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Thank You Pentagon;
For Coming To Our Aid

Four Top Generals With The Highest Clearance In The United States Stood Up For Us And Lost Their Jobs And Support For Their Family, October 21, 2013.

These patriots stopped a plot to detonate nuclear warheads in South Carolina and another US location – ordered through Obama by his handlers.

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Neil Answers: Why Won’t
The Dragon Family Finance
This Battle We Are Having
With The Cabal?

Keenan 1

I have read the question:

“Why won’t the Dragon Family finance this battle we are having with the Cabal and my answer which is what they would say to me is,

“Why should we? ”

You created your own mess, now find your way out.”  

I have spent my own money fighting this battle realizing the Family will only come to my aid once the fight is over with.  This is our fight!!

We have made the mistakes by becoming complacent — even though the signs have always been there for us to wake up.  Even when it hit us in the side of the head we still would not react to save our own skins.  It has been people such as myself that took the step to right so many wrongs three years ago.

The Family will help us only after we win our fight.  They will not give us everything, but they will give us enough to begin anew.

If we do not win we most likely will be servants or dead.  It is as simple as this.  We must get off our backsides to save our world.

This is our fight, now let’s win it — and if not then at least let’s try and not allow ourselves to be bullied into our own demise.

It is our choice to Win or Lose and damn it, no matter what, I am pushing forward, even if alone.

You state they should assist me seeing I am helping them.

You are wrong, in essence I am using the Family’s support to fight our battle.  Not the other way around.

The Family has plenty of assets and what the West has stolen from them is such a little compared to what they hold, but it is their assets and they do not plan on financing the War against the WEST.

For who will this WAR be fought other than those living in the WEST?  This battle is ours to Win or Lose.

We have to step up in whatever way possible to fight these monsters.  Their plans do not include us and they are not like us but they will destroy us, our children, our families.

I do not depend on the Family at all at this time.  Yes, I know they are there, but I also know it is not their fight, so I do what I can to save us.  Let us pray that we do enough to WIN.  In my case I will do my best.

What will you do?

Neil Keenan

© 2013 Neil Keenan

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