At times it may seem like forever, but here we are in the New Year with Neil Keenan putting together a great new K Team. And most of all, thanks to Neil’s leadership, this New Year brings us all together with a renewed vigor and vitality.

Each and every person now brought in possesses a variety of professional talents as well as a refreshing new way of looking at things.

From a practical standpoint we must first begin with the bunkers being opened.

As we all know, Martha Wibawa, a.k.a Nelu, unfortunately had nefarious plans other than his being just a translator.

It remains a mystery as to why would anyone subject themselves to listen to someone who could not pay his own way and who lied and dropped the ball on more than one occasion.

Also, he once blamed his own family member for something that he, in fact, had knowledge of, but pretended not to in order to get necessary funding to be released from jail.

Now that Nelu’s true colors have been exposed, we will move on with those we know who have already proven their integrity.

Therefore, we’ve cleaned our house and are eager to move forward with our new, revitalized team which includes many people from various places throughout the world.

However, while in Indonesia the honorable Indonesians will sit strong and work along with us at bettering their lands and their country.

We have been working with Indonesians for many years and have found them to be wonderful and warm people who want to help bring the best to their country.

Their time has come as well!

In order to get things rolling we will work tirelessly in getting many hands working with ours. Once this is done, the process begins, and we will set into motion many things that ultimately will take care of themselves.

We are currently pushing for two Platform licenses so that we can turn our assets / currencies over again and again, thereby protecting us from ever worrying about funding again.

With assistance from the Sultan and others we will make this world a far better place.

Below you will see video discussions with two of our expert team members who specifically work on New Technologies. They explain their break-through projects and are eager to take care of some medical problems within our group as well as others.

Their already highly effective healing computer is being improved and upgraded.

In addition, there will be a new version of the healing computer that maintains its high level of accuracy.

There is also an entirely new cancer-oriented computer that diagnoses the disease within three minutes without the need for blood and other tests. This new system includes the corresponding treatments.

Another revolutionary and promising technology being developed by them involves stem-cells and the rejuvenation of internal organs as well as life-extension.

Their other break-through technologies include clean water systems as well as those of free-energy.

Each one has many far-reaching benefits for our planet’s ecosystems.

In the near future we will have other team members whom you will get to know as we move along. For now you will hear from the two in these videos.

Soon enough you will begin to understand that our team is filling in person by person as needed.

Please take good care and understand that this is a tremendously challenging process, but in our case we have it handled.

As previously mentioned, Neil has cleaned his house and he’s moving forward with great gusto! One bad apple tried to spoil the entire group, but now that is behind us.

So let us begin, and remember we’ve only just begun!

You surely have already seen lots accomplished by Neil Keenan and Group K, but you haven’t seen anything yet, as there’s so much more to come!


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Healing Technologies Update


Water Treatment Technology


Free Energy Technology



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