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The United Nations Invites
Neil Keenan To Discuss
Financing, New Technologies &
The Global Collateral Accounts

Group K recently received a message inviting Neil to the United Nations to discuss financing, new technologies, and the Global Collateral Accounts. The UN is awaiting Neil’s decision as to whether he will accept the invitation or not.

As we all know, Neil does not acknowledge the UN as being either a legal nor a lawful organization; rather it is just another cabal-run corporation.

He believes the East will set things up better in a much more solid and robust manner for the people of our planet.

Neil states that the only circumstances under which he would accept such an invitation, would be because the UN had accepted his demands for the majority of seats on the particular UN committee; thereby establishing Neil’s credence that the Golden Rule applies: “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

Another prerequisite would be that the numerous aggressive corporations imposing themselves as governments stand down, as Neil and Group K finances the deployment of new technologies from the Global Collateral Accounts worldwide; thereby alleviating the burdens of poverty stricken people everywhere.

Neil also states that the first couple of Accounts opened will go immediately into backing new technologies, towards the immediate halting of chemtrail spraying, geoengineering and the dissemination of any other environmental poisons including weaponized food, vaccines and GMO’s etc.

Funding will also be directed towards the eradication of homelessness, and into the provisioning of proper healthcare, clean drinking water, safe food and the taking care of military veterans.

Finally, Neil would demand UN worldwide immunity in relation to all matters pertaining to himself and anyone representing his team.

If the UN were to agree to the above terms, then Neil would fly to the United Nations with his attorneys, and M2 to work things out.

Of course, the likelihood of a cabal-run operation such as the UN agreeing to such terms is negligible.

Neil requires no meeting with the United Nations in order to accomplish that which he has stated he would do all along.

This is Neil’s response to the invitation from the UN.

Neil Keenan


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  1. Neil
    Please do not trust this invitation, you will be playing into their hands.
    Please do as they do and achieve everything as they do via stealth.
    You have Gods backing Neil, no one else’s.
    Best wishes to you from everyone who believes in you…David

    • Thing is, it is possible for a transformation to happen to the UN hierarchy based on what Neil’s demands are. If that happened, then the infrastructure could be preserved, while actually doing what the “United Nations” was always supposed to be doing instead of being a cabal banker tool.

    • But I would not trust them any further than I could throw the UN building. LOL

  2. this is music to my ears,,,my profoundest thanks

  3. Discernment is evident in this reply – hear – hear
    to the convictions that prevail in this response
    again – no words can adequately convey the appreciation
    and worth of these convictions

  4. Bravo 🙂

  5. Remember Ban Ki-moon’s a slime ball out only for himself.
    He lied to you before and he will again. Please watch you back, front, sides top and bottom!

  6. Neil
    I went out last nite and asked the
    Universe to release global accounts
    to the poverty stricken people on
    this planet! This year has brought so
    much loss and without these funds we cannot began to help the needy
    and purchase the healing computers! God Bless you and your
    Faithful endless wirkers! Please
    Consider the UN Meeting-if all your
    prior arrangements are in order and
    Strategic Commitments are met!

  7. Hi,
    My very first thought when reading this mail update was that you can not go. But fortunately you have the same viewpoint on the UN.
    Take best care and my sincere thanks for your devotion and efforts.

  8. Neil
    If you go I will go there to protect you!!!

    • Inchul there might be a big bad wolf waiting and you know they want to eat you….hahahhahahahah…..I am going to go after I return and get things done in Asia ….Then we have all the cards….They have none

      • Neil, Cheers mate, all the best from all us Aussies that have been following you on this site. We know you can and will do what is best, you are the one holding the cards. Best of health to you as well.

  9. Oh, I don’t think so! Help them finance their Agendas 21 and 30? Bravo on your decision. There are so many opportunities to turn the World around and the UN and Cabal opt for destruction. Arrest those committing Crimes against Humanity and Nature and use regenerative solutions to restore the health of the planet and all sentient beings.

  10. Sounds like a good way to commit an assassination.
    Play safe.
    You didn’t need them before, you don’t need them now.
    Way to go Neil. You bless my socks off
    Soldier on with God’s protection.

    • Linnie I know how to play them do not worry….Take it easy they are not in the drivers seat especially after I get access to the accounts…..Then we control the game from the East. Not the West.

  11. Hi Neil,

    For what it’s worth, my Higher guidance tells me that you should not go even if the UN states it will meet your prerequisites. It’s a setup. Trust your instincts.

  12. Dear Neil:

    Objective is met by them and by your group. Please ask for clear defining questions which will be submitted to you, and prepare questions for them to be answered. Of course, some questions will not be submitted to the public, so clear defined objectives need to be presented. This is not an over night deal, so take your time to meet your outcome. Good luck!


  13. UN , bad boys and girls, sneaky people.

  14. Is the UN actually begging? Beggars can’t be choosers!

  15. Neil, it was nice of you to be so polite with the UN. It is obvious that you do not need nor desire their assistance. Onward Neil and Group K!
    (Don’t you love being able to just write to them the demands though.)

    Blessings for you and your team


  16. it is such a wonderful sight when strength shows itself! the UN has been figured out a long time ago and their traps will not work.
    unconditional surrender is a requirement indeed! publicly beforehand and the current un attendees could attend the meeting from jail cells over cam in handcuffs under neil’s supervision 😀

    • Sorry you can supervise them not I….I will have my hands full when this is over with and watching those sorry ———- is not on my schedule…

      • haha, i’m sure watching over them afterwards is going to be an ugly and tedious task so i understand.
        it’s just while the un meeting is on i would suggest mnaking it very clear that the UN organization/corporation is portrayed correctly so that it becomes obvious even to zombies that they are crooks.
        So that the UN will not get away with pretending to be the good guys and try to ride on your wave of change.

        i understand that you know all the tactics in the book regarding assassination attempts and security concerns and that your battle plan is solid. i just hope you also prepare for character assassination, lockdown of the building due to some emergency being created to ruin the party of announcements.
        and never forget that even if they play along and seemingly do as they are told they might still attempt to steal it all afterwards and pretend they represent you.

  17. Hello- can you please post the invitation from the UN ? Thanks

    • Could you post your true identity? Perhaps there is more to your question than it may seem…such as a “troll in disguise”…

  18. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    September 1, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Just stay safe. Great BIG hugs.

  19. Do not go to the UN meeting, my instincts feel a set up for a hit.

    • John is it any more dangerous than my walking into that meeting in London with the Rothschilds and Bankers? Not at all. In matter of fact the UN are like children and nothing more.

  20. Neil, I have a feeling that the UN wants to try to squeeze information out of you for their own benefit, not yours or ours. We know by now that the UN is not any friendly force. They should be evicted from NY and
    this country.
    I just cannot see the UN helping you to get control of the CA’s as we can bet they would want that booty for themselves. I say hell no, don’t go.

  21. I smell a set up, you can always skype with them. You can bet the farm they have their hit team ready and waiting.

  22. Hi Neil
    The UN is just a pathetically cheap imitation of the Kingdom of God. Their mandate is to make a One World Gov’t where the 1% rule and the rest of the planet (the 99%) get screwed. Who would want anything to do with the UN? I agree with your thinking in this matter. Have a Nice Day!

  23. Thank you Neil and Group K for making my dreams come true. I think the goons have had enough chances and they keep playing the same ole game. It’s far past time for humanity to step forward and make their own path for the benefit of the planet and their future. I can’t wait to see the signs of this reality to come into view. This is awesome news.

  24. HAHAHAHA!!!! Loved this whole piece, LOVED the terms! Neil K, one of the things that makes you a leader is this ATTITUDE toward criminals, no matter how ‘high up’ they want us to think they are. I’ll bet they were expecting a smooch of their nether regions, but crims be crims no matter where.

    BTW, you look fetching as the King of Hearts! Who’s the Ace of Spades, then? Nigel Farage should have a place in that playing deck… I’d like to suggest ol’ Nige as suitable for the Hearts suit. He can’t be a flush card since he’s retired, but maybe the 10? Or even the Joker? (Hey, here’s a fundraising idea for the Lords of Light: a cheap-priced deck of playing cards suitably adorned with our pantheon of heroes. International focus please! Not only the heroes of the ‘West’. On second thought, I wonder if Guccifer should be our Joker?)

    The last time I tried to post to this site, my computer failed to send through 3 comments! Praying to the computer gods this goes thru b/c it’s fun to be in at least some conversation with this group and also I think my fundraising idea is a winner! hehehe)

  25. Neil, Are these not the same people who want to kill 90 percent of the population of the earth? Are these not the people who have been starving people to death, restricting food, medical supplies and other organizations from aiding Venzuela. People in Venzuela have been forced to eat their neighbors dogs, cats and pigeons. Are these not the same people currently on US soil planning to take away guns, kill people, cut the food supply to Americans with plans to starve Americans to death on their own soil? Are they not into mind control and the use of clones? How about the children who were vaccinated in Mexico that all died? What about HAARP machine warfare? What about Chem trails? The list goes on and on….and you are suppose to trust allowing yourself, attorneys and other Team Members to present yourself to be anywhere near these people? I am not so sure that these people can be negotiated with. My idea is an extreme in the opposite direction as how to effectively deal with them.

  26. Neil, Have the UN come to you, stay where you are safe. The world needs to move forward with the new gold backed Global Funds. We need to heal, house and feed the people instead of eliminate. The cabal knows there is power in the numbers of souls here on this planet for a very special Divine reason! They cannot control the masses, so as you know, they want their insidious agenda to move forward. May God speed and protect you and all those protecting and uplifting life,

    God’s children!

  27. Remember the little 12 year old girl who spoke to the UN and shamed each and everyone of them. She pointed out all the crimes, killing, poverty, and the fact that 12 year olds are not as stupid as they apparently think. Unless a new accord entirely revamped like something Icelanders are working towards that actually works, is honest, considers all people important and finally ends slavery totally and sets people free to be creative, whole, happy and seek their true destiny on our beautiful planet any such meetings should be avoided. Beware the honey traps and proceed carefully indeed.

  28. Don’t trust that scum!!! You know they never do what they say and always have plan b in play like hurting or all of you just disappearing…… You know you can’t trust these guys. You set up the meeting make them come to you in a mutual location where you have security against them in place and and your team are safe. You know they will stop at nothing to get that gold. they have not been weaken enough do not trust them it’s probably a trap for you and your team a last ditch effort to get the gold and stop the needed upcoming changes

  29. I’m afraid you’re walking into a death trap Neil. Please don’t take the risk. I’m afraid this may well be Soros’ idea. Take care and God bless.
    live oak x

    • Hey forget it sweetie I am not walking into anything that can hurt me or any of us….I am well aware of what their plan is and why! I can play with it all day long and watch it as though it were a soap opera…Forget the concerns I know what I am doing…Relax

  30. Neil, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR AND ARE PLANNING TO DO! YOU ARE MY HERO! There is no need for the UN or anyone else to have a personal meeting with you since we have so much technology. You can have a video meeting ! It”s safer, it’s cheaper, it’s safer, oh, yeah, did I mention it’s safer!!!! You are in our prayers! GODSPEED!!!!

  31. I’m lovin it!

    God Speed Neil……

  32. The UN is a dying beast at its most deceptive
    and dangerous . Seek counsel as they say.

  33. You are too busy. Don’t go. You can have private meetings with UN officials on a one-to-one basis if need be.

  34. I wouldn’t enter their stinky den, can’t be trusted. They are trying the same old game “If you can’t beat them, join them¨ , yawn… They are so clever! Their Mums rocked them too close to the wall, that must be why! :-)))
    Did they also ask you to get a nice “ẗarget” tattoo on your forehead, for good measure ? Or are they hoping for a few crumbs ?

  35. I would need to think what the benefit would be in going. I would agree with John, this smells like a hit to me. The loss to them (in the trillions) regarding the new tech is huge!! IF you do go Neil make your own travel plans. We trusted these animals, and look where the world is. I personalty wouldn’t go, yet let them know via written and publicly published documents how things are going to rock. Very much like you have done on the site so far. I’m so sick of their secret meetings and their codified, legalese, admiralty BS.

  36. Elizabeth Pendleton

    September 1, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Neil, Neil, Neil…………
    You never seize to amaze me. I love it when you “rope-a-dope” with the big boys. Thank you for that & all the good work that you do. Keep that Irish attitude, it’s becomin’ to ya. Peace & Love.

  37. I absolutely DO NOT trust them. Ban ki Moon has been running everywhere trying to get money. Don’t do it. Even if they agreed with your demands does not mean they will follow through. With the opening of the Global Accounts THEY WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS.

    Be safe.

    • No Raven he is not running everywhere trying to get money…We have stopped him throughout Asia read the posts…but he is running everywhere trying to get the gold…..Big difference

  38. Neil
    Please don’t accept the united nation invitation. It is a trap, they are desperate because they are exposed and are loosing control.
    We can not afford to loose you.

  39. Neil, I smell a trap. They may be looking for a way to “suicide” you. I don’t trust those rats. You don’t need the snake pit U.N. We don’t want to hear that you “hung” yourself in your hotel room. Be careful; be very, very careful.

  40. If you do go Neil. Please watch your back , front , and both sides.

  41. NIEL This U.N. is a SNAKEPIT OF SLIMY VIPERS…..pleaze reconsider their invitation…..this Moon character I absolutely do not trust….you know the best Niel and i trust your judgement but cover every possible base including SECURITY IN AND OUT OF THE UN……wd do not want an “ACCIDENT” that iz common to enemies of the Cabal. They have murdered people befor wth less to offer them…These men would to have you as a statistic……be careful my friend the world needs you…..BillyBobG

    • Take it easy BillyBob, things are being handled properly by Group K and our lawyers….Everything will be fine before anything ever happens then agaiin maybe it does not need to happen. We will see when I fianlly get the accounts opened what position everyone is in.

  42. Neil, here’s a song that you will probably remember, as I do. It will tell you how I feel about your going to the UN………. NO WAY HOSEA!!! Please follow the advice of all those who commented……we need you…..perhaps we all can have a Group K meeting in the future when it’s a safer planet. We need you to be the “life of the party!!”

  43. The wolf is very clever, he dipped his paws in flour, but we can see its ugly black tail!

    • They are not wolves and you are right wolves are clever but again they are not wolves….Just greedy old stupid fools who have gotten their way for years and about ready to collapse….Nothing more

      • They look like wrecks, you wonder whether they still can stand because of a broom stick inserted in the part of their anatomy where the sun never shines! Pathetic bunch who never did a good deed in their life. Leeches!

  44. I can not agree more with soooo many of the above comments.
    DO NOT GO ! ! ! They are trying to lay some sort of a trap.
    They have already stated they need more money to survive.
    Continue with your work and watch them collapse.

    Yes we need the new technologies but we also need someone that will tell us the truth about the reason for the climate changes. The magnetic poles have change their positions drastically. The North Magnetic has traveled 1800+ miles toward the northern Russian coastline. That has changed the upper jet streams of our atmosphere very much and as a result our weather yet we have only one or two sources that are attempting to inform the public. Those sources are small private concerns with small sources of finances–the government financed organizations are not telling us about these magnetic pole changes which affect our global weather.
    Stay safe, We NEED you.

  45. hi neil & team,i believe as you are doing the work for a very high creator you will be blessed in what ever you decide.i am very excited that these evil UN clowns are finally panicking .i wish you all the best of irish luck from a fellow irish person.

  46. Neil and all at Team K, your enduring patience becomes you all!
    I am waiting for the day that a few Millionaires, or better still, Billionaires will stand up and show the world the Balls they probably personally believe they have!!

    Where are you all?…..Hiding behind your 10 foot walls waiting for this Nightmare : The Awakening of the dreaded masses to go away?

    It is Not going away!

    So show us the Balls you have and Leave the sinking ship you’re on;
    CABALMANIA 666!…….This ship is going down lock, stock and barrel!!

    Stop the game you’re playing and TRULY assist Neil Keenan and his Team!

  47. Niel take care , do wath you have to do . God is with you

  48. I think a lot of posters on this blog underestimate Neil…..I believe , at all times, he is 10 steps ahead of those numbskulls. The Cabal/UN certainly need GOLD ( as paper money is valueless )…..their drug money and oil revenue is drying up but it’s too late …..their time for the deceit and subjugation of humanity is over and , after all , Neil has the luck and charm of the Irish of his side ….Ádh mór ort Neil ( good luck)

    • Seamus, I so agree with you!!! They “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!!! The “Luck of the Irish” is even more than just luck…Those us who have Irish heritage know this to be true…

  49. Hello To Neil And Everyone–

    This is an amazing time to be witnessing and living in. When I read the original post about the availability of the healing computers I felt such a charge of energy and ‘knowing’ literally infuse my body. I knew that at a point in time I would have one of these devices and open a healing place. It will all happen, just as the awakening and awareness is happening all over the planet….one beating heart at a time. Healing and transformational energy will be available to all people.

    This energy and transformation cannot be stopped. Each of us is adding to this light quotient by the thoughts we think, the words we choose and with what we envision in our minds throughout the day.

    When I picture Neil and his team, I picture Neil in a Superman outfit with a very long cape but the color is green (of course) and you cannot stop this Cosmic Leprechaun because of the force field around him and around those he works with. Neil had a tough time finding that particular shade of green superhero tights but he did find them because he does not give up and he knew he would find them.

    I suspect that most all people within big corporations or organizations are truly good people that just don’t know the truth about what the bigger picture is. Many people are energetically ‘on the fence’ about tipping to the Light and walking a different way. Our love and energy adds to this ‘shaking up’ of the energy field. When the energy field is jiggled around a bit, people see different options and wake up. We help this happen for others…sometimes just by passing by with our energy field. This happens when you hold the door for someone, at the grocery store, when you drive in traffic or when you envision the bigger picture of transformation ‘out there’ in our world.

    All of us came here now for a reason and as we stay the course the energy builds. We all have jobs to do in a time to come and in this time now, energetically-speaking.

    Been watching, listening, energizing since Day One when I first heard Drake and felt/heard the love and truth. Loved Neil from Day One and knew I heard truth and it was all real. Sitting there watching and listening to his words in the dark at 5:00 a.m. drinking coffee….knew it was a wild ride but felt the knowing that this was the time, we were the Ones and this is what we came here for.

    My love to all…


  50. Once you,ve signed on the dotted line, you’re the golden goose Neil.
    And they know it. Oh, you’d better take Ben fulfords
    500,000 ninjas with you just in case they attack you
    with their walking sticks. In any case the nations may
    not be so united when you get there. Don’t forget
    Your shillelagh . Show,m who’s boss. Regards. John

  51. Neil, Please be careful and prayerful about this invitation! We need you. Going into the enemy camp doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, but if God tells you too, then He’ll be with you! Holly P.S. I’ll be praying for wisdom for you.

  52. HI Neil,
    Lots of great comments, and I cannot read them all – so forgive repeating something that might have been posted.
    The key here is THEY invited YOU! That puts you , Neil, in the driver’s seat!! BRAVO!! Mercury in retro til 9/22/16..
    Hope to have the honor of meeting you one day. Lots of work to do on all our parts.
    Thank you and all of you who are on the team K and those supporting from the perimeter!

  53. It’s TIME. Go Neil and team !!

  54. NEIL, I say if you really do want to talk with them, then SKYPE it. Keep your distance, and that way if you want to ”walk out” you can just hang up on them LOL.
    ”danger, danger, will robinson” Going would be a real scary flight both ways. Couldn’t eat or drink anything and even going to the potty room would be risky.

  55. Neil, can’t comment on this because what I have to say about the un -not good-you already know. Thought about you-this mornin when I read judge Ana’s post called “Sound Off!” “I don’t know but I been told!” “When God made you-he broke the mold!” Their chemtrailing the hell out of ca west coast- no one feels very good! Does the team happen to have the name of the main person behind this?:) I asked nice, ok. Love to all here on the site. Live-oak hope things are good!!

  56. The UN morphed into a warring body politic long ago. Peace keepers my foot! Maybe you could just send the UN a message in a bottle. Tell them to search the Atlantic or the Pacific that you are not sure which one you dropped the bottle in. K Team has the leader we can all be proud of for sure @@ Thanks Neil Keenan truly from the bottom of my heart brother!!!!!

  57. You got this Neil! An old saying I used to tell my friends when I lived in the ghetto; “I got your back in a knife fight”. You have all the “cards”, time to beat them at their own card table!

  58. When the devil invites you in….
    Only the utterly stupid will respond.
    Neil ain’t gonna fall for such a blatant ruse.

  59. Neil, it sounds like a trap. Can not trust any immunity ruling either.
    They are trying to draw you out.

  60. Good news, thanks for all, Easy Living Neil… Billie Holiday greeting from MX… Please read about Corey Goode tnks!

  61. Those UN (stands for unnecessary) sick minded B**tards are a bunch of beggars. For decades they have caused harm to humanity with such evil evil deed and now they want to have a meeting with Mr. Neil??? Lol. TO HELL WITH THEM!!!

  62. Wow,Just wow. I’ve only recently just learning who Neil is. And I must say I am grateful for a man like this. I’m not a very well educated man,but i can work,not for money, I’m so sick of supporting a Government with my hard earned money ,who doesn’t really want to support me in no way. I would work for food and lodging in a heartbeat. There is so much more gratification in helping someone else without any expectations other than seeing the gratitude on there face.

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