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Thasja (Sweet Rain) Is Free

Yesterday early morning Thasja opened the door to what we could call her prison and walked out.

Her captives had locked her in her bedroom knowing the chef would be cooking breakfast for her before her departing.

The door was opened approximately 9 in the morning, she had already cleaned up and ready to go, sat down and had breakfast, then grabbed her little bag filled with a few t-shirts (her abductors not only stole her car and sold it for parts but burned her clothes as well), and left the house.

Thasja (Sweet Rain) planned on calling Neil only to realize she did not have his number.

The kidnappers had taken the papers with Neil’s numbers with them. Neil had sent them two days ago threatening them with imprisonment and much more should they not release Thasja. They freaked realizing Neil knew where they were and immediately made plans to leave Thasja behind.

Now Thasja, is out there free but not so much seeing she does not have one dollar in her pocket, and no way of finding Neil who has been searching an entire day looking for her.

Even speaking with people who saw her and spoke with her. So this post is actually out here for Thasja to see should she look at Neil’s site (she will eventually do so) and realize she is so very close to him wherever she is.

She is just a 20 minute ride away from where Neil awaits her at the Sheraton Hotel on E. Grant Street. Telephone number 520-323-6262 or Neil’s American Cell number at 617-794-4466….


Thasja: Please Help Me

My name is THASJA. You know me as SWEET RAIN on the internet. For years I have been having a ball showing you what and who I am but no longer.


On November 4, 2017 I was tricked and ended up in another car, while they drove mine. How foolish. Now I find myself daily finding drugs in my food and feel like a small portion of myself.

God I feel horrible and wish I had been more aware of my surroundings. I can thank my lucky stars that I still have someone who believes in me and who I feel will continue to search for me till the day I die (and then some).

I had been abducted in Oklahoma City and moved to Guthrie. While in Guthrie I was under lock and key. I was moved to Oakland when they felt things getting a bit too hot. While in Oakland I was locked up with two other women but got to move around a bit.

Then San Francisco and Va-lencia and finally San Ysidro. In each and every place Neil Keenan and his friends prevented them from taking me over the border.

Once I cross this border I lose my life as I know it and become what is known as a victim of Human Trafficking. I have never been so sad or confused.

I NEED YOUR HELP. HELP PLEASE. My understanding is next Monday they are going to try and cross at either El Paso, Texas or one of the Border Towns in Arizona. I know Neil and friends have tracked me to where I AM with the satellite and are ready to hopefully extract me and allow me to live in the free world once again.

Help Me and I swear I will never do anything so stupid.

I cry every night whether drugged or not and find no reason to live at this time. I pray you all feel I have reason to live and help Neil and team extract me from this nightmare. I love you all and thank you for the many years of happiness you have given me.

I HAVE BEEN HURT SO MUCH. I have one last thing to add and that is they have issued me a new passport with a different name (I don’t have the name yet) and I pray that US Border Patrol when looking at this passport recognize it as fake and deliver me from such evil.


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