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Arrest The Bankers –
Counterfeit Notes Issued
by the ECB:
The Big Euro Bailouts Are
Backed By Less than Air –
They’re Backed By Fraud

by Michael Henry Dunn

(NOTE: Today’s video update on Youtube was inadvertently posted prematurely, and then withdrawn by us.  It is now reposted in its entirety.)

JAKARTA, March 31, 2013:  Easter Sunday  –  When these dispatches began, I promised you hard news from Neil Keenan in Jakarta, with no teaser phony updates or well-spun tantalizing hints of major developments to come.  For those whose incomes depend on e-newsletter subscription fees and ad revenue from web-page hit totals, such temptations are difficult to avoid: it is the old journalistic imperative to attract eyeballs by whatever means necessary.

Being an itinerant bard on a quixotic quest to be useful to the man I have come to regard as the planet’s best shot at freedom from debt-slavery, I have no such temptations.  Our audience pays us no fee, and the material reward for our efforts is waiting down the road, as it is for all of us.  So, much as we itched to post an update since our last post on March 25th, we’ve held off until the situation clarified, and we had news to share.

Questions hanging in our readers’ minds:

Is Nelu Wibawa free?

Short answer: Not yet, but the delays appear to be over…we may have additional news in short order.

Is Neil Keenan kicking butt?

Short answer:  Is the Pope Catholic?  (On second thought, that old line may not work so well anymore, as there are those who would now say, no, the Pope isn’t Catholic, he’s a Jesuit….but we will leave that one for later).

The answer to the question about Keenan’s swift kicks to bankster posteriors is an emphatic ‘yes.’  The answer to other questions is a blend of high-impact hard news and frustrating delays, the sum of which is that the Alliance’s efforts, spearheaded by Keenan, have the banksters on the run, with more good guys flocking to the banner.

We thought the best way to explain all this is to let Mr. Keenan himself answer some of these questions in person.  In today’s video, look for Neil’s response on such questions as: What is the bigger picture regarding the Cyprus savings account theft by the EU?  Is the new BRICS alliance going to come to the rescue, or is it just en EU rerun?  How and when will the humanitarian projects emerge from the liberation of the Global Collateral Accounts?  Keenan’s blunt responses to these questions will be heartening to some, and frightening to others.  We know who the frightened ones are, and they have reason to fear the consequences of their actions – consequences they no doubt thought never to face.

Some additional updates from Mr. Keenan that are not included in the video:

  • As the euro is backed by counterfeit currency issued by the European Central Bank in payment for the leasing of the Global Collateral Account gold, the ECB will be offered an opportunity to buy back the many trillions in phony notes they have issued.  As they will not be able to do this, they will be shut down and/or taken over.  The euro will go away, and the eurozone nations will return to their national currencies, minus their debt.
  • All the nations currently groaning under central bank debt – Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, et al – will be debt-free once these actions are complete, and the ECB is revealed for what it is.
  • The New World Order takeover of the assets and sovereignty of the so-called debtor nations will be stopped.  The economy-killing austerity and loss of sovereignty will end – no more Goldman Sachs cabalists will be appointed to rule your destinies.
  • Humanitarian projects will get fully underway only once this process has been completed.


(For those just arriving on the scene of this epic story, a quick overview can be found atNeil Keenan: The Changing of the Guard)

Those who are encouraged by Neil Keenan’s bluntness and his aggressive actions may at the same time feel increased anxiety for him, and for his team, given the dangers faced by others who have fought the bankster cabal, or have exposed the bloodline families, or sought to topple the dark sect at the top of that pyramid on the Federal Reserve debt note which now masquerades as America’s currency.

I won’t minimize the risk: it is real, and we are taking due precautions.  But I will share with you that we have received continued assurances from many quarters that we are being watched…and being watched over.  Yes, no doubt, there are formidable forces attempting to stop this work.  But there are many allies working with us, and many protective forces in the field on our behalf….and above it, and beyond it, if you will.   Hard core agency watch-dogs and, let’s say, more ethereal guardians as well.

Neil Keenan is, let me tell you, a very earthy guy (that really doesn’t begin to describe it).  If he weren’t a solidly grounded and sometimes downright scary fighter, he would not be where he is in the forefront of this battle.  But he’s also got a mystical Irish streak running through him.  In one moment, he will scoff at the idea of 4th Dimensional protection, or of guardian goddess spirits in his hotel room, or at above-top-secret sources that assure us of off-planet protection – and in the next minute tell me blithely that he’s seen them fairly often….but “don’t quote me, Michael – we don’t want people to think I’m nuts.”

So I won’t quote him.  (Hmmm, perhaps I just did).  I’ll just take the responsibility in my role as the “spiritual guy” in our good-cop/bad-cop routine to state that our experience has confirmed that “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” As to Neil’s sanity, let’s just say that he’s a combination of Genghis Kahn and Darby O’Gill: an unpredictable blend of ruthless warlord and mischievous Mick.

Genghis Kahn was a terror in the West and a hero in the East – rather like Neil Keenan.  Darby O’Gill (a fictional Disney concoction) conversed with the king of the leprechauns and was fond of high-proof poteen….well, you get the idea.  Neil Keenan (rather a teetotaler these days, truth to tell) knows he’s got help and protection on many levels, and we’re grateful to all of them. (Note: Keenan insists I reveal that he occasionally reads my thoughts: an irritating habit that I have been unable to rid him of.  I only thank God that I am not able to read his).

Darby O’Gill and The Little People

So rest easy, folks….well, as easy as you can.  Things are about to heat up.  The coming week should be a big one.  It appears we may have major developments in the coming days, updated in rapid fire postings.  Or, God forbid, more delays.  But today’s video from Neil Keenan is definitely not good news for the bad guys.

There’s a moment in Peter Jackson’s epic “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, immediately after the Ring goes into the Fire, when all the hundred thousand menacing minions of the Dark Lord suddenly realize that the jig is up, and they scatter like cockroaches when the light goes on.  That sums up what is now occurring.

The thousand fraudsters who have been conning people – or whole nations – with bogus claims to either represent or control the Global Collateral Accounts, are now either on the run, or are stepping up their efforts to a frantic pace, desperate to con money out of the last few gullible marks before the new sherrif’s deputies come knocking on their door. Meanwhile, major corporations are offering to take payment in gold for enormous projects, before the illicit trading of humanity’s heritage is shut down.

And an enormous secret gold-buying scheme by a prominent European central bank is about to be exposed.  Neil Keenan has many allies, and many sources of information.  The bankster-orcs would be well advised to run like hell for the River Anduin.

Michael Henry Dunn

Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

The Impact Of New Evidence,
The Power Of The Alliance,
And The Fall Of The Dark Lord

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA, March 24th, 2013 – Earlier this week, we informed you that crucial new evidence had come to light for Neil Keenan’s epic trillion-dollar lawsuit against the oligarchy.  The source of this evidence remains mysterious – apparently a friend who wished to remain anonymous.  The evidence simply dropped into Mr. Keenan’s e-mail inbox, with a subject heading referencing important documents.  The sender’s e-mail address identified a person tied to high political circles in the U.S.  – one that Neil might expect to have access to such sensitive material.

The body of the e-mail itself, however, contained nothing but a web address.  At that address were parked the documents.  However, the material on the site could not be downloaded, and could not be copied, but could only be viewed (a screen shot probably might have worked, but Neil is not a tech-savvy millennial kid, merely a paradigm-shifting hard-nosed global freedom fighter, so this option did not occur to him).  He shared the contents with our team, and we excitedly but guardedly shared the news with the world in our last post.

A bit prematurely, it would seem, because, of course, we hadn’t saved or downloaded the information.  Someone in the opposition apparently figured that out.  The next day, Neil went to the site, only to find it blocked by a Google alert warning of a phish parked at the url – the documents were no longer available.  No problem, we thought – we’ll just contact the sender and ask him to resend.  However, the supposed sender informed us that, in fact, he had never sent Neil the e-mail in the first place.

An intelligence community ally informed us of a likely source of the blockage.  While we will not go into detail regarding the documents, they directly impact the lawsuit, which had been withdrawn by Mr. Keenan with the right to refile, pending resolution of jurisdictional questions.  The evidence provided by the documents places the Federal Reserve Bank of New York squarely in the jurisdictional cross-hairs of the lawsuit.

A brief discreet quote from one of the documents should make that clear, as in this statement from an affidavit by a principal in the case: “that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has stolen from me and from many others by means of stealth and deception. They deny the legitimacy of the bonds they issue as well as the bonds issued by other Federal Reserve banks, but when someone steals the bonds from the beneficial owner, then the FRBNY willingly conspires with the thieves….relieving themselves of the obligation of paying interest on these notes.”

So now we had crucial documents gone missing, an anonymous sender who apparently had access to Neil’s address book (using an address Neil would trust as the fake sender), and the high possibility that our cyber-security had been seriously compromised.  Was it all just a ruse to hack Keenan’s laptop?  We didn’t think so – the documents were too valuable and revealing.  And the loss of them was devastating.

Here’s where Neil Keenan’s leprechaun helpers, Indonesian devas, guardian angels or whatever you wish to call them stepped in.

The next morning we discovered that before they’d gone missing, Neil had read the documents aloud on Skype to an ally in the U.S., and that (incredibly) that ally unknowingly had an audio recording software program activated in the background.  Thus, we had an audio recording of all the now-vanished crucial material.

Intense transcription and trans-oceanic file-sharing activity took place, and the precious files were recreated, saved, encrypted, and hidden in multiple safe locations (hard and soft) across the web and across the world.  Security lesson learned, we are grateful to the anonymous true sender – whoever he or she may be – and will make use of the evidence in the near future.  Russian cyber-security is now in place.

And to the cabal stooge would-be hacker/blocker, we can only say (in Neil’s inimitable phrase) – “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Meanwhile, the work goes on.  We have come to trust the unfolding process of the Indonesian justice system, and are confident that Mr. Martha Wibawa (called Nelu) will soon be free to resume his important work with Neil Keenan, and for his country.  Our video attachment today – for those who may doubt Keenan’s commitment to his friend – features footage of our visits to Nelu in prison, as well as of Neil’s trips to the courthouse.

On other fronts, we continue to receive confirmation from Mr. Keenan’s contacts that the historic claim of China to some 85% of the assets in the Global Accounts is represented through the Qing Dynasty, in the person of the Empress.

Malik Hughes, based in New York, has put together a formidable team to assist Keenan, and has been a key ally in his contacts with the Dynasty office, resulting in the offer of a seat on the Dynasty board to Mr. Keenan, and the right to manage the notes, bonds, and assets.  The Empress is consistently described by those who know her as a person of wisdom, strength, and compassion who is well prepared for her role.

The expressed intention of the elders of Indonesia to accept Keenan’s help in finally freeing the assets to benefit both Indonesia and the world is a further indication that powerful stakeholders in Asia have come to trust Keenan’s integrity.  They apparently trust his intention to see to it that the century-long rape by the Western banking families of the patrimony of Asia (and indeed of all the world) comes to an end.

Further support for Keenan’s work comes from more than 160 other nations, demonstrating that a global alliance has come together to once and for all end the secret fraud by which the banking cabal long dominated and exploited the world.  Open and covert aid has come to Mr. Keenan from supporters in military and intelligence in a number of key nations, for which we are grateful.

It is worth noting that any distribution or placement into trade of any notes or other assets held in the Accounts requires consent of the original depositor, which places the Qing Empress in a position of central authority.  Claims of imminent distribution of vast sums should be viewed with some skepticism.  Enormous beneficial changes for the world will move forward quickly in the near future, but we do not foresee an overnight rain of manna from heaven (or of big checks delivered to each home by special courier) – just the promise of freedom, and a sane and compassionate management of the world’s heretofore stolen wealth.

In and of itself, that will mean something close to a golden age within our lifetimes, and for our children, and our children’s children: implementation of free energy (ending the rapacious rule of the fossil fuel interests); an end to the debt-slavery imposed world-wide by the network of central banks created and controlled by the tightly-knit group of banking families known as the Illuminati; a restoration of the U.S.A. to the organic republic represented by our founding documents, as the U.S.A. Inc. is dismantled (and along with it, the cabal-controlled Federal Reserve System and its collection arm in the Internal Revenue Service); the gradual healing of our wounded planet, and an end to the artificial bloody conflicts fomented by the cabal’s military-industrial complex.

That ought to do for starters.

On a personal note, for those who may be wondering just what it is about Neil Keenan that qualifies him for this role, I can only say that it is my first-hand impression that over a lifetime of high-level athletic competition, large-scale international business dealings, and, above all, an intense sense of loyalty to his friends, Keenan has earned a wide-ranging network of allies who will be there for him in the same way that he has always been there for them.  His unwavering intention to work for the freedom of his friend Nelu (who we have reason to hope will be released shortly) is just one example of that loyalty.

By the same token, he can be a fearsome enemy to those who steal from him or from his friends, or who harm those he loves.  This entire epic story began when Daniele Dal Bosco stole $144.5 billion in bonds entrusted to Mr. Keenan by the Dragon Family, with the apparent intention to launder the assets through high-level officials in the U.N., the Italian government, the World Economic Forum, and the so-called Office of International Treasury Control.  Nobody steals from Neil Keenan and gets away with it.  In following up the theft, Keenan found that the real thieves of the bonds (and of the Global Collateral Accounts to which the bonds belonged) were the banking cabal, and the real victim was the entire world.

Ignoring bribe offers of astronomical sums, Keenan has pursued the cabal with the same outraged integrity with which he would thrash a mugger who had victimized an elderly woman on the street.  It should be remembered, too, that Keenan’s best friend, Joe Bendana was found dead in his home two days after receiving crucial information regarding the case from U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki Moon – information which he intended to deliver to Keenan the next day.

IMG_0196 (2)_2

(“Bad Boy” and “Choir Boy” – Neil Keenan and Michael Dunn in Jakarta)

At the discretion of the Indonesian appellate court, Mr. Keenan is available to make a statement on Monday, March 25th, at the final hearing of Nelu’s case.  We look to this day as a potential breakthrough for the task at hand.  As the stars align for the powerful forward momentum of this great shift to become irreversible, I find it no accident that this date of March 25th was historically celebrated as New Year’s Day in the ancient time of the Goddess.

In Ireland and elsewhere, before the Roman Church took control, this date was associated with the Vernal Equinox, with the rebirth of spring, and in some places took on the fertility rites associated with the celebration known as Beltane.  In the Christian tradition, it came to be known as Lady’s Day, the feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.  And it is thus no accident that the devoutly Catholic J.R.R. Tolkein chose March 25th as the day on which the Dark Lord Sauron fell, the epic moment when Sam and Frodo reached Mount Doom and the Ring of Power was destroyed  – remembered ever afterward as New Year’s Day in Gondor.

We may understandably wish on occasion that we had not been born into such perilous times, but (as Gandalf observed) that is not for us to decide.  “All you have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to you.”

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

Frodo lives….

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan

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