“Gold and Silver are money… everything else is Credit” – JP Morgan

An interesting quote and a snapshot of the truth from the darkest of souls and greatest of thieves.

Written by the founder of a bank whose headquarters are directly connected to the US Federal Reserve gold holdings by tunnels across the street from it in New York.

Yet it is the truth. Gold and Silver are real money, and everything else is credit. Thus it has been for thousands of years.

Neil Keenan is bringing you yet another opportunity to obtain high quality gold at below established pricing.

In the past the complaints and excuses have been absurd and weak.

No paperwork. No hallmarks, no this no that. For the cost of a plane ticket a buyer could have been present to see the gold, have it assayed and close the purchase face to face.

The price offerings have always been below market, so the overall savings would have easily paid for the ticket, and dependent of the scale of the purchase, could have bought you a lot more.

The truth is just that. Most people kick tires, want to feel important and have no intention of doing anything but wasting Neil’s time.

Enough. This offering is fully documented and fully compliant with all aspects of existing artificial standardized gold sales and transfers.

Read the terms of sale document here in this post.

To download a PDF copy of the above document click here.

See the gold pictured here:

Stop talking about what you might do, what you might become and do it.

Set a legacy for your family to secure a stable asset retention plan for the future.

Talk is cheap. Action determines the outcome of our lives. It is in fact a participation sport.

There is nowhere else you will find 100% legitimate gold offering of this type.

It is discounted, documented with full provenance and transfer of sale processes in place.

Neil has always sought out a way to include those that can afford it, as well as provide means to those that cannot.

Here it is in real money. Have a spectacular day finding more excuses. We will answer all people and institutions about this offering from anywhere in the world.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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