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The Inside Word –
A Consensus Has Emerged
From The Family

The person known as the “Asian Insider” has  just sent us many insights (as perceived  by the Family) in terms of ‘the end of the line’, relating to Neil Keenan and Group K following through :

“Kudos to you. Way to go Neil Keenan and Group K!

I know exactly what you are up to, with an awareness shared by no other and you really have the game plan locked down don’t you? All remain sitting and waiting in terms of what you will do next (especially in the Eastern hemisphere) and you do keep everyone wondering. 

Well, I believe I can shed light on what you are up to and if my well-informed conclusions are indeed proven to be accurate then I cannot wait to see the results, given that the East is in dire need of your assistance at this time.

Our Family has heard much said in terms of the others who have purported to be  working with us during the last two years – but believe me brother, not a word is true. While you were sick we absolutely prayed for you, you are special. 

We heard many promises bandied about but even whilst sick, you prevented the West (even when working from your bed) from stealing gold and other cached assets from all throughout Asia. 

I am clear about the reason that you continue this fight; and it is because it is your destiny. The Family has queried “The Spirits” many times as to why you continue to push onward despite the sickness and pain you (and even your team) have been through, and the answer is always “destiny”. It is an entrenched, fundamental need for you to complete that which you have instigated. 

Indeed, the destinies of your team members are entwined with this effort in the same way. Given the magnitude of this mission, how could they have become involved if this was not the case? They are all tied into one and the same thing and it seems that time is closing in fast on you; and so I wonder when you will close in on them? 

Neil Keenan, we are all of us – this entire planet; waiting on you. You decide what happens here with regard to the Collateral Accounts which means this matter affects everything. And yet silence.

Of course you are doing a fantastic job in keeping the Cabal on their toes by publicly making available the “healing computer” and the other advanced technologies that will follow soon.

It is well known (amongst what is still a relatively small number of people) that the “Cabal” have suppressed multitudes of advanced, would-be beneficial technologies for well over a century now. Both yourself, your team, and various associates have achieved more than almost any others in terms of bringing such advancements finally into the public awareness.

And on this count; once out of the bottle, the genie cannot be put back in.

The dark ones now hold sincere (and well justified) worries in terms of their medical/pharmaceutical ‘deathtrap industries’. 

As you planned eight years ago with the now soon-to-be-publicly-available free energy system, you have played an important role in beginning the release of formerly suppressed technologies.

Your efforts are dismantling them brother, piece by piece and whilst we enjoy watching this play out; we preferred it much more when you were here in Asia. 

The world needs your help (some do not even realize how much the efforts of yourself and your Group K have already contributed to their ongoing existence and wellbeing) but only you know exactly how things are going to happen and you are correctly positioning yourself by remaining silent during these crucial final movements of this epic battle. 

“The Swamp”, as President Trumps call it, is the concept of a predicament that also must be addressed here in the East, and it is here where Group K will earn its rewards. 

Your last unfortunate incident was nothing to make fun of, however you have relentlessly shown “them” that nothing keeps you down.

You have many friends over here praying for you, and also even in locations such as Fiji and elsewhere – places you would have no idea that you had supporters. We all know you are on the way, and “The Spirits” have made it clear you will be here soon.

Please hurry. Do not forget us in fighting your Western wars. We are sure you love the action over there, but remember there are more than enough battles to be had in other places.

We will see you shortly,

The ‘Asian Insider.'”



  1. Congratulations Neil and team K. Hope you’ll be in good shape soon again. The Lord is with all. We keep fighting the cabal till the bitter end. Th freeing of the people and whole world must succeed. Thanks for all your input.

  2. Please excuse my ignorance, but I have to ask… what does this mean to the US? I know the whole world i s a mess but we have to fix ourselves before we can help anyone else. Are the arch-nemeses of the US, Clinton, Soros, et al., involved at all, or is this strictly to do with the East?

  3. Thanks for your relentless pursuit in this massive endeavour. I have interest in both healing machines and free energy. How will I be able to utilize and share these technologies with others?

  4. Touche touche my dear friend and brother.
    You must keep up the good work. Thank you for your help in this matter and I will be there to shake the ✋ hand of The Man. We are RWA awesome events are queued awaiting for you to do it.

  5. This heartfelt and wise testimony reveals the core efforts of a very courageous man and his loyal team…Neil Keenan and Group K. Most of us who pray for their (and “our”) success are well aware that often “no news is good news”; although a cliche, it refers to the requisite wisdom, savy, and discernment of often working “underground” behind the scene, so to speak.

    Time in this regard is that of the patient Eastern kind…which does not relate to the harried, often neurotic time-frames of the West. It is likened to the patience of a Master…as in chess…who knows how to wait in plotting his next subtle move. Neil Keenan is not only a Master in wisdom and fortitude regarding the treacherous games of the fast-fading Cabal, he is also the Master of the spirit…His heart is one that embraces whatever he can do with his beloved team to make this weary world a far better place for those who long for a vital future for their families, friends, and local communities.

    We are, indeed, most grateful for the tremendous measure of this dear man!
    Thanks always and forever, Neil and Group K,

    • Beautifully spoken JMS Thank you and a special thank you to Neil and K Team
      God be with you and protect you always. We are nearly there
      Peace and Love

  6. Thank You, For Neil & Group K, You perform a Selfless Act that We are backing W/Our Prayers. Happy Eclipse, and A Fine Eclipse it Will Be. Love & Harmony to All.

  7. Dear Neil,

    Keep up the pressure! Hurry and deliver as many of these healing technologies as fast as you can. My wife of 26 years, Bea, ran out of time – she passed away after fighting cancer for three years, on 8-5-2017. Foolishly, Bea (who was getting better) agreed to a flu vaccination last October. She coughed for 6 weeks afterwards, and her health only worsened. I believe that their was something evil in that flu shot; and I hate the cabal, even more, because of it.

    If the elders bless me – I would overpay for every healing machine I can and devote my life to healing sick people, so that their families would not have to bear this enormous pain that I and our five children carry.

    God bless you, Neil, a lot of people are going to be thankful to you, because of these new technologies!

    Thomas Beaver

  8. Thank you Neil for your help, I will be there to help share the new technology

  9. Some say “destiny”, I say “a calling” and you know the Spirit of Righteousness calls you to do the right thing

  10. Great job Neil and company, Together we will win the fight for the liberations of Mother Earth and Gaia. Much gratitude and love to you all and your loved ones. We are so blessed to be a part of the brave world.

  11. Dear Neil , get better 100 percent – your energy is needed to finish
    this matter . Please be careful with the FUNDS in Indonesia , I am sure
    you know all the ” Bad Actors ” using Religion to ” Rob the Purse ”
    If a Team is set up to distribute in Indonesia , I would like to join –
    as long as I can get paid a decent salary . I am a pensioner on low
    fixed income . Terima kasih .
    My ideal figures are President Joko Widodo , Bu Sri Indrawati Mulyani,
    Pak AHOK ( Basuki Tjahaja Purnama ) now in jail for a ” trumped up ”
    religious charge . Stay away from those Wahabi Radicals & Hardliners.
    ARMED FORCES General Gatot Nurmantyo & POLICE General
    Tito Karnavian are good people …..
    Thank you very much .

  12. Charles V Biddy

    August 21, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Good news! Thank you. When will the healing machines be available? In Colorado? How much does it cost to buy one and get the training.

  13. Dear Neil,
    Reading and understanding all you and Group K continue to fight the cabal and the evil dealings on this earth, humbles me greatly. I pray for protection and victory for you and your team(s). I know we will triumph…We are Blessed with the Best of the Best Warriors!
    Healing energy and protection to you all.
    Much Gratitude and Love for all you continue to do (and have done) to bring Freedom and Prosperity to the world!

  14. I have to wonder…. because the healing machine has the ability to heal and the cabal is well aware of the principles behind the tech, it would not surprise me that they have a similar type of machine that can cause people to become unwell. Keeping in mind that they have had trillions at their disposal to develop such weapons. I prey that this is not the case with Neil and wish him a speedy recovery.

  15. Thank you Neil, the Asian Insider and Group K. You have touched upon my heart and we have connected.

  16. Nancy whitehead

    August 21, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    Thanks for the new post. I know you are never going to stop Neil. You will secure the Collateral Accounts for all Humanity. How the snakes and reptiles hate you and your remarkable team K. I love standing by watching each new thing you and your team K do for Humanity. I am sure you will soon return to Asia where you are needed to get the rest of the job done for all Humanity.. We await your return Warrior of the Light on Earth…and your Blessed Team K…

  17. Thank you for the update and the continuing works you are doing for humanities. May Jesus crown you someday for your labor

  18. Awesome man doing an awesome job. My faith remains with you.

  19. Thank you Neal for the report, glad to know you are still in the battle of this project. You are well trained & obviously intelligent way you are going about this, please do not get discouraged, you have a multitude of people who are emotionally by your side and helping through Prayer that you can complete the project. Here in America, I think if Trump had not been put into office, we would be in an “Unrecoverable” State, however under the circumstances he is doing an excellent job, and I can assure you on the next Election he will Win with a Landslide. Thanks again, keep it up, you doing along with your Group a Super Fantastic job, and we love & respect you for it, hoping also your Health remains strong, God Bless===BillyBobG

  20. I miss Neil’s blow by blow descriptions of his battles with the Cabal, is anything happening with the various factions? Specifically, has anyone been indicted or any judgments issued by any courts? I’ll go check the Timeline for any updates.

  21. Thank you Keenan Team

  22. I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Neil so you can destroy the satanists who rule the world.

  23. Top Notch should be done in time and soon, bless you keeeeenaaaan

  24. God bless you Neil and Team K. We are going through some incredibly exciting times. Thank goodness Trump is in the White House; I sleep a little better at night now.
    I have never forgotten you; I’ve just felt like being quiet until now. Please know that each of you are always in my prayers. God Bless.
    live oak

  25. fate once again, led me here, i believe you, along with the”fwh” in previous years, are guiding me ‘beneath the rose” in an almost waking dream, i feel i am the guardian of my children who will continue this contribution to our new world, change is on the horizon, it will be attainable. I have been trained for thirty years for this time, i operate from the 30th parallel and await the signs to enlighten the ones around me who understand,,,,thank you from the bottom of my heart…i see the death throws of the cabal…there are higher entities guiding the chosen towards you…they will protect you

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