As Anna Von Reitz’s excellent research shows, the past does not change, but it merely repeats itself in a myriad of ways.

Consequently, this makes it all the more crucial that not only must President Trump clean the Swamp, it is also imperative that President Putin and President Xi Jinping  promptly clean their Swamps. Other world leaders must immediately do the same or face accountability for their nefarious relationships with the Cabal.

Today the “Swamps of Corruption” have spread far and wide, resembling a virulent metastatic cancer throughout the globe.

Just a small seed of vile corruption anywhere could sprout another deadly epidemic that our children and their children might have to face whereby ‘We The People’ lose once again with even more severe consequences.

Let’s cut off the head of this deadly menace now!  We must not repeat the many past mistakes of others who had their chances for hundreds of years and more – but failed to get it right.

As Anna writes: “What we are dealing with is the suppressed and evil religion of Mystery Babylon. It has been suppressed and taken down many, many times, because it involves the worship of idols, including money and mammon in sacred groves, using perverted sex as a sacrament, ritual prostitution, and other evils.

It was suppressed in Babylon at the time of Abraham, suppressed in Judea at the time of Zechariah, suppressed in Africa when the Romans sacked Carthage, suppressed in England with the wiping out of the Druids, and in France and Portugal with the routing out of the Phoenicians.

The Templars brought it back to life in the 1100’s in Europe, and it infested the Orders of Nobility and the Catholic Church ever since.

Their Order was, of course, suppressed in 1302. The adherents fled to Scotland where they founded the Bank of Scotland and continued their development of the Inner City of London and Bank of England.”

In addition to the Bank of England along with the Vatican Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and BIS (Bank for International Settlements) were created to continue Cabal corruption right up to the present time of today.

Many of us in this battle are well aware that we’re up to our necks in alligators, and we know that many courageous others must also help drain the Swamps so the problems won’t pop up again, under even worse conditions; otherwise the hell continues.

Let’s also face the fact that we are not going to catch each and every Swamp creature of the Cabal. No way! But it’s highly possible that we can smash it to smithereens in such a way that they cannot put it back together again.

Remember “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again”. With proper monitoring and effective, decisive action we will overcome and bury this once and for all.

We can begin after ridding Europe of the many dangers in which their very own politicians placed them. As Anna points out, these leaders are the elite of the Cabal i.e. the Bilderbergers, the Hidden Hand, The Club of Rome and many other secret societies.

It is a known fact that pedophilia in these circles didn’t begin recently; it has been ongoing for hundreds of years crossing many timelines, as Anna has so well revealed above. We appreciate her support in informing us so we are able to get to the critical place we want to be in this battle against the Cabal.

By the time Neil arrives in Asia, most of you will be aware that the West has strong ties with Formosa/Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, and Singapore. Following WWII the Marshall Plan utilized the 1945 Bretton Woods Agreement as a facade whereby the Cabal stole funds from the Collateral Accounts to rebuild the infrastructures for these war-torn nations.

In order to facilitate their illegal projects, they needed a new financial system by creating the BIS, the IMF and the World Bank as well as using the already corrupted Bank of England and the Vatican Bank.

It was always intended for them to be Global, since WWII began the day that Japanese Emperor Hirohito flew to London to meet with Prime Minister Lloyd George, US President Warren Harding, and French President Clemenceau in 1921.

This was in accord with the Act of 1921 involving a conspiracy to begin a World War for profit while not giving a damn about the children and adults who were slaughtered while furthering the Globalist cause. This is not akin to the plan for depopulation which we are aware of happening today.

Two of the nations we’ve previously mentioned and  focused on in this Global scheme are S. Korea and Japan. In S. Korea they continue to attempt to blatantly steal and sell the bunker gold and other Assets and then transfer them over to Japan, and the Emperor or any other nation they can find  to buy the gold or currencies.

We refer to this as Eastern  Gold or Family Gold, since 85% of the Global Assets legally belong to the Family.

These nefarious schemes have been happening surreptitiously for a long time. However, we want to be sure they are now fully exposed for the global crooks they really are!

Lee Myung bak is a past President of South Korea who grew up and was a childhood friend with Park Geun-hye.

Over time their friendship grew.  When Lee became President,  he brought along his trusted old friend Park Geun-hye as Prime Minister.

Lee was nicknamed “Rat” by the South Koreans, and Park was called “Chicken”.  Great monikers for thieves of the Republic!

Park Chung-hee is Park Geun-hye’s father and was assassinated on October 26, 1979 by his security guard. This is actually where this story begins – where Park Chung-hee died so unexpectedly without any opportunity to set his papers straight.

Such an untimely death created tremendous confusion, because it was his responsibility to have all legal paperwork in place regarding the clear instructions as well as protection regarding the bunkers upon the change of office.

Unfortunately, due to such a sudden death nothing was properly prepared for the next President Chun Doo-hwan.

Chun was a military person before becoming President, so the first thing he did was to suppress the people and take control over the bunkers. Nothing and no one was in his way.  Like a snake or a scorpion he only did what he was trained to do – which is bite.

So, not only did he immediately take control of the bunkers, he militarized them. Remember this is all he knew what to do, having no prior political experience.  He was not to blame for being abruptly tossed into a situation that he knew nothing about.

Consequently, he surrounded himself with what he considered to be friends. After all, he knew nothing about the evil and corrupt political jungle.

To this day, despite the government’s management of the bunkers, he maintains his involvement with the bunkers which seems to be keeping him alive.

What you will not find is overt governmental involvement in the bunkers, since their servants or appointees hide and manage the bunkers while stealing and selling them via back room deals.

If you are not familiar with some of the terminology being used here and you wish to better understand the actual history regarding these matters then we thoroughly recommend that you take the time to read the History & Events Timeline on this website.

Unfortunately, over time President Lee made one mistake after another with the Korean people. He was not liked when he raised taxes sky high during this time to conceal the aforementioned back room deals which enabled Park Geun Hye to become President following  Lee’s retirement.

Thus, the “Rat” and the “Chicken” succeeded after many years to continue to protect one another. Since President Lee was not going to let anyone toss him under the bus, he brought in the National Intelligence Service and the Armed Forces Intelligence Department as security.

He would have kept them right where he placed them had not the people and the opposing parties allowed Park to illegally take the seat of President. Therefore his thefts and protection were secure.

At this very instant Park and Lee are trying to deal with the bunkers to acquire funding to avoid prison. Park has held Assets from her father’s time so she has an astronomical amount in her possession yet continues to demand more.

These funds are held in her mother’s Foundation – another way of hiding Assets.

To utilize such funds without the Cabal’s help and approval is impossible so the Presidents in power are protected when doing this, yet obligated to the Cabal for their assistance.

You may remember Obama visited S. Korea a few months ago and met  with Lee Myung-Bak. Obama was scrambling to purchase bunkers with Cabal “Indemnity Funds”.

The Presidents in power are protected by the Cabal while doing this, and the Cabal gets a huge split which will keep them alive for many, many years. It follows that the more they do, the stronger and longer they will live.

There are many illegal movements that have taken place to legitimize such funds so the Cabal can continue looting through the offices of the country leaders. They control the power with this money and carry official sounding names such as “Blocking Funds,  Frozen Funds, National Funds, Slush Funds, and Family Funds such as the Marcos Fund, National Property, and Foreclosure Funds”.

Presently there are four Generals moving 50,000 KRW notes of Korean Money and Gold to Jebu Island. They have also moved approximately 5 Billion KRW into their Mansion. They are working hard with Park Geun-Hye and former President Lee Myung-bak.

The Generals who also managed bunkers have moved the Assets in their possession, namely money and gold to their hiding places which are in bunkers in various locations. They are trying to beat everyone else in the race for the Assets.

With many more to be arrested the most important factor now in S. Korea is to decide what to do with the prisoners. Such decisions are basically picking a poison.  One is a life sentence and the other is the death penalty. This seems to be the fates of Lee and Park, while the Korean Government hunts down Chun Doo-hwan for Treason.

The aforementioned is the desire of the Korean people, although the imprisoned amazingly still control the current parliamentarians and politicians with their bunkers – so it is far from over.

Another matter that needs addressing heretofore is that the actual Depositing Families will also need to monitor and address their own Assets, since it is much easier to convert it now that the Korean banks are issuing bank checks for bunker currency. In the past it was difficult for the buyer to deal with the real money; so they now money launder using bank checks.  Again, they are called the “Immunity Bank Check”.

The money comes from bunker Assets, blocking funds, mismanaged accounts, frozen funds, etc. Naturally, the government imposes huge taxes and takes big profits. In fact, major companies as well as the Cabal have done a great deal of business in this manner in the past using “bank checks”.

Finally, in order to stop the Cabal we must clean up the bunkers and recover all Assets watched over by the Elders.

As stated at the beginning, the Japanese are working with the Koreans so let’s stir the hornet’s nest, as Neil loves to do!

Remember the Japanese people who are actively moving to steal bunker Assets in Korea are Kamiya, Mori, and Kato.

Mr. Kang Sung Wook is in Korea. He is working with the US camps there and most recently attempted to buy 300 Million Japanese Yen.

The real owner of the fund is the United States. He is also attempting to purchase Assets from a private bunker, and he is already renting a private bunker warehouse in Juju Island. The Assets will be kept there with US Protection. After then his plan is to buy the Gold… and do not forget this all began with Emperor Hirohito.

Many Assets have been flowing into Korean religious organizations for a long time. These religious organizations are hundreds-of-years-old Buddhist temples and other churches, and they secretly sell the bunker’s Assets behind them while politicians are brazenly using them as their personal banks.

In summary, time is of the essence, and the time is now with Group K continuing to do their part. ‘We The People’ deserve fairness and freedom from debt slavery as well as from the paralyzing fears perpetuated far too long by the Cabal and their “hidden hands”.

We need to have things finally cleared up once and for all! After the Cabal falls in the United States, the dominoes throughout the world must fall; otherwise, despite perhaps being able to catch a breather, it will just be a matter of time before they are in our faces doing even greater damage and wrecking havoc again stateside.

Remember Humpty Dumpty and be assured we need to make sure no one can put them back together again. In all of this Neil will take the lead for sure and will never give up his strong-willed determination to overcome any and all obstacles to achieve a solid victory for ‘We The People’.

Just now during the final edit of this post Neil received an email from a trusted source. In it he says:

“Mr. Neil, I have previously mentioned a Japanese named Minobe. He is now buying U.S. dollars from Korea. He says that he has a letter of approval from the Fed, but he is not filing documents. Now there is a Japanese’s big fund in Korea. They are buying bunker dollars by the funds in someone’s order. They are talking about starting a big deal in March.”

One final note; there’s a BIG surprise in the accompanying video.

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