannot HAARP be used in same principle as Healing Computer !?

  32. Neil, I want you to know that you and your hard persistent work is a God send to all of humanity, and deserves a lot more than could possibly be given to any one person- You are a Prince of human dignity- Thank you very much for all your endeavors to get this country turned around- Your efforts will be very well rewarded!! Thank you again for everything you are doing for ALL of us!!

  33. Isten áldja meg továbbra is, Esaias 14:2-7. God bless you.
    Zita S.

  34. Isten áldjon meg továbbra is.
    Esaias 14:2-7. God bless you and your group.
    Zita S.

  35. Tqvm Mr Neil Keenan and team. Appreciate a with ur effort to tell the truth. I, personally know and really close with the person which u mentioned as a DEAD MAN in cases involving the top duo in Malaysia. Everything will reveal soon. Once again, tqvm.

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