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US / NATO / Finland:
We’re Watching You

Bulletin: Addressed to Russia / Finland

Unbeknownst to most nations and people on this planet there is much subterfuge taking place that is either set to destroy our planet or create WW3.

Do we need either?



This is one such matter that you do not hear about until it is too late…It is here now and we can nip it in the bud and let the aggressors understand we neither want our children involved nor our nations.

Let’s force the aggressors’ to bring home our people safely and not any longer in boxes.  The same goes for both sides.



As the students of foreign policy most likely know, Finland signed an agreement with NATO to take part in military exercises.

Of course they would have to make it known, not only to nearby nations such as Russia; that such exercises would be taking place – but also that the host nations’ political structures and organizations themselves may possibly be party to this this.

Well, at this very moment the US and NATO have decided that the time is ripe to create such exercises but without giving fair notice to either the Finnish Parliament or its people.  Most especially they did not notify Russia.

NATO / US do not have an air base in Finland and are already bringing in planes for the exercises or is it more?  They are using the Finnish Airport Tampere Rissala. Tampere is located north from Helsinki about 170 km.

US Troops have been lingering dangerously close to the Russian border for a while now.

Turku Harbour has been receiving more and more military equipment all the time.  One can clearly see more military vehicles on Finnish roads.

It seems as though there is much more to exercises here.  Such a ground force is illegal and furthermore understood that the Finns do not want any military drills forced upon them this summer, and here you have it that not even Finland’s’ Parliament knew about all of this going on.

In the meanwhile on the flip side the US / Western allies are doing what they always do; and that is calculating exactly what Finland has of value to them.

What can they steal?  And what is the cost?


Does this sound like another Ukranian situation to you?

It does to the Finns!

And it just might to Russia.

Could this be another attempt by the mighty Obama to create WW3?  He has failed in all his other attempts to bring the US to war.

Remember should there be war Obama declares martial law and remains in office and will continue his attempts at destroying the US from within.


We must remember that desperate people do desperate things and this certainly smells bad.

A  statement from Neil Keenan: “Let me tell you that I know a few Finnish people who are the salt of the earth.  They are hardworking, concerned, devoted, kind, loyal and so much more.  I cannot say anything more other than they love their nation and its people.

They want to know of their futures and they do not like the fox coming into their hen house as is happening now.  They need to know their children and families are safe and how safe can they be with NATO / US soldiers patrolling along the Russian border?

It is not fair and not safe.  Who is to gain from all this?  Ask this question.  Then you will know where you are headed.

I see Finland taking the high road in the very near future and good people taking over in politics and once there Finland will be in a class it always should have been with the world leaders or even better.  I wish Finland well and know this, when I get those Global Accounts open you will be a part of it.

I promise you this.  Take care my friends, and God Bless Finland.  Stay strong and stay safe.”

Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team


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  1. Great to have your valuable input with critical info Neil. We DO appreciate ALL that you do.

  2. Long white cloud

    April 28, 2016 at 1:24 am

    Hi Neil & the Team
    Many cogs are turning within the wheel some known and some unknown as with this update. I feel that the pace or desperation is increasing and that a big event will be staged soon be that on a geopolitical or economic front?

    Kind regards

  3. Thank you for bringing attention to the situation, we shall help, God Bless

  4. Dear K Team and Neil, I, as the chairperson of the growing people’s movement We the People (ME KANSA), am very pleased to see articles like this one on international arena. I have been following both the international development as well as the local actions and surprice surprice we can see the same happening everywhere.

    I have posted your article on the Finnish Facebook and it is running there wild. I am convinced that the internationalpeople’s collaboration is inportant at the moment. So, my deepest thanks to you for posting this article on your site. Thank you!

  5. Neil Good Work May God Bless You & Team Protect you & Team May you be impregnable by bullets & knife and impervious to pain. CarryOn with your good work.Let me know if you need an Ally in the ASEAN Region. I am Here. I can be Che Guvera of Asia. Elliot

    • hahhaah Che Gueverra of Asia….Come on buddy put the costume on I am waiting…hahahahhahah……Lots going on right now not just Finland but right in your backyard. It should be released tomorrow. All the best and stay safe. By the way my skin is like Kevlar…hahahahah….Take care

  6. Whatever they plot -they are moving their plot(s) around, oh the clever trick, they are so amazingly intelstupid, that they can’t even suspect the “cattle” -as they call us, the real human beings- will ever notice.
    THey are doomed, because as individuals 1st, and in our ever rising mass consciousness, we are always ahead of them.
    The dumb mass media is down at 6%. Talk about abject failure! All they have left are the panem et circenses, footy and reality TV..
    The cabal are fighting each other, they are at each other’s throats, defections -amnesty if you testify blabla- are increasing by the day. All good news.
    Also considering that they themselves believe in their own demise, only to be re-incarnated as gods, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! My (censored!).
    Minions will try to save their ass, and all up the scale of the pyramid, the minions are going to talk, and testify, for at least partial amnesty.

  7. And also, Long Live Finland! You will not allow this, and God Bless You! My friends! We all love you!

  8. Thanks Neil for this update. The clear majority of Fins do not like that NATO plans to exercise on Finnish ground. This kind of news upset us normal people and our clear opinion is that we should stay away for taking sides. Some political people like to use this ‘NATO option’ when they are discussing some problems with our great neighbor. It’s also commonly known that our dear neighbor Sweden have dismantled their own army to a dangerously weak and ineffective level. This is creating a vacuum in the region and a pressure on Finland to have a strong high-tech army that is alert 24/7++.
    Another point is that our air force is manly built on F-18 Hornet airplanes from 1995. They need to be replaced or updated and our government has this investment in the pipeline already and I guess this is a part of the reason that some political groups see the chance to get two flies in one hit. I hope the leaders in Finland have the guts to make wise decisions to remain the peace and stability in this region. Just put this smoothly aside and upgrade the airplanes and the surrounding technology and then go on with developing the business contacts to our eastern neighbor. Ok, EU are restricting us heavily to doing business with them. Then we should discuss this with EU, other countries are putting pressure on them, why not Finland. Here we have a lot to develop and we should see the business potential in our neighbor and not creating obstacles by taking sides.
    Thanks Peet

  9. Hi Guys
    Re post by Long white cloud

    Yes I think you are correct, hopefully the noose is tightening on the corrupted Politians and Banksters, let’s face it they have had there time in the sun and now it is time for humanity to wake up and take control away from these evil and manipulative factions!!!

  10. Fortunately Russia has been aware of all these manoeuvres and dangerous exercises from Khazarian NATO and the US. About twee weeks ago with their superior electronic warfare system, for the second time, the USS destroyer Donald Cook was set rudderless adrift now in the Baltic Sea, similar to the one in the Black Sea, when it also violated Russian “territorial integrity” causing President Putin to authorise an “electronic warfare defence” attack against it that was so devastating that this top-line warship was left adrift—and had to be towed back to its Romanian port, and later to Scotland for a complete overhaul of all its electronic systems. Then its American sailors were so demoralised 27 of them filed immediate letters of resignation from the US Navy. Putin is far more clever then all the other puppets, and that is the reason, until now WW3 has not started. First the Ukraine, then Syria and now a provocative but neutralised ‘exercise’. Even NATO’s fighter jets were electronically disabled. Read more about:

  11. Neil.
    Releasing the funds will create a storm of support and many of us will be able to step forward and stop the madness. Please do more than you can to make this happen now.
    Thank you loyal friend.

    • Neil is already doing everything he possibly can. Few if any could put up with what he has gone through, along with temptations and still he keep going for humanity.

      • thank you my friend..You know more than most for sure

      • yes and we are extremely grateful for Neil and his team. obe one Kenobi you’re our only hope! thank God for the extremely brave people fighting for us. many we have no clue about. We have to spread the word about what’s going on. do your part. grow a pair and don’t be scared.

  12. Having myself served in the military and also spent considerable time at the NATO HQ it is clear that World Geo Politics has manipulated many countries as either becoming members of NATO or as Partners of NATO.

    It is now a prerequisite that any country that wishes to join Europe must first join NATO either as a member or partner.

    Finland actually joined as a partner many years ago in 1994 and has been actively supporting NATO overseas in such places as Afghanistan so one can clearly see that although they are not a member they are clearly a supporting partner.

    They have and continue to work closely with the US and other NATO partners and have clearly publicised their willingness to cooperate in joint venture military exercise and also in securing their border with Russia so such activity is common to most….especially at military level.

    Having visited Helsinki and having worked with Scandinavian and the Baltic States they have historically also had very close political ties with Russian and in actual fact Russia can thank their western neighbors for some of its own origins in history.

    So they are between the devil and the deep blue sea. However let me make it clear that all that is taking place in Finland or the Baltic States up to the current time is not new or hot of the press !

    NATO have been planning their strategy in regard to Russia with both the Finish Government and their Military as well as their counterparts in the Baltic States for some considerable time.

    This strategy actually started pre 2003 when NATO worked on pulling the Baltic States into Europe by getting them to commit to NATO as a prerequisite.

    Likewise they also started communicating with the Finnish Government/Military and actually formed an agreement back in 2012 and enhanced that agreement in 2015 with regular meeting towards securing the border with Russia.

    NATO along with Finland and Sweden (their strongest partners) have jointly expressed their own concerns regarding a possible “Threat from Russia” and accordingly are taking measures to strengthen that partnership with regular joint venture military exercises as they also have been doing with the Baltic States.

    The Baltic States now have NATO bases on their soil as well as US Missile Units and its only a matter of time before Finland and Sweden follow this trend.

    We must not be deceived by what we assume to be a short notice exercise when NATO have clearly signed up partnerships with NATO friendly countries and with those agreements come planned committments.

    The New World Order has very carefully been down playing their role in reducing the ability of Member/Partner countries to defend themselves and now make them totally reliant on NATO support should conflict arise!!!

    Add to this their new terminology “An attack on one is an attack on all” one can clearly see how the US (Head of NATO) can and does create a “False Flag Event” and then pulls in the whole of NATO to fight the fight!!

    So what is happening in Finland is the same as to what is happening in the Baltics……a potential progressive massive build up for a potential event that NATO themselves will create.

    Basically do not be too alarmed the Cold War has never ended and its business as usual!!!!

    Peter Eyre – 29/4/2016

    Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcaster

    • Jeanne Scoville

      April 29, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      Thanks, Peter, for sharing your up-to-date & ever-vigilant knowledge! We The People are most grateful & blessed for your tireless research as well as your “worldly-wisdom”.

      Wishing you every blessing, too, in these tumultuous times…

    • Seems you forgot the word Israel in there.

    • Always nice to hear from you Peter and hope to see you soon…Jo needs some English lessons. hahahha

      • Neil……..

        You need me to keep peace and tranquility in the base camp and also to keep Joe awake ha ha.

        When I do have his attention we will start the English class and remember we invented the language and you guys stuffed it up and created your own!!!!

  13. amazing insight on the Illuminati from 1967 Myron C. Fagan

  14. Thanks guys. So good to be kept up to date with what is happening from sources we can trust. And to be able to spread the word as quickly as possible.

    Many Blessings to you all.

    One Planet One People One Heart.

    People are waking up and I think that like the snowball as it rolls down the mountain this cannot be stopped and we are rapidly heading for the BIG finale

  15. The real fact!!! Innocent HUMANS STILL TODAY ARE DYEING. Wonder if it was your family members that bombs were dropping on their houses, if everyone would be so rapid to laugh and joke around. But ohh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring the truth out while children are starving and most don’t give it a second thought while they eat anytime they feel hungry or run to a Dr. when you have a cold. Anyways time will be the tell all come the end.

  16. In response to Charles comment re Israel not being mentioned………in actual fact I did give reference to the Zionist controlled media.

    Two of the most dangerous groups on this planet are Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist who between them would take us to the bring of war each and every day and it is Israel and the above two groups who form the backbone of the New World Order!!

    There are three main structures to this evil and satanic order:

    The City of London is the Administrative Arm, Financial Arm and Judicial Arm

    Washington is the Military Arm along with the New World Army we call NATO.

    Rome is the Religious Arm (run by the Jesuits) who are not religious at all and who worship Lucifer with their evil and satanic rituals.

    They have infiltrated every aspect of life from politics to the many faith organizations and push their own agenda regarding Armageddon or “The end times.”

    Who in their right minds would spend the rest of their lives going down this track of talking about this topic when we were all put on this planet to practice love and compassion towards fellow beings?

    Who in their right minds would dwell on such a morbid subject when we were given this beautiful world to live in and look after?

    Yes the New World Order is trying to make all of the above come true but we must not let this negativeness take over our lives and we must continue to rid them from this planet!!

    Whilst talking about Israel and these Zionist Jews we must fully understand that at least 90% are not true Jews (who were born in or around the Holy Land) but are in actual fact what I call Zionist Mafia Jews that came from Khazarian district around the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea………they are not pure bred Jews at all but rather a mongrel breed who now form a major part of the New World Order.

    I would like to share something more personal with you all:

    Sometimes I become inspired by certain people around the world who tell things as they actually are rather than pull the wool over your eyes like the Zionist controlled media with their 24/7 propaganda bullshit.

    I myself have frequently come under attack by family, friends and many people around the world that have simply lost the plot in not knowing the difference between fact and fiction or choose to bury their head in the sand rather than ruffle feathers!

    I have just watched this wonderful presentation by John Pilger who is one of those people who has again inspired me and who (like me) says it as it actually is!

    One can take a certain amount of ridicule but as I have always said I do not write about or talk about anything I cannot prove with forensic evidence and yet those that are critical of you never ask you to prove it or spend time investigating for themselves……..why?

    John Pilger talks about a war that has already started, about the gross contamination of our planet and its people with radiation and gives reference to the mass production of nuclear weapons despite the existence of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

    He has only just touched the surface with all that he discusses during his lecture but there is much much more that I have written about repeatedly over a long period of time!

    We are living in a world of continuous wars and conflicts where real-time nuclear weapons are being used each and every day and that contamination that John Pilger talks about is released into the upper atmosphere and eventually comes back to earth when it rains or snows!

    Would you believe that several hundred Hiroshima bombs remain suspended in our atmosphere in the form of millions upon millions of radioactive nano particles that will eventually come back to earth to haunt us at a later date!

    Do you care for your own future or that of your children and grandchildren?

    Do you care that this contamination directly attacks the human DNA?

    Do you care that all forms of cancer and mental illnesses are directly related to the above?

    Do you care that every-time you have a vaccine you are harming either yourself or your children?

    Please watch this wonderful lecture and take it all in rather than keeping your head in the sand!!

    Remember that if you choose to ignore what John is telling you (or anyone else) and continue to bury your head then very soon someone will come up behind you and take away your liberty!!!!

    So my reply to Charles would be….”Yes Sir You Are Correct” Israel is the main root of all evil but remember its not its people who are behind the New World Order but the Zionist Mafia Jews!

    The Zionist Mafia Jews do not even care if Israel is erased from the face of this planet and in actual fact they have already planted the seed for their demise when they bombed Lebanon and continue to bomb Gaza almost daily.

    The IDF use depleted uranium weapons each and every time resulting in millions upon millions of radioactive nano particles drifting over their own motherland giving Israel one of the highest cancer rates in the world and one of the highest infertility rates in the world.

    Wake up Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents and defend your family and those little ones who cannot defend themselves!!!!

    Be sure to watch this video because it shows you what is truly going on in this world!!

    The Link:

    Peter Eyre – 01/05/2016

    Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcaster

    • Jeanne Scoville

      May 1, 2016 at 1:38 am

      Peter, I must again commend you for your courageous truth-telling! I sense that not only myself, but many others who are committed to the Truth, have also experienced rejection or ridicule from both family, friends & even communities for speaking out or standing up for what we consider to be a very important human right.

      Thanks again for all you do on behalf of so many…

      • Thank You Jeanne…… know we do not seek praise but it is nice to get the odd thank you…..Bless you…..Peter

        • Jeanne Scoville

          May 1, 2016 at 11:38 am

          Peter, It’s a pleasure! I remember our Skype chat sometime ago…a different time & a different place…Am looking forward to one day meeting you in person to celebrate with Neil & Team K…In the meantime, it’s great to see your writing here! The challenges increase daily for Neil & those of us who care a great deal about his health & well-being are with him in spirit every step of the way! This final push is above & beyond what most humans encounter their entire lifetimes…Winning is our only option!!!

  17. 2016-05-01 (ZeroHedge) – NATO Deploys 4000 Troops To Russian Border As EUCOM Chief Urges “Return To War-Planning”

    “We have to be ready for a situation where we don’t have Russia as a partner,” warns EUCOM Gen. Philip Breedlove

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