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Month: January 2015

Modern Day Pied Piper /
Red Dragon Ambassador

Neil recalls that as a youth he loved listening to his mother read him fairy tales and found the story of The Pied Piper particularly fascinating.  It was hard to imagine any one person getting so many children to follow him into oblivion.   What did he have to keep them entranced?  What promise did he use to captivate them?  What was he selling?

It seems that in this day and age we still have the Pied Piper running around selling dreams to both children and adults.  And they are buying it.  Their desperation and lack of desire to do things for themselves makes them easy-sells.  They believe and follow a dream of getting something for nothing.

But Neil would have you hear some different pipes, “waking-up pipes,” in order to avoid being led over the cliff.

For years no one other than Neil Keenan had mentioned the name “Dragon Family.” Many doubted Neil’s claims that the Family itself is our salvation. Then, in many cases, when everything fell apart, everyone who had at one time denied even the existence of the Dragon Family made declarations that they had connections themselves, all unbeknownst to the true Dragon Family itself.

When Neil asked them most recently about the Red Dragon Society/Family, he was advised not to be concerned about them because they are renegades from Thailand and have no money to assist anyone.

The Clues

There is one who calls himself the “Red Dragon Family” Ambassador.  He does not give his name, nor does he even allow his image to appear in the videos. But he does make all kinds of promises for humanity (sounds like Swissindo), promises that only one near the top of the pyramid of Western Black Nobilities could conceivably make.  But this is not possible, is it?

The Red Dragon Family is the machination of this Ambassador, but he is far from alone in leading a merry chase for those who would follow.

He stated that he is not Chinese, yet he claims to represent a Chinese family. He said he didn’t even know when the Chinese New Year was, a celebration of which many Eastern cultures are aware.

The Ambassador asserts many claims about himself and the Red Dragon Family. He has stated that he has previously worked for M1 (the alleged appointed controller and signatory for the Global Collateral Accounts) and that he presently sits in with M1 and also banks.

Wait a minute — there are no elected M1’s but only appointed ones in the West. How can this be if he represents the East? It must  be remembered even Marcos was appointed but never elected. He was never a real M1 but a nominee for the Dragon Family itself. Many are nominees for the Family, including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela (was), Queen Beatrice and so many more.

According to the Ambassador, in this video at the 4:00 mark, there are many families, and at the top is M1.  But above M1 is a council and an entity referred to as the “Supreme Intelligences or Emperor” to which he claims bloodline lineage.

He describes himself as the “alpha to the omega part of the family.” When referring to others who are looking to grab money and power, he asserts that he doesn’t need to grab because “I can take what I want.” Certainly this reflects a level of arrogance commonly found in “high places” and it’s precisely what the elitists have been doing for centuries – taking what they want.

On the other hand, we must doubt everything he says here seeing he has made promises only to claim he has been double-crossed. In his very first mission for the people of the world, he drops the ball and blames Rothschild. Get used to it for this is just the first of many balls being dropped.

How can Rothschild or anyone block him when he claims he is on top of the pyramid and just walks into the bunkers and takes?  It is his bloodline that controls the M1 position or even higher.  Let’s just face the facts and enjoy the ride we are going to take you on. 

He claims he represents the East, not the West, the ones that attempt to exterminate us with their poisons, vaccines and chemtrails.

Outlining the overall hierarchy of the family he belongs to, the Ambassador mentions in this video at the 119:30 mark, the power extending to the Vatican (the “book keepers of the bonds” – war — again the West) who work for the family, with the Pentagon (again the West) being their military arm, BRICS being their political arm and China being another arm (however, these last two arms are doubtful).

Such insight points to someone with a good idea of the malevolent tentacles of power that are wrapped around every aspect of our world.   They have much of the world, yet it is not enough. Why? We, the People, are scaring them!

This is how it works: The Vatican is the “spiritual” center, City of London is the banking center, and the Pentagon is the military center. We are talking about the WEST.

The Ambassador is right in stating the Pentagon is the military arm of the Red Dragon Family — in fact, they are if he is part of the Western Elite, aka the Cabal.

Neil:  “The East never refers to the Pentagon as one of their arms, nor do you hear mention of the Vatican in the East.”

Bear in mind that the West built the World Bank, BIS, IMF and the entire financial FED system. Let’s return to the Credit Union Banks we used to have — they were and are much safer for all concerned.

In the videos which feature only the Ambassador’s voice, he speaks in a calm and gentle tone with his accent reflecting a European education and possibly a faint Singaporean accent. He is particularly well-versed in the academic aspects of “spirituality,” as well as the desperate needs of humanity. But for all his enlightened talk and proposed world changes, there’s no action.

He claims that the time has come to end 666 (the mark of the devil) and refers to 555 as being some kind of emancipation for the world. However, some numerologists maintain that 555 represents the bringing of “death and destruction, the rising of the anti-Christ” (“All cabal know this.”).

The Ambassador claims in his videos that the Red Dragon Family has met with the White Dragon Family (Society) numerous times, yet he says that he has never met Ben Fulford. However, Ben Fulford is the spokesperson for the White Dragon Society and begs to differ, stating to Neil that he has never met or spoken to the Red Dragon Family or the Ambassador, nor have the two sides ever met.

In his recent video, at the 23:40 mark, the man chosen to be a spokesperson/interviewer for the Ambassador’s Red Dragon movement, Ron Van Dyke, asked about an “Escape Village” because he wasn’t aware of it.

Ron was not aware of it but Dave Schmidt, who had gone to Hong Kong to meet with the alleged Red Dragon Family, was aware of it. Why hadn’t he told Ron that this so-called Escape Village existed? Why was Ron excluded from knowing about such a major project? Secrecy appears to be their mode of operation.

The Ambassador explained that Escape Village is an off-the-grid city being built in Asia to house those few specially chosen to implement humanitarian programs. In this grand new world that the Ambassador proposes, surely the multitude of suppressed technologies would be available to the world and all will live in easy abundance.   Why would there be any need to live off-the-grid?

While we cannot see his eyes, we can pick up a revealing clue about the Ambassador’s character with his profuse use of the word “basically.” This would indicate that the speaker does not have a clear idea of what he’s saying but wants the listener to believe that he is speaking in basic terms. Basically it’s bs.

Professing deep religious convictions, is it in the realm of believability that the Ambassador would endorse a world with no structure based upon a religion? Hardly likely. Any one-world religion enforced by the “top of the pyramid” would definitely not be freedom for humanity.

The Overt Symbols

The Ambassador has drawn attention to his “dragon crest,” an emblem supposedly representing a Phoenix rising, a symbol that relates to European Black Nobility.  It has been fashioned to dramatize and legitimize his Red Dragon “movement.” He asserts that this crop circle is a sign, an announcement of the Red Dragon when in fact, over the years similar circle designs are usually attributed to Mayan influence.

While the source of crop circles remains highly speculative, this circle is plainly a dramatic contrast to the bird crest.  Here is a stunning, intricate and pure-looking crop circle. Next to it, juxtaposed on top of the crop circle is a symbol of Black Nobility and domination not featured in the real crop circle, note the crown symbol of hierarchy at the top, and also at the center is the legion wreath, the empirical symbol for the holy Roman empire (keys of the Holy See).

It’s hardly a bird of beauty, and certainly doesn’t inspire visions of some magnificent phoenix rising above the ashes. Some crop circle fans would call this blasphemous; some would call this pedestrian, gothic PR.

Could it be the Black Nobility Black Hen? Some would say it is and when exploring the connections, it appears to be.

Did you listen to the interview with Ron Van Dyke dated Oct. 18 2014, ‘Dragon Family Now Owns IMF & Federal Reserve‘? At the 18:20 mark, he prompted the Ambassador (I use this term loosely as he is not an Ambassador) that he was the protection for Obama when he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The Ambassador agreed saying yes he was security for Obama, unfortunately”!  If so, how could he have stepped down so far and how could Obama or the U.S, allow someone other than Obama’s own Secret Service or NATO get so close to him?

It is ridiculous to think or believe that the US Government allowed someone not so tightly knit to them to get so close to the World’s most powerful man (I say this loosely as well).  If so, then this Ambassador represented the Western Security forces and has nothing to do with the East.  This would be like the Chinese allowing their President to have the CIA protect their President.  Not going to happen! Note in this same video, at 28:50 mark, the Ambassador admits he is not Chinese! So what the devil is he and what or who does he represent?

The Red Dragon/Committee of 300 Documents

The Ambassador declares that he wants to dismantle the cabal beast but it’s becoming evident that he himself is very much a part of the European cabal beast.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of fraud by the Ambassador is found in the “World Bank” document that he displayed in a recent videoat the 14:00 mark. Referring to the document dated February, 2010, this Page 19 document (Reference no: ASBLP – 00001 – 2010) was displayed.

The Ambassador showed you page 19 but why didn’t he show you Page 18, where it clearly shows an account for the ‘Chinese Red Dragon Family’, under the name of ‘White Spiritual Boy’? The reason the Ambassador didn’t show page 18, is that it would show what is written on the side of document, TVM, TVM-LSM666 aka Tiburcio Villamor Marcos.

For those who are not familiar with the The Committee of 300 they are a group allegedly founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and by many accounts, consists of an international council that organizes and controls world politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.

Why didn’t the Ambassador show us Page 106 on video, where the document has the signature of the Queen and World Bank Group? Note the line above the signatures:  “Sealed and Prepared by the Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300 on this 4th day of February 2010 at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.”

Who is this Sir Wilfred S. Saurin on the document?  Would you believe an expert counterfeiter!

Also note the absence of a signature under “Acknowledged by ASM.”  Now here is where “King” Anthony Santiago Martin, aka ASM,  enters this fraud. There has never been a King in the Philippines!

In regard to ASM, the Page 19 shown in the video at the 16:15 mark, the Ambassador tried to explain that ASM is another client — “they get funds, it’s another code for a family member.”

As you will see from ASM’s passport documentation, it is sanctioned by the Committee of 300:  “Sealed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, USA this 21st day of February, 2007 to be concurred by some or all of Authorities of the Committee of 300.”

This World Bank document, and also the document below, contain headers on each page referencing ASBLP.  The ASBLP Group of Companies and the Bank of ASBLP are supposedly Anthony Martin’s companies, and the “Sponsor Authority” on his passport is none other than the Committee of 300.

Is this a real UN Passport or another Slick Willy (Saurin’s nickname in Asiacreation? What one must note is Wilfred Saurin is an ex CIA star (was fired), is famous as the modern day Asian Robin Hood. He steals from the elite Banks and he gives to the poor.

This World Bank document, and also the document below, contain headers on each page referencing ASBLP. The ASBLP Group of Companies and the Bank of ASBLP are supposedly Anthony Martin’s companies, and the “Sponsor Authority” on his passport is none other than the Committee of 300.

ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP is listed as one of the Top Financial Organizations of the Committee of 300.

Clearly this second World Bank document (Reference no: ASBLP – 0330 – 2012)  supports that the Ambassador is using fake documents belonging to fake “King” Anthony Martin, to claim the funds in the White Spiritual Boy accounts.

In this World Bank document signed in March, 2012, there is a detailed listing for the distribution of funds to countries around the world and also to banks.  Note on page 143, there are many more signatures than the first document, the same ASBLP reference on the header, and at the end, a disclaimer about signatures that are “valid with and/or without the acknowledgement by ASM.”

Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM)


Signatory HM, King Anthony Santiago Martin
Code name : C3-AM-01, White Spiritual Boy, Spiritual Wonder Boy, Morning Star and King David.
Passport No. UN – 00191-01 (United Nation Organization xx3794724
Postal Address :133 Rizal St. San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002, Philippine Island.

It has been alleged that Anthony Santiago Martin was being used by the Committee of 300 to withdraw from the Collateral Accounts.  It has further been alleged that these White Spiritual Boy and all related accounts are fictitious.

According to one account, the real Anthony Martin is an Australian who married a Filipina from Hagonoy Bulacan.  Apparently he was given a million pounds to sign documents given to him by President Marcos which declared him the sole heir and signatory to the accounts.  But the truth behind this fraudulent scam was discovered and the World Court, through the International Court of Justice, ruled that Anthony Martin was not the rightful heir and signatory to the accounts.  After his generous benefactors abandoned him, Martin suffered a stroke and is said to now be living again as a pauper in Hagonoy Bulacan.

From this it’s deduced that Martin was used as a patsy in the Committee’s failed plan, however, it is most interesting that when the bonds were stolen from Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsu Watanabee in Chiasso, one  “King” Anthony Santiago Martin showed up to make a claim to them.

After being conned by Alan Greenspan, both Yamaguchi and Watanabee were detained at the Chiasso (Italian/Swiss) border and the notes/bonds that they were carrying were taken (stolen) from them. Both men were associated with Neil and he found them to be straight-forward, hard-working individuals who were making strides in helping impoverished nations on behalf of the Dragon Family.

Neil states that the real facts here are that both men were conned by the Italian Government and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. There never was an arrest, never a trial, and never a judgment. It was all an Italian drama and could have become a soap opera rather than a snow job if the Cabal had not completely controlled the media. The newspaper in Como was owned by Prime Minister Berlusconi’s family, and nothing was as it seemed, including the fake 3-1/2 year sentences in abstentia that were allegedly handed down by the Judge.

A check of all 3 Italian databases will reveal that there was never an arrest or judgment according to the Italian Financial Police. In fact, these very notes/bonds that Anthony Martin (and Wilfredo Saurin) attempted to claim were split up after the Italian P2 Lodge (representing the Italian Government) offered to return them to the Dragon Family for 10% of their value.

The Dragon Family refused their offer because they were holding all of the cards. They knew they could cancel the notes out and then have them re-issued 6 months later at no cost to them. So the Italian Government (or corporation), turned to their fellow bedmate, the NY Federal Reserve Bank, and received the approval from them to use the notes after splitting them 50/50.

In this case, Yamaguchi, Watanabee and the bonds were all real and it was Prime Minister Berlusconi and other Italian representatives that were the cons. They stole the notes.

Neil’s team investigated all this and when he found the notes were real he started to breathe a little easier seeing that his notes were from the same package. The Chiasso incident allowed Neil to move forward with his lawsuit. It would lead to what  is known as “Financial Tyranny.”

The theft of the notes was like opening Pandora’s Box, and in a large way, it has led to what Neil is doing today and where we are today. Without the theft, we would still be with eyes closed, not knowing what is happening in our lives, who is taking everything and who is controlling our world.

Neil needs no thanks nor does he ever ask for any but thanks to Benjamin Fulford for bringing this first to everyone’s attention and making the statement that this could be the case that “ENDS FINANCIAL TYRANNY”.and then David Wilcock immortalizes it with his work, FINANCIAL TYRANNY.

The Committee of 300

“Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves.” –Walter Rathenau, 1909, founder of the mammoth German General Electric Corporation

Ultimately whether these World Bank documents are legitimate or the signatures authentic, it really matters not — this is all the dictate of the Committee of 300!

The Ambassador can spin his tales, talk about the enlightened way, profess deep religious convictions, and point his fingers at others for their deceit, but the connection to the Committee of 300 does exist. And the Committee of 300 is a Western organization which never has and never will assist humanity in any way, shape or form and is always pushing to finalize Agenda 21.

The Committee of 300’s agenda is for a one-world government controlled by their own religion/church and their own monetary system. To achieve their goals for the world-wide depopulation of “useless eaters,” they employ the use of chemtrails, HAARP, GMOs, transhumanism, vaccines and more. Their intent is the total destruction and dismantling of our present socio-economic structures to be replaced by their own programs and the destruction of mankind as we know it.  The Ambassador keeps mighty important friends it seems, but they are not our friends for sure.

They sit atop the pyramid and work at every angle to achieve their ends, even programs to lull the masses by promising them everything for nothing. But in reality what they promise is death and enslavement.  In fact, an early death for all but 500 million on the planet.

“Useless eaters” we are called when in fact there is plenty of food for everyone. The growing populace scares the Elite. The Cabal will not be able to handle it should the people turn on them and their murderous ways.

The promises from this Ambassador’s “magical pipe” lead followers to their demise in a most devious way – it leads them right back into accepting a reality that the top of the pyramid dictates (but not for all).  A Western New World Order leads the people off the cliff.  Take a look around — you cannot deny they’re already attempting to take us down.

While the concept of Nesara is enough to make some sing and dance, it now appears that the Ambassador’s general proposals are even better than Nesara’s.  While Nesara only asked for support, his plans call for substantially more than that – follow us.

The Connections

The above insignia that the Ambassador has used as a logo for The Red Dragon family is  a picture taken from the internet representing the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

So here we go down a “rabbit hole.”  In our due diligence to discover what’s behind the subterfuge of the Ambassador and the invention of his The Red Dragon Family, we did come across a rather noteworthy connection between Red Dragon and an entity referred to as the “Black Hen.”

”The Grand Grimoire is a book of black magic that claims to have been written in 1522, but may have originated after the 18th century. It is considered to be the most evil and dangerous grimoire in existence. The text has a sinister purpose: the summoning of Lucifer or Lucifuge Rofocale (the demon in charge of the government of Hell) in order to make a Deal with the Devil. It also contains a hierarchy of infernal spirits. But in addition to the summoning of demons, it contains a large number of spells, formulas, and secrets.”

”The legend of the Red Dragon is that the manuscript was based on writings by the apocryphal Honorius of Thebes, who many claimed was possessed by Satan. The book is said to contain proof of demonic evocation and occult spells as well as detailing the process whereby newly elected popes slowly turn to the wisdom of Satan.”

”The 4-part book is owned by the Roman Catholic Church and is kept in the Vatican Secret Archives, where it is unavailable to the public. How do we know it exists? The Church claims official ownership of it.”


We draw upon logical deductions to point out this connection, however, at this time we don’t have the definitive proof that we would like. Despite this, one can easily see the connections between the Red Dragon and Western Black Nobility and when researched as Red Dragon, the Black Hen is always associated with it.

“The Black Hen” is the Black Nobility and symbolizes the entity that IS the top of the pyramid.  In the chart below, that would be the Italian Orsini family.

While the Ambassador maintains a cloak of secrecy around his persona, it is more likely that he is connected to this Italian family rather than any Chinese family.  Or is he tied into any family seeing the Chinese Societies consider the Red Dragon Society/Family renegades?

Taken all together: he professes a bloodline lineage to the top of the pyramid, strong ties with the Committee of 300, his talk of families and their infrastructures, the Vatican being one of family’s arms, his association with M1 — the Ambassador is portraying himself as being at the top of the pyramid.

If true, in turn, his connection to this “Black Hen” could be quite probable. But the question has to be asked, that if he can really “take what he wants”, why would a machination like the Red Dragon be necessary? Why are we going through these unnecessary wars and why did they ever allow it to begin, if he can just take what he wants?  The answer is obvious – he is always tied into the West and not the East. He wants us to follow him into the abyss. Will you follow him?

If the Ambassador is not who he says he is, not the “alpha to omega,” then it may be a logical supposition that the Orsini family would have something to say to him about what he’s doing. If so then the Black Nobility will do our job for us.  This is a show we can sit back and watch for once.

If he is posing as an elite, would this not draw consequences from those on high? If he is not tied into the Committee of 300, what would or could become of him? Is this why he hides his identity?



Neil Discusses the Ambassador and Marcos/M1

How many times must we fall into our own weaknesses and follow a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  In my time we had Keith Scott, Removing The Shackles, Anthony Martin aka ASM ‘White Spiritual Boy’ then OPPT,  OITC, Swissindo and now this Red Dragon Ambassador, another ‘White Spiritual Boy’ – ASM – ASBLP nonsense. We have no more time to fight with impersonators any longer. Our time must be considered precious and used accordingly.

So who is the Ambassador? Firstly, he is not an Ambassador, just as Anthony Martin is not a King. There never has been a King in the Philippines, and in fact, Martin is on everyone’s watch list, as are his witnesses in most cases.

They are entwined together in their hunt to con the system.  They point towards the White Dragons and meetings that never took place, the use of the Black Nobilities’ logo, and falsified documents amongst many other things.  They tie in the Rothschilds’, Queen E, the Vatican and Pentagon, as well as the Black Nobility (Count Orsini).  They reach out to you and appeal to your needs but never intend on giving you one red cent.

If we keep acting like sheeple, we will never break away from the madness. But for some, they’re ready to jump right back into the fire.  We must get grounded and fight for what we want. There is no savior of this world. There may be many saviors, but not one. The Ambassador is is not one!

Because it all sounds very familiar, my guess is that the Ambassador is Swissindo. How did we come to this conclusion?  Swissindo offered the same things to every nation on the face of the earth. The White Spiritual Boy (Anthony Santiago Martin – ASM) does the same. They are definitely tied into the Ambassador, and seeing they are one, look at Swissindo’s ties with OPPT (whoever is left of this group are still promoting this “movement”), and understand they brought in their favorite spokesperson Ron Van Dyke to rope everyone back in once again.

Ron seemed uneasy mentioning  Schmidts name during the last video, so one can only wonder what happened in Hong Kong seeing Ron was not included.  Ron says the Red Dragon Family brought him in because he is honest, however, Neil says they brought him in because he goes along with the plans as always, and they are all entwined in the same matters.

Did Ron knowingly participate in all this?  No, but he did start to once he learned the game (after Schmidt’s exposure). This is their problem, not ours, but desperate people do desperate things.

A final point that is seldom mentioned is about Ferdinand Marcos, who made claims to being M1 and assigned his rights to the Accounts to Anthony Martin. Now how could Marcos do this when the rights would never be assignable?

I have seen the Marcos’ will and most likely I can dig it up upon my return to Indonesia. You will see no mention of Anthony Martin. As a matter of fact, I will make that effort to show it to you.

Let’s dig a bit further so you can understand what actually happened at that time. Upon Marcos’ graduation from New York University Law School, he returned to his native Philippines. He had political dreams and also a family. To attain his political dreams and become President, he was told by Santa Romana that he would have to divorce his wife and walk away from his son, Luis Reyes.

One further catch to this was that he would have to marry Imelda.  Marcos became President and soon his family was torn apart.  After being elected President, he was “appointed” M1.  Who appointed him?  The creators of the financial system, the West.  So what happened to the East which deposited most of the assets into the Global Accounts?

Not to their favor, the East just sat patiently and watched as their brother nations such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, etc. tightened all relations with the West — relations they had conspired as early as 1921 (maybe earlier).

How did this help those countries? They rebuilt their nations using the Federal Reserve Notes they issued out before and during the war.  The Marshall Plan was nothing more than utilizing the bonds they issued out during the above period.  They played with the notes that actually belonged to the East and had no business being in the Western hands.

So let’s get to a main point: Indonesian President Soekarno was elected M1. Marcos was appointed, and anyone who ever sat in the position of M1 since Soekarno has been illegally appointed.

So how could it be possible for Marcos to leave the appointment of the M1 title to Anthony Martin when they did not even own the assets/deposits, yet intended these for the sole use by the West?

That time has come and gone.  Now not just corporations will have access to these funds but impoverished nations as well.  This time we will see humanitarian packages and projects and people walking once again with their heads up.  It has already started with a new Eastern financial system being established. It was Neil who screamed for this system more than two years ago and now it is an actually happening. The Monaco Accords started this movement which led to NAM and finally BRICS. All in the best interests of mankind.

But the fight is not over with yet!  We have to be ready when they break the walls down, and we must recognize who our enemy is. They will not go without a fight as some say. And the fight is not with our fellow brothers!

There is not much more to say other than that I have heard of and known people in every Dragon Family in Asia, including the head of Plum Blossom, but I have never heard of the Red Dragon Family. They may have been a secret society from the past, brought to life by individuals who just wish to use that name for their own purposes but in fact have nothing to do with them.

Who is the Ambassador? No one we should be concerned about.  If he almost got ya, now you have to move on. Stop dancing to music you do not recognize. And remember no one goes scot-free, everyone pays the piper…so be careful what you ask for!

You have to ask why would they want to help us? Remember only 500 Million people are to remain alive.  Are you going to live locked in slavery until you’re wiped off the planet?

We will endure and thrive without them and any who are like them. We’ll keep the trash out of our house from here on in, and gather our strength. They’re trying to kill us, and this is war!

We know what their plans are. We must institute our “Agenda 22″ first, and extinguish their Agenda 21.  And if we do not have an Agenda 22, we need to get one fast.



Personal Thanks from Neil:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Sterling Seagrave, Stanley, Rich, Attorney Bill Mulligan, Michael Henry Dunn, Inchul, Michael Calhoun, Rob, Chris, Lorraine, Richard, Shirley and thanks to Keith Scott for sharing so much knowledge. Thanks also to Drake, Thomas and all of Cosmic Voice.

It also can’t go without saying thanks to Bonsu Soekarno (so much knowledge and understanding in one amazing man), Dr. Eddie Seno Soekanto (a wonderful and witty man who can recite the history of all global matters off the top of this head), the head of the Soekarno Trust, the Prince, Arief, Nakarene, and many others including generals and politicians. Thank you Sultans and Elders for putting up with me, and most especially Count Albert for being there always with Family support when I need it. And I am speaking of the real Dragon Family, the one that blows fire not just hot air.

And as always, many thanks to Nelu and Jo, the Keenan Team and our newest teammate Mark.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. You know who you are and don’t worry, you will be remembered in the movie… hahaha…. Neil


To download a PDF version of this article in French click here.



Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

Busted! – The Taming
Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Busted! – The Taming Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Neil is mad as hell!  He’s had enough of the pointless criminal endeavors that these cabal cronies are foisting upon those who give their best toward making the change happen.

Well they can forget it. Change is going to come.



Since much sordid detail has recently come to light, Neil believes the time has come to be the whistleblower on these attackers.  It will also give an idea, albeit a small one, that there is not one aspect of what Neil is doing that is without multiple twists and turns.

We would like to see it otherwise, and to that end, here is a bit of a side-drama that needs revealing.   With so much deviousness and unnecessary turmoil, it’s time to shed some light under these rocks.  And Neil’s coming out swinging to get rid of these bothersome parasites.

For nearly four months Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake, Thomas, and Cosmic Voice have had to endure intense and constant hacking attacks.  Fortunately, we have  found ways to repel these attacks, this post being just one of them.

Understandably, and unfortunately, it is something we have to deal with in this Universe — those who appear to be other than who they truly are.

With convincing evidence derived from their own computers, they must now face the very music they create with their hatred, jealousy and revenge, the disorder that courses through their veins.

You may be aware of them as being something “special” but it is just possible that they are deceiving you as they have many others.  The “Old Girls Club” is very old, and whereas at one time we thought to just ignore them and let them go away, it has come time to put a stop to them all, with even jail being a consequence.

Thanks to one of them, one that wished to destroy us all, we have been sent information that will take them down along with all the others who thought this was fun and games. Yes, this member of their group attempted to leave but Deb Martindale roped her back in.  Since they thrive on their own hateful venom, it’s obvious that those who are not so sure will be distancing themselves from Sims, Pollack and their group in order to avoid possible arrest.

Hard evidence and a sworn statement are now in the hands of not only the Illinois State Attorney General but also FBI investigators who have opened the doors to examine the following group members:  Tom Sims, Deb Martindale, Elizabeth Otto (although with a caveat – it seems that someone has come to her defense in order to prevent her prosecution), Ellen Gonzalez, Scott Pollack, Emily Twomey, Lorri Lou-don, Jean Haines.

This group’s sole objective is to attack Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake/Cosmic Voice, and others that move forward toward liberty without the permission of the Old Girls, and Tom Sims and Scott Pollack who have aligned themselves very closely with these women in many ways.

Tom Sims lives with his Mommy, and his base of attack on everyone is from his basement apartment in her home.  Scott Pollack tried to recreate himself in the image of his father, who was a successful musician, but failing that, he has become a buffoon of a blog host. He never did quite fit into his old man’s shoes.

Not understanding one word of what he says, Pollack acquires his information from Sims and transmits his libelous slander for anyone who will listen, and tolerate watching his incessantly blinking eyes.  It’s not a large number who tune in, but it’s still one too many for anyone of conscience to bear.

Sims and Pollack along with Haines are the purveyors of the contemptible slander and needless attacks.  After Haines and Keenan parted ways, she went on her own personal attacks amounting to little or nothing of the truth.  Keenan parted with Haines because she became unbearable, demanding among many things that he leave the Global Accounts alone and stick to his lawsuit.

For all of her fawning followers, Haines agenda remains solely about Haines.  She stated her perspective clearly to Neil:  Forget the people! Go into “ascension” with her and leave everyone else behind to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately for Haines, Neil wanted nothing to do with it.  Fortunately for us, Neil loves his family and has no reason to leave any of us behind.  In fact, quite the opposite — he plans on taking us along with him right to the very victorious “end.”

Haines ordered Keenan to take the girls off his Facebook page (not pornographic, by the way), but what no one knew at the time (including Keenan) is that it was Sims posting those pictures.  And he is still doing it to this day. But Neil took some amusement in playing this game – he dances to his own music.

Since the following facts have been posted on another site already, Haines’ less-than-stellar background bears noting here as well.   Haines’ husband apparently committed suicide, the circumstances of which are still under investigation.

By all local accounts, the husband was well liked, but as it turns out, Haines was run out of that hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  She now hides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, living illegally there to hide from the mess she created.

Now Sims’ website has been copied and let it be known that any move they make can be considered criminal.  This is not due to slander or libel but because of the outright theft instigated by Sims at the Western Union in Limassol, Cyprus.  It was Sims who hacked into Keenan’s computer and sent out requests on Keenan’s behalf soliciting money to be sent to an email address that was very similar to Neil’s.

The instructions for the money came from Sims and his team.  They then had someone pick up the funds waiting for Neil at the Western Union office in Limassol.  And this was done without any identification being required!  Ultimately, Sims is responsible for this theft and the shameless duping of innocent supporters.

Birds of a Feather

“There is no reason to hide what is taking place,” states Neil.  The authorities are now monitoring Sims, Pollack, Haines, Gonzalez, Otto, Twomey, and others.  As a matter of fact, the Keenan Team encourages this group to continue their slandering, and have Sims keep posting comments posing as Neil’s direct postings.

Sims himself states, “We have created not just a cluster-fuxx for Keenan we have created a virtual cluster-fuxx.”  Furthermore, he tells his followers (the above members of the group who have secret codes) that soon Drake will be travelling south in an attempt to get away from this group.  It is highly doubtful that anyone is running from this group.

It seems they have their sights aimed especially at Drake.  According to their communications between themselves, they expect Drake to be going southbound anytime now.  Little do they know that soon they themselves may be heading south – south to the Hoosegow (jail)!

From a recent conversation, Neil understood that “the group wants the Old Girls, Sims, Pollack and all the others to continue on.”  But they should be aware of this and govern themselves accordingly:  Anything and everything that’s done now is monitored; every move on their website is being watched.  If they delete from their set-up or if they add, it is a matter of record.

And it really is nice for a change to give authorities a legitimate clean-up job and watch them actually do the right thing.  It seems the one who thinks he is the hunter is now trapped by an actual hunter.  With a laugh, Neil declares:  “Checkmate!”

The Tables are Turning

Why does this group’s world revolve around Drake/Thomas and Keenan?  Drake’s and Thomas’ nightmare:  For all who wonder what is happening with the show’s interruptions, just ask the above-mentioned individuals, particularly Tom Sims. But the show must go on and the Drake/Thomas team plow through the snow to get the show up and ready, only to often have it interrupted and communications blocked.

Now that the State Attorney General of Illinois’ and the FBI are involved, it will not take much for these recognized thieves, liars and cheats to be picked up now.  With  indisputable documentation in hand, it is only a matter of time before all of this criminal activity will stop.

As we wait to see what transpires from this outright conspiracy to defraud the Keenan Team and to prevent Cosmic Voice from conducting orderly business, it just may be that this above-mentioned team has expanded.  Alfred Webre is now a part of this corrupt team, and possibly Kerry Cassidy, but the jury is still out on her.  She may have planted some roots, but let’s not water them and watch her wither.

Cassidy has been collaborating with a cohort of hers, Paul Collin, in attempting to cast suspicion about Neil being the “real thing.”  Considering that not too long ago Neil provided some financial help to Collin in his time of desperate need, this is a most dismal way to acknowledge that kindness.  With Cassidy supporting his effort to discredit Neil, it surely raises some glaring questions about her motive and agenda.  If there are any whistleblowers on this whistleblower host, Cassidy, please contact the Keenan Team.

There are those who counted on Neil remaining quiet about these nefarious deeds.  But to do so only perpetuates keeping us in the dark and unaware.  The concept of unity is not an elusive ideal —  real freedom starts with taking a stand against all things that keep us in struggle.

Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team



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