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The Black Book Is Available!

Worldwide Alert:
Neil Is Pissed Off And Is Releasing His Weapons

During the past three months I have felt the sting of my money being stolen, my bank accounts being wiped out on New Year’s Eve, my friend being killed while attempting to help us, and another friend who survived a car accident  — all of it orchestrated by the Cabal.

I finally heard word tonight that “they” do not want any foreign country helping us.  So guess what?  It is time to fight back with all we’ve got.  Time to exact revenge.  Time to completely exploit every one of their weaknesses.  So here we go, ladies and gentlemen!  Payback is a bitch.  We may be small but we are a force to be reckoned with.

I am reluctantly giving up possession of the Black Book, aka Book of Codes.  It will go to the one I believe is best suited to handle it.  I have been watching over the Book, taking care of it, but in dealing with the Global Accounts, I have had little time to use this “lethal weapon” to the world’s maximum advantage.

Let me be clear here.  With the Book(s) in hand, the Greek Government would never have to worry about the European Union’s absurd demand for repayment.  They would be holding the Book that exposes the EC (European Commission) for providing the entire EU (European Union) with nothing but blank paper.  Yet they expect to be paid back.  So are we to give them back paper of no value whatsoever?  So long EU!


On the other hand, imagine the damage that the Russians could wreak on the West if they had the Book, this “Financial Holy Grail,” in their hands.  They would be able to expose the unrestrained, unlimited frauds that the West has perpetrated against its own people!

Imagine the damages they would be forced to pay to the very people that they have kept enslaved for so many long years.  But whoever receives this Book will have to be extremely careful with it — it can be deadly as well as generous.

Imagine what this Book means and the vast consequences that it will have around the globe.   The Book spells out everything:  there will be no more disputes over the accounts!  And the World Bank will finally be seen for what it is and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts.


The Book would also reveal that the Spiritual White Boy, King Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) as we know him, died in 1985 (God rest his soul).  His death was three years prior to Ferdinand Marcos’ death in 1988.  The one now known as Anthony Santiago Martin arrived in 1993 from a Thai village.  He is certainly no King Anthony.  He was put into place by an alphabet agency, and, along with four others, was meant to impersonate the deceased King Anthony.  The accounts are indeed large, but … the King is no longer.

This imposter ASM admits he was offered money yet he also claims never to have received any.  If you believe this one, wait until you hear him twist another lie.  He even claims he was set up for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to the ASM accounts.  Now that makes sense seeing the West believes they own accounts that do not belong to them.  In fact, this play-actor Anthony Santiago Martin actually states that he was only a signator and nothing more.

Getting Back in Focus

There is much that we have been facing and when we honestly assess our forces, we see that we can handle the Global Accounts or the Book, but not both at the same time.  Our team can handle 8 or 9 deals simultaneously, but the magnitude of what we face is tremendous and we need help.

But we have the perfect ammunition that another could use to do a bang-up job against those who plan to destroy us.  This will give us double bang for the punch, and maybe just enough to push us over the hump to a spot called safety.

So this is for you, the people who supported us, have laughed with us, and sometimes felt for us.  Now we return your support and faith in us, and we hope we are soon done.  The “Financial Holy Grail” is now on its way to global exposure.  With this break-through action, we are pushing them hard from all angles.  Together with the new AIIB, BRICS, etc., we will all make a very nice harmony.

For any and all interested in the Black Book please contact us at:

Shit is about to happen so put your hats on – nasty to wash out you know!

All the best.




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Moving On Up

With one exciting chapter after another, this in-earnest battle continues well into its sixth year now.  It is a matter of who is in control.

To date the Cabal still controls.  But not for long!  The tables are turning.   Once Neil gets to Asia, the fights with the Western Central Banks will escalate, and there will be those who’ll inevitably merge into Group K; together we will stand against the Cabal.

The same relates to the Governments on the fringes of leaving the European Union.  They can take a good hard look, then possibly everyone can unite with the assistance of the Dragon Family and Group K.  The West is just a stone’s throw from the East in this matter.

Do not expect a Jubilee.  There will be no debt forgiveness despite what anyone thinks.  The West may wish forgiveness but there will not be any coming.  On the other hand, what really might be arriving is the Iraqi Dinar being placed along with the Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, and other currencies in the first basket of revaluation.

After so much talk of Dinars, it might finally happen.  Neil states:  “If so, I am happy for everyone that the Dinar is finally being thought of as it should have been many years ago.”

What brought us to this place?  The new Eastern financial concerns along with Russia’s abuse of the US-paper petro dollar (and its imminent demise), have all moved us into a new age.  And a much safer age once it gets rolling.

As it stands, we are looking at confrontation.   As long as the West continues to desperately grasp onto the defunct Bretton Woods Agreement, they will continue to be the problem.  This Agreement allows the West to continue to illegally use the East’s deposits in the Global Accounts, something the East will no longer tolerate.

The hard assets are located in the East and have nothing to do with the World Bank or the IMF or BIS or any Central Banks.  It is owned by the Depositors.

At one time the Depositors, who were thinking “Global,” deposited the funds for humanitarian purposes, only to find that no sooner than the ink dried on the Agreement, the West employed full-blown theft.

The Bretton Wood Agreement is Null and Void and has been from the day it was created.

This outright larceny has continued for many years, but now the East will handle their own funds, have their own banking, have their own IMF, World Bank, UN building, and much more.

In other words the West is gone for good, and should they attempt to continue stealing the assets, it will be obvious for all the world to see – there will be no need to look any further than at very ones who attempt to renew their criminal activity.

The Next Level

Every one of us realizes we are being listened to and closely watched.  But this Fight is all that really matters.  We know how to win, and win we will. However, we do know they have many more tools and weapons than us, and in many ways, it has kept us in a “hold” pattern.

They control the banks, the police, the military and every single thing we put our hands on.  Believe it!  And this is why we must be careful with how we approach everything, particularly from this time onward.

We are no longer exposing the scams of the OPPT, Red Dragon “Ambassador,” etc.   We have reached another level of fighting, one where ALL is at stake, where assassinations happen, accidents are not accidents, and money disappears and no one knows where it went.

At the level we’re at, major, earth-changing wins and losses are at hand, and it means everything to each and every one of us (including them).  Yes, it all equates to our very survival!

The delays are their creation.  They can push many buttons and tear our hearts out, but we must and will push on.  There is only one option and that is to WIN!

Dropping out is not an option for Group K/The Keenan Team.  We have exposed the battle and thrive on action at the front.  We will never relinquish our position.

So we are moving on up in this Eastern financial battle.  Yes, we are surely up to our necks in it, but believe us, we are steps ahead at this time.  Still we are fully aware of the need to move much faster in getting to our goals that have waited for us for three months now.

Just think:  moving on up to the East side.  Nice place to be when all is said and done.  See you there.

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team


The Jeffersons – Moving On Up



Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

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