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Once Upon A Time

I see that Neil has a lot of followers who demand knowing how this all evolved, but Neil always says it is very difficult to look back already knowing what is right behind you and where you are heading is right ahead of you. 

The chase is not just theirs it belongs to Neil. For 14 more or less years he has burned up the lines telling whoever will listen what happened to him and with whom.

This is a giant story with little known history of who or what does exist. All you know is if you lose focus you can disappear at any given time.

Neil has never had a training manual per se, but a lifetime of experiences, friends and contacts that have allowed him to learn a great deal ‘on the fly’. 

Early on it is apparent that Neil Keenan could see through almost all the subterfuge and smoke and mirrors which enabled him to aggressively attack the Cabal in his $USD134.5 Billion Dollar Lawsuit. 

Despite a professional hit looming to kill Neil he still managed to catch the bastard before a shot was fired. 

Turns out this character’s name, Michael Cunningham, Coach House group, Cumbria, England and MI6 was to finish Neil off but rather than this he found himself all over the net. 

The irony behind all this is that no one could get Cunningham served, yet Neil on Snowy wet roads jumped off a very cold motor bike, knocked on their door, and requested that he come to the door. 

After a few minutes he arrived and despite being one of the deadliest men alive still could not physically identify Neil. Might have been the hoodie, then again the coat, the weather or a combination of all of it.

While at the door Neil stated ‘Mr. Cunningham you are served!’, and walked back to the motor bike before he had a chance to read it. 

When he read through it he realized he had just been served by Neil Keenan in person. No one else could get through to him but Neil did, and Cunningham was not happy. 

He put out the alerts at all airports to prevent Neil from leaving and Neil thinking things through decided that he would not return to Boston, since it would be expected and he would be chopped liver.

So Neil moved towards Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. After spending a few weeks in Sofia he packed things up and returned to Boston observing many new faces in the Providence night life. 

Wow what a trip that was but it nary began nor would it end anytime soon. 

After this it would be on to the Dominican Republic where Neil found Cunningham’s, Shaw’s and Johannsson’s teams (these too are tales of groups that will come later).

It was here at the Jaragua Hotel Casino that Neil in the Merengue room found a dear friend talking up a storm and laughing when he spotted him. 

You see, they thought they had Neil boxed in for life. yet Neil’s lawyers changed the venue to Miami.

While there Neil’s close friend Michael, gave the full rundown over what Cunningham and Shaw attempted to do (which is steal everything Neil had planned on finishing up as well). The following day was a hoot which will be described at another time. That is a reading for another time. This is the beginning to Pandora’s box. 

The War was in the air. Neil proved early on that he is a step ahead.

The theme is easy to identify – everybody is trying to steal that which is not theirs.

Neil learned to shut that game down, and continued to exercise it for the next 14 years.

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Black Friday

This should be easy to understand since there is only one topic that needs to be discussed. Neil is expected in Indonesia. NOW. So as you sit and enjoy the bullshit of Thanksgiving, what are you appreciative of?

From the bevy of intel calls that Neil receives on a regular basis, if he is not in Indonesia immediately, it may be too late.

Too late for what? Well, according to multiple sources, ‘they’ start dialing up 5G and put boots on the ground sometime around Christmas / New Years. More than one source saying the same thing. Now.

So please, give thanks for the last month of living for 90 percent of the population. Those that could have funded / financed Neil being in Indonesia to prevent all of what is about to unfold – did not.

Every penny of what he received goes to support many things that need it. Those that cannot give because they are being raped by their respective governments’ policies – it is you Neil and his team have been fighting for the most.

14 years of videos, posts, evidence of the comprehensive juggernaut of lies and deceit of the Cabal and Deep State controlling all aspects of your life.

The once proud engines of capitalism in the West are silent in supporting Neil despite his track record defending them. Why should he even ask for support? Why is he even fighting to save your pathetic asses?

Like South Carolina, specifically Charleston and the planned nuclear detonation ordered by Obama and Biden. As the buildup for the planned drop of these missiles into the center of the city, Neil was receiving military intel and agency intel indicating what was about to go down.

He also was informed that the transfer of financial power and infrastructure had been moved to Stamford Connecticut prior, so that when the tsunamis that the blast would trigger up the Eastern Seaboard – it would devastate the East Coast of America including Manhattan. Neil laid all of it out. To this day, not one person thanked him.

It was Neil that exposed the Pirbright Group out of England regarding the Covid engineered plan to eliminate the world’s population. All the micro detail and clear lines connected for you to read. Evidence of all of this is still just becoming somewhat mainstream.

Exposing conspiracy after conspiracy with facts. Emails, evidence. All for you to see.

And yet when he needs real help to get seated to stop what is coming, people are focused on what?

I don’t give a flying fuck how that statement makes you feel. It is the truth. Everyone lines up with a laundry list of pet projects and things they want to see done in a new system.

You have been watching to many Disney movies. Life is not that way, and neither is what Neil has been trying to accomplish. Seems like a very small group are fighting unnecessarily for all of humanity.

So who is giving and who is not? Small amounts to keep plates in the air come from some dedicated followers.

To do what needs doing at this juncture requires an order of magnitude exponentially larger than that. He is no longer returning calls to Western entities. You had first crack at saving what you have, and you failed miserably.

Now the calls from Asia are rolling in, and Neil is being assured that he will have everything he needs once he is there as Amanah.

They want him there, they will keep him there, and he will fight from there too. You won’t know it though. Those that could easily have afforded to support or get him there from the west spend more on their corporate junkets and entertainment events than was required.

You won’t know it because it will all be moot. You are dead and your huge stacks of worthless fiat fake assets will mean nothing when the new structures are built and implemented.

He told you. Ten years ago he explicitly told you. He brought you along for the journey to show you how tight the tapestry of lies is in the world. And you still did nothing.

Enjoy the GMO and vaccine loaded turkey during these festivities. Turns out it has a higher IQ than most that will read this.

Ciao Motherfuckers. I do not know why he is saving you any more.


Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.

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