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Response From ANONYMOUS


Numerous concerned people have contacted us at Anonymous and requested that we immediately investigate Neil Keenan and Group K. They especially asked that we pay attention to what transpired just before the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner. We have done that and more by probing into many computers and other resources, thus, ensuring a high level of transparency to the best of our ability.

Here are the results of our recent thorough investigation of Neil Keenan and Group K:

On Monday, May 2, 2016, Neil Keenan received an email from the Dragon Family advising him that President Obama had resigned, the RV’s would open, and the Cabal had surrendered.

From our extensive and thorough inquiry there is no question that this happened, since we have seen the direct communications in that Mr. Keenan received such a letter. Upon checking deeper, we learned that “President” Obama did resign with reservations, although he retains his public position as a front man.

It has also been verified that General Dunford was brought in as “President” of the New Republic, as far-reaching as this may seem to many. We at Anonymous know only too well that often “truth is stranger than fiction”!

We also learned that if Obama had not resigned at that given time, the General would have gone public with the international press to advise them that he is now officially “President” of the New Republic of the U.S.

We also checked as thoroughly as possible regarding the RV issue. The RV’s did open as the Dragon Family stated in their communication to Neil Keenan.

However, problems occurred immediately upon opening them with the “Tier One Group” attempting to take over, led by the Bush/Clinton families who have no respect for any other group. Should it have it continued in the direction it was going, there would not have been any funding left for any other Tier, so they closed it down quickly after issuing SKR’s.

As for the Cabal and its surrender, be assured that there are many different factions of Cabal out there! Today you can clearly see how many are rapidly leaving their flocks, as we continue to research their whereabouts and actions.

We have been inside their computers, and, day by day, they leave hoping for some kind of lenient judgment. To listen to them whimper about what is to become of them is hysterical when one considers the damage they have done to humanity and the Earth!

After gathering a huge amount of resource data/intel, we directly contacted Neil Keenan.

We found him to be very cooperative, since he knew about our intentions to inform and protect the people.

Neil gave us the liberty to probe his computer for information relating to issues we found to be very important and timely on freeing the people from so much corruption as well as clearing the lies and disinformation fed to them on a daily basis.

We appreciated this and did our best to cross-check his information. This gave us the wherewithal to also determine Neil’s integrity or lack therof. It is our “modus operandi” to be extra cautious when doing research on such a crucial matter.

Thus far, we have concluded that Mr. Keenan’s statements which are referred to above are indeed accurate. We are also aware that in order for Neil Keenan to verify and expose the above, he chose to let go of billions in profit in a deal with the US Treasury regarding the purchase of 300,000 MT of AU.

This was to be a deal with the New Republic, not the old Zionist Cabal one, which is the only way, according to the documents we have seen, that Mr. Keenan would deal with them. The Cabal and the Bush/Clinton families had to be gone in order for this business transaction to be completed.

According to Neil Keenan, with his huge profits from this deal, he was going to use these profits to secure and open the Global Accounts. It is known that Mr. Keenan is once again in the midst of many financial transactions, to generate an influx of funds to complete his task.

Throughout our extensive research we are very much aware of Mr. Keenan using $US9.5 million (not including frozen/stolen accounts totaling more than $US185 million) of his own money to finance his many global efforts.

We have been through many computers during the past 16 days gleaning records of the aforementioned as well as gathering information about the many others who attempted to slander him publicly in order to block and prevent his success in opening and securing the Collateral Accounts.

With the many statements and documents now in our hands, we proposed to Mr. Keenan that we send all documentation to the US Attorney General’s Office to proceed with prosecution in these legal matters.

Again, it is apparent to us that Neil Keenan lost a mother lode of money in saving the people by exposing the Old Republic and New Republic as being one and the same, another con game of the Cabal. Everything Mr. Keenan said was substantiated to us by documentation in his possession.

We are now fully aware that Neil and Group K are not your average group. We are pleased to know that we share some of the same goals in freeing humanity, especially now when the Cabal members are becoming more than desperate with their being increasingly exposed.

We have come to respect Mr. Keenan and his Group K and wish him better health so he can finish the good fight that he courageously started and risked his life and personal fortune to pursue. When we started looking into this we weren’t sure if this was going to come out with Mr. Keenan being shown in a positive light or not. After completing our investigations we can just say that the world needs more people like him and his team.

After perusing his documents we also learned that Group K doesn’t stand alone. Others who have stepped forward include M2, an ex-World Bank Vice president, Military Generals, along with many others of high esteem. The Keenan Group is looking stronger than ever for the future.

We need more like him and his team who persist no matter the obstacles thrown at them. We wish them good luck, as we back and support them. The people cannot afford to lose you (nor ourselves) after finding out the extent of your unswerving commitment in caring about humanity.

One final note, we also saw the invitation from the Rothschilds requesting Mr. Keenan attend a sit down meeting with them within the next ten days. They are looking for Mr. Keenan to put together a team by which to facilitate a soft-landing for the Rothschild family.

Good Luck Sir,



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  1. James E. Washin

    June 15, 2016 at 9:33 am

    what is mean by a “soft landing” and why do they deserve it?

    • Maybe to help avoid WW3, violent revolution,
      civil war type of thing.

      Plus, some people have flipped and are

    • Right, the only soft landing they deserve is on the pointed end of a tree branch.

    • If they really want to work for the light, they will be and they will be healed. It is not upto us to judge. but they must be monitored to ensure it never happens again.

  2. Interesting read but you people better get these criminals off the map as they could easily start WWW3. Sitting here in Aust very nervous of USA. The White Hats MUST move soon!

  3. Anon – THANK YOU.

    I was wrong – (“The Keenan Movie”)
    Correction: “The Keenan Quadrilogy” (at least).
    Casting the invisible ones should be sort of easier I guess.

  4. I’ve read articles dating as far back as 2012 of cabal surrender. Why are they allowed to continue doing business as usual during negotiations? It appears they are just buying time to complete their plans. I see no signs they are serious about a true surrender. They won’t even give you your money back. How can you trust they will hold to any agreement you make with them?

    If the old and new government is the same. What now? Are we moving forward or not? Doesn’t this mean general Dunn is cabal controlled too? What are we negotiating with? What’s in it for them? If they don’t give in to our demands what can we do about it?

    Sorry I’m so confused, but I see a few serious loose ends that have me worried. What should the people be doing to help?

    • Awumdah, I couldn’t have said it better. You should post your (all of our) concerns directed to Neil on: Neil’s FB page: “It’s a Keenan Thing”, because I would very much like to see the answers to your questions.

  5. stefan alias Tas-Ur-In_Chi

    June 15, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Big THANK YOU – Anonymous !!!!!!

    …..I give to you the REAL-Energy-Power of the 5th of november…..i can ,coz i’ve been born that day ….believe it or not…
    “Here it is – a gift to you all!”
    ….much love to you ,Neil,the team….and ALL of you
    ” Rock N’Roll evrybody”……

    PS : If we are real MASTERS in the art of life …..we gonna do it fast,smooth and ‘peaceful’

  6. Crying tears of joy is a very rare happening these days. I just did.
    Thank you for all you do.

  7. I am pleased to hear that we have cross checking on every group. I believe that the public has a right to confront these people for their wrongdoings in a civil and peaceful manner. I believe in the Constitution that everyone has a right no matter what crime for a fair trial, that trial should be also publicized and everything being transparent. I only wish that I could do more, so the best that I can do is just send love and peace to all Humanity and to all beings on Earth. Blessings of Love & Light. Thank you

  8. THEY NEED ARRESTING..not paying off
    NO immunity for all their crimes
    ALL their assets seized.. ALL
    There will NEVER be peace for the world
    as long as they are allowed to lurk anywhere except
    where we can see them.
    TOO many humans have died by their hands..
    the PEOPLE need to stand and TAKE BACK what is theirs..

  9. Who’s side is General Dunford On ???

  10. John H Teasley

    June 15, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Yea a Soft land in a Brier Patch in a nest full of rattle snakes !! is that soft enough for them!

  11. Thank you Group K and thank you so much for your time Anonymous.

  12. No Rothschilds on the new financial system please,they had their chance to be the good guys a lot of years it’s time to face Pure Justice for what they done all these years!
    Because they’re being scared doesn’t mean they have good intentions.They got to pay for their crimes,plundering and misusing our collective.

    • The Rothschilds are just the frontmen for the Royal family and Vatican. The whole Zionist terminology was cleverly created by the illuminati to use Jews as scapegoats so the Royals and Vatican can laugh as people point fingers at the front men but the real controllers hide in secret. come on people, i thought we could analyze better then what i’m seeing. People are still being deceived. According to Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz, our income taxes get sent to the Royal families and Vatican. The banks are just the front for the Royal families. They love to put jews in charge so that when people need someone to lynch, they go to the frontmen and a race or country and don’t get to the real controllers of our world. So even if the banker frontmen are gone, there is still the Royal families and Vatican.

  13. Cordula Herzog-Hall

    June 15, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you Anonymous for this exciting update! My master-teacher Ramtha always talked about the future of the US being a ‘Republic of Solon’ and a lightbearer for the new world.

  14. PLEASE NOTE: This message was a private one sent directly from ANONYMOUS to Group K. It was left to Neil’s discretion as to whether he wanted to post it or not. I asked Neil and he said: Post it.

    If it had been a negative review based upon their investigations then ANONYMOUS would likely have posted it all over the place, who knows.

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