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The Revolution Begins:
Quantum Experts State
The Healing Computer Stands
In A Class Of It’s Own

Quantum experts explain in detail their experience with the ‘Healing Computer’ technology.

Hello everyone! It has been more than one month since I have filed an update and most of you who do not know me may think that I have fallen off a cliff and cannot find my way back up.

Well it is quite the opposite and in this video you will find that I have been working diligently in stripping the globalists of anything and everything they own beginning with what you call the Collateral Accounts.

Secondly, we will close down their medical establishment and their ‘big pharma’.  We will take them apart piece by piece until they cease to exist. This is the plan and we are extremely close to enacting it…

This post will cover the healing machines, not updates on other matters (that will come shortly).  I am not going to be the one doing the talking but fantastic people just like you will  be…

They will tell you what they have experienced and how they feel about this marvelous technology. I for one am always amazed at what this machine accomplishes.

At this time I wish to turn this over to my friends who flew all the way here to work with the machines, get to know the machines and then take them home to help you all get better…

I wish you all well and pray you all get the help you need in order to live in a healthy state of being.

Now here are the girls and they are wonderful…



“We are so grateful to Neil for supporting us and for having such trust and faith in us to bring this incredible technology to Southern California and Michigan.

Since we’ve been in Europe with Neil and Najib learning about the healing computer technology and how it works as well as getting daily treatments ourselves, we have seen first hand the power of how this supports the healing mechanisms in our body.

Angela had a serious back/spinal injury that left her with chronic back pain almost all the time, especially when she gets up in the morning and after her first treatment, her back pain was gone.

The machine has also run diagnostics to show various parasites, fungus, yeasts, and molds in the body. These are considered to be one of the foundations for all dis-eases and illnesses.

Within just one treatment the effects of these parasites was greatly reduced and they are expected to be fully gone within a few more treatments.

The most amazing thing about seeing the visual effects on the computer screen, of the energy of your body, is that it inspires the desire for lasting lifestyle changes.

It makes you WANT to take care of yourself when you can see the effects of not only your physical choices, but your emotional state, on your body.

After a lifetime of ‘wholistic’ health and medical training between all of us we agree that this is the most efficient and effective way to see for yourself your bodies own ability to heal itself.

You will be an EYE WITNESS to your ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in your own healing through the diagnostic and treatment programs. 

Perhaps one of the most Interesting things we encountered was the visual effects of the power of our own mind over the healing of our bodies.

We were all able to go into a simple state of meditation for 3 minutes and dramatically enhance our bodies state of health even before we received a treatment.

The pictures proved it. This inspired even us to begin to change the way we think about reality. This is very profound. It is very exciting, and requires a massive paradigm shift in the way we approach health and reality as we have known it. It is a new era. It is the Quantum era of health. WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION!!!

Nancy, after being in an airplane 11 hours and being up for 48 hours, felt pretty good after her first treatment. Nancy’s main health challenge is epileptic seizures resulting from a brain injury when she was 22.

Being 69 now, after her 1st session with the machine, a chronic irritating click in her left knee was gone. She will give an update as to her brain injury after she has worked with the machine a bit more and getting an MRI to see if there are any changes.

She will be able to show before and after pictures and will, hopefully, be able to reduce her medication. There are programs that the computer can run to create the frequency of any physical object- like medicine- and transfer just the frequency of this medication into the body.

The body will thus experience the benefits of the medication without taking the actual physical medication, We have not experienced this first hand yet, but will be playing with it as a way to turn medication into a frequency form to reduce and possibly eliminate side effects.

Its so wonderful to consider the unlimited possibilities of this technology. Its such a relief to know that there is a simple and nurturing answer to our suffering (both physical and emotional).

Its incredible to experience this first hand.

There is nothing to lose there are only amazing things to be gained. If you feel at all drawn to this as a possible help to yourself, we are here for you. The more energy we all put into this, the more available this will be on a mass global scale.

We will keep you posted through Neil, when we are ready to launch our first clinics in the United States.”


Please send expressions of interest regarding treatments only to:

NOTE: To those who have made enquiries about clinic treatments, please know that your details are on file and you will be contacted in due course. We are under a absolute barrage of messages and cannot respond to clinic enquiries until such time as clinics are ready to open for treatments.


Video One: ‘Healing Computer’ technology update from February 15


Video Two: Two updates recorded in early February


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  1. Top man Neil (and team)……..loving your work folks

  2. Great work Neil and Team,
    The machines are amazing i can’t wait to get one. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Looking forward to your next post about all the other stuff and hopefully some news on the RV, so we all can start to live better

    • My question: where can we get one? or how can we get in touch with these lovely ladies? I also am a healer and have always known frequencies are the way to go and my practice is based on the ‘inner healer’ that we all have – all I do is enable the person to open up to their body’s ability to heal – so am also excited to hear this news as we ALL are in need of this wonderful tool! thanks so kindly to you and so glad the universe picked you three lovely people to experience this and to bring it to our world! Namaste!

    • Hi Neil, what is the price of the machine and do you need to do training to operate the computer I guess one would so can you explain the things required to be done to buy and operate one.
      Thanks Neil – Frank Hawkes

  3. Great update worth the wait! Thyroid issues effect so many people and it was big pharma that created all these health issues with their scientific EVIL minds for profit. Goes back to Nazi Germany and IG Farben. My wife is hypo and I am hyper and they say opposites attract. This technology is amazing and the quicker it gets to be available in clinics worldwide the health benefits for many people will be vast. Not much but I do own a wee bit of deenar and some Vietnamese ding dong bought a few years ago.

    Around 69% of Americans do not have $1000 in the bank due to fleecing by a usurper with a religious agenda that is fact. Just do some research on Hinduism and you will find that Hinduslam is more prevalent today and it began in 800 AD. In 1971 2.4 Hindus were killed and 200k were raped. So you can predict what Christianity will be dealing with in America’s future. Support for Trump is critical and the 9th circuit court should all be held accountable for being oblivious to the LAW. Learn from history or fall like the Hindus. Know that sanctuary cities are the roots of radical Islam in the US. I look at Germany and France and can predict what reverberates to America. Who unleashed these uncivilized people onto the world stage? I seriously apologize for this history lesson but we all must face this evil and push back by supporting the upholding of laws we already have on the books on immigration.

    And finally I WANT THAT MACHINE!

    We pray that is what we do for you!

    • Hey Neocon,
      Blame George Soros and the illumunati. If you did not destroy Iraq, Libya and Syria and Yemen these flood of immgrants to the west will never happen. It is Problem, reaction, solution.

      • Exactly Johannes. The ol problem-solution script those jackals have been using for years. Glad Americans had enough energy to tilt the scale ……. maybe enough to help the truth escape. Have had heads buried in sand long time. Turning that big ship around ain’t easy. And what’s that stuff they’re spraying on everyone in the sky? Rhetorical question.

      • That is a beautiful reply, unfortunately some will never get it.

    • How do I contact the lady from Ann Arbor? I’m from Cleveland Ohio with interest in healing. Thanks!! Very exciting.

  4. Thank you Mr. Neil for making this significant contribution to humanity. I see the handwriting in the wall for the pernicious and cesspool of evil pharma and their medical mafia.
    Mr. Neil, you are warrior. All your life you have fought for what is right. You are an inspiration for all of us.
    May the Almighty Lord bless you and grant you long life for the service you are rendering to humanity.

  5. Thank you for this update, Neil, and we all look forward to the next! Just an added comment, there are many, many people who support Mr. Trump but the questioners and critizers comment more. I say to them be patient and have faith. Thanks, Neil, God bless.

  6. … you look DIFFERENT … younger … sound DIFFERENT … strength in your voice …. the machine is GREAT [then] ….. patiently waiting .. but, THANK YOU NeilKeenan and Group K for all you have done for humanity ….

  7. How can I get in touch with the woman from Ann Arbor, Michigan ? Thank you and Love to all ! Namaste, Susan

  8. Neil,
    Great things you are doing! Please know that the work you and your team are doing are so appreciated. After many operations and in pain management, I wait for the day when this wonderful technology might be available. If there is anything that I can ever do to help your cause please let me know and I am only to glad to do what I can. May God Bless you.

  9. This video brought tears to my eyes, tears of hope for the healing of our humanity and planet. Curious if these machines work on animals, as they could heal our pets as well as other animals who are suffering. So excited this new technology is here! Thank you Neil, Richard, those who invented these machines, these wonderful three ladies, and all of Group K.

    Namaste 🙏✨

    With love,
    Goldenlight 💗

  10. I am interested in the machine, how to get one? I would like to help people in Hong Kong

  11. Congratulations Neil, you look better than before, congrats. Now legally I’ve been researching into my (our) slavery which is simpler yet requires due diligence to get Free. Our slavery is in our status. This can be found in our local Post Office Passport application (Affidavit) DS-11 application. So our Affidavit for both black people and white people is in this link. All I had to do was copy the Affidavit, and change around subject 1, and send it in to the Secretary of State. Of course, nothing has changed , but I had to get the Affidavit notarized. So I made it personal in applying for a U.S. Passport. This link is 4 years old and it is for Edward Snowden:
    God Bless Neil

  12. I can’t wait to experience the benefits of this healing machine. I live in Windsor Ont. Canada , close to Ann Arbor Mich. I would love an opportunity to be involved in the healing of humanity … But like most I have very limited finances. Waiting on RV to exchange small amount of Dong.
    Please con tact me with info /opportunity involvement.
    Thanks , Glen Sims
    Ph. 519 300-1425

  13. Please send expressions of interest regarding treatments only to:

  14. Thank ‘n You from NW Pa., for spreading the Love. God Bless you ALL, Way to go Neil, Peace/Love/Joy

  15. Neil, you are amazing! I’ve been on this journey with you for many years, and I am always astonished at your spirit…….you are unstoppable, not for the lack of trying on the part of the bad guys.

    I work in the field of natural healing/electromedicine and I’d love to have one of your machines. As soon as funds materialize, I’ll be on a plane to wherever you say to buy a machine and learn how to use it.

    God Bless You. You are in my prayers and I’m sure in the prayers of many others. Thanks for validating our beloved President. God sent him to help us and you, as you work to help humanity.

    Thanks again for all you do! Jo Ana

  16. Dear Irish Ninja 😉….(I mean Neil),

    Wow, these ladies are super awesome and inspiring. I really mean it.
    They are intelligence and compassion on wheels.
    Pinch me I must be dreaming!!!!! Can this really be happening???
    It’s wonderful!!!!

    Neil you’re looking like Sting’s younger brother. I want some of whatever you’re drinking.

    Thanks to Richard, the camera fellow, and everyone else who is bringing forward this miracle device.

    • Hi Di…Yes the machine is a monster and works on nearly everything from what anyone can tell…The video that will be released tomorrow most likely will have more of the machines in it and maybe not, but you will get the gist of what is happening out there with the machine….Stay safe and talk to you soon

  17. Hello Neil It was great to hear from you and the ladies on the healing machine.
    I would love to be able to help mankind by having a healing machine and using it on all the people in AZ. But do not have the money maybe after the reset or humanitarian projects are out. I look forward to each and every update. Pray you and the Team are safe. I love the fact we have a President that loves us and the world. And is clearing the path with you to free humanity. Is President Trump working on the chem trails to end and to rid us of GMO’s in our food and flouride out of our water? Thank you for all you do for us. May God and the angels watch over you and all who helps you. Love & light Laurie K

    • Laurie, The computer is coming to AZ! Please ask via the email for our contact info and you and your friends can join us! Richard is the coordinator and can give you our emails. Time is of the essence so do not hesitate.

      Northern Idaho; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Southern California are also involved in our group. If anyone in those states have interest please contact Richard and ask for our contact info. If you can travel to those states you are also welcome to participate.

    • Laurie K to her. I live in Phoenix Az and want one to or someone who operates on of these machines or purchase one for myself. I need to know where and when it will be in AZ. God bless all of you. Gayle B

  18. I so much would love to experience and be involved with this healing technology. I know humanity is deserving of this in the new paradigm. I live in Windsor,Ont. Canada, just minutes from Ann Arbor , Mich. Hoping that the RV will allow for my financial ability to be involved . Please contact me.
    Glen Sims

  19. Neil……exciting to hear of wonderful progress with the healing machines. How can I be in line to receive one? Where is the next training session?

    I live in Cleveland, OH. I already asked for the contact info for Angela.

  20. I can hardly wait ! 🙂

  21. I live on an self-sustained island in Fiji. You are invited to come.

  22. I have to say Neil, you look so much like my father (alas he passed on 25 yrs ago),

  23. Thanks, Mr. Keenan, for everything you do for humanity. I just hope The Machine would be available here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Please update us on the training classes and schedules when availablde as I am interested in using it as a component of my service to others project, specifically, service to the elderly, the forgotten segment of society. Namaste and blessings to you and your team.

  24. christine morrissey

    February 16, 2017 at 6:51 pm


    What an amazing human you are! This is some of the best news I’ve heard ever. God put you here on this planet to share your gifts and you have.

    Blessing for a better world!

  25. Wonderful Neil!!!thank you!!!,You give us hope!

  26. Well, this is coming around just in time. The radiation contamination of our planet from Fukushima is unstoppable. We’re at China Syndrome now and the Pacific Ocean is dead. We are next unless this healing computer can reverse the deadly effects of Fukushima. God help us all.

  27. Thank you so much Neil and the Team. And the 3 ladies are really awesome. Great work.

  28. I would like to know the address of the center in Ann Arbor that will have the machine.

  29. Neil, if the machine can find and root out parasites and other toxins, does it generate a Herzheimer Effect (the toxins and other crap is dumped into the body overloading th system with sideeffects that resemble flu symptoms, thus you feel worse although the body is getting better). Or does the machine sidetrack the Herzheimer Effect?

    How much will it cost? When will it be available? Is there a website yet?

    What effect does it have on cancer?

  30. Thank you Neil and Team.
    Judging from the rain and chipping paint on the windows, I’d guess you WERE in Eire or Wales maybe. Getting help from the clan? God bless you and them if that’s the case. I’m not asking for anything.

  31. If the ladies need any assistance I’ll do what I can to help.

  32. I have Parkinson’s, will this help? I hope so. Joey

  33. I am so glad to hear new testimonial !

  34. Neil, sorry about calling you a lawyer in my last post. I believe I got that impression from David Wilcock’s website a long time ago. I was right though, the longer we don’t hear from you the more you are getting done. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. And a really sharp looking beard you got there!
    Take care. Peace, love, and understanding to all.

  35. Please find a way to make Mr President and Mrs Trump aware of this, it is very important! This is the future of healing! I know they are on our side!
    Glad to know Keenan Team and Team are fine. A few months ago I used to really worry, when no news for weeks, but now, I understand better, and I know it is because they do some valuable work.
    I have been so glad since D Trump has been elected. A tough cookie, he is. Reminds me of Neil, hahahaha!!! They try all sorts of tricks to bring his team down (not him because he is so popular, he gives jobs to the Americans and -mind you- the lefto-dems are not happy about Americans getting jobs and an income! Oh the loving leftards!). But they attack him proxy. Trouble is: he was expecting that. He is ready.
    Love to you all and blessings to the A-Team!

  36. Thank you for the update. We are very excited to see this technology take it’s rightful place in the lives of the suffering and finally ridding us of bigPharma and the corrupt AMA. Neil, you took the first steps so we could realize the great leap for mankind. Many thanks to all those involved for their time and effort.
    Neil, I’m so pleased to see your health improved and we love you and your style.

  37. It is great to hear a positive report from the Keenan Group. So many others tell stories with different motivation. Deception has risen to an art that at times makes suspicion feel safer than trust. Here integrity is tangible. It is an honor to listen to real humans sharing real news. The choice of what to believe or think about is the essence of free will. It is a choice like happiness and love. I forget sometimes we are blessed with freedom and the will to choose.
    Peace of mind is a priceless treasure that is the reward for integrity and cooperation. You and the team have earned it. Thank you.

  38. Thank you Neil for demonstrating the value of integrity and cooperation. Peace of mind is the priceless reward that you are all well entitled to. The free will choice of what to think and believe is easy to forget. To accept the programming (it’s the name of what is on TV) is easier. Free will comes with a price. You use it and become responsible for your choices and actions. To forego that choice is to be a slave, and many are. It comes with thinking more about what to get than what you give. And we all have so much to give. But we forget. Thank you again for helping us remember. Don’t be shy about it. We need to hear.

  39. Thanking U & Ur team once again 4 all U have done & are doing 2 help humanity! Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T at Fort Hood, Texas!

  40. Hello Neil:

    How can I get connected with Nancy. I live in Southern California. I immediately need her services.

    Thank you

  41. Hi Neil and Team
    Thank you for all that your doing
    When do you think you will be putting your next video up with information on everything else that’s going on?

  42. Neil, does Karen Hudes work for the cabal?

    • Keenan Team | Two

      February 27, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      Neil has written several articles concerning Karen. You can find “Index of Associated Topics” on the main page of the website–right hand side.

  43. Hi Neil and Team
    Just wondering if you have a update on other events yet?

  44. Reminder, I love the K Team! I do not post often but I think of you and send blessings to you always (Prayer is not my style, but I do send vibes!).
    Bless you all, as well of the people of good intent on earth. This is, in my view, the great divide, people with good intent, and people with evil intent contrary to humanity road to freedom. I damn know very well I am on the right side of the track! Yeah!
    Love to you all!

  45. Dinah Bradford

    March 3, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I am in utah. The day after you posted about the healing machines I met a woman who knew someone who bought a healing machine out of Germany from lumacueticals. Is this the same machine?

  46. Jackie Cooke It is time we got some new health products out here. Thank you Neil and team for all the hard work for all you do for the human race people have no clue what you have been through. Do you know when the computer will be coming to Canada,I am living in British Columbia at present but the whole world is in need of the computer as well as other things you have been working on. Thank you be well. Love and Lite to all.

  47. I’m interested in purchasing a healing machine. Please contact me at the below email address thank you. Paul Ramsay

  48. I would like to know if the healing computer is on the West coast of USA yet?

    I am interested in treatment for myself for a neck injury, but also am an alternative physician and am interested in learning of the computer for the many folks who need it. My special interest is in rehabilitating the brain in a natural effective way, and hope to learn of those who have experienced brain healing.

  49. Just inquiring about the frequency healing, and if it is here in the US of A yet

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