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Sparks Are Flying; We’re
Almost There: Historical
Meetings Of Top Global
Accounts Stakeholders

Video Highlights:

  • They got me again!  But I’m already back and will be 100% soon, thanks to Dr. Group.
  • Karen Hudes – the jumping jack of the Asian cons.
  • There is no financial reset of the West without the Dragon Family and Asia, because they own the only global assets that can finance a reset.  I believe they are willing to finance Western assistance, but not until we move to get rid of the Nazi Zionists and Khazar bums killing us and the rest of the planet with their land, air, and sea poisons.  Don’t worry.  We’ll find a way to get rid of them.
  • George Soros is crapping his pants because the EU is falling apart with England turning its back, and Ireland moving in the same direction thanks to the likes of Nigel Farage and Clare Daly.  Soros threatens to take his corporate toys and go home.  Good luck, George.  Your time has come and gone.  You’re becoming irrelevant and you’ve just exposed the cabal.
  • Jean – while mistakes were made, nobody has more integrity than you.  But this isn’t about integrity; it’s about control.
  • My criticisms of the militia was not directed at Rick Light, because he is not in charge of the militia.  There are many militias.  The Eastern US militia is ready.  Some Western militias are not.  If we are going to wait for laws to authorize, or worry about laws that violate, our natural rights, we would wait until hell freezes over.
  • Taking down the EU is easy.  And we’re going to do it.
  • Bill Gates – soon you will be run down in the street and done unto, as you are doing unto others.  No one will save you when the people come for you.
  • George Soros and the Rothschilds are stirring up trouble in Ukraine in hopes of raping and pillaging it.  Putin is too strong and will not allow it.
  • Indonesia is standing its ground against the cabal.  That’s why they have suffered the threats and the facts of cabal-engineered disasters in that part of the world.
  • My historical meetings with the top six Global Account stakeholders have been underway for several days and are progressing well.  We are at the precipice of opening the Global Accounts that have been diverted from helping the peoples of the world for the last eighty years.  That is about to change soon.  This will benefit Asia immediately.  But the Global Accounts will not be used to help the cabal.  Funding will not go to cabal-controlled Western institutions.  The Western secret societies are ruled out.  We have to do our part in getting rid of our cabal leaders before Asia will do their part in financing a new era.

Video 1 of 2:

Video 2 of 2:

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  1. I’m wondering if the American spring that is to be launched May 16, 2014 will bring a spot-light to all Americans that the time to get rid of this Zionist government in NOW.

  2. Now you know that ‘it’ is happening…
    Is it our turn yet?
    If so, where is everybody?
    Time to put up or shut up.

    • There are hundreds if not thousands that will absolutely pop out of nowhere once announcement is made. I’m in north Carolina and can unequivocally speak to that affect. I’m not ‘active’ in any local militia s but 90%+ of the people I converse with are ready and praying for all these people to be brought up on charges. Many many of them are retired police and military.

    • What fool would tell his enemy that they were coming on a certain day….One the enemies leaders would be gone just like they were when the truckers and bikers went there…. And without knowing what kind of trap the Baaaaad guys will set up ….. such as locking the gate while we are in D.C., sniper everywhere OR blowing up the f’en screwball town OR …….. several other scenarios….. This is WAY over the top and probably a TRAP……. EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO SEE THESE BASTARDS TAKEN DOWN…….THE LEADERS ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED BECAUSE OF THEIR ZERO LOGIC APPROACH…. NEED TO BE DONE LIKE A FLASH MOB…..JUST GO DO IT SO THEY ARE NOT READY…..

  3. Godspeed Neil, I know with folks like you and your team working for the good of the world we, who love freedom, cannot lose! I keep you and your team in my prayers, for your safety and your success. There are many of us ready to stand up and take our places when TSHTF.

    Blessings to you and your team.

  4. Thanks for the update.
    There are more than a boatload of folks who want to tag these chemtrail planes.

  5. Timothy Clanton

    March 16, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks Neil and the whole team, but I thank God for making this possible. With him, its very close now, its time to

  6. Thank you Neil and Team with all my heart for this new information….I was getting antsy…lol! I’m so relieved you’re alright Neil; I was telling my husband last night you’re just like William Wallace/BraveHeart, but you’re Irish, and a true Lion Heart and one of my (very few) heroes. Get some well deserved rest and know how much you are loved. I know I will never forget you. We stand with you always.

    I am also so grateful for the news about Nelu. IMHO, he needs to be exonerated immediately and not only receive a public apology, but a nationwide, perhaps worldwide apology (atonement) to restore his reputation. Nelu needs to be recognized as a Hero and a Patriot of Indonesia. The people that did this evil to this humble and beautiful man need to be brought to justice. Let the truth shine brighter than the sun for all my brothers and sisters. We are one family.
    live oak

  7. Stuart Bradman

    March 16, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    Neil and co. I will volunteer to die for you in any circumstance. That is how much I value and love what you are doing. And I will honour that pledge Neil sir. Thank you.

  8. OAS, Operation American Spring, is a deceptive play off the concept of Arab Spring. Arab Spring crossed religious and political sub-group boundaries successfully. OAS is hard right and partisan in all respects and organized top-down to facilitate easy shadow government control by its handlers. Actions speak louder than words.

    There seems to be considerable evidence that OAS founder, Col. Harry G. Riley, (Ret.) a former NSA trained operative, is attempting to conduct a large, disruptive gathering at the Capital Mall starting May 16, 2014. That’s the stated OAS goal — bring Washington to a stop. Col. Riley in my opinion, is predictable and serves as a NSA/CIA water carrier to help create the next big False Flag domestic opportunity under plausible deniability. He pushes nothing but chaos under the guise of “patriotism.”

    The goal of the Mass Gathering (a tactic designed to bring Washington to a stand-still and force government response) was initially conveyed to us by Col. Riley as his “vision.” Nothing that has taken place so far by the movement, militaristically referred to as “”Operation” American Spring” ” seems to support its declared goal of a nonviolent (“except in self defense”) gathering. Gandhi would probably not concur with key details of the so-called nonviolent operating procedures especially the “except in self defense” escape clause. Don’t confuse Col. Riley rhetoric with Gandhi. Riley represents taunting school yard bullying clothed in plausible deniability when the violence starts; Gandhi represents divine self-sacrificing, historic, nonviolent civil disobedience that absorbed punishment without violent response to register its purpose and win hearts and minds for change, in my opinion.

    For the record, I have seen all the evidence concerning President Obama’s Birth Records and believe any reasonable person would conclude we can not tolerate such fraud and deception and the case for impeachment by congress is over due. The way to address Congressional inaction is to throw the old set of bums out of office at election time and replace them with new. But that’s a minor issue compared to the Shadow Government – Cabal. I see the real enemy to humanity as the Illuminati-Cabal-NWO Shadow Government. We independent voters believe one political party is as dysfunctional as the other. Col. Riley’s petition to Impeach simply tries to change the deck chairs on the ship of state instead of identifying and responding to the real problem, Shadow Government:

    OAS is writing an impotent book of grievances missing the deeper truth with its lengthy published list of partisan offenses in its Impeachment Notice — OAS seeks Articles of Impeachment against President Obama and all key Democrats plus Republican Leader Boehner.

    OAS seems to be distancing itself (unless I missed it) from the Birth Certificate impeachment offense because of its apparent incomplete status in the lower courts and the resultant inconvenience of timing.

    OAS’s posture makes only a strong right wing, partisan stand against elected Democrats with one Republican thrown in because (a) he is viewed as weak and the right wing Republican base wants him out anyway, and (b) for political cover of plausible deniability of their obvious hard partisan bias. How limiting and truly offensive to tens-of-millions of patriots and vets, who march to a different drum.

    This perceived posture is distancing to Democrat patriots and completely self-defeating to the vision of peaceful Mass Protest that crosses political boundaries in unifying purpose. Worst still, it taints the OAS movement with evidence that OAS is being used by the US Shadow Government, to create partisan strife at election time and build support for CIA foreign wars of entanglement.

    Col. Riley seems to me to be hardwired to the NSA training mother-board: (a) to meddle in domestic affairs, (b) while actively encouraging foreign entanglements in the Ukraine, and elsewhere all with plausible deniability of doing so.

    First (through his handlers with 1-week lead time to the actual event of Russian response in Crimea) he brings up the subject of Ukraine then labels it as an act of liberation of freedom loving Ukrainians. Of course there is no mention of the pattern of NSA/CIA entanglement or that the Ukraine – is actually an operation revealing itself as a complete CIA, NSA, Queen Elizabeth, Germany, John Kerry – Skull & Bones,…- operation.

    Col. Riley is transparent only to the extent that if you think like a NSA operative, he’s actually very predictable: Say one thing while implementing the opposite: (a) His patriotic call to nudge OAS members to think and go with the flow of his NSA-trained response under the guise of freedom, liberty and patriotic duty. (b) His unfolding agenda to be all about creating a critical mass of high tension conflict, and then provide in their manual of operations, that it’s okay to fight back in self defense. This alone will encourage weapons brought to way-stations in close reach. The greatest failure of the OAS Encampment Movement protest is it’s hard-right partisan alignment. This will insure mainstream media to turn against the movement, limit cross-political boundary participation, and suffocate voices of balance and restraint. Expect agent provocateurs.

    The real enemy of freedom and liberty is not so much President Obama, nor Col. Rileys of this world, as it is the Shadow Government controllers behind the scenes, the Cabal. The Cabal takes it sustenance off conflict. Killing, false flag operations, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and resultant war and revolutions feed their profits, feed their egos and feeds their free will souls to confront, divide and concur. It’s all about Banker’s profits playing both sides against the other behind the scenes…. “problem, reaction, solution” (David Icke)

    In this, even President Obama is the symptom along with us all. Cure the disease (the Cabal) and the symptoms are liberated. President Obama is just like the rest of us: “programmed entities” who remain unable and unwilling to look behind the curtain as we are endlessly led around in circles by the wizard, while never seeing or addressing the real enemy to freedom and liberty, the dark Cabal and our Shadow Government.

    We should be openly protesting the Cabal (The Book of Grievances — The Federal Reserve, Suppressed Zero Point Energy, and Chemtrails (the Big-3)) and in doing so we will neutralize the symptoms of corruption and vastly expand the base of those protesting at the Capital Mall. Impeachment papers alone only inflame as they are too partisan and will be ignored.

    We must speak truth to power and not just shuffle the deck chairs on the ship-of-state, which is all Impeachment achieves.

  9. Hi K Team

    What does Neil think of the referendum for Scottish independence. The political mudslinging has begun but who & what can we believe. Or maybe it’s a distraction. Any information would be helpful.

    Thanks Karen (Glasgow)

  10. Stephen Williams

    March 16, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    I don’t think it is fair for the one that is holding the majority of humanity’s riches, and the ones that have been in the power position, to say that they are waiting on the majority of the US citizens and the world at large, to tell “them” that the GCR is what they want. When there is no announcement being funneled through our main-stream media systems, of this option, and what it would mean for the collective. If the world doesn’t know of such an alternative, then how will their minds go through the process of making a choice?

  11. Way to Go Guys and Girls of the Keenan Team! Like everything else we are all awakening and coming to terms with how to do things better… People I believed in ie Karen Hudes seem to be susceptible when the light is placed on them. Thanks for showing me your perceptions and truths in order for me to change my views and grow as a earth bound flesh and blood (and hopefully spiritual) being. Greatly appreciated!
    All the best, Guy

  12. Thanks so much for your tireless efforts! I always enjoy your posts and forward them everywhere.

  13. Neil K, is there a way to get some money from the families to pay a good black ops to start taking these controllers out one by one? I would be glad to take out a couple chem-trail planes if I knew where they are. I was offered a position with the Secret Society, but I do not want anything to do with them. I would rather to see them hanging from a rope on a tall oak tree. Thanks, Bones

  14. Thomas Williams

    March 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

    Thanks for the update Neil we have your back mate

    • Jeffry benning

      March 17, 2014 at 5:51 pm

      Mr. Keenan, 1st off God bless and keep you in health and strength. What in hell are those GD officers waiting for to grow a pair and arrest those pieces of humabn fecal matter? I am trying to believe there are more patriots than the dominionist deluded fascists.

  15. Massive provocation by the neo-con nazi faction…watch for “contacted” snipers firing in both directions like in Kiev. Libya
    and Egypt etc etc…goal: martial law and a possible coup..

  16. Hi K Team. In the video, Neil referenced what is supposed to be Exposé #2. Is that ready to be posted?

  17. It is GOOD to at last find updates on the Global Finance situation on a site of their own! hasn’t been so since Christopher Story’s passing. Neil, if the terms of your copyright permit it, Yours Truly shall gladly transcode the videos posted onto this site onto physical media for replaying at home, seeing to their hand-to-hand distribution throughout this region through local, street-level channels. There’s a stack of blank DVDs at my elbow right now, just begging for such content as is found here. (Linux is Public Property is VERY powerful in all the BEST ways is GOOD.)

    Got to say exactly one thing with regard to the apparently ever-present “Inner Development (ie Ascension) versus Force of Arms” dichotomy, now emerged yet again.. From where I for one do stand it is an entirely false dichotomy, best overcome by ALL concerned before its hideously insidious top-down effects further cripple the Rest of Us, as they sure have for as long as the Cabal has held sway!

    Because turning ALL the abusers’ weapons AGAINST THEM is key, is why.

    You see, IMVH&battle-hardened_o, the marksman who maintains a well-cultivated Inner Silence while at work at their craft – whether at the range, on the sidewalk or in the trench – reliably proves out as a SUPERIOR marksman. This applies up and down the spectrum of human endeavor in the Good Fight all the way from eyeball-to-eyeball on-the-spot Social Combat through the slingin’ of the bullet at a distance to “polting” into disappearance at the very moment when the assailant just might think they got their intended prey cornered. Been proved a thousand different ways, ten thousand times over – most accounts of “High-Vibe” victories are simply Too Spooky for Most White Folk to Accept, object-lessons in the innate GOODNESS of the entirety of the genuine human nature though they be. 😉

    As always: “Become” your target as you take aim with care. Then from Within, GO to your target from where you stand. THEN gently, softly, deliberately let go and let fly. Your ‘arrow’ (ie text-posting, fletched bolt, speedy bullet, snappy ‘n’ devastatin’ explode-their-head comeback, Common Law Indictment, what-have-you) just naturally follows. In all such instances, the result is hearteningly uniform: Bullseye!

    First-hand accounts of such encounters are freely available from Yours Truly when time and place are at last appropriate. Been there, do that when called-for to this day and strongly encourage all others to LEARN HOW in the best expeditious form possible. (Start by becoming fearless, OK? It is IN you to do so.)

    Just sayin’. Seamless integration and NOT subdivided, thrice-conquered compartmentalization is the hallmark and natural state of all Genuine Creation. We all have our own best level at which we operate most safely AND effectively. So as always: Illegitemii NON carborundum, and while we fight (for there are at LEAST ten thousand ways to do good effective battle against Cabal aggressions, of which the credible availability of full-scale force of arms is only one significant component to the full spectrum) let us ALL remember who and what we all REALLY are!

    Containing as we do within ourselves the entirety of all Creation for bringing-out as called-for, we be ore than dumb meat on wet bones, to be sure. MUCH more than that – ALL of it “good to go” in service to the Right Thing. Heaven’s blessings on Team Keenan, one and all, for their own key part in this our common battle!

    As for my own stake in it all, this Old Turtle is fully determined to live to see the Day when this world is once again (if indeed it ever was before; not too sure about that right now) a GOOD SAFE PLACE for MORE and MORE Lao Tsus, Siddhartha Gautamas, Yeheshuas, Jean Haineses, Drunvalo Melchisideks, Leonard Wolfs and entire growing populations of similar-hearted, mostly-unsung others the world around to be born-into, grow, thrive, flourish and in due course gain their own Best Level of Genuine Consciousness in essential safety and peace, a mere tantalizing taste of which is as of yet even near to being universally available on Earth at all.

    And then pass it all on to the children… You KNOW you WANT to! 😉

    FWIW: Prior assertions on other fora with respect to availability of local storage and distribution resource etc, once the reconstruction at last commences, still stand. We who have been walked back and forth a few times through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” are just awfully hard to kill, terribly resourceful and more of us Just Keep On Awakening every day!

    The Genuine Faith is therefore well worth keeping, at ALL levels – literally FOREVER. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  18. Thank you Neil and team for the update, and please rest well Neil.

    With the U.S. starting sanctions on Russia and Crimea after yesterday’s successful referendum, it seems things are going to get heated very quickly. Should Russia and China impose retaliatory sanctions against the U.S., it most probably will crash the economy. But frankly, I feel like that’s what needs to happen, and perhaps with their power disappeared, the cabal will scatter and may give us the opening we need to take back control. Prayers to you and everyone in the world, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  19. JB Brown/Gramy J

    March 17, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    What a great update.Thanks 4 all U’ve all done & are doing. May The Great Spirit keep U all safe. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J @ Fort Hood, Texas.

  20. According to this article there are only 3 countries in the world without a cabal controlled central bank:

    So wouldn’t releasing funds to countries with a central bank be bad news – wouldn’t it will end up in their coffers???

  21. I secured this domain name and webpage over 8 months ago. I didn’t know then why, I did it…but, now the why is becoming very obvious and clear. It is a United Sovereign Citizens Organization for Freedom through Natural Birth Rights. Thanks, Mark Farrington

  22. diqiuren (Chinese for earth person)

    March 18, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Thank you very much for a meaty update. Neil many of us can fully appreciate your looks of frustration of the couch potatoes sitting watching TV, waiting for a masked hero/heroin to save humankind. You know you will have to do the doing as you have always done for yourself, your family and your group. Whatever it is that spurs you on. keep the coals on the fire. Sure when the battle is done there will be kissing babies, ticker taper parades and all the razmataz, but in the end, when it is all done it will be your most known and loved you will celebrate most with. When I took on a cabal chapter, the South Australian Government, and won, there was no one to share the victory with, no razmataz, it did cost me massively and a hit was put out on me. But 1,000s upon 1,000s got their rights served, and the cabal chapter was prohibited, by their own masters, to never again do what they did, ever again. That in itself was enough reward for me.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      March 18, 2014 at 10:28 pm

      Thanks for sharing your success story, diqiuren. It is courageous efforts like yours that show we CAN rid the world of these criminals. We most certainly share your victory, and surely those 1000s are ever grateful for what you have done. Stay safe and keep up the good fight!

  23. Thank you for the update. However, I think I missed something! What did Bill Gates do, does anyone know??!!

  24. Neil, these evil beings all have to cross the road at some point or another don’t they??:) Get em. Chemtrails flying hard and low over West coast mountains, Sacramento valley, Mt.Shasta. Nice to see Peter, have read all his articles on Drakes site. Bless you fine men. Thankyou.

  25. Greetings from old Germany to Neil and team.

    I am sometimes looking to your and Jane Haines blog,
    because I am interested in the trend of FED after 100 year
    treaty, which was finished end December 2013.

    Today, I heard in our blog news, Israel took over
    leading of FED. Well, such news are hardly sending over
    main media in Germany.
    Obama should have got a lot of money for that purpose.

    Look at blog news “19. März 2014 – Nr. 305, Thema Nr. 7 ”
    (Sorry, is in German)

    Neil was already answering my question on January 13, 2014 at 3:31 am
    look at blog from Jean Haines (15 from above)

    Could be that things are running in strange (wrong) direction now ?

    Thanks for answering my question.

  26. Neil, greetings from Germany!

    Watched today this vid which follows.

    What is it? Linked to your group?

    God bless, dear friend!

    • Keenan Team (2)

      March 20, 2014 at 1:06 am

      Hi Tertiusgaudens,

      No, Neil has nothing to do with Swissindo, which is not a legitimate organization.

      • Tertiusgaudens

        March 20, 2014 at 8:29 am

        Ah, ok, didn´t know that this is Swissindo!

        Hell, what a crazy mess…

        I´ll stay your friend from half around the Earth with my mouth wide open, because I´m still nothing more than a grown up kid…

  27. They’re criminals murderers and banksters, the dulluminati. That’s who.
    Anyway, it’s time for them to GET OUT. Father told me to get rid of the alien presence from this planet. And what is more alien than criminality, murdering, and banksterism? Those dullmindednuts are just the dying plant after their root has been removed. They can’t live without that Lucifer as their leader, and he’s gone. Went back a while ago. They have nothing more here. Therefore, let’s finish up and get the peace back into this place. And thank you for helping. All of you. Let’s get this place back on track.

  28. dr karl bachmann N D

    September 14, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    we need to have patience we all know this is our AGE ,the banksters have LOST let me affirm that the banksters have lost we all will get money in the first payouts from the st germain trust fund is 44 trillion dollars it took me all night tocount that one this is OUR AGE AQUARIUS don’t forget it all reptailins get off mother before you dissolve in the higher frequency let me rephrase that stay here relax in the nigher an higher vibrations of PEACE N LOVE JOY an all those energys wrapd up there ENJOY PEACE LETS HUMANS ENJOY

    • Good sentiments, Dr. Bachmann. But with all due respect, St. Germain has yet to do anything for humanity. I’ll surely thank him if and when he does.

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