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Urgent Warning Of Planned
Trump Assassination Attempt
& Former Bilderberg Head,
Bygone Dutch Queen Beatrix
Is Out To Steal Again

Leading Psychic Healer warns of a planned Trump Assassination attempt and former Queen Beatrix is attempting thievery once again as she and her Bilderberg blood attempt to con Indonesian President Jokowi into working out a “debt payment” to the Dutch Royal Family…


URGENT: Warning of Planned Trump Assassination Attempt

Healer Daniel woke this morning at around 2:20am, shaking, as he had a dream where gun shots were being fired.

He states;

“I asked the Lord, What is this Lord,” then I saw the words ‘Assassination plot targeting President-elect, Donald Trump at the Oval office’”

Immediately I started praying as I had a strong impression that there was a plan to assassinate the President-elect Donald Trump when he visits Obama at the Oval office, or maybe at another location (if Mr. Trump decides against meeting in the Oval office) in the next 3 months.

In the vision, Trump was seated talking to Obama, and then all of a sudden someone entered the room with a semi-automatic rifle and started firing shots. Obama took cover behind a large box or desk in the Oval office, and came out unhurt. There was much panic; I could not see Trump.

Obama then declared martial law. This would mean he would run the country once again.

It was then when I had the prompting that Trump must not visit, accept an invitation or meet with Obama in the White House or elsewhere at all, but especially not alone until he takes over the White House at the appointed time.

Trump must not relax his security and must wear a bullet proof vest while attending meeting in public and if he has to go to the White House for any reason until such time that the Obama administration has ended and is out of that place.

I personally think that Obama is not a Christian, nor or a Patriotic American; but instead is carrying out a mandate to open the doors for Islam to spread in the USA and throughout the world.

Please try your best to get this message to as many people as possible. Pray for protection for Trump and his family.

Also, if you could please forward these messages to your contacts in the US, who may be able to get this, message to Mr. Trump ASAP.

I have sent this to all my contacts. This morning I spoke to some of them in the US who told me that there is quite a bit of unrest in many parts of the America and that there was a sense of fear among the people.

May I encourage the church to pray like you have never done to this point. Your prayers certainly saw Donald Trump through to being elected.

Now your petitions to our Lord God Almighty can keep him protected to enable him to carry out the Will and Purposes of God.

“See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” Isaiah 42:9

May God bless and keep you all,

Healer Daniel”


From Neil: I was not going to post this but I read it a few times and spoke to a few people who know Daniel including the family (who are in support of Donald) and decided to let this important development be released.

I have also heard the Cabal are going to attempt an assassination; and at this time and period of our world we need TRUMP more than ever.  He will help us through it and do whatever it takes to make things right once again for we the people…


Neil was recently subject to a very suspicious caper in an airport, “The Case of the Vanishing Laptop”, as described in the following video.


Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is on the Trail Attempting Thievery Once Again

The Cabal never quit and keep attempting to impose their will on smaller nations. Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands is a good example: After she screwed up a perfectly good financial transaction in 2012, one that would have benefited not only the Dutch Royal Family but the people of The Netherlands as well.

The greedy old woman that is Beatrix, showed her ineptitude by bungling the aforementioned deal.

The old witch now is attempting to deceive President Jokowi and the Nation of Indonesia – with what Beatrix and her circus are calling a “Debt Repayment”.

In other words, Beatrix – a representative of the family that created the Bilderberg Group – the biggest group of thieves on the planet- who have just had their asses handed to them by way of the triumphs of both Nigel Farage and Donald J. Trump, are now trying it on again in a different way.

On this latest occasion, the establishment are making a last ditch attempt to steal someone else’s gold (according to Benjamin) by propping up this incompetent old woman, Beatrix,  and pushing her into the fray.

However, when the people of the Netherlands become clear in the understanding that their (former) Queen literally screwed them – they just might become unruly.

On the other side of the coin and in an earlier endeavor, Queen Elizabeth II had Beatrix effectively boxed in at all times. You see, Liz Windsor had her intelligence underlings listening in to everything that was going on at all times.

When Beatrix called out to discuss the Certificate of Deposit, Queen Elizabeth II and her intelligence flunkies were listening in on everything as it was being planned.

Here we have the Globalists – all in favor of the New World Order and constantly screwing one another in order to be the fox that runs the hen house.

In the earlier deal noted above (the one that Beatrix ruined with her greed) everything had been initiated by Neil Keenan and Dragon Family Signatory, Akihiko Yamaguchi.

Neil Keenan held unlimited Power of Attorney which enabled the transaction to take place, along with of course Yamaguchi, to sign off on the Certificate of Deposit.

But this is not the way it was to play out.

Neil recollects how events transpired:

“This could have been a very easy transaction to complete but the greed of the monsters that actually ruled our planet (who are now on their way out and not fast enough) surfaced and it became a fight between families that are supposedly tied into one another by blood.

So much for relations. Then again they are a special ugly kind of dog or horse aren’t they?

When I initially contacted Queen Beatrix I made it clear that her mother (Queen Juliana) had been the Nominee over a CD (Certificate of Deposit) with a value of 2.13 Trillion USD (see the documentation below).

I explained to her that the CD was in the Bank of Toyko Mitsubishi, and an agreement had been reached between her Mother and the Dragon Family.

Click here to open a larger version in a new window

It emerged that Queen Beatrix had no knowledge of any such transaction, nor of her Mother being named Nominee – in not just this transaction but other transactions as well.

In this regard the CD had long ago matured and should have been capitalized on but Queen Juliana had passed away without leaving any notice to her daughter, (soon to be Queen) and this is where it was left until the Signatory of the Dragon Family (Yamaguchi) and myself brought it forward to the Bilderberg leader (not that I knew that at the time as this was before I was well versed in the Cabal).

Queen Juliana’s Mother and Father had created the hideously vulgar Bilderberg Group, whose plans were to basically take over this planet with a New World Order. This has now been outlined in many a document.

It was at this point in the proceedings that the machinations of evil intent took place.

Queen Beatrix, upon learning that such a CD had existed and had matured, rather than spending a few minutes learning that the real Depositors were the Dragon Family, jumped the gun and sent her son (now King) Willem Alexander to Tokyo to see if he could abscond with the CD without anyone receiving any payments other than herself.

Click here to open a larger version in a new window

As already noted, Queen Elizabeth II was well aware of this enterprise and had her intelligence organizations listening in on Beatrix and her staff. Elizabeth’s people were well aware of Willem-Alexander’s departure for Tokyo and so she had her son Prince Charles follow Willem Alexander.

Upon arrival, Willem-Alexander acquired the necessary information but was told that they could do nothing without the release of the depositors, therefore he could not make claim to the CD, although he attempted to.

Given that Willem-Alexander had no luck, and having ‘left the door open’, Charles decided to try his luck using his mothers name, (The Queen of England) only to be informed that the Windsors were not involved in said transaction in any way, shape or form.

Charles left also.

Both had attempted to deceive not only the Dragon Family and each other, but their nations as well.

The Dutch Royal Family was to earn 3% of said value (2.13 Trillion USD) and the Dutch nation, 2%.”

What a loss for the people of The Netherlands, who Neil was trying to help.

Click here to open a larger version in a new window

Not a bad chunk of change, especially considering that Queen Beatrix knew nothing about it until I brought her up to speed.

Which leads us to the present day…

Benjamin Fulford recently stated that former Queen Beatrix and her sons were going to visit with President Jokowi in an attempt to collect “the foreign debt owed to them”.

We wonder what foreign debt this could possibly be, when in fact the Dutch raped Indonesia as much as could be – including the many deaths in West Papua over gold.

If anything the West never placed any of their own assets into any bunkers in the East, other than what they owed for the leased gold-backing for their own currencies.

I have never seen nor heard anything of any debt owed to the Dutch – but just the opposite.”


What I do notice though is the West and their “Royal” families scrambling for whatever tidbits any third world nation wishes to give them.

These families attempt to continuously collect on the assets belonging to the depositors within the World Bank, BIS and IMF. They reach out relentlessly, trying to take whatever does not belong to them with the little time they have left – as they are being brought to their knees; their deceptions are being exposed to the people of the planet.

These families have no right to anything! If Queen Juliana was a Nominee and left no will nor testament detailing such, then no one will be as kind as Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family were, in offering her the piece her mother would have received for being the Nominee for the Certificate of Deposit.

What is really happening now is that the Dutch “Royalty” are attempting to deceive President Jokowi – and I doubt that the Indonesian gentleman President would stoop so low as to grant them their wishes, as he knows that even the Indonesian President does not own the Certificate of Deposit.

Nor do the Holders own the Certificate of Deposit.

Only the Depositors own the Certificate of Deposit.

Should any metals or paper assets leave Indonesia – or anywhere –  they will find us waiting for them.

We have stopped them time and time again.

We will stop them right up until the end as well, and open up the accounts for Humanitarian Packages along with Simon.

Then things will get rolling with the Accounts and the new technologies, and the world as we knew it will shut down and the New World – that being our World, will close the doors on the Babylonian money vultures that have run the whole global financial circus for the past 100+ years.

As for Donald Trump looking to make a Gold Backed Dollar – he already knows that I can bring forth the AU not only for such a thing, but much more, larger than any number heard to date – but for the rebuilding of our entire infrastructure – and it does not even evolve from the Global Collateral Accounts.

That’s right – I can acquire whatever is needed by Donald Trump and nothing whatsoever for the Democrats. We have heard enough from the Libertards, relatives of the Fucktards, as Richard says.

As Neil has been saying ad nauseum – it is only a matter of time before all of the countries of the East finally break ties with the West and go their own way…

Now let’s get to living once and for all.

Neil Keenan & Group K


One final note: We will have 5 more healing computers available for purchase from Friday this week. We have had unlimited success with these machines and demand for them is growing ever stronger.





Dave Mason – Take it to the Limit

And we’re going to take it to the limit until we have torn the curtain down…



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  1. Ordo Templi Orientis: This publication has all the information detailing the OTO, as referred to by Neil in the latest video:

  2. Support and spiritual protection to President TRUMP!

  3. Very interested in the healing computer.
    Could you direct me to additional details and purchase info.
    I am in Ontario Canada.
    Thank you.



      Please do not post requests for information in the comments section.

      Please send any enquiries to:

      Thank you.

      • Neil —Frist of all, thanks for all your doing to help people.. We are hurting and need help from those that can and are willing–So again- Thank you. One question–can you give us any more information on the RV of the Dinar you talked about 2 months ago? The GCR– You said it was ( real ) and coming (soon) but we have not heard any more about it. If you could tell us more about it PLEASE–again we are hurting out here. They the (powers that be) have robbed and raped us years, we are running on empty at best. Thanks Again Earl Bennett

        • I to have asked this question of Neal and am in a similar situation. I am willing and able to work on mine or others projects to help the world recover from all the cabal workings, but our governments have drained us for so long we cannot do it without funds.

        • You mean the powers that were. Seeing their hold on us all crumbling is what I will continue to envision. It is people that are valuable! Our time in this existence is the most valuable thing we own.

    • Greg
      There is a third generation healing computer being released. Amazing computer. Thought you would like to know.

  4. Why are you interested in OTO? The Templars and their Gnostic occult society… Thelma is the Whole of the Law?
    – Fates

  5. I suggest you go to Facebook under the Maharlikhan Tribes to understand it better.

  6. trump has already visited the White House and met with obama right after the election so I do not know of any other plans of him going again. As for someone entering the Oval office with a gun that person would have to get by security and both obama and Trumps secret service? I also read obama was going to redo the Oval office and Trump would have to be sworn in elsewhere!

  7. Neil so happy to see an update. Thank you for all you are doing with Team K and all other white hats . Will continue to pray for Trump he is our best hope. Also can you share anything on the Zims are they going to be worth more money or should I not buy any more? Thank you love & light Laurie K ❤️🍀🙏🏻🇺🇸

  8. Neil, we thank you for your honesty and we love you. Stick around for a very long time to help get those evil, nefarious cabal bastards out of planet.

  9. Blessings to all of you with all my heart, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year …

  10. Ordo Templi Orientis – International Headquarters

    O.T.O – Founder, Aleister Crowley

    O.T.O. – What is Thelema?

    O.T.O – The Regulations and Tenets

  11. Hi Neil and team, glad you are safe and well. I was just wondering if you have any news about the RV,Dinar,Zimms it’s been a while since you last spoke about this but you did say that they where REAL.
    Any info on this would be great

  12. Deborah Stephens

    December 1, 2016 at 3:48 am

    Greetings Mr. Keenan,

    It is always a delight to see and hear from you, Mr. Keenan. Thank you and God bless your harvest in everything you set your hand to do. In re: OTO which stands for the Ordo Templi Orientis or Order of Oriental Templars. I first became familiar with them through the writings of a true journalist and man on a mission to inform and help humanity, the late Edward Harle, a/k/a Christopher Story. He included this group in his 700+ page manuscript entitled, The New Underworld Order: Curse of Criminalism-Dark Actors Playing Games: The Luciferian German Fascist-Illuminati Criminal Revolution Conspiracy to Control the World By means of A Global coup d’etat by instalments. It’s a mouthful but he doesn’t miss anything or any culprit by name, including details for shady criminal sorts, e.g., the Bushes, Windsors, Popes, etc., in this work that may have very well cost him his life in 2015 at the age of 72. I greatly admired his expertise, tenacity, faith, courage and genuine heart – very much like yourself, Mr. Keenan.

    Aleister Crawley is noted as a founding member so that paints the picture right there. OTO was originally intended to mimic Freemasonry in the 20th century but once Crawley joined, he turned it into his brand of a “religious,” secret occult society. OTO are not so hidden these days as they have international membership and a website,, that lists various addresses for Grand Lodge locations, etc. More elaborate mumbo-jumbo and current affairs of the group can be found at

    The very best to you always, sir. And as Tina Turner would say to you and Team K: “You’re simply the best-better than all the rest.”

  13. Hi Neil and team
    these kids are doing great just thought you may like to know.
    A group of high school students have been able to produce a key ingredient for a drug that sells for tens of thousands of dollars in the US for just $27.

    The teens from Sydney Grammar were able to synthesise 3.7 grams of Pyrimethamine, the active ingredient in Daraprim, using their school laboratory as part of an experiment led by the University of Sydney’s Open Source Malaria Consortium.

    The drug sells from anywhere between $US35,000 (A$47,332) and $US110,000 (A$148,755) in the US. The students were able to produce the 3.7 grams using ingredients costing as little as US$20 (A$27), the ABC reports.

    Daraprim is an anti-parasitic drug used by malaria sufferers and those with weak immune systems, including pregnant women and HIV patients. The World Health Organisation lists Daraprim as an essential medicine.

    In September 2015, Turing Pharmaceutics, the company that owns the market rights to the drug, raised the price per dose by more than 5000 percent, resulting in significant backlash.


  14. Who ever said ‘honor among thieves’ ? LOL

    As for Mr Trump, yes i would say prayers are in order…..Jan 20 cant get here soon enough.

  15. This evil woman hates Geert Wilders, a patriot who loves his country. Who defends the identity of his country and the Dutch people. That says it all!

  16. Hi Neil and team

    senang bisa berkenalan dan bersahat dengan anda dan team

  17. Neil,
    I love what you do and the music you adapt for each email. I am 71 and i am a kindred spirit. You will have so much merit when the time comes to face the elders.

  18. Hi Neil and Team,,
    There is a lot of talk about the RV kicking off very soon just wondering if this is true or not??

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