Keenan is at the end of this portion of his journey.

It has been a matter of discussion a number of times, and there has been a litany of evidence from the past regarding the pretenders, usurpers and outright fraud committing people around the world that have tried to be Neil, take what Neil has, heck they even think that they can do a better job than Neil.

Of most value, is not the material wealth – it is the direct contacts of business leaders, world leaders and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Groups that people do not even know exist.

So entrusted with a massive volume of this information that he will never release makes it a challenge to ensure that any agreements or engagements will keep those hard trust earned contacts are never exposed to their respective involvement(s).

Seldom does Neil open up the curtains for people to see what backroom negotiations look like across a number of spheres.

There is an element of success and failure alike when there are multiple components involved. In this instance, Neil opens the curtains so that YOU – the people he is fighting for can see the depths to which people practice to deceive.

This involves a number of parties involved in aggregating the funding for Neil to attend and take control of the grant he was awarded. It has taken a long time, perhaps too long in raising what is necessary for this trip.

There are a number of legal, international and financial components that needed to be thoroughly reviewed. Raising the actual funds can be a very hard thing to do when you are also attending to the affairs of being the Amanah.

The following video from Neil outlines the problem. A Foundation from La Quinta, California (Lords of Light), entered into a fund-raising agreement specific to the trip to receive access to his grant. Here is what you do not know.

Before entering into the Agreement, Neil and Lords of Light discussed the purpose, fee structure for the Foundation to raise funds as well as supporting information.

In writing, the Foundation was duly notified that there are legally binding Confidentiality Agreements between Neil, the Bank, the Benefactor as well as the attorneys overseeing the transaction. He is not allowed to divulge pretty much anything at all.

Now that point is central to all of what unfolded over the last four days. The potential investors approached by the Foundation, and specifically a party known to both Neil and Lords of Light, Russ from Tennessee were basically saying that if Neil provided the written Letter of Grant outlining the parties involved (Neil, Benefactor Trust, Bank, Attorneys) then in a day or two later the funds would start making their way to Neil A large number of preflight expenses including legal / financial related fees had already been disbursed by Neil.

Despite notifying the parties requesting the information, Neil could not legally allow that information to leave his personal possession.

The proposed solution was a multiparty Non-Disclosure-Agreement to share this restricted information amongst the Foundation and three named interested donors.

This is coercion to commit a felony that ran outside the terms of engagement of the Lords of Light Foundation and Neil to begin with.

Neil, as of writing this for you to see, has already engaged a number of legal parties representing his affairs in the United States as well as initial contact with legal prosecutorial agencies across multiple departments in California, Tennessee, Delaware and Washington D.C.

This is neither the first nor the last battle Neil has had in his sole quest to save YOUR lives and make the world a better place. Stay tuned as the layers of deceit are cast aside.

There will surely be more to reveal in real time so that you can see for yourself what it takes for Neil to get things done. Now more than ever he needs his followers and the partially engaged to become fully active.


The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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