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Month: April 2023

Don’t Mess Around
With You Know Who

Below is a signed affidavit. Many people have made idiotic comments about Neil being Amanah, working with the Elders, the Dragon Family – and other people that most of humanity has never heard of.

Similarly, people question the large sums of money and amounts of gold.

This affidavit, in fact does three things. It shows what was deposited, in return for bonds.

Big numbers. It shows the interest payments that were NEVER paid. Lastly, it shows that the bonds were stolen, as reported and recorded.

What it does not show is that these bonds are the same bonds that were discovered to be in the Vatican Slush Fund.

That was a result of an audit imposed upon the Vatican. The theme of what it does not show is VERY relevant. The same wall of silence is imposed in the issue with UBS and Malaysian Banks on a separate complaint.

It makes one wonder about that very nugget of truth, that UBS are actually nothing but thieves.

So, this is a grand theft. As more documents are released, the accusations become exceedingly clear in term of this crime and yet the thieves remain silent.

Until we drag you and your families from their warm and cozy beds – and charge you with the crimes you have committed.

Rest assured you thieving bastards, hanging will not be good enough.

Maybe you and your families swinging from petards and leaving corpses hanging for all to see will motivate your thieving asses to seek a solution.

The end is coming. Count on it.

© 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.


Many pieces are falling into place providing a more complete picture that is now objectively resembling a long and focused effort to infiltrate, discredit, thwart and perhaps assume control of the efforts of Neil Keenan.

The number of people that have written and the number of calls taken indicate that not only is this not surprising, but that after watching her activities over the last three years – Jeanne O’Dean was long plotting to deceive.

This was a scripted playlist, and that too became evident in the days before her sudden resignation but from analysis of the entire affair.

Since the departure of Jeanne O’Dean from Group K and the team, there are many people from the past writing in to describe the antics and the measures she took to undermine Neil, his role as Amanah and the collective efforts of his team.

If you come away from this with profound disbelief then you would not be alone after you watch the video below or read the comments from letters sent in. The statements made in calls, and lengthy letters written cannot be ignored.

Assessing the damage that Jeanne committed comes in stages. What is at risk now, what was the truth then, and what to do moving forward. The most difficult questions were the hardest to answer until a couple of revealing discussions were had recently.

It appears that the same person that first tried to discredit him, then join forces with Neil, then ambitiously take out many of the long-time volunteers of the many channels and believers of Neil had a beginning and an end.


The most damaging enemy to the opening of the bunkers is delay of time. The best way to cause a delay? Take away the money.

It became easy to scapegoat one or two parties inside the Cabal and Deep State with their persistent seizing of Neil’s money. The truth is that it went on before with the Vanguard group before these latest thefts, so it is not a singular party or enemy.

It was the unique timing of the money either simply vanishing from his account without a trace as well as the systemic blocking and seizing of monies from people getting to him that prevented Neil from already being in Indonesia.

The fact that $250,000 was stolen while in transit to Neil’s Account from a depositor and is still MIA. This was an “Aha” moment. Tracing call logs and messages then measured against the dates where money was either taken or his account was eliminated started to form a trend.

Reading the data, and timing it becomes harder to believe in coincidence. What was very obvious from all the information was that someone was giving the critical information to the Cabal.

When he had money, enough to leave, when he was proposing to leave – details that are very guarded and closely kept for security reasons.

Then, well, suddenly the money disappeared. Again, referencing the coordination of call logs, messages, and the calendar pointed to only one person. Jeanne O’Dean.

She appears to have sent the information to some pretty powerful people. It takes a lot of power to make bank accounts not just empty, but entire traces of it disappear.

Contact Stealing:

Re-reading several messages received, there were a slew of common threads. Claiming work as solely hers was a very consistent one. Putting herself forward as the only volunteer that mattered was another.

Sowing the seeds of chaos and making what would appear to be slanderous statements about others. All low-level stupid shit that builds up a very unhealthy environment. That happens in every organization around the world no matter the type or size.

What was also an observation of a few people, including benefactors and supporters was that Jeanne had a penchant for taking over ownership of contacts. In a group setting that all efforts are to get Neil to opening the bunkers, it seems that teamwork and cooperation amongst Group K should be smooth. This was very far from the truth.

Dividing people in vicious arguments, undermining long serving volunteers that slaved countless hours to provide many articles of interest and provide objective research on cabal and deep state activities and destroying most of the readership base of social media platforms quickly creates disinformation and spreads chaos.

It was becoming clear that after cutting free a steady number of people from the Facebook sites built by Neil’s longstanding team – the most senior and the most gifted were openly questioning what was going on. Yet this was just a ruse.

Intel operatives sow discontent. Foment chaos. Distract the authority in office with these things to mask how they are going to come in and ‘assist’ and clean things up. After a period of inactivity on social media because of the chaos and discontent it was time to deploy the next step.

Discrediting the team became the next task it appears. Written statements and emails are showing a trend that labels Jeanne as “found unable not play well with others and refuses to share credit”.  It was “Look what Jeanne alone did”.

Neil has made many videos going back a long time whereby he does not want the individual members of his team to be known – thereby preventing them from having a target on their backs. So now, here is someone that is running counter to that ingrained culture, and creating drama where there was none before.

The latest string of events with her new boyfriend and allegedly wealthy-man-of-the-world was a great front to start to tap into Neil’s contacts (both old and new). It was a relatively new contact that brought this to a head when Neil refused to introduce James to a VERY wealthy person that is legitimately a holder of vast sums of assets, gold and cash.

Threats were issued by Jeanne, verbally and in writing apparently whereby Neil needed to complete this, so she could get her 25% commission.

Well, if Neil is the Amanah, as elected by the Elders, making him the most important person in the world, then why would he have to do anything he was not prepared to do? 

Writing this out, all of it seems, weird stuff. This has all happened to Neil in the past in other forms, and he knew that what was about to happen would not be a surprise.

The sudden announcement of departure followed by continued thinly veiled threats. Careful James.

You might be next in Jeanne’s crosshairs. If they are watching her, and most assuredly they are – then they are also watching you too.


Two days after the departure of Jeanne, word spreads. This generated a lot of contact from a lot of people in many forms. This included information of a past of Ms. O’Dean not previously known to many, and probably not to Neil either.

Allegedly this included her activities in tearing apart 3 or 4 Conglomerates with a team loyal to her that resembled a similar script. That takes money. Takes access to intel and takes outside assistance at the high Cabal level.

So the plan was, as above – come in, delay and prevent what his is destined to do at all costs, using all means necessary. This included in becoming him if all else failed. So deep was the deceit, so extensive was the plan that it is still mind numbing.

This left two critical questions? Who called the shots to make this happen, and where did the money come from to finance her and a team to do so?

Well, it appears that her recent attempts to delay and compromise Neil for his private contacts through James Dugan started to fracture. He didn’t have the means to offer the modest unconditional gifts to Neil. So it was not him.

A more likely thought process would be that the answer lay with the same people that have the reach and power to wipe out Neil’s accounts without a trace, intercept and steal wire transfers, hack his accounts, phones and emails. Five letters, starts with C and ends with L.

So watch the video, read the letters and see for yourself. This shit is not propaganda. It is very real and it did happen. Lives have been lost because Neil is not there.

Lives will be lost because of the delays. If he doesn’t get there, 90 percent of the population dies. These are guaranteed. They have already started enacting their game.

This foiled plot carries a lot of damage, but it is not going to stop what is going to happen. It actually made it a lot easier and clearer.


Affidavit: James

I first got to know Jeanne on IAKT in 2016 exchanging comments etc and when I became an admin that same year I had far more interaction with her.

All of our interactions were very cordial and respectful, it is not that I did not know the games her over inflated ego and vanity were playing.

I let all of that childish behaviour go because that was her problem not mine and for the sake of the IAKT site. It became very obvious that she wanted to climb to the top of Neil’s organisation as fast as she could and it did not matter who she stood on as she tried climb that impossible mountain.

Everyone was on her hit list and I became well aware that I was in her cross-hairs, but again this was her problem not mine.

Then in January last year she got handed a loaded gun with me in the cross-hairs and all she had to do was pull the trigger or so she thought. She did not realise that Mr Keenan could smell an unfounded vindictive attack on his friend and fellow Irishman.

The attack came in the form of a number of women turning something very innocent into something it was not, to try bring me down and out of Neil’s team.  Jeanne thought all her Christmases had come at once but little did she realise that Neil would “stop it now or I will stop it”.

Jeanne and the others called Neils bluff and continue to bad mouth me to this day. One down more to fall soon.

Not having learnt her lesson from that disaster, Jeanne continued her folly of a quest to topple me. When it came to the time last year when Neil was selling his bonds Jeanne told me she would not deal with me but instead would deal with the group who tried blacken my name.

She ignored the fact that Neil said he would not deal with them EVER, so she led them up the garden path too. But when Jeanne realised that I was in a position to purchase a bond she decided I was OK to deal with again.

At an early stage Neil made it very clear that he was dealing with me directly on the sale of one of his bonds. Jeanne tried many ways to get back into my private deal with Neil and even accused me of taking the deal sideways and trying to secure a bond for myself and not her group,’ we are all in this together after all’ she told me.

Yes we were all in it together if the money and glory is going her way but when she thought she did not need me she was together on her own. She even tried to hijack my representative who was negotiating with Neil on my behalf.

She informed him what a bad person I was so that she could get direct access to the money sources he had. One thing she never counted on is that we Irishmen are loyal to the death.

I am fully aware of the many other stunts she pulled on others but those stories are not mine to tell. BUT whatever way you look at this does Neil need any of these pathetic kindergarten side-shows at this late stage or any stage of the game.

Do people not realise the SUPER-HUMAN effort Neil puts into this everyday not to mind for the past 15 years or so? He never needed this or any 3D distractions, can everyone not be adult here and support Neil in taking this one over the line for all humanity.

We can get back to the petty squabbling when this is all over but for now let’s all pull together as one team and take as much glory as you want then and for now stay humble. 

Affidavit: Thomas Kramer

My Obituary

I don’t like kicking people when they are down, so I was light on Jeanne. Exposing her MO should be enough to discourage other social climbers from creeping into your life and Group-K.  And you have an endless supply of rope. This is the draft message that I will post if OK. 

Queen O’Dean Obituary

I love your post James as it was spot on concerning Jeanne O’Dean’s detrimental activities within Group-K. Her personal attack on you was the same psychological MO that she used on other Group Members including her relentless pursuit of myself and attempts to sour my long standing relationship with Neil.

Her approach was a typical psychological technique used by infiltration agents (SPIES).  She would first spend hours in friendly “getting to know you” conversations.  This is called “Profiling” used to identify personality weaknesses. 

That would be followed by personal discrediting attacks and her complaints to Neil openly launched by her and her use of lackeys. This is what happened to the 2 Cindy’s and Jean S and the nasty ladies attack on James using false and fabricated lies. This time it backfired!

You might be wondering why Neil put up with her shenanigans for so long.  Neil is a “Service to Others” type person, so he naturally gives people enough rope so that they can hang themselves.  She finally did.  It is inevitable with social back-biting social climbers, especially when a core Group is also “Service to Others” and NOT “Service to Self” individuals.

So the Kraken was harpooned and now will sink back into the dark depths gasping for one last chance, but Captain Ahab has released the anchor that is pulling her down.  There is no coming back.

I can feel her parting angst and anger and her barbed blaming others, but as adults, we are saddened a bit but simply move on.  There is much more important thing to do.

So it is “Adios Jeanne”!  May you find greener pastures elsewhere.

Affidavit: Richard Montgomerie

I was introduced to Jeanne O’Dean when she appeared on the scene around three years ago. For the first few months she was very cordial and we got along very well. She entertained me with stories of her time in New Zealand and on other matters. (Essentially she was trying to get access to the back end administration of – offering her local ‘friend’ whom she had met in NZ while being a part of a dodgy tribal claim effort – as “support.”)

She seemed very interested in Group K and in helping Neil, and asked lots of questions. At that time I had been working for Neil for eight years and she was interested in the history.

She is very good at building a rapport and gathering information under the guise of an emerging friendship.

Members of Group K had put together the History & Events Timeline prior to this which was a long and detailed summary of Neil’s work since the beginning of his quest, however at this time it was in need of bringing up to date.

Around this time is when Jeanne was working on her “Odyssey Trilogy” which was essentially another take on the History & Events Timeline but carrying right on up to the present.

This is when the wheels started to come off. She began to accuse me of all sorts of nonsensical things and I became irate. I had worked loyally for Neil and his efforts for eight years, putting myself at considerable risk and then this old woman turns up and I could see that she was deliberately trying to upset the apple cart.

After I finished uploading and formatting “Odyssey Trilogy” I informed Neil that I was blocking her and that I would no longer have anything to do with her.

It emerged that she had presented to many people as a friend with genuine interest, when in fact she was just gleaning information and finding ways to twist things – and that in fact she was trying to get rid of the legacy members of Group K and become some sort of wingman to Neil.

At one point someone sent me a link to an article about some sort of technology business that she had infiltrated and attempted to take over. She is bad news through and through.

Before Dean Chambers was ejected after his true agenda became exposed, his parting comment to me was that he was sorry for ever bringing Jeanne O’Dean into the mix. He had apparently brought her in to try to expose Neil but when she discovered he was the real deal – she wanted in.

A spy? Someone who wanted attention and money? Or just to get in the way?

My parting words to her before blocking her were: “You think you are much smarter than you actually are, and that does you a disservice.”

Everyone in and associated with Group K could see what she was up to. She pretty much used the same playbook in every situation. Not so smart.

She bandied her PhD around like some sort of license to condescend to whomever she wished. After one of her earlier bungles I said to Neil that it just shows that one can earn a PhD and still be stupid. She should know that the university system is just a very expensive way to pay to be indoctrinated with cabal principles. Duh. But oh, her ego.

Anyway, a long-standing principle I stand by is the fact that anyone with a hidden agenda will inevitably reveal their hand one way or another, and the truth always comes out in the end. It is always only ever a matter of time.

And voila! Good riddance you twisted beast.

Affidavit: Cindy

Kitty kitty can’t catch the mouse… unless it sits back and waits for the right moment to pounce.

As Thomas said, Jeanne used infiltration agents, spies “She would first spend hours in friendly ‘getting to know you conversations.’” Sadly, I was her first victim as a group member. I sent her a private message back when she first joined the group welcoming her and her posting contributions of news from around the world as was I.
We soon “bonded” and became messenger “buddies” almost daily. She told me before she joined the group she was looking to prove Neil was a fraud as she had done with other big companies in the past.

Then one day she came upon the proof she was looking for. Neil was not a fraud and that she wanted to support Neil’s mission.

We talked on the phone often, messaged each other daily but little did I know… as Thomas wrote her “getting to know you” conversations were taking place. Soon we both became Admins.

Little did I know I’d soon be watching her while she thought I was still her “buddy” after I found info she was seeking. I told her she might owe so-and-so an apology and explained what I found to which her response was “Oh good, I’ll tell Neil Cindy found what I was looking for and how so-and-so hid the info from her.”

Regardless of what was found, I saw she was about to lie to Neil!

I just sat on the phone shaking my head thinking oh great you bitch! You won’t admit you were wrong?

So, Neil was told the lie and I decided from that moment on it was on me to watch her very closely and start a file on her messages with me and take notes from our phone calls.

My next huge issue with her was over a healing computer sale. She thought I was trying to make money and not give her a 50/50 cut. Poor Neil had to waste time with that LONG story but from then on I was no longer her “agent/spy” buddy and the lies about me grew and grew and grew from Admin to Admin and notes made in the Admin log about me.

Sorry Jeanne but the ADMINS and Neil never stopped communicating with me… once an Admin always an Admin.

My eyes were everywhere, watching the group list drop by 1,000 members, watching the comments, posts and likes drop. All the while I was receiving private messages from many members and Admins… even when I was no longer an “Admin”.

When you booted me Jeanne I had already created a new Group members account and guess who allowed me to join the group 🙂

Thank you Jeanne by the way for that one (Inset giggles here).

When I was brought back to Admin status I got to peek at the activity log and read the comment(s) Jeanne left the other Admins to read… shame on you Jeanne for those lies as well.

By now you had recruited a new spy? Someone to do some cheer-leading for you… click like button, posted for you, pinned posts and so on.

I do wonder what he might add to these comments we Admins are sharing? Also funny was how I messaged (about 2 yrs ago) around 8 people (this person included for a reason) with my personal contact info, email and a short letter should our group page be shut down.

Sure enough you found out (as planned) and wrote me a private message and some of or all of the Admins claiming I was contacting MANY members to bring elsewhere, SMH!

Two can play this game Ms. O’Dean, BUSTED again! If the group page was to get shut down it was because Jeanne kept posting on topics we were warned by FB not to post. But Dr. Queen O’Dean didn’t care!

As an Admin I used to spend several minutes reviewing the new group member requests… as I told you Jeanne.

I even left notes as to why someone was denied so the below log note you left is full of horse poo! Telling Admins I just allowed all that requested membership into the group without reviewing their FB pages.

You then messaged me that 1,000+ members were removed due to my letting them in… BS! I do wonder how you sleep at night keeping all the lies and stories you tell and the who’s who sorted out.

“Jeanne ODean removed Cindy Shaboo-Williams from the group.

Sep 9, 2021, 9:40 PM

Upon removing Cindy as an IAKT administrator for her rogue actions and undermining approvals, I had forewarned her that if she continued to post and comment, as well as retaliate against me via other members that she’d be removed as a member.

Cindy has been defiant after I gave her numerous chances and warnings. Therefore, I removed her permanently as a member. Be on the lookout of Cindy’s alias attempt to become a new member.

At least Dean realized his demise and removed himself even though he embedded some aliases, which James caught when purging members from IAKT.”

You messaged me to leave the group, I didn’t do anything wrong and you had nothing to show other Admin’s to have me removed.

So you came up with that lie after claimed many months before (when we where still “buddies” that Dean brought in many spies. That we’d have to get rid of them. I didn’t leave… you didn’t scare me… sorry, not sorry!

Like a Hollywood movie many never saw this coming!

BUT the Academy would like to give you a first prize award for the performance all have witnessed and now learning more about. PLUS a standing ovation as you EXIT FOR GOOD!

GOOD-BYE FOREVER to Thelma and Louise the nick names we called each other laughed about in private.

Guess who was Thelma and who was Louise 😉

PS: I have SOOOOO much more I could have shared and every single private message she and I have ever had together. Documentation they call it.  


© 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.