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We’re Mad As Hell
And We’re Not Gonna
Take It Any More!

Video Highlights

  • The recent flooding of England, Wales and Ireland is the work of HAARP.
  • After the cabal located the pulsing frequencies of the super-volcano under Yellowstone Park they stopped heating it up, demonstrating they could erupt it.
  • Cabal puppet/clown John Kerry is threatening people who are in a position to threaten back.  He went to Indonesia begging for money and when refused, he threatened that he could put Indonesia under water if his demands are not met.
  • We are under attack by land, air and sea.  We need to position ourselves to counter-attack.
  • An international security force is needed.  Please contact us through our volunteer page if you are able and willing to join our international security team.
  • The U.S. military’s movement against the cabal is stalled right now because Obama has replaced so many senior officers with cronies who are loyal to him.  However, we can be assured that our good military will make all the right moves in the end.
  • A big surprise involving Obama is coming soon.
  • Although little has been made public, the good news is that the States are vigorously fighting for our rights.  They are not standing for Federal tyranny, and are letting loose with litigation fighting back.  Bravo!
  • Our American militias have apparently backed away from their mission.  We need our militias, and we encourage them gird up their loins and mobilize.
  • Don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  You’re funding the cabal.  Shut them down by patronizing your neighbor, or starting a locally owned service where needed.  Mom and pop stores are about to be the new sustainable long term trend again as people wake up en masse.
  • Thank you Dr. Group!  He has sent the “medicine” to remove radiation from the body.  Mass production is now starting.
  • Neil’s medical machine that diagnoses problems in the body is amazing.  Plans are in the making for these machines to be available to as many people as possible working around the prohibitions of effective alternative medicine by the multinational corporate pharma-controlled  US, France, and Germany.
  • The recent rash of bankers who have been “suicided” (whacked and made to look like suicide) is just the tip of the iceberg.  At the time of the video Neil reported that there were another 150 to be slaughtered.  The number on that list has now tipped 1,200 who have been targeted for termination.  Banksters:  time to blow your whistle now.  That light is the only possible way to save you from being snuffed out in the darkness of your anonymity.  The train is pulling out.
  • To name some names, it should be known that George Soros put pedophile Etienne Davignon, formerly of Societe Generale, in charge of taking down the American middle class. Davignon used our own money to fund the downfall of the American middle class, and is the type of “scum bag” who deserves everything he’s going to get for his crimes against humanity.
  • The IRS article that was recently released on this site is now being translated into 40 languages.  A new post exposing the cabal’s poisoning of humanity by land, air, and sea will be released shortly.
  • Edward Snowden is not the only one that has the list of names, telephone numbers, and home, business and vacation addresses of these cabal animals.  That list has been independently compiled and exists in at least four other organizations.  Thank you Edward for taking the heat for this list, but you’re not alone anymore.

Once again, Neil Keenan brings us more news that is not reported by alternative media, much less the mainstream media.  Although you may have heard more than a few times that we are close to the end game for the cabal, he assures us that much action is solidly in motion to make this a reality.  It is the end game now.

Most revealing about John Kerry’s recent antics is the obvious desperation behind them – he would not be begging for money around the world if the cabal could rest assured in their plots against humanity.

We will not be intimidated by his threats nor will we stand by idly.  They want to show us what they can do, and now we will show them what we all can do together.  We know what they’re doing and we even know the intimate details of Kerry’s whereabouts.  Enjoy yourself, John, while you still can.

We can now celebrate the fact that multinational corporate pharma and its “sustain the sickness” primitive traditional medicine is near the end.  Some long-suppressed healing technologies are becoming widely known and available.

As it filters to the world at large, these technologies will free the diseased and unnecessarily dying that have been a type of suffering cash cow by the millions for the medical industrial complex.  Make no mistake — this is the true healthcare reform.

Shortly another article detailing the cabal’s attacks on our land, sea and air will be posted.  As always, Neil would have us armed with as much available information as possible so that we can move forward and focus on the solutions needed to turn our world right-side up and live the way we were meant to live.


A personal note from Neil Keenan:

NFKThe Keenan Team continues to dig deep to bring forth the truth to the people.  They are experienced professionals in many walks of life and we are lucky to have them.  They request their anonymity with their main quest and goal to bring us the Cabal on a silver platter.  To date they are doing much more than this and we need to thank them for  their hard work by recognizing their talents as second to none.  They are explosive and aggressive and built from the same ilk as myself: they go for the jugular!  With such talent we are second to none despite just opening up the site.  I also would like to thank Jean for pushing me in this direction time and time again until finally it happened.  Still an integral part of this group, Jean is most valued.

Neil Keenan


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  1. Any way I can be if help. Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, work part time and have time to do research and investigations in person. My profession is teaching Yoga, but I am quite capable of doing many other jobs.

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen your work. Thank you. You are a breath of free, fresh air.

    I am particularly interested in the corruption in big pharma. In 2006, I was used, without my knowledge or consent, as a research subject for rhBMP-2 ( Medtronic’s InFUSE) I became aware of this scheme, quite by accident in 2012. I’ve since learned that thousands of others had the same thing happen to them, even infants without their parent’s consent. The Army used this cross species DNA concoction on combat soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This poison causes uncontrollable bone growth, nerve damage, auto immune disorders, cancer and death. See Dr. Timothy Kuklo, first Army surgeon, fired for misuse of InFUSE, then a research doctor at University of Washington, St. Louis, fired for misuse of InFUSE, now in private practice in Denver, CO with Dr. George Frey. Frey and Kuklo are in litigation with patients and Medtronic for everything from malpractice to patent royalties. A large percentage of patients implanted with rhBMP-2 go on to using pain pumps and spinal cord stimulators….made by Medtronic. Many other victims and I have complied a large amount of evidence of fraud and insurance fraud as well as failure to properly classify this product by the FDA. If you or anyone you work with is interested in these verifiable documents, please contact me.

  3. “Energy, I direct you in initiating and activating the Fatal Flaws in any system of control, dominance, enslavement and elimination of the humans on this planet, including any sub-systems that contribute to those systems, whether they be mechanical or energetic! And so it is!

    That’s it. Don’t know how it could be any more simple and direct than that!
    All you need to do is read it out loud, but if you would like to ampliphy your authority, just say ‘I Agree!’ in the comments section and post this anywhere you can think of.

    Of course, there is the possibility that I am totally out of my mind! But what if I’m not? And either way what have you lost? And, more importantly, what might we ALL gain if it is REALLY this simple!?

  4. Lots of huge and positive loving energy to you Mr. Keenan and your group. In my own way I keep spreading the message to all those around me. I can feel the momentum building. Our time is here~~!!!!

  5. Not alot of experience in the working field. Im a Light worker ready to stand up.

  6. you go keenan we need more of you in this world ,men long time a go I came to this beautiful country looking for freedom waking to the sad reality that my fellow American brothers were not free either just an illusion Iam glad that I wake up

  7. it is what it is,
    time to saddle up !!!

  8. Thank you Team Keenan from the bottom of my heart. GO NEIL!!!
    May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

  9. Neil… Where or how my I assist here in the U. S. With the new medical devices?
    Love & Light

  10. I am a Bodyguard, Private Investigator and Bounty Hunter and Air Force Veteran,Physiotherapist, Chi Kung Master, Healer. Family served under General Lee. Contact me if I can help!
    God’s Warrior

    • Dear Virginian,
      They need you, believe me! Contact Neil right away because it takes time to organize such things. You sound perfect for The Team. Good luck and God bless You God’s Warrior!
      live oak

      • Thank you for the prayers. I made a vow to god 26 years ago , that I would go to the leaders of the world for him and fight evil at it’s door step . He has saved my life from death many times, and has helped me wage war against the devil himself !I asked that he use me like Sampson to bring them all down, that I may encourage others to fight and pass the good on. Sounds corny but it was a promise. We must all make a vow to him and keep it, otherwise talk is cheap !

  11. I stand in awe of you the fighting Irishman for good and justice and truth, bless you my friend… Indeed..!

  12. Hi Neil–

    Sign me up for the team. I am a holistic health care worker. If I lived near you, I would make sure you had reflexology and detox sessions several times a week. Reflexology is a powerful energy-restoring healing modality. When your energy is balanced, the frequency of your body skyrockets. Imagine Tony The Tiger times 1,000.

    Would love to assist in any way I can….until then, I work with and help heal one bright shining light at a time…..


    Peggy From Ohio

  13. Thank you Neil, and thank you to the Keenan team for what you do, especially behind the scenes. The world is changing every single day for the better. Thank you for naming John Kerry, I got a nice laugh out of his desperate attempts. It is clear he is just a puppet – it looks like he hasn’t slept in years 🙂

  14. Gracias Equipo Keenan los abrazo con mi alma por esta tarea que estan ejecutando

  15. Sign to voluteer ty neil.

  16. Neil,

    I am just a single mother in Chicago who has been following you and all of this for many years. I have read everything I could find on the internet and understand how this ugly world really works. I am sad that so many people don’t have a clue what is going on. I pray with the help of the divine that you will succeed in everything you do for humanity. I have a big mouth, don’t take any shit and am afraid of no one. If I can ever help in anyway feel free to let me know. Lets get the show on the road already!

  17. So what are chemtrails for?

    They (the cabal) are spraying aluminium into the air. They do this, when a weather front is about to cross the country. Then the front carries the powder across the country.

    They have developed aluminium resistant wheat, which when poisoined normally by aluminium, a gene protien is switched off. Making the plant blind to the poisoning. the plant then continues cell division as normal.

    The soil will have so much aluminium in it, the only food which will grow in it, will be GM food.

    Therefore one Cheif Executive Officer of the GM food seed company has the say on who gets the Aluminium resistant seeds, and which countries.

    The soil will be too contaminated to grow anything in large enough yeilds.

    This is an accurate and precise method to terminate large sections of the community, without killing everyone, and maintain full control.

  18. God bless you Neil & all those who are fighting against these psychopaths!
    Although they are only a few of them, compared to us the 99%, the damage these creatures have done & continue doing, is absolutely staggering & mind boggling!!

    There’s no doubt that millions continue to suffer, if we don’t put a STOP to these psychos!

    It is very difficult to fight for many & to think clearly with all the poisons these creatures are using against us!

    They are intentionally, knowingly & deliberately poisoning the worlds food supply on a massive scale!!

    !!Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it!!

  19. We must always take into account the Universal Law with says that what we do to another we do to ourselves as we are all one in this game of life. To give one a punishment is to punish part of the self and what is put out returns to the maker.
    Even the worst do the best they can in the given circumstances so forgiveness is of great importance so they can get on with living. Non forgiveness bring an attachment which will slow down one’s own progress until the forgiveness is given and taken. Just part of living in God’s world. There is no pressure to comply just pressure from the self to Love.



  20. I see in my brother Neil a part that would engage the darkness until it is gone and that is what we all would like to see. But we must take into consideration that when we engage we make a contract to extend the relationship and bring it closer, so that would mean to go down into the darkness an d have a fight or whatever seems the right thing at the time…. having tried that sort of thing brings me to where there is a price to pay for that sort of action, a massive slowing down of progress in all matters until the knowing comes that it is not the best place to be.
    Better to engage at a higher level where the darkness cannot survive, where the light of Love lives and transforms all in the path. One could say that the darkness is looking for that experience to assist in evolving as we are all on the way home.
    Just a few comments on the way that might have some think about the next step.



  21. I have the following suggestions: (1) Compile a dossier on the illegality of Barack Obama presidency and US Government, translate it into many languages and send it to speakers of parliaments in Russia, China and other BRICS countries which have been adversely affected by the US corporation. The parliaments can debate the dossier and pass a resolution asking their governments to de-recognize Barack Obama administration as representative of American people. If the democratically elected representatives in Iran, Chile and Ukraine can be removed through external manipulation, why not US by concerted action by BRICS countries?
    (2) Organize volunteers in different countries to draft and launch court cases or media campaigns against US entities for violation of their human rights through manipulation of their political history and present day economic condition.
    (3) Organize petitions against newspapers for manipulation of public opinion and hiding truth. Enterprising journalists can organize sting operations to out deliberate policy biases in media.
    (4) Put together a how-to tutorial for your volunteers about avoiding infiltration of NSA in their computer / wireless internet connection etc. Set up a secure internet place to meet ( appears to be one such place) Have a security guy mentor volunteers in good security practices.

  22. The list of cabal members, their recent pictures, whereabouts, schedules, vehicle descriptions, known associates, etc. must be published on its own website for the public. They’ve declared war on us. We must mount a defense.

    Note: If you kill a cabal member, throw down your weapon, raise your hands and exclaim, “Act of war! Act of War!”

  23. I live in Sweden I can help in the healing areas.

  24. Neil, if it’s possible, contact Ben Fulford…he’s very connected in the marshal arts world in Japan…plenty of friends…..I think it’s a good idea to look east for your protection detail, right now…. and you’re right…I heard a video out this week, several retired military who are active shooters/preppers/etc etc, came together to discuss, drone’s hovering over their homes, and dark blue pick up trucks, sited at rural and retired military neighborhoods, combing they areas….the thought is, as you can imagine, they would be the first line of trained defense out in the towns, cites and country sides, if any type of marshal law is declared. So it seems, the Vet’s are in the cross hair’s right now…you might want to look into that…

  25. would like to sign up to volunteer! retired but willing to help.

    February 28, 2014 at 4:40 am

    would like to volunteer retired. but can be of assistance!

  26. I am here in the South Bay area of L.A. county, Calif.
    Semi retired at 67 but in good health. On Soc Sec but take no meds.
    How is it that we can help here?


  27. As someone so eloquently put it & of which I identify/declare:
    My ID – Renegade member of a family of light; systems buster; available for altering systems of Consciousness within the freewill universe. ON CALL.

  28. 43% of the population on the planet will drop the dollar at March28/14

    Get ready
    BRICS are Here.
    It appear We in the States couldn’t fix the problem our self so the BRICS will fix it for us.
    Putin has sad that on YouTube.

  29. JB Brown/Gramy J

    March 1, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    T & I thank U & Jean 4 all U have done & do. Great BIG hugs!

  30. I’m in Alaska, up north where there are no threats visible, but they are there! Please, my name must be on the list for volunteering. I am retired ARNG, RECON. I also am a voice in the wilderness, speaking of corruption and genocide of our people. Please, sign me up. Thank you for the invite. An Oathkeeper.

  31. What is done in the Dark; is always brought to Light….In the Low of your lowest times; In the Dark of your darkest days. It is truly then, that the full and entire Kingdom of the LORD THY GOD, is open to you. Use it with your whole heart, and embrace it with complete faith. He waits for you to choose. With all that is complicated with the World. His choice is Simple. This is why he (GOD) sent us Jesus.
    However, there are moments where the Sheppard must protect his flock from the wolves. There are times when we must sell our coat and buy a sword. It always takes a Good Man to Stop a Bad Man. The Tree Roots of Liberty must sometimes be drenched in the blood of Patriots, to bare the fruits of true Freedom.
    To all good men, Give your Heart to God; sell your coat if you must. Buy a sword. Protect your flock. Show no Fear, express your Faith. Stand in front of the Tree of Liberty ONE MORE TIME………For All Time……… See You There !

    ……GOD BLESS…….

  32. I am a certified herbalogist would be very interested in helping, am looking for information on anti-viral herbals- as I do not recommend anything that big pharma and the medical doctors are pushing on us- It makes me so angry that they are lieing to the masses. I am willing to help in any way I can;;;Thank you and God .

  33. Hi Neil. I’m a middle aged woman willing to offer my life for bringing down this level. Yes, I am Literally willing to die for your cause. Have a dangerous job I can help with….men aren’t the only gender heroes. What can I do to help?

    • Keenan Team (2)

      March 18, 2014 at 12:22 am

      Hi Jan,

      Yes, we can be heroes. We welcome all support. Please click on: Sign Up to Volunteer. Include any skills and your contact info. We’re mobilizing. Thank you for your support!

  34. Keep working ,fantastic job!

  35. I am a former Lt. in the ARNG, I would like to volunteer my services for what it is worth. I am capable of many things, however, I am 60 yrs. old, but I also, am tired of my people being used as guinea pigs to slaughter. I am here for volunteer work. Please use me, thank you Neil for what you do. I wish that there are many like us…peace.

  36. Common Law Militias to shut down child sacrificial rituals: Instructions for all Direct Action Units of The International Common Law Court of Justice

    Contact for updates

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