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The Boys Respond To The Cuckoo’s Nest And More

The Boys Respond To The Cuckoo’s Nest And More

By The Keenan Team

Our site has been quiet of late, but Neil knows that everyone looks forward to some word about what’s going on.  So amidst this ongoing “lockdown,”  he takes a much-needed, short break from all of the intense work for a bit of amusement as well as to provide a bit of information.

The latest shenanigans by Denise and Jean are “pure bull” as Neil puts it.  He’s not going to let them get away with much, and in fact, he is going to devote an entire Facebook page to them and what they call “pornography.”

Come on girls, this is 2014 not 1924.  Granny pants are out, bikinis are in, and hey, it seems no public personality is without groupies.  Because Denise and Jean are very obviously not happy or young, they feebly attempt to try to condemn those who are.

The good news is that the Global Accounts are soon to be opened.  But war is at hand and the transition to the world we want to see will not be a smooth one.  The members of the cabal walk freely among us every day and they need to be called out on the crimes that they are perpetrating.  Neil declares:  “Grab them all by their necks and drag them in the street.  This will wake their asses up!”

The reality is that we are all being killed off by the hands of the cabal every single day.  We see the chemtrails in our skies every day.  We know the deadly effects of their man-made viruses and lethal vaccines.  We know that the GMO foods are poison to our bodies.  They are trying to eliminate us without them having to dirty their own filthy hands.  This is the fight we must bring to them!

To do this we have to wake up and acknowledge what is going on.  We have to open our eyes and those of our children, our family, our friends and those that would be our friends.  All of our lives are at stake here.

While the Cabal sleeps, we worry about what they are doing to us.  Let’s turn the tables on them and not allow them to sleep.  Let’s make them worry, and let’s get rid of those jokers in the White House.

Rattle some cages in any way you can —  every day counts!  It is time to take back what is ours.  Our destiny is in our hands.

Neil sends his sincere thanks each member of the Keenan Team for their tireless efforts and also to all of our patient supporters.  We hope to be back soon enough with news on the fruits of all of Neil’s work.

The Keenan Team


Video Part One


Video Part Two


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  1. Brother Neil, you are a real Warrior and thank you and your team. Jean and Denise do not deserve any more of your energy, focus on the real fight brother and don’t give them anymore of your valuable time or energy, they don’t deserve it. Keep up the great work and we all need to wake everyone and move forward.

  2. Guys, pinch me, is this really happening? Don’t mess with us man.

  3. Well, Let me be the first to leave a comment ~ I rarely get that opportunity. I can’t believe someone hasn’t beat me to it already. Thanks for the Great update! You know how much we love hearing the latest from you Neil and the Keenan Team! It is exciting to hear that you are making such good progress with the collateral accounts and all things related. Hey, what do you think about Eric Holder resigning??? I found that odd and surprising… By the way, I don’t have a Facebook account, but I’m considering opening one just so that I can follow the Hot & Spicy “PORN” page you are putting up for the “Old Girl’s Club”. Ha ~ Gotta laugh! Wishing you all the Best with the many irons you have in the fire right now.
    Thanks to Everyone,

    • Gail from what I understand Holder was told to resign so they can put someone in place who makes Holder look like mama’s boy. A real bastard. Can’t wait to see what this next clown has to offer. He also will not last but he will do what he is told by his masters.

      • That just makes my day. Thanks, Neil.
        I was actually hoping it was part of the clean up…should know better by now.

      • And of all people Rev. Sharpton has a say on who will be the next Attorney General. This is getting so ridiculous that every American who does not know what is going on – they are sleep walking. Blatant in your face stupidity. How can they not know.

        • It is insane Raven. In the end it is up to us to take care of things for ourselves. If you wish you can always stand by my side or behind me. Behind me is safer and I want you to hang around for a long while. Just don’t let them go bb…Get em!!!

      • Here is what I found in today’s (27th Sept) Times of India: “Preet Bharara in race for US attorney general?
        Michael D Shear
        President Obama’s announcement on Thursday that attorney general Eric Holder would leave the administration sets up an election-season scramble for a replacement to carry on Holder’s civil rights crusade, wage rhetorical combat with Congress and manage the legal complexities of a presidency increasingly drawn into war with terrorists.
        Holder, 63, became the nation’s first African-American attorney general and the president’s chief liberal warrior, especially on efforts to protect voter rights and end racial discrimination in the justice system.
        Holder also emerged as the primary political antagonist for a Republican opposition in Congress that viewed him as dismissive of existing laws and contemptuous of its oversight of his department.
        It is a political nightmare for Obama as he searches for a replacement. Democrats are bracing for attacks on any nominee involved in what Republicans consider scandals: political targeting by the Internal Revenue Service, the terrorist attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi or the numerous executive actions by Obama circumventing Congress.
        Frequently mentioned candidates to replace Holder include Preet Bharara, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York; Kathryn Ruemmler, the former White House counsel; Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts; solicitor general Donald Verrilli; ex-governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan; Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, a former prosecutor; and Loretta Lynch, the US attorney in Brooklyn.
        Bharara has successfully handled dozens of insider trading cases and several high profile national security cases. ”

        You are absolutely right: Real bastard our Preet Bharara is!!

  4. I think most of us are worried about Neil’s safety when there is a long gap between posts, rather than impatient for news as such. Is there anything I can do here in Denmark?

  5. Great update Neil thank you, and all of your team!!! Please take care! Nice to hear you laughing. I am like Martin when the gap is long between two posts it makes me worry

    Regards from France, where they are spraying like hell, there are days the sun doesn’t even come through at all….. It really makes me sick to know all of my childrens and grandchildren are breathing this ch….!

    I wish you all the best


    • Lu-there is a global march against chemtrails tomarrow.

    • Lu I have personally seen the Paris Chemtrails and they are horrible. The French need to stand up and believe me they are following things and take the planes down. Soon enough the names of the pilots should be released and when they are I would believe then their homes will be no less than that of the Bastille and its storming.

      • Hi Mr. Kennan.

        There are several Well known civilian airplanes companies that spreading chemtrails all along Europe so military planes.
        They are also going lot of them to morocco and canary islands.
        The civilians companies almost low cost flights ones.

        Good to see you are well…and protected.

      • So things are moving this is great news thank you Neil, we will need big brooms and storm to clean up mother earth from all this black things!!!!

        And lett the sun shine in for us and all of the future generations, I just hope it will not be to bad , but like they say in France ” you cant make a omelet without breaking the eggs 🙂

        All the best to you and your team


      • Since pre-9/11, I’ve been made aware of the other concern that France faces-seemingly from another front, yet some of us know that’s not the case… I’m speaking of the Jihadists brothers of our current White House squatter, and how easily they may procure atomic weapons from the all too welcoming French Government. In those nearly two decades, I must agree with you Neil, that the obvious chemtrails/chembombs are what the French people should try to address a.m.a.p., and also let your good military know that this potentially dangerous situation will need their attention if it already hasn’t been looked into. If this young (then, anyway) Plan Patriot knew about it so long ago, I’d certainly hope the new wave is well aware and prepared for this potential false flag. Much Love and Peace to you all. P.S.- I hope everyone is set to vote “No Confidence” across the board on Tuesday, and then we can vote in whoever we choose as Speaker of the House (Does NOT need to be a “Representative”!!! Joe the Plumber is eligible!!!

  6. Good luck and god be with you. Prayers coming your way. We have your back.

    We will keep waking people up to the reality each and every day.

    Thank you and god bless you Neil from the bottom of my heart to yours!!!

  7. Hello Neil! Thank you for all of your hard work. Can you please pass along your opinion of the Ebola Virus situation? I’m interested to know what you have to say on this. I’m not surprised that the cabal is going to fight. I think there’s going to be some rough times ahead. These guys won’t go down easily.

    Also, I received a long-winded email from the editor of The Event Chronicle trashing you and myself after I wrote her concerning the lack of journalistic integrity she has displayed during this fracas with Jean. She stated she was a “light worker” and said that because I subscribed to your blog, I was courting darkness. I’m new to you and have no idea who Jean is but I wrote her back informing her that it’s been my experience that many people who call themselves “light workers” are some of the most evil souls on the planet and to be careful who she attacks. I urged her to be a journalist and report the facts. What the hell is wrong with these people? It all seems so petty.

    Post that Facebook page sir. Young women in bikinis are the norm in SoCal. I guess Denise and Jean would have heart attacks in Venice, CA.

    All the best to you and your crew.

    • Count on the page my friend. We can take the high road in this entire matter and let others sink and wallow in their own mud. Bikini Page it is my friend. Pay attention to it.


  8. Neil, nobody important to this transition cares at all about Jean or Denise, can we please be done with making a personal drama into a public one? Lives are at stake, much work needs to be done to secure our futures once the battle goes public. We would like to focus our energy solely on that, with you. Keep it on the high road with dignity and class, brother. That is what we’ve always thought of you. Don’t give it away to these two irrelevant characters. Cheers

    • DJ, I agree the “high road” is far preferable! Further negative drama does distract from the crucial tasks at hand. I know Neil has an outrageous sense of humor which takes the edge off from the incredible stress he & his team face on a daily basis, but it’s time to “live & let live” & move on…Blessings to all…

    • Let me have some fun DJ will ya. The high road I always take but sometimes I need some fun as well.

  9. Thanks for the update Team! And thanks Neil for mentioning the Gates foundation and Monsatan as they are financiers of the NWO in a huge way. Yes vaccinations are a depopulation tool for Gates and so is the GMO food. Unvaccinated children seem to fight off the infections as the vaccinated children do not. Pure evil is loose and humanity must get a grip and realize these facts as pointed out by the TEAM!

    • PJ, I’m an RN and I can positively tell you that all the vaccines have thimerisol in them which is a derivative of mercury…yes that’s right; I said mercury, which not only poisons your body, but destroys your kidneys. Proper nutrition ie: balanced meals, fresh produce and fresh fruit are the best. If you eat these things on a regular basis, there is no need for vitamins. I never take a multivitamin. I don’t trust doctors in general and I’ve never trusted the drug companies either. They’re all a scam and not interested in cures. It’s all about money and giving people false hope…ie: cancer patients for example. I’ve seen everything being in the medical field for 28 years except for abortion clinics, burn units, and war. All life is sacred. You are so right; pure evil is loose in America everywhere. I think of the series of fly photos of Barry, especially the photo of the fly right near his mouth and his face and eyes looks like he’s been smoking crack. That photo makes my skin crawl; it defines him. I know evil when I see it. All of this has to stop and I’ll never cease fighting.

      I’d like to see Gates handed over to Neil. That would be justice.

      • live oak, As a “sister” RN, I agree with you re the scams of Big Pharma & so-called “modern medicine”. So much of preserving one’s health is common sense & moderation as well as a great sense of humor. As the adage goes, “laughter is the best medicine”. Neil takes the prize with his wit & street smarts…The cabal is beginning to look more like The Three Stooges cloned too many times…:)

        • I agree with you Jeanne on every comment you’ve ever posted; Neil wins the prize for humour and street smarts. I don’t know how he does it, and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s gritty and strong and masculine like my husband and I tend to be a worrier, but not so much anymore. I always knew it would get worse before it gets better.
          You ARE my “sister RN” and I’m so glad you’re here to talk to; I feel close to you. We have a lot in common.
          live oak xxx

          • live oak, I feel the same! It’s wonderful we can share our wisdom & also some humor with our “Team Keenan Community”…I feel blessed to connect with you here & to support a great cause of taking back our “God-given” Freedoms!!!
            Neil is a natural leader called to a tremendous battle. Our prayers & love are with him throughout this incredibly challenging time…I agree it will look rather dark at times, but there are strong angelic forces behind him, thank God…This is where our faith must stay strong & our cause united…

            Love to You, too, Live Oak…

        • Re: the Three Stooges….we were not allowed to watch them on tv but we did anyway. I love Curly the best, especially in that Little Lord Fauntleroy episode. He kills me. My brother is very good at imitating him.

      • I forgot to explain that the thimerisol mercury derivtative is used a a preservative in the vaccines. Back in the early 90s I had a severe reaction and my arm was a mess…from a subcutaneous tb test I was required to have for employment in an internal medicine practice.

    • steve t cambridge

      September 27, 2014 at 9:13 pm

      Keep an eye on the Gates’. They are under some serious scrutiny with courts in India right now. They may be in some trouble here.

      Let’s hope so. Then they can come home and face the music here…
      Not gonna be pretty!

      Stay safe “K” Team!

  10. Hi Folks, Howdy Neil!

    First, I wanted to say, “WELL DONE! WAY TO GO!” You likely won’t remember me. Back when Aaron had just begin on SoldierHugs, I told him and Neil I’d do whatever I could to help, tho it wouldn’t be much. After that things went a bit squirrely. It’s the nature of the times. About the “Old Girls”, don’t be too hard ’em. *grin* Just enough to remind ’em of the priorities. They’ve worked hard, and they grew up, like a lot of us, in times when naked femininity was considered by Bible thumpers to another perversion, as bad as child molesting, and a LOT of us had it shoved down our throats. When the stress gets bad it’s hard not to let it drag you back a few decades for some folks and it gets hard for them to remember or know the difference between real evils and manufactured ones. Drake snapped at least once; others have… The girls will get their humor and priorities back! Neil, your humor is just the paddle on the rump that may do it for ’em!

    Don’t know if I’ll be coming out the other side this time. I had back operation #7 a year ago and haven’t been able to recover, and as usual the friggin’ world just won’t stop for a moment and let me catch my breath. That’s okay, though. I’ll do what I must and can, and what happens, happens. I’ll be watching from somewhere or other at the very least! Be well, and KNOW and you’re appreciated ! You’ve earned yourplace in history. (And don’t work TOO hard chasing those pretty girls! Remember your hunting and let them come to you!)

    Nvwhtohiyada! (Cherokee for “Peace to You!”) It’ll get there!


    • OK I have gone quiet but no one is running after me…hahahhahah….Only Cabal…. Now that makes sense. Just try and get better and most of all stay here where we need you no matter what.

  11. Thank you so much for this update Neil and Team K! I was so excited to see it there this morning, but like Martin and Lu, I worry about all of you when there is a long gap between posts. We all love you so much.
    I’m looking forward to the names and phone numbers of the chem trail pilots; I can call anywhere in the US and Canada free and I will do everything I can to push them hard. I’m looking forward to this whole thing coming to a close. We all are. I’ve been busy calling Boehner , Trey Gowdy and Paul Gosar. I want Holder arrested immediately and I’m afraid it will be harder to apprehend him once he’s a private citizen, however from what I know about Gowdy, he won’t stop and he won’t let go either. That man has never lost a case as a prosecuting attorney in SC. He has quite a reputation. I like him and Louie Gohmert.
    By the way I wear a bikini, a white ruffle bikini. It’s the closest to being naked in the ocean that I can get without being arrested and where I live you can swim in the Atlantic until mid November. What’s the matter with Jean and Denise????? Misery loves company; it’s true. Don’t give them anymore of your time.
    live oak xxx

    • Now I feel a little embarrassed. Only my husband (and strangers at the beach) has seen me in the bikini. I don’t wear it to show off and if we ever had a family gathering at the beach I’d wear a one piece.

      • My wife wears a one piece seeing she loves to swim and was a competitive swimmer for nearly her entire life up to 30 years of age and she has a knockout body. One piece means no less than two pieces. It is all about who you are and how you feel.

        • Neil, You may want to check out “Female Farmers Make Nude Calendar To Raise Money For New Land” in the Huffington Post today…:) They have a thriving business in Tallassee selling greens to locals in Tallassee, FL, but the land they were renting was sold to urban development. Talk about enterprising! 🙂

    • Just a little joke…

      A 16-year-old girl bought herself a very tiny bikini. Very proud, she came home and put it on. She then showed her mother how she looked in it.

      “What do you think mom?” she asked.

      Her mother replied, “If I wore that when I was your age, you would be 5 years older.”

      Btw, I recognize the bikini case is still an exciting thing in the US, isn´t it.

      Well, in the US bikini and pornography fits together like cause and effect. In Germany it is like cause and disillusion. In reality it is like effect and disillusion, exposed as cause…

    • Be careful they look with binoculars. The D&J girls are known as Peepers….hahahahhahah Let’s put you up first on bikini page. Live Oak you are the best.

      • Hi Neil,
        I just know your wife is perfectly beautiful and she has you to be so proud of. I spent over 30 years of my life taking ballet and I love the ocean. i feel like a dolphin in the water….chasing the mullet like the brown pelicans. Actually I love to body surf. I feel so free and alive in the ocean.
        I’d send you a photo or two but I steer far far away from those social media sites. I’ve never even used a cell phone. I refuse. I don’t understand people giving up their privacy so freely and I never will. You are THE BEST Neil, not me. I’m a fighter like you and I never back down or give up…it’s always been that way with me..(that shit stirrer line of yours made me laugh my head right off…I’m one too; always stick to the facts and make them squirm. Boehner is an easy mark. I don’t mind that he cries;it’s disturbing that he does it in public and it shows how weak and mentally unstable he really is…he’s Barry’s lapdog.) I say re-elect no one. I can’t even stand Rick Scott who ran on tea party principles and did the exact opposite. He promised no health care exchange and then went groveling to Sebelius…the one with the dead eyes. It’s time to clean house. It will take at least a few years to fumigate Our House and get all those disgusting shoe marks off the furniture from Barry or whatever his name really is. We don’t even know for sure.
        We have your back Neil and Team K. I stand with you always.
        live oak xxx

  12. Sir Neil Keenan and the Team:
    Good Evening sir and the team, I know there’s a lot of things for you to do to fight the cabals but here I am again Sir Neil saying that I maybe holding some things that belong to you. I’ve read a lot about these for almost two years now and it led me to you.
    I firmly believed that you are the rightful owner that I need to verify and clarify about these. Again I’m a Nurse by profession, I worked in a Nursing Home most of my nursing career since 1982 to present. Be safe, peoples of the world need you and the team. GOD BLESS. BYE BYE.

    • Frank if you have something to say to me please email me. Lockdown is not fun especially not for a shit stirrer like me but I would love to hear what you have to say.

  13. While some were humourously caught up in this porno-bikini chapter, I drove into Swaziland to photograph the “reed dance” , a big yearly celebration where 20,000 maidens, young girls come together and dance for the King. That was 40,000 bare breasts, boobs as they call them! I only saw one white male photographer and a few nuns,…. where were you guys???? Haha. Really, boobs are mammary glands! The other perspectives were also educated to us through mind control. These girls were the most alive, vibrant, giggly, happy bunch and it was fabulous to be with them . Let there be a future for all of us! Thankfully I saw no chemtrails in Swaziland, but Neil, whatever happened to those “weapons” you have access to, to shoot down the planes. Don’t you think it is time.

    • Here is an Impression:

      Where are you guys???

      Well, I assume that even I would run away while surrounded by such massive boob attack, don´t you think hahahaha…

      Boobs only mammary glands? Not really. They are a perfect butt imitation for guys watching from far away reminding them to run for a tiny and warm cave called….holy cave. That way humans remain active spreading their seed even while not making intellectual decisions, but from the guts.

      Just imagine boobs would grow vertically on the woman´s back – that would make them look like a…camel.

      I know some men calling their wife a camel, but that would surely come from other reasons, hahahaha…

    • Do not have them yet my friend and thanks for the mamaries and what you do not have please send to J and D our bikini coordinators.

  14. There’s soooo mush deception & overwhelming dark sh*t that our so-called trusted officials are involved in that its blatantly right in our faces now.
    Yet 1 thing I do know about darkness though is that’s is self destructive—All those who engages in the evil acts against the rest of the people will get what they deserve very very soon as time itself seems 2 be quickening . The laws of cause & effects are having faster results. The god the cabal worships devours those who serve it so the elite’s power is temporary & the’ll each have a HUGE price 2 pay 4 their actions . We’ll get 2 witness their demise but we’ll also have 2 forgive the cabal & all the evil they’ve perpetrated against us so we can have the wonderful future we each deserve —– personally I can hardly wait ; )
    Keep focused on u’r work 4 the LIGHT Mr. Keenan (team) we need u guy’s I’ll keep praying 4 u’r safety/protection so that what u’ve been called 2 do will be awesomely successful!
    Thank u all 4 the awesome work u’r doing — its truly appreciated.

  15. Hi Neil. When all is said and done, I want to be first in line to nominate you our new president. That is. After a long needed vacation. My prayers are with you and team constantly. Thank you for your goodness. Thank you. With sisterly love, Jan

  16. Dear Keenan team, when Neil says “GRAB THEM”, Is this hypothetical or is he being serious? Im assuming “them” as all those on the do not fly list. If one were to actually take such actions, and grab these suspected elite ivy league white collar criminals, just who exactly would convict such criminals here in the States Cabal controlled judicial system? I’ll tell you who would get convicted, and locked up forever, it would be those involved in doing the “grabbing”..

    • Yes, at present, the court system is as corrupt as it can be, but in fact, some of us are actually working on seeing this changed. Don’t worry, we know you won’t be the one grabbing anyone.

    • The fish are starving….but why poison them so we have to find another way.

      • I think that’s just it Neil, in the right environment, fish develop sharp teeth and become savage predators. Few of us here in the US are hungry, in fact, we are all overfed. If history has taught us anything, it is, if you take out the biggest predator ever to have lived, one will immediately take their place..

  17. In similar news, just watch as the included linked news, likely finds no change to who lays in bed with the FED:

  18. What can WE DO to help you and the fight for freedom??

  19. Global accounts to be opened soon?? For years we have been told “soon” Not a pessimist, but that tell me more Miserable years before any REAL arrest will go down. I have a hunch the Muslim brotherhood is inching its way to U.S. supreme court justice positions. Don’t be shocked if Eric holder is given that position.

  20. So here is a beautiful song that I hope will give everyone a lift. I could listen to it and never get bored. I consider it a love song to America. Enjoy! It’s written and sung by Antje Duvkot; “Long Way” I hope the link works…

  21. And there is this one too…open E tuning…Duane Allman’s “Little Martha”.

    love ,
    live oak x

  22. I know it looks like I’m the Team K disc jockey, but I just have to post this last one, at least for now. It’s the best rendition of B.B. King’s “Lucille”….imho. He makes his guitar (Lucille) sound just like she has her very own personality, and it’s a great story he tells…..”when she fell over on this gas tank that was burning for heat..” I just love him so much. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him. his real name is “Riley” but the “B.B”. stands for “Blues Boy,” a nickname he was given by his friends in the Army. I’m glad he sings the blues. I like to play this one really loud.

  23. Heinrich Heine was a German poet I liked always very much.

    I just wanted to share his famous piece “Belshazzar” which should provide some kind of hope and laughter facing your Kenyan messiah and his comrades…

    See for yourself, Heine used the old story from the book of Daniel…

    Greetings from Germany!

    Belshazzar (English by Jim Reed)

    Towards midnight now the hours moved on,
    In silent sleep lay Babylon.

    Only up in the castle there
    The vassals shout, the torches flare.

    Up in the hall of the mighty King,
    Belshazzar’s feast was in full swing.

    His armoured men sat glittering round,
    Goblet on goblet of wine they downed.

    The goblets’ clinking, the liegemen’s cheer,
    Are what the dour king likes to hear.

    His face is flushed, his cheeks aglow,
    The wine it makes his courage grow.

    Blindly he’s drawn beyond all bounds,
    Till a sinful challenge to God resounds.

    He boasts and blasphemes against the Lord,
    To the roaring cheers of his servile horde.

    The King commands with an eye that burns,
    A servant hastens and returns.

    With golden vessels his back is piled;
    Jehovah’s temple has been defiled.

    And the King he seizes with hand of sin
    A sacred vessel filled to the brim.

    And he drains it hastily, drains it dry,
    And with foaming mouth they hear him cry:

    ‘Jehovah, your power is past and gone —
    I am the King of Babylon.’

    But scarce the awful word was said,
    The King was stricken with secret dread.

    The raucous laughter silent falls,
    It is suddenly still in the echoing halls.

    And see! as if on the wall’s white space
    A human hand began to trace.

    Writing and writing across the stone
    Letters of fire, wrote, and was gone.

    The King sat still, with staring gaze,
    His knees were water, ashen his face.

    Fear chilled the vassals to the bone,
    Fixed they sat and gave no tone.

    Wise men came, but none was equipped
    To read the sense of the fiery script.

    Before the sun could rise again,
    Belshazzar by his men was slain.

  24. I am in the uk and have been informing myself from many different sources re the history of the planet and what is going on. I am the only one of my family, that started to question a long time ago – because things just did not make sense, and continue to do so. I sow seeds and share info via e-mail links to my nearest and dearest, that I I doubt are ever looked at. (Prob deleted straight away.)

    I look to yourselves and Drake for the most reliable, honest updates – and you are the ones who help me to keep ‘sane’.

    I don’t want to be part of facebook – so I miss out on day to day comments no doubt – but I hope that you will both let us know via your web sites too when the ‘action’ gets going!

    Thankyou sooo much for all that you do for humanity.

    Would be great if things come to a head before the end of the year – even better if asap – and you can beat the new 9/11.

    Many Blessings to ‘The Team’

    Love Sonara

  25. In 1773, the Rothchilds commissioned Adam Weishaupt to create the Illuminati, which found its creation on May 1, 1776. Please read over their now easily found leaked modus operandi, note how it harmonizes with the worlds evil, and decide for yourselves if todays Rothchilds are anything other then eloquently deceptively evil:

    Ted Gunderson, former head of Los Angeles FBI – Investigative research Illuminati:

    Ted Gunderson & Bob Fischer, hidden symbols and timelines of Washington DC’s Illuminati, THE CAPITOL of where all evil pours out upon the earth (this video is a little slow, with technical difficulties, but the intel very alarming):

  26. This disgusts me but is not surprising in the least. Perhaps you’ve already heard. I swear Obola hates every single thing but himself, golf and lots of expensive vacations. I wonder if he even loves his own children? I know in my heart he hates Mooch and Jarrett. They all belong in a very small jail cell together…4X5 would do…and no tv or anything else.

  27. Sorry I’m having trouble and I don’t know why. Try the Breitbart web page.

  28. This is to cheer you up and remember..this is the real Elmer Fudd, the MAN; they even made the cartoon character to look a bit like the real Arthur Q. Bryan, who brilliantly spoke his voice. I hope these links work; I haven’t had much success in the last day or two.

    And there is this, imho, a real treasure trove. I hope no one is shocked or offended. It’s Porky Pig.

  29. Quote:
    “Come on girls, this is 2014 not 1924. Granny pants are out, bikinis are in, and hey, it seems no public personality is without groupies. Because Denise and Jean are very obviously not happy or young, they feebly attempt to try to condemn those who are.”

    I don’t know how to react to this comment. I really don’t care about the drama of all this nor do I know the details; however, the last time I looked, Neil is also “old.” Am I missing something here?

    In addition, when I peruse a lot of these types of websites such as this, Wilcock, Drake, Fulford, Tolec, Cobra, etc., etc., there are tons of “groupies” all over the place. Groupies are in fact a fact of life otherwise these or any websites/blogs would cease to exist because there would be nothing to talk about.

  30. Ernest Richardson

    October 8, 2015 at 1:27 am

    Neil, I am praying for you and the whole Keenan team’s safety and success, and our success as a people trying to break free from hundreds of years of brain washing and financial/social/(&just about everything else) SLAVERY! A couple of questions for you, if I may–First Where and when did the Pupe (pope) say that there is no God, and all that bull malarky about Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene. Second–I didn’t quite understand what you were saying in the video–Did you say that Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene, or that the Catholic Church now is saying so?? I sure hope that you do not believe such blasphemy. And last but surely not least–WHAT CAN I DO from NC to help you and help the rest of us?? I have tried telling people the truth, explaining the whole ball of wax to people, putting the missing pieces of the puzzele together for them–honestly I think most people are so brainwashed or dulled down that they don’t even seem to have the mental capacity to believe the real truth about the illuminati/Jesuits/Bankers/catholic hierarchy/Bushes/Rothschilds —you know the whole big picture. A couple of years ago Drake said something about the military taking over until government offices could be filled with decent people really elected or appointed by the people– and that for many days all TV stations would be broadcasting the REAL TRUTH about what’s really been going on in the world for the last several hundred years especially the last 100. Do you think this will ever actually happen?? It sure would be one heck of an “I TOLD YOU SO ” moment. Anyhow, I really want to help more but don’t know what else to do–I have already been a target of the IRS in the past–(3 times).
    Now I’m old- but not too old, tired-but not too tired, so tell me what I can do to help my Country.

    We Love you,
    In the Service of the KING (JESUS CHRIST),

    Ernest Richardson

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