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Amanah Arises

He Has Arisen AGAIN! The rumor mill news has been rife with speculation of what has happened to Neil Keenan. No one can contact him for days. Is he still alive or passed.

Is he flying on a jet plane with all his bags packed? Was he attacked by paid thugs again? Or maybe he is just working in silence as lots of things are happening globally right now? The followers are worried and anxious to know. 

Well, here’s the scoop from the man himself…

Last week Neil and Kevin stopped in at a local eatery for a bit of lunch which turned out to have a nasty ingredient added. Yes, he and Kevin were both poisoned. And this was not normal food poisoning that purges out in a day or two.

This powder jammed up the intestines much like a gas induced distended and ballooning of the intestines causing excruciating pain in whatever position you may be… standing, sitting or lying down. IT HURTS!  EVERYWHERE! 

THEN… Oh YES there is more – then the nasty shit enters the blood stream and the body’s defenses kick in with fever, headaches, expelling rashes and nerves reacting to the touch, swelling because of fluid retention, difficulty in walking, muscle weakness and exhaustion due to all the above and lack of sleep – and a damn phone that keeps ringing!

Our Boys were thoroughly done in.

Poor ole Kevin obviously took a bigger bite and barely made it to the Doctors. Neil wasn’t far behind and landed in a hospital bed (without phone access on Doctor’s orders – REST!)  

So the unhappy duo have been laid up and under professional care by medical staff who are surprisingly “followers” of Neil and most willing and honored to be of service. Thank you all for your help and genuine concerns… and a few prayers tossed in.

The worst is now over and Neil is barking orders to me again so the phoenix is rising from the fire. He is anxious to get up and running and is now back on-line. It’s time to move. This is it!

World look out! And those that did this… your days are numbered.

Neil is still mustering funds for his trip to Canada and is $ 10,000 short so if you want to help save OUR WORLD, and if you can’t afford a quarter then please give a dime to help us get this game changing show on the road. 

All donations using the links below are most appreciated.

Thank you…


The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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  1. Go ! Go and Ride The Dragon, now !

    Go, Group K, Go and Rock The World – Our World – A’HO !

    PS: And a special Hugs to Kevin: We need you with us, My Man, damned, we need you, so please give it your all and Rock it, Kevin.

    Show me Your Move, my friend !

  2. I would help if i could i got all my property stolen from me by corrupt solicitors and courts

  3. One grain of sand moved
    Causing a landslide
    Are you the grain
    Or the landslide
    Keep on BEing

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