For the past month or so I have been fielding questions with respect to Neil F. Keenan and the tremendous honor he has been endowed with in being elected as the Amanah in Indonesia.

The Definition of The Amanah:

The Amanah, is the title given to the one who is and has shown his concern, care and love for not only Indonesia but for all other nations in our efforts to stay alive and relevant.

This individual is directly responsible and in charge of the deposits in all the bunkers that were placed there by the Asian Nations who brought large amounts of gifts when Sukarno was voted the first and only Amanah.

Initially, my instinct was to ignore such nonsense although it seems to have captured the minds of so many.

It has become apparent however that there are many sincere souls who simply have no comprehension of what has actually transpired.

Ergo, I eventually felt compelled to weigh in on certain developments, the implications of which are already grasped by millions; not only across Asia – but indeed the world over.

Neil Keenan opened the likes of Pandora’s Box with his “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” when it was filed in the United States District Court in Manhattan, New York, in 2011.

The event of the filing of said lawsuit initiated the process of shining a light of truth that exposed the Globalist / Cabal networks and a multitude of financially fraudulent activities – included within which was the theft of bonds belonging to Mr. Keenan.

At that point in the proceedings Neil Keenan was a friend of Benjamin Fulford, who for his part wisely supported the lawsuit, emphasizing that it indeed possessed the capacity to bring about the end of global financial tyranny.

Until that precipitous time there were many who feared the names mentioned in Neil Keenan’s bravely pioneering lawsuit; surmising that anyone associated with the filing would very likely be in line for an untimely death.

In a move that perplexed many an observer, Neil Keenan took the Cabal on directly and to this day he has never looked back.

To a large degree it was is Neil Keenan who revealed who and what “they” are.

Mr. Keenan opened a very large door and struck the floodlights, leaving the contents open for everyone else to investigate in their own discovery.

Never before has an individual showed such fearlessness. Thereafter, others following this almost incomprehensibly far-reaching, historical exposure have been Epiphytes doing their level best to attach themselves to Neil Keenan’s efforts.

However, the filing of the “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” was merely Neil Keenan’s opening salvo.

Subsequently, Mr. Keenan has continued to deploy his floodlights in places – where for eons of human history – darkness had afforded safe haven to the most atrocious corruption and heinously evil activity; worldwide.

On occasion I have wondered whether Neil Keenan has more of a Native American Indian spirit than Irish; given that he now has so many scalps hitched upon his belt.

In contemplating the achievements of Neil Keenan and Group K in recent years the following character and events come to mind:

OPPT, OITC, Karen Hudes, [1], [2], [3] the fake Red Dragon ‘Ambassador’, former President Park of South Korea, Najib Razak of Malaysia, Bong Bong Marcos, Queen Beatrice of The Netherlands (founder of the Bilderberg Group), former President Sarkozy of France, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, Ban Ki-moon formerly of the UN, and the thwarting of the Bush / Clinton / Obama Cartel gold thievery attempts in Asia.

Furthermore, exposing the Japanese plans to invade Indonesia in an attempted heist of their bunkered gold – as well as exposing the plot by the Clinton drug cartel to assassinate President Jokowi of Indonesia (facilitated by way of Clinton Foundation cartel drug money).

[ To fully understand the scope of achievements one really should take time to read the History & Events Timeline. ]

I am cognizant that there are further schemes in play behind the scenes and so it is a given there are additional revelations waiting to be revealed.

Posit: Why Neil Francis Keenan?

Why would highly qualified spiritual Muslim Elders in Indonesia unanimously elect an American Irish Catholic to be the Amanah?

The simple retort is that Mr. Keenan was vetted at the highest spiritual levels (by means that are incomprehensible to many people), and these Elders knew “he” was coming somewhere in the order of almost forty years prior.

Until these events began to unfold Neil Keenan had not been much of a believer in “spirits”, (especially the likes of the Jinns) and things that go bump in the night.

Certainly it is not an understatement to say that what Neil Keenan has experienced as part of this arduous process has been eye-opening. I doubt that he would have anticipated being confronted with such powerful mystical experiences.

The Elders explained to Neil Keenan that in over half a century there had been many who felt that they were worthy of the position of the Amanah. Until Neil Keenan however, none had been capable of passing the extremely challenging spiritual initiations.

Indeed, there is far more involved in and required of being the Amanah than being a figurehead perched atop a pot of gold.

In Islam, followers are instructed to “spend of the wealth entrusted to you” and to do so in a righteous and benevolent manner for the betterment of all mankind.

This is now Neil Keenan’s duty. It is critical that our man remains firm in how he handles this sacred trust, as there will be many advances from those with questionable intent.

Who then is better at separating the wheat from the chaff? The Elders chose well from my vantage point.

Neil Keenan has entered and takes on the mantle as the Amanah at this juncture just as the Western fiat-currency financial system is collapsing into disarray.

Cardinal Pell, the Vatican finance controller, has now been fully exposed. The Italian P2 Freemason Lodge has also been “outed” in an undertaking to cash a super bond based on that which can rightly be termed “global fraud”.

Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth II is stepping down from her position as head of the Committee of 300 in favor of someone younger.

The Amanah is the principal TRUSTEE of much of the world’s foundational wealth.

This is the “Collateral” that constitutes the backing of both currencies and nations. This is also the collateral that has been used and abused for far too long by Western bankers and their bought-and-paid-for corporate governments.

Now we find ourselves circling back to the beginning; the “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit.”

To reiterate: Mr. Keenan is now officially the Amanah, the Sole Trustee for this underlying wealth that has been mirrored, stolen, hypothecated and abused in so many ways. At last, here comes the long-awaited light!

Hence we are all of us; at the dawning of a Golden Age and the Amanah has access to the gold and other assets, plus the historical “Black Book of Codes” – and the most recently established new codes.

It is game over for the Globalists / Cabal.

So let us all work together with the Amanah in whatever capacity we may be able to – such that collectively we can make this a better world for ALL of mankind.

This is Neil Keenan’s intention and objective. Please pray for him and his mission; whilst shining your own golden light.

What has been noted above constitutes only a part of why Neil Keenan was elected as the Amanah. And be certain that his people known as Group K stand beside him in this mission.


The Asian Insider

Post Script

As I prepared to finalize this writing I received a question about the bunker that was nearly hijacked by Neil Keenan’s translator Martha Wibawa (a.k.a. “Nelu”) and an entirely new team (not the one known of by Neil Keenan.)

In responding to this question I can simply state that upon discovering Wibawa’s deceptions, Neil Keenan advised him to cease operations from that point on.

Of course this had required someone ‘from the other side’ as well to direct Wibawa to the bunker concerned.

It emerged that Wibawa had been advising the Elders that Neil Keenan knew everything that was taking place and agreed to all and sundry – when in fact Neil Keenan knew little or nothing of what had come about at Wibawa’s behest.

When Neil Keenan applied pressure; knowing that Wibawa was being mischievous, he was advised that “they were already at the bottom of the hill and ready to go up (to the bunker).”

Neil Keenan instructed Wibawa that his services were no longer required and to halt immediately. Neil then contacted the Elder appointed to correspond with him and duly advised him as to what had been taking place.

This Elder believed that Wibawa was doing the right thing in providing his people with money and food to continue forth whilst not being aware that the funding had in actuality been provided by Neil Keenan.

If Wibawa had performed as explicitly instructed (and not what he himself had decided to do) Indonesia would have been in a position to access the necessary funding for relief efforts after their most recent Tsunami disaster.

If any one person and their actions are responsible for the delay in that bunker being opened it is definitely Martha Wibawa and his traitorous actions.

Wibawa had betrayed not only the Sultan, but the Amanah, the government of Indonesia and the entirety of the Indonesian people. I predict that upon his return to Indonesia, Neil Keenan will be requesting an arrest warrant for “Nelu” Martha Wibawa.

“Nelu” took it upon himself to follow his own bidding, meddling with extremely important matters that had nothing to do with him – only to find that Neil Keenan had closed the door.

Nelu, it seems could not find it within himself to fulfill the role of simply being just a translator. And these events attest to the fact that he was a poor one at that.