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Iraqi Dinar RV On Hold

UPDATE | October 10

News from the Family shared with Neil states that the Global Currency Reset should be ready this coming week, or soon after. The Dinars be first with the ZIM’s following shortly afterwards.

The International Monetary Fund has already been handled by the Family. They have three people inside the IMF and they are now running the IMF. Christine Lagarde is only the front person.

Further updates will be published as they come to hand.


Early morning Eastern European time Neil received a message pertinent to what many of us have been waiting for and wondering why nothing has happened yet.

It seems that Cabal flunkies such as the Clinton and Bush families, ranking politicians and other associated underlings were planning to exchange notes that were fresh ones, not older ones. These new notes were not registered – and this ‘arrangement’ was only between the Cabal and the Iraqi Central Bank. You were to be screwed. [The detail of this statement has been corrected from yesterday’s original post at the direction of the Family].

These minions also requested to receive the higher monetized notes for themselves, leaving only the bare minimum for those who follow behind them in the redemption process.

In other words you (holders of RV-relevant currencies) were going to get shit!

The Golden Dragon Family caught these criminals out long before they had the opportunity to action this; by checking and confirming the registration numbers of all dollars and dinars – only to identify the dollars as being fake.

This is the exact same procedure Neil has described with regard to their attempts to purchase gold in Southeast Asia.

Fake dollars worth nothing in terms of real metal (Au).

These Cabal operatives may now consider themselves busted given that the Dragons have henceforth excluded them from participating any further in the redemption.

Furthermore the Dragon Family have now replaced all Iraqi Central Bankers with notable and honorable ones.

As for the Zimbabwe notes, they remain on course.

We are told that developments with respect to the Dinar situation will take place soon.

This is the information and detail we have to share in it’s entirety and so kindly refrain from bombarding us with questions. Please refer any further questions to your local politicians who have their hands in the till.

As soon as updates come to Neil we will publish them.

All the best,

Neil Keenan and Group K


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  1. Youpi ya ya ya ya youpi yeh! Elle descend de la montagne a cheval !
    I was just switching everything off and this came in. Music to my ears!
    Difficult for me to understand those money matters, but I know what counterfeit is, I know what false certificates are, I know what fiat money means, it means Sh!t! I have seen the last Ben Fulford post whereby he exposes those magic tricks (sleeve, hat, undies or where the sun will never shine? Your guess! ). But since we do not know how and where to look they had a bowl!
    Well, not so anymore, because the resistance is always one length ahead of you.
    PS: When say, 1 length, it is because I do not want to stress you.

    • Neil and team, you have restored my faith in humanity. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for all of you! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! I only wish that I was there with you to help in some way. I have one question, what to do with our money to secure it? So many frauds out there, it’s hard to believe them.
      May you continue to be blessed with love and light!

  2. hi neil and team,things are surely heating up towards boiling is great to see these slime bags being caught out.all i can say is blessing divine /universe for someone like you who is doing such a super this slime are pushing the russians towards a third world war, it just shows how desperate they are.what a pack of lies they are telling the ordinary american people,i believe now more than ever before that their game is up, thank you neil and team for what you are doing,take care and keep safe kind regards tony.

    • Can the Cabal be stopped before the Russians are finally goaded into WW3 which would be the only way they could take the heat off themselves. What a shame it would be if we truly are within sight of a better world only to have it destroyed by the very people we are trying to stop. milllions of American citizens still seem to be totally fooled by Clinton’s lies and who knows what will happen at the elections. What happened to the “Home of the brave and the land of the free” ? Come on America – waken up to what is happening over there and join the UK in kicking out the oppressors. If we can do it, so can you.When the people lead, the Government has to follow.

  3. Thanks You Team, You are always appreciated. Patience is to our advantage, for the demise of the dark ones, you’ve done great. Our prayers follow you All. God Bless

  4. The cabal really is panicking, hopefully the end of the tyranny of these diabolic mafia. Lets hope the suffering by the people can be minimised, the sooner the better. – Wake Up folks we need many more awake to smash them into oblivion.

    • It figures, the cabal is forever going to try to screw up this RV process for their own gain. What are they going to try next? They could be too weak now to do anything else since just about every one on earth is against them. The only way to get them out of the way forever is either have them caught and executed or have our space family take them to a far away planet about a trillion light years away from here so that they can live out their karma and no longer cause any more havoc here on our home planet earth! Then and only then we will all experience global peace and prosperity. That day is approaching fast and NESARA is still quietly going forward!

  5. Excellent News Neil!! Thanks for the update and for all you do to help bring humanity back into harmonic balance!! By the way, l love the photo!

  6. God bless the Dragon family!

  7. Thank you for the update on this – as usual it is DC the criminals that are at fault and not those with honor;

  8. May God bless you Neil…And thank you so much for guiding us.

    Thank you Team K. Via con dios, mi amigo.

    You are helping us to free ourselves. What could be more important than being with all of you here, at this moment. We are all so blessed.

  9. Thx. God bless u Neil.

  10. People need to really stop and think hard about this activity within the Cabal, and to realize THIS is what a hillary administration would mean to all of us, since she is part of this Cabal.
    Furthermore, on Fox News last night the latest emails brought to light via Assange, showed some of her speech statements she made to the Elites, telling them that the public would be very upset if we told them our real Policies, so ”we have to have one Policy we tell to the public, and another Private Policy”.
    Well, folks, now everybody should wake up and SEE why politicians say one thing, but do another thing. So nobody should believe anything hillary says!
    Yes, Trumps mouth has been vulgar and shameful, but his POLICIES
    are great. And its his Policies that will affect our entire country and its good american people, NOT his vulgar disgusting private conversations of the distant past 11 years ago. Just let God sort that out.

    • Heh heh – sometimes you WANT total troublemakers in charge. They get things DONE, and done NOW – and they take no yapping BS from anyone.

      Witness the early American industrialists and similar. TOUGH, and they built empires employing many hardworking millions of real people. They put NATIONS to WORK.

      Neil is one of the great ones – and the MOVIES will be GREAT! – I can hardly wait for that!

      GOOOOO!! Earth – You’re going free.

  11. Many many many big THANK YOU’s to the Dragons for blocking this nefarious attempt by the Cabal which includes Mrs. Liar of the Decade. This surely ought to show us all how she REALLY feels about us American Nationals.
    The big question here is , what is the penalty for counterfeiting and is anyone going to hold them accountable for this dirty deed???

  12. W. Allen
    The matrix from (Exodus 13:12 KJV) has come and gone. Maybe you Neal, is the Neal, from The Matrix (March 31, 1999).

  13. I am in awe with the Golden Dragon Family’s exceptional intelligence. Please thank them from all of us for all they are doing for humanity. God has a special place in heaven for them, I am sure. Thanks, Neil, for the encouraging update. Please check the contribution site for a special message.

  14. Neil and Group K, thank you yet again for some welcoming news. The “cabal” characters are trying everything that they can to destroy any and all that they can. I am grateful that the work has been done and is continuing to remove this evil from our earth. This week reading some of their plans would make many crawl in a hole and hide. I hope as we are all moving forward that instead of that hole to hide that the people gain strength to notice some of this evil on all levels and stand up united to remove it for the sake of the future generations. I am seeing small miracles everywhere.

    Blessings for continued success and health.


  15. Thank you Niel and Dragon family
    Love from Angela

  16. Cheers to the Golden Dragon family!! Let’s hope the Clinton’s and Bush’s get what they deserve.


  18. Taking the time to do it right! Making it the best at the end!

    Stay safe and be well!

    Best Regards Charles and Shauna Lee

  19. God Bless You All!

  20. NEIL, again you have come through with the most valuable information. I hope you realize how we who follow you can’t wait till you post your information for us to relish in. I love it, you have hit the nail on the head again, we all look forward for this to be completed, hopefully in the not too distant future. Keep it up Team K, you all fantastic, God’s speed

  21. We all want to see what was on the laptop screen, when you did the healing machine demonstration. will we see it soon?

  22. Apologize for my earlier reply comment in regards to Charlie’s comment. Thanks for not posting it. Just tired of them Bushes, Clintons and all the evil cabal how they are hurting us.

  23. Thanks again for your good news. Now, those crooks should be held
    accountable for counterfeiting currencies and brought to justice.
    I want to hear the news that they have been arrested and in jail.
    Good job!! K Team. Where is the Republic? (the real one not
    the fake one done by Gen. Dunford & Paul Ryan – The Republique.

    • Agreed. Paul Ryan seems vapid, artificial, and completely puppetized. I see no courage, honesty or character in his face.

      • Dianne, my thoughts exactly. From the very first day I
        thought there is something really wrong with Ryan.
        His face is always like a mask, and quite something else
        going on in his mind……IF we can even go so far as to
        say he actually has a real mind at all !

        ANOTHER huge THANK YOU to the Family for taking
        the reins at the crooked IMF. The ONLY way to deal with
        these crooks is to GET TOUGH. You cannot reason with
        or negotiate with such people. And thank you NEIL for
        keeping us posted, it keeps us from becoming hopeless.

  24. Hmmmm maybe an early Christmas present. 😉 Glad you and your team are on top of everything. You all are so appreciated. Thank you.

  25. Neil,

    There is something very interesting in the picture of you on the billboard. Next to you is also pictures a gentleman with an airborne golden coin. how absolutely mysterious and intriguing. I wish to send a sincere thank you to the Golden Dragon Family. Thank you Neil, and Group K for your tireless efforts as well as for the respect you afford us. What more can we do than read your communiques, cheer you on, and send appreciation. I feel, and I believe I speak for most/all of us, it is not enough.

  26. It’s almost unbelievable when I just lost all my hopes and dreams
    This information comes along, this article Wow is a wakeup call.
    I’m so proud that people like you guys exsist.i’m so happy I’m drawning in my tears. Thanks thanks thanks.
    God bless America and people like Neil Keenan and Group what would has happened is you guys weren’t around to help us all. I feel so proud been an American I just can express myself.
    Thanks and long live Americans.
    Jose (joe) Torres
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  27. Got it Neil, thanks a Million for the Courage, Conviction and Continuity to Closing and carying it out to near Conclusion.

  28. Why October tensh? Did I fall in a time warp, or ish it I had too many glashes of wine wish my gueshts today? Becaush I am shtill on Shunday the nine-sh here in good ol´ aushtralia 🙁

  29. This is Great News thanks to Neil & the Dragon Family plus all others involved in making this Honest transition possible God Bless everyone of you & I am here for anything needed 24/7 thanks so much this is proof that Irish eyes do Smile :)’s blesses best wishes to all of you p.s. The Dragon Family needs also to come down very hard here in the UK where the DWP ATOS Maximus are killing the disabled People in this Country by forcing them back into work & denying them their measly money benefits thousands are now already Dead…The entire World needs to know this Crime against Humanity will not be tolerated the E.U. should come down hard on this inhumane Criminal activity now…Enough is enough…

  30. UPDATE | October 10

    I see this must be a typo. Today is Sunday October 9th in Asia.

  31. Such great news! Thank you so much for your hard work everyone.

  32. Bless you all for your hard work.


  34. So, Killary Rotten Clinton has NOT simply been resting! lol 🙂 She has been busy behind the scenes trying 2 screw us all again! VOTE TRUMP 🙂

  35. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying for all of you Keenan Team! GodSpeed!

  36. As always, you continue to hold fast to what is true and right. Thanks to you Neil and all those that have come before and are still fighting for the rights of the “People” . You are truly awesome!!!

  37. It’s been a long and tedious journey for you. I look forward to reading your emails. You give me hope for humanity. Thank you.

  38. Most of the Cabal must be in hiding sending in the Bush/Clinton ‘B’ team, i thought they were tied up growing Afgan poppies for the CIA…..
    Congrats to the Gold Family for intercepting those crooks, and taking over control of ICB.

    Very interesting to read that the ‘Family’ now RUNS the IMF! Wow! And that they will trigger the reset within the week. Things are finally beginning to break loose.
    Some of the Old Rothchilds must be spinning in their graves.

    • Yes, Mickey, things sure are looking up!! Thanks to the Golden Dragon Family, Neil Keenan and Group K. I keep thinking how fortunate we are to be alive to witness one of the most remarkable life changing events in history…the most outstanding event, of course, is when Sweet Jesus died for our salvation. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not just the U.S. that is changing for the better; but the whole world. The world will be rid of these monsters who ruled us forever…now will we have the predicted 1,000 years of peace? Thank you Neil and Group K for your part in God’s plan. Wish I could hug you all!

  39. You’ve heard of making lemonade out of lemons,

    Lets make“ensalada de pulpo”(octopus salad) out of
    this World Wide octopus cabal (so to speak). ; )

    Thank you Neil ,Group K and the Family!

  40. From Ben Fulford website….. Bill Clinton, who is close to death from HIV, recently issued a death threat against this writer and Neil Keenan. The signs are that Neil Keenan has already been murdered. Although he used contact this writer regularly on Skype, the current person pretending to be Neil Keenan on Skype is unable to answer a simple question that only the real Neil would know the answer too. Furthermore, the Neil Keenan website is now promoting Bush/Clinton mafia con jobs like the Zimbabwe currency scam. Revenge for Keenan’s death will be comprehensive and thorough, White Dragon Society sources promise…. What is happening here?

  41. Neil
    All of us are worry about you … Please We need Proof of Life !!!
    regarding the up date of Ben Fulford

    Please Any of the K Group inform us the current situation. Because He also said the K Group as being hijack posting message as the Zimbabwe Currency Scam

    I will appreciate let us know the True

    My Prayers for ALL of you


  42. Keenan Team,
    The following has been posted a short while ago on Ben Fulford’s site:
    “The signs are that Neil Keenan has already been murdered. Although he used contact this writer regularly on Skype, the current person pretending to be Neil Keenan on Skype is unable to answer a simple question that only the real Neil would know the answer too. Furthermore, the Neil Keenan website is now promoting Bush/Clinton mafia con jobs like the Zimbabwe currency scam. Revenge for Keenan’s death will be comprehensive and thorough, White Dragon Society sources promise.”


  43. Ben Fulford says Neil Keenan is dead, ZIM is a scam.

  44. According to Benjamin Fulford Neil is already dead…

  45. According to Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan has probably been murdered already,
    I truly hope he is wrong!. Check out the post on his website:

  46. NEIL, you mentioned the Dinar and zim, but what about the Dong? Have any news on that? P.S. Trump held his own last night, and got in some pretty good licks, in spite of the ”gang up of 3 on 1″. Vote Trump. His policies will work hand in hand nicely with what Neil and the Family are doing.

  47. Niel, Benjarmin told in his last messit that you are dead , that THE dark have you site
    Love from Angela
    Sorry for my Engels

  48. Neil posted on It’s a Keenan Thing Facebook page about 30 min. ago. This was the beginning of the comment: “THE REPORT OF MY DEATH HAS BEEN GREATLY
    I am sorry to learn that Ben Fulford says I am dead. I just checked myself, and everything seems to be in place; I went to the toilet and everything worked just fine.” You can read the entire post at:

    • My Dear Neil,
      I am not on Facebook, so I am unable to see the above post. Would be much appreciated if you would repost here.
      Glad to hear you are still breathing the fresh air.
      Keep five yards,

  49. Thank god you are safe , god bless you Niel
    Love Angela

  50. Hi Neil glad to hear you’re back ,I mean , really. I’m sending Ben
    A bill for my cardiologist. Check in the mirror again, to be sure.
    Best regards keep safe . John

  51. Benjamin Fulford says you are Dead; says you couldn’t answer Personal Question that ONLY you both knew; says you are PROMOTING Cabal Scam of Zim Redemption. What say you on this. Ignoring this Reply will tend to validate Fulford.

    • Keenan Team | Two

      October 10, 2016 at 7:59 pm

      Neil posted on the Keenan Thing Facebook page, saying he didn’t know what Ben was talking about, as far as he knew, Neil had not received anything from Ben recently. Neil did just release a video last week in his post, verifying that he is alive. I’m sure Neil will also comment here when he has a chance.

  52. I don’t believe Ben Fulford, he is not trustworthy, he is accurate 50% of the time. Two weeks ago he said that the Kazarian Mafia queen Hillary Clinton is dead and then after a week she showed up for the debate. He has no credibility.
    Almighty God will grant Neil long life to implement his program. Don’t be discourage by this pathological liar.

  53. Thanks God! Phew! Just read Ben Fulford (1st thing I do on the Tues morning), and I was worried ! Glad you posted that, Neil ! I am not on FB so I rushed here and Bingo, here you are! :-)))))

  54. Wow.

    The 2D chess game to free Earth went 3D at some point.

    Absolutely fascinating.

    Expect anything – info/disino for a while as Earth goes FREE.

    SOME operations entice the rats out of their holes long enough to chop off their heads (sometimes literally – but often it’s a simple bullet or karate chop).

    A point:
    – The bad guys WERE choosing presidents and leaders.
    – NOW, the GOOD guys are doing the choosing.
    – *Jobsite Earth* cleanup is a bear (lots of nails and screws in the dirt to sift out).

    Ain’t all good or perfect – just WAY better. We’ll make it fine (NO WW3 Allowed for instance).

    But WOW – this 3D chess game is a mind bender, EH?

  55. I believe. The post but rather see you on video lots love

    • Keenan Team | Two

      October 11, 2016 at 12:03 am

      Neil just posted a video last week with his update. He has lots of other things to do besides countering Ben Fulford and his rantings. He will do another video when he has a chance.

  56. Thank heavens for that guy’s! I got a cold chill on reading the Fulford report! I thought he was a friend of yours!! Obviously he has no care for his credibility! Very happy to learn you are good to go! Please do a little video for us!

  57. Neil keenan.,glad you did not bite the dust! It is hard to be you! You have lives like a cat! It is a good thing! Keep breathing and count your blessings .

  58. Paul Czaplewski

    October 11, 2016 at 2:32 am

    When I read bens post, I had to think for a moment then it came to me, there is no way the dragon Family would let that happen. I think next time ben crawls in his bottle someone should screw the top back on. Stay safe Neil and k team

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