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The End Is Near

The cabal are in a state of desperation. They are attempting to steal the assets of the East while offering currencies that have no value.

They are fighting to stay alive whilst trying to create a duplicate of the Bretton Woods agreement with a new name: The New World Order.

But the East is no longer sleeping. Nor are We The People in The West.

It is nearly over. Soon you will find Donald Trump in the position of President, as such that he legally won. And we will find many of those who attempted to steal the US elections in Guantanamo as well as American prisons.

Enjoy your read. This all is coming to a head.

Traditionally there have been three types of business. Build, maintain and destroy.

The catalyst remains the same. Change. In financial circles, wealth generation rarely exists in its pure form – at least in about 150 years.

The wealthy increase the percentage of their formulae to profits, and the use the money politically to enforce market share – until someone else creates an alternative to the existing value proposition.

Governments around the world (under such monikers as democracies, communists, dictatorships, monarchy – in essence all of them) and non-government agencies (including banks) have one role today.

To steal your money. Through taxes, levies, inflation (another form of tax), deflation (endless printing of money with no backing asset value) there is a persistent formula being applied in a coordinated effort to enslave all humanity.

These are absolute truths.

The accumulation of the lies printed, issued, taught and enforced that this is not the case are crumbling and creating gaps in either linear or matrix logic application.

The world is about to see the truth, and the existing logic gaps are about to become vast canyons.

Neil Keenan and his team are ready to rumble the foundation of all society in a manner that will create a credibility gulf that the history of humanity has no historical context upon which to refer.

The moment is upon him and the time to assume all aspects of the office of Amanah with both authority and power is nigh.

This last phase has presented a number of problems and challenges despite almost zero support from both interested parties as well as those that will vie to be first in line when the great adjustment to a gold backed currency takes shape.

Imagine having governments, administrations and other bureaucratic maneuvering to take everything you built over a lifetime “legally” take it all away with the stroke of a pen.

Imagine having these entities working in concert to protect their lies and prevent the demise of their hegemony. These actions actually take place.

Ask Neil Keenan about what they took from him and the Elders by governments around the world; nevertheless, Neil keeps moving forward with little support from the people that will benefit the most with the overhauled financial systems.

‘Going it alone’ has no greater meaning to humanity than the historical reference to the individuals and very small groups of people that stood up to be architects of a different path and dialogue.

Each culture and era has a very small number of people that profoundly changed the course of their society. Even smaller were the lists of people that did so on a global basis. Name the last person that with a handful of people changed the global truth.

This is true of Neil and his team, and their narrative.

Neil and his team stand upon the edge of the cliff and are prepared to ‘take the plunge’ and do the very difficult things needed in changing the very nature of money.

So why does he need to finance himself? So, must he also be delayed because he has to raise the funds necessary to strike the first blows for a new freedom that will benefit all humanity?

To assemble the components and take the final step is a cost that is disproportionate relative to the benefit. 

Yet people who have the ability to pull together the threads of truth remain silent, and they offer no financial support to ease the burden of the volume of work to be completed.

Many have reached out to make deals, but offered neither financial support, nor media encouragement.

The list of people that have endured to make this happen is exceedingly small, as will be the list of the people entrusted to either carry out the designed implementation and the benefits of having a true commitment to seeing the critical blows for freedom of humanity happen.

When lives reach, their completion, and you face your God and have to atone for your life and the direction of your soul – you will have to answer one question.

Did you do everything you could to advance the freedom of humanity? Neil and his team are doing ‘their part’ and much of humanity’s as well.

What is holding you back from helping? Do you want a better world or just talk about it?

– KM




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Now Or Never
We’re Running Out Of Tomorrows

“Depending upon how one views events transpiring, one is observing either an ending or a beginning. I have comments to add to the recent dissertation by “Asian Insider II” and I have been granted an opportunity here to share these with you.

The aforementioned made some pertinent observations, however I would argue that more complexity exists around certain details.

It is not to be forgotten that Mr. Keenan has been prepared on a number of occasions, to complete work with an entire tranche of bunker assets, only to have found themselves the subject of intense interference, whether from external origins or internal ones.

Internal house-cleaning aside, I find it perplexing that external sources of interposition remain in existence. Not only does Asia rely upon the business of Neil Keenan, but indeed the world in its entirety. It is now of critical importance that Mr. Keenan’s work be completed as soon as practicable.

I can personally attest to the high – level operators whom Neil Keenan receives phone calls from. There exists no doubt that Mr. Keenan has the necessary contacts.

[Image added]

I shall mention no names but I have been present in the same room and privy to a number of enlightening conversations.

Given the seemingly infinite financial resources that will be at Neil Keenan’s discretion once the bunker assets begin to be processed, the current situation seems absurd beyond belief. The whole world is depending on Neil Keenan (whether aware of this or not) and yet he is left to fund the final stretch seemingly alone. And for those who know Neil Keenan, he is not about to go knocking on doors for money, that is not something that he does.

I do spend some time scrutinizing the internet, yet I have never found anybody circulating anything more than bullshit on matters relating to this. As “Asian Insider II” reflects, “they” serve up their grandiose fabrications but most of the content is nothing more than a distraction.

The key to your survival is the release and processing of the Global Accounts, concurrently with Neil pursuing the “Cabal” through the judicial courts. 

It might not pass muster (as you can see with President Trump) but it does have the effect of “dirtying the waters” sufficiently so that millions upon millions of people are made aware of certain truths, positioning them with a mindset intent on determining the truth. 

The so-called Cabal are in decline, not so far away from closing their doors and fleeing for their lives. Signs of this can be seen clearly.

Not to put foo fine a point on it, but this turn of events did begin with the “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” and the fall – out from that filing continues to this day. Mr. Keenan had the substance to file a legal action on matters that few others dared to even speak of.

I have knowledge that Neil Keenan is preparing to bring his mammoth efforts to maturity, although it puzzles me greatly that all things relating to this remain solely in his hands? 

He will not speak with me about this and tells me to stay away while he works. Nonetheless, I find myself asking the same question that you ask yourselves: When? 

I realize that Obama pilfered Mr. Keenan’s accounts years ago and I am cognizant of the fact that he will pay for doing so, but the more pertinent vexation sits with us in the ‘now’, not the ‘then’. 

Neil Keenan has remained very quiet of late, which usually means positive developments are afoot, although maybe not in this case. Perhaps he is having difficulty in finding something or someone that is required, I wonder. In observing Mr. Keenan in the past, I noted that his left hand does not know what his right hand is doing – so why should I question him.

You must prevail in your Western battles, contrarily not only will your population become rapidly reduced but those remaining will be enslaved to a much higher level. This eventuality effectively constitutes a return to serfdom, revisiting a time of ruler Kings and peasants. You would owe “them” everything and “they” would hold all that you once owned. 

If we fall short of ensuring that Mr. Keenan & Co. are propelled ahead rapidly, we shall find ourselves fighting a rather steep uphill battle. 

We need Neil Keenan and his ability to move strategically – and he is widely considered by those who are in the know, to be the best strategist on the planet. Doubtlessly, this is what has kept him on top of all his engagements for the past twelve years. Neil Keenan, with his experience, intuition and instinct, knows what must be done and when it is time to be done. 

Presently, we are troubled that he might be considering taking a break, although it is just as likely that he could actually be finalizing plans for what he is going to do once he gets to where he has to be. 

I am confident to wager that someone is going to find themselves on the receiving end of a serious degree of trouble, and that President Trump would surely be more than happy to finally secure reinforcements from a very powerful ally. 

I could posit all day about this but I am not “Asian Insider II”. My assignment with Neil was to keep him away from harm, which proved to be a challenging undertaking.

In my experience of Neil Keenan, he is resourceful even while under constraint. I have every confidence that Mr. Keenan will be free to move and convey for us shortly, once furtherance of the mission has been addressed.

The point of view of the Family is that they have assisted Neil Keenan sufficiently in their having provided him with the mandate to deal with the assets that they deposited in the Global Collateral Accounts. Eighty five percent of the contents of these Accounts were deposited by the Dragon Family.

The mandate, assets and accounts are in his trusted hands as he is the Amanah.

We must query ourselves: Are we to continue battling on, fighting with the types of monsters we find ourselves battling on a daily basis? Are we capable of continuing to deal with such matters? I am asking you, the reader.

You had better start working on your inventory because when the situation explodes you will not have the luxury of being able to hide under your sofa. This is why Neil Keenan absolutely must get his work completed as soon as possible.

Mr. Keenan chooses his people very carefully and there will be a great number of people that he is going to require the services of “down the line”, from all walks of life. And to be honest – we are not all going to make it.”

[The Original] Asian Insider I

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