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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
– Forrest Gump

Karen Hades is at it again with gross stupidity and disinformation.

In her latest interview she is telling everyone that the original Bretton Woods Agreement has now expired and that all the gold that was put on deposit in the Global Collateral Accounts is now the property of the People of the World – due to the Statute of Limitations being 50 years with no claims against these deposits.

Hades claimed that Marcos, being a lawyer, arranged the agreement as such and that the gold came from Jose Rizal, a Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican; who is supposedly related to the old Queen of England.

Let’s get a bit of history correct to begin with.

Marcos was never M1 but he did negotiate with the Asian Elders to finance the reconstruction and world development after WW2 as detailed in the Bretton Woods Agreement.

The Elders individually placed gold on deposit with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and they are the legal individual OWNERS of these accounts and deposits – but have been repeatedly denied access to their accounts, or use thereof, since the time of their initial deposits (WHICH IS GROSS FRAUD).

These original depositors are clearly identified in official records held by the BIS and the Elder’s Depositors (now also with Neil Keenan).

At no time whatsoever have the OWNER Depositors ever relinquished their claims to their assets on deposit, but have repeatedly tried to secure them for proper use for the benefit of mankind as originally intended.

There never has been an issue of abandonment of claim and any possibility of invoking a Statute of Limitations on said accounts.

Any attempt to do so is fraudulent and a gross theft which is the current foundation of legal suits that Neil Keenan is preparing against all those involved, past and present: Ms Karen Hades included.

In its simplicity, if you put your money in a bank, you expect the bank to return your deposit on your demand.

If the bank refuses to give you your money back, it is theft and a fraudulent act punishable by LAW.

Karen clearly understands THE RULE OF LAW. She just doesn’t seem to understand that it applies to HER and the UN / IMF in trying to steal the Global Collateral Accounts for themselves. 

Who were the Depositors and OWNERS of these accounts in the BIS?

It is estimated that 80% of the original Depositors were from the Asian Elders (Golden Dragon Family) and the remainder from Western Royalty and Rothschild banker elites.

Jose Rizal came into the picture as he was trying to recover gold that the Philippine government had deposited with the Vatican prior to WW2 for safekeeping but which the Vatican refused (still to date) to return to the Philippine people.

Jose then tried to tie the Philippine gold to the Bretton Woods Agreement but it is still unclear as to whether or not the Vatican (Rothschild bankers) ever released funds to the BIS.

Certainly Jose and Marcos never had any legal authority over the deposits made individually by various authorized Asian Elders.

Ultimately it is the BIS, it’s officers past and present, and anyone, bank or financial institution – that participated in this fraudulent use and abuse of the Global Collateral Accounts – that will be the ones held liable and subjected to the full force of the Rule of Law.

Neil Keenan has already assembled a large legal team to handle these matters which is going to clear up this gross injustice and fraudulent mess.

This legal action will take place as all the original evidence is now available and the Elders are entrusting Neil Keenan with the legal authority as M1 to proceed with the reclaiming of these assets.

And anyone who gets in the way will be steamrolled.

Now that the original documents and certified copies are in the hands of Neil’s legal team, there are now 100+ “Neil’s” should anything happen to the original Neil.

The Cabal cannot get them all so guys – put your hands UP!

Higher!  You’re DONE.

Stupid is as stupid does: Karen.

There is no corporate entity such as the UN or IMF which has any legal authority to claim assets of any individual – or to appoint anyone to make such claim as having authority by way of a mandate or appointed Trusteeship, granted by any Board of Directors or Financial Advisory made up of Finance Ministers of various countries.

A Non-Party has no legal authority or Standing in this matter as it is a legal contract between the Depositors and BIS ONLY.

As a lawyer and legal adviser you should be clearly aware of your gross negligence in advising your clients in proceeding in this manner; which has the potential for making them all LEGALLY LIABLE, particularly because sticking their fingers in this pie is a FRAUDULENT ACT.


King Farouk & Group K


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End Of The Line

We do not mean the End of the Line for us, but, rather, for the infamous Cabal.

We realize they are desperate, because the end is coming. However, there is still time for them to raise havoc and chaos in a last gasp effort to delay things.

Should Group K finish with acquiring the New Technologies and also opening the Global Accounts, then tremendous changes will begin to take place on this planet that favor We the People.

The Globalists will find themselves flat on their asses trying frantically to make sweetheart deals wherever and whenever possible, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Khazarians / Zionists / NWO /  Globalists are sitting in a pressure cooker, not knowing which way to turn. Remember, “Desperate people do desperate things”!

Below is our update, and it applies to now, this time, this moment. We are pushing overtime to make it happen for us all, but all need to lend a hand as well wherever they can.

After publicly revealing the new technology healing computer, we have received so many inquiries that it has made us realize there are a lot of people needing help. Also, it has become most apparent that the best and perhaps only way to heal properly is by way of such a computer/machine.

Yet, as the weeks have moved on and after so many requests, we realized we need a database to record when people would be in a position to place orders for and be able to travel to receive the machines. This will add to efficiency in processing so many requests.

Due to high production costs the machines are currently expensive. We understand that many are waiting for the RV’s and other significant things to happen before they are able to make their purchase; many will never make it safely to this time – the RV’s are still up in the air in terms of timing.

This pushed me into looking back with 20/20 hindsight and realizing that we should not be focusing solely on individuals to make a purchase, but more so on groups.

Consequently, our revised plan is to get these machines out to as many as we can, as fast as we can. Later when we secure the Global Accounts, we will open healing centers worldwide accordingly, for people to heal with the machines.

If you are on the list for purchasing, you will get your computer, providing you can request to have it on a certain date. However, it cannot be an indefinite wait.

Regarding other news of interest, it appears that 1 Million Metric Tonnes of gold has been sold by the King of Thailand. How or why he would sell something that does not really belong to him warrants immediate auditing. The Dragon Family should dispatch Sister to said location and / or acquire the AU registration numbers and research just how much of that gold belongs to the Family itself.

Furthermore, President Park of South Korea has ordered the military to take over a bunker that she does not own. It is time for the Dragon Family to come forth immediately and stand fast in recovering and taking over their own assets.

Then they need to leave these fake governments to deal with their own life and death situations by themselves. If Sister were appointed to audit said Accounts, no stone would remain unturned. Then everything will be returned to the Depositors, as it should have been done a long time ago (before the West could literally steal the East blind).

The Elders have been watching over many bunkers throughout Asia for a long while without being compensated one cent for their long, hard, and dangerous work; the Elders have to eat as well! This, too, needs to be rectified in an honorable way.

Philippine President Duerte is right in his condemnation of Obama! What did he say that was so wrong about the “Little O” (nothing big about him) that most Asians are not well aware of?  The entire East laughs at the ‘presidential’ puppet who licks George Soros’ boots.

Then again do not think Soros is normal seeing he licks between Rothchilds’ toes (other places as well).  The entire clan is perverted, twisted and corrupt and it is time we bang down their doors.  Putin has it right on Soros – dead or alive.

At this crucial time Group K is making significant strategic changes in order to immediately move forward. We are even more clear about the next steps to take, as well as who is really on board for the final push to the finish line. Mark Thomas and the Lords of Light are going to be very instrumental at this time in advancing Group K in the important cause of the New Technologies.

As for entitlement, I want to make it clear that those of you who actually believe the Eastern Assets are yours that it is best to give your head a shake. For nearly one hundred years the West has stolen Eastern Assets for their own pockets.

How do you think they got their money? There never could have been a Marshall Plan when the Plan was broke.

They used FRN’s in the Global Accounts to rebuild their allies – all of which belonged as payment to the Eastern Dragon Family Depositors. The doors can be blocked now to all. This is what is happening to the Khazarian asses that have run our Western countries for the longest of time. Precisely because the money they stole belonged to the East, they are now broke and are doing their best to hide the fact.

We cannot wait for people any longer. The new technologies have to be released and put into the right hands.  It seems that many are unable to move accordingly or are unwilling to help themselves while passively waiting on us to do it all for them. They call this “having a sense of entitlement”.

Therefore, I am moving in a new direction that will enable things to open up for us in the very near future. I waited 6 long months while sick and waiting any longer is not an option.

If I am to pass on it will not be while watching television but fighting. Do not give up your guns to the UN or anyone like them. They are all the same and want you dead. Group together and fight.  Don’t roll over and play dead. Know who the enemy is, target it and get it. This will end the charade quickly.

I keep receiving messages for Group K and me to hurry, because other people cannot wait any longer. Let me be the one to issue this message to you, “Hurry, the world cannot wait any longer! It needs help now!” Do whatever you can to make a difference.

So, again, this is the main reason why I’m shifting gears now and moving forward in a fresh, new direction, especially since we did not receive the help we requested in the way we needed it most.

Rest assured however that we are not giving up on anything knowing that once the accounts are opened, everything changes quickly, and the end comes clearly into sight.

New technologies are now the best way to go, and Group K will soon find the means to get these out there as fast as possible for the benefit of humanity and Earth.

Free energy is next. Just you wait and see!

As for now I am working on acquiring the funds necessary to finish up the Global Assets.

Thank you to all who have contributed thus far.

All the best,

Neil Keenan


Please direct messages regarding the healing computers to – not to the comments section.



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