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Cabal Payback For Donetsk
Referendum With Unarmed
Urban Civilian Slaughter


With original and exclusive footage from sources inside Donetsk (see below) Neil is angry and cannot for the life of him understand how no one is stepping up to put a halt to the unarmed civilian slaughter in Donetsk.  This is cabal payback for the good citizens of Donetsk having the courage to take a stand for their right to self-determination.

Everybody sleeps while Donetsk burns.  Where is Putin?  Why haven’t the American people reigned in their dark empire?  Their ignorance and apathy will come with a price.  We have responsibility for what we allow our leaders to foist on the rest of the planet.  It is our responsibility to reign in these crusading sociopaths.

For Christ’s sake, somebody send in defensive weapons so that the courageous Donetsk people can defend themselves!  It will come to our door next if we continue to let these murderers have their way with the world.

Video 1 of 7

Video 2 of 7 (exclusive video of cabal Apache flyby over Donetsk)

Video 3 of 7 (exclusive video of cabal military coercion against Donetsk civilians)

Video 4 of 7 (exclusive video of cabal fighter bomber unloading payload on unarmed Donetsk civilians)

Video 5 of 7 (exclusive video of cabal “flying crane” type helicopter unloading payload on unarmed Donetsk civilians)

Video 6 of 7 (exclusive video of Donetsk residential burning – the ovens are now your home)

Video 7 of 7 (exclusive video of Donetsk commercial buildings burning – any civilian survivors of cabal puppet government military attack on the unarmed and undefended?)

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Updated No-Fly List,
The Interview Circuit,
& Quadrillions In Indonesian

radioNeil had a lot of fun in his interview (starts @ 101:00 mark) with Drake and Thomas last Thursday. Neil will be giving another interview this week with a surprise well-known journalist – stay tuned!

Neil wants to thank everyone for their help in developing the deserving globalist candidates for the No Fly Accords.

Many bad guys are squawking loudly about being on the list, but they are going to stay there because they have earned their place on that list. And many others are being added to it.

We have a wonderful network of smart and thoughtful people who have joined forces in our efforts, and they have come through in living color with names that we have overlooked — we are grateful.

There are many bunkers in Indonesia with Quadrillions in assets. Of course, we only need to access a fraction of them to get our job done. However, some of the Indonesian Elders, having been entrusted with the safekeeping of these assets, now believe that the assets belong to them, and they do not.

Some have allowed the likes of George Soros to access them. Others, like the Emperor of Japan and Malaysia are currently scheming to get their hands on them. That’s not going to happen.

The Elders hold these assets in trust for the Dragon Family. And when too much time goes by, some forget who the true owners are and get themselves into trouble. Sure, they need to be compensated for their caretaking and safekeeping of these assets.

Their people need to eat, and they will be taken care of. However, the Elders are caretakers, not stakeholders in the Global Accounts.  Some who have confused  that distinction will find that it will lead them to their to their quick and certain demise.

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