From the very beginning of this extraordinary journey I have seen and experienced so many seemingly unbelievable things, having tangled myself within the vast web and ongoing intrigue of the Global Accounts, as well as presenting the amazing new technologies to ‘We The People’.

And now the latest.. finding Thasja and returning her to safety. Do not think for one second I’m not hurting, because I am; it is with me day and night.

Thasja (Sweet Rain)

The best news is my health is slowly improving, as I am thankfully starting to feel better. Also, I’m being supported by my loyal team; great people doing great things!



In the video you will see the toll taken by tremendous stress while juggling so many difficult challenges. After all this time one would think that it’s time to say, “Adieu”, but not in this case as long as there is a” living” Neil Keenan (not withstanding Ben Fulford’s recent “fake news” of my so-called “death”) is working along with those patriots who continue to assist me.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Report Of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | NFK Sets The Record Straight As Karen Hudes “Mis-Speaks” And Ben Fulford Mis-Steps

On the other hand, more positive results are coming in strong, and it is near time to leave for the US and Asia. The world is opening up for us in new ways, and we want to take advantage of such things in order to benefit humanity.

I may first fly to the US in order to assist in the recovery of Thasja. I’ve been involved in this search for over 6 months and will be there if or when she is released.

Fortunately, I can handle most everything with my computer… no matter where I go. This gives me the wherewithal to be flexible in making plans or changing them if required.

I have waited a long time to leave for distant lands, and along with flying which may require some adjustment and acclimation, this will put me to the test. I’m more optimistic now that I’m able to do whatever needs to be done or near to where they should be at last!

I pray I have a truly successful journey and will be talking to you shortly. Thanks to each one of you who’ve sent prayers and good wishes along the way. They are greatly appreciated!

All the Best,

Neil Keenan.




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